Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

306586629Death Penalty Month at has already been interrupted by the psycho in Santa Barbara, and now it’s being interrupted by the Buddhist in Bagram.

Keeping to the spirit of Death Penalty Month, let’s review the execution of Pvt. Eddie Slovik. Slovik’s offense: desertion in wartime. (See the tie-in?)

Unlike Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his unit, according to the accounts of his comrades, Slovik never actually deserted. He also didn’t call America a “disgusting” country or say he was “ashamed to be an American.”

Slovik was just a chicken.

In October 1944, as Allied forces were sweeping through France, Slovik left his position on the front lines, walked to the rear of his unit and handed a note to the cook, confessing his desertion. The letter explained that he was “so scared” that he had already abandoned his unit once, and concluded: “AND I’LL RUN AWAY AGAIN IF I HAVE TO GO OUT THERE.”

Slovik was like Bradley Manning minus the lipstick and eyeliner.

A lieutenant, a company commander and a judge advocate all tried to persuade Slovik to shred the letter and return to his unit, warning him that he’d be tried for desertion otherwise. Slovik refused.

In the middle of World War II, the military court-martialed Slovik, tried him and sentenced him to death.

Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower denied Slovik’s pardon request, saying it would encourage more desertions, just as the fighting was getting especially hot. Slovik was executed by firing squad and buried among the numbered graves of court-martialed rapists and murderers in an American military cemetery in France.

Contrast Slovik’s story with the beloved troop whose return just cost us the release of five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

Three days before he walked off his base, Bergdahl emailed his parents:

— “I am ashamed to be an american.”

— “The US army is the biggest joke … It is the army of liars, backstabbers, fools and bullies.”

— “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid.”

— “The horror that is america is disgusting.”

These emails were given to the author of a 2012 Rolling Stone article on the case by Bergdahl’s own parents.

The overwrought soldier’s father, Bob, emailed back: “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!” And then, according to the Rolling Stone profile reporting these emails — as well as the Army report on the incident — Bergdahl “decided to walk away.”

Bergdahl’s unit commander, Evan Buetow, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that intercepted Taliban “chatter” soon revealed that Bergdahl was looking for a member of the Taliban who spoke English. (Other than his father.)

Buetow said he couldn’t prove it, but he believed Bergdahl began helping the Taliban attack his own unit. After that, Buetow says, the assaults were much more direct, and Bergdahl would have known the unit’s tactics and how they would respond to an attack.

U.S. forces in the area spent the next two months on a single mission: trying to find Bergdahl. It is beyond dispute that any American killed during that time was killed on a mission to “rescue” Bergdahl from his new comrades.

Over the years, the Taliban produced several propaganda videos with Bergdahl — eating, doing push-ups and criticizing American foreign policy.

During the Vietnam War, POW Navy Vice Admiral James Stockdale disfigured himself so that he could not be used in a propaganda video. He slit his wrists to avoid being tortured for information.

When captured Navy aviator Jeremiah Denton was forced by the North Vietnamese to make a propaganda video, he blinked the word T-O-R-T-U-R-E in Morse code, over and over again, as he said these words:

“I don’t know what is going on in the war now. My only sources are North Vietnamese radio, magazines and newspapers. But whatever the position of my government, I agree with it. I support it. I will support it as long as I live.”

It was the first confirmation the U.S. had that the North Vietnamese were torturing POWs.

These men — and many more — had limbs torn from their sockets, their legs and backs shattered by the North Vietnamese. As Denton said of the repeated torture, he’d rather lose an arm than his honor.

When right-wingers get choked up about “the troops,” these are the sort of men we’re thinking of. Not Bowe “America is disgusting” Bergdahl.

But to Obama, Bergdahl was the picture of American manhood and military honor.

He released five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world — captured at great cost to our military — in order to give Bergdahl an exit plan from his Great Adventure. (Before he ever set foot in Afghanistan, Bergdahl had told a fellow soldier, “If this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.”)

Bergdahl wasn’t being “left behind” or “left on the battlefield.” He was being left where he wanted to be, with the poor, innocent Talibanists, far away from this “disgusting” country that made him “ashamed to be an American.”

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  • Jakareh

    Kudos to Ann Coulter for bringing the Slovik case. If this country still has a modicum of self-respect, Bowe Bergdahl will be sentenced to death and executed. But then again, Barack was elected and reelected.

    • Bamaguje

      Both Obama and Bergdahl are traitors

      • VarshaMoretoniss

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      • BS77

        When I think of all those thousands of our troops killed or maimed for life in Afghanistan and see this horrible betrayal of their sacrifices….well, it makes me physically sick. This “deal” is probably one of the worst in US history.

