New Declassified Docs Expose Obama’s Benghazi Lies

benghaziNewly declassified documents reveal that high-ranking members of the Obama administration were aware that the September 11, 2012 assault on the American consulate in Benghazi was a “terrorist attack” only minutes after the battle began. In classified testimony given on June 26, 2013 to the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, Gen. Carter Hamm, former head of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) revealed he was the one who broke the news to former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to declassified testimony obtained by Fox News, Hamm testified that he learned about the attack only 15 minutes after it began at 9:42 p.m. Libya time. Thus, the administration’s carefully crafted narrative that the attack was based on a video has once again been revealed for the lie it always was.

“My first call was to General Dempsey, General Dempsey’s office, to say, ‘Hey, I am headed down the hall. I need to see him right away,'” the General told lawmakers. “I told him what I knew. We immediately walked upstairs to meet with Secretary Panetta.” Hamm characterized the ability to meet with both men so soon after the attack occurred as a fortunate “happenstance” because “they had the basic information as they headed across for the meeting at the White House.”

That meeting had been pre-scheduled with the president for 5 p.m. EST. A Defense Department (DOD) timeline notes that the meeting occurred one hour and 18 minutes after the attack began, and even as the battle at the consulate was ongoing. The DOD also revealed that an unarmed drone arrived over the battlefield during that time. As both men revealed in subsequent testimony, the meeting with the president lasted approximately 30 minutes — after which they never heard from anyone in the White House again.

Hamm revealed that he met with Panetta and Dempsey when they returned from that session.

Armed Services Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) was the lawmaker who put Hamm on the spot regarding the administration’s video narrative. “In your discussions with General Dempsey and Secretary Panetta, was there any mention of a demonstration, or was all discussion about an attack?” McKeon asked. Hamm characterized the discussion of a demonstration as “peripheral,” but noted that “at that initial meeting, we knew that a U.S. facility had been attacked and was under attack, and we knew at that point that we had two individuals, Ambassador Stevens and Mr. Smith, unaccounted for.”

Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), an Iraq war veteran and Army reserve officer, pressed the General more forcefully on the nature of his conversation with Panetta and Dempsey. He expressed his concern “that someone in the military would be advising that this was a demonstration” rather than a terrorist attack. Hamm noted their was some “preliminary discussion” of the point, but emphasized that they were aware of what was really going on. “But I think at the command, I personally and I think the command very quickly got to the point that this was not a demonstration, this was a terrorist attack,” he testified. Hamm also reiterated that “with General Dempsey and Secretary Panetta, that is the nature of the conversation we had, yes, sir.”

Hamm, Dempsey and Carter were not the only ones aware that a terrorist attack was occurring. The declassified transcripts show that key officers, along with several channels of command throughout the Pentagon and its combatants commands, were equally quick to label the assault a terrorist attack.

Wenstrup took the approach with Marine Corps Col. George Bristol, commander of AFRICOM’s Joint Special Operations Task Force for the Trans Sahara region, that he did with Dempsey. Bristol testified he was in Dakar, Senegal when the Joint Operations Center called to tell him about “a considerable event unfolding in Libya.” Bristol called Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson, an Army commander stationed in Tripoli, who informed Bristol that Ambassador Stevens was missing and “there was a fight going on” at the compound. “So no one from the military was ever advising, that you are aware of, that this was a demonstration gone out of control, it was always considered an attack on the United States?” Wenstrup asked Bristol. “Yes, sir. … We referred to it as the attack,” he replied.

When their investigations continue, staffers on the Armed Services subcommittee have indicated their desire to recall Panetta to ask him additional questions. “He is in the president’s Cabinet,” Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), chair of the panel that collected the testimony, told Fox News. “The American people deserve the truth. They deserve to know what’s going on, and I honestly think that that’s why you have seen — beyond the tragedy that there was a loss of four Americans’ lives — is that the American people feel misled.”

Kim R. Holmes, a former assistant secretary of state under President George W. Bush, echoed that assertion. “Leon Panetta should have spoken up,” he insisted. “The people at the Pentagon and frankly, the people at the CIA stood back while all of this was unfolding and allowed this narrative to go on longer than they should have.”

