Who Is Killing Palestinian Children?

hamas11Political differences aside, few will disagree that Palestinian children are innocent victims of the on-going hostilities in Gaza. Israel’s air strikes, aimed to defend its citizens from Hamas’ terrorization, resulted in civilian casualties, which included child victims. Yet, none other than Hamas, the rulers of Gaza, are responsible for the general humanitarian crisis there and for scores of killed, wounded, and traumatized children.

Civilian fatalities are inevitable in any war, and thus far there are 230 in Gaza, despite a painstaking—and largely successful–effort of the Israelis to minimize collateral casualties. There is sufficient documentary evidence to show that Israeli pilots have cancelled scheduled air strikes after having spotted children and other innocents close to sites designated for destruction.[i] On the other hand, since the outbreak of the war, the Hamas government repeatedly ordered citizens to ignore Israel’s warnings to evacuate before the strikes: residents were to remain inside their houses and not to “collaborate with the enemy.”[ii] Hamas punishment for collaborators has always been death,[iii] and many Gazans might have chosen to take a chance with their lives and those of their families rather than to defy terrorists in power.

Palestinians are the prime victims of their oppressive, brutal, criminal, semi-totalitarian administration. They are as afraid of their Hamas leaders as Russians were terrified of the Bolsheviks in their day. To expect to hear a sincere opinion of a Gaza citizen about any current political issue is like waiting for a terrorized captive of Stalin’s regime to express his independent view on Soviet foreign policy. The Israeli soldiers understand that they are forced to fight Hamas among the population which is “held hostage.”[iv]

The analogy holds, except for one central point: whereas the Bolsheviks in 1917 usurped power by force, Hamas won a significant majority in the 2006 elections in the Palestinian Parliament, and since 2007 maintained unilateral control of Gaza. A closer resemblance may therefore be to the Nazis, who had taken over German politics in 1933 as a result of the democratically-held parliamentary elections. Like the Germans, the Palestinians elected their Hamas leaders by a popular vote. Like the Germans in the 1930s and 1940s, they bare responsibility for their government’s aggression and brutality. And, like the Germans at the end of WWII, they suffer—and suffer indeed!–the consequences of the failed democratic process and its abuse by the extremists. “We are not leading our people to execution,” declared the Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri on Al-Aqsa TV on July 14, 2014, “We are leading them to death… I mean, to confrontation,” he corrected his slip of the tongue.[v] To say that to be led to death the adult Gazans chose is not to blame the victim; tragically, they made this choice also for their children.

Would it be a stretch of the comparison to say that Palestinian children today are like the 12-year-old members of the Hitlerjugend, whom in 1945 the Nazis equipped with hand grenades to blow up Soviet tanks? Time and again Hamas employs minors for suicide acts and other form of terrorist activity, sometimes giving them money or promising to pay their families.[vi] The Hamas uses Gaza schools and kindergartens as missile storages and launching sites; child facilities, as well as hospitals and mosques, protect Hamas fighters from the Israeli fire.[vii] A vivid fifteen-second video depicts the terrorists forcing small boys to serve adults as shields against the Israeli snipers.[viii] Even some Arab sources reveal that the Islamists use “human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children . . . in order to tell the public opinion that the Jews intended to kill them.”[ix]

An entire communication network exists in the Hamas-controlled Gaza for the purpose of producing “tragic news events.” Raw footage produces “Pallywood”–media manufacturing of bloody incidents, testifying of Israel’s intentional targeting of civilians and other “crimes against humanity.”[x] The Zionist agents are accused of spreading food that contains cancer-causing ingredients and of deliberately poisoning air and water. The Israelis are blamed for selling sports shoes that “cause the wearer to become paralyzed” and perfumes that lead to drug addiction, as well as of distributing AIDS, “sexually stimulating drops and chewing gum,” so as to “weaken and destroy” Palestinian youth.

Film clips of official TV have been fabricated to show the alleged victims of depleted uranium and nerve gas attacks quivering by convulsions and vomiting. Israelis are said to have performed Nazi-like experiments on Palestinian prisoners: “Many of the male and female inmates received injections from needles . . . which caused their hair and facial hair to fall out permanently. . . others lost their sanity, or their mental condition is constantly deteriorating. . . and some are suffering from infertility.” Reenacted for the cameras are also scenes of rape by Israeli soldiers.[xi] “We don’t encourage our children to hate the Jews. We just tell them . . . that the Jews killed their families, and they reach the conclusion to hate the Jews on their own,” explains an unsuccessful suicide terrorist, who, although imprisoned, dreams of having children some day—to bring them up as Shahids.[xii]

“What is your most lofty aspiration?” six-year-olds in Hamas attire are asked during a kindergarten graduation ceremony; they are trained to scream in unison: “Death for the sake of Allah!”[xiii] Some kindergarteners are primed enough to envisage their future in detail: “When I will grow up, I want to blow myself up with the Zionists and to kill them in a suicide act on a bus.” [xiv] Preachers tell the youngsters that those who die as martyrs feel no pain and receive rewards in the afterlife; even when a Shahid “turns into torn organs that spread all over, in order to meet Allah, Muhammad, and his friends, it would not be a loss.”[xv]

Privately, Palestinians admit: “We live in a culture of death;”[xvi] indeed, “for the Palestinian people death has become an industry,” boast its official engineers,[xvii] whose special focus is on the very young. Official Hamas eulogies, television broadcasts, naming athletic tournaments after suicide terrorists, monument inaugurations, writing essays and poems in class, as well as religious sermons, have the common denominator of depicting the suicide mission as an act of ultimate virtue.

