Bracing for Amnesty

John-Boehner-And-Paul-Ryan-500x298Unbelievable as it may be to their core constituency, House Republicans are now embracing comprehensive immigration reform. Late yesterday, the Hill obtained a one-page document outlining the GOP’s “statement of principals,” that endorses a path to legal status, once “specific enforcement triggers” have been achieved. 

In an apparent sop to their base, House leadership stopped short of offering a path to citizenship, citing unfairness to those who have emigrated here legally, and the “harm” it would do to the rule of law. “Rather, these persons could live legally and without fear in the U.S., but only if they were willing to admit their culpability, pass rigorous background checks, pay significant fines and back taxes, develop proficiency in English and American civics, and be able to support themselves and their families (without access to public benefits),” the paper states.

Earlier in the day, GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers confirmed the GOP’s determination to move forward on the issue. “We heard the president say this should be a year of action and that is our goal,” she told reporters. “We join the president in this effort to make this a year of action.” 

A year of political suicide may be more accurate. One that includes a stunning level of collective shortsightedness. Republicans intend to grant some sort of probationary legal status predicated on the federal government meeting certain, unspecified “enforcement triggers.” Undoubtedly, one of them is “border security,” the key item that is supposed to make the rest of the amnesty agenda palatable. That would be the same border security that has been routinely ignored ever since it was promised to be an integral part of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Equally ignored was the Secure Fence Act of 2006, that called for “at least two layers of reinforced fencing.” 

A 2007 amendment to the bill gutted that provision, giving the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “discretion” to determine what type of fencing would be used. Thus, vehicle barriers or single layer pedestrian fencing was deployed, despite its ineffectiveness. Adding insult to injury, last June, the Senate rejected by a vote of 54-39 an amendment offered by Sen. John Thune (R-SD). It called for nothing more than the funding and completion of the 700 miles of double-tiered fencing along our southern border. Five Republicans voted against the measure, including the insufferable Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who ran a 2010 campaign ad with the phrase, “let’s build the dang fence!” in it.

In other words, what Republicans are willfully ignoring is the reality of a Democrat party and an Obama administration with a demonstrable record of selective law enforcement, whenever that selectivity suits their agenda. The notion that this time it will be different, is utterly laughable.

And that’s only the issue of border security. Even though Republicans stop short of granting citizenship to illegals, and opt instead for some sort of “legal status,” how long do they think it will be before Democrats and their media allies begin an all-out campaign against the unconscionable “two-tier” immigration system created by a “nativist” GOP?  The one that denies hard-working, tax-paying people the genuine justice that only a pathway to citizenship can provide?

On Wednesday, Paul Ryan admitted he envisions that “probationary” status, allowing illegals to work while government tightened border security and internal enforcement metrics, will be buttressed by a law the Obama administration “can’t avoid.” 

In reality, border metrics and/or other “specific enforcement triggers” may already be largely irrelevant. This week, the labor union that represents the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers and adjudicators, which is tasked with the application approval process, explained why. In a letter to Congress, they essentially made a mockery of the “rigorous background checks” promoted by the GOP, warning that they would be unable to handle the workload associated with investigating millions of applicants. “USCIS is not equipped to handle this workload, and due to political interference in its mission, is not empowered to deny admission to all those who should be denied due to ineligibility,” said National Citizenship And Immigration Services Council president Kenneth Palinkas. “We have become a visa clearinghouse for the world, rather than the first line of defense for a secure immigration system.”

Obama administration officials countered that assessment, saying they would be ready if Congress provides them the opportunity. Yet the Washington Times notes that key questions remain unanswered. It remains unknown what documents would be necessary to meet the criteria for “legal status,” and whether USCIS adjudicators would interview every applicant, “which would take longer but would be more likely to weed out criminals or fraudulent applications.”

Those questions may remain officially unanswered, but who’s kidding whom? This is the same Obama administration that unilaterally suspended critical aspects of the healthcare law when the website they had three years to build — to process applications – turned into an unmitigated disaster. On top of that, they forced both insurance companies and American citizens to rely on an “honor system” to verify subsidies and coverage based on income. 

