Ghetto Pathologies, Personal Responsibility and Wishful Thinking

YingMaCover-full_5x8.inddIn April, two black teenagers punched a Chinese immigrant, 59-year-old Tian Sheng Yu, in the mouth in downtown Oakland, California. He fell on his head, spent the next few days in critical care, and subsequently died. In late March, five black teenagers surrounded a 57-year-old Asian woman at a light rail bus stop in San Francisco; one of them grabbed her and threw her from the platform onto the rails before beating her. In January, black teenagers kicked and beat 83-year-old Huan Chen after he got off the same bus stop. He, too, died from his injuries.

Some of the perpetrators demanded money before they ran off laughing. Others, however, acted for no apparent reason aside from the satisfaction of perpetrating a beating.

After Mr. Tian Sheng Yu was attacked and killed in Oakland, his widow appeared on television with her eyes swollen, bravely trying to speak about her loss. Justice, she told reporters in Mandarin, would prevail if what happened to her family did not ever happen to anyone else. Days after her husband’s death, Mrs. Yu visited the congregation of a large black church in Oakland and said to the members in broken English, “We are one family.”

Soon thereafter, President Barack Obama conveyed his and Mrs. Obama’s thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Yu, and remarked on the “incredible grace and dignity” with which she dealt with the entire situation. It was an incredible moment: America’s first black president addressing the reality and tragedy of rampant black crime and acknowledging the suffering of its victims.

Unfortunately, this moment did not happen. It was all wishful thinking.

The black-on-Asian crimes described here are real—as real as they are grotesque. They took place in 2010, and many others similar to them have followed. Obama’s praise and prayers were also delivered, but not to Mrs. Yu or the families of the other Asian victims.

Instead, Obama made his remarks to the family of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager in Florida who was shot and killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The President appeared at last Friday’s White House Press Briefing to offer impromptu comments on the “not guilty” verdict rendered in Zimmerman’s criminal trial the previous weekend, and to teach the country about why black people felt angry in its aftermath.

Race did not surface as an issue during Zimmerman’s trial. The jury did not take race into consideration in their deliberations. The FBI conducted an investigation after the shooting last year and concluded that Zimmerman was not a racist.

Yet the President told the country that race was what this case was all about: Barack Obama could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago.

Yet race was a prism through which the President, self-appointed minority leaders and white liberals have adamantly refused to view crimes committed by black people against other racial groups.

After the incidents of black-on-Asian violence in 2010, an uncomfortable question stared everyone in the face: What role had racism played? Obama was silent. Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton staged no protests and made no comments. Most in the mainstream media looked away. Local officials and the local media in the Bay Area bent over backwards to deny or discount the issue of race. Former San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell eagerly labeled the attackers as mere thugs who targeted the “weak and vulnerable,” while San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon insisted that the attacks against Asians were mere “crimes of opportunity,” not incidents of racial targeting.

Never mind that certain reformed black criminals openly acknowledged and described in detail their racial profiling of potential Asian targets for robberies and other crimes. Never mind that Asians living in urban America, especially recent immigrants who speak relatively little English, regularly stand at the receiving end of racial epithets and racially inspired, senseless beatings from black teenagers.

The President or black civil rights leaders could have exhorted black teenagers to do better, to reject the ghetto pathologies that lead them to inflict racial hatred and violence on others. This, too, was wishful thinking.

They prefer to talk about the victimization of black people, their grief, their history—and all that inspires them to protest or riot over a verdict they did not like, even though it resulted from a demonstrably fair trial.

“There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store,” President Obama explained to the country on Friday, “That includes me.”

There are very few African-Americans who haven’t had the experience of being victims of black crime either. As Fox News has reported, although they make up 13 percent of the population, blacks committed more than half of the murders in the United States between 1976 and 2005, and 93 percent of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. None of their deaths merited an individual impromptu session of presidential preaching by Mr. Obama.

“Now, this isn’t to say that the African-American community is naive about the fact that African-American young men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system, that they are disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence,” Obama acknowledged the inescapable facts of reality. “It’s not to make excuses for that fact, although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context.”

