Obama’s Convoluted Priorities

obama-foreign-policy-policy-second-term-john-bolton-480x307As President Obama greets world crisis after crisis with confused vacillation and impotence, a recent Gallup poll unsurprisingly suggests that Americans no longer believe that their president commands respect from foreign leaders. And why should they? The President’s foreign policy has proved to be an exercise in defeatist isolationism, where tyrants are appeased and allies are thrown to the wolves.

In Ukraine, a nation where democracy advocates risk losing to the forces of extremism and where Russia stands poised to intervene militarily, our president remains mute while our defense chief expresses “concern.”  The same scenario is currently unfolding in Venezuela where students and the middle class, fed up with rampant crime, autocratic rule and a tanking economy, have banded together against the Cuban- and Iranian-backed thuggish ruler of that country, Nicolás Maduro.  Aside from expelling some Venezuelan diplomats, the administration has done nothing to bolster pro-democracy protestors.

In the East & South China Seas, China, seeking to expand its maritime borders and engage in yet more land grabs, has embarked on a series of aggressive military deployments designed to intimidate our Pacific allies. One analyst noted that China might be gearing up for a quick sharp war, aimed at seizing Senkakus or southern Ryukyu islands. Yet the United States, the premiere Pacific naval power, has done virtually nothing to provide reassurance to our allies.

And of course there is the administration’s botched and near amateurish policies in the Mideast that have only served to embolden enemies, prolong conflict and alienate allies. In Syria, Obama drew his red line, warning Assad of the consequences of chemical weapons usage. That warning turned out to be nothing short of a fiasco, embarrassing the president and turning Russia’s Putin into the savior. Moreover, the president’s inaction severely weakened pro-Western elements in Syria and partly served as the catalyst that caused much of the rebel movement to fall under the influence of Islamic extremists.

In Egypt, the administration backed the fascist Muslim Brotherhood over a more Western-oriented movement that had the backing of much of the country. So angered were the Egyptians over the U.S. betrayal that they recently turned to Russia for arms, signing a two-billion dollar, Saudi-financed deal.

Iran represents the administration’s quintessential foreign policy failure. A strict sanctions regimen was not only taking its toll on the Iranian economy, it was impeding Iran’s ability to carry out proxy wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. But the administration, desperate for a foreign policy success after prolonged failures, inked a lopsided deal that gave the Islamic Republic virtually everything it wanted in exchange for nothing more than vague Iranian assurances.

The byproduct of this disastrous deal produced a badly needed instant cash infusion into the anemic Iranian economy. Iran then promptly transferred those funds to buttress its serial killer ally and war criminal, Bushar Hafez al-Assad as well as Hezbollah’s arch terror chieftain, Hassan Nasrallah.

While the administration’s isolationist tendencies compel it to remain disengaged, even when our vital interests are at stake, the president and his secretary of state, John Kerry, remain strangely obsessed with Israel, besotted by the idea of dismembering that tiny nation. Indeed, in 2013 Kerry visited Israel 11 times and on each occasion, demanded concessions of America’s closest ally in the region (and one of its closest in the world) while making veiled threats if the “peace process” failed. And it now comes to light that the president intends to take a greater personal role in an attempt to broker a deal, one in which Israel is forced to relinquish its ancestral heartland to genocidal Palestinian dictators who maintain that the Holocaust is a myth and regard the peace process as a tactical part of an overall objective to obliterate Israel.

In November 2009, Obama pressured Israel into freezing construction in Judea & Samaria for a period of 10 months with the aim of coaxing the histrionic Abbas back to the negotiating table. That effort failed, largely due to Abbas’ rejectionist shenanigans.

In March 2013, Obama boxed Israel into a corner and pressured Netanyahu to apologize to Turkey’s autocratic, semi-delusional, Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for the deaths of 9 Turkish IHH terrorists killed by Israeli commandos while trying to break a lawful maritime blockade. Nearly a year later, despite Israel’s apology and generously absurd offer of compensation to the families of those killed, conditions that Erdogan himself demanded in exchange for normalized relations, normalization appears as far off as ever with Erdogan issuing yet more new demands.