Do Republicans seriously believe the same administration would be above “streamlining” the process for verifying the eligibility of a constituency they rightly envision becoming future Democrats? How many thousands of illegal aliens might be granted probationary status based on a similar honor system, such as a promise to verify their eligibility at a later date?

That political reality is apparently a secondary consideration for Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus.“I think politically speaking it’s a mixed bag, but the question is whether or not it’s something we have to do as a country, and I think that’s what’s trumping the political answer,” he insists. “You see in our party, whether it’s Rand Paul, who’s called for massive immigration reform, or Marco Rubio, I think you have general consensus that something big has to happen.”

Columnist Ann Coulter, who was privy to a report produced by conservative stalwart Phyllis Schlafly, reveals just how “big” immigration per se has been for the GOP. “Schlafly’s report overwhelmingly demonstrates that merely continuing our current immigration policies spells doom for the Republican Party,” Coulter writes, later adding that “there’s never been a period when a majority of immigrants weren’t Democrats.”

The statistics are daunting. For example, while 81 percent of native-born Americans believe schools should teach students to be proud of America, only half of naturalized U.S. citizens do. Sixty-seven percent of native-born Americans believe the Constitution supersedes international law, compared to only 37 percent of naturalized citizens. Immigrants also express substantial support for ObamaCare, bigger government, gun control, and affirmative action. Every one of those positions is (or ought to be) antithetical to the interests of the GOP. Coulter then gets to the central argument that apparently eludes them. “Republicans have no obligation to assist the Democrats as they change the country in a way that favors them electorally, particularly when it does great harm to the people already here.”

The harm that would befall American workers is inarguable. The CBO reveals that wages for Americans would be adversely affected for more than a decade, and that the unemployment rate would-be “slightly” higher until 2020. Black and Hispanic Americans, many of whom would be competing directly with the newly legalized immigrants for jobs, already endure unemployment rates higher than the national average. That the Democrats consider them temporarily expendable in their quest for electoral hegemony is understandable. That the GOP would blow a golden opportunity to make serious inroads with them while Democrats are pursuing that hegemony, is truly remarkable.

Unfortunately the Republicans’ ability to deceive themselves appears limitless. Again, is there any doubt that Democrats would insist on some sort of “readjustment” regarding fines and/or back taxes for a population that has long endured the economic deprivation engendered by “living in the shadows?”

How long before the same party that advocates for forgiveness of student loans, advocates forgiveness — along with welfare — for people who are struggling against the same “income inequality” that afflicts so many Americans?

Yet perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of the GOP’s capitulation on the issue is political. In an interview with Breitbart, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) echoed what many Americans are undoubtedly thinking. “Republicans are poised for an historic election this fall — a conservative tidal wave much like 2010,” he said. “The biggest thing we could do to mess that up would be if the House passed an amnesty bill — or any bill perceived as an amnesty bill–that demoralized voters going into November. Rather than responding to the big-money lobbying on K Street, we need to make sure working-class Americans show up by the millions to reject Obamacare and vote out the Democrats. Amnesty will ensure they stay home.”

A Republican Party that seems determined to alienate their core constituency should expect nothing less. Yet that determination raises an uncomfortable question. Why? Cruz may have inadvertently provided an answer. The “conservative tidal wave” that represents Tea Party sentiment, if not the Tea Party itself, irritates the establishment GOP. It may be possible that such irritation is severe enough for establishment Republicans to operate in tandem with Democrats on this issue, to mitigate the power of that tidal wave within their ranks. 

There are more than a few conservatives who believe the establishment GOP is content to be a minority party, as long as it is a minority enjoying the privileges that accrue to Washington insiders. That may not be the only explanation for their determination to embrace a position on immigration utterly inimical to their base. But it is certainly a plausible one given the irrational path House leadership is embarking on.

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  • American1969

    The last two paragraphs of this article sum it all up perfectly, especially the part about how the Tea Party annoys the Establishment GOP. It pretty much confirms what we already knew.
    It’s very sad and disgusting that our “elected officials”—better known as elected prostitutes—could obviously care less about We The People or America.