“We’re happy that our school is named after a very well-known Martyr,” who died when a bomb she was preparing to be detonated in a building in Tel Aviv exploded in her hands, students in the Shadia Abu Ghazaleh High School for Girls explain: “She was a model of the wonderful female Palestinian fighter. We follow her path in this school . . . With her blood she delineated a path for all of Palestine’s women.”[xviii] Instruction in terrorism is a segment of a regular military summer camp curriculum, in which professional combatants coach boys and girls and indoctrinate them in hatred and murder.[xix]

Posters in kindergartens scream: “The children are holy martyrs of tomorrow.”[xx] Hamas-run TV produces and broadcasts programs similar to that about Farfur, a Mickey Mouse look-alike, who is beaten to death by an Israeli and becomes a Shahid, joining other glorious martyrs.[xxi] Assaud the Rabbit takes his place on the Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza and promises children to “eat the Jews.” [xxii] In July 2009 the Hamas TV children’s program “Tomorrow Pioneers” aired a special broadcast in which the children of Reem Riyashi were invited to the studio to watch and comment on a video re-enactment of their mother’s 2004 suicide bombing.[xxiii]

“We have the right to congratulate the Shahids’ families, not to extend condolences and sorrow . . . . “Shame and remorse on whoever refrained from raising his children on Jihad;” [xxiv] this is the official party-line in Gaza. It is highly doubtful that the majority of parents are so brainwashed as to rejoice about their children’s death. Some are openly infuriated that the Jihadist recruiters exploited their children. [xxv] The bereaved father of a young suicide bomber complained in a newspaper interview that ideologists of terror never dispatch their own sons and daughters to death: “Who gave them religious justification to send our children to blow themselves up?” he cried and called the terrorist leaders “snakes.”[xxvi]

However passionately some express in public the officially-required ecstasy on their son’s “wedding day” (euphemism for death mission) privately they mourn the loss and try to keep their other teenagers from engagement in violence.[xxvii] Still, “over time a cult of martyrdom that generated posters, videos, songs, and societal glorification grew up in Palestinian society,” in which children play with toy and real weapons[xxviii] — a sociocultural context of obligatory veneration of suicide terrorism. “I always longed to be the mother of a Shahid,” declared in an interview Umm Nidal Farhat, a Palestinian woman who had lost two sons to Jihad; “As far as I am concerned, let all my sons be Shahids,” she said; it “is the best thing in this world.” [xxix]

Within the “culture of martyrdom,”[xxx] which Hamas has been constructing, polls show that between 72 and 80 per cent of Palestinian children yearn to die as martyrs; independent psychology research confirms these numbers.[xxxi] “We don’t want this world,” affirms Yussra, an 11-year-old victim of indoctrination-in-death: “We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife. . . . Every Palestinian child . . . says, O Lord, I would like to become a shahid.”[xxxii]

“Let’s play the Shahid Game!” Nada, a 7-year-old girl, says to her friends. The children bring an old sheet, spread it on the ground, and then begin to argue who will be the Shahid. Six-year old Fa’iz says: “You were the Shahid yesterday, today it’s my turn! . . . I will be the one to die!”[xxxiii]

Thousands of images inundate the world’s printed media and the Internet to illustrate the devastating results of every Israeli operation in Gaza. It is difficult to find a photograph in which small children would not be the visual centerpiece—striking millions of viewers right in their hearts. When children’s task is to illicit sympathy, they are persecuted, covered with dust and blood, scared, agonizing, and sad. But why is there no image of the “Palestinian resistance” without 14-year-olds throwing stones; or 12-year-olds hanging out among the heavily-armed Hamas fighters; or 10-year-olds watching the Israeli soldiers carry out their mission? Is this a case of terrible neglect or parental inability to prevent their children from going to a very dangerous place, where they are likely to get hurt? Are these children being war-initiated and taking part in an on-site Hamas military training? It could be both, or yet another manifestation of a constructed a murderous culture, in which terrorists refashion children into instruments of death.

On July 16, 2014 Al Jazeera website published an article, “Gaza Child: Three Wars Old.”[xxxiv] Gazan children above the age of six already witnessed three wars with Israel, and they are the lucky survivors, explains the writer, Yasmeen El Khoudary. Along from the Israeli offensive, she outlines a list of circumstances allegedly responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza: “a seemingly everlasting siege,” dire political and economic situation, new Egyptian regime’s complicity, Arab negativity, and “the Palestinian Authority’s total detachment and pathetic stance against Israel.”

