Danny Glover: Bigoted Hypocrite

FRANCE/Radical leftist Danny Glover, an outspoken supporter of the anti-Semitic BDS movement, is at it again, this time calling for a boycott of an upcoming film screening scheduled to be held in Tel-Aviv. Glover called for a complete cultural boycott of the Mideast’s only democracy, stating, “We stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and support their call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel.” Considering his past associations with assorted autocrats and xenophobes, Glover’s sanctimonious comments reek of hypocrisy and are demonstrative of man more concerned with bashing those pesky Jews than advancing the cause of human rights.

Glover, along with the likes of Roger Waters and Alice Walker, typify today’s contemporary brand of anti-Semitism. It is more insidious than the more traditional anti-Semitism of yore in that it masquerades itself as a human rights issue but is in reality a malevolent form of racism. Precisely because of this, famed Soviet dissident and human rights activist Natan Sharansky formulated a test, known as the 3-D Test of anti-Semitism, to determine whether positions and statements critical of Israel veer into traditional anti-Semitism. The test centers on whether attacks are meant to demonize and delegitimize Israel and whether those who level the criticism are applying blatant double standards.

Based on this test, it is clear that Glover’s attacks on Israel plainly cross the line of legitimate discourse and constitute anti-Semitism and racism in its most vile form. Glover has chosen to let loose with invective against Israel, a vibrant liberal democracy, while ignoring egregious and ongoing human rights abuses occurring throughout the Arab world and the world at large.

Indeed, Glover, who perniciously labels Israel an “Apartheid regime,” attended the Dubai Film Festival in the UAE, a country rife with human rights abuses, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny. Its convoluted system of justice would likely make Orwell cringe. In 2013, a Norwegian woman who had filed a complaint with Dubai authorities alleging rape was herself charged with having sex outside of marriage and alcohol consumption and sentenced to 16 months of incarceration. Other women who were victims of sexual assault in Dubai and had the temerity to file complaints against their attackers have endured similar horrific experiences at the hands of Dubai authorities. In its annual survey, Freedom House labeled the UAE “Not Free” and citing a host of human rights abuses, gave it an atrocious negative rating of “6,” with “7” being the worst rating.

Glover has also cozied up to autocratic Venezuelan rulers Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro and defended their oppressive regimes and authoritarian styles. Glover’s passionate defense of Maduro came in the midst of a violent government crackdown on democracy protestors. Maduro employed para-military thugs armed with clubs and guns to beat the protestors into submission and borrowed chapter and verse from the brutal methods employed by the mullah’s of Iran when they were confronted with similar disturbances in 2009. In the Freedom House survey, Venezuela fared just slightly better than the UAE with a ranking of “5.”

But to truly get a sense of Glover’s duplicity and warped sense of justice, one need look no further than an article he co-authored with radical leftist and Castro admirer, Saul Landau. Glover laments the incarceration of the so-called “Cuban Five,” a group of Cuban spies convicted after a jury trial on a multiplicity charges ranging from aiding and abetting murder to possession of forged documents. Glover absurdly likens their trial to the hypothetical of Jews being tried in Berlin in 1938. Here Glover demonstrates at best willful ignorance but more likely, a malevolence that is innate in all racists. In the same breath, he accuses Alan Gross, a forgotten American held hostage by Cuban authorities since 2009, of engaging in “activities designed to undermine Cuba’s government.” Gross’s sole “crime” was to provide Cuba’s tiny Jewish community with Internet access. For that “crime” Gross now languishes in a Cuban dungeon after being tried in a kangaroo court by government appointed stooges. Gross’s seizure and incarceration by Cuban authorities violates all norms of international law but Glover doesn’t see it that way. In Glover’s convoluted mind, it is the United States that is at fault and the Cubans are blameless.

Glover, who was quick to characterize George W. Bush as racist, ironically establishes himself as the premiere racist and hypocritical bigot. He sees fit to wrongfully demonize and delegitimize Israel with mendacious and defamatory rhetoric but in the same breath not only ignores worldwide human rights abuses but actually advocates for those who perpetrate them. As such, Danny Glover joins the ignominious club of marginal haters such as the detestable Roger Waters, whose depravity knows no bounds.

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  • GhostFlame

    Thumbs up. Thanks for this. But boy, am I sorry I followed the link on Roger Waters. The piece there was good, but Christ, the Facebook comments were crazy insane. What’s more, I was listening to Pink Floyd at You-Tube just before clicking here. Comfortably Numb indeed.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Waters is no longer in Pink Floyd.

  • SoCalMike


  • SoCalMike

    A friend of mine from Venezuela told me Danny Glover and Hugo Chavez were actually lovers. I told him Danny was in love with Hugo but Hugo was only stringing poor confused Danny along for “favors.”
    Hugo nursed fantasies of doing the same thing to Sean Penn. When Sean heard the rumors he flew to Caracas straight away.
    Either to dispel the rumors or to toast and celebrate them I couldn’t say.

