Income Inequality at the White House

obamadressIn the midst of joblessness and deprivation for millions of Americans, another opulent White House party took place Tuesday night feting fellow socialist crusader François Hollande, the president of France. While the Obamas frequently decry the excesses of private-sector wealth, characterizing it as the product of ill-gotten gains, they have demonstrated time and time again that they have little difficulty emulating the same behavior when Americans are footing the bill. Meanwhile, incessant regulations, attacks on industry and on middle class paychecks through ObamaCare, are crushing ordinary Americans, with no end in sight.

Three hundred and forty-eight guests took part in the state dinner for President Hollande. In an uncharacteristic burst of honesty, the New York Times noted that while many presidents have used state dinners to promote America, those that have taken place during the Obama administration “have been elaborate events and criticized for expenses that have risen with the number of guests and high-cost entertainers like Beyoncé, who may waive their fees but still require equipment, lighting, technicians and even wind machines.”

Tuesday’s soiree was no exception. The event began with a reception in the State Dining Room on the second floor of the White House. A selection of cheeses and fresh vegetables were served along with Maine trout, smoked on Maine hardwood. After that, guests headed downstairs and took trolleys from the White House’s south portico, rolling across the South Lawn to a heated tent. The tent contained chandeliers, and was decorated to resemble a scene from French impressionist Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies.” Elegant place settings were accompanied by elaborate floral arrangements composed by the White House florist, who studied in Paris. The “deconstructed” arrangements, as in flowers and greenery in separate vessels, were comprised of quince branches, acacia leaves, white and purple iris flowers and bamboo.

The first course consisted of American Osetra Caviar, farm-raised in Illinois estuaries, Fingerling Potato Veloute, consisting of twelve varieties of potatoes from farms in New York, Idaho, and California, and Quail Eggs from Pennsylvania. The second course was a Winter Garden Salad with petite mixed radish, baby carrots, and merlot lettuce, all of which were reportedly grown in a hot house. Individual salads were served in large glass bowls made to resemble terrariums.

The main course consisted of dry-aged, rib-eye steaks, raised on a family-owned farm in Greeley, Colorado. Each one weighed approximately six ounces. The steaks were accompanied by Jasper Hill Farm Bleu Cheese from Vermont, charred shallots, oyster mushrooms and braised chard. The dessert course consisted of Hawaiian chocolate-malted ganache (layer cake), vanilla ice cream, and tangerines from Florida. An after dinner treat included fudge made from Vermont maple syrup, lavender shortbread cookies, and cotton candy dusted with orange zest.

Three wines were also served during dinner. They included a Morlet “La Proportion Doree” 2011, from Napa Valley, CA, a Chester-Kidder Red Blend 2009 from Columbia Valley, WA, and a Thibaut-Jannison “Blanc de Chardonnay” from Monticello, VA. Also included were a combination of sugar roses and fleur-de-lis, the official flowers of the U.S. and France respectively. “We made 38 of each–that’s more than 1,800 petals,” revealed Pastry Chef Bill Yosses.

The guests were entertained by R&B singer Mary J. Blige, and it was reported that First Lady Michelle Obama’s black and liberty blue Carolina Herrera gown cost approximately $12,000. The cost of the dinner remains unknown, but state dinners in Obama’s first term ranged from approximately $203,000 spent on a State dinner for President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea, to around $570,000 spent on a State dinner for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India. This latest one is thought to be on the expensive side of the spectrum. The taxpayers will pick up the tab.

It took 13 months for the State Department to release information regarding the cost of five previous state dinners hosted by the Obamas, which ran to a total of more than $1.9 million. A sixth dinner was held for British Prime Minister David Cameron on March 14, 2012, but the State Department has refused to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed seven months ago regarding the costs.

One suspects most Americans understand the requirements of the presidency demand adherence to a certain set of protocols. Moreover, Obama is not the only president who has held state dinners at the White House. Yet for a man seemingly obsessed with income inequality, the level of excess that attends not only this dinner, but the numerous private parties and lavish vacations he and his family have taken — including those involving dog airlifts and separate jet travel to the same destination, simply for convenience sake — reeks of hypocrisy.

