We Are Above the Law (So Say the Saudis)

There is immense American public and even governmental support for terrorists and criminals who originate from Saudi Arabia, a country that prides itself on Sharia and moral values.

The irony of the cases we present is that not one of these Saudi nationals sentenced for crimes and even terrorism charges in the United States, is guilty. That is, according to the Saudi government, Arabic media, and Saudi public opinion which we’ve accessed in Arabic.

There are several cases in point. Take the case of one Saudi national Homaidan Al-Turki. He was found guilty and sentenced to 28 years for holding an Indonesian woman as a “sex slave” while living in Colorado. For years, the entire nation, king, princes and populace has been fighting for his release. According to court records in the United States, “once every two weeks, Mr. Al-Turki would go to her room in the basement at night and sexually molest her, including digitally penetrating her and forcing her to perform oral sex on him (Record 19:21- 22, 26, 65, 97, 99, 102; 21:41).”

Al-Turki preferred his victim to be “virgin”. “During the last incident of sexual abuse, which occurred approximately two weeks before Z.A.’s arrest, Mr. Al-Turki, for the first time, had sexual intercourse with Z.A., who was still a virgin (Record 21:44-46).”

Then you have his Saudi national prison mate – Nayef Al-Yousef – whom Homaidan praised as a “consoling friend” who was sentenced to 300 years for the kidnap and murder of another Saudi named Abdul Aziz Al-Koohaji in 2001. What is not known about this crime, which we obtained from Arabic sources, is that his two accomplices in crime – Mash’al Al-Suwaidi and Tareq Dawsari – escaped to Saudi Arabia, obtained a “pardon” through influence in the upper echelons of the Saudi system, and received no prison time. Since there are no extradition treaties between the United States and Saudi Arabia, the United States was out of luck when it came to prosecuting two of the murderers.

Why were these let loose? The way it works is that the families of the victims relinquish their right to prosecute and the charges are dropped, which speaks little for the victim’s rights. Countering that is Al-Ryadh Newspaper, which praises Allah because the two “repented and grew their beards”.

Of course, Al-Yousef’s influential father at the time announced that he was working to get then president Bush to pardon his son and thanked the Saudi leadership for their efforts to release him. But you would never find this level of connections announced in English until the presidential pardon which was requested by the government of Saudi Arabia requested for all the cases and more was leaked through Wikileaks.

In the Middle East it’s called “connections”. In Saudi Arabia, you can commit almost anything if you’re in the right family with the right government ties.

There is a litany of support with song, poetry and media asking to release Al-Yousef.

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Then there is the case for Dr. Nabil Al-Ruwais, a Saudi psychiatrist who was imprisoned for attempting to sexually harass another virgin, a two-year old girl in California. His emails indicated that Al Rowais had previously molested 2 and 10 year-old girls in Saudi Arabia. The man’s conduct – according to investigators – absolutely shocks the conscience.

What is little known about Al-Ruwais in the west – obtained from the Arabic sources – is that Al-Riwais is an accomplished figure. He is of the Ruwais family that rules the region of Yamama in Najd. They take pride in that they pledged allegiance to Muhammad Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism. He is also student of Muhammad Bin Ibrahim, the once Mufti of Saudi Arabia. Nabil is an accomplished Muslim author on Islamic Hadith and Unitarianism who authored a volume on Islamic studies titled “The Harvest of The Times”.

In the case of Al-Turki, the Saudi government collaborates with the families to actually use their connections with president Obama to give pardon to Saudi criminals:

The calls, filming, and other special treatment he gets are bad enough but consider that he is allowed to make videos that are then used to plea for his release on Saudi national television, since he committed no crime in owning a sex slave.

A documentary is even made in his defense; filming is permitted in the prison. “Why should he pay 28 years of his life to hire an Indonesian servant?” says the host (see 1:18-1:36):

In the West, he gets air time on western media and is even allowed by the Muslim community to lead the Iftar since he was free on bond courtesy of the Saudi government:

So important are Saudi criminals that Colorado Attorney General John Suthers traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet the King Abdullah for 3 days regarding the case.

Via CBS 4 in Denver:

“Attorney General John Suthers returned from Saudi Arabia this weekend following a 3-day trip to discuss the trial of a man convicted by a Colorado court.”

At his sentencing, Al-Turki said the following, via the New York Sun:

“Your honor, I am not here to apologize, for I cannot apologize for things I did not do and for crimes I did not commit. The state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.”

Then you have Prince Khalid Bin Talal visiting his family and even receiving calls from the prison cell in which the prince assured him that he will get him released soon.

