Georgetown Panel Sides with Muslim Brotherhood

Andrew E. Harrod is a freelance researcher and writer who holds a PhD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a JD from George Washington University Law School. He is a fellow with the Lawfare Project, an organization combating the misuse of human rights law against Western societies. You may follow Harrod on twitter at @AEHarrod.

jkEgyptians are “literally split in half” on President Mohammed Morsi’s 2013 downfall, former Obama Administration adviser Dahlia Mogahed stated recently in citing polling data at Georgetown University.  Yet the pro-Muslim Brotherhood (MB) bias of the January 29, 2014, conference at which Mogahed spoke did little justice to the “deep division” facing Egypt, notwithstanding her calls for “pluralism” to overcome the country’s “huge polarization.”

Mogahed addressed the day-long conference “Egypt & the Struggle for Democracy” presented by Georgetown’s Prince Awaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU).  Originally scheduled for December 5, 2013, the conference made headlines even before opening.  Ramy Jan, one of the rare Egyptian Christians opposing Morsi’s removal, lost his ACMCU conference invitation after his past involvement in Egypt’s neo-Nazi party became known.

Conference participants universally mourned a “new born democracy …assassinated” in Egypt before completing a necessary “trial and error” process, as described by activist Nahla Nasser of Egyptians Abroad for Democracy (EAD).  A late conference addition, Nasser described visiting Rabia al-Adawiya Square before its bloody clearing by Egyptian forces on August 14, 2013.  Nasser found the pro-MB demonstrators there to be the “most respectful people I have ever met in my entire life.”

Making the questionable assertion that revolutionary change is “often from bad to good,” Middle East scholars like Maryam Jamshidi praised a post-Hosni Mubarak “burgeoning of the public square.”  Dalia Fahmy saw emerging during this time “political pluralism within political Islam.”  The MB-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) “ultimately played by the rules of the game,” Maha Azzam said, only to have the Egyptian military stop the “emergence of moderate Islamist parties.”

Under Morsi, “democracy mattered to” Egypt’s common people for the first time, assessed law professor Mohammed Fadel.  Egyptians “lived a very good year” under Morsi because of a “sense of belonging” after democracy replaced dictatorship, concurred Abdel Mawgoud al-Dardery.  “We were sure that our votes meant a lot,” the former Egyptian FJP parliamentarian said.  Egyptians should “respect the process and not change the rules of the game” in contrast to the military overthrow of Morsi, the self-proclaimed supporter of sharia argued.

By comparison, the Georgetown panelists only saw no justification for the military’s intervention against Morsi.  Egyptian security institutions’ “vested interests” in matters such as state-owned businesses were the explanation for Morsi’s deposing given by Wael Haddara, a former Morsi adviser.  The Egyptian military expressed an attitude of Egypt “returned to its proper owners,” the former MB youth leader Mohamed Abbas stated via translation by ACMCU faculty member Jonathan Brown.

“Hysterical coverage” in the media was a significant cause of Morsi’s downfall, according to the Egyptian media scholar Mohamad Elmasry. “Many journalists perceive themselves to be activists” in Egypt, Elmasry criticized.  That “Morsi was fundamentally incompetent” and was “Brotherhoodizing the state” in the name of a “mini-caliphate” were common media themes during Morsi’s presidency described as “myth” by Elmasry.  Although Egypt’s “state-run press” is “historically a mouthpiece of the government,” under Morsi this press was “not the typical mouthpiece.”  While 81% of Al Ahram articles in 2008 were favorable to Mubarak, they were mostly neutral to Morsi when in power, according to Elmasry’s coding.

Morsi’s overthrow, meanwhile, resulted in returning “military rule with a vengeance,” according to Azzam.  While “power was defuse” under Morsi, according to Jamshidi, now it was “concentrated” again under the new post-Morsi constitution approved in a January 14-15, 2014, referendum.  This constitution strengthened “already powerful” state institutions and a “custodial status” to the military in particular, complained Fahmy.  After an expected presidential elections sweep, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the officer who brought down Morsi, will influence parliamentary elections and create a “rubber stamp” legislature helpless against the constitution’s executive predominance.

