Professors Shill for Islamism

EGYPT-NESF ELDONIAOnly ten people, including two imams and a reporter, showed up to hear University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, professor of religious studies Carl W. Ernst deliver the “First Annual Ibrahim Abu-Rabi Lecture” on May 7 at the International Council for Middle East Studies (ICMES) in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. Ernst was introduced by ICMES founder and president Norton Mezvinsky, who came to ICMES after a 42-year career teaching Middle East history at Connecticut State University.

A self-professed “anti-Zionist,” Mezvinsky endorsed the infamous 1975 Zionism-is-racism U.N. resolution and developed amiable relations with the deranged anti-Semitic Lyndon LaRouche movement and once spoke at the LaRouchite Schiller Institute in Germany. He also co-authored Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel with the late Israel Shahak, whose work, MEF Fellow Asaf Romirowsky wrote, “rests on his conviction that Judaism is the font of all evil and that most global issues can ultimately be traced back to Judaism via a world-wide Jewish conspiracy.”

In dedicating its inaugural lecture series to the memory of former ICMES director Ibrahim Abu-Rabi, ICMES signals its support of his radical ideology. Mezvinsky tearfully recalled his late “very good friend” and “distinguished scholar,” about whose book on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sayyid Qutb Daniel Pipes wrote, “author and subject meld into a nearly seamless whole” so that, for Qutb and likeminded individuals, Abu-Rabi was “their apostle to an English-speaking audience.”

Appreciatively hearing Mezvinsky were Imams Mohammad Magid and Johari Abdul-Malik. The Sudanese-born Magid heads two groups with disturbing Islamist connections, the Muslim Brotherhood-founded, terrorism unindicted co-conspirator Islamic Society of North America and the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in northern Virginia. The American convert Abdul-Malik, meanwhile, who called Magid “my teacher” at a press conference the day after the ICMES lecture, is outreach director at northern Virginia’s Dar al-Hijrah mosque, known for many years of attracting violent individuals, some personally defended by Abdul-Malik.

Ernst used PowerPoint to illustrate a chapter on Islamic ethics from his 2004 book, Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World. Hackneyed accusations of “modern Islamophobia” with a “connection to racism & anti-Semitism” in an aggressive, post-Cold War Western society seeking “another opponent to take the place of the Soviet Union” introduced Ernst’s comments. “Islamophobia,” Ernst elaborated, “draws upon a well-established attack” upon Catholics previously called disloyal to a secular state.

Colonialism’s “untold results continue to play out” among Muslims as well, Ernst claimed in yet another presentation of the erroneous thesis that present development ills derive from past Western imperialism. Ernst referenced a Dars-i Nizami curriculum established in northern India around 1700 with an “emphasis on rational subjects” suffering marginalization under British rule while more theological Islamic institutions such as the Deobandi prospered. Mixed “Anglo-Mohammedan” law also codified Islamic precedents, thereby eliminating Muslim judges’ “considerable degree of independence.” Ernst left unexplained why Muslim countries such as Turkey, defeated but never colonized, chose to import Western influence.

In Koran 5:48’s ambiguous words Ernst sees a supposedly unique Islamic acceptance of “multiple religious traditions and ethical ways.” “Against de-humanizing essentialism” of a monolithic Islamic civilization, Ernst rejected the “ludicrous concept” of a “separate planet . . . inhabited exclusively by Muslims.” “There is one world of which we are all a part,” rather than civilizational groupings like the West and Islam “juxtaposed as opposites.” Such platitudes, though, leave unexamined whether Western or Islamic civilization is more open to foreign influences such as Anglo-Saxon common law. Orthodox Islamic supremacist doctrines, expressed in canonical sources such as Koran 3:110, for example, belie Ernst’s vision of a Muslim mindset open to borderless experimentation.

“Stealth analysis” is Ernst’s favored tactic for dialogue without “complicated academic jargon” that “doesn’t really connect to the audience” and “gives scholars a bad name.” Yet Ernst’s thesis of multicultural Muslim societies suffering long-lasting imperialist harm is rather transparent. Deficient Islamic intellectual inquiry and the resulting civilizational inferiority vis-à-vis the West, though, is empirical and not part of any Western “selective amnesia” per Ernst in Following Muhammad. Ernst himself bemoaned at ICMES globalization, “ostensibly bringing together various parts of the world,” being “actually a one-way phenomenon” with many Muslims excited by the West, but not vice-versa. Perhaps they know something Ernst refuses to admit.

