Whistle Blowers Say Obama Releasing Violent Illegal Aliens

Even though fifty-two illegal aliens were released onto its streets by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), officials in Pinal County told Front Page Magazine that ICE has still not shared any details about any individuals released. Furthermore, a whistle blower has told Pinal County officials that despite the Obama administration’s insistence that only non-violent individuals were among those released, several individuals were in fact charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Starting on February 15, 2013, ICE began releasing suspected illegal aliens from a number of ICE facilities including one in Florence, Arizona, which is located in Pinal County. When Front Page Magazine attempted to get identities and other details of those released from the Florence facility, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said that office couldn’t provide any details because none were shared by ICE with Pinal County.

“Sheriff Paul Babeu has requested repeatedly a list of released detainees from the ICE facility [in Florence, Arizona] and a list of the charges they currently face and have faced in the past along with their threat levels.

“This has been met with constant refusals to provide the information,” said Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Tamra Ingersoll in an email.

Continuing later in the email, Ingersoll also said that despite assurances by the administration that all those released were non-violent, a whistle blower told their office that several of those released were suspected of committing violent crimes.

We do have very reliable information from “Whistle Blowers” within ICE that the “non-violent” offenders that the federal government keeps stating were the only ones released is not the truth.

The whistle blowers within ICE have contacted Sheriff Babeu with information that some of these detainees are inside for crimes against children; manslaughter, aggravated assault of officer, weapon offenses and other such violent crimes.

Amber Cargile, a spokesperson for ICE in Arizona, initially attempted to blame the sequester for the administration releasing these illegal aliens from custody. When pressed to explain why nothing about these individuals was shared with the Sheriff’s Office in Pinal County, Cargile said the generic statement was all she was authorized to release.

“The statement and background are all I’m authorized to provide at this time,” Cargile said in an email.

Starting in the middle of February, the administration began releasing suspected illegal aliens from a number of ICE facilities at about one thousand detainees per week. According to an internal ICE document, ICE plans to release one thousand detainees per week until the end of March, when the total number held will be just below 26,000. ICE facilities can hold a bit more than 34,000 detainees.

The move has sparked outrage from many in Congress. Earlier in the week, Matt Salmon of Arizona, whose 5th District includes Pinal County, was one of 37 members of Congress to send a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano expressing frustration that the sequester would be used as an excuse to release criminal illegal aliens. The statement read:

We are deeply concerned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is using sequestration as a vehicle to further the Administration’s disregard for enforcing our immigration laws.  Specifically, we are troubled by recent reports that DHS has released hundreds of illegal immigrants, rather than finding cost savings elsewhere in the agency.

Your agency’s decision to release “low-risk” illegal immigrants back into the public under the guise of saving money is extraordinary, unprecedented and dangerous.  We understand that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), like all federal agencies, must find cost savings in order to comply with their new budget allocation.  However, it is frankly irresponsible that your agency chose releasing detained immigrants as its first effort to control spending.

Because the cuts represent a 30% reduction in detainees, it’s difficult to believe that all of these suspected illegal aliens were released due to the sequester, which was supposed to enact a 5% reduction. So far, the administration, which once boasted it would be the most transparent in history, has not been very forthcoming in its explanation. The White House claimed the decision came from DHS. Meanwhile, Secretary Napolitano said the decision was made entirely by career bureaucrats, none of whom have explained themselves publicly. As such, it’s not yet clear what the basis was for this decision.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Of course he released VIOLENT illegals. As a matter of record, the Chief law enforcer is a lawbreaker, therefore, why would anyone think the regime would care about releasing violent offenders.

    The real question is: under which myriad of offenses will the AG's office fall, in tow with his boss – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/20/what-are-the-

    What crime will THEY have to commit for their ouster?
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • kafir4life

    The people released are truly Stinky's (bo) people.
    It would be a real "shame" if one of his people hurt one of his voters. But they will have deserved it.

  • lizaz

    The release of "low-risk" rapists, murderers and other felons is payback from the WH because he didn't get the huge tax increases on the American people he wanted (yet)…..so we are to be punished in every way possible like little children misbehaving again……some day maybe we will have a REAL President, one of ALL the people, whom we can respect….someday…….


    I LIKE THE ONE where they will allow illegals to stay if they haven't committed a crime, or violent crime.

    Anybody here ever drive DWI and didn't get caught? How many of these illegals commit crimes that are never caught.