As of now, the retired Panetta has resisted requests for further testimony.

Preliminary conclusions reached by those same staffers regarding Panetta’s earlier testimony that a rescue operation would have been impossible, agreed with the former Secretary’s assessment. But those same documents reveal it was because America’s assets in the region were badly arrayed. And not just with regard to Benghazi, but other Middle East hotspots as well. Transcripts from top military commanders paint a woeful picture of gaps in the position of assets worldwide. Examples of unpreparedness include the reality that no aircraft were put on high alert for September 11, and that the closet F-35 fighter jets to Benghazi, stationed in Aviano, Italy were unarmed. Moreover, the closest mid-air re-fuelers were 10 hours away in Great Briatin.

Other assets, including AC-130 gunships were 10 hours from Libya, and a unit of 23 special operators that comprise part of a discretionary, “in-extremis” force, were training in Croatia. According to testimony, they didn’t even make it to a staging base in Sigonella, Italy until 19 hours after the attack began.

Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), the Republican chairwoman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, addressed this disturbing reality. “It does not appear that U.S. military forces, units, aircrafts, drones, or specific personnel that could have been readily deployed in the course of the attack in Benghazi were unduly held back, or told to stand down, or refused permission to enter the fight,” she concluded. “Rather, we were so badly postured, they could not have made a difference or we were desperately needed elsewhere.”

The newly released documents also reveal that Gen. Hamm had been left out of the loop in White House-led discussions regarding military preparedness and force posture on the eve of Sept. 11. This revelation undercuts White House assurances that then-counterterrorism adviser John Brennan had “convened numerous meetings,” and the president and his national security principals discussed “steps taken to protect U.S. persons and facilities abroad.”

Perhaps they they did. But it remains unknown why the head of AFRICOM would not be include in those discussions.

Hamm insisted that no one told him to stand down, there simply weren’t assets available to counter the attack. He repeatedly argued that having an F-16 do a fly-over in  Benghazi wouldn’t have made any difference, despite that tactic being routinely employed to disperse enemy forces in Afghanistan.

AFRICOM and Pentagon officials insisted they were more worried about threats emanating from Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan on Sept. 11, 2012. “As I look back at the intelligence, I don’t see the indications of imminent attack in Benghazi,” Ham said. Yet Maj. Gen. Darryl Roberson, vice chief of operations on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon that night, seemingly confirmed the lack of military preparedness. “We were postured as appropriately as we can be and we thought we should be around the world. It wasn’t just in Africa, in North Africa, that we had issues. We had issues around the world.”

“Appropriately postured”–but with “issues”?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) remained skeptical of Hamm’s assessment. “The extraction took an exceptionally long amount of time,” he noted. “I still don’t understand, with two men down by 10:00 p.m. local time and then another attack at 5:00 a.m. the next morning, how at 6:05 in the morning the Department of Defense prepares a C-17 to go down, and that doesn’t actually depart Germany until 2:15 p.m. and doesn’t return back to Germany until 10:19 p.m. I have flown with you from Germany to Libya. It is not that far a flight.”

Another infuriating fact revealed by the documents regards a FAST team of Marines in Rota, Spain. They were apparently forced to deplane and change out of their uniforms before flying to Libya. “When we got people down do you really have — do you really actually let somebody push the military around and say, well, you are in the wrong uniform,” Chaffetz asked in disbelief. “Is that really a reason to delay the FAST team coming in to protect Americans, that they are not wearing a t-shirt?”

Nothing should surprise anyone with regard to Benghazi anymore. Not the administration’s wholesale lying about a video. Not the callousness of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who wondered aloud in congressional testimony, “what difference at this point does it make?” regarding the how and why of the attack. Not the equal amount of callousness demonstrated by a president who handed off responsibility for the operations to Panetta and Dempsey, and promptly disappeared, even as he showed up at a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day with his oft-repeated campaign slogan that was also a lie: “A day after 9/11, we are reminded that a new tower rises above the New York skyline, but al Qaeda is on the path to defeat and bin Laden is dead,” Obama told the audience.

