Immigration and the Future of American Conservatism

DSC03144“We lose everything if we lose immigration,” bestselling author and columnist Ann Coulter said with respect to conservatives at a March 8, 2014, briefing during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  Coulter and her fellow panelists convincingly demonstrated that continued mass immigration of largely impoverished individuals would make conservative governance politically and economically untenable. 

The panel drew upon the Eagle Forum’s recent report How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party to demonstrate, in Coulter’s words, that “there is no point in talking about any other issue.”  “Each decade,” distributed copies of the report noted, “current policy adds about 11 million new legal immigrants” to American society who are largely politically liberal.  These numbers entail 5.1 and 8.4 million potential new voters by 2024 and 2028, respectively, numbers that rise in Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections to 9.7 and 17.9 million under the Senate “Gang of Eight” S.744 illegal immigrant amnesty bill.

“[V]ery similar to the pattern…among immigrants in other Western countries,” America’s immigrants lean left politically, the report notes.  “Being liberal is not a moral failing on the part of immigrants; it is simply reflective of their backgrounds.”  “Most immigrants come from countries where the government plays a larger role in the economy and society.”  Americans likewise “bring their New York values with them” and eventually vote for higher taxes after moving from Gotham to low tax havens like Florida and New Hampshire, Coulter concurred.

“Self-interest matters a great deal in politics,” the report adds, noting how largely poor immigrants often “benefit from affirmative action and welfare.”  This conclusion receives support from a 2012 report distributed by fellow panelist Steven Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies.  Even 20 years in America, the detailed CIS study notes, immigrant adults have twice the poverty and medically uninsured rates of natives.  New immigrants and their children account for two-thirds of the increase in uninsured since 2000.  In addition to creating an electorally significant “enormous new clientele for government programs,” poor immigrants “provide powerful justification for new government programs.”  By contrast, about 30% of all past immigrants returned to their countries of origin after failing to establish themselves in a pre-welfare state America, Coulter noted.

Numerous polls cited by the Eagle Forum testify to immigrant liberalism.  “Bigger government, more services” is the preference of 81% of first-generation Hispanic-Americans over “Smaller government, fewer services” in a 2012 Pew poll, a preference that only drops to 58% by the third generation.  Hispanics of all generations favor big government by 75% compared to the general public’s 41%, while Asian-Americans favor the state by 55% in another 2012 Pew poll.  In particular, 66% of Hispanics approved of Obamacare according to Pew in 2012 versus 47% of the general public.

Immigrants remain liberal on issues beyond economics such as the environment.  In particular, 70% of Asians consider themselves environmentalists in comparison to 41% of the general public according to a 2012 study.  Asian and Hispanic immigrants, Eagle Forum notes, also come “from countries where firearms ownership is highly restricted” and settle “in cities and the suburbs where hunting and gun ownership are much less widespread.”  Thus the proposition that “it is more important to protect rights of Americans to own guns” only found favor with 29% of Hispanics in a 2012 Pew survey as opposed to 57% of whites.

Contrary to some conservative hopes, Eagle Forum’s “survey data show U.S.-born Hispanics and Asians tend to be supportive of abortion and gay rights” and foreign-born divided.  “More importantly, polls show that immigrants and their children do not vote…based on social issues.”  On social issues even “American Muslims are not particularly conservative.”

Predictions that current immigrants will assimilate like their numerous predecessors in the 1900s ignore several factors.  A “national pause and slowdown of immigration from the 1920s to the 1960s” enabled these “Great Wave” immigrants and their descendants “to assimilate, learn our language, and adapt to our unique system of government.”  Nonetheless, “seven decades and Ronald Reagan” were necessary before many of these communities voted Republican.  They meanwhile “provided a good deal of the political support necessary to pass and sustain both the New Deal and the Great Society,” government expansions “never…undone.”  Even today white Catholic immigrant descendants still only slightly favor Republican presidential candidates while Jewish majorities have voted Democratic in every presidential election for which there is data.