The Morning Call, a Lehigh Valley newspaper, published an article in August of 2013, regarding the Obamas’ vacation bills that best summed up the level of that hypocrisy: “President Obama is the most expensive president in U.S. history,” the paper stated.

In the meantime, the taxpayers underwriting the Obamas’ lavish lifestyle have seen their household incomes decline by 4.4 percent since the recovery began in 2009. Almost 92 million Americans have left the workforce, bringing the workforce participation rate to its lowest level in almost four decades. The long-term unemployment rate, those jobless for 27 weeks or more, comprises 36 percent of all unemployed Americans. Moreover, the president’s latest unilateral “adjustment” to ObamaCare delays the mandate for corporations and businesses — the kind of people who get invited to state dinners — while regular Americans must adjust their lives to higher premiums, greater deductibles and the reality that they can’t keep their doctor and/or hospitals.

While the elitists dine on aged beef, a record-setting one-in-five American households use food stamps to pay for their food. Those same elitists, who inhabit Silicon Valley and the Chamber of Commerce clamor for comprehensive immigration reform that would pit millions of low-skill, low-wage American job-seekers against newly-amnestied illegals, lowering wage levels in the process, according to the CBO. Obama and the rest of his inner circle applaud the actions of the Federal Reserve, whose newest chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has promised to remain accommodative to Wall Street (while Main Street America remains saddled with pitiful interest rates on their savings) and to remain committed to an ongoing Quantitative Easing policy that fuels market speculation, even as it debases our currency.

While the president and his party bemoan income inequality and joblessness, four of the five richest counties in the nation are suburbs of Washington, D.C. A supine Republican Party is praised by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for approving a clean raise of the debt ceiling, allowing the nation’s unconscionable borrowing habits to continue. That those unconscionable borrowing habits will either bankrupt the nation, or lead to a vastly lower standard of living for future generations of Americans is dismissed as exaggerated nonsense that only animates “radicals” like the Tea Party faction of the GOP.

All while the president and his friends party hearty. Ordinary Americans can likely imagine the conversation at such parties occasionally addressing the latest theories regarding social justice for the benighted masses — in between sips of Chardonnay or bites of oyster mushrooms. No doubt the atmosphere is thick with the aroma of self-aggrandizement that surrounds people who earnestly believe the historical wreckage attached to every attempt to achieve a socialist utopia was due to the fact that the wrong people were in charge. 

Now the “right” people are in charge, and more than eager to realize their vision by any means necessary — while they enjoy the opulence to which they feel entitled for their efforts on our behalf. That’s what radical egalitarianism is really all about.

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  • UCSPanther

    This is the kind of extravagance that has historically set the stage for revolutions…

    • ObamaTHEdestroyer

      The revolution has already begun… it is ‘cold’ now as in an information revolution. That said, people have also been arming themselves, knowing that this POSpotus is going to collapse the economy (which has actually already occurred, just a matter of time to when they can’t hide the fact)… hope people are aware and getting prepared.

    • carpe diem 36

      i do not think so. the useful eediots who put them there will never start a revolution, the are supporting him still. and they will probably vote for hillary as well,


        If it should come to revolution, it won’t be Obama’s supporters and enablers who wage it, although they may very well fire the first shot. I believe that a Conservative electoral victory is still possible, but if not, there remains the idea of a peaceful secession, in which the country simply divides itself in half politically.

  • v

    It is indeed time for a revolution, French ( Marie Antoinette) style this time. Picture this, 2 socialists, have a an opulent, lavish multy million dollar party at the expense of the people and yet both want to confiscate wealth, and have the chutzpah to make those declarations in public. I really believe the American public has been reduced to brainless trolls. Where the hell is the press. If Bush had done this, he would most certainly be impeached and the media and the people would have called for his head. Something is definitely wrong here.

    • Western Canadian

      Try to educate yourself before posting ignorant drivel like this post…. Marie A. was nothing like what ignorant people like you think(?) she was… You should be ashamed of yourself for being ignorant, and being so eager to show it.