That would be the same al Qaeda that, according to CNN, “appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history.”

The can be no doubt any longer what the president knew and when he knew it. On September 11, 2012 four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack. The president was aware of that reality shortly after 5 p.m. EST, even as a drone flew over the battlefield relaying video in real time. And despite all the lying, and incompetence, not a single person has been fired or held accountable, nor has even one member of the media asked the president where he was between the time he left Panetta and Dempsey, and boarded a plan for the fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Last Sunday, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates may have inadvertently given America some insight in that regard. He was describing Obama with regard to Afghanistan. “As I write in the book, it was this absence of passion, this absence of a conviction of the importance of success that disturbed me,” Gates said.

Americans might ask themselves whether that lack of compassion and absence of conviction extended to Benghazi.

Or perhaps former Carter campaign worker Pat Caddell had it right at an Accuracy in Media conference in June of 2012, when he lambasted the media and their unrelenting efforts to cover for Obama. “If a President of either party—I don’t care whether it was Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or George Bush or Ronald Reagan or George H. W. Bush—had a terrorist incident, and got on an airplane after saying something, and flown off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, they would have been crucified!” he declared.

Perhaps that time is coming.

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  • TheOrdinaryMan

    General Paul Vallely is putting together a campaign for a mass no-confidence vote in Obama. Everyone support him!

    • 20pizzapies

      Forget a vote and all the B.S. LET GEN.VALLELY PRODUCE HARD FACTS …..then come back suckering around for any dumbarse votes .
      Or ” EVERYONE ” can rename themselves LAURA LOGAN

      • Chris Behme

        The only hard fact you have is your impenetrable liberal skull.

        • 20pizzapies

          What are “your Hard facts ” regarding Benghazi thus far Chris ? And please don’t insult my intelligence along with your own, with the usual ” what some one thinks the Admin . or State or POTUS ,or Clinton was thinking . The CIA had an operation at that Embassy -THAT’s FACT- The situation was showing signs of danger early on from about 5 weeks prior –FACT / State Dept. including Clinton knew of a Security Deficiency and did not act- FACT .
          What I don’t accept is, Help was with held for some clandestine reason / Please refrain from Clinton was drunk or POTUS was partying ….things happen at all time and are unpredictable …think about it, with all other disasters we get hit with …..where were all officials at those times ? -That line of argument is irrelevant . So Chris if you’re willing to reply like an adult with Hard Facts , not opinion , innuendo , assumptions etc . I’ll be glad to listen . Because it seems finally some FACTS are coming out of a bi-partisan Congressional meeting .
          If there was incompetence , or even malfeasance involved I would like to see those responsible punished .
          Your mistake is thinking no one cares save for your lot , and tyhaty is untrue , people lknow hype when they hear it , and yea most Americans are going to say ….PROVE THAT . Simply because they don’t accept a particular narrative , does not mean they are “traitors ” or “liberals ” . It does not mean they care ANY LESS than YOU regarding the loss of life that occurred there .

          • Chris Behme

            You can’t get hard facts from the Obama administration.
            Witnesses have been threatened; Greg Hicks was demoted for telling the truth. Obama wants Bengazi gone and as dead as the ambassador.
            You don’t know what you don’t know.
            And you don’t care.
            All hail the great and powerful Obama, eh?

          • 20pizzapies

            Can’t control yourself again eh Chris ? Before you go off the deep end again , Greg Hicks contradicted his own statements in Testimony made before Congress :

            REP. SCOTT DESJARLAIS (R-TN): So when you came back to the United States, were you planning on going back to Libya?

            MR. HICKS: I was. I fully intended to do so.

            REP. DESJARLAIS: And what do you think happened?

            MR. HICKS: Based on the criticism that I received, I felt that if I went back, I would never be comfortable working there. And in addition, my family really didn’t want me to go back. We’d endured a year of separation when I was in Afghanistan 2006 and 2007. That was the overriding factor. So I voluntarily curtailed — I accepted an offer of what’s called a no-fault curtailment. That means that there’s — there would be no criticism of my departure of post, no negative repercussions. And in fact Ambassador Pope, when he made the offer to everyone in Tripoli when he arrived — I mean Charge Pope — when he arrived, he indicated that people could expect that they would get a good onward assignment out of that.

