Illegal Immigration, Polls and Dishonesty

Border Fence DonationsWith Republicans tying themselves in knots over the Democrats’ destructive, but superficially appealing, demand that unemployment benefits be extended to two and a half years, I return to my suggestion that Republicans stop playing defense and go on offense.For every issue that MSNBC loves to prattle on about, gloating that it will cost Republicans this or that demographic, there’s an equivalent issue to use against the Democrats. (The difference is: Our proposals would actually be good for the country.)

In addition to my repeated suggestion that Republicans introduce bills to institutionalize the dangerous mentally ill and force the Democrats to defend the right of psychos to crap in libraries and shoot up schools, Republicans should take the public’s side on immigration.

Democrats love to pretend their sucking up to illegals is all upside for them, but that’s because they lie even when taking polls.

Liberals will claim that 99 percent of Americans favor national health care after taking a poll that asks: “Do you support Americans being nice to one another?”


It’s the same thing. The government providing free health care to everyone is just being nice.

They’ll claim “90 percent of Americans favor banning most guns” based on a poll that asks, “Are you for common sense gun safety or are you against it?”

Similarly, the immigration polls triumphantly brandished by the media ask about positions no one holds, no politician has proposed and no bills would require. Polls are irrelevant if you lie to the people being polled.

Most immigration polls are variations on the one taken by the liberal Brookings Institution last March. Although it has been endlessly cited for allegedly showing that a majority of Americans support amnesty, the poll never asked about amnesty, or any real policy.

Rather, the poll gave respondents only two options, neither of which have been proposed by either political party or are up for a vote anywhere in America.

The options were:

“The best way to solve the country’s illegal immigration problem is to secure our borders and arrest and deport all those who are here illegally”;


“The best way to solve the country’s illegal immigration problem is to both secure our borders and provide an earned path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S.”

Neither of those choices describes the position of anyone on either side of the immigration debate. Amnesty proponents have no intention of either securing the border or making illegals do anything to “earn” citizenship. Meanwhile, not a single amnesty opponent has proposed any program to “arrest and deport” illegals.

But amnesty proponents turn around and cite this fraudulent poll as proof that a majority of Americans support “a path to legalization.”

This is how the left uses polls to manipulate public opinion, rather than find out what it is. They provide the ingredients for today’s political discussion and we’re not allowed to pick any items off the menu.

But can’t I be against amnesty without voting for rounding up illegals at gunpoint?

No substitutions! Look at the menu.

All the “path to legalization” polls play the same trick. Either armed men round up millions of women and children at midnight, put them in leg irons and immediately deport them on stinky buses; or we offer them a “path to legalization” after meeting all sorts of onerous requirements (none of which will ever materialize).

There were loads of promises surrounding Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, too — such as securing the border, punishing employers who hire illegals and forcing illegals to pay back taxes. Sen. Teddy Kennedy vowed: “We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.” (Those were the good old days when they were willing to call it “amnesty.”)

Obviously, that promise ended up in the same place Mary Jo Kopechne did — underwater and unmentioned.

After the bill passed, then-Rep. Chuck Schumer (Gov. Chris Christie’s current immigration adviser) immediately introduced a bill excusing illegal aliens from having to pay any back taxes at all.

Now, instead of 3 million illegal aliens living here, we have 11 million, salsa is the best-selling condiment in America, and I have to press “one” for English.

We already tried this the nice way. The country gets one mulligan, not two.

An honest poll question would ask:

Do you think people who have knowingly broken our laws to come here illegally with their families since the last amnesty should be rewarded with citizenship, or should they voluntarily go back the same way they came?

An even more honest immigration poll question would ask:

At a time of massive unemployment, do you think people who have knowingly broken our laws and come here illegally with their families since the last amnesty should be rewarded with citizenship, or should they voluntarily go back the same way they came?

Even a poll question that simply omits the lies about the theoretical hurdles illegals will have to clear (which will never happen) produces a poll in which a majority of Americans support “deportation.”

Last year, the TechCrunch website polled this question: “Do you support or oppose deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.?”