    • blert

      It’s essential that one becomes active during the primaries.
      Because of gerrymandering, the Fall election is a foregone conclusion in most cases.
      What the ins hate are those pesky primary voters.
      Waxman is quitting Congress because he’s getting Primaried. Period.
      His district is so Democrat that November is anticlimatic.
      Leo Linbeck is pushing in the primaries.

      The battle is really between those inside the beltway and the rest of America. Some of the clowns don’t even live in the state they’re elected from anymore! (Going on twenty-years, too.)

    • sinedO

      The Republicrats will wise-up once a few of them get “primaried” out of the Nov. election. It won’t take much to get their attention. I plan to contribute to a few Repub opponents running against RINO’s I’m sick of.
      Hopefully, there will be a Tea Party focus list that we can all get behind.
      We’re competing against lobyists with bribe money for Boehner and a few in leadership. It’s up to us to change their loyalty. They won’t be able to amass the wealth they are after, if they’re kicked out.

  • Arlie

    This is being done for TWO reasons – no one is saying: BIOMETRIC ID FOR ALL. This is the only way to FORCE it on the the American people. Second reason is for the North American Union plan. Obama, Nieto and Harper are meeting in Toluca, Mexico Feb 19 to further this “Union” and to “fast-track” the TPP .

    • Dallas25305

      That will never happen. Obama and Harper do not like each other. Obama wanted Harper to give 2 billion dollars for the wonderful Arab Spring. Harper said no, they have oil and don’t need our money. At the G-8 Obama wanted all the leaders to demand Israel must return to the 1967 borders. Harper was the only one who refused and Lord Obama so use to having his behind kissed did not like that either. This is probably the reason the Key Stone pipeline has not been approved. Beside there is no desire in Canada to do anything like that. Many Canadians realize Obama is an enemy. While he grovels on the ground in front of America’s enemies, he sticks his finger in the eye of America’s former allies. He got rid of a statue of Winston Churchill on his first day in the white house. He wont sign the Key Stone pipeline bill. In Afhganistan the second most soldiers killed came from Britain and the third most killed where Canadian. With friends like Obama you don’t need enemies.

      • Shlomo

        Excelllent post, From a Canadian/American, Canadians have never trusted the American government since the US was defeated in 1812

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    The southern border is a much bigger issue than just illegal immigration. In the 1980s, catching a performance by the late Roberta Sherwood in a club in a Los Angeles hotel, I addressed a uniformed doorman who looked obviously Mexican with “Que pasa, amigo?” The man looked at me oddly and said, “I’m Iranian.”
    Having an overwhelming number of Latin American illegals in the country makes a mockery of law abiding Americans and encourages all to be scofflaws but at the same time it has made it easy for enemies of America to infiltrate, set up sleeper cells to be ready to attack whenever they get orders to do so. How many 9/11’s do we need before politicians wake up to reality?

    • Rick Bode

      Besides immediate deportation if here illegally, all their
      worldly possessions on this side of the border should be confiscated to
      help offset the cost of their deportation. I’m sure they have little and
      what they did have would end up in a landfill but still they would have
      something and it would not then be allowed to just be handed down as
      some windfall to any other associate/cohort/illegal. Also if known include going
      to their place of residence to see what else is going on. While this
      type of “search and seizure” tactic may be unconstitutional I’m sure
      something could be worked out but if enacted would make people stop and
      think about hiring or allowing residence to illegals. If here illegally I think any constitutional rights one might think one is entitled to should be forfeit!

      • WW4

        It would be expensive to the point of impossible. Currently the cost of one single deportation is something like $24,000. Even at half that, I don’t have to tell you our tax bills would go through the roof.

        Plus, if we keep providing jobs, they’ll keep coming.

        I somewhat agree that if a real sting is to be felt it is among those who employ illegals. Which, unfortunately, is just about everybody on Main Street. So if you hit those business owners, what happens to the economy?

  • T-Rex

    “Statement of principles”? What a joke. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. When it comes to this current crop of GOP’ers, statements are all they have when it comes to principles.

    Wanna make a statement, GOP? Start deporting illegals, en masse. It will be a hell of a lot easier than trying to implement this multi-tiered appeasement you call a principled stand. It might even bring back some of the patriotic Americans who are beginning to feel like “aliens” in their own home towns.