            Care to rebut that Chris ? There’s more to shoot your statement down , and not from any media outlets , but from Hick’s own words . I said FACTS CHRIS >

          • Chris Behme

            You’re psychotic mr. 20pizzapies.
            Seek professional help.

          • 20pizzapies

            Can’t refute it eh ?> So you accept and wallow in your own lies , and badmouth anyone who disagrees , and btw you’re an impetuous little foul mouthed adolescent .

          • Chris Behme

            You should read your own posts.
            You don’t have to suffer with poor mental health.
            The first step is realizing you have a problem.

          • 20pizzapies

            Can’t admit when you’re wrong ? can you chris ? Another sign of your immaturity . You call two short paragraphs a “rant ” because you possess an attention span of about 20 seconds , so I can see where the frustration come in . I see you’ll stand by your Greg Hicks lie nonetheless , and don’t let the facts get in the way . LOLOLOL ….why does that not surprise me / bye , bye , Chris , come back when you grow up .

          • Chris Behme

            Dear Mr. 20pizzapies,
            We are sorry to announce that Chris is now dead.
            You bored him to death.

          • 20pizzapies

            You were brain-dead long before you started talking to me Chris …btw care to rebut the debunking of your Hicks “story ” ? You DO know that it was a LIE that he was demoted …..right ? A LIE that Hicks himself made-up , and that he himself had to admit that he LIED …but guys like you sucked it up .

          • 20pizzapies

            During the September 8 edition of This Week, Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya Gregory Hicks described his experience and the aftermath of the Benghazi attack with host George Stephanopoulos. Hicks used the interview to accuse the State Department of retaliating against him for his testimony during a House Oversight Committee hearing on May 8. After Stephanopoulos asked Hicks whether he felt he was being punished for his testimony, he responded, “Yes, I feel that I have been punished. … I don’t know why I was punished” and “shunted aside.”

            But Hicks was not punished for speaking out. Stephanopoulos read from a State Department letter which explained that “The State Department has not punished Mr. Hicks in any way” and his departure from Libya “was entirely unrelated to any statements” he made about Benghazi.

            In fact, Hicks’ claim about being punished contradicts his previous testimony about not returning to his assignment in Libya. During his testimony at a May 8 House Oversight Committee hearing, Hicks explained that “my family really didn’t want me to go back. … So I voluntarily curtailed” returning to Libya. From Hicks’ sworn testimony (emphasis added):

            This info has been in the Public Domain ever since Hicks made his statements – I found it in 5 minutes Chris , how come you couldn’t ? Does this make me a “liberal ” simply because I bothered to fact check .?

          • Chris Behme

            The state department have been lying all along, 20pizzapies.
            Quoting the lying Obama/Clinton fabrication factory for FACTS is idiotic. You should knw that, 20pizzapies. I have no idea what you are talking about on Hicks; his demotion followed his damning testimony, 20pizzapies.
            Where was the commander in chief? Where was Hillary? Who gave the stand down orders?
            Why was the ambassador in Bengazi anyway?
            Why were calls for security ignored?
            Why were the doomed men ignored on 9/11/12?
            Who made up the fairy tale about the video?
            Do you know, 20pizzapies?

            None of these questions have been answered. The administration has stonewalled this investigation, just as it has stonewalled on fast and furious, the AP wiretapping scandal, the NSA. Scandal, the IRS scandal, the obamacare scandal.
            The most open and transparent administration in history is neither. If Obama were a republican ( even a black one ) you’d be screaming for impeachment.
            And I would too.
            But with your false messiah Barry, you just can’t stop loving him, 20pizzapies.
            Yes, 20pizzapies, you are blind.