  • Hank Rearden

    Now the “right” people are in charge, and more than eager to realize their vision by any means necessary — while they enjoy the opulence to which they feel entitled for their efforts on our behalf. That’s what radical egalitarianism is really all about.

    Exactly. THIS is the “dream of his father.” Remember, this is the guy whose FIRST ACT upon entering the White House was to cancel the voucher program for inner-city (read black) kids in D.C. Spending, say, 25 years pursuing the possible molecule underlying autism – just as an example – what…ru kidding me?????

  • Rusty Shelton

    Reparations cost a lot…

  • RayOne

    Let Them Eat Cake, n’est pas..

    • ata777

      more like steak

    • BS77

      This famous phrase that has been linked to Marie Antoinette is a myth, completely false. If you read Ann Coulter’s book comparing or contrasting the the French and American revolutions, you will learn Marie Antoinette was a compassionate and modest women who actually did little or nothing to deserve her terrible treatment and death from the mobs of raving lunatics.. Many innocent people were brutalized and killed during that period.

      • RayOne

        When population reduction becomes, ‘the humane thing, to do’, you Read it HERE First.

        • catherineinpvb

          This MO is embraced by one of Obama’s first ‘czar’ hires – Cass Sunstein. . .and a ‘core belief’ of most of the rest of those hired as well. It is all just so – Progressive. Rahm Emmanuel’s brother – ‘Dr. Zeke’ – as oncologist; bioethicist; and ‘health care adviser'; helped write/oversee health aspects of Obamacare is very much a ‘population pragmatist’ as well. The ‘death panels’ were ready; early on. . .

          These ‘truths’ – per the scary truth – were out there; albeit; not reported by MSM; and so not enough ‘eyebrows’ raised, albeit, PC would have dulled any concerns.

          (PC aside; these radicals imagine they are both ‘god and answer’ and feel ‘entitled to power'; – and not in any ‘representative’ fashion. They will not, go willingly into the night. No matter what).

      • carpe diem 36

        it is a very good saying, true or not, and it reflects the Obamas perfectly.

    • carpe diem 36

      n’est pas.

      • RayOne

        sorry, I should have paid better attention.

  • tic…tic…BOOM

    You can dress up a pig and put lipstick on it, but all you get is a dressed up pig with lipstick.

    • Paul Waliser

      Exactly what I was thinking and going to comment.

    • BC

      Yes, but that dress will make a great tax write off next year..

  • MattBracken

    This type of in-your-face ultra decadence in the face of looming financial catastrophe mirrors the behavior of kings and sultans in other empires on the eve of their collapse and ruin.

    • Paul Waliser

      That’s exactly what everyone who has a common sense brain feels and thinks when they see this repeatedly by the Hussein Obama’s.

  • ObamaFRIEDchicken

    Definitely among the biggest scumbags in history… he will be remembered by history as the first TURD that accomplished becoming president of a nation… Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Marie Antoinette come to mind as far better people in heart and soul. Congratulations as well at making the Nobel Peace Prize no more valuable or meaningful than a prize from a box of cereal…

    • RayOne

      If the AGENDA can own Comcast and take over Time/Warner, all they need is control of CommonCore.
      Unless they already ‘have it’.

      • catherineinpvb

        They have ‘it'; of course. Common Core is theirs. And George Soros'; and Bill Ayers; and et al radicals; all bonded as New-School family; and Common Core Re-Education is the final critical key to the subjugation of America; the final ‘Change’. It is fashioned from Lenin’s MO – to ‘own’ the children. And now; it is our threat; thanks to Soros/Obama, Inc. and friends.

        Would be more than helpful if there are any Democrats who visit here; would realize that their Democrat Party – the ‘Democrat’ – their GrandMother/Father. . .their Mother; Father; Aunt; Uncle; Cousin..Sister/Brother. . .the Democrat their ‘family’ always was – is dead; gone and buried. In it’s place; there are only ‘ism’ Radicals. . .communists; Marxists – totalitarians of all stripes. But each and all; core radicals, who make pretense of ‘serving’ America’s Greater Good; when in fact; they ARE destroying it.

