The Radical Hijacking of the Zimmerman Verdict

trayvonbannerA number of radical groups — including Marxist, Socialist, and other groups whose goal is the overthrow of the American system — have seized on the Trayvon Martin verdict and are now organizing events and rallies trying to instigate anger over the verdict to serve their own agenda.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) organized a rally in San Francisco that drew several hundreds within hours of the verdict. PSL is also holding a number of events related to police brutality, which they’ve augmented to focus on the Trayvon Martin verdict. In Chicago, they held a study group titled “Stand Up Against Police Brutality and Justice for Trayvon Martin” on July 23, 2013. A similar event will be held in San Francisco on July 26, 2013. A major rally against police brutality in Syracuse, New York is slated for August 21, 2013.

According to PSL and groups with a similar ideological bent, the police are merely tools of the capitalists, used to suppress the working class, which PSL declares has been given the shaft by America’s capitalistic system. Eugene Puryear is an organizer with PSL and he explained the group’s view in the most recent issue of Liberation News, the magazine published by PSL.

Militarized policing became the status quo, creating a massive apparatus that keeps itself going by always creating new “wars”. What started as a war on revolutionaries switched to the so-called “War on Drugs” and now the “War on Terror.” Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the suppression of the radical wing of the social movements of the era significantly weakened those who would have been the principal obstacles to the mass incarceration policies and police repression against Black America, trends that intensified in the 1980’s and continue to this day.

PSL and groups like it see the Trayvon Martin affair as another example of misplaced priorities and inherent racism in the criminal justice system.

The New Black Panther Party will use the Trayvon Martin verdict as the main theme of its annual “Million Youth March,” which will be held in Harlem, New York on September 7, 2013. On its website announcing the event, the New Black Panthers proudly proclaim that they’ve been in favor of vigilante justice in this case for months.

We responsibly identified our constitutional rights to offer a $10,000.00 reward for anyone that could keep up with this Zimmerman whom we fear would try to leave the country. We also, under the United States Constitution, gave the city of Sanford, Florida and the United States Attorney General, our brother, Eric Holder that we were following protocol of issuing a citizen’s arrest and that we could prove probable cause. We would make it our mission to bring in the murderer George Michael Zimmerman, who is still with his father and mother, Robert and Gladys Zimmerman.

The National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression (NAARPR) issued a statement as well, condemning the verdict as another example of the racism inherent in the justice system. The NAARPR favors a total abolition of America’s prison system. The statement from the NAARPR also indicated that the verdict is another example of the inherent racism in our justice system.

Two things have occurred in the past month which indicate that African Americans have no rights that white law makers, police and racist vigilantes are bound to respect. The first was the U.S. Supreme Court gutting of the Voting Rights Act, characterizing it as “perpetual racial entitlements” and thereby perpetually entitling white representatives of ruling elites to disenfranchise African Americans in an effort to bring back Jim Crow. The second was the acquittal Saturday of George Zimmerman, murderer of Trayvon Martin.

The Socialist Worker, the newspaper of the International Socialist Organization, also dedicated an entire section in its last newspaper to the Martin verdict.

At nearly every rally related to the Trayvon Martin case, one can find radical groups like the above passing out literature and hoping to ride the coattails of the controversy to advance their own agenda. Their agenda includes the complete overhaul of the USA, into something that resembles a Marxist or anarchist state. Will they gain converts to the cause?

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    These freaks never cease to amaze me. POTUS does nothing when he’s not opening his mouth to encourage this insane thinking.

  • SupremeGalooty

    If the people who have problems with the George Zimmerman verdict had their FACTS straight, I might be able to throw in with them. But as it stands, their thinking is bereft of any factual basis at all. They have sided with the antagonist in the affair ONLY because of the color of his skin. That makes them racist by any definition of the term, and for that I consider them to be contemptible.

  • Marty Luther

    When will the Jail a Million Criminals march be taking place in Harlem?

  • Anamah

    Civil unrest has been in the Obama wish list from day one.
    So this was the opportunity they were waiting to blow their balloon.
    “Never let a crisis to go away”…and they never waste a good one…

    He did not care of T. Martin and his mourning parents. As everything for him … it was centered in himself, could be HIS son, could have been even HIMSELF in the past!!! He does not have any pity not a trace of respect for the real pain out self of his belly bottom… Doesn’t even register it…

    He promotes assaulting this poor couple to make his miserable political point, to fulfill his distractive method from his failures, to disrupt American life by vitriol. What a fatal error for America to believe in this kind of losers as to make a president or a NYC major …

    Neurotic America… you need to be in serious treatment.

