John Kerry: Misguided Zealot

shrug-Kerry-APTo fully understand John Kerry, one must examine comments he made back in 2010 when he showered Bashar al-Assad of Syria with accolades, absurdly referring to him as “a man who wants change” and advocated Israeli territorial concessions that included ceding the strategic Golan Heights to the Syrian dictator as well as Israel’s ancestral capital to Palestinian Arabs. 

Of course had Israel heeded Kerry’s request, al-Qaida as well as other global jihadist elements would now be perched along the banks of the Sea of Galilee. One of Israel’s quietest borders would have been instantly transformed into a hotbed of radicalism and volatility.

In 2009 Kerry authored a letter which backed anti-Israel flotilla activists who were cooperating with the Turkish IHH terrorist organization. In it, he expressed “strong support” for their activities and referred to them as a “humanitarian delegation.” Apparently, Kerry is unable to distinguish between genuine humanitarians and those with nefarious, genocidal aims. 

The comments with respect to both Syria and the flotilla activists are demonstrative of a man shallow in thought and superficial in understanding with a penchant for misreading the region’s prevailing machinations. Little has changed in Kerry since that period and if anything, his tone has become more extreme.

Displaying what can only be described as the ramblings of a delusional zealot, Kerry recently noted that Israel could “instantaneously have peace” with 22 Arab countries if peace is achieved between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. 

Which Arab countries is Kerry referring to? Syria, where over 130,000 people have been killed in internecine blood-letting? Or perhaps he was referring to Libya, which has no functioning government and is currently run by tribal gangs and militias. Or maybe he was referring to Lebanon, a nation a hair’s breadth away from imploding and currently under the thumb of Iran’s extremist Shiite proxy, Hezbollah.

The sad fact is that the Arab world, enmeshed in its own ethnic hatred and rivalries could care less about the so-called plight of the Palestinian Arabs. To them, the Palestinian issue represents nothing more than a spigot to turn on and off when the political climate dictates.

But in Kerry’s myopic view, all rises and falls with the Palestinians. Upheaval in the Arab world and all the misery that it entails plays second and even third fiddle to his goal of making Israel miniscule and ripping out half of its ancestral heartland.

In March 2012 during a discussion about U.S.-NATO missile defense, President Obama, while under the impression that he was off microphone, informed his Russian counterpart, President Medvedev, that he needed some “space” and would have more “flexibility” after the 2012 presidential election when presumably he would have a freer hand to act, unburdened by political restraints. Former Bush Press Secretary and media consultant Ari Fleischer speculated that this “flexibility” doctrine extended to the Mideast where perhaps some deal had been arranged with Arab parties whereby Israel would be pressured into making suicidal territorial concessions. Considering the unprecedented level of pressure being brought to bear on Israel by Obama’s point man these days, it seems more likely than not that Fleischer’s conjecture was prophetic.

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  • Paul

    This Kerry character should be tarred and feathered by the Israelis and carried out to his aeroplane on a steel rail, like they did in the old days with snake oil selling cheats.

  • mattogilvie55

    With all due respect to the Author, Kerry is not misguided. To all conservative columnists, PLEASE quit making excuses for these leftwingers. They know exactly what they are doing, and they do what they do because they hate America and everything associated with it.

  • Bandido

    Kerry is a traitor and should be serving a life sentence in Leavenworth. That he is not proves just how low this nation has sunk. It is as if Benedict Arnold were given the post of Secretary of War after betraying West Point to the English.

  • Sgt Maj

    This is the same JFKerry who dreamt he saw US atrocities in Vietnam as a stepping stone in to US politics through ultra-liberal Taxachussets. . .
    . . . the same JFKerry who tossed his unearned decorations over the White House fence in protest . . .
    . . . the same JFKerry who demeans and embarrasses the US at every opportunity…
    . . . the same JFKerry who actually comes from Jewish heritage and his family was ashamed of it so they converted . . .
    Voting for “tolerant” liberals is like kicking yourself in the face. They are the biggest haters and dumbest policymakers ever devised.