        (The only thing these radicals kept; was the Party name. Albeit; they did finally; add ‘ic’ to make it ‘Democratic’. . .because they find strength and convenience in the oxymoron. They can hide their Agenda and themselves, for that matter; in this verbal hypocrisy.) It also looked better than seeing ‘rat’ at the end. A ‘self-conscious, dead give-away. . .

  • The Facts

    Jealousy fail. Last time I checked, I can pick up a ribeye at the grocery store.

    • guest

      Yeah, but at least when you do, you pay for it instead of mooching off the American people

    • JamesJ

      and have someone else pay for it?

      • Raymond_in_DC

        If you’re on Food Stamps (EBT), yeah. Even then, I suspect your ribeye won’t compare to that served at the White House. Only the very best for them.

    • logdon

      How about the rest? Can you also get the heated marquee down there?

      And I’d be interested to know if you happen to trip along to that store wearing your black and liberty blue $12,000 Carolina Herrera gown?

      Just the once, mind you. Mustn’t get the neighbour’s tongues wagging about cheap-skate and such, must we?

      Classic liberal deflection.

      Pick out one of the minor and convenient facts, fabricate a whiff of spin around it thus intentionally depreciating its validity and voila, you’ve got yourself a nice little half arsed argument.

      Nice try but nul points for you, Sunny Jim. We’ve seen it all before.

    • kasandra

      Yeah, and if you can find dry aged ribeyes at the grocery store you’ll pay an arm and a leg for them. What’s your point? Are you denying that the First Family has been living large for the last 5 years?

    • cjkcjk

      To be jealous of such trash would be to deny all I am and believe in. I would rather starve naked than to deny my God and his Holiness as they do.

      • Steve

        Let me guess, your a Christian.

        • cjkcjk

          Let me enlighten you, I have integrity and self respect.

          • Steve

            Interesting choice of words, enlighten. Is that a yeah or nay for the Christian part?

          • cjkcjk

            Interesting question. Why would it matter?

          • Steve

            You can’t be serious, can you? In any case, judge not lest ye be judged.
            You are not the only one on this board/thread that is guilty of this, so it’s a bit unfair to single you out. I cannot believe all the hatred and how deep it runs.
            It seems to me the hatred is more about who the Obama’s are (the judgment’s) and less about what they’ve done. Since most of what they have done has been done before by other POTUS and FLOTUS, just wasn’t big news.

          • cjkcjk

            Interesting that you never answered the question as to why my religious beliefs should matter in the discussion, yet you accuse me of bigotry you hypocrite, The Left and people like you are the haters and bigots.
            Explain what you mean by judge not lest you be judged because I really don’t have a clue as to what you mean.
            Do you even know what you mean, Polly…er Steve?

          • Steve

            Your original statement that I commented on where you said,
            “To be jealous of such trash would be to deny all I am and believe in.”
            You referred to them as TRASH, is that not a judgment?
            Since you also mentioned your god, I wondered if your a Christian.

    • catherineinpvb

      And the ‘rest of the meal’. ..and the party?

      Look; America does not need a First Family who literally have a ‘bone to pick’ from American history; nor a First Lady who wears her inferiority complex like a badge of honor; and (over)compensates by over dressing. She is a ‘First Lady’ for God’s sake. . .not some Queen from the Continent; she appears to imagine herself.

      Beyond the psychology; these people – the Obama’s – are ‘who they are'; and they are no different, really; than most ‘totalitarian-inclined’, Liberal. . .Marxist – and whatever other narcissistic ‘ism’ works – folks; who live rich and large; off the people; they make pretense of serving; and love, love. . .love; doing so.

  • WhiteHunter

    When she was asked, a couple of years ago, Michelle said that she “feels like a prisoner” in the White House, and “hates it.”

    Hard to imagine how she endures the terribly cruel and unusual hardships of her confinement: armed bodyguards 24/7 for life; a battalion of chauffeurs and armored limos at her beck and call; a household staff ready to cater to her every need and whim, night or day (including a kennel master to train, clean up after, and walk her dog); private flights on Air Force One (or is it Two?) for her, her family, her friends, and her retinue to vacations anywhere in the world, whenever she wants; a $12,000 designer dress to wear to those oh-so-boring $1 million state dinners…the list of things to “hate” goes on and on.

