Scandal-Plagued DHS Agency to Oversee Amnesty

166911987.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeAn obscure agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that has been involved in two recent scandals in which it rubber stamped applications will be in charge of processing millions of new applications if the new immigration bill, known as S. 744, passes.

The agency, the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), was recently cited for approving 99.5% of all applications it handled under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA is the administrative amnesty for so-called DREAMers. President Obama used a Rose Garden speech in June 2012 to push through DACA using an executive order.

In a Washington Times report on the unusually high number of approvals, the fear of fraud was raised.

“The high rate leaves others wondering whether the administration is doing all it can to weed out fraud or potentially dangerous illegal immigrants in DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as it’s formally known.”

In January 2012, the Daily ran an investigative series based on an unpublished Inspector General’s report that concluded that USCIS managers had pressured lower level staffers to rubber stamp Visa applications. The report found that a great number of staffers at USCIS were pressured, with fear of losing their jobs, to rubber stamp applications. The report concluded:

63 of the 254 Immigration Services Officers (24.8%) responded that they have been pressured to approve questionable applications.

Another 35 ISOs (13.9%) had serious concern that employees who focus on fraud and ineligibility were evaluated unfairly.

According to the Daily investigation, at least one whistleblower, Christina Poulos, was demoted after coming forward to reveal the scheme.

USCIS has been run since early 2009 by Alejandro Mayorkas. In the late 1990’s, when working as a US Attorney, Mayorkas became embroiled in the controversial pardon of Carlos Vignali, a politically connected alleged drug dealer who had his fifteen year prison sentence commuted to six years, an action that Mayorkas recommended.

According to Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies, the overwhelming majority of the millions of immigration applications that will be generated if S. 744 passes will be handled by USCIS. The US State Department will also handle a minority of applications. Applications to be handled by USCIS include Visa applications, Green card applications, as well as applications for provisional status. As such, all of the estimated 10-30 million illegal aliens now in the country will have their applications processed by USCIS.

Furthermore, said Vaughan, under the proposed bill, all illegal aliens currently in the US will receive provisional status immediately even as their applications are processed by USCIS.

FrontPage Magazine reached out to USCIS, DHS, as well as the office of Senator Marco Rubio for comment on this story but all emails were left unreturned. Rubio, in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, claimed that S. 744 would have the “toughest immigration enforcement laws in US history.”

Despite assurances by supporters of this bill that enforcement will be stringent, close examination has found a different story. FrontPage Magazine reported last month that individuals with as many as two misdemeanors would still be eligible to qualify for provisional status and ultimately citizenship. More recently, an amendment to mandate a biometric system for all entry and exit points was voted down.

This most recent revelation is even more concerning. That’s because regardless of how the bill is written it will be executed by numerous agencies within the DHS and the State Department. Given that USCIS has a history of simply rubber stamping millions of applications, it stands to reason that millions more will also be rubber stamped, and that will not lead to any sort of tough enforcement.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    Dear Senator Rubio, set that thing down and back away from it or you shall never wash the stink off.

    ……you have already shown yourself to be politically immature, easily manipulated by the wrong politicians, (Lindsey Gramnasty and McCain), you appear Constitutionally squishy, and someone who will betray your base, (Lindsey Gramnasty and McCain), – and a man whom lacks discernment and acts differently once you are on the other side of the Potomac.

    RATHER, this is the perfect climate for Conservatives to scrap the tax code along with the IRS & advance the FLAT TAX! Why is that so confusing?

    BTW, they say tomato juice is the most effective way to remove skunk stink!

    ……it appears you could use a good jolt of lycopene!

  • AdinaK

    The DHS is way more than scandal plagued. It is a dangerous behemoth being readied to pounce on those the administration deems "undesirable", and this does not include illegals and terrorists! It sounds fantastical, but it is the truth. And with Benghazigate, IRSgate and DOJgate exploding, don't think anything in their repertoire is beyond the pale –

    Yes, the FEDS are a clear and present danger under Obama Inc.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Questions

    USCIS, hardly an "obscure" agency, has been staffed by pro-immigration zealots since it went into effect in 2003 after the reorganization of the old INS into the Department of Homeland Security. Under Bush, it fast-tracked numerous applications for permanent resident status by likely security risks. Employees who tried to bring this agency attention found ignored, demoted or fired. The situation is no better under Obama.

