Obama IRS’s Crimes Against Americans to go Unpunished

IRS_office_APWhile the media hypocritically train their focus on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s bridge-closing scandal, the Obama administration is quietly sweeping its IRS scandal, in which officials terrorized citizens for years with invasive investigations, audits, burdensome litigation, and threats of criminal prosecution, under the rug. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, law enforcement officials have leaked the news that the FBI will not file criminal charges regarding the IRS’s disproportionate scrutiny of conservative groups. The officials insisted that investigators found nothing that would constitute a violation of criminal law. What they claimed to have found was evidence of bureaucratic mismanagement, leading to the enforcement of rules that were misunderstood. The case remains under investigation, but barring some unexpected discovery of additional evidence, it becomes increasingly unlikely criminal charges will be filed.

House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who is in the midst of his own probe of the scandal, wasn’t buying it. “There is little reason for the American people to have confidence in this investigation,” Issa and oversight subcommittee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder. “Anonymous–and apparently politically motivated–leaks from unnamed law enforcement officials further undermine the public assurances by the current and former FBI directors that this is a legitimate investigation. These leaks come after the Justice Department, citing the confidential nature of the investigation, refused to brief Congress on its progress and congressional investigators independently discovered that a high dollar contributor to the Obama Administration failed to recuse herself,” they added.

Issa and Jordan are referring to Barbara Bosserman, a lawyer in the Department of Justice’s civil rights division, who was secretly selected to conduct the investigation, despite the reality that she donated a total of $6,100 to Obama’s political campaigns from 2008 to 2012, and another $650 to the Democratic National Committee. In a letter addressed to Eric Holder, Issa asserted that the DOJ “has created a startling conflict of interest,” and that it is “unbelievable the Department would choose such an individual to examine the federal government’s systematic targeting and harassment of organizations opposed to the President’s policies.”

Bosserman’s ties to Obama go deeper than that. According to official visitor logs, Bosserman visited the White House in 2009 to attend a “hate crimes” event as a guest of the president. Despite the seemingly natural connection, due to her position in the civil rights division of the DOJ, a Department source told Fox News it was “extraordinary” that a career employee would receive such an invitation, further revealing that her attendance would have required clearance from several levels within the Civil Rights Division and the Justice Department.

The same source also acknowledge that choosing Bosserman to head a probe of the IRS is “extremely odd” because the more logical choice would have been someone from the Public Integrity unit of the Department’s Criminal Division.

Despite these circumstances, the DOJ considered Bosserman’s appointment above reproach. “It is contrary to Department policy and a prohibited personnel practice under federal law to consider the political affiliation of career employees or other non-merit factors in making personnel decisions,” the DOJ said in a statement. “Additionally, removing a career employee from an investigation or case due to political affiliation, as Chairmen Issa and Jordan have requested, could also violate the equal opportunity policy and the law.”

One would think the law regarding an investigation of wrongdoing by a government agency would include talking to the victims of the alleged wrongdoing. One would be wrong. As Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who represents many of the targeted victims reveals, the FBI hasn’t contacted any of her clients. “Normally, don’t you first interview the victims?” she wondered. “I mean, I’ve watched enough cop shows over the years. You interview the victims. You don’t interview the perp,” she added.

Mitchell’s clients are hardly an anomaly. For more than half a year, the FBI failed to contact any of the 41 clients represented by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) either. “After seven months of no contact from federal investigators, a small number of our clients recently received a request for an interview from the FBI,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the ACLJ — late last week. 

Sekulow confirmed that the number of clients contacted was less than ten, and that they were only contacted recently. “The DOJ has done very little to move this investigation forward,” he said. “It has even stonewalled Congress, recently rescinding an offer to provide Congress an in-person briefing about the investigation’s progress.”

Sekulow further characterized the investigation as a “sham.” “To reach a conclusion that no criminal charges will be filed against those responsible for this illegal targeting scheme without interviewing any of our clients–the real victims in this ordeal– is absolutely absurd,” he said in a statement.

When the scandal emerged last year, President Obama was ostensibly upset. “This is pretty straight forward. If, in fact, IRS personnel engaged in that kind of practice and intentionally harmed conservative groups, that is outrageous,” he said last May. He promised there would be a complete investigation conducted.  Eric Holder described the IRS’s tactics as “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Yet here we are eight months later, and the FBI is only getting around to interviewing victims of the scandal right now, even as they are simultaneously leaking information to the press that’s there no “there” there. Obama has changed his tune as well. “They’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged,” he told MSNBC host Chris Matthews in a recent interview.

