The Boston Bombing: Inside The Shocking Web of Terror Training

loAbdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national and initial “person of interest” in the Boston marathon massacre, now turns out to be innocent — or so we are told by our Department of Homeland Security. Researching Al-Harbi’s web of friends, meanwhile, yields some other very interesting discoveries:

Al-Harbi has a current friendship on Facebook with a man named Ibrahim al-Ghamidi. We researched the name Ibrahim Al-Ghamidi from the Arabic sources and found links in which one named Ibrahim Al-Ghamidi posted a terrorist training video. Obtaining photos of the Al-Ghamidi who posted the video seemed to match Al-Harbi’s friend except for a small scar on the right eye, which did not exist on Al-Harbi’s friend, so we need to keep in mind that we could have a case of two Ibrahim Al-Ghamidis who look the same.

Perhaps what is most disturbing is a post on Al-Ghamidi’s Facebook profile  that spread throughout the Arab world and has never been seen in the West until now (see here and here). He posts an interview prepared by his famed friend Mohammed Al-Awadi, a popular TV host at Alrai Kuwaiti TV, in which we gain a better understanding of why the United States has had some 200 attempted terror attacks on its soil since 9/11.

In order to provide terror training to his viewers, the host brought one of the world’s most renown female terrorists, Ahlam Tamimi, onto his show to teach Muslims worldwide on how to carefully infiltrate, plan and select locations — and carry out terrorist attacks in heavy population areas in order to maximize a civilian death toll. Tamimi tours the Arab media now and can provide such insight on how Muslims—both male and female—can become killing machines. Tamimi was released in an exchange deal regarding the case of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli who was held hostage by Hamas.

Al-Awadi introduced Tamimi not as a subject for an interview of some sort, but as an example to follow for all Muslims:

Al-Awadi: “I would like to introduce you as a role model not just for women, but for everyone.

The program aired several segments; yet Al-Ghamidi linked to the eighth segment only — the segment that covered recruitment, cell breakdown and terror preparedness. In this segment Tamimi first teaches Muslims how to best prepare their souls by preparing Muslims on how to abandon secular life and worldly things, then how to smuggle terrorists, plant explosives in condensed areas, watch, document statistics and monitor civilian movements in heavy-traffic areas.

“I studied all the ideologies of each [terrorist] group in order to decide which one I will join” she told Al-Awadi who supported everything she did.

“With my media card I was able to enter back and forth undetected to do journalistic interviews in Jerusalem in order to avoid detection by the Zionists.” (See 9:50)

Al-Awadi: “So you get in and out as a journalist” (10:09)

Tamimi: “Yes.” (10:10)

Al-Awadi: “Beautiful.” (10:11).

Tamimi: “Now I entered a [terrorist] cell. A cell is constructed by having a leader, then there are different groups each one is divided into itself.” (10:54)

Tamimi: “Of course, you do not know who is the leader.” (11:31)

Al-Awadi: “So the Sheikh approved and supervised?” (11:51)

Tamimi: “Of course, of course. (11:53) ……First I scouted places to decide where to carry out Jihadi operations. I would wander into Jerusalem to find the best spots to carry out these missions.” (12:05-12:11)

She proceeds:

First I would scout stores and major shopping malls, schools, restaurants. I would then present my findings to the leader of the cell. I would do a meticulous count on the numbers of people moving in these areas and study it mathematically. I would use my wrist watch and count how many were walking in an area within one hour. So I would make reports that if an operation is conducted in such and such area. Then I would estimate the numbers of casualties — in some cases my number would be 30 Israelis will die and other estimates it would be 50 Israelis that will die. So from this time to that time there would be 70 Israelis who entered this spot. So during lunch for example, from this time to that time, so many Zionists enter this area. The school for example, I would study the morning time when school children will enter. (12:40-13:37)

She continues:

Of course the second phase would be the Jihadi operation itself (14:05-14:11) …..I would take the components to be filled up with explosives to Abdullah Barghuti. He of course prepares the explosive charges. I would choose the device myself based on products that are most sold amongst the Zionists. So I would provide a report, for example, the best device is a favorite drink or product. So the explosive device is manufactured to look like this product. So the product on the outside would appear like something that easily looks like the products in the stores. And in the inside it would be a time bomb. Of course I learned how to operate one of these devices (14:18-14:50) . . .my other mission is to accompany suicide martyrs. (15:49-15:50)

Some previously translated clips might help Westerners understand what and who Al-Ghamidi was promoting: see here, here and here. And Tamimi also spreads her training messages throughout North Africa (see here).

