John Kerry’s Empty Promises

348568_John-KerryJust days after his monomaniacal boss blindsided Israel with a scathing one-sided attack against the Jewish state, John Kerry assured a very skeptical AIPAC audience that he would not allow the West Bank to turn into another Gaza. Unfortunately, there is ample precedent to suggest that when it comes to Israel (or for that matter, Ukraine) international or U.S. assurances don’t amount to a hill of beans.

In 1951, Egypt closed the Gulf of Eilat to Israeli shipping by positioning cannon at Ras Nasrani overlooking the Straits of Tiran. In 1956, Israel moved to break the blockade and in a lightening military operation, ejected the Egyptian army from its threatening positions in Sinai. The United States exerted extreme pressure on Israel to withdraw from Sinai and in exchange for an Israeli withdrawal, guaranteed Israel’s maritime rights in the Gulf of Eilat.

In May 1967 barely eleven years later, Egypt once again imposed a blockade preventing ships bound for Israel to enter the Gulf of Eilat. Despite, “iron clad” guarantees, the Western world stood frozen with fear, unable to act to enforce its guarantees and uphold international law.

Modern history is replete with a long litany of U.N. and Western failures in upholding international peacekeeping guarantees and commitments. From the Golan Heights to Gaza, South Lebanon to Sinai, U.N. operational deployments have amounted to nothing more than a study in abject failure.

More recently, Ukraine, a country now ravaged by Russian imperialist aggression, has experienced firsthand the meaning of U.S. and NATO guarantees. In July 1997, NATO signed an agreement with Ukraine providing that nation with security guarantees in exchange for Ukraine’s relinquishment of its nuclear arsenal. The agreement was reaffirmed in August 2009. But as Russia now moves to secure Crimea and violates Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty, a tepid NATO led by an equally tepid American president, ponders its next move, unsure on how to respond to naked aggression.

But while Ukraine borders a hostile neighbor to its east, its western, northern and southern flanks are secure. By contrast, Israel has no such luxury as it faces existential threats along all of its borders. In the north, it faces the Iranian backed Shia terrorist group Hezbollah and a fragmented, lawless Syria. In the south, it confronts the Gaza-based genocidal Sunni group Hamas as well as global jihadists operating in Sinai. And Iran, inching ever closer toward nuclear breakout capacity, poses an increasing threat from the east. To the west is the Mediterranean Sea, which is where the Palestinians wish to see the Jews migrate.

While Kerry’s promises strike the right rhetorical note, the sad and unfortunate fact is that in the age of Obama, American guarantees, assurances and red lines are mere empty slogans, worth about as much as the paper they’re written on. In the final analysis, Israel can rely only on itself.

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  • A Z

    “In the age of Obama, American guarantees are worth about as much as the paper they’re written on.”

    I disagree. In an age of maximum recycling and economic downturn, a worthless piece of paper is a burden that can actually cost you to dispose.

  • simonzee1

    Forget about worldwide for a moment and think about how your gas prices are going to go through the roof with the U.S exporting gas for political clout. Meanwhile Kerry gives a billion to the Ukraine only to go to Russia to pay their gas debt. This tokinism must make Americans wild when your infrastructure is falling apart and then to be hit later with higher gas prices.

  • simonzee1

    Isnt it interesting the U.S… the Brits and the French courted Gadaffi as Libya’s sovereign leader. It just that he pitched his tent outside the French palace on French soil and refused to sign an oil deal. This was his death sentence. Do you really naively think that France is intetested in human rights.of course International law prevented arms from being pumped into Libya but that did not stop other Arab countries that wanted Libyan oil.

    Let’s be clear. I warned Cameron and Obama of the effect of legitamising a coup in the Ukraine. The specific warning was that this precedent would inspire other protestors to sidestep the election process which is central to having a vibrant flourishing democracy. Within 12 hours protestors had stormed the Libyan Congress and shot two MP’s and now congress has to be relocated.

    The Western media is steering the sheep so we hear nothing of this. Watch carefully on the Internet and tension will spike in other countries will follow this United States led model. KEEP THE MISSION CREEP IN LIBYA.

    • A Z

      “It just that he pitched his tent outside the French palace on French soil and refused to sign an oil deal. This was his death sentence.”

      Interesting. Provide dates & Links.

      Still unless Russia or someone provides French documents I don’t think the story has legs. I think it should, but it may not.

    • A Z

      ” I warned Cameron and Obama ”


      • simonzee1


        • A Z

          How? By posting to a forum?

          • Schmitty

            Oh I am sure this is where they both get the rock solid tips on how to govern.

          • A Z

            “Some part of his comments are good or worthy of debate.”

            Isnt it interesting the U.S… the Brits and the French courted Gadaffi as Libya’s sovereign leader. . It just that he pitched his tent outside the French palace on French soil and refused to sign an oil deal”

            Jerry Doyle was saying it was over beach front real estate for development. I believe the Libyan oil was already going to Italy & France. I can;t imagine a new government selling ti to those countries for a lesser amount. I could be wrong.