  • Cappy1437

    In this administration it seems like everyone is afraid of Obama. They don’t want to cross him or confront him with the reality of situations. As for Obama, he really doesn’t care about America. He has a false facade and Americans are so dumbed down they follow him like the pied piper. So sad to hear how Panetta, Dempsey and Hamm just stood aside and went along with Obama like such wimps instead of standing up for the four Americans fighting for their lives. How can they live with themselves? I am ashamed of them.

    • RLJR1


  • CurmudgyOne

    They just don’t give a da*n about US citizens, military warriors, or anyone whose focus is on protecting the USA. They just don’t consider them important, in the grand scheme of things. Indifference, complacency, and self-serving priorities are the rule in the White House these days. It has to come to an end, “sooner rather than later.”

  • Marti

    Obama’s NSA has something on everyone in this Government, they are all afraid to speak up. Take it to the bank!

    • RLJR1


  • RLJR1


  • lessthantolerant

    Is anyone really surprised Bath House Barry and Hildabeast are liars? After all they are democrats.

  • catherine maneker

    why is what happened to Stevens kept a secret. They were raped………………that might be interesting for the public to know.

    • Yasha7

      Yes, and his body was dragged through the streets after he was sodomised and murdered. Why is this “OK”? Why was that not newsworthy, but a traffic jam is?

  • veritaseequitas

    Obama needs to be impeached and removed from the Oval Office. He is a grotesque parody of a leader. As for Hillary Clinton, God help America if she ever becomes POTUS. She is a demon infested hag.
    Both of them and many others in this administration are severely underqualified to hold office.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    “Perhaps that time is coming.” And when might that be? The media right now is gearing up to destroy Governor Chris Christie of NJ because of “bridge gate.” Benghazi, the IRS, etc. are “phony scandals” not worthy of their attention. Besides, Obama knew about all these “phony scandals” only from what he heard or read from the press coverage. Isn’t that the narrative? Not even remotely likely the truth but since when does truth matter when, for this crowd, the ends always justify the means. How else do they sleep at night?

  • itaintmojo

    Nice to have some form of confirmation that O’Liar knew all along it had nothing to do with a video. Can’t hurt. But does this administration really think that everyone in America fell off the turnip truck? Is anyone supposed to believe that the POTUS does not have extremely high quality fact collection devises at his disposal, if not the very best? Libyan officials including the Libyan President confirmed on the day of the attack,that it was Ansar Al Sharia who were responsible. O’Liar knew full well. Liberals who refute this are plain stubborn.

    I would like to know why the lie about who did it. We may never know. The most logical explanation as to why, would lean towards the fact that this attack occurred a few months before the election. O’Liar’s advisors might have convinced O’Liar that if the Benghazi attack came out to the press as an attack by Islamic extremists, that it would counter O’Liar’s claims that we were winning the war on terror, and somehow hurt his re-election campaign. So they came up with the phony video story, which they were never going to admit was a lie, till they were forced to. This administration instead of admitting it lied, would only admit that it had been misinformed, through “talking points” that were altered by the CIA….how convenient.

    To the O’Liar worshippers, and his Loyal MSM, he can do no wrong, even when caught red handed. Its disgusting. Just look over at how the MSM is going after Christie now. If Christie had handled Benghazi, like O’Liar did, or any other republican for that matter, no doubt impeachment would be in order from the MSM. But O’Liar went to his Vegas fundraiser, and has gotten off scott free.

    To this day, the only person America has placed into custody for the attack on Benghazi, is the creator of the video that had nothing to do with the attack. No justice whatsoever for the families of the deceased who might never get to find out what really happened. Instead they got to hear that lying witch Shillary, tell them “What difference at this point does it make?” in a frantic panic tone. I hope O’liar, and all involved end up punished for their lies in this matter. Right now it appears that the only way they might pay is through God’s will.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Never before in the history of this nation has there been such a monumental need for a mass cleanup from the very top down. We could fill Guantanamo all over again with the lying traitors in today’s administration.

  • WW4

    I take issue with the editorialized “carefully crafted narrative” regarding the video. Can a narrative that fell apart in days be considered “carefully crafted?” I doubt there was anyone left who believed it after a week. Seems more like a shoddy stopgap.

