The Democrats’ War on the Two-Party System

Republican-party-history---Donkey-Elephant-Demcrat-Republican-jpgWhile conservatives are divided on the political path forward, Democrats are showing themselves to be united in a war against the Republican Party — with one-party rule for America as the endgame. One need only look to the political priorities Democratic lawmakers have recently adopted to gauge this reality. Led by the Obama administration, a party hijacked by far-left radicals is determined to pass comprehensive immigration reform, prevent the passage of election integrity laws, and use the IRS as a billy club to suppress free speech. Republicans who are inclined to dismiss this agenda need only look to California to see the cost of complacency and denial. 

Mass immigration and sweeping amnesty initiatives are the Democrats’ primary tools for realizing their ambitions. A devastating report produced by Phyllis Schlafly, “How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party,” details that reality in no uncertain terms. Citing surveys from the Pew Research Center, the Pew Hispanic Center, Gallup, NBC News, Harris polling, the Annenberg Policy Center, Latino Decisions, the Center for Immigration Studies and the Hudson Institute, Schlafly reveals that immigrants have always been the mainstay of the Democrat Party, emphasizing that this dynamic has been occurring for at least a century. Furthermore, as a result of the current rate of accelerated immigration that brings 1.1 million newcomers to America every year, the GOP will be reduced to fringe status within a decade.

The statistics are daunting. A 2008 National Annenberg Election Survey revealed that 62 percent of immigrants favor single-payer, government-run healthcare. A 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study shows that 69 percent of immigrants favor Obamacare. The Pew Research Center revealed that 53 percent of Hispanics hold a negative view of capitalism and that 75 percent favor bigger government and more social services compared to only 41 percent of Americans. Only 37 percent of naturalized citizens believe the Constitution takes precedence over international law, compared to 67 percent of native Americans.

The state of California represents the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Ronald Reagan carried California with 59 percent of the vote in the 1984 election. Yet beginning in 1986, the amnesty bill that legalized 2.7 million illegal aliens began the transformation of that state from red to blue. Amnesty recipients began becoming citizens, reaching a level of 40 percent by 2009. By 2012, a combination of Hispanic voters naturalized by that amnesty, or related to people who were, gave 70 percent of their vote to Barack Obama. And until yesterday, when a pair of California state senators went on indefinite leaves of absence to fight corruption charges, Democrats had an unassailable supermajority in the state legislature. They still maintain one in the lower house, the State Assembly, while they also control every statewide office and both seats in the U.S. Senate.

Yet there are far more insidious forces at work here. As Ann Coulter explains in a recent column, since the 1965 Immigration Act went into effect, 90 percent of those who have entered the nation on an annual basis have been unskilled, Third World workers. That has produced a glut of low-wage workers whose wages have steadily declined as a result of the influx. But when Republicans counter with economic reality and a list of demands in return for a “pathway to citizenship,” they are labeled “heartless” and “uncaring” with regard to economics and business and “nativist,” “bigoted” and “xenophobic” with regard to immigration.

Democrats have also been unanimous in their opposition to any attempt to improve fairness and oversight of elections. With regard to commonsense voter ID laws, Democrats have managed to convince a substantial number of Americans that protecting the integrity of the electoral process is nothing less than an effort to suppress the vote of minority Americans. Thus, Eric Holder and his minions at the U.S. Department of Justice will continue to pursue lawsuits against the states of Texas and North Carolina to prevent newly enacted voter ID laws from being enforced. They will do so despite a 2008 Supreme Court decision validating the constitutionality of a picture ID requirement for voting in the state of Indiana. Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens declared that the law “is amply justified by the valid interest in protecting ‘the integrity and reliability of the electoral process.'”

The Supreme Court upped the ante on that reasoning last year, when it struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. Prior to the change, states that had historic records of voter discrimination were unable to change their election laws without approval in advance from the federal government. States like Florida were prevented from purging their voter rolls of non-citizens, a situation unanimously hailed by the Left. “Our country has changed,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority. “While any racial discrimination in voting is too much, Congress must ensure that the legislation it passes to remedy that problem speaks to current conditions.”