Yet excuses were proffered. The President, along with the Martin family, civil rights leaders and liberal pundits, has accused George Zimmerman of following and racially profiling Trayvon Martin because he was a black teenager wearing a hoodie. The neighborhood watchman’s defense–that Martin appeared suspicious as a stranger in Zimmerman’s neighborhood—fell on deaf ears.

More importantly, the President and his soul mates of racial victimization have refused to say one word about the violence, bravado and self-destructiveness that would lead a black teenager to break someone’s nose and beat him senseless, as Martin did with Zimmerman. Nor has the President been willing to contemplate aloud if elements of urban black culture that glorifies violent confrontations have led young Trayvon and far too many other black teenagers astray.

“If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family,” Obama continued in his national lecture for white people.

By then, violence had already broken out in Los Angeles, Oakland and elsewhere. It had already dishonored the Martin family and the country.

In Oakland, protestors blocked traffic on a freeway, smashed windows in downtown retail shops, slashed car tires and set a police car ablaze. One masked protester hit a waiter at a restaurant in the face with a hammer.

Addressing such violence would have required that the President reprimand hoodlums and thugs for their behavior. He declined to do so.

Yet each time that urban riots break out in the name of racial or social justice, small business owners, many of whom minorities themselves, are hurt the most. Each time, they must clean up the shattered windows, replace the damaged or looted merchandise and bear the financial cost of lost business.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, the owner of one retail shop in downtown Oakland wanted to know: “Do you know why there weren’t any police?”

She was a victim of the lawlessness that results from racial grievance. Stories like hers are inconvenient to the President and the racial grievance industry. So they ignore them.

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, much has been said about Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s then girlfriend. She took the witness stand during the Zimmerman trial and presented a shining example of the shameful ghetto-ization of America’s black youth: she could not speak English properly, had an extremely bad attitude and was unable to show a semblance of respect in the court of law. When one white juror subsequently revealed that she did not find Jeantel to be a credible witness, the Martin family, its lawyers and numerous others yelled racism.

Black civil rights leaders could have said that being black should not be synonymous with speaking English poorly and disrespecting others and yourself. White liberals, like CNN’s Piers Morgan, could have taken a pass on pandering to Rachel Jeantel. Both scenarios were wishful thinking.

The sad reality is that hate, self-loathing and self-destruction grow when a people have been wronged by history and when an individual believes he will be no exception. That dysfunction is exhibited when an individual feels entitled to commit racial violence against other ethnicities, such as Asian immigrants. It is exhibited when a teenager punches a stranger and beats him senseless, perhaps believing that his manhood demands it. It is exhibited when another teenager proudly flaunts her failure to speak proper English and her eagerness to disrespect the courtroom.

White liberals and black leaders alike do these individuals no favors when they look away from their racial hatred, excuse their proclivities for violence or delight in their bad attitudes. The President of the United States does them no favors when he shares their grief and their historical anguish but says nothing about their need to do better themselves.

No one can bring back Trayvon Martin. No one can bring back Mr. Tian Sheng Yu or Mr. Huan Chen either. However, law enforcement can find ways to better protect innocent minority business owners or law abiding citizens from the lawless outrage of rioters clamoring for social or racial justice. Rachel Jeantel can still learn to speak English properly. America can still look the black community in the eye, respect its historical anguish and demand more personal responsibility.

The President has shown himself not to be up for the task. Yet perhaps the rest of America still could be, and perhaps that will not just be another instance of wishful thinking.

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  • ReyR

    Last year, a conflagration destroyed a building in central Russia, and although the rescuers arrived soon and did their best, scores died, because the doors were locked and barred from the outside. Those who burned alive were illegal immigrants, mostly Vietnamese, and most of them women; the business was owned by Muslim slave drivers, naturally.
    In Nigeria years ago, I saw suicidal and homicidal riots. When I asked, nobody was able to explain why they started. When violence started, it just burned out.
    I have never seen the inside of a ghetto in America, but I’ll never grasp how blacks can get along with civilized hard-working Chinese immigrants. And again, apparently, only blacks and Muslims qualify as victims of discrimination, other Asians, let alone Caucasians, are not eligible.
    When I was young, they taught us that race and religion was not an issue, that it was the individual that really mattered. It was painful to realize that it was just another official lie, and that pathological violence and fascistic views are simply endemic in some ethnic groups. Brought up to be an open-hearted internationalist, I have evolved towards different views, aware now that many blacks, and all Muslims and all liberals are enemies of all culture and civilization, be it in the West or in Russia or in China. I think I’m not alone.