This essay was written for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

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  • roger

    Maybe the learned professor will one day see that the doctrines espoused in the Koran and hadiths are inimical to advancement and the Islamic countries will forever be trying to obtain par with the brightest of the west who are intuitive.

  • Marty

    I’m a professor who happily and regularly lectures to audiences in the dozens about the dangers of Islamic supremacism as well as its brutality and violence. The Koran and Hadith are quoted to help make the point about islam’s threat to democracy, national security, and individual freedom. I shill for western civilization and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

    • trapper

      Marty, thank you. Your voice is needed.

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        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Flagged …

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I hope you are explaining the very profound meaning the doctrine of abrogation has on the interpretation of the Quran, and the practice of slick Muslims citing Meccan verses of the Quran to dupe gullible useful idiot infidels that in effect have been abrogated by the latter issued Medinan sword verses of the Quran.

      • ratonis

        Among the Christian “interfaith” people they have no clue about matters like this. That makes it very frustrating to talk with them. They “disagree” with an informed person from the standpoint of their own ignorance.

  • Rev Michael

    Top journalism, thanks for this intuitive article.

  • monostor

    The term “islamism” in the title should read “islam”. IMHO

  • Johnny Palestine

    Herr Ernst, another unemployable academic in the footsteps of Walt & Mearsheimer.

    Here is the scumbag`s email:

    Here is the scumbag`s phone number: 919-962-3924

    I sent him an email where he could put his commerically worthless degree.

    I encourage all to bombard his server with 10000 emails as I intend to.

    ALL PROFESSORS should be investigated as should ALL POLITICIANS irregardless if they have a (D) or an (R) after their name.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Please include me in your investigations of professors and politicians. I have nothing to hide, except for the fact that I attempted to be objective whenever I taught, i.e., I wanted to be fair.

      Degrees are only “commercially worthless” when one can’t use it to find a job. I taught in a world-class university long enough to gain tenure, and then some. I was hated by my fellows because I didn’t teach the “party line”. I wanted my students to actually learn …

  • Johnny Palestine

    Even more disgusting is the colleaque to Herr Ernst, the Jew Norton Mezvinsky who is a proud ” Jewish Anti Zionist”.

    Here is what the American wackjob Professor says:

    ” Achieving their long-range goal of a de-Zionized state of Israel and its replacement by a democratic, secular state in Israel-Palestine will not be easy and will take some time. There, of course, is no assurance that the goal can be achieved. But this is the path to follow“.

    ” The ill-will and distrust of the other, caused by many years of conflict can be overcome, I believe, by emphasizing equal human rights”.

    I am not on either a lib Ashkenazi Jew payroll nor a Muslim payroll so I say

    1) ALL arab muslims be deported by camel, bus or donkey to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Paris, Madrid ( arabic for `source of water’, founded by Muhammad I of Cordoba) or Detroit ( needs the taxpayers)

    2) Israel re-take the Sinai

    3) US end all foreign aid to Israel. The foreign aid and the withdrawal from the Sinai has been more curse than blessing.

    If you think that one can enjoy human rights with a very material amount of Muslims in your midst, you are either on crack or a Muslim payroll or you have tenure at a University.

    • Shel_TR

      So you reject coexistence with over a billion of the world’s inhabitants…??

      Not only would you yoke future generations to an unwinnable war (on a strategic level), you would also be rejecting a group of people, wholesale, simply on the basis of their religion (on a moral level).

      I categorically reject your hatred. I am Jewish. Our history clearly teaches us the pitfalls of bestial nationalism / religious chauvinism. Your argument is just as racist as the anti-semites’…

      • Shel_TR

        I am, BTW, a strong Zionist (i.e. I love the State of Israel). But being pro-Judaism, or pro-Israel, does not require hatred. As I indicate above, it actually requires the opposite (IMO).

