Illegal Immigration & Obama’s War on the States

In a new Obama administration guidance from the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), all individuals covered by President Obama’s executive order Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will now be considered “lawfully present” in the United States of America. The guidance is a direct challenge to four states, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska, which refused to grant driver’s licenses to DACA recipients, arguing they were not lawfully in the USA.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security released its most recent statistics regarding DACA, and those statistics raise some eyebrows, especially considering the history of the agency taking the lead in its implementation, USCIS.

The new guidance was issued on January 18, 2013, and it was an augmentation to the Q&A section of the website of USCIS. Here’s the pertinent portion of the web page.

An individual who has received deferred action is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to be present in the United States, and is therefore considered by DHS to be lawfully present during the period deferred action is in effect.

In breaking the news, the website Immigration Impact claimed that the adjustment was a direct affront to four states, the aforementioned Arizona, Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska.

Acting under the belief that DACA recipients are not “lawfully present” under federal law, four states—Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska—have refused to issue driver’s licenses to DACA recipients.

Led by Arizona, governors in each of the four states issued their own executive orders forbidding their state’s licensing agencies from issuing licenses to these folks, arguing that President Obama’s executive order did not amount to giving them legal status. Here’s part of a story on Arizona’s decision to do this.

Gov. Jan Brewer, who does not see it that way, last year barred the state Motor Vehicle Division from issuing those in the program any licenses. Brewer contends the policy announced by President Obama says only that these people would not be deported, not that they are authorized to be in this country.

None of the four governors have changed their own stances yet, so it appears the long-term effect of the new guidance has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, the latest statistics have been released by DHS regarding DACA. So far, 154,404 illegal aliens have been fully approved and thus given “lawful status” under DACA. According to a site tracking DACA, it takes about 100 days for the entire process to complete.

Some estimates had more than one million people taking advantage of this program when it’s fully implemented.

Meanwhile, a curious omission from the data should raise eyebrows. In the chart, there is a box for rejected applications. So far, 13,366 applications have been rejected, but USCIS has a very narrow definition of rejected. Here’s the statement given exclusively to Front Page Magazine by Steve Blando, Public Affairs Officer at USCIS.

(Rejections) means deferred action applications submitted to the lockbox that were improperly filed and couldn’t be accepted.

All these rejections have to do with an individual that didn’t fill out the plethora of forms correctly. Not included in that definition are applications rejected because their profile didn’t meet the standards laid out by DACA.

After all, with millions of people applying, it’s reasonable to expect that some will try and get approved for the program even though they don’t qualify. Those numbers are not listed anywhere in the statistics provided by DHS.  There is no box for “denied,” for instance.

This should raise a lot of questions because USCIS, the agency charged with approving DACA, was the subject of an award-winning investigation into rubber stamping Visa applications.

That investigation, done by Sarah Ryley at the Daily, found that at the direction of the Director of USCIS, Alejandro Mayorgas, managers were putting pressure on staff to increase the number of Visa applications that were approved. The events detailed in Ryley’s investigation occurred during President Obama’s first term, and even though major corruption was exposed, Mayorgas continues to be head of USCIS.

Ryley received the 2012 Eugene Katz for Excellence in Covering Immigration from the Center for Immigration Studies for that series.

Front Page Magazine has not found any evidence that DACA applications are being rubber stamped, however, the lack of transparency in the data, especially given the corrupt history of the agency in charge of administering the program, is troubling.

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  • AdinaK

    Radical revolutionaries do not change their stripes, neither do serial lawbreakers.

    As such, consider the regime's record, then decide if trust is warranted – or not.

    Verdict:guilty as charged!!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Gov. Jan Brewer, who does not see it that way, last year barred the state Motor Vehicle Division from issuing those in the program any licenses. Brewer contends the policy announced by President Obama says only that these people would not be deported, not that they are authorized to be in this country."

    Well yeah. How far has the tyranny gotten up to this point? These are significant distinctions.

    • EarlyBird

      Brace yourself, but I'm going to provide you with some objective facts about reality as it actually exists, okay?

      It is a myth that Obama has been weak on illegals. We've had lower rates of illegal immigrants during his first four years than we have in a very, very long time. It has to do with much stricter regulation of the border (started prior to him, but also due to his own initiatives), a much, much higher rate of deportations under Obama, and also of course, our economy has been in the dumps. My son in law who works for ICE deporting violent illegals has called this the "golden age" for his type of work. His unit has been given all sorts of funding and mandates to kick butt.

      These links will show you the FACTS. You don't get to call them librul. They are the Washington Times and Forbes.

      • mary

        Yeah and I'm the Queen of England…..

      • Mary Sue

        lower rates of REPORTED illegal immigration, you mean.

  • RedBaker

    We need a website with which to rat out employers of illegal aliens. For those who fret about liability for liable, the reports would be "news" coming from people making reports they believe to be true. Instant immunity.

    No business can afford to "alienate" the majority of its customers. When employers start to feel the heat, the number of illegals will drop rapidly. As a side benefit, it would shame the federal government (Obama) for winking at massive lawbreaking by employers.

