Massive Job Growth Needed to Support Amnesty

US senators attend news conference at Capitol on immigration reform.If the new Gang of 8 immigration bill, known as S.744, passes, the US economy will need to create 66% more jobs than it did in its best decade over the next ten years, and almost 60 million new legal resident aliens will be created in order to have a steadily growing economy, according to a new study by the immigration think tank the Center for Immigration Studies.

Steve Camarota, the chief author of the study, said that in his estimation the economy will need to create about 35 million new jobs over the next decade. Camarota also noted that the best decade on record was the 1990s, when 21 million jobs were created.

Camarota broke down the estimate this way. He said the economy already needs to create ten million new jobs to make up for those lost in the recession that started in 2008. He said that there will be about ten million more able-bodied people in the workforce over the next decade due to natural population growth. According to the study, here’s how 15 million new legal immigrants of working age will be created.

·         An estimated 2.5 million DREAM beneficiaries of any age (including those no longer living in the country) will be eligible for citizenship in five years.

·         DREAM beneficiaries will be able to bring in an unlimited number of parents, spouses, and children (not subject to any cap) and those spouses, children, and parents will get permanent legal status in five years and be eligible for citizenship in 10.

·         An estimated 800,000 illegal agricultural workers will become legal permanent residents (green card holders) in five years and will then be eligible to bring in an unlimited number of spouses and children.

·         An estimated 8 million additional illegal immigrants, including recent arrivals and millions of visa overstays, will receive legal status and work authorization. These 8 million will be able to bring in their relatives as soon as 10 years from now. Those relatives, over time, will be able to bring in spouses, children, and parents.

·         An estimated 4.5 million aliens awaiting employment and family-based visas under current cap limitations will be cleared in less than 10 years, not subject to the family-based annual cap (thus freeing up room for more family-based migration that is subject to the annual cap).

In total, 32 million new legal citizens will be created in ten years, according to the study. The bill also lifts caps on a number of visa programs and the study estimates that this will increase the number of approved visas from one million a year, where it is now, to between 2-2.5 million a year.

Senator Jeff Sessions noted in a press release that while supporters of S.744 had promised publicly that the bill would not significantly increase immigration into the United States and that it would move the economy from low-wage jobs to merit-based jobs, they’ve yet produced any figures that would back-up this assertion. As Sessions said,

The Gang of Eight has stated, “this legislation does not significantly increase long-term, annual migration to the United States’ and has indicated the legislation shift the United States from low-skill and chain migration to high-skill merit-based.” Conspicuously, however, they have refused to provide an estimate of future flow.

A fact sheet put out by the office of Senator Marco Rubio challenged these conclusions.

The legislation is in an important phase of the process. Currently, it is going through the mark-up process in the Senate. During this process, any Senator can add any amendment to fix any part of the bill that may have a problem. This process could last at least two more weeks before moving to the House of Representatives. It is during this process that constituent input can play an even bigger role.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    So THAT's the giant $ucking Sound we hear!

    ~ Undocumented Democrats rolling the US Taxpayer & defining Constitutional deviancy down.

    ….. politicians bringing the entire Third World to suckle the USA-Taxpayer's teat dry in exchange for their life-time vote that shall keep politicians in office in perpetuity.

    Once again we have the spectacle of people demanding that the current law of the land not be enforced, that we shouldn't be serious about illegal immigration.

    QUESTION: If The Gang of Eight (Bipartisan senators working on a broad immigration overhaul ) decide to jump off a building; – Who lands first?

    ANSWER: Who cares?

  • Wayne Goodman

    Michael Volpe is an Idiot mindless wanna be writer that has watched to much " MAD MEN "

    Go loose some weight, Hit the gym, and stop doing Blow and watching Porn you IDiot!!!

    • wild fire

      cite it. link it.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Any and all pathways to citizenship, i.e., amnesty no matter what they claim, means a permanent leftwing majority in this country that will accelerate the downfall of America.

    • Jim

      You got it 100% right

  • Tony Young

    " An estimated 8 million additional illegal immigrants, including recent arrivals and millions of visa overstays, will receive legal status and work authorization. These 8 million will be able to bring in their relatives as soon as 10 years from now. Those relatives, over time, will be able to bring in spouses, children, and parents."