  • A Z

    TARP and QE look like extend and pretend. The economic news Tuesday and Wednesday was like a repeated gut punch. Treasury Secretary sold TARP and one thing and then dispersed the money another way.

    Too many of the fools on Capital Hill now are the same ones that approved TARP. Michelle Bachman was right. Let the TBTF banks go bankrupt. there assets would have been redistributed by other businesses that had not been run poorly and overextended themselves. Too many of these fools that allowed TARP only have Juris Doctorates for the most part. The only financial acumen they know is of the crony, nepotism type. They tell us amnesty will be financially good. Like TARP & QE?

    Now these fools want to establish a few checkpoints at airports and ignore the ports of entry along the Mexican and Canadian border. And tell us that we are getting security and this will prevent an Amnesty III.

    F THEM!

  • Clare Spark

    I would like to know if anyone has studied the influence of La Raza on social policy. I wrote about that here, dissecting an episode of the popular show GLEE. See Moreover, the most prestigious liberal cultural historians have ever attacked anti-Catholicism as the worst kind of nativism, which supposedly consigns the entire Republican Party to horrid immorality.

    • Rdlake

      La Raza is the most dangerous social group going today when it comes to policy changes. Simply for the amount of illigals who come through the porous borders daily. They are no longer a group that simply have a dual language advantage. They are third, fourth generation citizens who practice law, medicine. sit on boards & hold political offices. They know our laws & how to exploit. Certain factions are Marxist with no interest in assimilation.

  • Rdlake

    We have an out of control President bypassing the Constitution & making his own laws, realistic unemployment in the double digits, Obamacare taking away people’s healthcare & providing unaffordable ones in its place, ever increasing number of people unemployed, under employed going on welfare, food stamps or SS Disability which will soon go bankrupt, sending $billions in aid to countries that hate us, losing over $200 in waste annually according to the GAO & Heritage Foundation. More important to these corrupt, statist, McRino, Wall Street Republican crooks is immigration reform before we even seal that disastrous porous border. They further insult us by repeatedly using that ridiculous 11 million figure which is ten years old. November can’t come soon enough. This is dangerous. We should be bombarding their offices with emails, calls & letters.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Someone please explain again how the ‘rats are worse? This kind of garbage
    is why I re-registered as Independent: NEITHER party is
    pro-American. The Democrats are open enemy sympathizers and are
    communist in all but name, and the Republicans are bought and paid for
    stooges of the Chamber of Crony Capitalism and the “Open Borders”
    lobby. The fact we need to face, and unless you’ve been in a coma for
    the past four or five years (longer if you look back to the Bush era
    attempts at amnesty) is that our government is our enemy. Deny it all
    you want, but empirically, they are. Ask a simple question: “What
    positive purpose is there in legalizing thirty million criminals?”
    None. They don’t speak our language. They don’t believe in our
    Their presence degrades our economy. The “representatives” of that
    ethnic group openly call for slicing this nation up and are just as
    openly hostile to the United States (do a Google or other search on “La
    Raza rhetoric” or “La Raza speeches”. Also Google “MEChA” and see what
    that search turns up. I guarantee you, it’s worse than you can imagine). I
    don’t intend to go into all the paranoid “New World Order” conspiracies,
    a la Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura, since there are plenty of blatently
    NWO-oriented office holders out there already. Using the principle of
    Occam’s Razor, the simplest answer is likely the correct answer: Some of
    these lowlives are being paid off or have been promised something in
    return for dismantling the United States. Equally, the possibility
    exists that ethical violations and criminal charges may be being held
    over the heads of some Republicans. Whichever it is, NOTHING good is
    coming from the
    Republicans anymore.