There is a gaping fallacy in this inventory of fault-finding: it is Hamas which is the prime user of “collective punishment” in Gaza; it is Hamas, which abuses and exploits its own people for the sake of maintaining power; like any and all other dictatorial regimes, it is the real cause of suffering of its people. Truly innocent sacrifices among the Hamas victims are Palestinian children.


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  • Elliott

    Not only are hamas (not worth a capital “h”) destroying their children, but they are doing it in IN STYLE.
    How many gazan millionaires are there? Abu Mazen, the corrupt PA’s leader, thinks there are ONLY 800. See article via link below
    In the picture Ismael Haniya, who had to go to Israel to get decent medical treatment for his family, is sitting on the right of the picture.
    I can’t remember the name of the honcho on the left (front seat).
    Isn’t it about time the Bank Accounts of these terrorist millionaires were closed / frozen??? Give the money towards refurbishing all the damaged properties in Israel and THEN to the poor (maybe destitute) citizens of gaza.

  • Prof. L. Wessell

    This article is sensational. I am now reading Gailman’s “Death Orders: The Vanguard of Modern Terrorism in Revolutionary Russia”. I am in process of writing a short book on the theoretical evolution of the principle of force > violence > terror from Marx to Lenin and others of that time. Gailman’s book is a treasure. For those who read French seek out her “La Mort Sera Votre Dieu. Du Nihilisme Russe au Terrorisme Islamiste”. Gailman knows here subject.

    As a tactic, I suggest that the readers print out the article and carry it around. When the Left or just naive persons play the tearful card re the suffering children as a reason to shut the Israeli military down, present the article and ask for a refutation of facts << sources given. If that does not give pause for reflection, go on your merry way as the prejudice is hopeless.

    Gailman mentions what Hitler did to youth in Berlin. The last news film of Hitler shows him awarding young boys with medals, one having blown up a Soviet tank. Hitler did send out some 400+ highly motivated andwell armed boys (14 or younger to 16 years of age) to face the Red Army. In fact the young boys slowed the Russians up, i.e., for some hours until most were killed. There is a propaganda clip showing a Russian soldier patting a young boy, former Hitler soldier, on the head and asking the kid if they are the monsters that Hitler talked about. (The normal Russian soldier was fighting for his country, misused by Stalin, but capable of being human.) This misuse of children is rooted in nihilism. On this matter do consult Gailman,

    • tyrannynewsadmin

      The effectiveness and simplicity of propaganda is underestimated, as is the tendency to tailor one’s writing to reflect one’s interests. This article is a supreme example of this. However, it’s not perfect if the intent was to be considered legitimate and to demonize Hamas.

      The author wrote of Palestinian children throwing rocks, which isn’t the best way to frame the conflict. Even children learn over time that some weapons are more effective than others. Describing them throwing rocks only leads one to conclude rocks are the most effective weapon they possess.

      The author additionally writes of the Russian people fearing their Bolshevik leaders. What the author isn’t likely aware of is that a huge percentage of Westerners know the Bolsheviks were Jews who had simply changed their names. Seeing as the article is likely intent on framing Israel as the good guys, to even mention the Bolsheviks is a misstep.

      Where the article demonstrates brilliant strategy is its portrayal of Palestinian families and their purported use of children as weapons. This form of propaganda works so well largely because the notion is almost unthinkable, in my opinion. In reality, the extent that these stories are true is only proportional to the reality that these families live in prison. When this point is considered, these desperate acts seem more understandable in small numbers. As the Palestinian people enjoy only limited access to the global press, the propaganda remains unchallenged.

      Lastly, the author’s attempts at attributing the children’s complicity to fear and brainwashing is simply not sufficient. If she wanted the reader to believe these kids were willing to commit the so-called acts without leading one to see them as heroes, much more effort is needed to demonize the children themselves. But, I have little doubt the author will

      • Prof. L. Wessell

        I thank you for your thoughtful comment and I have reflected upon your words — words, alas, loaded with pre-judging effects, e.g., “demonize” or “prison” (I have never seen a “prison” the size of Gaza–not even Dachau or Ausschwitz together >> they were true prisons, Gaza is a territory controlled by an officially recognized terror organization and, as such, must be blocked.) Turn to Palistine Watch or Memri-tv and you can see for yourself how the as well Hamas and Fatah educate their children to become “jihadists” or demons(that is your choice of words). In fact the children are “victims” of a NIHILISTIC paradigm,, evídent in Russian terrorism, Nazi terrorism and Hamas/Islamic terrorism), is pedagogically implanted. This is how one get “child-soldiers”. The evidence is overwhelming!!!

        I do not understand why you claim that Bolsheviks were Jews — certainly a surprise to Lenin and Stalin. Relgious Jews were persecuted for centuries by the Tzar. When the Tzarist empire begain to break up in the 19th Century (also the birth of Russian nihilistic terror) many Jews became secular, even Marist. My favorite “Jewish” (sic) Marxist was Simon Frank who, before Lenin forced THAT Jews to leave Russia, became a convert to Russian Orthodoxy. Frank in philosophy (I am a fan) and his friend Vladamier Lossky in theology have had a lasting effect upon me. Well, just a interesting tale: Stalin in his very last day was attended by inexperienced doctors — the best doctors, of Jewish origins, being eliminated by Stalin. Did you know that 170,000 half or quarter Jews (using Nazi categories) served in the Wehrmacht for Hitler, two of whom became Fidelmarxhalls? That is a fact! Should I conclude that Nazis are “Jews”? No! Most Germans of Jewish origins had long lost their Jewish identity and fell German, even often pro-Hitler. “Jewish of origins way back then” does not make such people,be they Nazi generals or Marxists Russians (the Bolsheviks were not the only collectors of secularized EX-Jews) ro bw “Jews” What did you want to say with your info?