An “anti-Ikwhan [MB] fever” incited by a repressive military meant that “there is now no real civil society” in Egypt, stated former MB member Islam Lotfy Shalaby via Brown’s translation.  The military had closed numerous MB social service institutions serving thousands such as 80% of the schools in Egypt and the country’s largest hospital founded in 1924.  Seized MB assets amounted to ten billion Egyptian pounds (about $1.3 billion).

MB suppression also occurred in the media, leaving “essentially a singular voice” in Elmasry words that constantly condemned MB as, for example, a terrorist organization.  This served “to dehumanize the Brotherhood” and “to justify the massacres,” as manifested in a television show on the Rabia clearing with the Rocky soundtrack.  Narratives of MB as terrorist and disloyal to Egypt were “extremely effective” in winning Sisi support according to Jamshidi.

Popular anti-MB sentiment meant that the “line between citizen and state repression has been blurred,” Jamshidi added.  “Popularly sanctioned state violence” stemming from “demonization” of certain Egyptians as “literally subhuman” manifested for Mogahed a “moral and spiritual crisis.”  Fadel, meanwhile, rather unconvincingly discussed how the political Rabia crackdown was religious persecution of Muslims under Article 7 in the Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court.

Yet even the Georgetown panelists could not hide conflicting evidence.  While the anti-Mubarak protests beginning on January 25, 2011, were “very Egyptian,” the anti-Morsi protests beginning on June 30, 2013, were “very sectarian” in Dardery’s estimation.  “Egyptians united” characterized January 25 (82% of Egyptians desired Mubarak’s removal in a March 2011 poll noted by Mogahed) as opposed to “Egyptians divided” on June 30, concurred Shahin.  Egyptian confidence in their military, though, has stayed high at around 95% of those surveyed throughout two years of various upheavals following Mubarak’s resignation.

A “failure to build consensus” thus appeared to the Carnegie Endowment’s Michelle Dunne as causing the post-Mubarak revolution’s failure.  “We knew what we were against, but we did not know what we were for,” concurred Dardery with Dunne in discussing the anti-Mubarak “breadth of social consensus” described by Middle East scholar Nathan Brown.  Yet a “basic failure in Egyptian life” noted by Brown is that widely diverse Egyptians are unable “to deal with each other.”  While Dardery spoke of an “Islamic belief” that “Muslim and Christians are brothers,” Brown countered that “you have a got a problem in your camp” concerning sectarianism.

By overlooking key facts in Egypt’s complicated politics, the Georgetown conference if anything hindered developing Egyptian consensus across diversity.  Sisi’s authoritarianism aside, Amnesty International actually judges the 2014 constitution an “improvement over the 2012 version” passed under Morsi with its various Islamist rights restrictions.  Egypt’s “strong contrast with Tunisia” in social cohesion noted by Dunne occurred precisely in part because of Islamist renunciation of sharia in the new Tunisian constitution overwhelming adopted on January 26, 2014.

The Egyptian people might agree as well despite repression muzzling constitution opponents in the 2014 referendum.  Voting for the new constitution was 98.1% of the 38.6% of the electorate voting, about 20 million in absolute numbers.  This was eight million more than the 63% of roughly a third of the electorate voting for the 2012 constitution under Morsi and six million more than for voted for his presidency that year.  Any criticism of Sisi as a “modern day pharaoh,” moreover, ignores the insight of longtime Egypt resident and scholar Raymond Stock that this “land…has known largely that kind of rule for the past five millennia.”  As ACMCU’s John Voll noted in introducing the conference, many of its themes such as the compatibility of Islam and democracy remained unchanged from Voll’s 1961 graduate student days.

No conciliation was forthcoming from the panelists to their absent opponents.  Support for Sisi’s regime due to Islamist fears by Egyptian democracy organizations “disqualifies them as true and valid organizations” in Nasser’s eyes, for example.  The “political and religious despotism” under Morsi leading to a “Sunni theocracy similar to the Iranian model” denounced by various Egyptian human rights organizations on June 27, 2013, apparently did not concern Nasser.  Nor did Nasser heed the call of many of these same organizations on August 15, 2013, that MB “accept the political outcome of the June 30 uprising” and “return to peaceful politics” rather than spur the country toward a civil war.”  Contrasting with concern for the Rabia dead, meanwhile, ACMCU’s Yvonne Haddad referenced a “quote/unquote massacre of the Copts.”