Holder, whose contempt for the rule of law was made plain when he urged state attorneys general to literally ignore those laws they themselves determined were discriminatory, is essentially ignoring two Supreme Court rulings in pursuit of his agenda.

There are glaring problems with that agenda. Nearly three-out-of-four Americans support photo ID requirements for voting. Moreover, despite charges of racism that the demand for photo ID elicits from leftists, the idea that any particular subset of Americans is less capable of procuring such identification is itself bigoted. Democrats’ charges of racism are nothing more than projections of their own warped worldview.

Yet far more important is the reality that voter fraud is a genuine problem. Statistics compiled by the True the Vote website reveal the extent. They note that in 2012, voter fraud cases were being pursued in 46 states. In addition, 24 million invalid voter registrations remained on the rolls nationwide, 1.8 million dead voters remained registered to vote, and 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.

Ironically, the principal architect of the problem is Eric Holder and the DOJ. According to former DOJ employee J. Christian Adams, the department refused to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) that tasks the Department with bringing voter rolls up to date by purging dead and ineligible voters. Once again, Holder’s determination to selectively enforce the law is the key element here.

Moreover, the reality that True the Vote was involved in illuminating the issue of voter fraud ties directly into the Obama administration’s most egregious effort to undermine the GOP: using the IRS as its vehicle to suppress free speech. 

True the Vote’s self-described mission is focusing on election integrity issues, and much of that effort was focused on the Texas Democratic Party and Houston Votes, an ACORN front group. When True the Vote discovered irregularities that were pursued by Texas law enforcement officials, the American left declared war. 

That war was pursued with vigor by the IRS after True the Vote applied for their 501(c)(3) non-profit status in July 2010. Hundreds of questions were asked over and over again. The agency demanded to see owner Catherine Engelbrecht’s tweets and Facebook posts. Aggressive audits of her and her husband’s businesses, that included investigations by the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Occupational Safety Hazards Administration, and the state version of the EPA, the Texas Commission on Environment Quality, were vigorously pursued.

Unfortunately, Engelbrecht’s ordeal was hardly an anomaly. As the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel reveals, Obama’s contention that there’s not a “smidgen” of corruption occurring within the IRS is as truthful as his contention that American would be able to keep their doctors and health providers once ObamaCare was passed. “Perhaps the biggest fiction of this past year was that the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups has been confronted, addressed and fixed,” Strassel writes. “The opposite is true. The White House has used the scandal as an excuse to expand and formalize the abuse.”

The formalization of that abuse consists of offering conservative groups an “expedited” process for getting approval of their 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status –sold under the guise of pursuing reform. In reality the deal was a thinly-veiled effort to continue inhibiting the activities of those groups. Current rules governing 501(c)(4)s allow for spending as much as 49 percent of a group’s funds on political activity and as much time as they choose to engage in those efforts. In exchange for quicker approval from the IRS, groups had to agree to spend only 40 percent of their funds and time, calculated by the number of hours employees and volunteers worked, on political activity. “The clear point of the ‘deal’ was to use the lure of 501(c)(4) approval to significantly reduce the political activity of targeted conservative groups going forward,” Strassel explains.

Some groups, desperate to be approved, took the deal. But at least two that didn’t, including one that had been waiting three years and three months for approval, were once again targeted by the IRS, who demanded resubmission of information previously supplied, along with new details, such as the groups’ 2012 fundraising letters. 

For perspective sake, it should be noted that prior to Obama’s presidency, the IRS approval process took an average of three weeks.

Strassel further explains that the IRS’s efforts to control speech are transparently political, because the bipartisan Federal Election Commission (FEC) can enforce rules regarding political speech. “But the FEC can’t be controlled by the White House, and Democrats have been unable to pass new speech restrictions through Congress,” she reveals.

Nonetheless, in a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee markup last Thursday, Democrats made it clear exactly where they stand. At that meeting, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) proposed two amendments aimed at protecting all Americans from IRS abuses. The first one would have imposed a ban on IRS employees targeting individuals or groups based on their political viewpoints. It would have also made it a crime for any IRS employee to engage in willful discrimination against any groups based solely on their political beliefs, or any policy statements held, expressed, or published by that organization. The second amendment would have amended the tax code to use the definitions promulgated by the FEC to determine whether an organization is engaging in political activity, leaving the IRS to focus solely on taxation.