    • Jim

      It seems that too many Republicans are as bad as the Democrats on the issue of open borders and total amnesty.

      The only remedy is the primaries and people who turn out to help get honest people the nomination.

      There has been some success in our winning primaries.

      The Republican bosses have picked that up on their radar.

      The Bosses are fighting back with all they have against honest people getting the nomination.

      The bosses did succeed with keeping Orin Hatch from being displaced but it took them 2 years of hard work and Hatch faking conservatism ;and it took millions of dollars .

      Work with who ever is working the primaries to get good people nominated.

    • Michael Volpe

      If someone asked 100 RANDOM people, my money is on the over under being one and a half for those that could identify it correctly. It's obscure.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Just a few years ago, Senator Rubio said, "[I]f you grant amnesty … in any form, whether it's back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America."

    Rubio is now advocating amnesty — a proposal so ludicrous, so manifestly designed to betray reason and law, that it is best described as nihilistic.

    Read more: American Thinker: Marco Rubio's Theater of the Absurd by John T. Bennett

    The most important and outrageous fact about those triggers is that the "written certification" is not approved or denied by Congress (11-12). The DHS secretary could deliver a message in invisible ink to Congress, then proceed with amnesty.

    Rubio is rolling Conservatives who contributed mightily to his campaign, or, worked across state borders to elect him based on his public proclamations like:

    RUBIO: "[I]f you grant amnesty … in any form, whether it's back of the line or so forth, you will destroy any chance we will ever have of having a legal immigration system that works here in America."

    Rubio is initiating legalization of Undocumented Democrats who in perpetuity shall forever dog, antagonize & vote against the GOP. Rubio is inviting those who shall syphon off our tax dollars, and DESTROY AMERICA as it was founded!!!


    • Jim

      You said it perfectly. Post it in as many places as you can

  • Glennd1

    This is what the beginning of the end looks like. Things come apart much more quickly than they come together, and what we are witnessing is nothing short of a collective madness by the left. I've come to the conclusion that Marxism and Progressivism (which accepts cultural marxist critiques of society as ground truths) are essentially conspiracy theories. They make up bogey men who press material or other advantages to control all of society with magical ideas like "privilege" and "patriarchy", turning what in some cases may be interesting observations into axioms. They then follow them to their logical extremes, as though they are a truth like gravity is truth.

    They are impervious to reason and facts, even when caught red handed. Just watch these guys face congress or the press – the lack of honesty and candor, the overall slipperiness and arrogance – it's nothing short of astounding. I dare any leftist show a Bush administration behaving so. Holder's testimony yesterday was a national disgrace.

    I smell a big media frenzy coming this weekend. Watch for some big network(s) to go nuclear over the testimony from yesterday and today. I think the MSM will fry him for a moment, and then of course let him off the hook. But I bet the Sunday talk shows will be fun this weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to see some Democrat defectors.

  • AlgerHiss

    The photo with this piece includes, among others, John McCain and Charles Schumer.

    That freak’n McCain: I now loathe that SOB more than I do Schumer. Good God, I wish that piece of crap would go get a life and leave the rest of us alone to fight the Schumers of the world.

    And by the way, McCain, I don’t give a rip how much time you spent in Hanoi. That never gave you a license to go through life unchallenged while you now play footsies with the very people that had you in shackles back then.

    • Jim

      How to understand why the voters do not replace him in the primaries with some on on their side.

      Join the primary workers who are trying to replace McCain with some one on the side of the people of Arizona and on the side of the Americans.

      It can be done. The primary workers have replaced quite a few McCain types.

  • Barry Goldwater

    I fear Marco Rubio should be styled as America's next Barack H. Obama