Dardery wore on his lapel the yellow and black R4BIA symbol in memory of Rabia, the same symbol featured by the twitter profiles of Haddara and Nasser.  The symbol’s website celebrates the “great Egyptian scholar and thinker Professor Sayyid Qutb” of MB executed in Egypt in 1966.  The website also proclaims that “R4BIA is…the grandchildren of [MB founder] Hasan Al Banna…against rotten Western values…the end of capitalists…the end of Zionists,” and “smiling martyrdom,” among other things.

Such sentiments ominously shade the pro-MB militancy expressed at Georgetown.  Azzam described a “generation in Egypt…not willing to take this lying down,” a generation that “would rather die” in Haddara’s words rather than accept Sisi’s new order.  “I am optimistic that the coup will not stand,” he concluded, “people will fight to bring it down.”

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  • Well Done

    The day Morsi was elected he began his project of implementing full Sharia law in Egypt. That was NOT what Egyptians voted for. The military did a very brave thing by ousting Morsi and his murderous puppeteers. As soon as Morsi was ousted, the Moslem Brotherhood began organizing demonstrations that quickly became armed insurrections. Time after time, pro-MB demonstrations became riots. That is why the Sisi gov’t was forced to crack down on such demonstrations.

    Claiming the Sisi gov’t are using violence against the “peaceful, democratic” Morsi supporters is so typical of Islam. They are counting on the world not believing anyone would tell such heinous lies. That is how Islamists roll. The West is going to have to harden considerably. Violence MUST be used against Islamists. The alternative is to live under Sharia law. If you don’t think it can happen here, I don’t know what to tell you. But, don’t expect the rest of us to wait around until YOU decide we must fight back. It’s simply not your decision.

    • sustapha

      You certainly have no idea of what is to establish an Islamic State. Islamic state began by establishing congregational prayer on and then asr prayer on Friday. Well done, if you are a follower of Muhammad examine how you pray. Morsi never lead any of the five daily prayers during his term.

      • Drakken

        Know islam no peace
        No islam Know peace
        God Bless the Crusades!

        • sustapha

          Why are you always wanting to be ignorant. How did the Greeks and Romans define Islam?

  • Trapnel

    How any thinking person can support the fascist Muslim Brotherhood is beyond the limits of comprehension. Suffice it to say that death cults always find enthusiastic supporters, in this case the Islam-stupid death cult.

    • DGCJ

      I would agree and add that how any thinking person can support fascist Christianity, such as we see in the anti-gay countries of Uganda and Nigeria, is beyond comprehension as well. In fact, it is documented that Christian missionary Fascists were behind the anti-gay laws in both countries, plus Russia. An American missionary is now being tried for crimes against humanity as we speak, for his involvement in this.

      • herb benty

        Islam. So, a humble Christian missionary is behind all these countries actions. What a powerful lad! Sure, I bet you are a real hater of Christianity. Islam is slaughtering CHristians in those countries as we speak, are you covering for them?

      • clavdivs

        I don’t think any honest reading of the New Testament can support the death penalty for sodomites.

        And say what you will about those laws, at least they are laws and in theory involve evidence and due process. Murdering random civilians is another thing entirely, and there are few if any Christians who would support that. Yet it happens every day in the Muslim world.

        Even assuming for the sake of argument that Christianity is just as bad, that doesn’t make Islam any better, does it? Why are you trying to cover for murderers by saying that these other murderers are also bad?

    • clavdivs

      It happened with Stalin and it’s happening again. What is it with academia that they are always the useful idiots?

  • herb benty

    American academia is in desperate need of a good sweeping with a stiff broom. Arrogant leftist, anti-semitic, Israel-hating twits will bring Judgement on us all.

    • sustapha

      Is there a broom better than the Torah and the Qur’an? Who is better than Moses and Muhammad?

      • Pontotoc Bill

        Virtually anyone is better than Muhammad. The US Constitution is better than the quran.

        • sustapha

          How illiterate are you! Go back and read your rubric on George Washington.

      • herb benty

        Why equate the Torah with the Koran? The Judeo-Christian Faith has nothing to do with Islam. Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the Word made flesh.

        • sustapha

          There is difference between Judaism and Christianity.