Both amendments were unanimously opposed by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, leading to their defeat.

This toxic combination of promoting a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, along with laying a foundation for voter fraud and codifying suppression of their opponents’ political speech, are odious activities when they are examined individually. Taken as a whole, it becomes clear that Democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a one-party political system with their party in permanent control. And if it takes ruining millions of workers’ futures, destroying the integrity of the electoral process and undermining the Constitution to do so, so be it. As with every historical effort to seize unassailable power, the ends justify the means.

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  • UCSPanther

    I would expect that such a scenario would be a contributing factor in Balkanization. When a group of people feel that they are being ignored, enslaved and mistreated, they will rebel at the first opportunity.

    If the Dems want to play that game, they can go ahead, but they can’t say we didn’t warn them…

  • Steeloak

    It is bad enough that the Dems are subverting our political system, what makes it worse is when the Republican party joins them in engineering their self destruction. I suppose McCain and his friends expect to switch parties when the time comes and be rewarded by the permanent ruling party for their help in overthrowing America. If they are innocent of that, then they must be just plain stupid!

    • nagesha

      Not stupid or uninformed. They are compromised. These are the only republicans that the dems will allow to come to power!

    • Harald Eigerson

      We can only hope that McCain and most of his over the hill friends drop dead before that evil day arrives. It would almost be like Moses being denied entry into the promised land but I think that these guys serve a different master.

    • Myrtle Linder

      Democrats and all other antichrists are working together to unionize the whole universe unto “one world evil system “The One World Order.” Those working for this corrupt iniquity will, without any conscience, do whatever it takes, to get it done. That is one side of what is going on today and has been been for quite a while. GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST must be wiped out.

      The other side of the shingle are those who are conservative Christians, different from regular Conservatives. We do care a lot what we do and will not go against the TRINITY, which is The FATHER, The SON and the HOLY GHOST, deliberately. This is our aim to live for THEM. to serve in whatever way we can, by teaching, by leading, by telling the truth, refusing to go along with what we know is against our GOD; but doing our best to follow his teachings which come from HIS WORD. We take life as GOD sends or allows it, and through prayer handle it the best way we can, without violating what HE would have us do, the decisions HE would have us to make. While others may think, this is a weak and foolish way to go., we know that our GOD is in control and HE does allow bad things to happen, many times, but He will not give up, as long as there is a chance that we will make the decisions that HE would have us to make. HE knows what we will do, the decision we will make but also, gives the opportunity to act on that.

      We will not lie, we will not betray GOD or man, to do what HE would have us to do. We are not perfect, we do make mistakes, but not deliberately. We know for a fact that HE will take care of HIS people but HE will not defend us from all pain or all trouble. We must prove ourselves to HIM, HE give us that choice, we must make that choice.

      He says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments. ”

      His commandments” Matthew 22:37-40
      37. JESUS said, Thou shalt love the LORD THY GOD with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind.
      38. This is the first and the great commandment.
      39. The second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
      40. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

      Truly loving GOD and people we will never do anything to hurt them, but there is where the problem lies, we have perhaps a majority of mankind who hates all others, especially those who do not believe as we believe.
      Mark 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my names sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

      This the truth, that the world hates but it is our opportunity to act on the truth, or to ignore it or to trash it, it the decision to be made by each of us.

  • truebearing

    Very well and thoroughly written

    This information needs to be disseminated to every American old enough to read. We are in the middle of a coup, and everyone but the Left’s elites will suffer tremendously if it succeeds. It is well on its way to succeeding already.

    Obama doesn’t care what Putin does. His job is to wage war on Americans. The leftist media will give him cover for his pathetic foreign policy blunders. They want one party rule as well.

    Every objective Obama has fought for, Obamacare, open borders, flooding the US with poor illiterate immigrants, transfer of US sovereingty, etc. was listed years ago as the goals of George Soros’ international flagship organisation, The Open Society Institute. The closely affiliated, and also Soros funded, Center for American Progress has been acting as Obama’s shadow administration for his entire presidency, and is also pushing the OSI agenda. Formed by Soros, Hillary, Podesta, and others during the Clinton administration, Podesta, CAP’s former director, has taken an official position in Obama’s Whitehouse as his climate czar. Since his arrival, Obama and Kerry are suddenly blathering incessantly about climate change, though to what end is anyone’s guess. Most likely it is a distraction since Podesta probably there to more closely manage Obama and the coup for Soros and the rest of the puppetmasters.