    There's the cases of THREE RAPES of little girls in Santa Fe. An illegal raped a month old girl who died of her injuries. THAT'S SICK! A Guatemalan man was allowed to stay in the home of a fellow Guatemalan family and he raped their seven-year old daughter. HE SPLIT. Another illegal Mexican raped another young girl. HE SPLIT.

    Since these illegals didn't get caught, and probably in another state, are they to be counted as "non-criminals" and even allowed to get a drivers license even when there is overwhelming evidence of them using fraudulent documents?

    IT WILL ONLY BE A MATTER OF TIME when one of these illegals that is released, RAPES, CARJACKS, ROBS, AND KILLS and this will be the time to focus on this release which was only done to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT BY OBAMA AND NAPOLITANO!

  • kasandra

    Since illegal aliens violate the law by illegally entering our country they are all, logically, law breakers. Apparently, our regime does not consider violating our national sovereignty a serious matter thereby giving the greenlight to anyone anywhere to come on in, laws or no laws. Didn't he take an oath twice that contained a phrase to the effect that he pledged to assure that the laws are faithfully executed?

  • http://twitter.com/jhaze32 @jhaze32

    There's no doubt that BO is just waiting for one of the released to hurt someone so he can say, "you see, I told you so, we shouldn't be cutting anything from the budget".

  • Helen

    How about THE PEOPLE REMOVING POTUS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!! AND ALL HIS CROONIES TOO!!! Seems that many women runs households and I won't be talking of MRS POTUS!!! ANYWAY…….women run their household and MAKE IT WORK SOOOOOOO…. WE NEED A WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!

  • marios

    The worse situation in US the better for Obama and his accomplices. It is rule for any socialists regime. Stalin in USSR when people started to boil for unbearable life immediately release criminals from jails. People cried and begged government "Help!" Dem's party and their protégé Obama know well that doctrine and theory to keep Power. Intimidation those 50% who still have ability of thinking and bribing using taxpayers money another 50% who want only one thing "free lunch" forever. Though it cannot be forever as great Margaret Tether said " Liberals problem is that OUR money they use finally are ended ".

  • LindaRivera

    Obama is Releasing Violent Illegal Aliens for ONE reason only: In order for the criminals to perpetrate VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST AMERICAN INNOCENTS!

    The Obama administration hates decent, law-abiding citizens and believes they should be harmed!

    Obama and his administration will be one hundred percent responsible and have blood on their hands for every murder and every act of violence against innocents.

  • LindaRivera

    "Some of these detainees are inside for crimes against children;"

    America's children are HATED! GOD HELP the CHILDREN!

    When children were shot recently, crocodile tears were shed. The murders of these innocent children was IMMEDIATELY seized as an opportunity to disarm Americans of their guns!

  • Andrew

    Barry Soetoro and his administration are a clear and present danger to this country. There are good and brave people who have sworn an oath to defend this country from the likes of this criminal fraud and his allies and they are in a position to do so, and they have the menas. America is waiting for you to become our future heroes by taking appropriate action. Fame, fortune and honor are your promised rewards.

  • Andrew

    Ooops…should read 'and they have the means.'

  • Andrew

    Indict, Impeach and Imprison. It is the only way.

  • Ruckus_Tom

    As a condition of their release they'll probably have to join Obama's Civilian Army.

    Remember the Mariel boat lift back in 1980 when Castro was kind enough to allow Cubans who wanted to leave Cuba, leave? And remember how he decided to empty out his prisons because those people, the prisoners and the criminally insane, really, really wanted to leave? And remember that jack wagon peanut farmer we had as a president at the time welcoming those nice "refugees" with open arms?

    Obama is our Castro and Carter rolled into one.

  • james

    Thats ok,I just put one down last night,I have more ammo, bringem on.

  • Ghostwriter

    It won't just be native born Americans who are in danger from this. There are also legal immigrants who are going to be in danger. It's a shame that there are those who want to play games with people's lives just to make a political point.

  • Mach1Duck

    Enough of this, " I do not know who did it. It was not me!" The Head fo Home Land Security is responsible no matter which "career bureaucrats" issued the edict to release detained illegal aliens. In turn DHS works for the President. How long are we going to be feed the line, "Government agencies work in a vaccume?" We need to hold their feet to the fire! by flooding our Congressmen and Senators with e-mails that demand and answer.

  • Carol,AZ

    Impeach and get rid of of the Kenyan King .