Socialist Chicago Teachers Parade Their Indoctrinated Students

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) President Karen Lewis

A grade schooler took the stage and addressed a crowd of more than one thousand Chicago teachers, local politicians, and an assortment of communist, socialists, and other radicals protesting the upcoming closure of more than 50 Chicago schools. The child, a student at one of the schools scheduled to be closed, blasted Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a speech that lasted several minutes and largely parroted the positions held by the Chicago Teachers Union.

All of this occurred at a rally sponsored by the Chicago Teachers Union at Richard J. Daley Plaza in Chicago May 20, 2013. The rally was the most recent in a series of rallies sponsored by the CTU to protest the closure of these schools. Each of these rallies, as Front Page Magazine has previously documented, is attended not only by Chicago power elite, but also by a large number of radicals. This one was no exception.

CTU members hold a socialist sign

CTU members hold a socialist sign.



Teacher wearing shirt promoting the radical organization Teachers for Social Justice.

One of the many attendees from Socialist Worker.

One of the many attendees from Socialist Worker.

Here is a CTU member, and Chicago public school employee, addressing the crowd and railing against Wal-Mart, calling for a “living wage,” among a series of boilerplate left-wing demands.

The child mentioned above, whom Front Page Magazine was unable to identify, addressed the crowd and demanded that Rahm Emanuel halt all school closures and fully fund all neighborhood schools.


Two members of Occupy Chicago in trademark masks.

A photo of CTU members on flyer for upcoming socialist conference.

A photo of CTU members on flyer for upcoming socialist conference.

In a sign of radical protests to come, a junior in the Philadelphia public school system addressed the crowd. This particular student was a lead organizer in a new phenomenon for left-wing radicals: student unions. She mentions toward the end of the video that several thousand students purposely missed school for a day in protest of several school closures in Philadelphia.

The use of children as props was especially disturbing. Most of the children at this rally weren’t old enough to understand the many competing and complicated issues that are behind the closure of these schools. Yet all of them had signs or made speeches that mirrored the positions of the members of the CTU, and thus, presumably, their own teachers.

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  • Herb Benty

    The teacher pontificating, "this is our city, these are OUR schools" should realise if anyone has the right to say those words it would be the average TAXPAYER who foots the bill for all this nonsense. Now we see where all those Marxist professors that infect the colleges and universities come from. It starts in the early grade school level, and now they want the kids even earlier….I wonder why. These idiot teachers do not care if the city is broke, the state is broke and the country is broke. Yet one of the Lefts mantras is "more money for education". Stupid IS as stupid DOES.

  • AdinaK

    We must understand the direct nexus between Weathermen terrorist Bill Ayers (and his accomplices) and the havoc which they have wrought upon the educational system, and this has been ongoing for 30 plus yrs! His signature achievement is being the "teacher's teacher" and this is why the teachers and their charges are behaving on cue. And if any city should demonstrate the pernicious handiwork, then Chicago – their stomping grounds – is the place to be –

    The above is totally on target and must be revealed for all to witness.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • kafir4life

    How many children does Karen Lewis eat each day?

  • Robin

    The use of students is called the Student Voice Movement. to build a new society and participating in a protest like this is considered to be a first tier example of Authentic Instruction. The push is for education that compels action for change. And Chicago has long been Ground Zero for Ed Reform going back to the 40s when Ralph Tyler first coined the term Behavioral Sciences there. And he and Benjamin Bloom began developing the still relevant Outcomes Based Education.

    To understand the anger over closing the schools despite declining enrollments, it is important to appreciate the urban centered Regional Economies based on Green Growth that are envisioned as an essential component of the future. Chicago is also Ground Zero for Global Cities. In fact pushing that is what former mayor Daley is doing these days. He did a program in Houston last week.… is a good overview of the nexus between the education :reforms" and the Corporatist/federal govt planning/ resurrecting the cities economic vision for the 21st Century.

    It turns out taking care of the cities was an intrinsic part of the Global Third Way vision Anthony Giddens and the Ford Foundation among others envision for transforming the West.

    • Jim_C

      Robin, you present an interesting take from a unique point of view. Do you have any shorthand thoughts for what can be done to improve/reform public education and keep it from being the football that it has been now for over a generation?

  • Peter R. Clayton III

    "Close Prisons, Not Schools" – Then where will those children get three square meals a day in the future after receiving a crappy education? Prison is where they will find cable television, a warm bed and showers and don't forget the free pornographic magazines.
    Good luck to those young props, they're going to need it.

    • annie Walker

      Peter, please to tell us the name of the prison or prison system that permits porn mags in their institutions? Please be specific.

      Thank you Peter.

      • Peter R. Clayton III

        Please Annie, tell us which prisons allow marijuana and crack into their institutions? Please be very specific.
        Thank you Annie the naive .

        • annie Walker

          Has Peter been to prison hotshot?

          Please to tell us that.

  • Jane Gill

    My thought about that outrageous sign was it was a perfect example of the lib’s teaching Some rid bit of truth( please don’t close our schools yada yada…) with a Total Lie( close the prisons! You better learn to READ socialist instead of just standing at rally’s all day.. There are Many Many prisons in all socialist nations and not just for murder but for doing exactly what you are doing and you leaders decide they don’t like that ” open rally ” anymore!!!! Idiots!

  • Jane Gill

    Sorry everyone about the typos ..should have used my glasses! I will add that as a former 17 year teacher this saddens me more than anyone will ever know! I literally get sick over it and have just tried as I now volunteer in the inner city schools to hopefully model Christian Behavior and talk about this great nation of ours!

  • jerome

    pink Floyd "the wall" refers!

  • Choi

    The Senior Male Baby-Boomer Teachers are teachers because they AVOIDED the Draft and Military Service, by deferment.
    They're THE ONES who have WRECKED our Educational System across a 40 Yr.period.

  • davarino

    Home School, and fight for vouchers so your money isnt totally wasted

  • Rifleman

    I can see why CPS system children test so low.