    At the risk of being tarred with the “racist” label, I knew the moment I
    heard his name that Obama would prove to be a radical, anti-White,
    anti-American, hard left individual. How? Going back to the 1960’s and
    the “Black Power” movement, which was Communist led and directed, the
    most violent, most radical members of that movement adopted names that
    were either Swahili or mock-African (or Arabic). The guy who invented
    “Kwanzaa,” is an example. Stokley Carmichael adopted an
    African-sounding name, and similar names have been used by
    the New Black Panther Party’s members. Obama has used multiple names
    in his life…the most “mainstream” being “Barry Soetoro.” He adopted
    “Barack Hussein Obama” apparently when he was getting politically
    involved in Chicago. The combination of African and Arabic should have
    been the cue that, although he wears a suit and uses calming rhetoric
    (compare his manner to that of Al Sharpton), he was every bit
    as radical and racialist as a guy who wears a beret, shades and a
    leather jacket, and screams that all those racist crackers need to be
    killed. After all, Saul Alinsky wrote that the true radical hides his
    radicalism so he can attain power. Amnesty for thirty million foreign
    criminals is something we would expect from Obama: It would be
    reflective of the deep hatred he has for the United States and what we
    have always tried to be–a fair, if imperfect, society, where all are
    equal before the law. According to
    mainstream Conservatives such as Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, Obama
    and his party view the United States as being evil (that’s one
    interpretation…the correct interpretation is more harsh: The
    Democrats and their allies know that what we believe as a society is
    what makes us strong, and that to achieve their Marxist goals, our
    societal strength needs to be destroyed, and the best way to do so is to
    sow division and distrust. They don’t view us as evil, so much as an
    impediment to their aims), but that still implies that Obama and those
    like him have only good aims at heart, and are merely misguided in how
    to achieve those aims. They do not and are not. They seek power, and
    bear no love for this nation, what we have tried to become, or for our
    Constitution. All we are is anathema to them.

    The Republicans are either fellow travelers, willing dupes, or just out
    for what they can get. Whichever it is, it is NOT good for the United
    States, either now or in the future. The TEA Party may be our best bet,
    but even that is being co-opted and harmed by supporters of the
    establishment. It is conceivable that at some point things may get
    violent, but I don’t claim to know what the conditions will be for
    that. My study of history has shown that the Democrats, when given the
    choice, tend to choose power and privilege over
    that which is right…especially when faced with weak to non-existent
    opposition (the Whigs in the 1850’s…the Republicans now). The weak
    opposition usually seeks to maintain their pitiful seat at the table of
    power, and will demonize those who threaten their access to that pitiful
    seat (Lincoln’s most vocal critics weren’t Democrats, but old Whigs who
    joined the Republicans merely to retain some semblance of relevance).
    In many ways, conditions now are strongly similar to those prior to the
    War for the Southern Confederacy: Widely divergent views of the
    Constitution, Supreme Court decisions which bent the Constitution into
    ways it was never meant to go, a president who was incompetent, and
    feelings on one side running very hot while the other was almost
    complacent and secure in their attitude that nothing could upset the
    balance of power. This nation is divided. The division isn’t entirely
    sectional, although some sections are
    more supportive of the establishment than others, but is strongly
    ideological. I don’t know which side is stronger, but my gut says that
    the pro-liberty/pro-traditional America side has more passion and more
    courage for a fight than the Obama/Boehner side…but Obama has made it
    plain by actions that he will use deadly force and sacrifice any number
    of lives to maintain his and his party’s (including his Republican
    lapdogs) power and privilege.

    the fight comes, count on me wearing a gray uniform this time
    out…although the CSA I’ll be fighting for will be the Constitutional
    States of America.

    • Mark Chaffin

      Right on, Sharps Rifle, it sound as though you and I have read the same books. It refreshing to find other’s out there who take the time to educate themselves, my hat is off to you Sir. Thank you for your comments.

    • Drakken

      Bravo! Very well thought out and reasonable. I do believe the tipping point has been reached, we have a trifecta of biblical proportions on our hands, an economy that is tanking before our very eyes, a political war that will come to violence one way or another, and a cultural, religious and racial rift that is at the point of no return that will turn tribal. We are definitely living in the most interesting of times, how it turns out at the end, is a crap shoot.

      • BagLady

        …. or, in other words, we have over population and, probably, with our priorities being what they are, need to get rid of quite a few…. one way or another.

    • laura r

      dont forget when they bring their brother sisters cousins aunts uncles grandparents neices nefews, the # will be 150,000,000. do the math. where will we put them all, & what a mess.