    Obama’s entire agenda and his true cabinet is made up of this transnationalist cabal. They are the core of elites driving a coup that is bent on subordinating America to a global government. They are intent on selling off our sovereignty. The redistribution of our wealth will be put to use buying allegiance from dictators and corrupt leaders around the world, or lining the already bloated pockets of political crooks like Soros.

    The Democratic Party is overthrown. It is a shell, a disguise that the Left uses to fool those too stupid to see the truth, or too lazy to look. They have the pieces in place. They can rig elections with impunity. They will have illegals voting. Republicans, at least those who still haven’t figured it out, will be shocked at what happens this fall in the election. The election fraud will be massive. No one should assume we will win. We better pull out all of the stops, as a group and as individuals because the Left has seized the brass ring of power and won’t let go without a heroic effort on the part of those who wish to remain free.

    • mackenzie wunderlich

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    • Lea

      and does appear that this elitist cabal that you speak of, is manipulating the muslims who also want the same thing, world domination, as them.
      I suppose each side thinks that ultimately it will be the ultimate winner.

      • truebearing

        How Muslims fit in their scheme is hard to say other than they see them as co-enemies to the things they hate most: Christianity, Judaism, capitalism, and any obstacle to their global governance scheme. I seriously doubt either one intends to share power.

        • Lea

          Muslims and Marxists are already allied, long time ago, you see it clearly in places like the Philippines. When fighting for a particular goal, there is no discrimination it seems in fighting partners, as long as it achieves the goal, domination.

  • cedar rebellion

    Since the articulatio of socialism, the Left take over has always occured. Sometimes Long March; sometimes a violent revolution; it always wins. In the West, it’s inevitable the socialists win and gain control. The only issue is when. After gaining control they begin actions as described in this article then all roads lead to authoritarian and/or totalitarian rule. Then the decline begins ending in one of several forms of chaos followed by a bried recovery then the Long March begins anew. It’s like the Sun rising in the East.

    • Lea

      like islam?

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The GOP has clearly been infiltrated. They have a set of clowns in place to say stupid and embarrassing things about women. They have greedy a-holes who actually WANT more ILLEGAL ALIENS to swarm into the nation and disable the economy for the most vulnerable Americans. And once in office republicans waste money in ways that have democrats scratching their heads. I sure haven’t seen any of this “smaller government” they speak of.

    I’m sorry to see it, but the continual caving in by the GOP is also driving this newfound hatred of white Americans. They have let it get to be so skewed that the only salvation I see for the GOP is to start addressing their largest base directly and with purpose.

    But they won’t do that because they are afraid of being called “racists”. Here’s a news flash, you’re already called “racists” simply because most of you are white. Keep ignoring your own people (a Holder-approved saying) at your own peril. I seriously doubt the GOP can take the top seat again before we see a MASSIVE economic “correction” that has poor Americans eating grass.

    At that point the leftist “programs” will be bankrupted and people will start acting natural again. They’ll probably lynch the leftists, but plenty of the GOP will swing as well. Traitor is what we call people who sell out Americans in favor of non-Americans.

    • daisypony

      And many TEA Party groups have been infiltrated by leftists as well.

    • Lea

      I am not an American but what I see in the top leaders of America are people who seem to be “not alright in the head”, astonishing, surely America can find leaders and create a government that will do something about the problems that you care about, like illegal immigration and muslims. the Marxists Masons Muslims. MMM

  • physicsnut

    those left wing idiots care only about SEX, DRUGS, watching lots of idiotic television, and doing agitation and propaganda for REVOLUTION. Just like giving booze to the indians. That is all this stuff is about.
    How do I know ? Just visit their websites.