And in what has become a template for the DOJ, they are stonewalling the congressional investigation as well. As Issa’s aforementioned letter of Jan. 8 recounts, despite repeated requests for information from the FBI about the progress of their probe, that agency “failed to provide the requested information, and, after the [Justice Department] apparently interfered, the [FBI] withdrew” an earlier offer to meet with the oversight committee.

A week ago, the FBI had declined to comment on the investigation and referred a Washington Times reporter to a Dec. 31 letter sent to Issa explaining why the agency declined to provide him with documents from their investigation. “We would request that the committee permit the investigators to complete their investigation and consult with federal prosecutors, as appropriate, to determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any statutes within our jurisdiction,” Stephen D. Kelly, assistant director for the FBI’s office of congressional affairs, stated in the letter. “As a result, we cannot provide the documents requested at this time while the criminal investigation is active and ongoing.”

Yet they can apparently leak their preliminary findings to the press, something that concerned Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). He wondered how it was possible to dismiss any criminal violations prior to the conclusion of the investigation. “These are serious matters – but to make this decision before the investigation is completed seems entirely out of order and inappropriate,” he contended.

Attorney Cleta Mitchell was even more direct. “As far as I can tell, nobody has actually done an investigation. This has been a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation, which means that there was no investigation,” she insisted. “This is a deplorable abuse of the public trust, but I am not surprised.”

Last May, the IRS itself admitted they targeted for extra scrutiny groups with the words “tea party” or “patriot,” in their names. They also admitted that they had asked for information they don’t normally ask for, the most egregious of which was each groups list of donors. Lois Lerner, who initially admitted the wrongdoing. insisted there was no political motivation behind the effort, but she has since invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and retired.

Last August, a 2010 video surfaced of Lerner speaking to a group at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy in which she acknowledged the pressure the IRS was under allegedly as the result of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision. The Court determined that political spending constituted free speech protected by the First Amendment, and that corporations and unions could spend money supporting or denouncing candidates for elected office.

“Everyone is up in arms because they don’t like it,” Lerner replied to a question about the decision, adding that the “Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it; they want the IRS to fix the problem.” “Everyone” is this particular case is in reality the American left, incensed that “evil” corporations had been put on equal footing with unions. Lerner spoke on Oct. 19, 2010, only two weeks before the election in which Democrats lost 63 House seats and control of that chamber.

The Citizen’s United ruling occurred on Jan. 21, 2010. The IRS began targeting conservative groups two months later. More to the point, as recently as last August, testimony taken from an IRS agent involved in reviewing tax exempt applications from conservative groups revealed the that agency targeting of Tea Party groups remains ongoing. The agent admitted that based on his “current manager’s direction,” even an application from a Tea Party group that showed no evidence of political activity would still be sent to “secondary screening, political advocacy.”

Furthermore, it is possible the IRS may be singling out individuals as well. Frank VanderSloot, an Idaho businessman who contributed to a group in 2011 supporting Mitt Romney, not only ended up on an Obama campaign website suggesting he and seven other Romney supporter had “less-than-reputable” records, but he was notified that he would be audited by the IRS and the Department of Labor. The latter audit involved checks of three Mexican workers based at his Idaho ranch that he hired under the H-2A visa program for temporary agricultural workers.

Bill Elliot, an Obama voter and a Stage IV cancer patient criticized the president on Fox News after he lost his healthcare insurance in the middle of cancer treatments due to ObamaCare. Elliot is scheduled to be audited by the IRS in 2014 for his 2009 return, assuming he lives that long. After Elliot’s appearance on Fox News, insurance agent C. Steven Tucker saw the story and helped Elliot keep his insurance. Tucker is also being audited by the IRS going back to 2003.

All three of these incidents may be coincidental. Perhaps a through investigation would determine that.

Unfortunately, almost four years after it began, a saga that was initially characterized as an operation conducted by “rogue agents” at an IRS office in Cincinnati, but eventually reached as high as the Chief Counsel’s office of the IRS — headed by Obama appointee William Wilkins — is, according to the Obama administration, nothing more than a bureaucratically-inspired “snafu.”

Make that a continuing bureaucratic snafu.