Additionally, most “earlier immigrants arrived eager to become Americans,” evening becoming “almost 200 percent Americans, typified by Irving Berlin’s ‘God Bless America.’”  Yet the Eagle Forum cited a 2013 Hudson Institute study entitled America’s Patriotic Assimilation System Is Broken.  Therein to “Teach students to be proud of being part of U.S.” found favor with just fewer than 50% of foreign-born American citizens compared to over 81% of native-born.  Only 37% of foreign-born citizens similarly considered the United States Constitution a higher authority over international law in comparison to 67% of the native-born.  Such is the effect according to Eagle Forum “of multiculturalism and ethnic grievance-based politics…in an America with a racial spoils system and a huge welfare state” upon which many immigrants depend.

Such continued immigration will make it “virtually impossible for Republicans to remain nationally competitive as a conservative party,” a development Democrats are “quite open about.”  For them immigration “is just a way of importing voters,” CIS executive director Mark Krikorian stated by phone during an earlier March 6 panel at the National Security Action Summit (NSAS) adjacent to CPAC.  “Immigration has moved the political center to the left” and made California the “Greece of the United States.”   Winning 4 percentage points more of the white vote in 2012 than Reagan in 1980, Coulter noted, Romney would have won an even larger presidential landslide if not for immigration having changed electoral demographics.

Democratic zeal for immigration persists even though “immigration tends to harm those the Democratic Party traditionally has claimed to want to help the most, such as less-educated workers,” the Eagle Forum notes.  Immigrants are “never going to live the American Dream” if successive immigration waves keep wages low, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly argued.  “Democrats only care about immigrants until they can vote,” Coulter concurred.

No amount of otherwise necessary “bolder and more intensive outreach” to minorities, argued the report, can change the fact that “ethnic voting patterns…tend to endure for decades.”  As George H. W. Bush’s 1988 seven-point Hispanic vote drop from Ronald Reagan’s 37% in 1984 following the 1986 illegal immigration amnesty shows, for example, current amnesty proposals are unlikely to sway Hispanic voters in particular.  Even though the Department of Homeland Security estimates that illegal immigrants are at least three-fourths Hispanic, immigration has a low political priority among Hispanic voters in polls.  Coulter noted that past Barack Obama advertisements hardly mentioned amnesty.  Alternatively, a hardline immigration position also has little effect among Hispanics, as Mitt Romney won the same percentage in 2012 of their vote in California as he did nationwide (27), irrespective of the legacy of the state’s oft-maligned Proposition 187.

Amnesty, meanwhile, would be “disastrous” for a key Republican base, “working-class white voters with less than a college education,” a voting bloc much larger than immigrant communities.  Between four and six million of these voters stayed home in 2012 compared to 2004.  The Eagle Forum notes “general agreement” that low-skilled immigration “reduces wages for the least-educated American workers.”  Given a recent “massive decline in work” and “very little wage growth” for the past 13 years, Camarota judged that “only in Congress is there a labor shortage.”  The Senate with S.744 has “voted to declare war on the American worker,” Rosemary Jenks of the immigration restriction advocacy group Numbers USA stated at NSAS.

Thus supporting amnesty “will only reinforce the perception that Republicans care only about business interests and the rich,” the report noted.  Immigration reduction advocacy, though, “can turn the tables on the Left” as “serving the interests of businesses” with cheap immigrant labor.  The report advocating limiting family immigration to spouses and minor children as opposed to what Eagle Forum’s Glyn Wright called at the CPAC panel a current “immigration system…of essentially no limits.”

Acceptance of immigration changing America “isn’t a natural process,” Coulter argued, any more than a rapist saying to a woman “sorry, my penis is inside of you, there is nothing you can do about it.”  Slowing immigration now would allow immigrants to slowly assimilate and become amenable to conservative messages while conservative, religious Americans increased their numbers through birthrates. Otherwise “Republicans are fools” to support measures such as amnesty entailing “suicide” for their party, Schlafly warned.  The Republican Party “can either change its position on legal immigration or it can change its position on almost every other issue,” according to the Eagle Forum report.