  • Stephen Powell

    The US government sponsored mass immigration from the 3rd world is a holocaust against Americans of European descent. Within the lifetime of people now living, European Americans will become a despised minority in the nation their ancestors carved out of a wilderness with draft animals and hand tools. There are already national laws on the books that legalize and enforce discrimination against European Americans. This discrimination will only intensify in coming decades. What is happening now is not only unprecedented in American history, it is unprecedented in human history. Yes people believe what is happening is normal, or ‘politics’. The future of your children is being destroyed by a political elite consumed with racial self hatred and blinded by political correctness.

    • Lea

      it is more than racial and political, it is about ruling the world, like psychopaths dream of, like Obama, and the false prophet mo, even hitler

  • Clare Spark

    Dems would not win if the Right was not so drastically divided. Personally, I wonder if the social conservatives did not throw the election to Obama by sitting on their hands in 2012. Religious pluralism already protects their rights to the faith of their choice, but the libertarianism held by most Americans is offended by triumphalism of any one religion. See “Do paleoconservatives want a theocracy?”


      You mis-diagnose the problem. It isn’t Social Conservatives who sat out the 2012 election, it was middle-class white voters who didn’t believe the Republican Party cared about them. They were right, to the extent that the Republican Establishment does not care about anyone other than the Chamber of Commerce and their country-club buddies. Conservatives are fairly united at this point: it’s the Republican Party that is dangerously divided. We Conservatives must press for control of the Party now, by making sure we vote for Conservative candidates in Republican Primaries and for internal Party offices.

      • daisypony

        And so you sit out an election, an election that was CRUCIAL to the life of this nation because you thought the party didn’t CARE ABOUT YOU? What are they, little children who need caring for? So they say home and GAVE the White House back to obama.
        Thanks so much for aiding in the ruination of our country.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          Neither McManchurin or Rom-NO had a chance. They were both very poor GOP choices and made it clear the GOP is nothing BUT a country club.

          We need a REAL GOP leader. One who won’t fall apart WHEN the left calls him names. Empty RINO suits would have been no better than Obama. We’d probably have McCain’s amnesty by now and be pretty much in the same boat.

          • daisypony

            obama “won” by very little and if those who pouted and stayed home are to blame. They and the obama and his cheating DOJ.

          • truebearing

            You’re missing the key to success. Electing a majority of conservatives in Congress, and any Republican for president, is the key to turning things around. A president has to have a cooperative Congress to accomplish anything, unless he happens to be a Marxist dictator. A Republican like Jeb Bush, not my favorite choice by a long shot, will be forced to the Right by his conservative Congress. Try to elect someone too far to the Right and you risk losing too many Independents. Then you end up with Hillary.

            You have to look at the consequences of a strategy BEFORE you employ it.

            There is no one, not even McCain or Graham, that is as bad as Obama. That is a completely inaccurate equivalency. And I don’t like either one of them, just for the record. I would love to see Cruz at the helm.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            It’s a trap for the GOP. Some of Obama’s surprises don’t kick in until well after 2016. As they strike, any GOP president sitting will be blamed. Republicans are not very good at proving fault in previous administrations. They aren’t willing to carry such a lie as long as Obama.

            Unfortunately it seems that lying and cheating are the only way to win in politics these days. I long for a straight shooter who can win. I long for a republican willing to call a liar a liar. I don’t see that in Cruz either.

          • truebearing

            Don’t underestimate Cruz. He is one smart cookie.

            i am not as obsessed over who we end up with for a Republican candidate as some people are. A presidenthas limited power, unless he goes rogue, like Obama. If we can get control of both houses of Congress and elect a reasonably conservative president, we can quickly reverse a lot of Obama’s policies, and fast

            Keep fighting and don’t give up.

          • Lea

            McCain seems to be going somewhat senile, and he is way too willing to do the bidding of the islamists, and he appears unstable, how can America put a man like this in power positions? regardless – to support the “lawless” jihadists and rioters is just poor bad behaviour, and this is how we see you Americans, just like McCain, because you have not bothered to impeach Obama.

          • truebearing

            We would love to impeach Obama, but we simply can’t do it with the terrible leadership we have in the House of representatives and lack of control of the Senate.

          • Lea

            Obama is doing some serious damage to your country and the world. Americans seem totally oblivious of the ties he has with the muslim brotherhood, who knows maybe the religion selected for the NWO is sharia islam, because it even appears as if the UN and EU and UK are in on this game. No doubt the George Soros types believe they are going to be able to outsmart the muslims in the end.

