Lockett & Load

stephanie_neiman-450x300The next time liberals get indignant when we say they care more about criminals than the victims of crime, remember their hysterical weeping over Clayton Lockett. I refer, of course, to the vile rapist-murderer, whose execution last week is getting more press than Chris Christie’s bridge scandal.

This week we will review some facts about the case that The New York Times edited out of its capacious articles on Lockett. This is the information that was not fit to print. Next week, we’ll discuss the death penalty, with particular reference to Clayton Lockett.

The main category of facts you won’t read about Lockett in the Times, or elsewhere in the NFM (Non-Fox Media), is what he did to his victims — which is to say, his last four victims. It may surprise you to learn that Locket had a long felony record.

In 1999, Lockett and two confederates broke into Bobby Bornt’s house to rob him. Bornt recognized Lockett as the man he had hired a few weeks earlier to cover a tattoo.

Lockett savagely beat Bornt for 15 minutes with a shotgun, as Bornt’s 9-month old son wailed in the next room. The three men bound Bornt’s hands together with duct tape and set about searching his home for something to steal. Indeed, Lockett pushed Bornt off the couch, complaining that he was bleeding too much into what he called “my couch.”

About that time, Bornt’s friend, Summer Hair, showed up to invite him to a party. The thieves pulled her inside, threw her against a wall and hit her, holding a gun to her head until she called her friend waiting in the truck outside, to tell her to come inside. That was Stephanie Neiman.

Stephanie walked in, and she, too, was beaten until she relinquished the keys to her truck. All three victims were locked in the bedroom with Bornt’s infant child, while Lockett and Co. ransacked the home, pausing only to pull Hair out and gang-rape her. One of Lockett’s crew orally sodomized her, then vaginally raped her. Lockett raped her vaginally, anally and orally.

Lockett directed one of his conspirators to steal a shovel from Bornt, loaded them all up in Bornt and Neiman’s trucks and drove to a remote area. Lockett took Hair from one of the trucks and again raped her vaginally and orally. He returned her to the truck, where the third man forced her to perform oral sex on him.

(Let’s pause here to reflect on The New York Times’ hysteria over hazy date rape allegations by drunk coeds on college campuses.)

Lockett demanded that his victims promise not to tell the police what he had done. Bornt and Hair promised, but Stephanie would not, so he yanked her out of the truck and directed one of his confederates to start digging a grave.

(He later told the police that he wanted to kill all three adult victims so that his parole officer wouldn’t find out he had left the county.)

Stephanie stood by the grave being dug for her for 20 minutes. Lockett shot her, but his gun jammed. So he walked back to the truck to fix it, listening to Stephanie cry, “Oh God! Please! Please!” The three men laughed at her.

Then he returned and shot her again. But Stephanie was still breathing — so Lockett told the others to bury her anyway. She coughed as dirt was heaped on her face. She was buried alive.

Lockett warned Bornt and Hair that they’d be murdered, too, if they went to the police, then drove them back to Bornt’s house. Bornt and Hair reported the rapes, kidnapping and murder the next day. One of Lockett’s accomplices quickly confessed and brought the cops to Stephanie’s body.

These facts are not contested by Lockett, who, as he wrote in a letter from prison, “told that fool” — the district attorney — “I did shoot that bitch.”

All four adults who lived through the evening with Lockett “snitched” on him — his two co-conspirators, as well as the two victims. (For this, he strove mightily from prison to orchestrate hits on all four of them — letters that came in handy during his clemency appeal!)

A jury sentenced Lockett to death, but he lived for another 15 years after committing these savage crimes, during which time he was fed, housed and given medical treatment by the generous people of Oklahoma.

In addition to plotting hits against the four witnesses against him, while in prison, Lockett repeatedly threatened guards, was caught with homemade weapons, destroyed prison property, and threw feces and urine at officers bringing him food.

When called to account for his attack on one prison guard, he explained, “F-ck this kangaroo court, next time it will be a knife.” Four days later, he was caught with an 11-inch shank and 23-inch club in his cell.

Another time, when a homemade shiv was found on Lockett, he told the officer, “You know that I could have stuck this in your f-cking heart.”

Lockett was so violent that other prisoners refused to be housed in the same cell with him, even though they could be punished for their refusal.

In letters from prison, Lockett said that he planned to “put a bullet in” Bornt. He wrote to his aunt — the mother of one of his accomplices — warning her that his “homeboys” in prison are “waiting on him.”

Lockett also planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, of whom he said, “She was gone” (going to) “get done real, real bad! And she still is. Her ass better get the fucc out of Perry” (Oklahoma) “cause my little brother coming down here from San Diego and niggaz think I was crazy then wait till cuzz get here! He already on the run from New Orleans for murder.”

New York Times editors may not have slept well after Lockett’s execution, but Bornt, Hair and about a dozen other specific individuals surely did.

In letters to the under-sheriff, Lockett bragged about his gang affiliations, his previous crimes and his intention to murder Bornt and Hair. “Cuzz Im a California Hoover Crip!” he says. “We don’t get down at all like these Hooverz from Oklahoma. Why you think so many niggaz beat cases out that way? Cause Im an assassin — point blank!”

This is the murderer whose recent execution has thrown liberals into deep despair.

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  • mattogilvie55

    No wonder the leftwingers are lamenting his execution. Lockett represented liberals in every way imaginable.