“Bosserman should be removed from the IRS investigation without delay,” writes the Washington Examiner’s editorial board. “And it is equally certain the investigation should be taken entirely out of the hands of Holder’s Justice Department and placed with somebody from outside the executive branch such as a special prosecutor appointed by Congress. House Republicans should demand such an appointment, then leave it to Obama, Holder and Senate Democrats to explain to the American people why they shouldn’t know the full truth about the most serious abuse of the IRS since Richard Nixon was in the Oval Office.”

It is in the interest of every American to rein in an out-of-control IRS. That Democrats and much of the American left fail to see this investigation in that context is remarkable. They would be wise to remember that no political party maintains control indefinitely, and that the power to abuse is an equal opportunity scourge. Even more so, when there are apparently no criminal consequences attached to that abuse.

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  • veeper

    No body brought Hitler up on charges either……

  • cedars rebellion

    It might be possible before the courts become completely packed with the Left, to use civil suits, discovery, RICO laws, etc., to sue the folks individually. Queue up Star Wars Princess Leia “…our only hope.”

  • WhiteHunter

    This isn’t an “administration,” it’s an organized crime syndicate–literally a Racketeering Enterprise” as defined in the RICO statute. The IRS “investigation” is exactly like appointing Al Capone to “investigate” the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

    Frighteningly, like the Clintons the Obammunists have been able to enforce complete omerta, without a single “made man” breaking the silence and spilling the beans.

    It’s hard to tell whether this is because of complete, blind, fanatical loyalty (which most of them do unquestionably feel), or because they’ve been reminded–with a cold, deadly stare–to “remember what happened to Vince Foster, Jim MacDougal, and Kim Jong-Un’s uncle….” Maybe a little of each.

    These are expert criminals, second to none, superbly skilled in their “craft,” and now backed by the full and unlimited power of the most intimidating departments of the Federal government. They’re the Mafia’s equal in sociopathic ruthlessness, but infinitely more powerful in intimidating and punishing their “enemies.” That, combined with their well-known paranoia, is terrifying.

  • Vlad Lenin

    Payback will be a female dog.

  • Jane Wegener

    Its called Chicago Mafia Politics. Pay to play. Accountability? Does not exist in the Obama Regime that is 100% UNACCOUNTABLE. CORRUPTION RULES.

  • http://www.moralmatters.org/ NathanMBickel

    It is preposterous that aka Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder would even be interested in dispensing justice vis-a-vis this criminal scandal.

    Furthermore, it is no surprise that the IRS scandal took place:

    “If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.” – Proverbs 29:12 – KJV

    • justquitnow

      The “scandal” was made up.

      • Boots

        So….. are IRS agents now the “freedom fighters” for the left? Was it wrong when Nixon wanted to politicize the IRS? Heck yeah… but back then the IRS had integrity and told him to pack sand. I understand what you really mean about it being made up, Comrade troll… it was perpetrated against people who disagree with you and not the professional victims of the left.

        • justquitnow

          Um…no. Actually it was investigated and investigated by Issa. It was made perfectly clear by all the available facts that groups of all political stripes were scrutinized and all the tea party and “conservative” groups had gotten their status. I…just…I shouldn’t have to be the one to tell you this.

          • Boots

            Who should I believe… a bong abusing troll who will excuse any behavior by their fellow bong abusing travelers or the IRS IG and The Hill? http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/domestic-taxes/154743-treasury-ig-liberal-groups-werent-targeted-by-irs-like-tea

          • justquitnow

            Yeah…ok sure, that’s just like the article the other guy posted. I will point out that it’s almost a year old. I don’t get it…unless you WANT to believe it,…I mean all the facts are out now.

            Issa held I don’t remember how many hearings. He leaked testimony from questioning like this and withheld anything that refuted his point. Where have you been?

            I tell you what…if these metrics satisfy, let’s look at how many groups with the word “association” in their title vs “conservative” were “targeted”. We’ll assume that anyone that uses a commie word like “association” is a “left” or “liberal” or marxist group and “conservative” is all the decent honest americans.

          • Boots

            Provide the report. However it will show there are huge differences in the followup questions, the percentages of progressive groups requiring followup, the time elapse between application and approval for liberal groups compared to conservative groups… all the same stuff noted by the IRS IG. There are still right leaning groups who haven’t been approved. Lerner admitted they went after the groups and the much smaller percentage and faster approval of liberal groups would seem to support what Lerner self reported. I may be wrong but I’d say Lerner is pretty credible considering she’s now pleading the Fifth.