    Alright. Why would US tax-payers need to pay for these people who have no contribution in the society at all. If they claim that they need better life and move to the US, they should have the legal way to do it, and show some contribution to the society. Using other country resource yet no contribution is harmful and selfish act.

    I understand the life of immigration to some new places and how tough to deal with the discrimination in the new place, but it is not the reason of using other countries' resources.

    I hope people understand my point.

    Tony – Luxury Singapore Magazine Publisher –

  • Jim

    The Republican party is doomed to it's own extinction.

    I think the Bosses must know it.

    Are they stupid or do they have some dream plan to survive?

  • Barb3000

    I do believe that this all sounds very much like what Ted Kennedy was spouting back in 1963 and 4 when he was trying to force the public to believe his BS saying that nothing will change at all. Don't worry about it. You know, when they opened the floodgates to every third world country on the map. And what do we have now? A Titanic that is slowly sinking from the overload of humanity that has poured unchecked into the US for almost half a century. I found some of the information on Ted Kennedy when he was trying to push changing our immigration laws to admit more third world immigrants. One of the politicians that agreed to help make the changes said on his deathbed that he wished it had never happened. And what the gang of 8 is trying to pull will finish the country off.

    • Brujo Blanco

      We may witness our system overwhelmed to the point it does.not functions. I expect.amnesty to.result in a steady flow.of.aliens. upon.arrival they will.demand full supooert. We.are.already broke. Also., they will.suck up every entry level job.

      • Barb3000

        Brujo, you are correct. With Obama having closed door meetings concerning immigration reform and not allowing the head of the Border Patrol Union to sit in and give his take on the problems with the border with Mexico is treason in my and many other US citizens opinions. Of course Obama allowed his close friends from the left wing organization, "La Raza" to sit in at every meeting. I believe also La Raza helped the gang of 8 write the wording of the immigration reform bill. This organization and the ACLU have many lawyers that work for them. There is nothing these sleazy politicians won't do to help themselves.

  • slider 96

    What demographic will teebaggers lift their leg on NEXT ? Hispanics of course , and who and what is at the herat of their agendas? Well TEEBAGGER DeMint of the Heritage…think tank in collaboration with white supremacist theory , has produced another wingnut outbreak which will cost the GOP any chance of garnering votes from the second biggest demographic in the country.
    Jason Richwine, a Heritage Foundation analyst and the co-author of a study that measured the cost of an immigration reform bill, resigned from the conservative public policy organization after news organizations reported he had authored a dissertation asserting that Hispanics had lower IQs than whites and wrote for a website founded by white nationalists.

  • slider 96

    "Jason Richwine let us know he’s decided to resign from his position. He’s no longer employed by Heritage," Heritage spokesman Mike Gonzales said. "It is our long-standing policy not to discuss internal personnel matters."

    The news of Richwine's resignation was first reported by David Weigel of Slate Magazine.

    Richwine came under scrutiny this week after he co-authored a study with Heritage senior research fellow Robert Rector estimating that it would cost $6.3 trillion to legalize immigrants currently living in the country unlawfully. Heritage — under its new president, former South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint — has worked actively to oppose the bipartisan immigration reform legislation currently pending in the Senate.

    On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Richwine's PhD dissertation at Harvard University, published in 2009, argued that Hispanic immigrants had generally lower IQs than white Americans. On Thursday, Yahoo News revealed that Richwine had written two articles for the website, a publication founded and run by white nationalists.

    LOL…way to go GOP/Teebaggers! 2016 huh ?

  • slider 96

    Couldn't just say they 're against Amnesty , but felt that need to denigrate a whole demographic . The more Teebaggers a.k.a. "conservatives " open their mouths and expose their views , the more of the electorate they insult and alienate .. The way they're going , 2014 doesn't look good either .

  • slider 96

    Now I know why DeMint vacated his seat , he could never getaway with these views or associations and still hold public office . Besides there are enough suckers to ingratiate his bank account in his position at Heritage , than he could with his "public servant job " .