    Why did they lie? To buy time, surely. For the election? Probably. Lots of Sept. 11 speeches to give, admin wants to appear ascendant and “in control.”

    Why else would they lie? Could the story really have been invented and used by the CIA? Well, Benghazi was a CIA operation, not a diplomatic mission nor “consulate” (another lie). As I understand it, the CIA does not like people knowing what they do. Moreover did the agency and/or the admin need to make the perpetrators of the attack think the trail was cold? Were/Are there other assets in danger? Covering up the CIA operation is a highly probable use of the video narrative, shoddy as it was.

    Does knowing that the video story was political/diplomatic cover help anything? Change anything? For all the “revelations” in this and other testimony, Robert Gates’s book, etc., the testimony consistently maintains there was no way to respond in time. Many of the congressional show ponies are cajoling, leading, conjecturing, trying to finesse out the opinion they want to hear. They want to create their own alternate narrative in which Obama was contemptuously snoozing away while rescue could have been imminent. But they’re just not getting it.

    At this point, do you really think they will?

  • truebearing

    All of this new information sheds some light on the events, or at least a somewhat coordinated story as to what transpired and why, but it doesn’t explain the repeated refusals to provide more security for Stevens. it doesn’t explain reducing the security, or hiring Muslim militias to provide security. It also doesn’t explain why we rented a building that didn’t meet security requirements for diplomatic outposts. And it certainly doesn’t explain our utter failure in retaliating.

  • newsel

    Why did this “consulate” not meet the minimum standards required by the State Dept? Why was Stevens even permitted to be there? The State Dept (I.e. Hillary) was either complicit or they screwed up big time. Either way Hillary is not fit to lead and needs to be taken to task over this mess that she was in charge of.

    • WW4

      It’s a very good question but a good answer is that (despite Hillary’s characterization) it wasn’t even a consulate. What was happening in Benghazi was run by the CIA. I’m a realist, and I think the way to win against Islamism is going to be led by intelligence work, but we also need to look long and hard at all the secrecy and subterfuge our government thinks we require for security.

  • 20pizzapies

    C;mon Arnie , tell us what the President REALLY KNEW , not what you and the Tea party gang THINKS HE LIKELY KNEW .
    This is going to be another 60minutes Laura egg on the face .
    Hey Arnie money talks and bulllshhit goes to the cleaners . Didn’t you learn anything in New York . You’re suckin’ wind pally . Comeback with some real facts not your wish to be trues .

    • Drakken

      Let me guess, as a New Yorker you voted for De Blasio? That would explain everything.

      • 20pizzapies

        Wrong on both counts , guess again and see if your atleast half as smart as your first bad guess .
        Looks like your view of everything is based on a bad guess huh bunky ?
        I guess you’re the penalty a person gets , when an ACTUAL FACT IS REQUESTED .
        I’ll accept any fact no matter where it leads , but opinions are a dime a dozen .****** In fact as I type CBS world News [one of your media enemies ] is reporting that at a joint bi-partisan closed door session things are looking bad for Clinton …. if it goes higher ….so be it . I’ll accept bi-partisan consensus , THAT is “The American Way ” I reject partisan screaming from either side .

  • keriamon

    You know, it’s one thing if there’s no help to send, but it’s a different thing all together if you don’t even bother to ask about it.

    If I was president, and this was going down on my watch, I’d be asking everyone around me, “Can we get our people out? Can we get some Marines and a Blackhawk on the scene? Can we bum a favor from Israel? Can they send in their guys if we don’t have anyone close enough?” Something. I would not have stopped trying to organize a rescue mission until we confirmed that everyone was dead and there was no hope.

    Why has no one testified that President Obama was asking these questions?

  • Dallas

    Obama and Hilary tried, convicted of treason and Jailed.
    Its time we swept out the house and clean this country up!