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  • Infidel

    “Being liberal is not a moral failing on the part of immigrants…” Wrong. Being a socialist is a profound moral failing for which there is no excuse. That’s the reason these people’s homelands are third-world toilets. That they’re too stupid or dishonest to draw the logical conclusions is a moral failing. New Yorkers who voted for Commissar Wilhelm are also immoral fools hoping to get something for nothing at the expense of “the rich.” Looting is a moral issue. Stop making excuses for these destroyers of prosperity and freedom.

    • coldfish2

      Socialist things as national highways, TVA, water systems, medicaid, social security, the department of health. the VA systems…. I could go on for hours. – and so could any person considering whether to vote GOP or DNC.

      Chanting about socialism is a losing game. You might as well rant on and on about how you’re a vegetarian and all meat eaters are evil… all the while chewing on a slim-jim.

      They know they can pretty much dismiss anything you say as total BS.

      Is that how to win voters?

      • Patriot077

        There is a big difference in building infrastructure that benefits the entire country and continuing to fund programs that do nothing to actually help people improve their long term opportunities for prosperity.
        There is also no earthy reason that the budget cannot be thoroughly reviewed to eliminate duplicated and unnecessary expenditures. If we spent what we have more wisely, it would help all of us, regardless of ideology.

        • coldfish2

          The problem is that the benefits are relative and political. Should I pay for the DoE to distribute documents in braille? Does the VA benefit me, or should veterans simply deal with the same medical services that any other person asking for free care would get?

          I don’t doubt there there is a lot of savings that could go on in the budget, but I think a lot of programs that you believe are horrifically wasteful, to others are necessities, while some you believe are necessities are horrifically wasteful.

          Personally, I just look to see which states get the most federal money in ratio to taxes spent. That’s where budgets need to be reviewed and penalties should be applied. Unfortunately, that would be perceived as a strictly political act, since it would result in an audit of most of the red-states.

          • Drakken

            The problem with you liberal regressives, is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money, Veterans are owed for services to the country, your welfare class isn’t owed a goddamn thing, see the difference. Frankly speaking, your about to get an extreme lesson in simple economics, and it is going to be brutal and I say you bloody well deserve it.

          • Patriot077

            While most of your positions should be open to discussion and debate, the VA should not. That is a benefit for our veterans and their familiies. It was agreed to in exchange for their risking life and limb and being paid a pittance while doing so.
            Anyone who can justify eliminating any benefit to our Vets has no good conscience as far as I’m concerned. (I am not a veteran nor do I presently have any family members who are, but I am eternally grateful that any of our men and women will do that which most will not)

          • Kim Myers

            No matter what the Red states do we are wrong. People need to realize when whole America is doing better everyone lives better. Black and white together. The Politicans have brainwashed too many people in the past. People need to investigate it for themselves and see what they are doing to us. I heard these immigrant kids cause nothing but problems for the other kids that are forced to go to school with them. It takes away from the other kids learning and getting further ahead.

      • whatalife1

        Government is not the same as “socialism”.

      • nomoretraitors

        Chanting about income inequality is a losing game too. It creates no jobs and appeals only to the weak and simple minded

  • DaCoachK

    So I should support illegal Mexicans running across the southern border to sponge off the American taxpayers? No.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Since the issue is never presented to the Americans for a vote, supporting illegal border crossers is a fact of life now. NEITHER party is doing a thing about it.

      I’ve been hearing about illegal aliens crossing the southern border for most of my life. And I’m nearing retirement. It’s all been a pack of lies.

  • sundance69

    There are several ways to approach and solve this immigration problem but until our borders are secured we are fighting a loosing battle. Why can’t our leaders understand this?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      There are several ways to approach and solve this immigration problem but until our borders are secured we are fighting a loosing battle. Why can’t our leaders understand this?