  • Black Racism

    The lame stream media wants you to think that black racism is the good kind of hate (as our national executive leadership seems to)

  • Chez

    Ying Ma is an incredible woman.

  • Clare Spark

    Ying Ma is correct: there are fascist tendencies in the black power philosophy. See “Index to black power blogs.”

    • Boots

      Thank you for bringing up Ying Ma. If you haven’t read her book “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” you should. And another observation… the black violence issue isn’t really about race. It’s about liberal policy that has destroyed the family unit… most profoundly in the black community. Liberals want to destroy the family so that there are more people dependent on the government. At some point the same ills will hit other races if we can’t figure out how to stop the high out of wedlock birth rates. Liberals love the poor which I’m guessing is why the promote policies creating so many more poor.

      • cheechakos

        Liberals love the poor because they are a product of democratic government and they can totally control them.

        Just threaten to cut off their 83 entitlement programs and they fall back in line.

        • Boots

          No poor to convince that conservatives are evil and no power for liberals… and this really isn’t about fixing problems for the left. It is about power and control.

    • hpe reader

      Exactly Clare, What Blacks are protesting for is that we throw away the rule of law and go after Zimmerman like a lynch mob. In other words, they are demanding the same type of behavior that they were marching in protest over to begin with.
      What this really exposes is the alarming level of ignorance in the general Black community. They are like sheep that can be moved around like pieces on a chess board and even obvious charlatans like Al Sharpton can make them roll over and perform. A scary situation.

      • Moto

        If the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair played out today and the only facts that changed were the races of the actors in it,the blacks would support George Zimmerman with the same zeal that they now show in persecuting him.

        The way they determine if a wrong was committed is if a non-black is present. If a non-black and a black are both present, the non-black is always wronging the black no matter what he’s doing in their social/legal/cultural theory.

        It really is as simple as “all whites are guilty of something (we’ll figure it out and get back to you) and all blacks are innocent of EVERYthing (to he11 with your racist facts!).

  • sashamanda

    Sadly, Asians vote overwhelmingly for liberal politicians who continue to excuse — and even encourage — bad behavior by blacks.

    • hpe reader

      Let’s face it sash, when Blacks continue to claim that they are a helpless bunch of inferiors in constant need of special benefits in life, the rest of society begins to believe them after a while.

      • sashamanda

        Too true. But, if we are talking about personal responsibility, then we should include taking responsibility for our voting behavior.

      • ReyR

        Add in the Muslims and lots of other career crybabies, and you get a “white man’s burden” Kipling could never imagine. I wonder what proportion of the population really works to feed all those hungry hyenas…

    • Fritz

      In part that is the failure of conservatives in general and the Republican party in particular in the U.S. Instead of trying to cozy up to Hispanics with garbage like amnesties for illegal immigrants, they should be working at connecting with Chinese, Korean, and East Indian immigrants that actually share some values with. This is something that the Conservative Party in Canada has done very well with, connecting with immigrant communities, dealing with real issues, and getting them involved as partners in the movement. By and large most immigrants of Asian background are not only socially conservative but entrepreneurial as well.

      • Dorton

        On target.

  • hpe reader

    The relevant point here is that the Black community sees no problem with Trayvon’s behavior and Jeantel’s ignorant defiance, although both are the reason for their respective fates in life.
    A word to the wise: 13% of the population becomes even less meaningful when that 13% considers EVERYONE ELSE as part of the group that is out to get them..if you catch my drift.

    • krinks

      It goes hand in hand with a quote on crime I read not long ago. In New York City blacks and Hispanics commit 95% of all crime. It was the first thing I thought of with the way blacks were quick to say Martin’s act of aggressive violence was not wrong. A bunch of criminals and criminal apologists is what they seem to be.

      • hpe reader

        I’d say things are exactly as they seem.

  • BlakScum

    GOOD NI^^ER—-DEAD NI^^ER!!!!!!

    • glpage

      Please take your racist a$$ elsewhere.

      • JoJoJams

        It’s a liberal plant. They do that stuff on occasion, trolling conservatives sites and posting their garbage, so that they can then copy/paste it to their loony left sites and say, “See how racist these tea baggers are!” Pathetic no matter how you slice it.