          • herb benty

            There is, and i was partly wrong about “nothing to do with Islam”. Abraham and Hagar had Ishmael. The latter two being sent away when Abraham and Sarah had Issac. There ends the Arab connection to the Judeo-Christian Faith. Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and He is promised to come to Earth all through the Hebrew Scriptures from Genesis to Malachi. All the main people in the Christian New Testament are Jewish, we Christians are to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”. Jesus Christ returns to Jerusalem, and all the world comes to that city. Christians are “grafted in to the Jewish Tree”(Romans). The promises to Israel are also to Christians through Faith. Take care, Sustapha.

          • sustapha

            Herb benty. I am appealing to you to respect knowledge and education and admit saying ‘No” if you do not know. I do not want to accuse you of living by exposing your ignorance and primitiveness for an earlier article by Loomwatch etc reveals that Pamella, Rev David and the owner of this blog are paid thousands to say bad about that without entail chaos and instability in the world. It is certainly the ‘Mother Nature”. You certainly know nothing about the history of the Children of Israel/Jews. Your knowledge is spiteful increasing nothing other than anti-semitism, while all records points to the absent of that from the followers of Muhammad. There is no pure Jewish blood for the then Children of Israel lived from the southern tip of Arabian Peninsula to Nineveh. It was impossible for the children of Jacob marrying within their tribal organization to the exclusion of the 12 children of Ishmael. To deny that fact is to inspire hatred. Let us dwell on what is positive- bring the Torah, the Injeel and the Qur’an and let us find how to live without spreading capitalism, killing one another and impoverishing others. The common stand of Torah and the Qur’an is: Allah cannot have a son otherwise He is a human being.
            You cannot force me to deny what I practically witnessed for no Jew ever considers the New Testament. The Bible is not the same as the Torah. The Qur’an is the perfected version of the Torah and the Injeel. Yes, if Jesus son of Maryam came as explained in Matthew 5:17-20, then you better re-phrase your words.

            Come to here. I stand by the stand of Moses.

          • herb benty

            There was no “12 children of Ishmael” that is just more Islamic copying the Judeo-Christian Faith. I read the verse in Matthew. It talks about our Lord coming to fullfill the Law. The Law in the Hebrew Scriptures that talk about Him coming. ie.,Malachi: ….” And the LORD(Jehovah God- The Almighty), will suddenly come to His Temple”. And in walked our Lord Jesus Christ. You see this? Moses would not stand with Islam, Moses loved his own people, Israel, and his own God-Jehovah.You are way off track.My ignorance and primitiveness? Islam is a good definition of those 2 attributes.I love Israel and the Jewish people, anti-semiticism is Islam. Hatred is the fuel of Islam, love is the fuel of Christianity. God is Love the Bible says. We enjoy capitalism, our freedom to live and develop in our own way.Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. The Father could not come to Earth, it would burn up, He sent His Son to be born of woman, to save those He calls and to show us what God is like. Jesus is God. The Koran is a twisted, perverted and demonic paraphrase of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament, as it was intended to be. Moses does not, nor would he, stand with you. I tried to be civil and nice to you and you spout this Heresy. God in Heaven, Lord , open this man’s eyes, in the Name of Jesus the Christ, Amen and Amen.

          • sustapha

            This forum has failed to live by what is expected of civilized people. First of all no one has defined to me the authoritative meaning of Islam despite my repeated request. Is this what is expected from the people claim being developed?
            If you do not understand I mean like asking you the number of states in USA or who is the President today!
            Now exposing your ignorance and arrogance and your attitude to deflection tell me what is written in Gen 25:12-16.
            I am not here to be a fool or to be one without focus. If you want to know about us, you should listen read and give your proofs and evidences. If the Qur’an is a twisted perverted and demonic paraphrase of the Torah (never a Hebrew Bible) tell us the passage in your bible confirming that. Who was there physically when the Qur’an was revealed? What evidence do you that Moses will not be with me while both of us never believed that God has a son?
            Come over here.