    • Moto

      “What a fatal error for America to believe in this kind of losers as to make a president or a NYC major …”

      It’s not a mistake,it’s a situation that was calculatedly brought about by people like SherLizza up there. Our people have been brainwashed for 50 years to make this happen,the overreaching social goals of political puppetmasters have exceeded the ability of the natural world to sustain them.

      Have you ever seen the Roadrunner cartoons? You know WIle E. Coyote? How he’s so focused on catching the roadrunner that he doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going or what’s going on around him? America is in that moment just before it holds up the sign that says “Uh-oh” and does a vertical dive into the bottom of the ravine.

      Woe unto those that follow America down the path of “democracy”. Enfranchising lunatics like SherLizza will bankrupt your country, leave you defenseless and at the mercy of sadists who will experiment on your children medically and psychologically,and eventually, millions of good people will face starvation because people like SherLizza have stolen their money and p1553d it all away trying to correct genetic disparities between you and some other group, either within or outside of your borders.

  • tagalog

    They have persuaded people that George Zimmerman, by following Trayvon Martin, is the person who started the encounter that led to the assault on Zimmerman and ultimately to Trayvon Martin being shot and killed. Following someone, even if you’re a creepy-ass cracker, does not justify a confrontation and a fistfight. Martin had a cell phone; why didn’t he call 9-1-1 if he really thought Zimmerman was stalking him? If he was too concerned about what Zimmerman might do, why didn’t he tell Jeantel to call 9-1-1? Even Jeantel testified that Martin initiated the fisticuffs.

    You get to have your own opinion about the facts, you don’t get to have your own facts.

    Interesting that no one condemned O.J. Simpson for stalking his ex to her house, where he killed her and her boyfriend.

  • SherLizza

    “…overthrow of the American system” – About time. Apartheid, Segregation and Racism are still ingrained in the U$A.
    The American system is a facist oppressive system.
    War as economics and destroying and robbing other nations.
    Start Fixing your Homeland.
    You’d be better off with socialism.

    The GZ verdict is nothing but modern day LYNCHING.
    Running with a gun after an unarmed person. If that’s not agression, I don’t know what is.
    Kill someone you dislike or don’t want in your neighbourhood, then scream SELF-DEFENSE, and get off the hook, because Dead people don’t talk.
    Afterwards, you ca$h in.
    GZ gets a 500.000$ book deal,
    25,000$ deals to appear at gun shows.
    plus a fee to put his name on a 9mm semi-automatic. The ‘Zimmerman Protector.’

    Hail America the “beautiful, land of the free…”.
    It’s frightining, perverse and disgusting.

    The majority of white Americans play the ostrich part, and have their heads buried in the sand. The only part up is their behind, they mistake for their brain.

    • Moto

      “The American system is a facist oppressive system.”

      America is face-ist, you guys. That’s right, America discriminates against people’s faces. Well, you got me dead bang there, I don’t think I have a defense for that. Guilty as charged.

      Facist kind of looks like “fascist” in this instance and since you brain-dead fools are always parroting that, I’m going to have to ask you to prove that you know what the word means before we talk about it. You sound like you don’t know your a$$ from your elbow. You can’t even spell “fascist”.

      “Start Fixing your Homeland.
      You’d be better off with socialism.”

      Oh yeah, we’d be so much better with the system that peeled the skins off twins in order to determine if they had a psychic link. Tell me about it.

      “Running with a gun after an unarmed person. If that’s not agression, I don’t know what is.”

      Do people initiating aggressive encounters usually do so while on the phone with the POLICE,you d*ckless moron?

      “Kill someone you dislike or don’t want in your neighbourhood, then scream SELF-DEFENSE”

      What do you call it when someone’s bashing your head into the pavement? I believe you’d stake a claim to a right to stop me from doing that to you,but maybe not. If you actually don’t think that’s self-defense, why don’t you give me your address. I need some money and it appears anybody can be a “creepy a$$ cracka” these days.

      “Hail America the “beautiful, land of the free…”.
      It’s frightining, perverse and disgusting.”

      No, it’s not. America is fantastic. YOU are a frightening, disgusting, perverted, mentally-ill jerkoff. If they put you on some anti-psychotics, I imagine your hatred for America would clear up around the same time the voices in your head stopped commanding you to kill your parents.

      “The only part up is their behind, they mistake for their brain.”