Twice Israel has succumbed to Obama’s pressure and twice paid the steep price for failing to say “no,” but the stakes this time around are much higher. Israel is now expected to cede the strategic Jordan Valley and the Samarian mountain ranges to sworn enemies while exposing its industrial and populated centers to Palestinian rocket and mortar fire.

The world is plagued with other more pressing matters.  From Eastern Europe to South America, Iran to the South China Sea, complete conflagration is a hair’s breadth away. Mr. President, if you want yet another Nobel Prize there are more pressing matters at hand, so please look elsewhere and leave the only thriving democracy in the Middle East alone.

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  • tickletik

    So? All this means that if Netanyahu were to tell him to take a hike there isn’t much the bluffer-in-chief could do about it

    • Josh

      That would be simple logic, but we can expect that the world will be on fire, and Obama would be personally insulted by our little corner of the world. But I would say that it’s worth a shot :-)

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Oh, there’s plenty the US could do. Some “punishments” from the past are no longer effective. Israel now holds over $80 Billion in foreign currency reserves and has a vibrant economy, so Israel no longer needs those loan guarantees. The US might be tempted to withhold military intelligence from Israel, but Israel could respond by doing likewise.

      Obama has decided to respond in the one way that hurts: by implying that the US won’t, after all, have Israel’s back and will leave it to face the world alone. That’s what Obama is implying when he says it will be “difficult to defend Israel” if Israel is blamed for the failure of his peace initiative. And who will be doing the blaming? Obama.

      Obama also regularly reminds Israel its strategic ties are also at risk – again, signaling to the world that the US may not stand with Israel when it counts. Joint military exercises, where the US military often benefits as much as their Israeli counterparts, can always be delayed or cancelled. Military supplies can be blocked or delayed. And the US can attempt to kill Israeli military sales.

      So telling the US, which beyond the White House and SttecDepart

      • tickletik

        That harms the US as much as Israel. And it will only cause problems for the Israelis in the short run while the Israelis realign themselves to go it alone.

        You’ll end up seeing a stronger, for more independent country, with multiple alliances with a variety of countries. On top of that, they’ll be forced to develop their shale oil deposits (est to be near Saudi Arabia levels of oil) . They will also be forced to develop their rocket/satellite and aircraft programs to work independently of anyone else.

        Finally and most important, they’ll become a lot scrappier since they will have no choice but to adopt a stronger, more aggressive military policy. The only reason they even considered handing over the west bank and even the Sinai was because the US promised to have their backs. Once that goes out the window, they’ll adopt a completely different view of these things. More of “no playing around” outlook.

        • Raymond_in_DC

          Indeed, putting “distance” in its support for Israel has the effect of weakening its credibility with others in the region. After all, if the US can’t be counted on to stand with Israel, how can it be counted on not to abandon Bahrain, or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt? Even today I don’t think the US recognizes the impact on US credibility after Obama declared the Bush-Sharon understandings “non-binding”. Again, if one President’s promises won’t be maintained by his successor, of what good is a US commitment?

          Contrast that with Russia, which has stuck with Syria through thick and thin. Yes, Putin is a thug and a bully, but by sticking with his friends he’s got more credibility than Obama.

          It’s certainly wise that Israel is strengthening ties to others beyond the US and Europe. But anyone who thinks India and China will stand with Israel against the Arab and Muslim world when crunch time comes is dreaming.

          As to that oil shale (not shale oil), Israel is ten years from exploiting that resource, even assuming the technology is proven and it gets past the environmental opposition.

          • Silver Garcia

            Re: Arab and Muslim world – perhaps you are right sir. But if you believe that the Dems and Hagel will stand with Israel, I do not agree. Too many votes in Deerborn Michigan to lose.

            Re: shale oil – I do not know if Israel needs another 10 years but no doubt China could assist in financing. Best thing is take back the Sinai which is producing oil. What will the US do??? Bomb Israel, remove Israel from the SWIFT system ( I think so), bannish Israel from the UN ( hope so ).

            What could Israel do? Israel should take that 80 billion and invest in gold and silver if it still can. Short the banks? Ban the US military in the Negev? How will Russia help? What will China do?