      Our borders won’t ever be totally secure unless it becomes widely known that all illegal immigrants past, present, and future will be sent packing ASAP back from whence they came from. As for as jihadists sneaking in through the borders to perpetrate violent jihad attacks, why would they do so because thanks to mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, Muslim jihadists enter America through the front door? Indeed, they don’t have to sneak in illegally through our porous borders.

  • Nyte

    If we are going to reform immigration the reform should be a stricter process that demands more buy in via much longer time requirements and deeper indoctrination of what it means to be a US citizen.

    And enforcement policy that doesn’t enforce is not a policy at all.

    the moral question here is not whether one is a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. But rather does one support ‘the supposed rule of law’ that people love to banter about unless they are the ones actually breaking or encouraging the breaking of the law to their benefit. Then these law abiding citizens are very quick to say —

    exactly, not a word.

  • Sparta of Phoenix AZ

    Until we do the following;

    1. Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act
    2. Repeal the “practice” of Birth Right Citizenship
    3. Enforce E-Verify
    4. Slow “legal” immigration to a trickle

    We will continue to decline. The old mantra and drum beat of ALL IMMIGRATION GOOD is a fallacy…CONTROLLED immigration is being able to turn the “water” off and on as needed…A flood drowns all those who can’t find a high place to run to and folks, were running out of said places. This article was spot on and timely…Elites of both parties have sold us out to the highest bidders….

    • Tanks-a-lot

      100 years in the making

      • nomoretraitors

        It actually began in the 1960s with the Kennedys opening up immigration to every part of the world

        • Tanks-a-lot

          You don’t get to that point without Woodrow Wilson the ‘one worlder’ making world government an American goal.

  • Clare Spark

    The Left has made assimilation a dirty word for all would-be immigrants, not just Latinos. See “Assimilation and citizenship in a democratic republic.”

  • ObamaYoMoma

    “Each decade,” distributed copies of the report noted, “current policy adds about 11 million new legal immigrants” to American society who are largely politically liberal.

    And this is why Dhimmicrats universally celebrate and herald diversity as somehow being good for the country, since celebrating diversity is used as a campaign by them to dissuade immigrants from assimilating and integrating and thus succumbing to traditional American values. Indeed, the sooner the Marxist totalitarian Left can break down traditional American values, the sooner they can impose their Marxist totalitarian utopia.

    Nevertheless, no discussion on immigration is complete without also discussing mass Muslim immigration to the infidel world with all of its excess baggage, because it is in reality non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purposes of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest. As Muslims never ever migrate to the infidel world to assimilate and integrate, but to one day subjugate and dominate. Indeed, there isn’t one population of Muslim immigrants living anywhere in the infidel world today that have ever actually assimilated and integrated, because to do so would be exceedingly blasphemous according to the texts and tenets of Islam, and blasphemy in Islam is an automatic death sentence.

  • Capt Bob

    To bad our country doesn’t worry as much about the 62,000 (According to HUD) Homeless American Veterans that are cold and hungry on the streets of America as they do about innigrants,

    • coldfish2

      What gets more political donations?

      1. preaching about how a bunch of bad things are someone else’s fault and you’re going to get rid of them and save America.

      2. Finding money to support veterans who are mostly PTSD or have other problems that have caused them to be unable to support themselves and are living on the street, probably getting more and more dependent on drugs and alcohol as each day passes

      We should remember that those veterans depend upon resources used by all other homeless people, but those programs get attacked constantly as socialist policies and wasteful abuses of tax-payer money for drug-addicts and people too lazy to work.

      • Drakken

        Bullsh*t ! I am a veteran and your socialist utopia always cuts veteran services and gives to the 3rd world pouring in at the expense of us Vets, I say eff you and the libarded horse you rode in on.