          • herb benty

            Yes there were 12 sons of Ishmael, I forgot about that for a very good reason. The line of prophecy that leads to the Jewish people and the Messiah was to be through Abraham and Sarah’s son, Issac. Though, the Ishmaelites would become a great nation. The Arabs. That is the end of the Arab involvement in Jewish and Christian Scripture. I have no need to study or define Islam. Moses copied down as the Lord dictated in Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between you(Satan), and the woman(Eve), and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will crush His heel”. Some day, someone born of woman, would crush Satan’s head(fatal). That would be God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as only God can harm Satan. Moses knew of this Promise. That is why Moses will not “stand” with you. Look Sustapha, I know the Jewish people disavow any connection to Islam, and so do Christians. The Word of God in Revelation 22: 18 says the reason very clear. It’s about “adding” or “taking away” ANY Words of Scripture, and the terrible penalty for doing so. This was written around 90 AD. Then around 550 years later along comes the Koran and pretends to nullify the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures! And saying, Jews and Christians must be killed. The devil himself couldn’t have come up with anything worse. It is known that a Catholic priest helped Mohammed, as Mohammed could neither read or write. That is all I have to say. We don’t “submit” in North America, your Obama is leaving soon.

      • Drakken

        My dog is better than Mohamed ever was. I hope someday we dig up his dusty bones and pizz on them.

        • sustapha

          Who taught you how to insult one? Is that part of the teaching of Christ or Moses?

          • herb benty

            That man has issues, however, to insult in return is not the answer. Insulting 101 is not a Jewish or Christian thing. We are to love our enemies and pray for them. However, we can be pushed too far. Islam is a Religion of Conquest. Islam cannot have North America. Yes, Ft. Hood and many other terrible deeds in North America, but don’t confuse those with “Islamic gains”, what you are seeing is Christian tolerance. This isn’t EU-style tolerance. At some point we will exterminate terrorists. What do you think, that you can take over the world? Russia OR China could wipe Islam off the Earth, so could America if we weren’t held back and threw everything into the battle. Islam cannot takeover the world, but your mullahs and clerics can get you all killed. Shalom.

        • herb benty

          We all hate what we see on TV, innocents murdered etc. but talking that way to a Muslim is counter-productive. When a Muslim is being lucid, try common sense.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    Muslim-Christian understanding means that Christians understand that Muslims intend on converting or killing every infidel.

  • Saba Ahmed

    Thank you for your insights, I believe Muslim Brotherhood needs a moderate non-violent peaceful strategy to combat terrorism. There is no place for Radical Islam in public service. While they are sad about losing power, they should focus on regaining their civil and political rights through the democratic process. The Anti-Islamic forces are using divide and rule strategies at their own detriment. Study how did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed all of Arabia / Middle East in less than 23years? Islam subsequently ruled the world for over a thousand years. Muslims need to go back to the basics, Islam has all the solutions to our current world problems. Inshallah Islam always has and always will win eternally. Peace (Salaam)!


      Your terrorist, pedophile prophet of Satan called Muhammed will burn in H E L L for eternity.


    • sustapha

      That is what we the followers of Muhammad are rejecting. Who is holding the Muslim nations from establishing the caliphate? Who is holding a Muslim from observing his daily prayers according to the Sunna? Take your leisure to learn that from ISBN 978-1-468070446. It is not possible to rule the world without establishing as-salat the daily and weekly prayers according to his sunna. Be the first to establish it. There are no anti-Islamic forces other than the followers of Muhammad.

    • gawxxx

      the only way to deal with islam is to exterminate it like the plague it is ,

      • DGCJ

        You sound just like the Muslims who want to exterminate Christians. As an Atheist, I hope you exterminate each other and make our planet a better, and more peaceful world.


          You think that as an “Atheist” that you are safe from the islamofascists?


        • Drakken

          We should ship your queer azz off to the middle east where you will get a good healthy dose of what islam is. Besides Darwin loves a winner.

    • Drakken

      Yes you savages kept manking in the dark ages for a thousand years and your pushing your luck with the rest of us infidels. Oh yeah, eff your Mohamed, may you pizz on his dusty bones! Eliminate islam and the world will know peace.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    What is this B.S. about “conferences?’ Who is conferring? These are propaganda events backed by evil money and executed by morons who can’t do anything so they teach.

  • The Facts

    The phrase “Egyptian Neo-nazi” is a load of crap, originating from this paper and this book: It is based on the premise that Israel only defends itself and only takes land to defend itself from Nazis. Crap. It’s the only horn they have to blow.


      SORRY. Egyptian PALEO-nazi.



      Google Images “mein kampf arabic”.

      Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • sustapha

    We keep on inviting the wreath of the L-rd by disregarding the teachings in the Torah. If wealth is intended to play an important role in salvation the L-rd of Moses could not have destroyed the wealth of Korah and Jesus son of Maryam could have being a wealthy messenger. The Qur’an confirms that for Muhammad was raised as an orphan. No capitalism!