        Unfortunately you make the impression (I can be wrong) that you are for the “underdogs”, the poor oppressed Palestinian people. Alas, the Palestinian people have aboslutely no more meaning than the German People in WW II. It is a matter of the leaders. The overwhelming majority of Germans, ater the horrible death orgy of WW I, wanted NO war. Their leaders did and their leaders convinced enough of them to get on the team. One estimates that about 200,000 activitely killed Jews and others. Most of the rest just went along for the ride, so was the education. Thank you again for your comment.

  • Prof. L. Wessell

    P:S. I suggest that Frontpage get Jamie Glasov to invite Anna Gailman for a long, long interview. I would even pay money to see that one. It is obvious that I am a fan of Gailman.

    • carpe diem 36


  • Bamaguje

    “Palestinians are the prime victims of their oppressive, brutal, criminal,
    semi-totalitarian administration. They are as afraid of their Hamas leaders as Russians were terrified of the Bolsheviks in their day” – Anna Gelfman.

    The Palestinian populace are not innocent victims. They freely elected Hamas with it’s genocidal charter to kill all Jews. Poll after poll have shown that most Palestinians (>80%) want Israel eliminated, not the hyped 2-state solution.
    In essence, Palestinians are complicit in Hamas/Fatah atrocities. I do not pity them for their self inflicted suffering.

    • Adolphus

      Keep in mind that ‘freedom’ there is still not the same as we have it. The freedom to vote as you go to your booth while a Hamas gunman hovers over you doesn’t give you the reality of a lot of freedom. Plus the choices you have between a group with little presence vs a group with enormous presence, regardless of the effectiveness or value of either one also doesn’t leave a lot for choices.

    • jesse s. pierce

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Over 100 rockets fired from Gaza fell in Gaza – possibly killing many civilians and children.

    • Gee

      The actual number is well over 800 according to Hamas stating the numbers that they have fired and how many Israel reports.

  • meanpeoplesuck

    Thanks for the propoganda but here is some reality. https://www.google.com/search?q=dead+palestinian+children&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=XUXJU973HouuyATbhIDIBg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1440&bih=789#facrc=_&imgrc=AXsz9IP8-fBJgM%253A%3Be1Ci7t3vf6l6-M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fschema-root.org%252Fregion%252Fmiddle_east%252Fpalestine%252Fpeople%252Fcasualties%252Fchildren%252Fburnt_palestinian_child.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fschema-root.org%252Fregion%252Fmiddle_east%252Fpalestine%252Fpeople%252Fcasualties%252Fchildren%252F%3B400%3B278And the disgrace of it all is our taxpayer money is funding this. President Obama should shift the current funding for these crimes to the Palestinians and demand that Israel pay back the billions of dollars we have given them over the years. Since the UN created Israel, they should revoke their government and take that territory back over so there can be some human rights for all again there.

    • RagingVoiceOfReason

      Idiot. Post a link to a Google search for pictures of dead kids, and we’re supposed to automatically believe these are Palestinian children that have been deliberately killed by Israel for no reason? This is anti-Israel propaganda in its most facile and ignorant form. You are the disgrace here.

    • Webb

      What’s the problem? That’s what happens to terrorists and their kids. It can’t be helped. It’s called reality, you pathetic sniveling simp.

    • Well Done


    • UCSPanther

      The UN is a joke. They can’t do squat.

      How you can be so stupid and delusional is a mystery to me.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        And I am still searching for intelligent signs of life in the RepubliNaziTard Universe. Can you offer any counterpoint or facts to make an intelligent argument against the facts I have laid out? Nope, just name calling and repeating the talking points from El Rushbo and Faux.

        The UN created Israel by resolution, look it up, fool. They should rescind the resolution and take control of the country, and run it. Since you TeaBangers claim to be concerned about the deficit, think of all the money we would save! No more billions every year in aid. If we’re not going to do that, the least we can do is shift the aid to the Palestinians, to see if we can get anything productive out of it.

        • Drakken

          I call useful idiots of the left like you future Darwin Award winners. Your a waste of oxygen.

          • meanpeoplesuck

            Darwin- evolution- those that survived because they were smarter or better. You’re a complete idiot- can’t even make up an insult that makes sense.

          • UCSPanther

            “Darwin- evolution- those that survived because they were smarter or better.”

            That does not include you. You are neither, and you are not smart either. You are indoctrinated.

            ” You’re a complete idiot- can’t even make up an insult that makes sense.”

            Speak for yourself…

        • UCSPanther

          ” Can you offer any counterpoint or facts to make an intelligent argument against the facts I have laid out?”