        • Johnny Palestine

          I encourage you to spend 4 weeks in any Muslim country Mr big lib Jew. Let us have a discussion when you return. If you return.

          • Shel_TR

            No dispute, there. A lot of Arab states are horrible. To their entire citizenry.

            Nonetheless, that has nothing to do with our discussion. Certainly, it’s insufficient for withholding statehood from the Palestinians.

            Aside from my liberal sentiments (and I am aware of the potential pitfalls from naivete, “do good” martyrdom, etc.), I’m mainly concerned for my fellow Jews. Many Jews, esp. in Israel, comment on the acidic effect ON OURSELVES from repressing a whole group of people. We are the lesser for it.

            Even if it’s hard, at this point in time, to imagine a peaceful co-existence with Palestinians / Arabs, we must strive for it, never accepting the status quo. Rodef, rodef, rodef tzedakah (Pirkei Avot). Ve’shalom, I’d hope.

          • Drakken

            Let me help you out with your lofty lefty ideals, they don’t ever bloody work, no matter how much you wish it to be so. Your effing inbred muzzy pali friends don’t want peace, they want you dead, what effing part of that don’t you quite get? You and others of your leftist ilk are always taking the so called high moral ground, they are called mass graves, you don’t make peace with your enemy unless he is at your feet begging for mercy, then you dictate the terms. Silly jewicidals such as yourself ignore history at your own peril, at this point I am all out of sympathy for folks like you.

          • Shel_TR

            I neither want, nor care about, your sympathy. And I certainly want no part of your ranting, your racism, or your inability to see one inch past your own fears.

            Israel, along with global Jewry, are at never-before seen heights of power. The U.S. won’t always be the pre-eminent power.

            There is no existential danger right now (save, possibly, any Iranian nuclear bomb program). It is impossible to totally eliminate every POTENTIAL threat. And, if we were to seek that as a pre-condition for negotiating for peace, nobody would ever allow US peace.

            This is exactly the point in time at which we should be negotiating,
            extracting the best deal possible. Virtually ALL of Israel’s military
            echelon holds this opinion.

            We should make a deal. Now.


        Take your opinions and convince Muslims to be as open minded as “Jews” like yourself.

        How successful will you be?

        Does Muslims killing 160,000+ Muslims in Syria indicate how receptive they will be to your opinions?

      • Johnny Palestine

        It is not hate. It is ISLAMOREALISM.

        • Shel_TR

          Not so.

          Islamofascists are, indeed, as you portray. But what about moderate North American Muslims? There are plenty. I’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few. And there are Imams and mosques in N.A. who speak loudly and unequivocally against fundamentalist Islam.

          And there’s much less support for fundamentalism among global FEMALE Muslims.

          As Daniel Pipes says “Islamofacists are the problem. Moderate Muslims are the answer” (at least, I think he said that… :-) )

          • Drakken

            There is no moderate islam, there is only islam and where ever islam goes, the blood always flows, without exception. No more islam, no more problems. You can go ahead and put that COEXIST sticker on your prius and sing the praises of kumbaya, islam isn’t going to care. One way or another this will only be solved by confronting and defeating islam where ever it is.

          • Shel_TR

            Somehow, the world never made that same decision though it had been confronted with militaristic, even more dangerous, Christianity for nigh unto two thousand years.

            You want to declare war on over a billion people? None can stop you. What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding, anyway?

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            There’s a difference between “Christianity” and “Christians”. Don’t make the mistake of conflating individual Christians with their secular/ministerial masters, during the period of which you speak.

            Christians were, primarily, dangerous to each other, and that means the petty kings and aristocracy of Europe. The Crusades were a proper response to Muslim aggression. That some people decided to gain lands and make profit does not make them “Christian”.

            But Islam is a threat to the entire world, and every religion except Islam (which is not really a religion, at all, but a set of rules for terror, conquest, and absolute rule).

            I don’t want to make war against anyone. But I’ll be d***ed sure to respond properly, when someone else makes war on me.