Ibrahim Al-Ghamidi is a nasheed writer. Nasheed is an Islamic song. Not all nasheed are about Jihad, nevertheless, Al-Ghamidi has his share of Jihad nasheeds. Here is one of his nasheeds he wrote and sang supporting Jihad in Gaza:

Al-Ghamidi’s favorite, “O Martyr You Mesmerized My Soul,” is a favorite for Muslim terrorists (see an example here).

Tamami on the video posted by Al-Ghamidi and prepared by Alrai TV aired from Kuwait in which Mohammed Al-Awadi also tweets with Ghamidi — see Aug 17 here. In one tweet, Al-Awadi laments that Abdulmalek Abdul Muhsin al-Dawsari, a Saudi national, returned to writing secular songs. Al-Dawsari was the first Jihad nasheed songwriter and the pride of Muslim terrorists worldwide. He wrote what was probably the top number one Jihad song that circulates throughout the world of Islamic terrorists, “We will fight our battles with them”:

The lyrics sum up the Muslim terrorist call:

we’ll fight our battles with them,
we’ll go in multitudes to stop them

and we’ll bring back the taken right
 and we’ll push them with all our power
with the cutter weapon of right
we’ll set the land of the free ones free
we will bring back the purity to Jerusalem
after the disgrace and humiliation
and we’ll keep destroying their strong holds
with a huge voice that kept worrying them
and we’ll wipe the disgrace with our hands
and with full force we repel them
 we won’t accept any part being occupied
 we won’t let an inch for humiliation
the land will revolt and burn them all

there are volcanoes in the land that are boiling

Al-Ghamidi tweets Al-Awadi and promises to bring him to repentance as if it is from one nasheed writer to another, stating: “Sheikh, his name is Muhsin and I would like to dialogue with him.” Ibrahim Al-Ghamidi also corresponds with Shaykh Dr. Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni (see tweet Feb 20, 2013), a Saudi Mufti with nothing in English regarding support for terrorism, yet here he is giving a fatwa calling on terrorists in Iraq to attack and kill Americans in Fallhujah in Iraq:

And here he is condemning Usama Bin Laden on Prince Walid Bin Talal T.V Rotana, that is with one caveat; Bin Laden’s Jihad against the United States and Russia (see 49:55):

The Ghamdi clan, on its official website, displays a lengthy martyrs list entitled, “Ghamdis the Mujahideen,” priding themselves on having given up two of their young men (#3 Ahmed al Ghamdi and #4 Hamza Saleh al Ghamdi) to martyrdom when they destroyed the South Tower in Manhattan on 9/11. This does not even include Saeed al Ghamdi, who was one of the terrorist hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. His Last Will aired on Al Jazeera (yes, the same Al Jazeera that purchased Al Gore’s Current TV):

The Ghamdis who committed murder on 9/11, are listed as “martyrs” and “heroes” with comments like “definitely, sons to be proud of.” The Ghamdi martyrs list is too long to list in its entirety here, but perhaps we can include a few from the al-Qaeda martyrs list of the Muslims fallen in Afghanistan at the hands of the “American Crusaders”; #25 is Abdul-Rahman Ghamdi and #61 is Saeed Ghamdi and #134, Abu Zubayr Ghamdi.

Abdulrahman Al-Harbi, who became a controversial figure when he became the first suspect in the Boston bombing, had an interview with the Dubai TV host Daud Shiryani from MBC in which Shiryani drilled him, attempting to find FBI abuses against Muslims:

Al-Harbi was asked as to when the FBI interviewed him, to which Al-Harbi said:

“Immediately when I first arrived to the hospital.”

“I was interviewed for two hours” he told Shiryani.