        • NAHALKIDES

          I didn’t sit it out; like most Conservatives I voted for Romney. But that was the last time – the Republican Establishment cannot be permitted to go on protecting the Democratic Left. We Conservatives must insist on a Conservative candidate; if the Establishment nominates a Jeb Bush, then we stay home.

          • truebearing

            Don’t you see the irony of your argument? You don’t want another Romney because you claim he will lose, yet sitting out the election will cause the next nominee to lose. Then you end up with someone much, much worse. How does that make any sense?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            He thinks that by choosing a better candidate that more RP core believers will get out to vote. In theory that’s possible, but it’s not the only way to look at the entire picture.

            The real question is whether punishing the party by contributing to their losses will somehow empower “true conservatives.” That’s extremely risky.

            I’m not involved with any TEA partiers but I think their grassroots approach to retaking the party is optimal.

          • truebearing

            I understand his frustration, but those who punished the Republican leadership in the last election are punishing the country now.

            The Republican Party needs to be overthrown from the inside. Schisms only give the Left more power. They purposely try to get us fighting with each other. We have to unite under the core beliefs we all share, starting with the 1st and 2nd amendments. We’ll be doing good if we can just save them.

          • NAHALKIDES

            I see it. The point is that the Establishment will be made to understand that Conservatives will no longer support another Establishment clown. Right now the Establishment, which learns nothing from history, thinks they can win. When they understand their choice is between a guaranteed loss with an Establishment clown or a chance at winning with a Conservative, they will finally allow the majority of the Party to have their way and run a Conservative.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            But can’t you articulate that demand before the primary, and then focus on message and policies while trying to get someone elected?

            Maybe the answer is no, but maybe the answer is yes.

          • NAHALKIDES

            I think we have to be very clear about that before primary season – there needs to be a unified Conservative message from the Party’s grassroots: either nominate a Conservative or do without our support.

    • truebearing

      When it comes to the people most vociferously stating that they would sit out the election, the libertarians were the ones leading the pack. I can’t count the number of Paul supporters who, once Romney was nominated, announced that they were taking their dollies and going home. Their inane rationale was “I won’t vote for the lesser of evils,” an argument that fails to address the fact that not voting at all ensured the greatest of evils would win, and he did. That kind of self-righteous stupidity haunts the Republican Party.

      You’re absolutely right about the division, but if you point out the reason one group’s agenda was unacceptable to others, you should point out how all of the various schisms believe in something that alienates the others. The exception, in 2012, being those who wanted Romney all along. The Republican Party is simply not a party of rigid uniformity. That is the Left’s goose stepping identity.

      Republicans make the same mistake in every presidential election. We obsess over finding the “perfect candidate” while the Left is working on the perfect lie. There is no perfect candidate, and there never has been. If we would stop obsessing over every flaw in our candidates and start correcting the flaws in our own thinking, we would start winning. We need to stop allowing leftist media to debate our candidates to death, we need to be inclusive to all who desire freedom and love this country as it was concieved, and once a nominee is chosen, put aside our egos and back him or her with a ferocity equal to or greater than the Left.


        You’re speaking of the Libertarian wing of the GOP, which is more Libertarian than anything else. But the real problem is that we Conservatives, who are a majority of the Party, do not have control of the Party. Republicans do make the same mistake in every election, but it’s not finding the perfect candidate, it’s nominating one out-of-touch Establishment clown after another.

        What we need is a Conservative candidate – nothing less will do. And yes, we Conservatives must now punish the Establishment, should it force another of its members down our throats, by staying home and letting Democrats win. Only a Conservative has any real chance of victory anyway. To defeat the Democrats, we must first defeat the Establishment.

        • truebearing

          I agree that we need a conservative candidate. I don’t agree with staying home. We are on the verge of the Democrats establishing a permanent majority via amnesty. If we allow Hillary to get elected, we may as well give up. Look at the damage Obama’s second term has brought, and it is only half over.

          The way to punish the Republican moderates, eites, RINOS, or whatever you want to call them, is to defeat them in the Senate and Congressional races. A conservative Congress is easier to win, and even a moderate Republican president can be forced down a conservative path if both houses are dominated by Tea Party conservatives.

