A New Level of Illegal Immigration Chaos

ICE-Spencer-Platt-Getty-Images-e13663236808231-548x237A bombshell report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is difficult to construe as anything other than the Obama administration’s contempt for the rule of law. An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document obtained by CIS reveals that in 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released from detention 36,007 convicted criminal aliens awaiting the outcome of their deportation proceedings — including 193 individuals convicted of murder, 426 convicted of sexual assault, 1,075 convicted of aggravated assault, and 303 convicted of kidnapping. 

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) put this utter abdication of responsibility in the proper context. “This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials,” he declared. “The administration’s actions are outrageous. They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”

CIS makes it clear that this report is different than the report it released in March entitled “Catch and Release.” That one revealed that ICE declined to bring immigration charges against 68,000 criminal aliens they encountered in FY 2013, due in large part to what CIS characterized as the administration’s sweeping “prosecutorial discretion” guidelines. That report led to congressional inquiries, prompting ICE to release an enumeration of FY 2013 criminal aliens freed, and the criminal convictions tied to these individuals. Smith was one of the lawmakers who had pressed DHS for the detailed breakdown.

CIS explains the distinction between the two different reports:

“It is important to recognize that the 36,007 criminal aliens counted in this document are a different set of cases from the 68,000 releases reported earlier. The 36,007 criminal aliens counted here are aliens who were being processed for deportation and were freed while awaiting the final disposition of their cases, or afterwards. The 68,000 releases were cases of alien criminals encountered by ICE officers, usually in jails, but who were let go in lieu of processing them for immigration removal charges in that year.”

ICE released a statement saying many of the convicted aliens they released were subject to being tracked, but as CIS further reveals, ICE is still stonewalling to a certain extent. The agency fails to specify which category of release applied to the number or type criminal aliens involved. Those categories include bond, an unsupervised order of recognizance, an order of supervision that could be as lax as the requirement to make a phone call to a designated ICE phone number, monitoring, using an ankle bracelet or some other tracking device, and parole.

What ICE didn’t say, but was nonetheless contained in “separate information” obtained by CIS, is that many of these releases were “discretionary” or “even contrary” to the requirements contained in a number of provisions written into the Immigration and Nationality Act. CIS further notes that less than 3,000 criminal aliens were released due to the 2001 Supreme Court decision, Zadvydas v. Davis that prevents ICE from holding certain aliens indefinitely when countries they come from refuse to take them back. An even smaller number of releases were attributable to parole or legal status obtained by cooperating with ICE or another law enforcement agency with regard to a “criminal prosecution,” or another “compelling public interest.”

In their statement, ICE attempted to claim otherwise. “The releases required by court decisions account for a disproportionate number of the serious crimes listed in the report. For example, mandatory releases account for over 75% of the homicides listed,” it stated. “Others, typically those with less serious offenses, were released as a discretionary matter after career law enforcement officers made a judgment regarding the priority of holding the individual, given ICE’s resources, and prioritizing the detention and removal of individuals who pose a risk to public safety or national security.”

Such weasel words don’t cut it. If 75 percent of the convicted murderers had to be released, that still leaves 48 convicted murderers who didn’t. Furthermore, the notion that “less serious offenses” allowing for “discretionary release” by “career law enforcement officers” can still amount to releasing individuals convicted of sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault, dangerous drug possession, drunken or drugged driving, stealing vehicles and flight escape, is nothing short of chilling. 

CIS policy studies director Jessica Vaughan focused on the hypocrisy of the Obama administration. “We keep hearing from the administration that they are focused like a laser on enforcement against the worst of the worst, convicted criminals, as their top priority,” she said. “On the other hand, they are releasing, at a rate of about 100 a day, aliens from their custody with criminal convictions, and many of them are serious criminal convictions.”

As for “ICE’s resources,” the agency was more than willing to pour gasoline on an already raging inferno regarding that issue as well. Telling Congress that they don’t need to hold as many detainees as they used to, they have asked lawmakers to fund approximately 3,500 fewer detention beds this year than last, reducing the number from 34,000 to around 30,500. “This funding level of beds will allow ICE to detain the current mandatory population, as well as the higher-risk, non-mandatory detainees,” ICE Deputy Director Daniel Ragsdale testified in March.