          I am not a miracle worker. I cannot make anything out of your childish name-calling and vapid stupidity.

          ” They should rescind the resolution and take control of the country, and run it.”
          With what? The UN can’t do squat. Their handling of Africa and the Balkans speaks volumes of what happens when they go up against rebel groups and smaller post-soviet armies, so I would not have faith in them facing off with one of the world’s most elite armies. The verdict: Ain’t gonna happen.

          “Since you TeaBangers claim to be concerned about the deficit, think of all the money we would save! No more billions every year in aid. If we’re not going to do that, the least we can do is shift the aid to the
          Palestinians, to see if we can get anything productive out of it.”

          And you clearly think we are stupid like you. Before, you were trumpeting Obama’s Soviet-style manipulation of econ

          • meanpeoplesuck

            The country is broke from the hangover from the Chimpy W McHitler regime and its Corporations Gone Wild mentality. If Obama didn’t rescue the economy we would have had a complete societal breakdown. He is the modern day Lincoln.

            If Hamas is firing bottle rockets, then how do you morally justify the weaponry that Israel has used, so far killing 25 times as many civilians as Hamas has killed? Their chief Liemeister was on MSNBC the other night saying they don’t target civilians and children, and they are “disappointed” in their performance. He sounded like a corporate scumbag apologizing for people’s Christmas orders not arriving on time. These are people’s lives, dolt!

          • UCSPanther

            “The country is broke from the hangover from the Chimpy W McHitler regime and its Corporations Gone Wild mentality.”

            Stop lying, worm. We know you are a hypocrite. As I said before, you were trumpeting Obama’s Soviet-style manipulation of the numbers, now you are doing the opposite. I guess the narrative did collapse.

            I also find it rather hilarious how you compare us to Nazis, while your comment feed is all about persecuting those who disagree with you. Again, hypocrisy is thy name.

            “If Obama didn’t rescue the economy we would have had a complete societal breakdown. He is the modern day Lincoln.”

            I find your fawning over Obama so pathetic, it is hilarious. To do that, you would have to be a complete idiot with no grasp of reality, and you are exactly that.

            “If Hamas is firing bottle rockets, then how do you morally justify the weaponry that Israel has used, so far killing 25 times as many civilians as Hamas has killed? Their chief Liemeister was on MSNBC the other night saying they don’t target civilians and children, and they are “disappointed” in their performance. He sounded like a corporate scumbag apologizing for people’s Christmas orders not arriving on time. These are people’s lives, dolt!”

            I have no pity for anyone who gets themselves shot throwing rocks or molotov cocktails, and as such, I have no pity for anyone who gets a Hellfire shoved where the sun don’t shine when lobbing bottle rockets and mortars.

            Your hatred of corporations indicates that you are a communist, and against any sort of private property. And we also know how much Communist regimes valued the lives of people…

          • PatnTrucks

            Well said USCPanther! We’re having a good time reading what “The Idiot Missy MeanPS” writes, thinking she has ALL the ANSWERS to the Mid-East’s problems! hahaha! What a babe in the woods. What naiveté! I enjoyed your response as well as the other people. Then her childish responses. Let’s be sure to ^on the responses of the Intelligent & Educated Among Us.

          • meanpeoplesuck

            If you consider an education watching Faux News and listening to Rush and RepubliNaziTard radio all day, I feel sorry for you. But more sorry for our country for having too many ignorant people doing the same.

          • PatnTrucks

            YAWN!!! I grow tired of your ignorance and inane comments. You add nothing to our discourse which is among adults. Go away child until you learn some basic manners. Now you’re getting MUTED.

          • UCSPanther

            I love how you turn into a deranged chimpanzee when your narrative is thoroughly chopped full of holes.



          In your first two sentences you contradicted your moronic self. “just name calling”? LOL! You missed your “RepubliNaziTard Universe”. Do you even understand what you write?

          You’ll have to do better than that Regressive “progressive” Libtard.

          You have the spectacle of Queers for “palestine”. How tolerant is Hamass or other Islamofascist entities of gay people? Does Fascist Iran tolerate gay teens?

          The Islamic Regime of Pakistan was created in 1947 – carved out of India.

          Are you going to Gazastan to be a Human Shield? There’s a Darwin Award in your future.

        • BenZacharia

          Well fool. The San Remos Conference in 1920 created Israel as well as every other ME country, the League of Nations Treaty, 1922, ratified it. You are both a moron and liar. The UN rez 181 was NOT accepted by the ticks so it is of no consequence. Isreals’ 1949 admission to the UN is validation of the ligitimacy. All land won by beating the enenmy in wars of aggression belong to the winning side that was attacked, check out which flag flies over California, New Mex, Arrizona & Texas. You must be a tenured Prof. or college student to be so stupid.

    • Rachel

      How ironic you chose the screename you did what could be more mean that supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization,which has openly boasted of murdering Israeli civilians in coldblood,and is dedicated to the destruction of over Israel the only real democracy in the mideast,and the genocide of it’s population.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        You can repeat those lies/talking points all you want, the fact remains that something like 300 Palestinians have died, some children incinerated by hi tech weapons, versus 1 Israeli. So who’s mean? You and your ilk, and you suck. Hence my screen name calling you out!