“Was it the Boston Police or the FBI?”

“No, it was the FBI,” said Al-Harbi.

He continued: “They asked me from which country I was from and of course they were right to be suspicious because I …”

Immediately Shiryani interrupted him since the interview was intended to be the typical propaganda on FBI harassment and not some confession of some sort. Shiryani angrily said:

“I asked you if they interrogated you during or after you were medically examined. Did the FBI get permission from the doctor to question you?” (see 2:56)

“The FBI was on my side, it was the media that began to write about me.”

“Did the FBI film your home and your belongings and spread all this to the media?”

“Everything was fine until they went to my apartment and then the media began to talk.”

With 200 or so attempted terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11, most of which were thwarted, it now becomes easy to understand the origin of these terrorist attacks and where they came from.

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  • AdinaK

    The terror web starts with radicalizing at the hands of Wahabbi Islamists, wherever they are implanted. However, as to America, if not for the following it would not be the menace that it is –

    The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia has emerged from its stealth shadows and it landed squarely in Boston. It will do so elsewhere within other cities, guaranteed –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

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      Dearborn, it's the city where Christians were arrested at a street fair and others were pelted with debris and chunks of concrete.

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    Wherever Islam reigns in the hearts and minds people foolish enough to accept it, there exists ignorance, poverty, illiteracy, superstition, and all manner of violence and endless conflicts. It says a lot about the Muslim religion that wherever it prevails in influence, it brings tyranny, enslavement and tears.

    Islam, at its very core, is pure evil. Muhammad, the desert madman and pedophile, did nothing noble and neither do his evil followers. This is why Islam MUST be opposed and ultimately conquered by the West.

    • bill reitzes

      Now, go tell your Representatives to your Government exactly what you wrote here. Be prepared to back up your claims as they will either challenge you or ignore you. Bombard them on a daily basis til they acknowledge the threat. The solution to Islam lies in education. One is never too old to learn right?
      Get busy because Islam is on the march and is at War with us. As of yet, we don't recognize the conflict as war.
      From what I know, Sharia and Democracy cannot co-exist in harmony.

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    Glad to see Walid Shoebat commenting on the ideology he knows inside and out. This is the plan of the terrorists living among us. They want to wear us down, destroy our economy and our lives because they hate!

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    Tamimi, a woman who seeks out areas in Israel where she can inflict the most casualties, is a role model not just for women, but everyone. What a lovely person she is. If we could do a Samantha Stevens twitch of the bewitched nose and get rid of the Islamist states, peace would no doubt break out in the region. If you did the same thing and got rid of the Jewish state, there would still be murder and mayhem. I would say that the hatred inside of these people is appalling, but what is really appalling is that there are so many people in the world who try and justify it.

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    Israel is on first line of Western civilization defense. We are ALL depends on Israel courageous and determination to protect themselves and thus protect all of us, Westerns. Islamists with their barbarians culture would never had any success but Leftists all the world support them. Only from within great countries can be destroyed and Leftists/liberals/soc..sts, whatever they named themselves, are accomplices of Islamic terrorists. Islamists are not human being by nature: they are wild beasts. If we want to survive death penalty must be for any terrorists act. Plus we should learn historical lesson that execution of Islamists must be only thru hang up as in such case they will go to the Hell but not to their 72 guriyas/virgins in paradise.

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    This tamimi pig is who the Israelis are supposed to make peace with. These things (they don't deserve the title of people) should be wiped off the earth.

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    Is Tamini one of those Muslim women we should feel sorry for? If she crosses some kind of line in her behavior or dress and gets murdered in an "honor killing", shall we wring our hands and say how barbaric it is? I have often wondered what goes through the mind of a Muslim woman who devotes so much of her energy on hating Israelis, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. and then finds her own neck on the chopping block.

    This article was incredibly informative. What drives these people is not just the instructions of Mohammed and the Koran. It is the fact that they feel they have been "disgraced" and "humiliated". What an impossibly rigid mentality that is. It makes any sort of freedom or peaceful, organized life impossible. David Pryce-Jones in "The Closed Circle" was totally correct.