  • The Facts

    One of the ways in which Frontpage consistently stuffs slugs into the political machine is to not clearly label which authors (who are trying to tear American political leaders a new one) are actually foreigners. When it is not using a small handful of Black conservatives as ventriloquist dummies, it is using Israelis as American political analysts, it is passing dual-citizen Israelis off as “American” writers. To a sharper mind, this is a form of counterfeiting. The angry foreigners should clearly clearly labeled as writing from Haifa, from Tel Aviv, and from the illegal settlements so as not to deliberately convey the idea that they are Westerners when they are really fanatics from the Midde East.

    • morriscat

      Facts? Black conservatives are ventriloquist dummies and black liberals must be geniuses in your leftist mind . People that have a pro Israel view are not citizens ?
      Facts ?
      Tell Dr. Ben Carson h is a ventriloquist dummy while he might be operating on your brain .

      • The Facts

        No, not all black conservatives, just the ones that Horowitz runs back to back with Greenfield and Flaherty’s race demagoguery.

        • morriscat

          No facts , who are these African American’s that are racial demagogues ?
          Do these columnists you mention lie about the facts ?
          Could you give an instance ?

          • The Facts

            You misread what I said. I did not say that the Black conservatives used here are racial demagogues. I said that Mr. Horowitz loads his center column with Walter Williams Cream of Wheat style respectable negrosity on the days that he whips out his most rabid Jewish racists to scream about Detroit and Black crime. I said that’s ham-fisted and contrasts wildly with his reluctance to identify as foreigners the people he enlists to harangue American politicians from little snipers’ nests in Israel. This political gambit is stuck in the ’70s.

    • rfyoung

      Does the truth change based on who speaks truth??

      • The Facts

        Of course it does. Who wants to hear Hitler prattle on about apple farming?

    • Webb Cook

      It’s fun to picture how
      you’ve confined yourself to your own little hell for eternity by the fact that
      Israel is a modern spiritual and technological miracle, and the Jews routinely
      clean up disproportionately at the Nobel Prize table. Since it’s a fact that you have no shot at
      competing with them, you wallow in your self-loathing by hating Jews. And then in order to be all the more of the
      punching bag dummy that you are, you come here and try to pick fights with the successes
      of Front Page Magazine. There’s an idea –
      maybe you could be a writer. Start
      submitting some articles. Front Page
      needs a cartoon section from the counterfeit slugs who troll by every day on
      their paths to nowhere. Be sure to
      illustrate how your plight is caused by the Jews. You go!

    • Habbgun

      I am a little confused why Left wing white trash writers are “American” writers and not european supremacist writers. Black conservatives are not a front. They usually have strong churches they are members of, have families, etc and are writing what they believe. Like Thomas Sowell they have hung around slobs like you when they were on the Left and specifically rejected you. You are implying they are paid off somehow. They certainly are not. The paid off garbage are the slobs you love. You are not a sharper mind. You are an Occupier. Pure and simple and stop implying you are a gift with real things to say.

      • The Facts

        Certainly black baptists produce their own social conservatives. That is still a separate issue from Frontpage holding up one group as the preferred type of Black for this hasbara and pushing down another type as the non-preferred type for this hasbara. One wonders whether Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are aware that their articles are pasted back to back with the other articles here that pillory Black radicals and try to broker their actions or daily living. It is quite a question. Do they know they are being used in this way, or are they just happy to get a fin to appear here. In contrast, Mr. Horowitz holds up certain kinds of ordained Jews as American commentators when they are not. He then expends great gas trying to vilify the Jews he disagrees with, tarring them the brush of “Leftism,” when he really means a failure to exert supreme control over the pro-Israel opinion.

        • Habbgun

          You are a sad and silly joke if you really believe Sowell and Williams do not know how they are presented at this site. As professionals I am sure they are very informed on their own brand. If you are so worried about them maybe you can give them a call. I’m sure they’d be just shocked.

          There is nothing wrong with “tarring” someone with the brush of Leftism if the people involved are indeed leftists. It is stupid to sit back and let the “as a Jew” people own the argument since they support every left wing cause and only come out as a Jew to make people like you happy. That might be a great way to be a Euro-supremacist but it is a lousy way to be Jewish. Euro-supremacist Jews are free to point that I keep Shabbos and that just might influence my opinion on the Holy Land.