        • Rachel

          Not all have been civilians. Many of them have been terrorists firing rockets into Israel. Trying to kill Israeli civilians. An Israeli man was killed today and his baby daughter critically injured, The only reason many more Israeli civilians have not been killed and injured is because there are bomb shelters on every corner and safe rooms in every house in almost every home in Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel was right when he said Hamas commits a double war crime by targetting Israeli civilians and using their own civilians as human shields. Don’t bother trying to tell me that is not true, I have seen dozens of photos on the internet which confirm this,and besides many of the Gazan civilians could have been killed by rockets that fell short and landed back in Gaza that has happened before quite a few times. I still think you are the one that is really mean.

          • meanpeoplesuck

            90% of them have been civilians- read some actual news instead of Faux and Israel.com! Open mic or not, Kerry is right. We need to stop the madness. A good first step would be immediately shifting the $3 billion we send to Israel over to the Palestinians so they can have a chance.

        • Drakken

          Only 300? The Israeli’s are slacking, time to get serious, when there are over 10,000 I’ll be impressed. Mean people suck, but people like you swallow.


          300 Pal-e-SWINIANS died because HamASS wants dead “civilians” to parade around for credulous morons like you.

          Meanwhile your pals in Syria are getting away with Murder. 160,000+ have died, Arabs killing Arabs, and for some strange reason “meansocialists” and other morons with OCD don’t whine squat.

          Again, please go to Gaza and be a Human Shield.

          • roadrunner

            The best thing that America could do for these left talking folks is to offer free transportation to Gaza today. And let all those who want to blog about the poor Hamas terrorists, get on that flight, and be dropped off in Gaza, in the tunnels, with Hamas. That is the only experience that will lead to real understanding.

          • Lanna

            Lets see the bleeding heart liberals defend the indefensible when they and their children are targets of Islamic terrorism…that would wake their sorry backsides up!

          • Lanna

            Most of the Muslim world would rather die than accommodate modernity, although some of it may choose to cease to be Islamic.

        • UCSPanther

          You should change your name to “vapidleftyidiot”.

          • 95Theses

            But … where would the irony be?

        • Rick

          From what you have said, it looks like you would be OK with
          this conflict if another 299 Israelis had died.

    • PatnTrucks

      “The UN….revoke the government and take that territory back over” ???? What region of the UNREAL do these inane suggestions come from? My mouth is still hanging open in total disbelief! I can just imagine the UN managing to even suggest this…imaginary is sure what it would be. Just get up and sashay oneself over there and just ‘revoke that government…and take that territory back over” The UN can snap their fingers and ZAP! Done! Even the UN isn’t that stupid. Oh, yes and the image of our President holding our his hand wanting the Israelis to fill it – borders on the elementary. The KORAN calls for the killing of JEWS as well as CHRISTIANS, disbelievers, apostates, mockers of islam, mockers of Moha, gay people, women who are raped should be stoned, etc etc. behead people, cut off hands, shove children in front of oneself -strap bombs on women wearing burkqas…. it goes on and on.
      So after the Jews….your NEXT!
      You can give these so-called Palis everything on earth and they would still want US DEAD. Period.
      It’s in the KORAN!
      Wake up Sister!!
      Read it and learn!
      Next to reading the warm and cozy “Mein Kampf” as your bedtime story, the Koran is one step below the rantings of Charles Manson.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Your jaw should be dropping at the fact that this indescriminate murder is being carried out with your tax dollars at a time when we are broke!

        • PatnTrucks

          Oh how totally childish. What a little babe in the woods! It must be wonderful to live in such a total dreamworld. “Indiscriminate murder” – that would be the koran and the people who follow it – Oh that would be muslims and the Palis in their demented and cruel world that you support.

          • meanpeoplesuck

            500 Palestinians have been killed versus 20 Israelis. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who paid attention during Sesame Street and can COUNT which side is doing the indiscriminate killing. Kerry has nothing to apologize for- he spoke the truth into that open mic.

          • PatnTrucks

            YAWN. Mute out this tiresome gnat…where is that little Mute button for this unidentified nobody?

          • UCSPanther

            You are such an idiot.



      The TRILLIONS of dollars that OPEC has gouged from the entire World for the overpriced $100 per barrel oil should be returned – with interest.

      And the US should cut off importation of ALL OPEC oil – and go self supporting with domestic and Keystone pipeline Canadian oil

      The US and allied countries should take over the oil fields of the Middle East and lower the price from $100, back to $10 per barrel. The entire world will benefit.

      The Muslm proclivity to kill indiscriminately is seen in Syria where 160,000+ have died – that’s Arabs killing Arabs.

      The UN has been hijacked by Islamist dictatorships. Time to reform the UN and clean out the despotic regimes from the formerly august body.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Thanks for displaying the true TeaBanger colors. Middle Eastern oil belongs to…the people in those countries, not us! We don’t have enough oil which is why we buy from them. But keep believing the fracking propoganda and wanking to Faux News.

