‘Justice for Trayvon’ Chicago: ‘Racism Is in DNA of America’

1photoAt the July 20 Chicago “Justice for Trayvon” rally, which garnered somewhere between 5-10 thousand people (predominantly African-American), mainstream public figures like Jesse Jackson and celebrities like MC Lyte demonstrated alongside radical groups like the International Socialist Organization (ISO), the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (REVCOM), Occupy Chicago, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). The event was one of hundreds sponsored by the National Action Network (NAN), run by Al Sharpton.

At this particular rally, as was undoubtedly the case at most of the other Justice for Trayvon rallies across the country, the message was clear: the United States is a racist nation, the Zimmerman verdict must be the beginning of a “social revolution,” and that social revolution must include the distribution of federal money to the inner cities.

Father Michael Pfleger has gained a reputation both in Chicago and nationally, not only for daring to work in areas almost everyone else has deemed too violent, but for making a number of comments many consider to be racist.

In a fiery speech, Pfleger unequivocally called the USA a racist nation, called for a “social justice” revolution, and demanded unspecified funds from the federal government to address poverty. The speech included the line, “racism is in the DNA of America,” which was met with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

Exemplifying how farcical this spectacle was in Chicago, the poster child of black homicide, Pfleger shouts at the end of the video, “We will not tolerate the killing of black and brown children, whether it’s in Sanford, Florida, the backwoods of Mississippi, Englewood … the genocide is over starting today!” The assembled crowed roared with approval.

The city of Chicago itself would, of course, constitute one “genocide” hotspot. In 2012, the city had over 500 homicides. It has had over 200 homicides so far this year. Both the victims and perpetrators are overwhelmingly black and the circumstances of the killings have no resemblance to the Trayvon Martin shooting whatsoever. A better representation is the case of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who preformed at President Obama’s inauguration and was shot and killed in the city in January by two black gang members. Yet Pendleton’s tragic story has received a fraction of the attention the Trayvon Martin case received.

Chicago “civil rights” attorney and activist Andre Grant also addressed the crowd and spoke about what plagues the inner city. Grant rattled off statistics demonstrating “racial disparities” in the criminal justice system — such as “people of color” consisting of 60% of the prison population — using them as evidence of American racism. Of course, Grant conveniently omitted the fact that in 93% of the time, according to 1976-2005 study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, African-Americans are killed by other African-Americans. The Bureau also says that 80% of the time, black victims of nonfatal violent crime report that their attacker was black.

The most prevalent sign at the Chicago rally was one sponsored by the National Action Network and WVON, Chicago’s most popular radio station geared toward African-Americans.


There was also a significant presence of signs sponsored by radical groups. As an example, there was an abundance of signs sponsored by a group that advertised the website revcom.us.



Revcom.us is the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is headed by a man named Bob Avakian, who has been the subject of a number of reports claiming he maintains a cult of personality and that the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is nothing but a cult. Revcom was passing out fliers promoting the group’s planned presence at the Bud Billikin Parade on August 10.

Another radical group present at this rally was Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER Chicago).


ANSWER Chicago is on the short list for most radical groups in Chicago: they don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, demand a “living wage,” totally open borders, and routinely sponsor socialist conferences in Chicago.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation was also passing out fliers for a smaller event against “police brutality” that they will be having this week:


Below are two members of Occupy Chicago in their typical masks also passing out their own literature.


Members of the International Socialist Organization were also selling copies of their newspaper, the Socialist Worker.

A Chicago-area rapper later took the stage and lamented negative aspects of his childhood and pathologies of the black community, including fatherlessness, single motherhood, teen pregnancy, poor education and drug abuse. At one point (about two minutes in) he adds in a gratuitous and unnecessary dig at former President George Bush. Though Obama is well into his second term as president, he — along with the Democrats who have controlled Chicago for decades — apparently warrant no blame for the misery of which this rapper speaks.

Last but not least, Jesse Jackson addressed the crowd. Jackson led chants of “stop the violence, save the children” and “keep hope alive,” as if the Trayvon Martin shooting is somehow representative of what is killing black children. You won’t see 8,000 people rally in Chicago over that.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    “At this particular rally, as was undoubtedly the case at most of the other Justice for Trayvon rallies across the country, the message was clear: the United States is a racist nation, the Zimmerman verdict must be the beginning of a “social revolution,” and that social revolution must include the distribution of federal money to the inner cities.”