    What crime do the rest of us have to commit to “serve time” in this “prison”? Election fraud?

    • guest

      At least she’s ‘proud’ of our country now.

      • carpe diem 36

        my thoughts exactly.

      • catherineinpvb

        Think Michelle is just ‘proud’ – and arrogant. . .and ignorant. Both Obama’s are loving what they see as ‘paybacks'; their daily poke-in-the-eye of White America; and they are so enjoying the luxury of it all; on ‘behalf’- of course – of the those they call up as the aggrieved; past and present. (They can hear the ‘you go girl'; and Go Barack; no doubt.). Not that it would matter; if there were no such empathy. Whatever the case; Obama, clearly; much more interested in our collective sin; than in his own, guilty DNA.

        Of course; what would be in it, for Obama to go ‘here’ – to speak of his own, ‘genetic’ inheritance of obligations, by historical guilt? Obama has never called up the notion of redress; much less suggested the idea of punitive ‘reparations’ from these guilty Countries – those we pay billions to. People; whose guilt is heavy; by way of, not just ‘slaving’ – past and present – but by their tribal slaughters for land/power; and/or just bloody ‘Islamic’ – as the case may be – Nation Building’. . .wherever they go, or ‘happen to be’, in the world.

        No; these sins belong to. .. America. And Americans; are of course; the ONLY ones; to oblige Obama, so that he can personally; extract his luxury ‘pound of flesh’ under the oxymoron we know as social justice; but worst; Obama is doing so; as a powerful American President.

        This ‘justice'; of course; a Marxist concept that today translates as ‘Whites-be-Damned'; while a ‘guilty’ nation is to be frog marched onto the Marxist, ‘Egalitarian Playing Field’ where Income In-Equality is to be remedied. A ‘field’ in truth; upon which Rulers rule . .live like Kings; and the rest; do not; and never will.

        (A ‘field’ where the Totalitarians win; and where the believers – the useful idiots – will find themselves, too late smart.)

    • Carl

      How did it make you feel when McCain said practically the same thing when he was interviewed by Hannity? Since Fox News edited that out of the interview, I will post it for you.

  • Cappy1437

    Who are they trying to impress? This is a sad time in the history of our country.

  • carpe diem 36

    he says equality for three but not for me. this whole equality thing is nothing but another piece of junk in the long chain of junk policies. he is not leader and does not even know what to do as such. i am not surprised at all by what this POS

    • carpe diem 36

      (CONT.) of a POTUS is doing. he has nothing to offer other than his wish to destroy what was good and just in America. so his MRS. thinks she is Marie Antoinette, and instead of telling us to eat cake she feeds cake to her dogs. how nice.

  • glpage

    When, in the history of socialism, have the ruling elites lived at a level roughly equivalent to the working class? Never. They want equality for all except themselves. Some pigs really are more equal. Michelle Antoinette just loves to prove it.

    • cjkcjk

      Please, you dirty the honorable name of Marie Antoinette who herself was a victim of the Left. She was no where’s near as base and disgusting as the current beast that stomps through the halls of the White House.

  • Omar

    I wish Sarkozy was still France’s president. At least he kept the socialists on a leash. I believe Hollande stole the election from Sarkozy. The left always relies on voter fraud to win.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      France’s Arab and Muslim voters provided Hollande with his margin of victory. In contrast, Frances’ Jews voted overwhelmingly for Sarkozy.

      • catherineinpvb

        Demographics are our ‘handwriting on the wall’. . .


      Not always – sometimes bribery is enough. Welfare voters plus government workers have become a frighteningly-large voting bloc. I’m sure Chicago democrats manufactured votes for Obama, but the dysfunctional inner-city would have given him the victory in Illinois even without that. Although the last gubernatorial race was close enough to make me wonder…

    • catherineinpvb

      A fact that haunts now; our every Election.

  • Omar

    Where is uptownsteve? Isn’t he supposed to be here to post his race-baiting about how American conservatives are being “racist” and “bigoted” for criticizing his beloved president. Where is his race-obsessed propaganda about conservative minorities being “sellouts” who “perform” for “racists” and “bigots”?