  • Ken Kelso

    Amazing article on the death cult Palestinian leaders promote.

  • El Cid

    From Brown Shirts to Burkas in 75 years!

    Yes, the analogy is spot on. That is why the Europeans love Hamas! they miss the old Nazi salute and the urge to kill their Jewish neighbors without any feelings of guilt or remorse.


    so what do you expect from the off-spring of Ishmael.?!?!?! Read what God calls them. Read what Jefferson thought f them.

  • Kambiz Shabankare

    David Joel Horowitz is an American conservative writer. Horowitz was born to a Secular Jewish family in Forest Hills, Horowitz was raised by parents who were members of the Communist Party USA.

    If none of these facts don’t show how biased this website is, then I have nothing else to say.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      Of course he’s biased. He’s biased in favor of right and wrong, biased in favor of people acting the way God meant them to, biased in favor of people who do the right thing.

      Horowitz saw communism first hand and realized how horrendous it was.

      More than a quarter billion were killed by socialism in the 1900s. Stalin 50 million, Hitler, 30+ million, Mao 90+ million, etc.

      How could a human who has any brains not be biased against such a monstrous system of thought as socialism?


      Are you trying to say that FrontPageMag is a Communist Party website???

      I’m guessing you won’t answer because you do have nothing to say and have a difficulty with reading comprehension.

    • 95Theses

      If it hadn’t been for your comments I’d have never realized I was on a conservative website and that David Horowitz is a former communist raised by parents who were communists. Wow. Thanks for the biographical lesson. The things I learn here!

      • PatnTrucks

        I think I would double check the facts on Mr. Horowitz- my understand that David Horowitz is not a communist, but had renounced his parents’ beliefs and professed Judaism. Double check me also. haha! Thanks for the website info. Please check out ACTS17 http://www.answeringmuslims.org for Dr David Wood and his great videos on muslim/islam/Mohaha they are full of the best SATIRE and PARODY, which has me laughing and the mohammadans steaming – or converting when one strips the koran down to facts. Such scientific beliefs from Mohaha that “braying donkeys are seeing devils”….that is islamic SCIENCE mind you. I’ve owned mules, and wonder now if they were braying because they wanted their grain, or were seeing devils??? Hmmm. Anyway David did a video on the ‘science of islam’ and the ‘no so golden age of islam’ and it was hilarious. You need a good laugh – go see David Wood’s site on YouTube. I’m not sure how to upload it here like you did.

        • 95Theses

          Oh, I didn’t mean to say that David was a card-carrying member of the communist party, but his upbringing, his erstwhile leftist politics and Marxist beliefs — i.e., his early history taken together — show at the very least that he had strong sympathies with communist goals and values. I made a small leap in my reply to Kambiz who was demonstrating his/her flair for the obvious, threw in a generous helping of sarcasm and a little hyperbole added water and stirred. Hmmmm. Hope he/she didn’t take my ‘thank you’ seriously.

          Incidentally, I own and have read several of David’s books – including one coauthored with Peter Collier.

          I will definitely have a look at the videos in the link you
          provided (I have answeringmuslims in my faves, along with jihadwatch, Daniel Pipes, and some others). But that answeringmuslims had debates linked is something I didn’t know. Thank you. Love to watch a great debate. On a side note, I have several Firing Line programs in my Amazon cart waiting for another sale (the best buys are the two-hour debate programs since the price is the same for any Firing Line DVD regardless of length).

          Hope your day is going swimmingly.



          P.S. Ruh-roh! Were you aware that the answeringmuslims domain is for sale?

  • bettyjwidner

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    Uncle Riley almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online with
    a laptop. visit their website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • johnnywood

    If these

    people had any sense they might ask why the leaders of Hamas don`t put suicide belts on and blow themselves up. No wait, they are Arab Muslims so they are exempt from having to think logically. Never mind.

  • PatnTrucks

    By the way, am I the only person here who uses their own photo? I got some dumb rantings on my main site from someone from Saudi who wanted to debate me on “IS JESUS GOD?” and had 57 lines of drivel attached (which I don’t bother myself to read). I answered, “You already know the answer to that.” “BUCKO,” I thought, but didn’t write it. Something about calling some Saudi somewhere a “BUCKO” amused me. Maybe “ACE” or “SPORT”.

    • 95Theses

      That’s odd. When I first began posting (I confine it to about 3 sites, mostly — though Breitbart can be an outright food fight) I tried using my real photo, but Disqus wouldn’t allow it. I thought that strange. And now the avatar I’ve been using so long know has almost become a part of my persona. It’s conflicting.

      And I would have been fine saying “Bucko”.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir

    Ibrahim Mudayris, Official, PA Ministry of Religious Trusts and Religious Affairs: “The Prophet said: The Resurrection will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. Rejoice in Allah’s Victory… Everything wants vengeance on the Jews… these pigs on the face of the earth. And the day of our victory, Allah willing, will come.”