    • EarlyBird

      That is an outstanding idea. I think that there are too many legitimate employers of companies that hire illegals who don't want to shake things up by turning their bosses in.

      That would be a fantastic website.

    • mary

      There was one…not sure if they still exist…

  • RedBaker

    'Scuse me, that's libel – making a false, injurious written statement about someone

  • gsr

    The real unemployment rate is roughly 11% and the DC Elites trip over one another to pander to so called "Hispanics" (really most of who we are talking about are Mexican nationals).

    Goes to show you who's country it is today. Our government, along with the government of Mexico and of course the illegal aliens call the shots. White & Black native born Americans have no say on the issue. Native born Americazns must follow the law but illegal aliens (foreign nationals) get to steal social security numbers, buy fake driver licenses or drive without a license, get paid under the table, avoid income tax, etc.

    Try doing that if you're a native born American.

    The Elites are creating a new population through the mechanism of mass immigration.

  • joe

    Does anyone ever ask the question, why ?
    Illegal immigration is a huge political debate and has failed for 40 years .
    No illegals = no problem.
    But why are all the illegals here ?

    Jobs? mexican 3rd world poverty ? Communist government ?

    Unemployment rate in Mexico is 4.4%. GDP growth is 3.7% .
    US unemployment 7%,GDP growth 2.2%.
    Mexico has the same government structure as the US.

    Taxes,cost of living,medical care ?

    Consumer Prices in Mexico are 34.08% lower than in United States
    Rent Prices in Mexico are 65.04% lower than in United States
    Restaurant Prices in Mexico are 44.68% lower than in United States
    Groceries Prices in Mexico are 35.56% lower than in United States

    Quality of life index
    United States Mexico
    Safety Index 45.57 43.83
    Health Care Index 67.13 72.69
    Property Price to Income Ratio 2.13 5.64
    Traffic Commute Time Index 39.40 37.37
    Pollution Index 32.62 68.10

    Gun ownership is illegal in Mexico .
    Crime rates are comparable to US .Crime rates escalate the closer you get to the border due to the drug trade.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    HEY! Rubio and McCain……

    Here's a good faith jesture; Close the borders and enforce the current laws for starters. Voila!

    ~ Then draft & ENFORCE NEW legislation that mirrors MEXICO's strict Immigration Laws against Americans!

  • Reis Kash

    The headline is wrong: the Obama regime can not . . . . should read the Obama regime will not enforce current immigration law. Having seen Immigration in action I can certify it is the worse managed of many poorly managed agencies in government. We need one immigration policy strictly enforced – all illegal immigrants disregarding sex, age, country of origin, or occupation, should be rounded up, placed in detention camps where they work or do not eat – perform "those jobs Americans won't do" for a period of not less than two years and then are marked with indelible ink on a visit part of their body and then transported to the interior of the country of origin with a capital punishment upon re-entry. Like Big Sis says about guns – at the end of one generation we wouldn't have a problem.

    • EarlyBird

      Gee, Reis, before we deposit them into their slave labor camps, should we tatoo them too?

      • mary

        What do you suggest we do with an invading army….that is actually larger than our own???

  • κατεργάζομαι

    HEY! Sen. Rubio! When you sleep with DOGS like McCain…..

    …….You shall awake with FLEAS!.

    It is not "good" for the Conservative platform on which you applied,

    ,,,,,and WE won't love you in the Morning!

  • Suzanne

    Just more shenanigans from the Obama white house to undermine the country. It's all so predictable, too, as it makes for lots more democratic voters!

  • cynthia curran

    What about Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake and so forth, this website is so biaese.

    • mary

      Flake was a traitor in the last debate…Rubio is hispanic..get it???

  • Joe

    Wow, to anyone who has actually kept up with this case, you must know this article is full of mistakes. seriously. And i would much rather have a licensed individual driving in the streets than someone that might not even know how to drive properly.

    • mary

      Si Senor…..(can you interpret that sign for me??) ?por favor???

  • tagalog

    While we're on the subject of enforcing federal laws, how's about enforcing the current laws we have on gun control instead of agitatiing for more gun control laws that won't be enforced?

    I mean, after the 1990s assault rifle ban was allowed to expire, the rate of violent crime went down. Few guns that meet the old "assault rifle" definition are used in shooting killings. There doesn't seem to be any clear, clarion call for relevant gun control laws that will be effective to stop a Newtown shooting spree.

    But don't let's get all bogged down in facts. We WANT new gun control laws NOW!

  • cynthia curran


  • Charles


    Thanks for the great article.

    The World's biggest criminal gang, the US govt. and is now trying to reward illegal aliens (=criminals) with AMNESTY.

    But the stupid Republicans do not realize that 90% of these 3rd world aliens will always vote for the Democratic party, which is interested in importing poor 3rd world aliens to vote for them and help win elections, and to hell with the country. The Republicans will not be able to win any votes by posing as pseudo-democrats. It will make the Republican party's "Demographic problem" worse, not better.