          • justquitnow

            What report are you looking for? You have a tidbit that Issa leaked from one of his hearings. The questions, like the carefully chosen metric of keywords in the names of the group(s) were designed for you man.

          • Boots

            Just the excerpts proving that Issa agrees with you that the two sides were treated equally… no out of context fifteen word statements without the full text.

          • justquitnow

            Issa doesn’t agree with the facts of his own hearings. He is trying to show that the list of names to look out for was given to the IRS by the White House for political gain…(rubs eyes). Issa leaked selective bits of transcripts for several weeks before Cummings released several full transcripts that showed conclusively that Issa has absolutely no evidence or even hint of a reason to keep barking up that tree…

            Does any of this ring a bell? You go look up the transcripts…I’m so sick of this story.


            “Among other things, Cummings on Friday released slides from a July 2010 workshop PowerPoint presentation instructing IRS agents to watch for organizations with names like “Tea Party,” “Patriots,” “9/12 Project,” and “Progressive.”

            One of the slides shows a picture of an elephant and a donkey — the symbols of the Republican and Democratic parties.

            Another slide notes a concern that the activities of such groups “may be more than 50% political,” thereby ruling out the possibility of tax-exempt status under current law.

            A spokesman for Issa, however, drew a different conclusion, highlighting the fact that the workshop minutes noted that an IRS “Tea Party Coordinator/Reviewer” said that ‘Progressive’ applications are not considered ‘Tea Parties.'”

            You see…something someone said in a minutes meeting proves systematic abuse. Anything to keep this alive. Now you have hearings looking at low-level policy Powerpoint presentations.

          • Boots

            So CNN’s interpretation is your source without reading the report? I’m OK with that because we all we to decide who we want to trust. I don’t trust the IRS… you do. I used The Hill as a source because they’re left leaning so I couldn’t be accused of cherry picking a right leaning source.

            That said… if you’re so sick of this why keep yourself worked up over it? Reasonable people can disagree and I don’t expect to change your mind… because you’re not the one being targeted.

      • nomoretraitors

        Yup, just like the made up scandal of lane closures

        • justquitnow

          Yeah, but that did happen. There are emails and so forth…and the mea culpa by his office. Um. I guess you could say it’s been hyped, but that was a real event. It’s not like someone decided to get Chris Christie so they just blamed a traffic jam on him.

          Is it all really so t*t for tat, less filling-tastes great? It either matters if it’s real or it doesn’t.

      • Vinchenz

        It was made up? No kidding? Is that why a democratic campaign donor, Barbara Bossman, was selected to head the “investigation” of the IRS scandal? I’m sure, based on her biases and loyalties, her assessment would be the same as yours. Obama lied again, he is not “outraged” over this, look who heads the “investigation”?

        I think you got it wrong (a typical lib/prog trait), it is the DOJ’s “investigation” that is made up. The IRS was targeting conservative groups, that is a fact, you mean the conservative groups that were targeted retained attorneys to sue the IRS over a “fake scandal”? They filed frivolous lawsuits?

      • tigertooth

        Obamabot troll posting. Obamabot troll posting. Warning, warning. I took that from the 1960s’ TV series ‘lost in space’. And it fits you to a ‘T’, worm.

  • Cappy1437

    The FBI needs to be investigated. But of course that would be a joke because everything about this administration is sick. Obama needs to be escorted to Benghazi to live and then left on his own to survive.

  • justquitnow

    “regarding the IRS’s disproportionate scrutiny of conservative groups. ”

    No…this has been utterly and completely debunked. Groups of all kinds were scrutinized. So this is knowingly dishonest.

    • defcon 4

      “So this is knowingly dishonest”. Irony eh dirtbag?

      • justquitnow

        Oh…look…it’s you. Being ugly and nonsensical as usual. What’s the matter defcon, you can’t even muster a “leftist” over my entirely true and reasonable assessment of this blog “article”…whatever it is.

        • nomoretraitors

          You saying it’s not true is a reasonable assessment?
          You are as stupid as you are funny

        • Drakken

          You really are shortbus special. Keep licking the windows Sparky.

    • glpage

      Yeah, there were a few groups with “progress” or “progressive” in their names. Still, the numbers of left wing groups targeted by the IRS is dwarfed by the number of conservative groups.


      Someone at IRS probably thought that if they looked at a couple of left wing groups no one would notice the disparity. Kinda shows that leftist bureaucrats are dumber than a box of rocks.

      • justquitnow

        Yeah….that’s a solid metric.