        • glpage

          What is really sad is that he probably is just about as racist as he wants us to believe even though he is more than likely a leftist troll.

      • bjedwards

        Don’t blame him. The liberals created him. Blame the liberals and the black community which has engendered his response to their stimuli.

        • Moto

          It’s true.

          No one would be talking like this in America if it were possible to openly discuss the truth. Liberals and black race-hustlers have created,both intentionally (through race crime hoaxing) and accidentally (through opposition to things like stand your ground laws),racist foes for them to “save us” from.

          I would prefer a sober look at the facts, but that’s impossible when you have leftist lunatics screaming like babies and throwing a tantrum at people like Jason Richwine,et al. The commentary of BlakScum will do until that sober conversation gets here, as the appropriate response to an irrational bigoted screed from a left wing fundie is an irrational bigoted screed from the opposing viewpoint. If enough speak out as BlakScum has, then eventually, the left wing babies will beg for that sober look at the facts that I’d prefer.

          We’re making a mistake in trying to suppress commentary from people like BlakScum,as the historical record of failure in doing so will attest. What we should do is drown the noisy leftist agitators in people just like BlakScum. Once they see real racism, it will be pretty hard to continue to assert that mainstream conservatism is racist.

          And that’s the only thing that can do that. Nothing is as edifying as personal experience, especially not to our opponents.

  • bjedwards

    Obama is a racist and American Blacks have a serious cultural problem with violence and racial hatred against others that is endemic within their community.

  • sacreole

    One unfortunate outcome of the U.S. Civil Rights movement is that it failed to transition into “Civil Responsibilities” movement and instead evolved into a race entitlement and grievance racket.

  • pupsncats

    The ugly reality is black racism against whites is the norm today. And black skin privilege has replaced white skin privilege. Yes, racism is alive and well in America has reverse discrimination is the norm.

  • Fred

    I have had many conversations with poor English speakers in Hawaii, where the common form of speech is a patios called “pidgin”, otherwise known as “da kine”. There, it is considered backward (and racist) to not acknowledge pidgin as a valid form of English, and little effort is taken in the public classrooms to teach proper English because most of the teachers are themselves pidgin speakers, with a feeling of Hawaiian pride in their own way of talking, and a belief that most of the students will stay in Hawaii if at all possible – so no need da haoli kine English.
    Rachael Jeantel is horribly ignorant of most things of this world. She can’t read or write and I saw she was quite easily confused by questions. But I have no doubt that she has pride in herself. Every student in America is subjected to a regime of pride-instilling dogma regardless of their failure to learn. In Jeantel’s case that failure and her ignorance are epic, but no doubt her self image is OK. Her sneers at the court were enough to show that. She is above showing respect for the justice system. Her contempt was pretty open. She surely feels (I will give her credit for “feelings” but I think an “opinion” is beyond her cognitive skills) that “the justice system” is an oxymoron (though she would sneer in confusion at the word). Deeply entrenched in the ideology of victimization and failure, she almost certainly believes that the whole system, and the whole country, and all its institutions are racist by design and only exist to serve the interests of racist “crackers” (which in no way, despite decades of use as a racial slur, is a racial slur).
    Trayvon Martin was a young black hood who liked a good fight and good weed. George Zimmerman is a pathetic cop-wanna-be who couldn’t whip his mama, who went beyond his pay grade (of 0), got the worst of a tough kid late at night in the rain, and shot the kid dead. It is tragic, and none of it needed to happen. But I hope more comes out about the truth of who Trayvon was, and not this black Beaver Cleaver the press has been selling us. And I hope Zimmerman gets $100,000,000 from NBC, who should be fined $100,000,000 by the FCC. Doesn’t anybody care that NBC, with their billions, and command of our air waves, attempted to railroad a citizen to life imprisonment by editing a 911 call to portray him as a racist predator?
    (I also hope that the revolting Rev. Al Sharpton wakes up one morning soon to find that his new “personal stylist” is a fat, stupid slug named Rachael).