      He’s probably gorging himself at the Obamas’ latest dinner party – as one of the Lefty elite, he probably imagines himself to be entitled to dine at our expense.

    • hiernonymous

      You’re the one I see bringing those topics up. Are you race-obsessed?

      • Stu

        It is a quite natural to look for trolls. People come here to honestly debate and to learn. After a couple of tangles with trolls some of us come here to fight also.

        Many time I will scroll down to see the names of trolls or to see who has so many downvotes that their only purpose was to come here and tear things up.

      • Stu

        After so much kumbayah and multiculturalism, we are race obsessed. We read Time, Newsweek, NYT or other media and we we see stories on race all the time. It is just a matter of time after so much progressive saturation of the culture

        • catherineinpvb

          Racism rides on Political Correctness – as does a host of other Liberal sins. Eliminating; defying. . .rewriting. . . Political Correctness is half our ‘culture battle’ – or should be. This is a ‘soft weapon’ of a Culture’s destruction. As are the ‘isms’s – and ‘phobias’, that go with it.

      • Omar

        Shut the f**k up and leave me alone, you stalker. I am not race obsessed, but your friend, uptownsteve, is.


    Devastating portrayal of the modern version of the “Limousine Liberal”. We see here an incipient ruling class enjoying the fruits of the labor of others (what socialism is basically about). Let all Conservatives recognize these people for what they are – deadly enemies, not mere political opponents – and let us prepare for the coming battle with the Republican Establishment, which we must win before we even get a crack at the ruling class.

    • cjkcjk

      Deadly enemies. EXACTLY!!! Seems like a lot of people just don’t understand the gravity of our situation.

  • wileyvet

    What no Hall of Mirrors. Delicacies from Vermont, dope raised beef from Colorado, and Illinois caviar. Of course he had to pull out all the stops for a fellow socialist. “See, Francois how you can live when you (steal ) redistribute other peoples money.” said Obama. Hollande replied ” But aren’t you worried about the American people being upset when they see this lavishness?” To wit, with a Guallist shrug Obama then impressed Hollande with his command of French.” L’etat c’est moi.”

  • veritaseequitas

    Never has a more disgusting group of tramps* occupied the White House and the halls of Congress.
    *Low-lifes AND whores.

    • cjkcjk

      I’d say you are guilty of insulting whores.

  • veritaseequitas

    Obama version of reparations?

  • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

    The handwriting was on the wall with [Leona Helmsley version of a First Lady] Michelle Obama’s lavish spending on lobster hors d’oeuvres, two whole steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar and champagne at Barry Soetoro’s first NY diocese funded Al Smith Roast.

    • Carl

      You contradicted yourself with that statement. How could Michelle spend lavishly at a dinner funded by the NY diocese?

      • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

        If the reports were accurate, this was not at the Al Smith Roast dinner. NY diocese funded the whole event in which she took advantage of hotel room service. I’d call it stealing.

        • Carl

          Now your backing out of your original statement with a big IF?? You and your comments are laughable. Got a link to the IF report, please.

  • cjkcjk

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal. nothing new under the sun.
    What is new for the USA is a populace largely composed of stupid ignoramuses and sadly we are all going to go down with them.

  • 1janicebeaty5


  • flier2020

    The people who espouse Progressive policies/socialism/communism
    are usually the sons and daughters of privilege. Never having suffered hardship or been forced to actually work in order to live, their faux “compassion” is never extended to the struggling middle class but to illegals, the shiftless and to criminals.
    Socialism/Communism is not about “equality” but about a ruling elite that controls
    the masses and enriches themselves.
    And then there are the imposters in the White House…
    Michelle, a beggar on horseback intent on riding into hell (that old quotation about the nouveau riche) while squandering tax payer dollars, and Barack Hussein Obama II, also as Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah), a red diaper baby who had his entire education and career funded by multibillionaire George Soros.
    What’s not to trust?

  • bleedinell

    Sad that we can’t learn from history and have to keep going through these bloody revolutions….

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Champagne Marxist Obama does not care!

  • Gershon

    There’s one glaring inaccuracy in this article.
    She would never say thank you.