Apparently unknown in the West is an announcement by Homaidan’s brother Ahmad Al-Turki, that the prison in Clorado has “agreed to do a prisoner exchange”.

The public sentiment in Saudi Arabia in support for Al-Turki goes hand-in-hand with their support for Khalid Dawsari, a terrorist. Few in the West understand or even study the link between terrorism and Familial Ties.

The story of Ali-M Aldawsari, the Muslim terrorist who was just convicted for acquiring weapons of mass destruction and wanted to fulfill this al-Qaeda commandment to murder former President George W. Bush, should be taken much more seriously than to think of him as a lone-terrorist Unabomber. Where Americans have failed in a major way is to fully analyze terrorism and familial ties. Entering the Islamist pack mentality might help them understand this phenomenon. This is not like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, whose brother David Kaczynski finally turned him in.

Whether before the conviction of Khalid Aldawsari or after the guilty verdict was passed, nothing changed relative to the Muslim-supporting views of Aldawsari. Only 3 out of 71 comments by Saudis in USA who deleted the comments we captured. One who wasn’t Saudi got attacked by the rest for stating “justice was done”. The comments by almost everyone openly supported Aldawsari and prayed for his soon release. To the majority of Saudis, loyalty comes before justice and lying in unison is a ‘modus operandi’.

Saudis in the USA indeed.

For example, Imam Samer al-Tabaa of the Islamic Center of South Plains acted surprised as he stated to The Lubbock Avalanche Journal his first lie “no one in the Saudi Community seemed to know Aldawsari”, feeding into the circulating myth that Muslim terrorists are lone wolves and isolated Unabombers. “Dawsari is an alien to Islam … he is an enemy to humanity” he said.

Aldawsari had friends: “my friends Rayif and A. Al-Ghamdi” he wrote in his journal. The irresponsible journalist from the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, Irie Price, failed to even remind Tabaa that Sheikh Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti – who ran the Islamic Center of South Plains before him – recruited Muslims to join Hamas. Will Tabaa say that El-Shinqiti was a UnaJihadist “alien to Islam” and an “enemy to humanity”?

Terrorism is interlinked with familial ties. Take clan “Ghamdi”, for example. It once responded to questions that circulate the Middle East: “Why does the Ghamdi clan produce so many terrorists?” “Is the Ghamdi clan the spring of terrorism?” people asked. The Clan Ghamdi, on its official website Ghamid.com, proudly responded with a long martyrs list entitled, “Ghamdis the Mujahideen”, priding themselves on having given up two of their young men (#3 Ahmed Ghamdi and #4 Hamza Saleh Ghamdi) to martyrdom when they destroyed the South Tower in Manhattan on 9/11.

They are listed as “martyrs” and “heroes” with comments like “definitely, sons to be proud of”. The Ghamdi martyrs list is too long to list them all here, but perhaps we can include a few from the al-Qaeda martyrs list of the Muslim fallen in Afghanistan at the hands of the “American Crusaders”; #25 is Abdul-Rahman Ghamdi and #61 is Saeed Ghamdi and #134, Abu Zubayr Ghamdi. It even includes a relative of Khalid Aldawsari #130 Faisal Aldawsari killed in Torah Bora while serving Al-Qaeda. Another Ghamdi (Sa’d al-Ghamdi) even sings for al-Qaeda:

Americans will never find the Kaczynski Clan’s official website supporting terrorism. The parents of the Ghamdis who participated in 9/11 were proud of him. Countless Muslim websites describe them as “the lions of Manhattan. May Allah house them in paradise”.

Khalid, Bush’s intended killer, was not a lone wolf. He was backed by an entire system – the wealthy and powerful Aldawsari clan – including the powerful Sheik Saud Bin Mut’ab, who hosted a support group for the terrorist, defending him publicly while funding his legal team.

Just translate “We are all Khalid Dawsari” to Arabic and see just how much support the terrorist gets. The Aldawsari clan’s main website (alduwasser.net) keeps track of everything that goes with every comment in support of the terrorist linking to other supporting groups.

There are several “Aldawsari” troublemakers. Mohammad al-Wada’ani Aldawsari openly calls for the removal of the Saudi kingdom and Khalid Aldawsari does not mind using his enemies’ help stating (see page 10) that he was admitted into the United States via what he termed “the traitor of the two holy places”. This would be the King of Saudi Arabia himself, which sends his students to the United States, Aldawsari’s favorite target.