        • coldfish2

          again… total inability to read or stay on topic

      • Capt Bob

        How do you think the Homeless Veterans got hooked the things you comment on., Also PTSD is a war caused Issue. In Vietnam drugs and drinking was more commend that Good Water. The commanders couldn’t control the problems. Some of them had the same problems. As far as too lazy to work that is BS.

        • coldfish2

          Did you even read my comment?

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Repugnicans who favor immigration Amnesty are the Elitist, country club, chamber of Comerce crowd who are further identified as RINO’s. This is precisely why we hsave an internal struggle for mthe heart and soul of conservatism and the Party. The T-Party is just a small element of what is the agenda. Of course small government and less taxes are very important, but there is much more.

  • jburack

    What exactly is the objective here – to save the Republican Party or improve the society we live in? These immigrants are NOT going home, and more will come no matter what anyone does about it. That is and will continue to be our history.
    The only question is what will conservatism do to adapt to that unshakable reality so as to make it work for, not against, conservative values. For a start, the absolutely empty slogans about opposing “bigger government/more services” will get conservatives nowhere. Of course immigrants will favor whatever it is they imagine such a slogan implies, hence the perfectly predictable poll results this piece hyperventilates about. Immigrants arrive vulnerable and in need. So what? We should help them adapt. Conservatism has something to contribute to how best to do that, how best to welcome and support these people. It has nothing to contribute if its focus remains on excluding and deporting massive numbers who are and will get here no matter what.

    In the meantime, conservatism is not going to win ANYONE on a platform mantra of smaller government/fewer services, immigrant or non-immigrant. Conservatism is badly in need of real open debate about what KIND of government and what sorts of services are needed. So far, neither it, the liberals, or the public in general have faced up to the hard choices and tough thinking that requires. But if you want to have dialogue with arriving groups about this, a productive dialogue, stop demonizing them with nativist cant about how they do not share “our” values, how they take “our” jobs, and how they never will do anything but. Until you do, they will not listen. And as I say, “they” are here to stay and will be “us” for all time to come. Get used to it.

    • neechian

      Horseshit. They’ll go home if there’s no job for them. If the people who hire them are punished severely. If we deport them when we find them. If we hold the nations that gleefully dump their peasants on us accountable. You’re perpetuating a lie that, sadly, the left, ethnic lobbying groups and the corporate elite has effectively cemented in our brains: We can’t do anything about it. Might as well accept it.

      • coldfish2

        There are lots of people who want to make laws, but I haven’t seen anyone come up with anything that includes a budget and a INS deportation infrastructure that can handle 11 million people.

        Maybe e-verify, but the “self deport” idea really only happens if cash-jobs vanish entirely and the standard of living in this nation, for a poor person becomes worse than being poor in El Salvador or Nicaragua or Uganda or wherever.

        I dunno the answer, but the “we can’t do anything about it” comes from a lack of realistic proposals. I think the angry chanting and screeching about “deport’em all!” gets enough votes that politicians don’t need to get all complicated and offer real solutions.

        • neechian

          As you imply, the flow will continue until we make serious efforts to stop it, or we reach a point of misery equilibrium with the third world. Frankly, I prefer the former solution. But then I’m a right winger who doesn’t mind being called names and my job doesn’t depend on being thought not a racist/nativist/monster. Unfortunately, we have pretty much reached the tipping point politically, demographically. All those American-born Mexican babies will be of voting age soon. The good news is that the rich will always be able to protect their wealth and insulate themselves and their loved ones from the consequences.

          • coldfish2

            You’re right, we’ve reached the tipping point. The question is, what do you do? Do you make all those American-born mexican babies hate you?

            This is a 2 party state. Their options are to stand along side people who despise them because their parents were illegal, or vote democrat.

          • Drakken

            Those wetback babies already hate us, ever heard of La Raza and the rest of the Mexican’t crowd raising their voices how they are going to take back the south for Mexico? Yes so your solution is more so called dialogue and putting a COEXIST sticker on your Prius, how quaint. If you want to commit national suicide go right ahead, your just not going to take the majority of us with you.

