John Kerry’s Downward Spiral

John Kerry Makes Statement On Ukraine At U.S. State DepartmentAs John Kerry continues to engage in damage control for his recent pernicious remarks absurdly suggesting (on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less) that Israel could morph into an “Apartheid state,” there can no longer be any doubt about Kerry’s nefarious intentions regarding Israel. By adopting the narrative espoused by the most rabid of Israel-haters, his credibility as a neutral interlocutor has, at best, been severely compromised. More importantly, his words, once uttered, will reverberate in anti-Israel circles like an echo chamber and will only serve to lend credibility to this ugly falsehood.

Kerry’s latest closed-door screed to world leaders at the Trilateral Commission represents but one of a series of anti-Israel invectives invoked by the Secretary throughout the years.  Who among us can forget Kerry’s characterization of Syria’s Bashar Assad as a “man who wants change”? I’m sure there are 160,000 dead Syrians and their families who might take exception to that. Kerry of course also advocated the return of the strategic Golan Heights, a region which before its capture in 1967 served as a platform for Syrian artillery barrages on Israel’s Galilee towns and villages below. Had Israel heeded Kerry’s suggestion, al-Qaida would now be doing laps in the Sea of Galilee.

There is certainly no shortage of examples highlighting Kerry’s perniciousness when it comes to Israel. A good accounting of some of his past asinine comments can be found here in “Top Ten” format. But Kerry’s observations this time around were beyond the pale, even for Kerry and evoked sharp rebuke from all sides of the political spectrum.

Obama ally Senator Barbra Boxer termed Kerry’s statements as “nonsensical and ridiculous” while fellow Democrat Nita Lowey characterized Kerry’s comments as “Inflammatory rhetoric… irresponsible, inaccurate & counterproductive.” Republicans were even more critical with some calling for Kerry’s immediate resignation. Liberals and conservatives immediately recognized the malevolence of Kerry’s words and spoke in unison against them proving that reason and sanity still prevail in America.

But there were still a few holdouts that, either out of sheer ignorance or something more malevolent characterized Kerry’s offensive comments as part of legitimate discourse on the Arab-Israeli dispute. One such holdout came from Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman who argued that while Israel was currently a democracy, it could conceivably turn into the type of state referenced by the Secretary if matters continued on the same trajectory.

His argument is premised on two fallacious assumptions. First, he asserts that Palestinians are “under Israeli rule” and second, he alleges that given current demographic patterns, Palestinian Arabs will outnumber Jews and — poof! – (to borrow a phrase) the minority will control the majority.

I will assume good faith and classify Waldman as ignorant rather than a partisan hater, but either way, Waldman’s theory is sheer hogwash. Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and that territory, with its estimated 1.4 million Palestinians, is currently controlled and governed by the Hamas terrorist entity. There is no longer a single Jew residing in Gaza and Gaza’s Christian population has, as a result of Islamist persecution, been reduced to a paltry 2,500 souls. Talk about Apartheid.

That leaves us with Judea and Samaria or the so-called “West Bank,” and according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), a partisan arm of the Palestinian Authority, there are 2.6 million Palestinians residing there. However, this figure is vastly overinflated and includes 400,000 people who permanently reside overseas and another 300,000 East Jerusalem residents who have already been counted and included by Israel’s central bureau of statistics. Thus, the total number of Palestinians residing in the West Bank is closer to 1.9 million and the figure could be even less given the PCBS’s less-than-stellar record of impartiality.

Pursuant to the Oslo Accords and subsequent understandings Israel has already ceded some 40% of the West Bank to the Palestinians. These areas are referred to as Area A (full Palestinian authority) and Area B (full Palestinian civilian authority and Israeli security authority). Some 97% of all West Bank Palestinians reside in either Area A or Area B. The remaining 3%, some 57,000 residents, reside in Area C, which is under complete Israeli jurisdiction. These facts put the lie to the claim that Israel “rules” the Palestinians. The vast majority of Palestinians are in fact ruled by either the Islamist Hamas theocracy or the Palestinian Authority headed by Palestinian strongman, Mahmoud Abbas, whose four year term of office ended five years ago.

As for demographic patterns, we’ve been hearing about the demographic boogeyman for nearly five decades and the ratio between Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Arabs has remained relatively unchanged. In fact, recent empirical data suggests that demographic patterns actually favor Israel with Jewish birthrates exceeding those of the Palestinians. There has also been a surge of Palestinian emigration from Judea and Samaria with 10,000 to 17,000 leaving each year.

There is no question that Kerry is familiar with the above-noted statistics but raw numbers and facts are meaningless to him. Kerry has gone from Secretary of State to a shill for the Palestinian cause and with his intemperate words and actions, has irreparably sabotaged the peace process and severely undermined an alliance that has endured for nearly seven decades.