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    When mismanagement is caused by leadership that is stupid, ignorant, incompetent and inexperienced, their failures are expected and their causes are likely to be efforts to conceal management’s stupidity, ignorance, incompetence and inexperience. In this case, their lies are thus easily and accurately explained and in explaining other failures damaging our country’s domestic and foreign assets, we need look no further than our having to continue to suffer leadership arrogantly stupid, ignorant, incompetent and amateurish. This results in conceiving accountability as an admission of failure, and in the minds of the politically driven, they adopt their mantra: Failure is not an option….”

  • 20pizzapies

    Conspiracy theories are put together by men who know little of anything trying to prove to all of us that they know more than anyone else [ those “not in the know ‘] this gives a feeling of importance , purpose , a mission. And they’re good at it , they did ole’ Dan Rather and poor pretty little 60 minutes Lara .
    Musta been a pretttttyyyyy big conspiracy as Maxwell Smart used to say , all those “nameless witnesses ” just disappearing into the ether, even a CIA guy who claims was there ummmm, but really wasn’t , and if anyone who WAS IN the chain of command at the time unwilling to agree with ” The Conspiracy ” is a damn traitor, Generals included .
    -and to think from about two words in a single sentence spoken by Rice ,which believe it or not the facts are beginning to show was just what it was, an at the moment estimation of what was going on , a literal Mt.Everest of total horse-hockey has risen up through 12 fruitless congressional hearings , thousands of baseless accusations and innuendo , probable millions of more bucks wasted on partisan acrimony , lol…..originally meant to Bollster Romney and failed , not to save face clung to like a giant sinking turd .

    • Drakken

      It is obvious that as an Obummer cheerleader, that the facts are an inconvenient thing. I really am enjoying the fact that leftist like you are destroying this country at a rate unprecedented in history, the results are going to be something you will not be able to run away from. If that hag hillery gets to be POTUS, we as a country are done, what we end up with will be a crap shoot. So you go ahead and vilify people who love and are concerned for this country, in the end, your not going to be happy with your choices an by then, folks are not going to have much sympathy for you and others of your leftist ilk.

  • 20pizzapies

    Well I’m fed up with all you armchair “Security and Miltary Logistical Experts ” able to blow enough smoke up a million elephants arses , and so are a lot of other people , and be so foolish as to think those folks are all on the left , that would be double-downing on this foolishness .
    Hey man EVERYBODY KNOWS your game plan , for all your obvious phony outrage , it’s all come clear , knock Hillary out of the box by 2016 , man you people really fear that women that much ? LOLOL….yet you treat Christy like a dog would a fire hydrant because OMIGOSH HE shook hands with the POTUS , who you gonna run ? Gohmert …..Palin ? ..The Canadian Born both foreign parented Texan ? Do you really think Americans are that gullible as to believe the crap you guys are talking beyond your fellow delusionary pals on these Tea party Blogs , they’re laughing at you man . They know the gravity of losing an American life but they all know that the Administration did not orchestrate it , they know the administration did not callously allow it , they know Obama wasn’t holed up in some bar smoking crack ignoring it , is this the first Ambassador we’ve lost in the last few decades , Ole St .Ronnie lost not only an Embassy ,an entire CIA contingent Station Chief included but 265 US MARINES , but you folks keep on screaming BENGHAAAAAAAZZZZZZZEEEEEE right up to Nov.2016 and see where it gets ya , and keep on calling people traitors and commies who don’t see it your way , and see where THAT gets ya .ALL Americans grieved the lost at Benghazi , they’re just not trying to string up their political opponent over it .

    • Chris Behme

      King Barry is calling. He’s got something he wants you to suck on.

      • 20pizzapies

        Ahh , now there it is ! that TRUE TEA PARTY CHRISTIAN PATRIOT MENTALITY . Rather funny or strange how a lot of you “Tea party folk” resort to taking that same old road .
        Thanks for displaying the contents of your mind bunky . BTW , you’re too stupid to realize that you diminish your own intellect with your 4th grade gutter talk ….but don’t let me stop you , carry on Tea Party man ….lololololol…

        • Chris Behme

          I see you’ve already got your mouth full.