        • whatalife1

          A country has obviously completely lost it when it feels that it does not have the moral right to protect its own borders. If the USA can go on printing money then everything will probably be ok…if it can’t then there will be problems down the line. That’s simple realism for you.

        • No RNC

          Just think when the entire fractional banking/welfare uber alles scheme collapses U’ll be able to hire as many Lead Oracle design engineers as U want at or below current Chinese or India wages. BTW, business types that think of the US as only an economy really are enemies of this country as much as the Fabian Left..

    • whatalife1

      Yes that is how history normally works. Politicians and people can only do so much. The USA and Europe has taken massive risks and – depending on how the economy goes – has made massive mistakes. The East has risen (and been offered a large share of the global economy) and there is a massive increase in population in the Third World which is flowing into the First World. We will see how it pans out…but I wouldn’t be so confident that everything will be rosy or even that it will not end in catastrophe. The annals of history tells us that much….

    • Drakken

      With your logic, you will see a Balkanization that will be biblical. Multiculturalism is a recipe for disaster on all levels, but liberal folks like you can’t see where ever it has been tried, it always leads to massive bloodshed. Good luck with that.

  • matthew

    Why is illegal immigration lumped with legal immigration?

    • coldfish2

      It’s nice you noticed. If you follow most of the anti-illegal immigrant speakers in the party, you’ll find a lot of them are supporting an overall reduction of immigrants in general. (ie

      The real fight is to ensure that the conservative values of the current ethnic majority continue to dominate the political direction of republican party and the nation. With continued immigration at the current levels, legal or illegal, that fight will be lost and our nation will become more and more affected by diverse political and religious viewpoints.

      • Drakken

        So in other words you want the US to come down to the least common denominator and because the 3rd world, so be can be diverse for diversity’s sake?

  • Habbgun

    Once conservatives realize the battle is with the incredibly corrupt machine clubs/crews that infest urban areas like NYC, etc. it won’t come to grips with the issue. The machine can’t wait to spend money on immigrants in return for votes, hopefully creating dependent families. Those that don’t want to be dependent catch on quick. Those who like it or have issues such as disabilities that prevent independence become reliable votes. Immigrants from communist countries tend to be more conservative such as Russians and Cubans. It isn’t just immigration it is that Republicans only want to compete in national elections and not on the ground. Conservatives need to understand they are in an ugly street fight. Fight on the ground and you can win immigration and immigrants.

  • bfancher

    One area of our immigration system that’s broken, which doesn’t get enough attention, is how difficult it makes it for highly-skilled immigrations to come here and become legal residents and/or citizens. I work for a very large and prominent Silicon Valley company and I’ve heard some insane horror stories from some of my immigrant co-workers about how extensive and difficult our immigration system is. These are people we should be rolling the red carpet out for (better they should be working for or starting companies in America than in their native countries!) and instead we do everything we can to make it difficult for them to come here.

    • coldfish2

      The system really is a mess. I’ve had to deal with it as well. Half my team ended up being sent back to India, but continued to work remotely. The majority of the budget is now dumped directly into the Indian economy. It’s just idiotic.

      people have this bizarre idea that removing a person from a job will mean that that same job will open up for a Native Born American the next day, when really, we now hunt for skills, not passports.

      • neechian

        I know it sounds crazy, but maybe moguls like you and Bill Gates should consider sharing your billions with the American workforce and paying them more. Or are you going to tell me you have potential programming jobs rotting in the fields?

        • coldfish2

          Well, the problem is that we work in a competitive environment. It’s actually not the money that’s an issue, it’s time. I have a product that I’m in pretty tight competition with another company. As releases and features come out, I have to match or exceed their product.

          If I need a top level Oracle engineer, to work on a rental ERP system with a DotNet front-end written with as the code-behind there actually are very few.