That’s quite a change from last year when ICE initially blamed the release of thousands of illegals on a lack of resources caused by the sequester. As the Washington Times reveals, ICE officials eventually backed off that claim, contending the regular budget process caused the releases—releases that included 622 criminals, including 24 with repeated felony convictions so serious, ICE was forced to recapture them.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the Senate Budget Committee’s ranking member, has been sounding the alarm on the Obama administration’s dangerous illegal immigration free-for-all policies for several years. In March, Sessions released “Critical Alert,” a report revealing that 98 percent of the illegals being deported were either criminals, caught crossing the border illegally, or had been previously deported. Sessions contended this reality was due to three executive actions undertaken by President Obama that amounted to “a dramatic nullification of federal law” that allowed the vast majority of the 12 million illegal aliens in the country “to illegally live, work and claim benefits here as long as they are not caught committing a felony or other serious crime.”

Two months later, Americans now know that felonies or other serious crimes aren’t necessarily deportable offenses either. Or even multiple convictions: CIS noted that the 36,007 individuals released by ICE accounted for 87,818 convictions.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has called on DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to appear before the Committee and explain this egregious state of affairs. He also issued a joint statement with Lamar Smith hammering DHS for stonewalling. “Over a month ago, the House Judiciary Committee requested that DHS provide information about criminal aliens identified by federal authorities and released into our communities but our questions have gone unanswered,” it stated. “This information is important to inform Congress about the problem of criminal aliens so that we make the right policy decisions moving forward. The Committee plans to hold an oversight hearing on DHS in the coming weeks and will expect Secretary Johnson to come clean and provide the Committee with answers to our questions.” 

Those answers should be fascinating. As CIS notes, Johnson is “on the verge of announcing the results of a review of deportation policies, ordered by the president in response to immigrant advocacy group protests.” Johnson has already indicated that anything resembling stricter deportation policies, or even maintaining the disturbingly lax status quo is not in the cards. In February, he announced the DHS was preparing to implement reform legislation. “When reform legislation is enacted, DHS must be prepared to implement reform. So to prepare for this potential outcome, I have already directed the deputy director of homeland security to coordinate the process to ensure we are ready to implement the law,” Johnson said. A month earlier, he also advocated a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, insisting they have “earned the right to be citizens.”

Undoubtedly, Johnson, the DHS and ICE are taking their cues from President Obama. And once again, the American public is being forced to endure the substitution of a political agenda—one with potentially deadly consequences–for the rule of law. Yet the notion that even a single criminal alien, much less thousands, have been freed to roam the streets of American is beyond the pale. The nation is rapidly approaching a level of institutional lawlessness in which government can no longer protect us from criminal enterprise for the simplest and most disturbing reason: it is endorsing that criminal enterprise.

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  • American1969

    In a word: Disgusting! This is the most lawless administration! What’s the point of having immigration laws if they’re not going to be enforced?

    • swemson

      “A New Level of Illegal Immigration Chaos” ?

      What could be more chaotic than having an illegal immigrant living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?


      • nomoretraitors

        Having people stupid enough to elect him twice

        • margo1942

          it was fraud that put this illegal in the top spot.

        • Tina Richards

          they are no dumber than the ones who voted twice for Bush, I am assuming that includes you

    • DennisMets

      they do enforce them against Asians and people from white countries.

  • winstons

    But they will vote DEM, right?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Bill Clinton can rape and abuse women, Ted Kennedy can kill women. Hillary Clinton can empower Boko Haram to kidnap little girls, and Obama can release rapists into the streets to stalk women. But let any Republican talk about defending the life of a little girl in the womb of her mother, and it’s the Republicans who are accused of mounting a “war on women.”