          An opinion is allowed to be an opinion and not a conspiracy. I don’t believe slobby, left wing trash Occupier types like yourself are part of some kind of conspiracy. That would be elevating your intelligence and abilities well past what I am willing to go so you know my feelings that you are not part of a conspiracy are quite sincere. I do believe your opinions though are widespread among academia and leftist Jews and we are free to denounce your knee jerk leftism and expose the dishonest, selective morality you employ. I am as American as you are and don’t forget that.

          • The Facts

            I laugh inside every time you say “leftist” because in the frame of Jewish nationalism, it means something quite different than in American parlance. When you say “leftist” it means race-traitor. To me it simply means someone who doesn’t like market economics. I like market economics. I dislike cartels whether they be economic or ethnic-nationalistic. It’s certainly not leftism to refuse to cheer on Israel as it slurps welfare off the United States and then tries to use the money to order take-out war with Iran. You can all that leftism, but it’s clear you mean “won’t play the Zionist way.”

          • Habbgun

            For someone who calls himself the Facts you pretty much skip over them. You must admit saying Sowell doesn’t know how his writing is presented was pretty idiotic. You can admit that much.

            I’m not sure where you get to say what American parlance is. I am as American as you are and if I am pro-Israel that is as an American an outlook as yours. I’ve met Americans from all over the country and they are pro-Israel. They aren’t even Jewish.

            Your line that I like market economics but I hate cartels is the oldest socialist line in the book. It means when someone else succeeds its a cartel and when you succeed its free market at its best. All socialists say that and then they rig taxes and laws in their own favor for “fairness”. Its why so many of the rich are socialists.

            Not wrong to say support for Israel is an American position, not wrong to call a collectivist a collectivist. Sorry but your Zionist conspiracy outlook is a joke. Isn’t there an Occupy movement or Ron Paul 2026 campaign meeting you can go to?

  • The Facts

    As a regular old American, I am not tremendously interested in whether Israel is a spiritual miracle or an intellectual cesspool. It’s far more important whether the purported Americans who shrilly attack even our lamer leaders (like John Kerry) do so in a massive, pro-foreign bloc. That is a damaging effect upon the news. It is a usurpation of domestic thoughtspace. Furthermore, it has the cumulative effect of setting our leaders up for assassination. If the roles were reversed, if Americans tried to light up the Israeli media with a bloc of stories describing how terrible a leader Danny Danon is, you had better believe there would be a furious, eyeraking backlash against the “infiltrators” from the US.

    • morriscat

      Bad facts , what are you talking about setting up American leaders for assassination . Are you talking about Islamic terrorists ?
      Not only are you making racially obscene remarks about an African American intellect and economist your Jew hatred is devouring you .
      You probably can use some psychiatric help old so called American ?
      By the way other old and young Americans have a right in America to critisize their politicians even Ketchup king Kerry .

      • The Facts

        You should probably steer away from the histrionics. It only makes you look like an identity politician. You are serving my point by making these persons into sacred cows. The brand of Black person that the DHFC peddles on this website is the big-billboard Deep South Christian radio type. My question, really is simply, are they aware that they are being used as cardboard cutouts or not? Frontpage plays a lot of games here with wildcard substitution. Readers recognize the names of the preferred personalities and see the disjunct between their button-down mild mannerism, and the furious hatred belched in the adjacent articles.

        • morriscat

          No facts , what the heck are you talking about . You must be in another world . These African American conservatives are not so smart as you and don’t know they are being used . Please enough already .
          I hope you will recuperate from that stuff you are using .

    • Webb Cook

      The only reason you can be a regular old American is because of our spiritual heritage from Israel. So snap your head out and get with the program. Quit twisting yourself into a pretzel (assassination crap) to make up reasons for hating Israel, and go over and help Israel. Redeem yourself. Their army accepts volunteers. Civilization is at stake here.

      • The Facts

        Sorry. I just don’t share your religious views.

        • Webb Cook

          No problemo, just go and hold back the jihadis until I get there to join you!