Again: NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT DEPORTATION. We didn’t round up 11 million foreigners to get them here, and we’re not going to round them up to send them home. They’ll leave the same way they came.

But even answering a stacked poll question asking about something no one has proposed — deportation — a majority of respondents, 53.4 percent, supported deportation, compared to 42 percent opposed. Among Republicans, 74.1 percent favored deportation, with only 22.3 percent opposed.

Not only that, but a Fox News poll last year showed that a majority of Americans would like to curtail legal immigration, with 55 percent supporting a decrease in legal immigrants and only 28 percent supporting an increase.

My thought is: Republicans should push policies that are popular.

But instead of proposing immigration reforms that are runaway hits with a majority of Americans — without anyone even having made the argument! — Republicans have been hoodwinked by Democrats into trying to outbid Democrats for the Hispanic vote. They still won’t win the Hispanic vote, but now the rest of the country will hate Republicans, too.

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  • onecornpone

    Polls are merely a vehicle to enable media whores to create talking points favorable to their Leftist agenda – and lying in order to get their propaganda out is nothing.

    The harsh rebuff of media darling, chameleon Rubio certainly proved the majority of Americans aren’t susceptible to overtly aggressive, cheesy PR campaigns devoid of substance.

    We all know that the “path to legalization” Coulter mentions is strewn with ‘rose petals’…

    • veeper

      A “path to legalization” law is a open door for obama to begin “Executive Orders” to do whatever he pleases….

      First Executive Order… rights for illegals covered under the new Path to legalization law…..

  • Bamaguje

    “But instead of proposing immigration reforms that are runaway hits with a
    majority of Americans — without anyone even having made the argument! —
    Republicans have been hoodwinked by Democrats into trying to outbid
    Democrats for the Hispanic vote. They still won’t win the Hispanic vote” – Ann Coulter.

    Republicans do have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Just see how the messed up the 2012 presidential election which Romney should have won hands down.

    Anyway what’s wrong with deporting illegals who shouldn’t be in America in the first place. Self deportation is unlikely to be effective, as many illegal immigrants denied work may simply take to crime rather than go home to the hellholes they escaped from.

    • veeper

      obama despises the Constitution because it doesn’t allow him to run the country as he wants….he can’t just play it by “ear” as he has done with obamacare….

      he will do exactly the same thing with immigration……just put something on the books….

      and he will change and alter it at will…..

      obama wants a dictatorship with a congress to blame when his actions fall apart and fail…..

    • Crex21

      no, deport the criminals and let a some stay wo benes but enforce e-verify..and Romney DID win–there was massive voter fraud in evry contested state

  • Clare Spark I wonder if the campaign against Southern and Western white males has not been a strategy of the kind discussed by Coulter? “The frontiersman/settler as all-purpose scapegoat.”

  • ML NJ

    No one? Here I am. I’m for arresting and deporting. Eisenhower did it with Operation Wetback in 1954 and the problem didn’t rear it’s ugly head again until Kennedy-Johnson time.

    • nomoretraitors

      We didn’t have so many traitors and collaborators back then

  • Willy Rho

    I am 100% for arresting and deporting any non-citizen in the USA.

    • Crex21

      That will backfire for sure; cut off benes and let them can’t round up 25-35 million people logistically nor can you make ObaMao enforce the laws

    • veeper

      The current immigration laws on the books agree with you 100%…..

      however, the U.S. government has no interest in enforcing those laws…..

  • Dim

    Point Blank, if you are in this country illegally then you are breaking the law and you should be deported. I don’t care where you come from, Europe, Asia, South or Central America, or Africa… The law is the law, or at least it was when I was busted with a gram of weed and was slammed to the ground, handcuffed and treated like scum. Yet I pay taxes and treat people with love. Why am I a citizen pushed down? FURTHER MORE, if you a here illegally we don’t don’t want you, because you are a coward. Things got hot and heavy in your country and you ran with your tail between your legs…. JUST like you would if shit hit the fan here.