    These Democrats are utterly vile and disgusting creatures, unworthy of living among humans.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Barry can usurp the office of the POTUS via fraudulent documents (forged birth certificate, forged and fraudulent selective service registration, fraudulent SS#, etc). Maybe folks here at Frongpage will eventually spend some time investigating this Fraud in Chief to speed up the process in getting the Congress of the US to investigate this criminal.

      • USARetired

        He has absolutely NO LEGAL US RECORDS! His SSN is stolen from Harry Bounel, born 1890, Connecticut, deceased, SSN 042-68-4425, which Obozo still uses! He is the epitamy of ‘Wet Backs’ and nothing is being done about it.

    • pookieamos

      Naresh , I couldn’t agree more.

    • WillyWallace

      It will only be a matter of time when one of these criminals does the exact same crime, or worse, and then the attacks against Obama will be legitimate. Within a week, I assure you, one will be rearrested and hopefully the police departments will go on the attack against Obama’s pandering speech that said it was a waste of resources to go after these folks and then to jail them because they only want to “feed their families” while killing ours!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    This alone makes him worthy of impeachment.

    • T800

      that’s not gonna happen,but I’d settle for the other “termination of employment”.

    • popseal

      A sycophant Congress and bootlick SCOTUS, enforced by his Three Monkey Media, makes Obama the Teflon president.

  • Danny

    This is just one more serious crime perpetrated my this criminal administration. Honestly, I’ve lost track of all of them by now. I believe that’s this administration’s MO. You commit so many serious crimes, like fast and furious, using the IRS to go after conservatives, ask Medvedev to tell Putin to back off and offering to compromise America’s defence shield over Europe after Obama’s re-election, and dozens of other crimes, that the people can’t remember all of the crimes they’ve done. Never mind all the instances where Obama and his cabinet members just simply refused to enforce the law. Any other President with this kind of record, Republican or Democrat, would have been hanged for treason twice over by now. America the good is nothing more than an impotent shell of what it once was.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Keep an eye on Washington DC beginning this weekend. There will be more than a MILLION folks marching on that sewer demanding folks in Congress and in the White House to tender their resignation. The media has ignored another huge event, including folks here at Frontpage and Fox. One would think we very smart conservatives would be keeping up with such activity. Did you know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo have been criminally investigating Obama for three years now. Oh, Frontpage and other big named conservative blogs and web pages haven’t been reporting on it, imagine that!! Oh, you mean an organization like the one who claims their are “fair and balanced” and are always saying “they report you decide” phony baloney haven’t covered the biggest scandal in our history. What a sorry bunch of conservatives. Surely wouldn’t want them watching my back in a fox hole.

    • Seek

      Is this the long-anticipated Thousand Man March?

  • nomoretraitors

    This “administration” is not endorsing a criminal enterprise. It IS a criminal enterprise

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    Cultural nationalist irredentists already have a beachhead in television owing to “diversity” demands. See http://clarespark.com/2012/02/09/glee-goes-la-raza/. “GLEE goes La Raza.” In my view, writers won’t talk about Catholics vs. Protestants because the Reformation remains unsettled in conservative politics.

  • Walter Sieruk

    Porous borders with Canada and Mexico have enabled members of al Qeada , Hezbollah, Hamas and other likemind jidadist groups to infiltrate into the Unitied States. Furthermore, illegal immigration for Mexico is especially dangerous because of crime for El Salvandor by gangs of thugs such as the one called MS-13 who come into the US through Mexico and commit crimes such as murder, rape, drug dealing. They are also know ,for a price, to smuggle al Qaeda operatives into America. In addition to all this ,with illegal immigration brings higher welfare cost, increased chances of the spread of contagious diseases such as TB ,more environmental degradation and more unban sprawl. Therefore, there is a great need for a good border system like a strong tall wall that patrolled by armed American officers who may be allowed to use their guns if they deem it neceessary.Also a good filtering system to let in only the good hard working people enter this country with visas and not gangsters and jihadists. In conclusion the above may be summed up by Ronald Reagan when he stated “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

  • DennisMets

    This is really sad, when I got my Philippine wife here 30 years ago they made me sign an affidavit of support for her they did a complete background check on her because they did not want a prostitute or criminal here or someone to lych off the US government (support affidavit) they have deported many asians for small mistakes on the forms etc. One thing is clear the democraps are at war with Christian whites. Otherwise why would they bring in millions of murdering Muslim refugees from places like somalia and place them in small white communities knowing they will terrorize the local white christians. This is a calculated war on white Christians and if any one does not see it they are stupid and blind. Why else would you bring in millions of illegals for our workers to support with spending billions on schools , hospitals and prisons ( just to release them on the communities)?