      You cannot spell simple words. You clearly have no idea how different political systems manifest, as America is a classic social democracy in late-stage decline at this point, I mean BY THE FRIGGIN TEXTBOOK. If you could read above a fourth-grade level,you might look at the historical descriptions of society in Late Ancient Greece by the historians of that period for confirmation. You are also manifestly ignorant of American law and the facts of the Zimmerman trial as it was determined that Zimmerman’s shooting was in self-defense,ergo, there was NOTHING to “get off the hook” from as it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to kill anyone who was threatening your life at the time, as a cursory glance merely at the forensic examination of both Zimmerman and Martin will show. It could not be more open and shut. Martin had skinned knuckles and a bullet hole, Zimmerman had two black eyes, one broken nose, and a plethora of cranial lacerations and bruising all over his skull,while his knuckles were pristine. I don’t know what that says to you, you’re an idiot so It’d be painful to hear your factual contortions, but to me it says that Martin was the only one hitting Zimmerman. If Martin was hitting Zimmerman, but Zimmerman WASN’T hitting Martin than it is vastly more likely, in fact pretty much guaranteed, that Zimmerman was defending himself from violence initiated by Martin.

      It is perfectly legal to shoot anyone who has initiated violence against you and escalated it to the point where it poses a threat to your life. IT IS NOT LEGAL,under any circumstances, to use violence against anyone who is not using it against you or who has announced an intention to de-escalate his violence or to surrender.

      Not only did Zimmerman never announce his intention to escalate to violence in the first place (Martin actually did by exclaiming “You’re going to die tonight”,according to police records) but by laying prone on the ground calling for help he had effectively surrendered to Martin, further illegitimizing Martin’s continued brutal assault.

      When police detectives who interviewed Zimmerman about the shooting told Zimmerman a security camera had captured the entire event on video, his alleged reaction was “Thank God”.

      Thank God.

      Is that the reaction of a murderer to the news that his crime has been recorded on video? Does a murderer call the police and report his actions while he commits murder? Does a murderer set up an elaborate scenario to cause a young black man to attack him in order to murder him?

      All these things sound like the plot of a Sherlock Holmes crime drama, not the brutal,mundane,simple street violence that happens in this country every day,committed by people exactly like Trayvon Martin. Teenaged black males. In fact,it is about 5 times more likely that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman if you go by statistics alone.

      “Apartheid, Segregation and Racism are still ingrained in the U$A.”

      No they are not. If Apartheid, Segregation, and racism were “ingrained in the USA” all of you people would be in jail. There would be no such thing as a “Justice 4 Trayvon” rally because all of you would have been arrested and tried as subversives.

      You have no idea what oppression looks like. You are a pampered spoiled socialist who has it so good that being stuck in a traffic jam looks like the Holocaust to you. You have it so good that your social ideas are distorted to a point that many would consider lunacy. I certainly do.

      90% of the billions of people in India would kill to come to America and be “oppressed” like the blacks. They would change places with American blacks in a second. And in a single generation, they would prove your unfalsifiable theories incorrect. And of course, you would shift the goalposts again like you have a million times already.

      But you’re running out of points to pivot to, aren’t you? First slavery caused black dysfunction, then it was lack of civil rights, then it was secret racism, now it’s super-secret racism and the “ugly scar of slavery” (i.e. White ghosts are oppressing me!!!!). What will it be next? Witchcraft? Bad juju?

      When you have to keep inventing ways to justify your beliefs, they’re probably wrong. The truth stands on its own. And the truth is that whites in America aren’t oppressing ANYBODY,and if you brought in Chinese, Indians, Jews or any comparable group of people to whites and put them in the same position that blacks were in 200 years ago, in two generations they would be doing better than blacks.

      How do I know? Because white people were once enslaved by the same system that was abolished 200 years ago. White people made America and proved that they were capable and independent,better than the station they were assigned to by birth. They did all that without calling attention to having been enslaved once or using their history of subjection under the British crown as an excuse for failing at anything.

      You hate whites for doing that, even though you say it’d be good for blacks to do it.

      Everything about your ludicrous, asinine, retrograde and barbaric beliefs contradicts some other aspect of the same ridiculous anti-white people social engineering “theory of everything”. I bet that’s why you’re so angry all the time. The cognitive dissonance is killing you.

    • Fritz

      Good idea, because socialism has really worked everywhere it’s been tried, and solved all the world’s problems. That’s why the Soviet Union is such a roaring success! Umm what’s that? There is no Soviet Union anymore? But never fear dear, there is still Cuba and North Korea to follow as an example. North Korea’s socialist system is so efficient that the people there are four inches shorter then those capitalist pigs in South Korea through eliminated all of those unnecessary nutritional elements from their diet. Cuba has such a wonderful health care system that people are dying to get treated at hospitals there, and they eliminated most of those life endangering drugs produced by the evil pharmaceutical cartels.

    • OfficialPro

      Socialism is what ruined Detroit.
      Uh no, it wasn’t a “lynching”. George Zimmerman is HIspanic. According to the Rules of Identity POlitics, HIspanics (brown people) CANNOT be racist against black people. THerefore it CANNOT be a “lynching”. Furthermore GZ VOTED FOR MOTHER FUD RUCKING OBAMA!

    • syzito

      You are pretending to be an idiot…right? No one can in reality be this stupid.