    • clavdivs

      Oh, a socialist, too. Jesus wasn’t wealthy, but he wasn’t poor. He supported himself as a carpenter until the start of his public ministry. Simple honest work. Capitalism is just a reflection of scarcity and productivity as it exists in nature; it isn’t the worship of wealth.

  • Steven Chavez

    This panel is meaningless, the people of Egypt have spoken…

  • wileyvet

    Unfortunately I had 2 real juicy posts deleted directed at the Muslims posting here. So I will try a shorter less impassioned one. F*#K OFF and go back to or stay in your sandy swinehill and desert dungheaps.

  • franklin peter

    The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for the burning of churches and killing innocent christians. Are non-muslims blind!!!. Next they will demand to marry your 6 year olds. America wake up to this evil that is coming to take over your country, your boss obama is a muslim and he loves the MB

  • awakenmedia

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    تصبح بشكل طبيعي استرخاء و مشرق. في
    Visual Dhammas لم يتم قصف المشاهد مع الكثير من الصور والمفاهيم كما هو
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    هذه العملية يمكن للمرء أيضا تواجه أحلام مستبصر كما كان في فبراير 2004
    (يوم 8 من الشهر القمري 12TH ) : ” ارتداء رداء من جسد جديد الماجستير
    البوذية ( تولكو ) قمت بزيارة Gyalwa رينبوتشي الرابع عشر. الدالاي لاما في شقة خاصة له في بعض المبنى الجديد. كان الشعور بالسعادة ومستقرة و مشجعة. أعطاني سمو 2 حزم من البذور أبيض قوي بانه يجب أزرع لهم حتى أن شيئا ما سوف تنمو منها. رأيت مرج أخضر جدا مع أكبر العشب . كنت قلقا بعض الشيء بسبب العشب. ولكن اللحظة التالية رأيت قوية بيضاء النباتات حوالي 50 سم في الثانية الكبيرة – ينمو من البذور. وكثير
    منهم … ” البصرية التي تتجلى Dhammas من 2004 فصاعدا هي تماما مثل تلك
    البذور والنباتات الأبيض أبيض قوي يجري زرعها في عقول كل الذين ينظرون لهم .
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    الوعي العام في أواخر القرن 20 على أساس المطالبات التي يدق بكلتا الأذنين
    يمكن أن تساعد لحث على الاسترخاء ، والتأمل ، والإبداع و الحالات الذهنية
    أخرى مرغوبة . التأثير على الموجات الدماغية يعتمد على الفرق في الترددات من كل لهجة :
    على سبيل المثال ، إذا كان لعبت 300 هرتز في أذن واحدة و 310 في الآخر ، ثم
    فوز بكلتا الاذنين سيكون له تردد 10 هرتز .

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    للتأثير أن يحدث ، وإلا سيتم الاستماع إلى نغمات اثنين على حدة ، وسوف
    ينظر أي فوز.

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    ولكن ترددات موجات الدماغ البشري هي أقل من نحو 40 هرتز. لحساب هذا النقص في الإدراك، وتستخدم ترددات فوز بكلتا الاذنين . وقد تم إنتاج ترددات إيقاع 40 هرتز في الدماغ مع الصوت الأذنين و قياس تجريبيا.

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    ألفا. منذ يرتبط مع مجموعة ألفا الاسترخاء ، وهذا له تأثير الاسترخاء أو إذا كان في نطاق بيتا ، وأكثر يقظة . تجربة مع التحفيز باستخدام الترددات الصوتية بكلتا الأذنين فوز في نطاق
    بيتا على بعض المشاركين و مجموعة دلتا / ثيتا في المشاركين الآخرين ، وجدت
    أفضل أداء اليقظة والمزاج في تلك الدولة التنبيه على مستيقظا من التحفيز
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    آثار هذه المحفزات على الاسترخاء ، والتركيز ، والانتباه، وحالات الوعي.