    • CapitalistPig

      As the SS Officer in Hogan’s Hero’s said–“You vill recief a fair trial avfter vich you vill be shot!”

      • Jakareh

        Guess what, depending on the offense and on the evidence presented, being shot is the outcome of a fair trial.

        • CapitalistPig

          In this day, age & PC political climate, executing Bergdahl would be highly unlikely–you’re right though. Sometimes it is the proper sentence.

    • Anamah

      Could Obama be sent with the five commanders?
      Can go for free!!!

    • rugger

      Those who said our military involvement in the Mideast would “be another Vietnam” were ironically right—again, brave military people have been betrayed by the politicians in Washington like OB, throwing away their victories won with blood.

      • Jakareh

        Right you are. Afghanistan and Iraq ended up being like Vietnam because liberals made sure of it. They made a prophecy and they fulfilled it.

        • Americana

          Someone is only able to say this if they’re totally ignorant of Muslim society and ignorant of the region and ignorant of what American military choices have been. These countries are ALL LIKE VIETNAM and will ALL BE LIKE VIETNAM if we choose to attempt to execute our domino theory because Islam guarantees that they’ll all react like Vietnam. Liberals didm’t have anything to do w/the military choices made to execute American battle plans in those countries. The American battle plans were adequate and successful as far as securing bases for American soldiers. That’s NOT the same thing as securing the peace. It’s up to those countries populations to make the decisions leading to peace in their countries.

          • Jakareh

            Liberals impose rules of engagement that make our troops ineffective. Liberals want to negotiate with, rather than exterminate, the Taliban. Liberals want mosques treated as sacrosanct, even when Muslims use them as ammo dumps. I could go on, but I have better things to do.

          • Americana

            You must not know any Vietnam veterans because the international rules of engagement sure didn’t help us win that war! We lost in Vietnam because the majority of the country wanted a unity government. If our troops are ineffective in these Muslim countries, it’s because of cultural barriers and not because our troops are MILITARILY INEFFECTIVE. There is more to war than the military and in the case of Muslim countries, especially Muslim countries that are in the grips of a Muslim insurgency, there are sociopolitical issues that are beyond our ability to control. I don’t believe America’s rules of engagement have changed all that much from one war to another and they are by and large the international standards for ROE. The rules of engagement are NOT ARRIVED at by political philosophy so I doubt whether Liberals or Conservatives have anything to say about them.

          • Jakareh

            Instead of writing so much bunk, I suggest you read veterans’ accounts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

          • Americana

            I have friends who are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m well aware of the horrific events most of them witnessed in they were in the heavy-duty fighting.

    • Atikva

      Elected in 2008, yes, with only moderate voting fraud. In 2012, I am not so sure he was really re-elected, too many things don’t add up.

  • notme123

    when I saw the video of BB blinking his eyes, I didn’t think he was blindfolded as some reporters say. He looked to me to be teary eyed, sad to be going home, talking to his supposed captors, and then the one he was talking to gave him a nice reassuring tap on the shoulder….???!!!

    • tagalog

      He probably was thinking about how much the U.S. knows about his sympathies and his post-desertion conduct.

      • Ellman48

        Actually, I think he was experiencing the exhilaration of knowing that 5 of his Taliban brethren were about to be released thanks to his willingness to join our enemies in 2009.

        ‘Good luck and thank you for all your help said the Talibani’ as he tapped his shoulder. He would have kissed him but the scarf prevented that.

        I wonder if Bergdahl is one of the ‘homegrown’ terrorists Eric Holder said we need to be concerned about. Somehow I think Mr. Holder considers him a ‘hero’.

        • tagalog

          Good point.

          Yeah, I agree with your speculation on what Mr. Holder thinks.

  • tagalog

    I wonder why Ann Coulter didn’t mention Marine Pfc. Robert Garrow, who deserted his unit in Vietnam in 1965 and spent the ensuing years carrying a Viet Cong AK, guarding U.S. soldiers who were POWs, and participating in ambushes and firefights with U.S. troops until a few years after the Vietnam War ended, then got homesick, contacted the U.S., came back home, got court-martialed for Desertion and Collaboration With the Enemy, was convicted and received a dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of his back pay, and then went off to live (and still lives) a nice, quiet life in the U.S.A.?

    • nomoretraitors

      Thanks for the history lesson. I wasn’t aware of the Garrow story.

      • tagalog

        I made a mistake; the last name is not Garrow but Garwood. Sorry.