        • Webb Cook

          If you serve as a volunteer in the IDF, I guarantee you that you will never feel so appreciated and respected in your entire life. I would like to be able to offer you to pay for the price of your flight if you don’t find that to be true, but I can’t afford to because I’m saving up to be able to return to do the same thing.

  • Ken Kelso

    Ari thank you for posting this.
    I didn’t even know Kerry was an apologist for Assad jr.

  • Ken Kelso

    Where is John O’neill?
    O’Neill is a director of the conservative David Horowitz Freedom Center
    He is the one guy who knows what a wacko Kerry is.
    I would love to see O’neill go on talk shows or write an article and detail this.

    O’neill can explain to Assad appeaser Kerry.
    The Golan belongs to Israel Period.
    Syria controlled the Golan for only 21 years from 48 to 67, half the period it has been under Israeli rule. Almost half of the Golan had been purchased by Rothschild in the late 1800s and later robbed by the Syrian government in 1946.
    All Jews were expelled from the Golan by terrorist Syria in 1946.

    The Golan Heights was part of the British Mandate borders of 1917 that was supposed to go to Israel. The British gave the Golan to France in 1922 and France gave it to Syria in 1946.
    The Golan was never part of Syria before 1946.

    The Golan Has Been Jewish for Centuries. These rotten Arab colonialists have stolen lands from Kurds, Berbers, Copts, Babylonians, Chaldeans and they want to steal Jewish lands as well. The Golan was part of ancient and modern Israel for centuries, while it was under Syrian occupation for a mere 21 years!! The archaeology of the Golan is proof that the Golan is Jewish. I personally helped dig up a Talmudic era synagogue in Katzrin which is now has a visitor centre. The only Arab land is (Saudi) Arabia. The Arabs can go back there!!

    The Golan is where the tribes of Dan and Menashe settled, and Israeli kings ranging from Saul to Herod ruled there. The Golan saw consecutive Jewish settlement for 800 years; 300 Jewish communities from the time of the Mishna and Talmudwere discovered there, along with the remnants of 27 synagogues. Later, 1,000 years of desolation followed, until the Jews returned. The Golan belongs to Israel because it is the estate of their forefathers.

  • Timespanr

    When one idiot trys to support another idiot what do you get
    John Kerry
    Obama, with a Master Degree in Constitutional, tries to convince me that his NSA Spy program is with the Bounds of the US Constitution, I with an MBA & MA, & 3 BA, one in Psychology can make that assessment!
    We live in a Terrorist World today. But, I’m sorry to tell you, Obama, the US Government, Zionist Government of Israel and the Wahhabi’s are the Terrorist.
    That assessment is based on the current Webster definition of Terrorist and the acts of murder being carried out around the world by the affore mentioned.
    Does not defi the law of gravity, that less than 1% of world population, less than 4% of the US population can cause the US Government to do hand stand for Israel, attack fort government, threaten other, and jail 17% of the US Black Population at a cost $50,000 to $60,000. But, whle we cannot bring ourselve to educate them, at a cost of $20,000 to 30,000 a year, we can provide an Apartide State with $10,000,000,000, yes $10 Billion in direct aid, all while 65,000,000 American are on their ass without a Job or means of Support
    I am sorry, I have in the past for this country!
    But, since G.W. Bush and Osama Obama took office, this counry does not have a heart any more, and the Government is stealing from the people
    to serve their own interests.

  • herb benty

    Why is the American State Dept. siding with insane Islam against our Judeo-Christian Faith and tradition? My Bible says, GOD will establish Israel as a nation again in the last days. Only Satan opposes this, which side is America on?

  • marineh2ominer

    No ! F-c-i-g idiot . By the way , find out from his navy buddies if the lying b-s-a-d was ever actually under enemy fire , I have some serious doubts about it .

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    The real problem is that there is no accountability. Kerry in his ignorance endangers our lives and he will never be held accountable for it. If all the authors of previous failed peace plans would have been held accountable for their schemes and fined for their failure, with the penalty doubling with every succeeding flop, they would think seriously before coming up with the next bright idea. Politicians should be asked to take a competency test first and only permitted to make decisions in the area in which they have shown that they grasp the essentials. Therefore I suggest that everyone dealing with the Middle East should take the Kerry Middle East Competency Quiz