    • tomhayward

      I gotcha, until the slam on Zimmerman. He was a “wannabe cop” because he was tired of crime in the neighborhood? He didn’t go after the kid with a gun, he questioned him and was firm about it. On his way back to his car he was jumped and beaten. There’s a good chance that if I jumped on YOU and started pounded you, you might go down hard as well. Does that make you “someone who couldn’t beat his mama”?

      Oh, and because you must have been asleep during the details coming out, Zimmerman shot him not because he was getting beat, but because Martin told him he was going to kill him, and went for his gun.

      This was anything but a tragedy. If you want to look for something tragic, look at the upbringing of this thug by his stupid, grandstanding parents. What a job they did.

      If this is a tragedy, I would love to see more of this kind of tragedy. The bad guy will never assault anyone again.

  • AlexanderGofen

    “Law enforcement can find ways to better protect innocent minority business owners”. However the grotesque part of it is that the entire non-black America – i.e. the great majority! – now is in a need of protection from unruly black mobs. How come that the sane majority of this nation found itself in a position of crying beaten wife, exactly according to the prophesy of Ufland in 1958, who wrote this poem below. America must learn it by heart.

    America is changing rapidly.
    The Negroes are gaining power
    And soon the famous Lady Liberty
    Will be repainted in black powder.

    Then “disadvantaged” and the poor ones
    Will mock the millionaires blatantly
    While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
    Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.

    They will respect the Negroes dearly
    And glorify the blackest fellow,
    And Whiteys, walking with humility,
    Will bow first to every Negro.

  • Chiral

    Most all my Korean friends think Obama is grand but have no idea why. And most all my Korean friends are civil servants who vote with their union dues and get their politics from a union newsletters.

  • Ellman48

    “It’s not to make excuses for that fact, although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context.”

    Obama is a man who talks out of both sides of his mouth unceasingly! And, what the hell does “interpret the reasons for that in a historical context” mean? I take it to be a disguised way of saying “but the white racists make us do these things”. So Asian “racists” are responsible for black attacks on them? Or are black racists responsible for attacks on Asians? But that’s impossible you say! Being black and being racist are an oxymoron. Only whites can be racists! How about the African Muslims who sold black Africans into slavery? Were they racists also? Or were the sellers of slaves exempt from racism while only the buyers were guilty of it?

  • Ellman48

    “Yet each time that urban riots break out in the name of racial or social
    justice, small business owners, many of whom minorities themselves, are
    hurt the most. Each time, they must clean up the shattered windows,
    replace the damaged or looted merchandise and bear the financial cost of
    lost business.”

    Of course, Keynesian progressives believe such destruction is good for the economy, so the more destruction, the more recovery. The same is apparently not true of wars because wars are caused by white men.

  • tomhayward

    I would like someone from the “black community”, whatever that is, to explain something to me.

    All I hear is about how “they” suffered from slavery. Really? 100 years ago? Then I hear about the “anguish” of hearing car doors lock when they approach a car, or people avoiding them in the street.

    Well, as the article indicates, blacks commit most of the murders in the country, and make up a small part of the population. They are almost exclusively responsible for “flash mob” violence, a fact that our wonderful media never mentions but you can see clearly from video.

    For those paying attention, 5 blacks committed likely one of this country’s absolutely most heinous crimes, against a beautiful white couple, which involved kidnapping, rape, rape with furniture pieces, torture, shootings, and the victims being burned to death. Look up Knoxville murders of Newsom and Christian. Oh, and yeah, never got any news coverage outside of Knoxville. No one complaining about racism, profiling, or innocent lives lost on that one.

    Tell you what, I’ll continue to blame blacks quite openly for the problems they bring to society, and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to protect myself and my family; if that means avoiding these people, so be it.

    Don’t like it? Go pound sand.

    • mickeymat

      Correction:suffered from slavery 150 years ago.

      • cheechakos

        According to the premier African American genealogist only 600,000 Africans were brought here.
        Over 2 million whites entered the US as slaves.Events such as the Orphan Trains created more white slaves.
        Black slavery ended in 1865,white ended in 1920.
        All races in the US owned slaves. Indians took theirs with them on the Trail of Tears.
        Slavery is not a reason for violence ,it is an excuse

        • Moto

          Exactly. My ancestors entered this country as slaves and they were white. They fought in the American Revolution to liberate this country from the British, were damn grateful for their opportunities, and never breathed a word about any reparations.