      • CapitalistPig

        Garwood gave a long extensive interview to Playboy after the legal case was finished. Pretty fascinating reading–if somewhat self serving.

    • WhiteHunter

      I’d forgotten about Garrow until you just brought that traitor’s name up. He should have been shot. He still should be.

    • Americana

      Ann Coulter didn’t mention those other American turncoats because Coulter most often does very little research in arriving at her opinions. She’s not much interested in depth and nuance to her opinion. She’s all about getting the most volatile opinion opined and leaves it at that.

  • Jason P

    Obama model isn’t Slovik … it’s Wright, Ayers, and Kerry. Obama studied under Rev. “God D@mn America” Wright who hated his country. He grew up in Chicago politics with Bill “should have bombed the Pentagon more” Ayers and he appointed John Kerry … well, you know the story.

    Obama doesn’t regard hatred of America as dishonorable. He doesn’t see giving aid and support to the enemy as disloyal. Of course he sees Bergdahl as a hero … wouldn’t he?

  • nomoretraitors

    “But to Obama, Bergdahl was the picture of American manhood and military honor”
    Of course, since Obama knows nothing of either manhood or honor

  • jlb

    Since we can do nothing, say nothing to stop the madness that our pot-smoking, brain damaged president does, maybe we should just pray that we make it through the next 2.5 years. With little time to go, he must do more damage, faster. Let’s just expect a new scandel every week until we are exhausted. This is a form of warfare and it is being used against us. Bowe Bergdahl and the fab five are not the problem-it is the president and our lame congress. You need to do a lot of things wrong to get 13% approval.

  • BS77

    Thanks to Ann Coulter. Also Brigitte Gabrielle…..did you see her on Hannity?
    Americans better wake the freak up.

  • Cappy1437

    Excellent information and well said. Thank you to Ann Coulter. When Obama entered the rose garden with his arm around Mrs. Bergdahl he looked like they were best friends forever. When Mr. Bergdahl gave his “Taliban speech” Obama looked proud. My thought is that Obama had probably told the Bergdahls prior to walking out to the cameras that, “If I had a son he would’ve done the same thing as Bowe.”

    • Atikva

      I was chocked too to see how familiar he was with his arm around Mrs. Bergdhal’s huh.. waist. Mrs. Obama didn’t look so pleased when her husband was gallivanting with Denmark PM, the blonde Helle Thorning Schmidt, during Mr. Mandela’s funeral, I wonder how she took this new show of intimacy with another woman.

  • Anamah

    Your article is formidable, Ann. Fine humor and so well described!
    Chapeau dear!

  • Ellman48

    “Bergdahl wasn’t being “left behind” or “left on the battlefield.” He was
    being left where he wanted to be, with the poor, innocent Talibanists,
    far away from this “disgusting” country that made him “ashamed to be an

    While returning Vets from the Vietnam War were being denounced and demeaned those who defected to Canada to avoid the war were allowed to return with no shame or recriminations. That was bad enough.

    Today we are supposed to feel elated that a deserter, traitor and collaborator with the Taliban is being allowed to return home to his mother & father. We should not pay attention to his betrayal of his fellow soldiers and this country. We should ignore that we paid $1 million (5 terrorists) for something not even worth $1 (Bergdahl). We should pretend that those who died because of Bergdahl and the Taliban 5 are irrelevant and incidental to this swap. We should believe the lies and deceptions offered by Susan Rice, the Sunday Talk Show Guru.

    Yes, the Regime tells us how we should feel about Bergdahl and this travesty but we can’t dispel our disgust and contempt as we are introduced to yet another scandal more egregious perhaps than the one it is intended to distract us from – the VA debacle and what it portends for Obamacare.

  • liz

    Couldn’t be a greater contrast – in WW2 a deserter gets the firing squad, now he gets a hero’s welcome.

  • teamglock

    Traitors should be shot. Period. Whether they be on the battlefield or in Washington.

  • bob e

    i don’t see why bergdahl can’t run for congress on a democratic ticket ..

  • jewdog

    Ann just doesn’t understand that times have changed. For example, the new patriotism is not to blindly obey your country, but to question it. The whole concept of military discipline is passe. There are no enemies, only people with whom we have communication issues. Nobody needs to be killed, but everybody needs a therapist. The Taliban are angry, which means we have to look at ourselves for the answer. The real solution to Afghanistan is to clean up our inner cities, get rid of Gitmo and stop calling women chicks. When America has rid itself of racism, sexism and Islamophobia, we will have no quarrel with anybody, outside of Israel.