          Even if I could afford to hire 100 Oracle engineers, I really only can have a couple “leads”. Even If I could afford to train 100 Oracle engineers (no, not from college, actual training on a very complex product) , then by the time they are good, I’ve lost the edge.

          Even if I did train them all in time, a single failure can cause catastrophic loss. Imagine if you opened your gmail and saw someone else’s emails? Would you ever use gmail again? I’ve had competitors who’s systems failed, leaving their customers with warehouses full of product and not even knowing where to ship things. They vanished in a matter of months.

          It isn’t like we’re sitting around with thousands of empty cubes waiting. We’re not running a chicken farm. And 99.9999999% of us aren’t making a ton of money.

          It isn’t about money or citizenship, it’s about keeping up with the competition – internationally.

        • bfancher

          Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. For the past few years Google, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of venture-backed startups have been hiring programmers like crazy, and salaries are already very high. That’s great if, like me, you’re a programmer. Not so great if you consider all the jobs in sales, marketing, manufacturing, support, etc., that don’t get created because there wasn’t enough programming talent on hand to finish the product, etc. In addition, something like a third of Silicon Valley companies (Google, Intel, Sun, etc.) were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants. Would you rather those companies, and the jobs they created, were been founded in other countries?

          • coldfish2

            thank you. too many people think it’s like we’ve got a bunch of jobs open just waiting to be filled. This isn’t a giant hair salon, where you can go to school and come out ready to cut. If those jobs don’t get filled and the company doesn’t succeed, then the entire kit-and-kaboodle goes in the toilet.

  • neechian

    So long as the jewish elite (note I said elite–not all jews, to be sure) see it as good for jews, the inundation of this nation by non-white third worlders will continue unabated. And the media will destroy anyone of note or potential influence who advocates anything close to what needs to be done to save this country.

    • coldfish2

      wow…. it’s like I’m reading comments from the 20’s.

      • neechian

        Even with a qualification I only get the 20s?

      • nomoretraitors

        I’m starting to think maybe they had a point back then

  • Erudite Mavin

    This is all Moot.
    Obama already has his Executive Order of 2012 for Amnesty Dream Act in progress.
    Obama said, if congress does not finalize his Amnesty Agenda, he will do it by Executive Order.
    The blame goes to those who sat at home or voted third party 2008 and 2012 and enabled Obama’s presidency and his disasters.

    • coldfish2

      can he legally do what Reagan did?

      • Drakken

        Reagan signed a Bill into Law, your effing subversive hero Comrade Obummer feels he doesn’t have to follow the law and can do whatever he feels like.

  • Drakken

    Import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world, my country is worth saving and keeping prosperous, if this amnesty plan is passed, America as we know it is done, Welcome to the new Balkans.

  • GSR

    Since most immigrants (legal & illegal are 1) poor and 2) non-White… stands to reason most of them will want more and more government and also will want said government to “redistribute” the wealth of “Americans”, aka, native born White Americans.
    Want to preserve the USA and work towards a more limited government?
    Reduce all immigration flows into the country. Period.

  • Rebecca

    The immigration policies have changed over the years. In 1950, 75% of the people in this country could trace their ancestry back to colonial days- if they wanted to. In about 2000, only 25% of the people could do the same. The huge increase in immigrants has been purposefully done to benefit the Democratic/Socialist Party. We get people now who have no idea of what caused this country to be great. And the Dems aren’t about to let them in on it.

  • De Doc

    She’s absolutely right and follows the suit (though tardy in my opinion) of other conservative pioneers who’ve been harping on this issue for many years (think Pat Buchanan). With the 1 million plus per year average of legal immigrants flowing into this country now from mostly destitute parts of the world it cannot end well.

    Naturally the high-minded Liberal elite will be satisfied that they’ve rescued many people the world over from abject poverty, meanwhile ignoring the progressive loss of wealth for the average American and the growing social tension that arises necessarily when the salad bowl of ethnic groups in the US all start playing hardball identity politics.