    Naturally. Detroit is proof we haven’t supported the “inner cities” with enough money and those rich people are still holding out.

    All the world’s problems can be solved by the left. We just have to sign over all of our property.

  • ReyR

    These people seem to have too much time on their hands. The victims march and riot, the racists are busy working to keep them. A nice arrangement. Will it last though?

  • Softly Bob

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

    Er… hang on a minute, if racism is in the DNA of Americans then which Americans is it in the DNA of? Is it in the DNA of White Americans or Black Americans? Because if it’s in the DNA of one or the other, then that proves that races are distinctively different. One race is racist and the other isn’t – which in itself is a racist thing to say. If it’s in the DNA of all Americans, then there are no differences between races as all are equally racist, therefore there is no such thing as racism.

    Oooh, my brain is starting to hurt!

    Another mad example of Liberal logic, to try and get your head around!!!

    “Racism is in the DNA of Americans” is the stupidest comment since Beavis and Butthead’s classic line,
    “Knowledge is stupid.”

  • Robert Tulloch

    What a pathetic bunch of miscreants.

  • tagalog

    Yes, racism is in the DNA of America. Most noticeably in the DNA of black Americans.

  • kikorikid

    NOT FUNNY. This is the “theory” now being taught in our

    High Schools on down. IF WHITE THEN RACIST.

    Racism is NOT an ascribed-innate characteristic of ANY
    group of people.
    It is a learned behavior.
    IF WHITE THEN RACIST is the antithesis of Hitlers
    Aryan supremacy model.
    Hegel is spinning in his grave.

  • Pharmagator

    Obama suggested to the Royals that the new heir should be named ‘Trayvon’ in honor of our fallen hero… one of the greatest Americans and one of the greatest tragedies in our lifetime (sarcasm)

    • Seek

      For a second, there you had me going. The royal family has moved well leftward in recent years, particularly Prince Charles.

      • herb benty

        The Queen is a real Christian and right-winger, and that is who counts right now.

  • putthehammerdown

    Let ‘em stew, and let America see, first-hand, what Outrage and Black combined will do if left to it’s/their own devices.
    You can pick one of these, or add your own :
    ** They’ll make a buncha’ noise when cameras and microphones are around , but when those things leave, very little else will go on. You see, that would involve ‘work’ , and that’s just not in this group’s Top 25.
    **There will be riots of a sort, in places where we’ve already seen this activity.
    Oakland and Liberty City spring to mind, and Detroit is also likely.
    **You will undoubtedly see more retribution-type attacks on Anybody Not Black, by ‘poor misguided black youth’. When they eventually do-pick-on a Concealed Carry Permit & Pistol, with a Citizen attached to it, get ready for :
    “Trayvon, The Extended Length Edition”.

  • Seek

    The root cause of black crime is blackness. Violence is in their DNA. I have never seen a collection of people so predisposed toward committing sudden violence in the act of conflict resolution — or rather lack of resolution. I can’t count the number of “racial misunderstandings” I’ve witnessed personally perpetrated by blacks. Had Trayvon Martin employed a bit of wit and verbal self-effacement in his encounter with George Zimmerman, this whole incident never would have happened.

  • DebRollin

    This is what the Progressives do, they divide people and cause riots to collapse the system. Too bad the black race has been used and does not see the destruction that will prevail from this lawless system. Chicago has become a dangerous place, black on black crime has increased in the last few years.

  • Inner-city Bob

    I can’t believe people blame Zimmerman for protecting the patrons of the downtown Orlando Cheesecake Factory when Trayvon Martin opened fire from the waiting area, simply because he wanted a Reese’s Cheesecake slice. I can’t believe how wrong the MSM was concerning this incident, as Zimmerman was simply a hero who was vilified by leftist, communist, fascist, Marxist BLACK PEOPLE who demanded free cheesecake for all. Zimmerman is a true hero and saint, for protecting the Cheesecake factory. You will never hear this side of the story from leftist, communist, fascist, Marxist BLACK PEOPLE who control the MSM.