          • johnnie the jew

            I wish you wouldn’t try doing jokes as you’re obviously not very good at it i.e you’re time warped comment about the past “evils” of christianity. Are christians storming the globe killing infidels and apostates, gays and anyone else they don’t like? Your fawning and deluded fondness for equating the old world with whats happening in the modern world is truly and tragically laughable.How much acid and pot did you do in the 60s in your quest for ” peace, love and understanding..” As George Bernard Shaw once said ” if you’re not a socialist when you’re young you have no heart. If you’re still a socialist when your older you’ve got no brains”. Get over it. It’s dead, just like socialism.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            As usual, nail hit directly on the head. This confrontation must take place while America still has some strength. Europe won’t react until it’s too late …

    • kikorikid

      Who is the shill here?
      The US should end all foreign aid to Islamist countries!

  • wileyvet

    Long before there was ever Western imperialism, there was Islamic imperialism. Beginning in c. A.D. 634, it attacked, destroyed and subjugated every pre-Islamic culture it came into contact with. After initial conquest and success at plundering people from the Atlantic to India, under the Umayyads, to A.D. c.750 the Empire began a long, slow contraction. Initially the subjugated cultures, that had existed for a thousand years were instrumental in providing the administrators and other experts necessary to run an Empire. However, the condition of Dhimmitude was unbearable for those of other faiths, so over decades and centuries the original conquest territories gradually became majority Muslim. At this point the stultifying effect of Islam took hold of the region, now considered Arab and or Islamic. Lacking the intellectual and creative stimulus formerly offered by Christians, Jews, Persians and Greeks the Islamic world began its slide to cultural rot. Finally the last Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire breathed its last breath as a result of its entry into WWI. If anyone would like to talk about the effects of Islamic Imperialism on pre-Islamic lands and non-Muslim people, look at the early conquests of Syria, Persia, Asia Minor, India, Greece, Sicily, Lower Italy, India, The Meghrib. It is NOT a pretty picture. Ask a Jew, a Syriac or Coptic Christian, a Greek, a Serb, an Armenian or a Hindu what they think of the legacy of Islamic Imperialism.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      Back in the early 1970’s, when I made my first trip to Europe, girls were warned not to walk alone in Spain, Italy, and Greece. Northern European countries were free of such harassment and misogyny. The southern European countries, of course, had centuries ago lived under Muslim rule. Is this the reason for their continuing misogyny? Is this perhaps also the reason for their modern economic underperformance? Even within Italy, the line of demarcation is bright. Sicily was conquered by Muslims; Venice never was. And today, centuries later, northern Italians sometimes express their desire to secede from their troublesome, misogynistic, mafia-prone and backwards southern Italian cousins.
      If we fail to resist Islamic fascism, our descendants may be paying for many centuries.

      • Nagesha

        Very insightful post. I’ve often wondered if the mafia and their tactics was also an out growth of having learned these tactics from the Muslims who invaded Italy. Very similar, though, in the case of the mafia, without the backing of a religion.

        • tamimisledus

          A case can be made that the mafia are nothing more or less than a muslim offshoot which dropped the inessential religious component of islam to concentrate on the muslim aim of appropriating non-muslim wealth.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          My sister married into the mob, and I’ve known many of them, over the years. How do such a small group of men gain such power? The simple answer is, “Terror,”, something that I’m sure was taught to their ancestors many centuries ago …

      • popseal

        It could be another Dark Ages.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Thank you for a good article but with respect, Mr. Harrod, I think the professors are schilling for far more than just Islam. They are schilling for the long term goals of the Left.

    (From the article) – ‘Colonialism’s “untold results continue to play out” among Muslims as well, Ernst claimed in yet another presentation of the erroneous thesis that present development ills derive from past Western imperialism.’

    The Left’s fervently seeks to impose a socialist slave state, similar to Castro’s Cuba and Chavez’s Venezuela, here in America, and in every other free country around the world.

    (If you think otherwise, take a good close look at the current occupant of the Whitehouse and every single decision which he has implemented in both domestic and foreign policy since he took office.)

    To achieve that slave state, the Left must attack and destroy the fundamental concepts of freedom and individual rights, and their crucial corollary, strictly limited government, and so complete the removal of those concepts, ongoing over the past 100 years or more, from our culture and our legal system.