      • BagLady

        Then perhaps we should stop dropping eggs into the bowl of flour from a great height. There is bound to be fallout. Where will they go, all these innocent people, caught up in the geo-political intrigue?

        Into your country and mine. You can poo poo the idea of a New World Order but it is inevitable. We have an huge excess of labour just ripe for the picking.



    • oif2009

      Well said. 30 million more hostile ethnic nationalists who will be competing for our diminishing number of above the table jobs is not a savior of our economy. No land was ever stolen from them, it was all purchased. Much of the disputed land never belonged to mexico in the first place but that doesn’t stop them from demanding that they get it back.
      They overpopulated in their nations of origin, destroyed their natural environment, and failed to establish a working government. What are they going to contribute here? Immigration is supposed to benefit the nation immigrants come to, it isn’t supposed to only benefit the immigrants themselves.
      If they were likely to demand a living wage and benefits I can promise you that there wouldn’t be a well funded open borders lobby or any political party to champion them.

    • Edward

      Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority

      Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

      So why are they saying Whites will be a minority in Britain in 2036?

      And Sweden in 2024?

      That’s because there’s MASSIVE non-White immigration in EVERY White country and ONLY White countries.

      Because there’s a program of White geNOcide.

      They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.

      Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

    • Donotask

      Going Libertarian this time I think…..The other two parties have corrupted a long time ago, and none care about the people anymore.

  • Randy Townsend

    Vote for amnesty, and watch the Dims keep the Senate and probably retake the House, and well they should. Republicans stand for nothing.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    The RINO’s will kill this Party. What’s worse is that they know it and they don’t care. As Ahlert says, the RINO’s are happy to enjoy the minority status of an loyal opposition Party, just as long as they can siphon their share of the spoils. What a travesty.

  • Dallas25305

    The left wing Liberal Socialist elite always say Hispanics are Conservatives in waiting. They are wrong. Those who came from Cuba hated Communism and are Conservative however those coming from Mexico have been run by Socialist governments for decades and hardly ever change their vote. Thanks to racist organizations like La Raza they don’t want to be Americans, they just want to take over the country and receive every handout they can get. The old Country Club Republican leaders are to stupid or gutless to understand what is happening. John McCain a man who obviously has Stockholm Syndrome as a result of his war beatings should have been gone years ago. If they sell out on amnesty the U.S.A. will no longer be the same nation. The U.S. as a whole will become California, a corrupt, marxist socialist, 3rd world nation where white people will continue to decline and lose power. This is just what the racist, Stalinist Barack Hussein Obama wants and why the leftist want the abortion of as many white babies as possible. It’s all about race and power.

    • Debbie G

      So they come here to escape their crooked, socialist government, and help turn America into a crooked, socialist government. Yeah, makes sense. (They want Texas back, Dallas. Look out!)

  • Mark Chaffin

    Why would the GOP LEADERSHIP even consider bringing immigration to the floor? “This is ludicrous” The party is poised for a landslide victory in the Senate, based on Obama Care’s failure.Trying to get a bill passed now is going to come under Chuck Schumers scrutiny and the bill will be negotiated. This is stupid, just wait until after the elections and they have control of both houses; at that point you pass the bill with a majority and no compromise. What Boehner and his lapdog Ryan are doing is writing a bill for “Milking” yes I’m familiar with the term, congress is all about making money, that’s what this is all about. They are corrupt !!! Stop playing into Obama’s and Reid’s hand. Stop the cocky arrogance and do what is right for this country. You pass some butchered up Bill that nobody’s happy with and you will loose voter turnout, big-time

  • GSR

    The brutal truth is, for decades, the political/cultural elite of the country (and many elites around the world) have wanted to “de-White American” the USA. They are succeeding via mass immigration.

  • Lady Prudence

    Amnesty will happen. It is the plan of the to new world order to make us more like Europe, and to destroy our freedom and sovereignty.

    • JDinSTL
    • laura r

      i have been saying this 25yrs. accused of being a conspiracy theorist racist what ever.

    • WW4

      Globalism, “new world order”–wait, were we supposed to be for the one, but against the other?