  • DennisMets

    . I have been to many countries and one thing I can
    tell you is the United States is one of the most murderous of them all.
    We have been sold on diversity but if you look around the world you
    see it does not work. Israel will forever be a blood bath with
    Muslims (Arabs) killing Jews. And despite what our president
    says he has made it clear he will stand with his Muslims and racist
    reverends to the end. The president’s reverends and heroes have made it clear
    they hate the devil whites and they will continue to program future generations
    of black youths to carry on the hate for the devil whites. If you take what
    black leaders, reverends and the panthers are saying about whites and put the
    words in a whites mouth about blacks there would be a nationwide freak show on
    about it. Now think about this hate and what they are doing to carry out the
    war on whites? Not only are they pushing to get as many Hispanics into the
    country to get them under the minority
    umbrella and to program them to hate whites they are bringing in thousands
    of Somalian Muslims and others and they are placing them in mostly small white
    communities. This is akin to promoting war because you have diverse
    cultures like black Muslims moving in on peaceful white communities and they
    are also programed to hate whites and think they are entitled. Make no mistake
    the overall plan is to push out whites and by bringing in Muslims that
    over breed everywhere they are you can see in a few generations how
    they will overwhelm the whites that are regulating their families to a
    smaller size in order to send them to good schools and live in safe
    neighborhoods. In other words whites are paying for getting these people
    here to murder and push them out. Anyone can
    see what crimes these Muslims have brought to us as
    refugees and what our congress has become, ESP. since the
    president has only appointed people that share his views of hate and
    entitlement like Sotomayor to make sure minorities have every advantage in the world handed to them. How could anyone think that refugees or illegals from another country should get preferential treatment over whites that have lived and worked for a living)? Black people have a tremendously powerful voice and when it speaks people shake and do crazy things, like the sponsors that pulled adds with the clippers. If whites had that much of a voice we could get a lot of racism stopped against us to. If you do not think there is a war on Christian Whites your naive and stupid, why else would you bring in thousands of Muslim refugees that make no secret their hate for Christians and put them in mostly small white Christian communities? Normally predators are outnumbered and breed by what they prey on otherwise they would run out of food. But in this case the Hispanics and the Muslim refugees are overwhelming the White Christians they prey on and that is by design. I guess whites will stand by and get exterminated while the white leaders in politics sell them out for a dollar.

  • T800

    Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

    There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

    “The Obama Doctrine can be described in just nine words: Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country.” Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

  • Key Williams

    They are going to question Jeh Johnson? he was hand picked by President Obama and is an attorney that replaced Janet Napolitano last December , many others with far better qualifications where passed by once again to run DHS.

    They need to go after Janet Napolitano who is now President of a college in CA,.,and I won’t believe a word coming from Johnson who is Obama personal pet clown like Holder.
    CNS News report 1/24/14 DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson quote ” 11 million who are in the country have “earned the right to be citizens” so I won’t believe a word this man has to say!

  • mtnhikerdude

    The 36,007 released criminals should be moved in to the White House.to replace the 36,007 people attending the B.O. and Michelle

  • http://www.ambrosekane.com/ bluffcreek1967

    Is it not clear by now that Barack Obama (the ‘Nothing Man’) has betrayed the American people and is willfully committing sedition against our nation? How many overt, in-your-face crimes does this man have to do before Americans wake up and impeach him?

    Tragically, we have BOTH the Democrats and Republicans fighting to grant hordes of illiterate, third-world Mexican peasants amnesty! This will not only force Americans to compete with illegals for the few remaining jobs available, but it will forever change our culture.