    Since most people who live in the West still would not tolerate that, the Left cannot attack these concepts directly. Instead, they corrupt them by calling them ‘Colonialism’ or ‘Western Imperialism’, cheap crude variants of 1984’s ‘Freedom is Slavery’, and in so doing, ally themselves with their intellectual blood brothers, followers of Islam.

    The Left is not troubled in the slightest by the fact that Islam is a belief system which worships slavery and death.

    For example, Left wing feminists who decry the treatment of women in the West suddenly fall strangely silent at any mention of the total unrelenting abuse and outright vicious violent degradation of women enforced by Islam and its ugly stepchild, Sharia.

    But in truth, it is not strange, but is entirely consistent, that the Left and feminists avoid criticizing the violent misogyny of Islam. The Left’s goal is slavery throughout the West and allying themselves with Islam, which preaches slavery and death for anyone who disagrees, is fully in harmony with everything the left holds dear.

    • AEHarrod

      I understand Leftist domination of academia, but this is beyond the scope of the article.

  • Shel_TR

    I’m happy to have Islamists’ activities documented, but…

    This article is in dire need of editing. For example, it is populated with way too many run-on sentences. It’s also pedantic. Undeniably, it is satisfying to hang Islamists on the rope their own quotations provide. But the author stuffs so many (unnecessary) quotations that they shroud the points he’s making.

  • liz

    What is it with people and this “worldwide Jewish conspiracy” obsession?
    Yes, the Jews secretly rule the world so they arranged to have 6 million of themselves murdered in the Holocaust.
    So of course this goes hand in hand with Holocaust denial, and being delusional about Muslims being civilized.

    • laura r

      theory has it that the jews arranged the holocaust so they could have israel. dont pay attention to ignorant irrational paranoids.


      Islam is the “Religion of Terrorism”.

      Whenever there is a plane crash, explosion in mass transit, a bombingin, the first thought is it’s Terrorism from the Religion of “Peace”.

  • getreal5

    Islam never had a reformation being it is a young religion. Mixing in atomic and bio-weapons/chemical of today the outcome cannot end well for them. Christianity and Judaism had theirs before the advent of gunpowder. Scary.

    • UCSPanther

      It took a lot of political wrangling, blood and terror to humble the Roman Catholic Church alone.

  • James Foard

    If Susan Rice heard that you called Lyndon LaRouche a “deranged anti-Semitic”, I think she might say something like this: “Just because a person hates Jews doesn’t necessarily make that person an anti-Semitic.”


    lyndon larouche cult.


    Dennis King

    Lyndon Larouche and the New American Fascism

  • popseal

    Before Western influences, the establishment of Israel, and the discovery of oil there was the conquest of ancient Spain 7-8th Centuries up to the siege of Vienna circa 1683. Islam has been a cancer among mankind since it first boiled out of Arabia. The personal life of Mohammed is enough for any moral man to reject that dangerous religio-political superstition.

  • TopAssistant

    Ernst needs to do a little more research on our known enemy! Who said this, to whom, when, why and what have we ever done about it? Would you consider this statement to be contrary to our Constitution, our way of life, a danger to our
    National/Homeland Security and the preservation of our Constitution?

    Would you think these are words of an enemy? Surely, both the House and Senate studied this but where are the reports?

    “The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every musselman [muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    This statement was a part of a March 28, 1786, letter from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, the United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Continental Congress, concerning their conversation with Tripoli’s to
    London, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman as to why his pirates/terrorists hijacked our merchant ships, stole the ships and cargo while
    holding the sailors for ransom. Source: Founders Archives

    Why are we failing to mention the obvious issues in the 1786 letter that still exists today? Here are the main points in 1786; are they the same today with the Muslim Brotherhood in America and their plan they wrote to destroy us?
    a. “it was founded on the Laws of their prophet”;
    b. “that it was written in their Koran”;
    c. “that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners”;
    d. “that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and”;
    e. “to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and”;
    f. “that every musselman [muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to

    Please take time to view the 12 Faces of Islam and then ask your useless politician to look at it.