  • Boots

    This is pretty simple… the enemy has been fully identified… the Chamber of Commerce who clearly has no respect for Americans of any stripe… and their prostitutes who lead the Republican establishment. We need to go to war with the Chamber and boycott any business associated with them. I don’t know what is in the hearts of Republican leaders but I do know they are clearly acting against the wishes of the American people.. just like Democrats did with the ACA.

  • Maynard

    Now since its o.k. to be an ILLEGAL alien why not make murder, rape, kidnapping etc O.K. as well? Why have laws at all if they can be ignored? I was once cited by the city for letting my trash can sit on the curb for two days, Oh, such a crime!

    • laura r

      no worries. there will be muder rape kidnapping w/millions of 3rd worlders. just like they do back home. its the culture…….

  • Hktony

    Same in Europe, the left have taken over politics. Except for a few groups demonised like Ukip in the uk there are few alternatives to voice discontent. In the long run if these non liberal groups do not get a voice in politics there will be murder on the streets. Or we will be living in a Venezuela type state!
    On a slightly different note I have observed your tv series becoming so liberal in their story lines that it is impossible to watch them. It’s 1984 slowly brainwashing people and my feeling is people won’t notice.
    You will get your new citizens and they will line up in long lines to vote demorats not know they are creating a new Marxist hell hole called the USSA.
    The so called reps should now better but what the hell they don’t give a shit and whilst they should be ashamed they will drink champagne and play golf with the dems.
    Still I will fight for the right to say no to this bullshit called PC!
    Good luck America with friends like the reps you don’t need enemies.

  • celador2

    Boehner will do anything to kill liberty and those Reps who use constitution as a guide. And that means joining with Chamber commerce and trying to defeat tea party who oppose amnesty and a managed agriculture economy the farm bill as well as the Murray-Ryan budget.

  • tanstaafl

    When you use the phrase “native-born citizen”, should’t you be using “natural born citizen”?

    • Debbie G

      Maybe not to confuse it with a “naturalized citizen,” who is a legal alien.

      • tanstaafl

        A naturalized citizen isn’t born here.

        • Debbie G

          Yes, that’s what I said.

  • Anamah

    Obama plan is to degrade America… These damn Republican RINOs are going to help achieve our destruction. Boehner and his buddies will stay in our minds as the symbolic traitor and imbecile who acted so cowardly wrong… John, we will remind your children and grandchildren what you and your accomplices have done to us!

  • Charles Hurst

    At this point the border towns have every right to take up arms. As a matter of fact Sheriff’s like Arapio should deputize volunteers to do it. We did it the peaceful way with the Minuteman Project–it accomplished nothing. That was against the GOP as well by the way that viewed us as vigilantes.

    Well you know what–it might take vigilantes to solve this. If you pass amnesty Congress you have no recourse of defense on what happens next. If you not only ignore the law but propagate the lawbreaking the people have the right to take up arms. It is a natural right and a God given right. And that’s exactly what the border towns should do. And if you call the military then the military should overthrow you–by force as you are the ones now breaking the law.

    I have heard that to be a liberal you must have a mental disorder. This probably angers the Progressive when he is told this by the conservative. But then again–look what you state out loud.

    You state an illegal should be catered to. So you back illegal behavior. That in itself is nothing but anti reason. The law is the law at our border. You can’t let a
    group of invaders just come in. So therefore the Progressive mental status
    should be held to question.

    The Progressive goes even further though. The Leftist believes not only should the illegal be allowed to break the law but we should subsidize him. Healthcare and welfare benefits at the expense of the American citizen. Anti reason again. Based an altruistic notion of global Marxism. Based on feel good theory of how for some reason in their mind we are responsible for another country’s citizens’ welfare. We are not. You stating that we are–that the American should give money in taxes to them is delusional. A mental disorder.

    And the Progressive’s defense. More delusion. A conservative states illegal behavior should not be allowed. And the Progressive labels him a racist. Race does nothing to do with it but you can’t show rational thinking to a lunatic can
    you? Then the Progressive gives the tired “where did your ancestors come
    from” rant. Well, ours came legally. That would be the difference. Ours
    learned English and worked for their pay. That would be the difference. But
    this is reason. You can’t make the deluded see reason.

