Better to Be Wrong Than Right?

isaiah_isaiahHow many pages of print need be devoted to an event that amounts to no more than a small footnote, if that, in the history of British academic life? In the case of the dueling protagonists of Isaac & Isaiah, a new book by the British historian and novelist David Caute, the unfortunate answer is: quite a few. Luckily, there is much else of inadvertent interest in the story Caute tells.

Both Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) and Isaac Deutscher (1907-1967) were born to Jewish parents in Eastern Europe, but otherwise they had little in common. Berlin, who arrived in England as a schoolboy, eventually became a central and much celebrated figure of the British intellectual and academic establishment and was knighted in 1957. Deutscher, who arrived in his thirties, established himself within a few years as a well-known biographer and political commentator and a self-proclaimed exemplar of the human type known as the “non-Jewish Jew,” a term he may have coined.

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  • Johnnnyboy

    Non religious Jew would be a more descriptive term.

    • Larry Larkin

      Bloody idiot is an even better description. That whole field of marxist apologists for Stalin, worshippers of Lenin, idolizers of Trotsky, are, and should be treated as, exactly what Lenin called them, idiots.

  • Seek

    David Horowitz back during the Sixties during his England stay actually knew Isaac Deutscher. It makes for fascination reading.