        “Progressive” in the name
        “Tea Party, 9/12, Patriots” in the name

        But that does it for you huh? You don’t see this as a callous and cynical attempt to keep the “scandal” alive.

        • glpage

          When a government agency says there were substantially more conservative groups targeted than leftist/progressive/liberal the metric stands. A callous attempt to keep the scandal alive… I bet you were screaming when Nixon got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

          • justquitnow

            I was a baby when Nixon resigned. Besides I don’t base wrongdoing on which side of a false dichotomy I think that person falls in.

        • Drakken

          Progressive math is just so hard isn’t it?

          • justquitnow

            I’m not sure what “progressive math” is suppose to be?Do you honestly not understand why the above metric is unsound, or is the conclusion more important than the process?

    • Drakken

      Let me guess, if Comrade Obummer was right in front of you, you would get down on your knees and blow him, and in a fit of ecstasy, you would swallow wouldn’t you? Good progressive sycophant. Your denial of reality, really says it all, there is no helping you folks on the left.

    • Chris Behme

      We read your moniker and wish you would.
      Just. Quit. Now.

  • nomoretraitors

    They have many more important things to do, like investigating lane closures on a bridge they will never cross.
    I’m waiting for al in la, fredjohns and inwilla to come on and defend this

  • greatj

    Lois Lerner and the I.R.S. absolutely did no go after Obama’s enemies on their own. Look at the Committee to reelect Obama 2012 and the Democrat party.
    Ask Axelrod, Dunn, Cutter, Burton, and the rest of the Democrat parties attack dogs for all the answers.

    • defcon 4

      Yeah it’s all just one big accident that organisations which support the state of Israel and Republicans were targeted for IRS investigations. I’m sorry dirtbag but Goebbels you’re not.

      • greatj

        In my comment I wrote ‘no’ by mistake.

        • defcon 4

          I see, I apologise.

  • nomoretraitors

    They’ll probably blame it on an internet video

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    Can Congress still hold its own hearings and what-have-you? Or is this the end of it?

  • semus

    So will there ever be an opportunity to make them accountable?

  • antioli

    Justice is on the side of the IRS victims. The problem is that there is no way to enforce the law. Only the President can do that and he is not going to investigate and convict him self.
    If the Republicans ever win will they seek justice or just go along to get along.

  • herb benty

    The Democrats have all the bases covered. Waiting for Holder to apply Justice, would have been like waiting for Himmler to charge Hitler. As planned, they scratch each others back. Obama is a lying Commie, there is no right and wrong in his world. Whats good for him is right to him.

  • defcon 4

    The District of Corruptistan, kinda smells like fascism doesn’t it?

  • http://www.abay.vn/Ve-quoc-te/ve-may-bay-di-tay-ban-nha Nhóm Đào Tạo

    There are still right leaning groups who haven’t been approved.

    ve may bay
    ve may bay gia re
    Gia ve may bay

  • Chris Behme

    Since no one will be held to account, expect the abuses to continue and intensify. Obama wants revenge on America. Holder does too.
    And if they aren’t stopped, they’ll take America down as far as they can.

  • gawxxx

    when the “CREATOR” of it all finally takes down this cesspool of a nation , washington d.c. will be first in line to be exterminated and I will sit by and watch with glee .

  • lois

    to view over 300 pages of crimes committed by FBI agents visit the News Section of the ldsfreedomforumdotcom

  • timGa

    Lois Lerner committed Treason against the American people hopefully someday she will be charged.

  • justquitnow

    It wasn’t a saga. “attacking” and “targeting” were alleged and it turned out not to be true.

    • defcon 4

      ONly in the delusional lies of the current presidential regime.

      • justquitnow

        Is there any information that could come out that would convince you that Obama didn’t order the IRS to “attack” specific groups? I mean anything…be as fanciful as you like. I would be interested in knowing.

        • defcon 4

          How about an honest investigation, instead of one conducted by fellow sycophants of the current regime?

          • justquitnow

            How many hearings did Issa hold over this issue? What else do you need to know?

            So what information could come out that would convince you that Obama didn’t order the IRS to “attack” specific groups? Let’s pretend that you get to pick the investigator and you can spend 50 million dollars investigating. All the facts come out and there is zero proof that Obama had anything to do with the IRS’s policy, and that no groups were unfairly targeted or denied their status based on political views.

            Would you let it go then? I doubt it, because Obama is already guilty.