    The question then is what happens when the cash cow that is the White American Middle Class dries up? I shudder when I think of the world we’ll be leaving our children and grandchildren.

    • Drakken

      Welcome to the new Balkans!

  • Ace Boogie

    No to illegal immigration, today, tomorrow, and always…

  • lulz

    i can already see republicans strategy for getting hispanics:

    *please vote for us guys. we promise we wont deport your family.*

  • nomoretraitors

    If these people liked the big government and no firearms, why didn’t they stay where they were at?
    It’s interesting that the stereotype of the “ugly American” arose from Americans who went overseas expecting other countries to be like America. But when the rest of the world comes here and expects America to be like the countries they left, it’s lauded as “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”

  • jubalbiggs

    One thing about this whole discussion that is just ignored by all sides is the fact that immigration isn’t an on/off switch. Historically, the USA and all other countries have CHOSEN which countries they preferred as an immigration source. We are under no obligation to treat an immigrant from Yemen and one from Switzerland equally. The reason our current legal immigration regime is skewed so radically left is because it is skewed toward poor immigrants and resting American citizenship like a welfare benefit for those in the worst environments. Those are exactly the immigrants we are not interested in and the ones most likely to vote left. It isn’t exactly a coincidence that the Federal bureaucracy is shot through with highly progressive idealogues who are leftists and who make immigration policy while hiding in the bureaucracy. In fact, it would be fairly simple to select for immigrants from mode developed countries and places that are more pro-American and more conservative. The reason nobody talks about this is because they like to pretend the Federal bureaucracy is a perfectly non-partisan robot or something. That just isn’t the case.

  • Peter Castle

    It’s sad that Ann Coulter is conservatism’s spokesman for standing up to the amnesty lobby. Her caustic commentary makes it difficult for the rest of us to be taken seriously. We should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at

    • Drakken

      Silly liberal, in case you haven’t noticed, the right is not going to play by your rules anymore, prepare to be confronted at every level. The days of niceties, pleasantries and Queensbury rules are over.

  • Esther Williams

    The citizens of these state owe illegal aliens nothing.

  • Mike Mason

    We quite often hear about the rights of illegal aliens. What about the rights of legal citizens? Why when we hear all the lame rhetoric of the pro-amnesty crowd do we never hear about what will be done to benefit legal citizens. Could that be because there is no benefit to the citizens of America from amnesty? We are told that those who are given amnesty will have to pay a fine and back taxes. Will those fines and back taxes go to pay compensation for Americans who have been harmed by illegal immigration? I have never seen a person who supports amnesty say a thing about compensation for those who were caused harm by the last 20 years of no enforcement of the laws we have on the books now. Amnesty is only a win for illegals, the Chamber of Commerce, the Catholic Church and Democrats. We have many in Congress and the Senate that are dead set on passing amnesty even against the wishes of those who sent them to DC, so lets add something to the debate. Compensation for those harmed by illegal immigration.

    • coldfish2


      Let’s sue the congressmen who support tobacco companies for every penny of Medicaid dollars that went to support lung cancer treatment.

      Oh… wait… That’s different.

      • Mike Mason

        You are comparing apples to oranges. I see this trick used often in these forms by paid trolls.

  • antioli

    We are a nation of immigrants there is no doubt about that. The question is why do we have to be punished for it by taking in 10 times as many immigrants as there are jobs; Especially when so many of us are unemployed.
    Strange how the progressives want to destroy jobs for the working class especially when it is big business that is forcing immigration.

  • Kim Myers

    Every thing white ppl do is being judged. We do not need these immigrants bottom line not matter where they came from. Ppl must see they are killing America and we will have nothing for our children but crime and drugs. White and black ppl from America. These ppl are 3rd world immigrants that lived in huts and sheds how are they going to bring anything good here?? They will suck what is left out of our system.