    • evasmagacz

      Using homophobic slurs to tar two enemies in one go! Impressive.

      • Gislef

        Why is simply saying two individuals of the same sex are lovers a slur?

        If it was Sandra Bullock and Hugo Chavez used in the example given, would it be a heterophobic slur?

      • MukeNecca

        It is either true, or not true. But why “homophobic”? Do you mean SoCalMike is afraid of homosexuals? Care to substantiate it?

      • iluvisrael

        it’s eva the toilet scrubber – that’s about all a Jew hating lowlife like you is good for. ISRAEL is here to stay – happy eternal nakba!

      • Kim Jong-Il

        ‘Slur’ you use the word, but I dunna think it means what you think it means.
        Get an education.

      • Rob Hobart

        Drive-by trolling. Go back to your cess-pit.


        You want to see homophobic? Go to Cuba, Russia or any Islamist cesspool.

        Now get back on your broomstick before Dorothy dumps a bucket of water on you.

  • http://www.quidblog.com/ PeterP

    And to think I was sad when a Commanche ran Glover’s Deets character in Lonesome Dove through the heart with a spear.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      As a Comanche, I’m rather proud of this act …


    I find it impossible to separate an “artists” politics from their work.

    If an “artist” is anti-American, socialist, fascist, regressive progressive, a supremacist, I BOYCOTT any project they are involved with.

    Let danny glover become box office poison.

    Where is danny glover on the kidnapping of 300 girls in Nigeria by islamofascists?

    What is danny glover doing living on Native American land in North America?

    • Murray D. Michael

      Totally agree – I find myself watching very few movies.


        Ignoring the politics of the people behind current movies – the movies just SUCK.

        I’d rather watch a movie on TCM than almost anything shown in theaters today.

        I see the ads for movies and they’re guns, cars, crashes, explosions and really obvious CGI. Movies have become non-interactive (yet) video games on large screens.

    • 95Theses

      I suppose I should feel a hint smidgen of shame but I don’t. If I am interested in seeing a film while it is still playing at the theater and one or more of the top billed, major-roled actor(s) is a left wing radical, I will simply sneak
      into the theater to see it. This must be done with care
      and timed just right to pull it off. It also means doing a double feature that particular day. And do not attempt this unless it’s fairly busy.

      One or two genres of your preference
      One or more tickets for the a movie featuring James Caan, Tom Selleck, Dwight Schultz, Jon Voight, Fred Thompson, etc.
      ZERO tickets for the film featuring left-wing radical, pro-abortion, anti-2nd Amendment, etc., actors

      1. Enjoy movie for which your conscience was comfortable paying.
      2. Synchronize the time the first movie ends to within 10 minutes of the Danny Glover movie beginning. NOTE this is the critical step
      3. Exit movie and head to washroom as a diversionary tactic.
      4. Leave washroom and head directly to theater where the bigoted hypocrite movie is playing.
      5. Enter quickly and locate seat(s). Do not be picky … you can always move later.

      Mandatory disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. This is not to be construed as legal advice. Viewer discretion is advised.

    • Katherine McChesney

      There is speculation on the web that the kidnapping in Nigeria could be a HOAX the same as Kony 2012.

  • BMS

    Danny Glover has clearly picked up on the anti-semitism of his co-star in the Lethal Weapon movies Mel Gibson. They both are despicable and their films should be boycotted by any decent and thinking person.

    • WhiteHunter

      Two big differences, though. Glover spews Jew-hate when he’s SOBER, and NEVER retracts it or apologizes.

      • laura r

        mel is not that bad in the long run. he admitted he was drunk & was sorry.

      • http://thegrio.com uhuruhouston

        You racist lowlife saltines are always looking for some sign of what you think is racism from Black people. You pitiful pedophile whites will get yours!!!

      • laura r

        the mel gibson thing was like a witch hunt. see the jackie mason vid about it. i agree w/jackie. i am jewish & not that upset about mel. my own family has said worse whether they were drinking or not.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Danny Glover’s well known hatred of all white people is superseded sometimes by his pathological hatred of Jews.

  • Docs357

    Never watch anything he’s in again . What a jerk

    • MukeNecca

      I promise, I won’t.

  • liz

    And this toxic garbage is actually our official government policy now – Obama would agree with him on every bit of this.

  • DogmaelJones1

    It’s too bad the alien in “Predator II” didn’t nail Glover. For all the attention the MSM is paying to the “racism” of whites, they pretty much ignore the blatant racism of blacks like Glover, Al Sharpton, Obama, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, et al., never mind the racism of low-end blacks who prey on whites. Liberalism seems to inculcate racism in professional “victims.”

    • kikorikid

      The VAMC dead will attest to these peoples
      racism. “Diversity” states, “If White, then racist.”
      They have committed Mass Political Murder thru
      intentional Medical Neglect. Diversity is an ideology
      of oppression and this is an example of it.
      If the “Racial Distribution” examined in the data
      supports this then the recently “resigned” Director
      may wear her best “Power Suit” up the gallows stairs.