          • 20pizzapies

            Oh yea Chris and I ‘m sure what your head is filled with ….a one track mind eh bunky ? Is this what occupies that lizzard like brain of yours all the time . You seem proud of that . Hey Chris , I hope you don’t live close to any schools , know what I mean pervo-man ? Your neighbors know how you think dude ?

          • Chris Behme

            You are the guy who doesn’t care that four Americans were abandoned to their deaths while Hillary got drunk and Obama partied. You disgust me. I have no patience for your blithering leftist diatribes, and your blind love for all things Obama. You are the sicko.
            Stop projecting, numbskull.

          • 20pizzapies

            I care about ANY AMERICAN BEING KILLED . Security was known to be lacking -THOSE ARE FACTS -as far as your addon dumbass horseshit that fools like You SUCK_UP -that’s innuendo . I couldn’t give a flying F about your “patience ” . Personally I’d be worried if I was a neighbor or yours with kids … you’re not normal you’re a foul-mouthed, sick minded asshole, and your political affiliation is the least of your problems . My “diatribes” are not “leftist ” , they simply require facts , not rantings from morons like you and your ilk . Your assumptions are as dumb and foul as your mouth . Your mother should have fed you a few bars of Ivory soap to cure your problem but I guess maybe you threatened her too , or she was just complacent . Go and spit on the floor bunky , and look at it ,that’s about how important an opinion coming from a person like you means to me .
            BTW I hope that Behme isn’t your true family name -if it is you’re bringing shame on it .

          • Chris Behme

            There’s that rant again.
            Perhaps it’s time for a med check.
            Or more pizza.
            Or whatever.

  • ylem

    It all comes from the top down. If you have an incompetent, lazy, narcissistic ignoramus as a leader like Obama, he/she will end up hiring like-minded people. Honest, hard-working, thoughtful, intelligent people will never last working with people like that. They will leave or be forced out, or turn to the dark side.

  • RAS

    There seems to be nothing more to be said about the Benghazi betrayal except, “what do you expect from self-serving liars, cover-up artists, and corrupt politicians like Obama, Hilary and the complicit media?” Obama had declared al Qaeda in decline and the defeat of Islamic terrorism at hand. You don’t think he was going to let something like Benghazi get in the way of his imagined victory do
    you? Remember, “The end justifies the means.” The thing that disturbs me is what was our ambassador doing there in the first place and why did we
    stay after others pulled out in light of the danger. More skullduggery me

  • Chris Behme

    Since Barry is half black, and a liberal democrat, all is forgiven.
    The media don’t want Barry’s idiotic presidency to reflect poorly on Obama.
    So Bengazi is a “phony scandal”, because they need it to be.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    Obama lied.

    What a surprise… (sarc)

  • Bob Bartlett

    They had to spend time looking up this video tape lie. I’ve seen it and it was stupid. They purposely were trying to figure out a lie to tell the American people. They could have not known this video even existed. This was not a spontaneous lie. It was a deliberate attempt to deceived us.

    • laura r

      they looked on youtube, there are many. they chose this one. the white house knows most people are stupid & will believe anything. they were wrong in this case.

      • Bob Bartlett

        Exactly! Which shows us that they never just said that it was the video, they actually said we have to find a diffident reason other than the truth to tell the American people.

  • Robert Veklotz

    Obama got the 3 AM call and rolled over. Yawn.

  • veeper

    The President of the United States of America is a LIAR…..period!!

    As a citizen of the USA I am ashamed of this president and this government….

    obama actions as POTUS is the lowest point of the country in the entire history of the country.

    obama has disgraced the office of the Presidency and the Country.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    U.S. on BENGHIZA!


    Now the White House on defense over new Benghazi emails,
    claims controversial ‘prep call’ not about attack






    many more LIES will CONGRESS TOLERATE before starting IMPEACHMENT proceedings?

    PEOPLE want to KNOW how far is CONGRESS willing to let the totally CORRUPT



    (504) 231-3056

    1062 Dogwood Trail

    Mc Comb, Mississippi 39648


  • Mark N Starla Traina


  • Mark N Starla Traina


  • Lori Masters

    Millons know the truth, Unreal what a disgrace