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  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    If Kerry were an ambassador he would have been recalled ( or declared persona non grata) since his usefulness in the country where he had been accredited to would have become 0, actually negative. Likewise, after such comments I just cannot imagine Kerry having any useful discussions with Israeli leaders.

    Why is Kerry such a failure? Because he understands nothing about the Middle East. A mini 5 + 1 question quiz for Secretary Kerry

  • Ban Liberals

    John Kerry’s “downward spiral” actually began the day he smeared and maligned American soldiers when he falsely testified about Americans “cutting off the ears” of Vietnamese and regurgitated other lies before Congress to kick off his miserable political ‘career.’

    John Kerry is a liar who calculates everything for [his] personal political gain and is unworthy of being called “American.”

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      I made the mistake of believing John Kerry and his ilk in the early 1970s and I regret it. I won’t make that mistake again.


      Hanoi Kerry’s body language, hiding his horse face with his hand, shows that he KNOWS he was lying.

      • truebearing

        Another telltale sign is when his lips move.

        • Steve Bryant

          That’s a sure sign….

          • kikorikid

            Sorry, you are wrong. They are stupid and Evil.
            You are being overly generous to the Left.
            The Left has Conjured and uses a racist ideology
            and it does not help when people look for
            less malevolent motivation than is really there.
            They believe, If White, then Racist. That is Racist.

          • Steve Bryant

            Yea, I know…just trying to make sense out of liberals. you are probably correct.

        • Christopher Riddle

          Yes,”DECEIT” Is Soon To Follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • truebearing

      A downward spiral is no mean feat from someone as low as Kerry started out. He’s now boring in the earth he’s spiralled so low…perhaps he’s eager to get where he belongs.

      • Steve Bryant

        How low we have become that we allow the likes of this man to represent our country to the rest of the world.

    • Christopher Riddle

      Actually,it began when John Forbes Kerry drew his First Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vnamvet1969

      I agree, it took years for veterans of the Viet Nam war to recover from the derogatory lies of this man. I felt that he stood right before me and convicted me of being a killer of innocent people and a rampant racist. All for only one reason, and that was to begin his life in politics. He is despicable!

    • AbsolutelyRight

      Right is the book that no-good seditious traitor wrote that he wants no one to know about

  • JVictor

    John Kerry and Donald Sterling are so much alike. They expressed their innermost thoughts in what they believed to be at least a private setting if not a sympathetic one. They were wrong. By so doing, both of these bigots have had their dirty little “secrets” broadcast for the world to hear. While it’s one thing for a private citizen to express his thoughts while being recorded unknowingly, it’s a total different ball of wax when, positionally at least, one of the most important and influential people on earth utter such absurdities when the facts point elsewhere. Regrettably for Kerry, he is of the wrong gender and ethnicity to be allowed to skate by. See Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama just to name a few. His political career is over. His shovel-shaped pasty face has been totally absent from the airwaves since his remarks were made public. More than likely, he’s going to be the sacrificial goat who takes the fall for this latest round of smoking guns found in the hands of the Obama abomination (ahem, administration). Watch your back, Jay Carney. Your demographic looks a lot like Kerry’s. You might be next.

    • carpe diem 36

      he should not have been in that position in the first place. he is a nasty man, an ignoramus, a bigot, and stupid on top of all that. only someone like Obama can nominate this eediot worthless person to a position as important as sec’y of state. maybe he will see the mistake and appoint him for another job, something he may be more suitable for, like dog catcher.

      • truebearing

        May he get his dog catcher job and be attacked by rabid pitbulls.

  • redheart

    He’s always been in a downward spiral. The problem is people kept voting for him. I hope this ends his career.

    • carpe diem 36

      his career as Secretary Of State. I fixed it for you.

  • nancinger

    John Kerry has always seemed to me to be a man who just wants to be important. He’s one of those politicians who says and does anything for attention.

  • Pepe Turcon

    Kerry doesn’t even exists…

    • StanleyT

      If only ….

  • josh

    Is the US an “apatheid state”? Moshe Feiglin lists numerous territories the US controls but does not give residents voting rights.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Curious! I’ll give a prize to anyone who can legitimately point to just one Muslim majority state that isn’t an apartheid state especially when it comes to non-Muslim dhimmis and females. Turkey is excluded from consideration since it hasn’t yet been fully transformed yet into an Islamic totalitarian state yet, but it is well on its way. Anyone want to take me up for the chance to win a prize?

    • carpe diem 36

      you win hands down.

    • iluvisrael

      What about Morocco?

      • ObamaYoMoma

        You lose!

        • iluvisrael

          I’m on your side on this – I know most islamic countries are 7th century hellholes. I thought morocco was more western than most.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    israel is and always has been an apartheid state that uses so called “peace talks” as a cover for ongoing land grabs. no, i am not an anti semite nor wish israel no harm, but come on, if israel wanted real peace there would be peace.