          There are all kinds of voters who normally don’t bother to vote who come out for the presidential elections. They are poorly informed and shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but they are. It takes a somewhat moderate appearing candidate to win that element of the vote.

          We need a Republican with broad appeal and good moral character in the Whitehouse and a conservative Congress to hold his or her feet to the fire. if we can find a conservative who has the charisma to win, and the self-restraint to stay away from saying things that scare the dolts of America, great, but our electorate is pathetic and easily duped by the lies of the Left.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        I won’t vote for the lessor evil means I’m giving half a vote to the tertiary evil.

    • Erudite Mavin

      Thank you for a post of reality.
      We lost at least two Senate races, one that would have been a slam dunk
      win but the unnecessary comments lost it.
      What the type you refer to are pushing Dominionism and a theocracy.
      I say this as a Conservative and Christian and why I will continue to vote Republican over Democrats anytime.
      The all or nothing Pures who sat at home or voted third party and gave us Obama now have the nerve to whine.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        The time to fight each other ends when primaries are finished.

        • NAHALKIDES

          I’m sorry but that’s not true any more. The Establishment Republicans cannot win and they cannot save this country; therefore, we must first get past them before we can attack the primary enemy, the Democratic Left. That means taking control of the GOP from them by any means necessary, and if they manage to nominate yet another Establishment clown like Jeb Bush, it means we sit the election out. They must be forced to run Conservative candidates whether they wish to or not.

          • truebearing

            That strategy is what happened in the last election. look at the consequences. You have to assess the consequences before you decide on your strategy.

          • NAHALKIDES

            No, that is most definitely not what happened in the last election, although we keep hearing it said. Last time, Conservatives were good little soldiers and turned out for Romney, an Establishment candidate and no Conservative (although he was probably the best Establishment candidate since Eisenhower). The result: we lost! That is the consequence of your kind of thinking: that we need a candidate with “broad appeal” (i.e.another Establishment clown).

            Only a Conservative can win. Only a Conservative can save this country. The Establishment GOP must accept that or it must lose so that we can force them to accept a Conservative the next time.

          • Lea

            why don’t americans start a brand new party and oust the charade of the two party = one party dictatorship already in power

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Easier said than done. Actually the TEA party movement is probably the closest thing to doing that while still keeping the bridge to power. Starting an entirely new party would be taking a longer path and perhaps burning that bridge if they take down the RP in the process.

          • NAHALKIDES

            That’s a possibility, but it means taking the time to get a new party together and then waiting for a good part of the old Republican coalition to follow Conservatives from the GOP to the new party. It just seems easier to use our number to force the hand of the Establishment, since the GOP can’t win without Conservative support.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I don’t disagree with your concerns at all. I think it’s possible clean house but then supporting contenders after the primary. The TEA party movement is just the kind of factor that could make that possible.

            But OTOH if the success is seen as validation for the establishment then your point is valid if there is no other way to take the party back from them than by attacking the party itself. I’m not convinced that’s the case but I know I could be wrong.

  • cxt

    Excellent, thought provoking article.
    The worst part is what USC Panther mentions—no matter what they do to create a single party system–sooner or later it will break into 2 or more parties. If we continue on this path the nation will Balkanize.
    And of course the professional Left either is too short sighted to realize it or they simple don’t care. Either way we are in for a really bad time before it gets better.

  • Maggie

    The RINO’s are going along with the dems, too much and too often, there needs to be a revolution within the GOP, if we don’t stand now? when will we?

    • Anita Fuentas

      It is time to honor America’s good president Obama because He is our personal Lord and Savior of the world. Call 213–237-5000(3535) for comment on details. We need to read the good gospels of Lord Obama.

    • Anita Fuentas

      It is time to honor America’s good president Obama because He is our personal Lord and Savior of the world. Call 213–237-5000(3535) for comment on details. We need to read the good gospels of Lord Obama.

  • farrightwing

    All Americans should be alarmed at what David Horowitz has pointed out in this essay. Democrats have become our enemies and must be defeated if America is to survive.

    • Lea

      why don’t americans destroy the two party system, which seems more like a one party system already, and vote for a totally new political system and government?