    One day you’re going to wake up and realize that you’ve become an alien in your own land!

  • Carol Kelley

    Every teleprompter speech, every emoted platitude, was a LIE – this country has been taken over by vile evil criminals who have infested every agency and now are arming for a purge of Americans. The latest being the Department of Agriculture. Don’t believe it? Google and see how many agencies have tens of thousands of arms and ammo…….for what? You dummies – FOR YOU!!!

  • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

    One must also remember that the “career law enforcement professionals” that the Obama Regime refers to as determining the release of these criminals are under orders to release as many criminal aliens as possible.

  • Ruben James


  • antioli

    The released will be returning to their own communities. What then?

  • Dave Francis

    There has been
    nothing but cover-ups with this administration in power. They have betrayed the
    American people, and needs to be held accountable beginning with the Benghazi murders. Just a name of few of the
    issues is spying on the editorial staff of newspapers; IRS delaying
    applications of non-profit Conservative groups prior the Presidents election.
    Forcing on the American people their ideology of Political correction and
    suppressing Free Speech. The latest nightmare is at the Veterans Administration
    of holding back medical services to Veterans. More recently of releasing from
    prison a large majority of legal and illegal aliens back on our streets; even
    murderers and sexual predators. But then the mainstream press, TV and radio
    media, will keep a block on any article about such subjects, or just a few
    words to minimize the outrages. The less known facts of Obama quietly seeking
    to cede U.S. oceans to UN law; even our guns are not safe from this insidious
    government and I don’t even own a gun; using a presidential executive order to
    press for illegal alien amnesty, when millions of Americans are still jobless.
    Former president Carter gave away the Panama Canal, which America built and now this poor insult for a
    President wants to give away the Internet to the United Nations. In California
    as an example 2010, FAIR estimated the annual fiscal burden on taxpayers from
    illegal immigration to be $21.7 billion per year. S.B. 1005 [the Health for All
    Act] will only add to that burden by costing taxpayers multiplied millions per
    year to provide health care subsidies and free health care to citizens of other
    countries.” Can you even imagine the costs to the rest of 49 states, which
    doesn’t include the federal money? Personally I don’t trust either political
    parties, or the politicians who genuflect to the wealthy, corporations, unions
    and a whole dirty well of special interests. End ignoring the edicts Constitution and I discounting the
    Congress legislative process. Spying on Americans; using the IRS as personal
    henchmen and grabbing guns
    I am an ex Merchant Mariner, whose family has been donating to the Democrats
    for decades. Not anymore and not the republicans either. I am an Independent
    voter now and will vote for the TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP. Both Republican House Speaker John Boehner needs
    to be deep six’ed or at least go back to his previous job, and take that
    ancient disguised Liberal Senator Harry Reid to the old folk’s home and let him
    graze, till he dies. We need a moderate Conservative Party and that’s the TEA
    PARTY. Their promise is to abolish the IRS and introduce a fair tax system,
    with no hold-outs. Politicians will be prosecuted for inside trading, as how do
    you think they suddenly become millionaires. And an immigration system based on
    what skills these people can offer, not chain migration. If either the GOP or
    the Lib-Democrats retain their seats in Washington,
    nothing will change ever. Obamaa and his mob are driving us into Socialist
    desolation and the Republicans and even wider gap, between the middle class and
    the effluent.

  • Alleged Comment

    Well, you did put in a illegal-negro as president. What do you think he’ll do in appreciation?

    He is also a sodomite. A sexually immoral person. So when you say they released murderers, rapist and criminals this blends in what the negro said he would do.

    “Fundamentally change America” so that it resembles HIM!

  • popseal

    11,000,000+ new Democrats from Mexico will seal the deal against America ever recovering from the present, ongoing leftist disaster occupying D.C.

  • Alleged Comment

    Barry said he would fundamentally change America.

    Look around and see the change from white, to black, to brown. From legal to illegal, from sexually moral people to sexually immoral people.