    Hamas Charter: Article 7:
    “Hamas has been looking forward to implementing Allah’s promise, whatever time it might take. The prophet Muhammad said: ‘The time of Resurrection will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: 0 Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!'”
    Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 6985

    Until Muslims start questioning their “faith” and the leaders who encourage them to sacrifice their children, there will be no peace between Islam and the rest of the world.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Political differences aside, few will disagree that Palestinian children are innocent victims of the on-going hostilities in Gaza.

    To us infidels, children are innocent victims. For Muslims, however, waging jihad, which is a holy war waged by all Muslims against all infidels in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam and by extension Islamic totalitarian society supreme throughout the world, is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims, including women and children, in one form or another, either violent or non-violent. Indeed, that’s the reason why they train their children cradle to grave to fight jihad against infidels, as we have all watched on youtube for years now. Indeed, becoming a human shield is a form of jihad.

    Civilian fatalities are inevitable in any war, and thus far there are 230 in Gaza, despite a painstaking—and largely successful–effort of the Israelis to minimize collateral casualties.

    Again, to us infidels, women and children are innocent civilians. For Muslims, however, they are jihadists.

  • PatnTrucks

    Howdy Ms 95Thesis. http://www.answeringmuslims.org ? I don’t think it is for sale…David uses that all the time. There are some “almost like links” that take people to some stupid mohamma-dana site that is full of rabid immans frothing at the mouth and screaming (per usual rants) that I think are trying to hijack David’s site.
    I love the satire also, tongue-in-cheek, black humour, and general sarcasm. I have a guitar tuner with the strange brand of “SNARK” which I love – THE SNARK TUNER. heehee!
    Interesting on the Firing Line – I had a thought there about a long-gun range…then I thought OH! Firing Line on tv. Duhheee.
    Do well, and hugs,

    • 95Theses

      You’re the second person who has made the mistake of misgendering me. So let me state for the record that I am a 100% full-blooded, unapologetically heterosexual male. No ifs, ands, or buts. Still, I am curious as to why you would draw that conclusion. In fact, in a recent post I mentioned my ex-fiancée. Something about the avatar, maybe? (The avatar is a map of Kentucky Bend, an odd piece of real estate that for some strange reason Kentucky lays claim to. It’s on my Life List of places to visit … I just have to see what the hubbub is all about.)

      Only people of my generation – so it seems – remember William F. Buckley, Jr. and Firing Line, which is a shame. He was a national treasure, to be sure. A one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-century man of extraordinary gifts and abilities.

      Oh, and it’s 95Theses – a reference to one of the catalysts of the Reformation.

  • tyrannynewsadmin

    I admit that I didn’t expect such a detailed response. If anything, I expected a strongly written string of ad hominem. Thanks for not jumping to conclusions.

    In truth, I have many personal concerns that fall outside of the Israel/Palestine issue. So, my participation is mostly limited to brief exchanges like this. Therefore, this will be short.

    Yes! I’m acutely aware of “Jews” achieving high rank in the German forces before and during WWII. I’m just as surprised that you were aware and likely know more than I on the topic. This fact relates somewhat to why I identified the majority of Bolsheviks as Jews. Just as I have come to learn Jews themselves do, I’ve chosen to refer to many Bolsheviks as Jews as I expect they would self-identify as such today. In other words, since the environment in Russia was not conducive to religious Jews they chose instead to maintain the belief they were ethnically Jewish.

    When I think of the present day Jews, I get the impression that this form of “Jewishness” is even more common than it was then. Which also complicates some political issues. When a Jew claims to be so only because they practice Judaism, another will claim to be Jewish only because of their ethnicity. I would be surprised if any consensus on the issue has been achieved. It’s far more politically useful to be enigmatic.

    Ultimately, I find Talmudic and Rabbinic Judaism to be the most horrible aspect of global religion today. But, a very close second would be the tribalism that permeates the Jewish community worldwide.

    This might help frame my attitude. I’ve recently learned that, out of 218 days, 1000 hours and 21 volumes of evidential text of the Nuremberg trial (first one), only 15 minutes was devoted to the Belzec camp. I came to learn this because I’m a holocaust researcher. I think of myself as an “event skeptic.” Be it claims of sports performance, machismo, marksmanship, musicianship, whereabouts or wartime events, I have my doubts. However, I’m happy to accept the truth when I find it.

    Therefore, if it weren’t for the holocaust claims I would be a much more trusting and friendly person. Not because of difficulty coming to terms with man’s inhumanity to man, but simply all of the lying. And why? Is it because the lie is so big and so old? Is it because Rabbis permit it? Is it an identity issue? Do Jews really worry that I will become aggressive toward them if I learn that they are no more special than I am? Apparently I myself am partly Jewish, but I would never identify as such because I am just a man.

    Jews already stretch in all directions throughout the world. Why don’t they walk away from Israel and join their relatives among the nations that don’t care your religious affiliation? The only reason I can fathom that they don’t is that they know they act badly and understand that their individual acts won’t spare them harm if their brethren become intolerable again. Thank you for the response. I hope you can gather from this that I am seeking the truth and will always be peaceful.

    • True Hebrew

      Thank you for speaking the truth as this just really the ice berg of but its a start. The real Hebrews of the bible did not come from Kazars.