      • Phil

        Stay Free Vote TEA!
        2014 Stop the Tyrant. Dump the Dems.!

  • Habbgun

    I’m pretty much convinced Repubs see Democrats as the “real” politicians. They see the kind of urban interracial infighting and posturing garbage that forms the Democratic coalition and they are convinced they couldn’t do that and won’t even try. Not that they should try to be like Democrats but they need to be on the attack and not intimidated. Reagan had the guts to go to the South Bronx knowing he would look bad but also knowing it was necessary for Republicans not to be afraid of the inner city. Today’s Republican hands the Democrats their spheres of influence and wait for crumbs. The Republicans aren’t a political party. They are a chamber of commerce with a mascot.


    Ahlert is absolutely on the money here. But the biggest problem is that the “opposition” party, the GOP, doesn’t want to fight and won’t even bestir itself to the extent of saying publicly what’s in this article because it’s under the control of the Establishment.

  • Randy Townsend

    Well written and absolutely correct. Unfortunately, Dims are light years better at the political game than Reps. When Dims are in charge, there is NO talk of bipartisanship, compromise, or common ground (Ex: Pelosi as SotH). They wade through legislation like Grant through Richmond. When they lose control, it is demanded of Reps, meaning “Do what Dims want.” One of the reasons the left reviles Gingrich is that, for the first time, Republicans treated Dims like Dims had historically treated Republicans. Well, America is changing and if the amnesty push succeeds, we won’t be a better nation, just one that no longer pretends to respect the rule of law (unless you’re a conservative, then you’re practically a terrorist, and thank you for paying all the taxes….).

  • nagesha

    UCSPanther, you’ve got it right. When a free people have a boot to their throats, there isn’t much chance to reason with the one with the boot to your neck.

  • John Davidson

    If there is anything good about Obama’s rule it is waking up a lot of people who think socialism is a good theoretical way to be governed. Collective nonsense is so apparently destructive of the individual.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    Great article.

  • CrossWinds

    How can people vote right, when their moral compass points downward?

    • CrossWinds

      And I’m a boy scout so I Know about compasses

      • CrossWinds

        You are imitating my name and avatar. I am reporting you……………………….

  • Erudite Mavin

    The rest of the country should take a lesson from the second largest city in California, San Diego.
    San Diego just voted in a Republican Mayor. HIs opposition was a left wing Mexican American Democrat city councilman funded by millions of dollars from the Unions.
    What some areas of Calif. does, does not mean all of Calif. is the same.


      The problem with your analysis is that the country is starting to resemble CA as a whole thanks to immigration and not San Diego. Republicans cannot win statewide in CA no matter what they do now, and that’s the real lesson that must be learned – you can’t let the Democrats transform the country through immigration and growth of government any further.

  • herb benty

    At the point in time that Israel doesnt need the USA any longer, and that tiny nation is hated by this Admin., God has withdrawn his protection from America. He will not look the other way from Americas deceit, decadence, ungratefulness any longer. And look how fast Judgement comes! Communism taking over the USA without firing a shot. Shades of Belshazzar! The writing on the wall, you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting! In less than 6 years, it is all over for the once great USA. And we partied through it all, just like ancient Babylon.

    • Lea

      It appears that the government of America has already been overthrown by islamists and communists who work together with the masons for their NWO.

      • herb benty

        Yup! We have arrived…it’s all Biblical now.

      • Anita Fuentas

        With the worls the way it is, the only way to salvation is to make president Obama your personal Lord and Messiah. I operate a church in my home town of Redlands, California called The Church Of Lord Obama & EMOAF in which many people are soon converting to our Obama gospels. People from the Church of Scientology like Leah Remini, Hillary Swank and the others said that they plan to attend the Obama gospels. Call us at 213–237-5000(3535) for details.

        • Lea

          Anita, are you from open your eyes people? I am astonished that googling the Church of Lord Obama I land on your facebook page. I am astonished because I also subscribe to your videos. Is this a strategy?

  • Lea

    they are also the reason that islam is taking greater and greater control, see how the things most important to America are not happening, instead the exact opposite. very strange that Americans are allowing this to happen.

  • xkn

    What two party system?