    If they continue this line of policy it is going to come to a head in this country. My fiction was based on history. And Mr Progressive–the same irrational thought of altruism was there too—in Russia 1917. Cuba. Your line of thinking fails every time. It has never worked once. That would again take reason to
    understand this. The Progressive is incapable of it.

    And I would be careful Mr Progressive. Because we aren’t the Russians. We know freedom. And I don’t think you’re the type that is very good at physical action when you finally go too far.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • A Z

    If we get amnesty without border control, then we cannot hurt the Republican party as the RINOS allege.

    We primary all the RINOs. Either way we are in the minority. We might as well take down the double dealers.

    We might as well be intellectually honest.

  • James Allen

    The founding stock Anglo-Americans built their own 13 states from the ground up (having purchased the land from the Indians, NOT stolen it as the communists falsely claim) and ruled themselves for about 150 years before separation from the mother country, and arguably for about 50 to 100 years after that.

    The takeover by foreign hostiles began in the with mass peasant immigration in the 1840s and culminated with 3rd World Invasion Act of 1965.

    The 100 million plus descendents of the founding stock Americans today have no political representation in America today despite 14 or 15 generations of family contributions to building and defending this land.

    This gross injustice will have enormous consequences for the fate of the nation that the English derived founders clearly stated was meant to be “for OURSELVES and OUR POSTERITY.”

    The US was not created for foreign radicals fleeing disasters of their own making in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to unite with servile boot-licking 3rd worlders to impose an alien authoritarian “democracy” on a formerly free people.

    Real Americans have already seceeded spiritually from this modern nightmare. We’ll see what happens next.

    • veeper

      The government of the United States has failed miserably in the main basic function of the federal government….

      protecting americans from foreign invaders and attacks…..

      this government has encourage and aided the invasion and attacks of foreigners….

  • veeper

    entrenched establishment progressive republicans have made it perfectly clear they will join with progressive democrats and sell out america to keep the Tea party from exposing and replacing them….

    boehner is nothing more than a progressive democrat that infiltrated the republican party waiting for the right time and right issue to sell out america and complete the communist/liberal/progressive/democrat take over of america…..

    future americans, present day americans grandkids, will suffer greatly and come to despise their coward grandparents…..

  • Lanna

    Boehner and the phonies had better get ready because you are making the mistake of your lives, You want to satisfy your Big business donars and Democrats, but you have abandoned the majority of your base…

  • Judenlieber

    There is a hidden demographic out there that I would love to see. The single most important reason that I want the government to control our borders is that I have children. And I want them to die of old age.
    The only person I associate with who wants our borders to be wide open has no children.
    I’m no longer sure that we, as a nation, deserve to endure.
    But I have children…

  • veeper

    americans have become the biggest group of STUPID FOOLS and willfully ignorant COWARDS on the planet….

    present day americans deserve to lose their country and their freedom…..

    the shame is…..future americans do not deserve to lose their birthright of freedom because of COWARDLY americans……

  • Donotask

    Civil Rights was the worse thing that has happened to America in hindsight. The spirit of it was right, but it has taken on a new life of it’s own. The self-hate indoctrination in public schools relating to the Holocaust, black slavery (leaving out white slavery, and the evils done to Europeans of course), and the destruction of the American Indian (without complete facts about the spread of disease) – has created a generation that supports justified massive foreign immigration, and progressive extreme leftism which now seeks to liberate the apartheid in Israel, and considers it an “occupied” nation. They say groups like the ADL were supporting the Civil Rights movement, and if they were it has turned on them in the worse possible way. Borders were created to keep peace. History proves this over and over, and had America’s and Europe’s borders been supported through media and educational indoctrination….(instead of the agenda that was pushed), Israel would have found support for their survival from America and Europe as a whole. The entire PC movement today is a disaster, and everyone will suffer in the end. Sad.

  • Shlomo

    I came to the United States the LEGAL way , i was not rich, i proudly served in the US Armed Forces, if your illegal you have violated the sovereignty of this country and mass deportation is mandatory, but if your a fucking RINO like dahhh jeb bush & family then illegals should be legalized because the dah,” their coming to the US is an act of love—dahhhh”, can you believe a bullshit statement like that?