  • Gloria Stewart

    A word of caution about your proposal to force the mentally ill into institutions. If such incarceration takes place absent a criminal predicate, you are treading on very dangerous ground. How long do you think it would be before deviancy was defined downward and anyone who seriously opposed the current regime would be a candidate? Absent an overt act, deviancy would be re defined as unorthodox behavior. Do you want the people who brought you Political Correctness to enjoy that kind of power? They are bad enough with the power they enjoy now.

    Before the collapse of the USSR dissidents were confined to mental institutions for their opposition to the Soviet regime. The regime would claim that they were pre empting an attack.

    I would think twice about that idea.

  • veeper

    I have been saying this for years and taking a lot of crap for saying it….

    Now when I say it ……I get more agreement than crap….

    The U.S. government is the most corrupt, criminal, deceitful and dishonest government on the planet…..

    Americans have become the biggest group of fools and willfully ignorant cowards on the planet….

  • Guest

    I am totally for arresting and deporting illegal aliens. They are an insult to their (mostly Mexican) counterparts who have come here legally. If we do not do something drastic and very soon, this nation will be full of signs in Spanish (like the one I saw recently in a Walgreen’s drugstore) with no English at all. The cultural and environmental conditions will begin to resemble those in Mexico, and “hasta la vista, baby”.

  • Patriot077

    The fact every American citizen should keep in the forefront is that the illegal aliens have countries they can return to. We do not. And unless Americans stand up and defend our laws and our land, we will be displaced.
    No amnesty; no comprehensive reform. Unless we secure the border, there will be no end to the invasions.

  • Dave Francis

    Before anymore immigration laws are passed, we must have a
    written guarantee that the borders will be sealed from further invasion. That
    laws will be enforced unlike those inherited from the 1968 Reform and Control
    Act. America is in peril! An issue that must not be overlooked is the
    identity crisis. Growing in numbers are
    citizens and lawful residents falling prey to theft of Social Security number. It’s
    becoming an epidemic on a scale not seen before, especially in the employment
    market. By now thousands have seen the ads for protecting your identity, from
    the three major credit history companies, or an assortment of other businesses
    who are claiming to inform you, when they detect an unknown somebody stealing
    your credit information over the Internet. It is a growing concern that credit
    card theft is out of control. It is high time we were protected by the U.S.
    Government in the form of a national Social Security card, a biometric card
    that will not only dry-up thefts of a Social Security card number, so illegal
    aliens can get access to American jobs, but also remove the controversy
    continuing over voter fraud.

    All we get from any administration is a cheap, obsolete
    Social Security card that even a blind man with a copier could duplicate. A
    universal card can only be used by its possessor, not a thief? A photo and
    thumbprint would identify—YOU from further theft. From what I have read even
    filing a police report doesn’t alleviate the anxiety of suffering from constant
    bombardment of debt collectors. Every victim has to go through a living
    nightmare, to clear their name, which can last months and even years. In the
    meantime somebody is using your social Security number to get a job, to vote
    and of course to steal your credit. They can even produce documents to buy a
    house in your name, sell it and you get stuck with the mortgage that was never
    yours in the first place.

    If we want to assuage
    voter fraud we need a counterfeit proof document, because non-citizens don’t
    care as all they get these days is a slap on the wrist for perjury from a judge—should
    you be caught and that’s uncertain. We can only look to THE PEOPLE’S TEA PARTY,
    which is splintering from the Republican Establishment. The Tea Party is
    moderation in Conservatism, a grassroots movement that calls awareness to any issue which
    challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our beloved
    nation, the United States of America.
    From our founding, the Tea Party represents the voice of the true owners of the
    United States:

  • 1foramerica2

    For many years (probably like 20 years) the media has reported that there are 11 million illegals living in the US. I seriously doubt that for 20 years the numbers of illegals have remained the same. Perhaps there are 40 or 50 million of illegals living in the US. Say NO to amnesty otherwise we will have another 50 million more entering our country.

  • USARetired

    How about we call a Skunk a Skunk! Millions of Americans out of work, and millions of illegals occupying jobs, Hard to understand??

    • veeper

      Here’s the kicker for the black community…..

      obama and the democrat’s amnesty will harm blacks more than any other group….

      but, the blacks will just keep right on obeying the black community code….

      they MUST always side with the black… matter what…