    • 95Theses

      Which only goes to show that even alien predators can practice the soft bigotry of low expectations.

  • cxt

    Being a Lefty in good standing means never having to say your sorry…..plus you can be a total hypocrite and never have to admit it.
    One of the reasons why its so seductive.

  • nomoretraitors

    “ironically establishes himself as the premiere racist and hypocritical bigot”
    Nothing ironic about it. The left is intimately acquainted with hypocrisy and bigotry.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    There is no doubt in my mind that anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism. See http://clarespark.com/2014/05/17/miracle-man-ralph-bunche-saves-the-un/. “The Jews” are seen as always divisive, separating “Arabs” (who should be unified as in Arab nationalism), and then using these divisions to “Jewish” advantage. “Miracle Man Ralph Bunche saves the UN.”

  • http://americansforpetraeus2012.org JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Our thought on this, and there is only one, WHO CARES WHAT ANY CELEB. SAYS ? They are not in any power position and preach to the choir anyway, just like Clooney & Penn. These people mean nothing more unless they are being given a pedestal like Congress. Then the answer is to publicize the Congressman or Senator and vote them out, like Tom Daschle was. Get rid of the tumor, then go for the entire cancerous condition. Cancer is what communism is.

  • popseal

    The Glover ilk needs to move to those paradise lands that they so love to support.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Danny Glover is a POS. He comes from a long line of Black American Communist like Paul Robeson, Frank Marshall Davies, and others who have an axe to grind against America. Traitors all, but well received by the American Black community. Everytime they open their mouth they are lying to us.

    • WhiteHunter

      Harry Belafonte is another example. Can’t understand these guys: They make their millions here, enjoy luxuries and privileges beyond imagination and are admired and welcomed everywhere, then something snaps inside their heads and they suddenly hate and seek to destroy the very country and culture that gave them success and wealth beyond their wildest childhood dreams.

      Of course, all of that also applies to the guy who now sits in the Oval Office — when he’s not sitting in a golf cart or in Air Force One on the way to one of his $20 million vacations with family, retinue, and fleet of armored limousines.

  • montlasky

    A has-been sprouts about something and what better something? Zionism and the Jews-always an attention getter for the biggots, newspaper sales, and anti semites of this world. After all there are some 1 biilion that this appeals to all like Danny Glover!

  • greatj

    Glover is a third rate actor who will forever be known as an hater of the Jewish people and Israel.


      dhimmi glover should join the choir at Rev. Wright Church of Apartheid.

  • Rhogue

    Go to IMDB dot com and look-up Glover. You’ll see that he’s in 11 movies set to release in 2014.

    Don’t support his work. Inform your friends/neighbors/loved ones about his political stance and your choice not to contribute to his personal wealth.


      Rhogue AKBAR!

      BDS racist danny glover.

  • johnnie the jew

    Can someone forward me this minaret headed dhimmi dimwits phone number please. I won’t give him early morning calls and ask him what he thinks about arabs being the first enslavers of his ancestors and does he think that his brothers are making a good job of it over in South Africa. Just out of pure interest and all that, of course.

  • johnnie the jew

    And another question for that minaret headed dhimmi Danny Boy. What about ‘Operation Soloman’ when Israel air lifted his african brothers out of Ethiopia in 1991 to ensure their survival. Just another post colonial nasty Jewish plot, or what? Racism. What racism? Dannys biggest problem, like a lot of them, is failing to recognise that his mouth is just a hole. And unfortunately, he puts his “faith” in a hole like that ! What a tool.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Glover is an evil man!

  • skf1999

    How does being against Israel Apartheid equate with anti-semitism?

    • American Patriot

      Easy, uptownsteve. The lie of Israel being an “apartheid” state is anti-Semitic. The truth is that Arabs living in Israel have more rights and liberties as Israeli citizens than people living in other countries in the Middle East. You want to look at real apartheid? Look at every Islamist country.

      • laura r

        forget about stevela. dont make him the main dish.

    • 95Theses

      Don’t you ever give up? Just go away, flea. (Flee flea?)

  • Franz

    I’m amazed this moron could read a complete paragraph,talentless moron like so many other so called actors. Go back to Botswana!!

  • Paul Golden

    As I recall glover starred with Mel Gibson another anti Semite. Birds of a feather. I guess glover does not have an acting job now so he needs to stir up the press to talk about him. Doesn’t he know that over 160,000 people were killed in Syria? Doesn’t he know that over 1 million people have been displaced in Syria? What about someone asking him to speak out against boko horam and the kidnapping of hundreds of children? Danny Glover is an embarrassment.

  • Gee

    Somehow actors seem to believe that they have any sort of knowledge of international affairs.
    They certainly prove that they have no such knowledge on a daily basis

  • http://thegrio.com uhuruhouston

    Danny Glover, is for right and Israel with it’s demonic racist zionism needs to be obliterated!!IThe state of israel is nothing but a bunch of european terrorist who deserves anything bad that happens to them!!!