    • Omar

      This is such an uninformed statement I find it hard to believe that you even read. Yes, There would be peace, after Israel is gone. SF. Please wax my nub.

      • kikorikid

        Death to Jihadis!
        clear nuf!

    • vlorg

      How big is your nubwaxer? Does it shclilff?

    • carpe diem 36

      yes, you are an anti semite, but worse than that you are an ignoramus big time. you are also blind to the facts. you have no leg to stand on when you claim that Israel does not want peace.

    • ServosT

      How much land do the Israelis win in battle against the Islamic horde only to give it back?

    • Drakken

      I used to have sympathy and empathy for less than useless folks such as yourself, but I am all out, if you love and support these sub human savages so much? Please by all means go join the muslims in their quest for a judenrein or infidel frei free North Africa, Middle and Far East. I have now come to the conclusion that folks like you are beyond any sympathy or help, for you and others of your leftist ilk deserve what is coming, for to be allied with the muslim enemy, you deserve no mercy and no quarter, let the chips fall where they may, as you have may your position known, may you lie in the bed of treachery you have made, and good riddance.
      Your either are for the West and all that we stand for, and yes, that includes Israel, or you stand with the muslims, your choice, will decide your fate. chose wisely, for there are no second chances.

    • Kahane had it right!!

      Agreed, if the definition of real peace is “cease to exist.” List the accomplishments of the made up Palestinian civilization since the beginning of time. Actually I have time to do it here. Here is the list:……..,,,,

  • Omar

    You are all a bunch of racists. If Obama were white you would never care what Kerry says. Did you know that Kerry is a great war hero. He was close to death 3 or 4 times, bleeding, wounded, crying for his mother. Next you will condemn the great John McCain, another hero for the history books. What after that, Lindsey Graham?? Racists white people, never stop digging. Hail Obama.

    • vlorg

      What did he say to his mother? Did he voilunklebed?

    • truebearing

      Hail Obama? Yes! Grapefruit sized hail.

    • Joe The Gentile

      If Obama were white, would he have been elected? Seriously? And, yes I do believe that Kerry was crying for his mother.

    • ServosT

      I have no idea if Omar is being serious or sarcastic.

    • bobro

      When all else fails, cry, “Racist.” This will stun your opponents by its very ridiculousness long enough to parcel out the standard parcel of lies and misinformation. Funny about his wounds; none were serious enough to require him missing a day of duty–also, he promised his records–never happened. The funny part is that when you cry, “white racists” you reveal yourself as a real racist!

      • carpe diem 36

        not when it fails. when your facts are wrong and you know it and you know no one will take you seriously you cry Racist!! if you have nothing to say please do not say it.

        • Kahane had it right!!

          Nobody who can figure out how to type on a blog and posts something that stupid is serious.

      • kikorikid

        Yeah, Omar is a genuine Racist Pig.

  • wileyvet

    Well yesterday I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Israel. Movies, food, Pro-Israel T-Shirts etc. Their websites are super efficient, ordering a breeze and very reasonable shipping fees to Canada. Israel is a remarkable country, and have managed all their success surround by murderous losers for 70 years. What do the “Palestinians” have to show for themselves in this same timeframe? Nothing but corruption and squalor. The “Palestinians” are without a doubt the most deplorable, despicable, duplicitous, disgraceful and perfidious people on the planet. Hate, hate hate, Kill kill kill. They dance and cheer when a Jew is killed, and hail their own dead children as martyrs. As the columnist Ellen Goodman wrote “…any culture that takes pride in having the next generation as a ready supply of cheap weapons has already lost its future. Any leader who cultivates or condones suicide as its war plan has lost all moral standing. What do we say about societies that practice human sacrifice?” I would say that the PA and their terrorist consorts need to be ostracized, roundly and soundly condemned and called out for the vicious inhuman bloodthirsty monsters that they are. I think a western version of the Arab 3 Noes is in order. No respect, No recognition, No funding.

    • carpe diem 36

      I could not have said it better myself. thanks you!!

  • Lightbringer

    Have a little compassion for the poor guy. He was born stupid AND he was dropped on his head — many times — in infancy. He never had a chance.

  • herb benty

    FACE IT! The 60’s radical, leftist, marxist, activist chic is non-workable and really ugly, in practice. And from the USA’s POTUS and all through the Admin. and all the Depts. and Institutions, they have deviously been placed in controlling positions. Hmmmmmm, what to do?

  • Jakareh

    Israel should deny him entry.

  • Libslayer

    Kerry is a malicious idiot.
    I seriously doubt he has an IQ above room temperature.

    • Shel_Zahav

      Celsius and on a cold day.