    • davarino

      and that would be lawlessness, as evidenced by their head leftwinger Obama

    • Davros11

      That’s just it, they don’t want people like them executed because it sets a precedent. Like most Judges that let child molesters go, or give them small sentences. They are also scum bag animal rapists and have a feeling of commonality with them.

    • Seek

      Utter nonsense. Lockett represented blacks in every way possible. No sane white liberal would live near such a freak.

      • mattogilvie55

        No such thing as a sane white liberal. No such thing as a sane liberal, regardless of skin color.

        • Seek

          Typical deracinated Red State rubbish. Liberals may be wrong about most things, but they are not, as your character assassination would have it, “insane.” And black criminals are NOT liberals. They are all about tribal/racial loyalty. When a murderous Negro goes on a rampage, I can guarantee you, he isn’t thinking about John Stuart Mill, John Dewey or Hubert Humphrey.

          • mattogilvie55

            Sauce for the goose. Leftwingers think and say the same things about conservatives every minute of every day, if not worse. I decided a long time ago to treat them as they treat me. If they don’t like it, then they have to change their tune and start acting like adults. If they don’t, then I will say anything about them or do anything to them I damned well please, and no one is going to stop me.

      • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

        Dat’s racist yo!

  • http://americansforpetraeus2012.org JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Why choose the worst of the worst to make a death penalty point? Libtards must be completely nuts to pick the poster boy for depravity and not an innocent man executed for a crime. Sense? Either these progtards are crazy or stoopid or both !!

    • http://americansforpetraeus2012.org JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

      Yes…we know it’s stoopid to say stoopid, but tards are STOOPID !!!

    • Richard Smit

      Death Panelty is still a Good thing

  • DaCoachK

    There is nothing too cruel for monsters like this one. Liberals love their murderers, rapists and assaulters. What a sorry tribe liberals are.

  • tagalog

    Most executions are completed without a hitch. So the complications in Lockett’s execution I take as the hand of God imposing a punishment that fits the crime.

    • Liberal knot

      Oklahoma needs more practice to perfect the procedure until the “victims” are killed in a more humane fashion satisfying the liberals concerns.

      • Drakken

        Just get a rope and use liberally, the good ole fashioned way.

  • chelmer

    His sole regret apparently was in not murdering the other witnesses as well.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Summer Hair?”

  • Namvet AF

    What happened to this piece of human debris during his execution is just deserts. I believe there are many people, both in prison and out, are breathing a sigh of relief. Calling Lockett evil is an understatement.

  • saveAMERICAfromTHEnutters

    His death was to easy.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Before they executed Lockett , they should have turned him loose on the New York Times editorial staff as a glimpse of reality .

  • http://shugartpoliticalaction.shugartmedia.com/uncommonsense/ Chris Shugart

    BTW, this was not a “botched” execution as many media outlets have reported. The guy is dead. His sentence was carried out successfully beyond dispute. Cruel but true.

  • DVult

    So the Idiot in chief opened up his big mouth about this guy without knowing any of this or he did know and blabbered his useless stupidity anyway. He is either willfully ignorant, a complete moron or both. There are no other possibilities.

  • Notalibfool

    So when will Steve Fair comment on this?

    • Drakken

      Careful! He will call you a racist in the hopes it sticks.

      • Notalibfool

        And in the process he will make several racist remarks himself.

  • VHG1

    Yet the liberals never spoke about the victim, or that the vermin Lockett lived 15 years longer than he should have. The young girl’s life was taken in the most brutal fashion, and of course The Plague of Liberalism celebrates these brutal scum because deep down virtually all Liberals would commit such acts, it’s in their genes!

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    The problem with Lockett’s execution was that it didn’t hurt ENOUGH.

  • LisaPNevarez

    In 1999, Lockett and two confederates broke into Bobby Bornt’s house to rob him. Bornt recognized Lockett as the man he had hired a few weeks earlier to cover a tattoo. http://num.to/478878905061

  • nimbii

    Gosh Ann, how can our hand-wringing liberals at the NYT make this guy hip…or maybe hop…???

    If the NYT could have just given this guy a job covering the city beat, all would be well and (be still my beating heart) a cutting edge perspective could be brought to the editorial page…

  • Seek

    This article is okay as far as it goes, but it chickens out in dealing with the fact that Lockett and his accomplice were black, and that this has everything to do with their choice of targets. Race IS the issue here, Ann, and all the baiting of “liberals” (i.e., white liberals — a nice, safe target) isn’t going to change that.

  • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

    I don’t get the photograph, or am I the only one seeing a portly, white tuba player?

  • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

    And I forgot what I was originally going to say, which is if you want a ‘humane’ method of execution…. and who doesn’t? try nitrogen drowning. Just put a mask with pure nitrogen flowing through it. There is no smothering as there is no build up of CO2. The first symptom is unconsciousness, followed rather quickly by death. In this instance though, maybe the punishment APPROACHED fitting the crime. Did he cry? Did he plead? Did he scream in pain and horror? Sure hope so.

  • UCSPanther

    Getting broken on a wheel and left for several days before getting put out of his misery with an iron cudgel would have been a very fitting punishment for Lockett.

  • Jakareh

    The only injustice were the 15 years before Lockett was put to death.

  • Zombee

    Liberals are a pathetic sleazy clan.

  • Choey

    Whatever was wrong with hanging them at high noon in the town square. It worked very well for many years.