    With so much unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, water shortages, urban sprawl and mile long congestion, this 3rd most populous nation on earth should be totally banning immigration, not importing more aliens. Alienism is a crime against humanity.

    The Republicans are digging their own grave by helping Democrats import more Democrats and turn the nation into a 3rd world country with the majority of Democrats, so they Democratic party can have a permanent majority and can thus establish an unopposed police state. Pls. go to numbersusa period com website and send faxes to your Congressmen and wake up these suicidal Republicans who are trying to put the final nail in their own coffin.

  • Olga

    so are the mexicans with a deferred action allowed to get a license or not?

  • Barakus abomadidas

    Americans, you need to be compassionate and giving. This is the united states! We take care of the whole worlds peoples. Dont worry that the Fed is bankrupt. I'll just borrow a few more trillion with a lowered credit rating! It will just cost americans billions more to borrow this money. Its the right and fair thing to do. ;) Your children dont matter as much as mine. The second amendment is for the ruling class with our <armed body guards> for us not you! Dont worry so much, illegals wont be robbing you, they are law abiding citizens <undocumented> buy otherwise law abiding. Heck earning Ph.D.s in chemical engineering. Unlike your kid who has a crush on justin bieber. And its your son lol.

  • Ghostwriter

    Both American citizens and legal immigrants DON'T want illegals in this country! Why don't those like President Obama and those like him get it?

  • κατεργάζομαι


    …..that is more than all the rest of the whired combined.

  • Terry Brazeau

    Volpe is an idiot who never checks his facts before writing; my 7 year old writes better than he does….

  • Dave Francis

    None of the politicians or the preponderance of them show no sympathy for the 23 Americans either completely jobless, destitute, or the part time employees or those who have given up hope of finding work? All they seem interested in is highly skilled workers or the agricultural Guest worker. As I have always said, much of this illegal immigration to the United States would never have happened, if illegal entry was enacted as a Felony? That the genuine 2006 secure double layer fence law had been in place and adequately funded? That the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act (ICRA) had strictly been enforced, instead of the questionable move by big corporations and all businesses to gain the upper hand by buying of lawmakers, so interior enforcement was next to nothing. So over these 3 decades the unconcerned legislators have turned a blind eye to the millions who crossed the poorly, undermanned borders, or never tracked the 46 percent airline passenger overstays who joined the illegal immigration invaders. The original 1986, 3 million who gained citizenship has broadened; bringing in family members through family unification migration, which has led to President Obama’s Dream Act for years of conceiving children on the taxpayer’s dime. If you are disposed to believe the 11 million illegal alien populations that is already settled here, or as most people have illustrated well over 20 million that seems more plausible as far as I’m concerned? To me that just prove to me that there has been no inclination to stop those who could reach our border, because miles of open areas still remain?

    Certain skilled workers who benefit America, is an advantage in this global market. And even a well regulated system to contract AGworkers, who are here strictly on a temporary basis? But non skilled labor, which has an overall advantage on millions of low income Americans, should not be tolerated without exception. If employers paid fair wages, most citizens and legal green card holders would be able to find a job, except the deadbeats that that have used the welfare system to support them. However President Obama and his czars have decided that the future of the Liberal Progressives, depend on generations of illegal migrants and immigrants as new citizens to vote them into Congress for years to come? This plan doesn’t just effect Republicans, but every citizen and all other legal nationalities, skin color and every class of worker. Not too many Americans see any advantage to a path to citizenship, because substantial amounts of money will be needed for retirement and pensions, no to exclude the processing cost. Both parties have already signed onto illegal aliens receiving Social Security, but where is the money coming from? Same with this child rebate tax controversy, which the IRS has ignored even though the estimate going to illegal aliens is now 7 Billion dollars.

    Two main laws that can at least scratch the service of illegal alien payments is mandatory THE LEGAL WORKFORCE and E-Verify Bill, that can reverse illegal aliens getting jobs by using the federal computer detection program, that could become mandatory for all workers and prosecution for tough business owners The essential law would be a simple amendment to end the contentious BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL, so only children of a U.S. citizen could claim citizenship. So no more smuggled unborn or infants as associated with the Anchor Baby, would be able to gain citizen advantage to collect hundreds of billions of dollars in entitlement programs. However, without the blast of angry voice of the people, these policies sit in dormant, dusty filing cabinets in Washington. Research this information by checking out Judicial Watch, TEA PARTY.ORG and NumbersUSA and learn how the Liberal Democrats are splitting the country to forward their agenda.

    Incidentally, I heard today that the term Illegal Immigrant is politically incorrect by Democrat Rep. John Conyers Well—Sorry an illegal alien is the correct terminology, because only people who are inspected, have a visa or permission to enter a port of entry are legal immigrants? Just like the honest immigrant that awaits in faraway places to gain admittance is a legal immigrant.

    In concluding, Los Angeles County (just one county) spends over $1.Billion dollars annually in financing illegal alien welfare, states city administrator Michael D. Andronovich.