          I could legitimately blame “the ugly scar of slavery” for any problems I encountered, with more authenticity and justification than the majority of blacks in this country,but I don’t. Maybe that’s why I’m not on welfare or slinging crack rocks for a living,just saying.

        • nacho

          white slave traders could not go past their coastal cities because of Malaria. Quinine wasn’t invented till the 1860’s. Rival black tribes fought each other and sold their captives into slavery in exchange for guns so they could repeat the cycle (slave/gun cycle). I was lucky to lern about it in history class but there’s no way in hell they’d teach that now. Until blacks take responsibility for selling their own into slavery (which will never happen) and take a serious look at their self destructive behavior they will continue circling the drain.

        • John Magee

          Let’s not forget the Muslim Barbary Pirates who roamed the coasts of Europe raiding villages for white slaves from Italy and Spain all the way north as far as Cornwall in England and the east coast of Ireland. They even got as far north as Iceland. From the late 1400’s until they were eventually stopped by our Marines in the first decade of the 1800’s it’s estimated these Corsairs (the Barbary Pirates) captured as many as 3 million slaves who they brought back to North Africa and sold as slaves. Some ended up as far away as Persia. This is not mentioned in today’s PC history books in our public school or on History Channel documentaries which concentrate on UFO’s and pawn shop stars as “history”.

    • frankstclair

      You know, no one gives a rat’s behind that I spent my teen years on the hood of various cop cars, women cross the street when I walk down it, they grab their purses, etc, and jump off elevators when I get on it. I’m a man, and I had to get used to that kind of thing. Oh yeah, I’m white.

  • frankstclair

    No one wants to admit that black thugs are targeting people by race and ethnicity. Jews, whites and Asians have been targeted by groups of blacks. Bash mobs and the “Knock Out Game” are common, but the news reports these crimes as assaults by “youths,” rarely identifying the perps by race, or linking patterns of crimes. Often they are not reported at all, or suppressed, as with the case of the two DC reporters assaulted last year. Fear of being called a racist is preventing us from self-defense, as are foolish gun control laws. Oddly enough, many of these incidents do not occur in areas where the concealed carry of firearms is common.

  • Dee Win

    barry and eric ave given the green light to all the bruthuhs,that it’s time to get even for slavery and jim crow.

  • Fritz

    I hate to say this but the only way for members of the Asian communities to deal with this is to exercise their second amendment rights, buy a gun and learn how to use it. When mobs of teenagers start behaving like animals, like packs of wolves, there is nothing you can do in the short term but use the threat of violence as a deterrent, you can’t reason with an animal. It may sound callous but it would take a decade or more to turn this around by fixing public schools, or rebuilding black families, or communities, and we all live in the here and now.

  • Creepy as a cracker!

    I would rather be the only White person in an all Asian neighborhood then to be a White in a neighborhood that was 10% black. Blacks are violent, filthy, disgusting, lazy perverts that destroy everything they come in contact with. Asian are productive, clean, industrious, law abiding people. Asians & Whites are civilized, blacks are not.

    • Spyderman

      You generalize. I know many blacks who have contributed immeasurably to society. You obviously don’t know about Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, and other blacks such as Thomas Sowell. I think you owe people like them an apology. Also, not all “Asians and Whites” are “civilized.” You fail to include Asian gangs and white gangs and other people who in my opinion are nothing more than white trash.

  • Spyderman

    The reality is that the Asian culture has encouraged young Asians that education and personal accomplishments in life are paramount. The Black culture tends to denigrate real accomplishment. Note that I used the word “tend,” since not all Blacks have fallen into the trap that has become too often the lot of single-parent families, with no father present to mete out discipline while generally accepting the role of fatherhood to the young sons they have sired. Loss of a cohesive family life can be traced right back to utopian liberal programs that were fostered, encouraged and happily administered by our own federal government.

    We have created an entire group of people who are now dependent upon government handouts in the form of food stamps, welfare and HUD-sponsored housing projects that have by-and-large become drug-infested ghettos. It will take decades to turn things around. Asians, on the other hand, have never felt the need to rely on others; certain young blacks resent this show of independence and as a result have no problem expressing their rage, and they have no fathers around to set limits or to provide examples of what it takes to become productive and positive members of society.