    وقد أظهرت الدراسات أنه مع التدريب المتكرر على تمييز الأصوات التي تردد
    وثيقة إعادة تنظيم البلاستيك من الدماغ يحدث لل ترددات المدربين ، وقادر
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    الدماغ المتوسط ​​. وتشمل وظيفتها ترحيل الإشارات الحسية والحركية ل قشرة الدماغ ، جنبا إلى جنب مع تنظيم الوعي ، والنوم، واليقظة . المهاد يحيط البطين الثالث . هذا هو المنتج الرئيسي من الدماغ البيني الجنينية. تحميل هنا :؟v=54RxU_MekPU&list=PL1BD217C05E7FF0D1

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    نشرت يوم 27 أغسطس 2012

    كما مناقشة الوعي وعالمية “روح” يتطور ، وهناك يأتي وقت عندما يكون لدينا لتحديد ما الذي كانوا يتحدثون حقا عن . وهناك الكثير من الناس قد سأل ” ما هي الروح علوم عنه؟ ” و ” ما هو هذا .. نوعا من العصر الجديد الدين ؟ ”

    في الفيديو اليوم ، نذهب إلى ذلك. ما هو الروح العلوم ؟ اليوم ، ونحن ننظر في كيفية توصيل كل شيء ، ونحن ندعوك إلى أن يأتي ، والعثور على وصلات في حياتك الخاصة أيضا.

    أيضا للمشاركة في العمل من جيسون سيلفا معك، الذي وضعت معا بعض أشرطة
    الفيديو قوية جدا التي تعمل على توسيع الوعي الخاص بسرعة وغالبا ما تهب عقل
    واحد . ويمكنك التحقق من موقعه على الانترنت في

    لكم الجميع على التمسك بهذا المسلسل لفترة طويلة، وتحفيز على مواصلة إنشاء
    و إنتاجها :) أنا لا تزال تواجه الكثير من المرح معهم، و هناك ستكون موجة
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    هذا الفيديو هو شيء من تجميع العديد من الأفكار التي تحدثنا عنها من قبل ، لذلك أنا لم أذهب إلى قائمة كبيرة من المصادر للتحقق من. بدلا
    من ذلك ، وأنا أدعوكم للتحقق من صفحة الموارد على ، والمشاركة في النقاش حول ما يعنيه أن يكون
    كائنا من نور وحياة . لديك المزيد من القوة و الحب مما كنت أعرف حقا ، كل ما عليك القيام به هو يريدون أن يصبحوا على علم به .. سوف :) / thespiritscience
    @ spiritsciences؟v=iNf2tv_aXNQ&list=PLzvyaA1Zv7rHlu1MEQ_Y6kY25hrW9i5Ws؟v=iNf2tv_aXNQ&list=PLzvyaA1Zv7rHlu1MEQ_Y6kY25hrW9i5Ws

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    نشرت يوم 24 يوليو 2013
    ما هو مستقبل الذكاء الاصطناعي : صديق أم عدو ؟ …
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    مشاهدة سر تتكشف في هذا الفيلم القصير ، وفي هذا الفيلم المتوسطة 4min تمهيدية للمستقبل

    • clavdivs


  • Jane Wegener

    The current administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood. They are on the wrong side. That anyone in America would support these evil people shows how far our country has fallen. May God help us all.

  • Drakken

    To think we had all these MB members and sympathizers in one room, talk about a missed opportunity.

  • clavdivs

    I think Europe is starting to wake up. One too many cars on fire, perhaps.

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  • alaanile

    Thank you for your insights, I believe Muslim Brotherhood needs a moderate non-violent peaceful strategy to combat terrorism. There is no place for Radical Islam in public service. While they are sad about losing power, they should focus on regaining their civil and political rights through the democratic process. The Anti-Islamic forces are using divide and rule strategies at their own detriment. Study how did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed all of Arabia / Middle East in less than 23years? Islam subsequently ruled the world for over a thousand years. Muslims need to go back to the basics, Islam has all the solutions to our current world problems. Inshallah Islam always has and always will win eternally. Peace (Salaam)!
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  • alaanile

    Thank you for your insights, I believe Muslim Brotherhood needs a moderate non-violent peaceful strategy to combat terrorism. There is no place for Radical Islam in public service. While they are sad about losing power, they should focus on regaining their civil and political rights through the democratic process. The Anti-Islamic forces are using divide and rule strategies at their own detriment. Study how did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed all of Arabia / Middle East in less than 23years? Islam subsequently ruled the world for over a thousand years. Muslims need to go back to the basics, Islam has all the solutions to our current world problems. Inshallah Islam always has and always will win eternally. Peace (Salaam)!