      • DontMessWithAmerica

        Israelis need Obama’s military help like a hole in the head. The U.S. has not won a single conflict since WW II. Israel has not lost a single conflict since it became a state. The Saudis, whose souls will rot in hell, will gladly let Israel use their airspace to attack Iran and if things get serious, Israel can make some Harry Truman decisions. If Iran, which is determined to destroy Israel, so badly wants the nuclear bomb and Israel has one, the only decent thing to do is to let them have it.

  • RedneckCanuckpraysforUSsouls

    Slower responses and fewer folk depending on internet to keep their opinions and beliefs strong tells me one thing. We’ve been right watching this world war coming. So, also, do many others think. We know what to do when online communication is lost. The ‘right’ is quiet – now’s the time the lib progs should worry, but they won’t…they’ll think they’re winning and show their full hand. Justice! Vindication! We’re fighting city-pated drones here. Too simple to ‘take out’ the troublemakers. (guess I should change my profile now, huh? *she smiles most evil and pats her ‘protection’*) Having great time while our communications last. Hard to believe we’ll some day miss this. ‘The rats are in the corn’

  • Jacko

    If America because of political correctness twice elects a black Moslem President
    what can you expect.

  • joshuasweet

    as long as the fascist Muslim Brotherhood is all Obama cares about the rest of the world can rot as far as he is concerned.
    Advancing the Muslim Brotherhood world wide is all he has in mind, that alone should let us know what his priorities are and they obviously are not a concern for the American positions in the World or our safety, just his Muslim friends

  • JVictor

    Of all the so-called red lines that this imbecilic administration has drawn in the sand, those that have had to do with isolating Israel and diminishing her capacity to operate in her own best interests are the ones that Obama and his fellow anti-Semites have been the most interested in enforcing. There can be no doubt that this guy only has “gravitas” when it comes to Israel while every other nation sees him as a bluffing sound-bite-happy eunuch.

  • 2wotvet

    “Tyrants are appeased and allies are thrown to wolves”. Right, like Mubarak wasn’t a tyrant. And some ally Israel is, threatening to attack Iran and drag America into a war it knows well will last for at least a decade and further exhaust the American military and economy, all because of a nuclear weapons program that Israeli intelligence swore would generate a nuclear bomb by 2007.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    You can’t accuse Obama as being mute regarding
    Ukraine. He was supposed to have had a 3 hour telephone conversation with
    Putin. He fancies himself as an effective con artist and only God know
    what he said there. God can’t tell us because he doesn’t exist. In
    a sense, perhaps subconsciously, Obama may be thankful for this new crisis
    because it takes some focus off his more personal problems, such as Benghazi,
    Fast & Furious, Obamacare, the economy, on and on. Regarding Israel,
    the answer is obvious; you’ll find it in the Koran. Whether he is a
    practicing Muslim or not, his heart is in Islam and Islam tells him to hate
    Jews, so he bullies Israel partly because Israel lets itself be bullied.
    If the Israelis could only emulate the Egyptians who told him to get lost
    and who are preparing to sue him in the World Court.

  • Dallas25305

    No one in the World fears Obama. They know what a Liberal Socialist pansy he is. The only ones who need fear Chairman Hussein is the American People and the U.S.A.’s former allies. Whom he has done everything possible to stick a finger in their eye. Obozo insulted Britain by returning a bust of Churchill he didn’t want in the White house. He has constantly pushed Israel to surrender to Arab terror. He cancelled the U.S. missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic with out notifying them. He wont allow the Canadian Key Stone pipeline even though oil from Venezuela and California have a higher Carbon content. For those who care about that. Note, that in the Afghanistan war the second and third most allied soldiers killed were British and Canadian. However this is how the lying , corrupt , racist Barack Hussein Obama pays people back.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    Why is 0bama bullying our ONLY ally in the Middle East? Because he’s a traitor.

  • Brucew56

    Israel, you deal with the Liar in a Chief state your peril. He is doing the devil’s work. Don’t agree to do anything he wants. Buy your military equipment from other sources, but stand up against the evil Islamists.

  • Putinesca

    Obama has a foreign policy. Islam wins and everyone else loses. It’s the Wahabbi way.