  • wally

    Kerry is a Great Man, we are unworthy even to lick the ketchup off his toes.

  • lillymckim

    Another prime example of consolation prizes awarded to the unqualified by Obama

  • justquitnow

    If only the problem itself was semantics then Lieberman could wrap things up tomorrow. Just get everyone to talk about it the right way and you don’t have to do anything. Haters gonna hate yo.

  • Shel_Zahav

    The US if morphing into something unrecognizable as American.

  • Christopher Riddle

    “Mashed Potato Face”Needs Theresa To Give Him A”Ketchup-Fix”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • USARetired

    He can never get any lower then he was when protesting the war in Vietnam, and he has never improved either! He will always be a traitor to this Nation!

  • Texas Patriot

    John Kerry still lives in a fantasy-world in which globalism and multi-culturalism are regarded as the operative model for the future. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historians will probably agree that the feasibility of that flawed and unrealistic paradigm was put to death on September 11, 2001. On the contrary, the future of the world will probably be determined by extreme economic, technological, and military competition among nation-states with radically different cultural perspectives, and in that environment, the people of the world will naturally gravitate to the nations that best represent their own worldview. In a context of a world dominated by internally homogenous but internationally diverse mega-states, the existence of an “apartheid state” will be impossible. Within any given nation, the cultural values of the majority will always control the cultural values of the minority.

    • reader

      Viktor Suvorov once wrote about commies that their customary “confusion” is of the same sort as that of a crime suspect being questioned by a detective. Kerry consciously lied from day one of his political career, and chances are that he had consciously lied before – a lot. He never lived in any fantasy word. His fantasy world is for suckers who vote for him, marry him into the money or white wash him. The same story as that of Obama – only on a slightly smaller scale.

      • Texas Patriot

        reader: Kerry consciously lied from day one of his political career, and chances are that he had consciously lied before – a lot.

        I disagree. The primary “lie” that underlies Kerry’s belief system and the one he seems to be repeating wherever he goes is the same lie that both political parties in America have embraced for the last fifty years, i.e. that globalism and multiculturalism can replace national unity as a cultural norm. Unfortunately, it’s a false ideology which leads to national disintegration and economic decline, and the effects of it can be seen throughout the Western world.

        • reader

          Let’s focus on Kerry. His political career started with the infamous testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Slanderous lies about his fellow veterans – from start to finish. Yet, you don’t seem to be upset about it as much as you’re upset about Obama’s grandpa being called a commie due to his political beliefs. Hmmm.

          • Texas Patriot

            reader: Let’s focus on Kerry. His political career started with the infamous testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Slanderous lies about his fellow veterans – from start to finish.

            Once again, you’re completely missing the point and focusing on the superficialities of the situation rather the core realities. The truth of the matter is that John Kerry was just as deluded and misguided then as he is today.

            Instead of focusing on the hopelessly deluded policy that forced our soldiers to remain trapped indefinitely in a jungle quagmire in a hopeless defensive battle that could not possibly be won, Kerry focused his misguided attack in terms of atrocities being committed by our soldiers, without providing the necessary context of the nightmarish crossfire in which they were forced to remain (a) without being permitted to destroy our enemies in Hanoi and North Vietnam; and (b) without being able to adequately to differentiate friend from foe in the jungles of South Vietnam.

            It is clear that the atrocity Kerry should have focused on was the one being committed by the hopelessly deluded White House and members of Congress against American soldiers. Unfortunately, not since the massacre of British Redcoats by the American Colonists has there been such a mismatch and unfair fight involving American soldiers. In the case of the Redcoats, it was the American Colonists who were able to take advantage of the terrain and destroy the invading British at a time and place of their own choosing. In Vietnam, it was just the opposite, and American soldiers found themselves in the crosshairs of an unseen enemy who could pick the time and place of attack. It was the greatest injustice to American fighting men in the entire history of the United States, but Kerry failed miserably to make that point.

            Again, Kerry’s problem has always been rooted in his failure to understand and appreciate how America’s role as “global policeman” for the purpose of enforcing the hopelessly misguided cultural norms of globalism and multiculturalism was doomed from the start. So like many other soldiers of his era, Kerry keeps on making the same mistakes today as he did then.

          • reader

            Right. Now why don’t you tell us how Kerry “failed miserably” in his two marriages that would make him a multi-millionaire – in as many meaningless words? You’re a bit of an enigma to me in that I can’t tell for sure – and I’m writing this with all due respect, of course, – if you’re just playing an idiot or genuinely are one.

          • Texas Patriot

            Well, you may rest assured that I don’t have any such doubts in your case. ;-)

  • Gamal

    The implied threat in saying that Israel will become an Apartheid state is that the U.S. and Europe will boycott Israel the way it boycotted South Africa. Kerry is trying to intimidate Israel into making concessions.