            I wanted to see what he has dug up. I do a lot of research myself. But if someone already has a bunch of article already line up fro good sources, i would be more the willing to look at them.

            His 2nd paragraph got me.

            “Let’s be clear. I warned Cameron and Obama”

            That was when I though “Ya know he might not be working with a full deck”. He might be smart and be a little out there, he might be right as often as a stopped clock, trolling or whatever.

  • simonzee1
    • A Z

      There are 241 comments. Is yours under the Best Rated the Worst rated or kind of middling in between ones?

      • simonzee1

        Read the chronology above. Dont drivel…just read.

  • simonzee1

    The French and Brits and America courted Gadaffi….

    He would not sign their oil deals….. uk/news/article-2113910/Colonel-Gaddafi-gave-French-President-Nicolas-Sarkozy-42MILLION-fund-2007-election-campaign.html

    And then….

    And then…

    And then….

    And then…

    Just if there is a possibility in the unrest of protestors of a return of the Gadaffi bloodline America France and Britain have another Gadaffi son returned by Niger who is given a colonial sweetner knowing that the I.C.C had been ignored over pleas to have the other Gadaffi tried before real courts. They will both be murdered.

    Hey presto world this is how international law works!

  • wildjew

    It’s a good idea not to trust U.S. assurances no matter who is the president.

  • RMthoughts

    According to the British press reports out yesterday, the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were hired by Maidan leaders, (read Soros groups, EU/USA) according to a leaked phone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister, which has emerged online. The Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked call. “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Urmas Paet said during the conversation.
    So it turns out that Putin was right after all and all. This is a violent lawless coup d’etat. It turns out that the conservatives are supporting the Murderers of Maidan and the bad guy Putin is not so bad after all. But I’m sure no one cares. We conservatives are all Hillary now in exclaiming, “at this point, what difference does it make”, we got what we wanted.

    • StanleyT

      That’s the best you could come up with? Perhaps you should change your moniker to RMthoughtless

      • RMthoughts

        Don’t address the issue just make a personal attack. Do you really believe the media narrative of this whole farce? The same hand that served you Serbia, and Libya, and Syria, and Georgia, and Tunisia, andAlgeria, and Morocco, and Egypt…now give you Ukraine. Enjoy.

      • logdon

        It happens to be true.

        The EU and US are up to their grubby armpits in this.

        Go the the UK Daily Telegraph site and as well as reading the source of these accusations also read the thousands of comments including mine.

        The DT is decidedly right wing which is simple terms to you, is the opposite of left yet their readers rely on evaluation, not some knee jerk anti commie crap.

        Right now Putin is running rings around your incompetent POTUS and I for one am glad.

        Someone has to stand up to this narcissistic chancer who is so drunk on his own self perceived greatness that all reason has gone to be replaced by tantrum.

        I hope this runs and runs. At least Ukraine is keeping Lurch off the Israelis back and for that we must be eternally thankful.

    • Zippy McFadden

      It would explain why the “protesters” were so well equipped, with real shields, body armor, weapons and helmets…

      • RMthoughts

        In the European press you can read Georges Soros’s Open Society Institute is known all over Kiev, together with other NGOs paid by Soros and State Department (which is just another shill
        of George Soros). For last few years they trained and prepared a bunch of Neo-Nazi andAnarchist terrorists. They created and financed training camps in Poland andLithuania. They also stirred the pot of “democratic” protests. At the right moment they send those hoodlums to attack and violently overthrow the impotent government of Ukraine. To see the political and media, both conservative and liberal walk lock step on this is frightening.

        • logdon


          Churchill was a master at this game and although he despised communism saw the truth which was without Stalin we in Britain could very easily have been swept by the blitzkrieg which had already swallowed the rest of Europe.

          It’s not about dogma, rather evaluation of the truth of the matter and if a one time enemy is fighting an even worse one, there’s your answer.

  • Clear&PresentDanger

    “Gulf of Eilat”?

    Surely you mean the Gulf of Aqaba

  • Simon Timothy

    “In the final analysis, Israel can rely only on itself.” No, Israel should rely on their G-d, YWH!

  • Isalina

    Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement in 1998 that allow Russia to have up to 25,000 troops in Ukraine to protect its military base in Crimea and to defend ethnic Russians there that are threatened. So how is it against international law? Unless they exceed 25,000. They had 19.000 troops in there before the recent coup.

  • Isalina

    Hillary says Putin’s moving troops into Crimea is “like Hitler in 1938.” How ironic because the coup leaders are Neo Nazis who openly laud Goebbels and Hitler and shout their Antisemitism. Once again, Hillary dissembles.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The feckless way Kerry opposes Putin’s invasion of Crimea reminds me so much of the feckless way the House and Senate Republican leaders fecklessly opposed Obama and the Dhimmicrats.