Another Aldawsari, the Saudi poet and well-known preacher Hafiz bin ‘Ajab Aldawsari, who on March 14, 2012, devoted a sermon to Filiz Gelowicz, an imprisoned German jihad supporter and wife of Fritz Gelowicz, a German convert from the “Sauerland Cell,” which allegedly plotted attacks in Germany on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union in 2007. Hafiz Aldawsari urged Muslims to come to her aid – with donations and weapons – stating that freeing Muslim prisoners held by the “infidels” is a supreme religious duty.

Both Aldawsari clan as well as Ghamdi clan official websites openly supports terrorism. The support for Mohammad al-Wada’ani Aldawsari is in the open while firing machine guns. You can even watch Aldawsari clan’s love of fireworks, clansmen style using AK47s day [here] or night [here] or even communicating with each other on lonely nights, right from their courtyards [here] as it was Morse code. Songs and poetry are dedicated to Khalid Aldawsari.

Several operations involving weapons of mass destruction were thwarted in the U.S. Unfortunately, all it takes is one to succeed.

Attempting to murder a United States President (Bush) while demanding pardon from another (Obama) should be a top serious concern, not only to Homeland Security, but to all of us.

Saudis should never be above the law.

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  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    This is what happens when administration officials, past and present, have DEEP ties to Saudi interests, as well as to assorted Islamist countries, even to Iran – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/22/what-happens-

    Evidenced herein too, re Chucky boy Hagel – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/26/chuck-hagels-

    Most intrinsically, the Chuckster shilled for the mullahs through Iran's tentacled lobbying groups. Yes, he did.

    As to John Brennan – oh my G-d – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/11/john-brennan-

    Don't get me started on the POTUS….but to be fair, Bush hearted the Saudis too!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

    • defcon 4

      Israel seems to have problems w/releasing islamofascist terrorists as well. Sometimes in controversial deals.

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    behold I show thee a mystery:lo I lifted up my eyes and I saw in the first heaven satan high and lifted up a his face was half human and half animal and he had a great crown on his head and in the mist of the crown I saw a crescent moon and a bright star and I shuddered.

  • JacksonPearson

    We're being brainwashed and dumbed down…Why?
    Because when we lie to the government, it's a felony, but;
    when the government lies to us, it's good politics.

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    behold I was looking in the sea of the desert and lo I seen him the Assyrian and I marveled,then I was troubled.he looks like jesus,from the tribe of Ephraim because he was full of the waters of sihor,and he spoke dark things with great power and he worked miracle.just like jesus.but I marveled at the things he was saying and he was deceiving the world.and he spoke hard words against the lord of hoist.

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    Mr.Shoebat I am elishawah@gmail.com

  • apran

    Obama was raised in Indonesia, but he doesn't seem to care about the Indonesian "slave". Why should he, because no muslims care about the Indonesian people.

    • defcon 4

      Good point, but then again, the Indonesian government doesn't seem to care either. Maybe this maid was Indonesian, but not muslim…

  • Mutantone

    Just how was the poor lady held and abused against her will not Kidnapping?

    • Mary Sue

      because of Magical Saudi Diplomatic Impunity.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've got a question. Why do the Saudis get so upset over people like the guy who held an Indonesian sex slave. This guys deserves to rot in prison.

    • Mary Sue

      because they don't like that people actually think that stuff is not only wrong, but egad, people should be PUNISHED for such behavior! Oh the nerve of Western Civ! [/sarc]

  • jakespoon

    Really gettin' tired of these a-holes. The pedophile psychiatrist's family rules a province called "Yamama".

  • defcon 4

    If anything clearly delineates how rotten and corrupt the US judicial system is WRT Saudi Arabia it's this article. The treatment of these Saudi inmates is reminiscent of how mafia dons were formerly treated, but is even more egregious (i.e. allowing inmates access to broadcast quality video equipment). I'm surprised no law enforcement agencies or news networks have investigated this kind of corruption, but maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all. Thank you Mr. Shoebat. BTW, Mr. Shoebat your presentation at Pamela Geller's Summer Night for Human Rights event was riveting and informative.

  • scum

    Two Reasons: Bush … and … Bush

  • slider 96

    Oh , C'mon Walid ! Surely you have a tougher question than that ! Everyone knows WHY – OIL !
    Why was a Saudi Airliner on 9/11 allowed to leave the US after ALL flights were grounded ?

  • john in cheshire

    We used to rule this scum with the boot and swagger stick and now you know why. Once the communists have experienced ethnic enrichment for themselves, perhaps they'll actually appreciate why the civilised world adopts a sensible attitude towards the great unwashed. If not, then they'll perish in their own fantasy world, and good riddance.