Obama: Troll Hard with a Vengeance

obama-deficit-reduction.gi.topThis week, as I have been predicting for months, President Barack Obama announced that he would be considering unprecedented executive action to provide legal status for millions of illegal immigrants. His goal is not to solve the immigration crisis — you don’t grant legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants, then leave the back door wide open if you’re interested in solving the problem. His goal is not to help illegal immigrants — he instead leaves them in limbo by granting them temporary work permits, rather than blanket amnesty.

His goal is trolling.

Trolling is a practice whereby a person takes a deliberately indefensible position simply to draw passionate excess from an opponent. That is Obama’s goal here: He hopes for extreme language, impassioned opposition and eventually, impeachment.

This administration is hungry for impeachment. While no Republican leader in Congress has given even a smidgen of credibility to impeachment talk, the Obama administration has been fundraising off impeachment rumors. Last Friday, the White House said that it was not dismissing the possibility of a House impeachment; senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said that Obama “would not discount the possibility.” Two weeks ago, Obama brought up the possibility of impeachment in order to mock it to his supporters. As Politico noted, “Who’s talking about impeachment? Barack Obama.”

Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant, explained why Democrats love impeachment talk: “The more they talk about it, the more it has a red hot effect on their base. So if you can get the temperature just right, you’re turning out all your base voters, and Democrats don’t take it seriously, and it’s a good year for you. If that stove gets just a little too hot, and you lose control of it, you’re going to have every Democrat on the planet turning out to stop it.”

Obama trolls because he recognizes that trends cut against Democrats in 2014. If he believed that Democrats were well-positioned to win back the House of Representatives, he would threaten executive action and then call on Americans to give his party a majority.

Instead, he seeks to gin up outrage on the right and enthusiasm on the left. And he’ll use the lives of millions of Americans and non-Americans to do it. It’s a desperation play, but it’s his only play.

That’s because Obama has no capacity for compromise. His strategy has always been simple: govern when you have a majority; campaign when you don’t. And so, for the last several years, he’s spent significantly more time doing fundraisers than being president — and even when he’s being president, he’s simply setting up the next stop in his endless campaign.

So what should conservatives do? First off, they should stop talking impeachment. It’s a waste of time and effort. It serves no purpose. It is not principled to talk impeachment; it is idiotic. There are zero Democrats in the Senate who would vote to convict Obama and few Republicans.

Second, conservatives should point out that Obama does not have the country’s best interests in mind. He does not care about the fate of illegal immigrants — if he did, he’d stop incentivizing children to travel thousands of miles in the hands of coyotes, then offering uncertainty as to their status, incentivizing thousands more to do the same. He obviously does not care about the political climate of the country — if he did, he’d stop manipulating and start governing.

Finally, conservatives should ignore Obama. His rhetoric is unimportant. It is a distraction. They should focus instead on his actions, which are deliberately designed to undermine the country for his own political gain.

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  • http://heartbeatpolitics.com/ goharnett

    i agree with you on the O is trolling.. we use that term for fishing up here in Alaska… you put out lots of bait and cover lots of area via trolling. Same, he’s doing. hoping we bite… you’re right again to ignore his rhetoric. i just want some action from Congress.


  • Rdlake

    Impeachment is ruled in the Senate which the DemocRATS have the majority. Enough said.

  • notme123

    just because 0 signs an executive order doesn’t mean the Congress has to obey it. 0 is suppose to do the will of the people not his own and congress was elected to serve the people not 0

  • liz

    He’s a Hamas terrorist in a suit. While Hamas bombs Israel, he trolls the U.S.

    • 95Theses

      Does the suit come with a vest? :-D

  • tagalog

    President Obama in his work is the manifestation in the world of action of that mug shot of Bill Ayers when Ayers was a Weatherman. Head to the side, smirking, obviously thinking “Yeah? So what?”

  • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

    Only an idiot would call “idiotic” an effort to impeach an idiot.

    • tryingtopickaname

      It does go against the grain, and we do need to hold our noses,,,but…the reality is that 0 is naming the game and so we must play the game and beat him at it. Keep your focus on the result, not the process.

  • http://makingsense.proboards.com/ Rob W. Case

    Excellent Article! We need more articles like these which exposes the insidious, hardcore tactics these people try to use to get what they want, which is power and control over all of us. Look at how the left mobilized to elect weak Republicans in some of the primaries earlier this year. They want to elect the weak Republicans so that the Conservatives stay home (like they did in 2012), and thus have the confidence they need to mobilize & turn out the vote for the hard-left candidate.

    And the issue of illegal immigration is a sensitive one. The way we react can fit common misperceptions about us (being racists and haters) to the undiscerning, and the hope here is that those misperceptions gin up enough hatred towards us to get the left out simply to vote against us (as they did in 2012). We need to be mindful of how we act/react, and if we do discuss the subject, we need to discuss it responsibly and practically.

  • GuestWriter

    Shapiro, describing talk of impeachment on a conservative magazine as unprincipled and “idiotic” is itself stupid, arrogant, and adolescent. Intelligent arguments are being expected of you here on this conservative magazine, not the kind of behavior that belongs in highschool. This is not a liberal rag, where smears and insults win the argument. This is coming from someone who has never pushed impeachment himself but remains open to the arguments for it. The point that it would fail to actually get Obama removed is undoubtedly correct, but some believe the process should still be done, and on a matter of principle. The arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ should be put forward in an intelligent manner.

    Further, on the issue of what is ‘smart’ and what is ‘stupid’, you’ll lose your own popularity as a writer in conservative circles if you mouth off like an adolescent when intelligent arguments are expected of you. Is that smart? I’d be sorry to see you harm yourself like that but it will happen if you don’t watch out. The truth is that your juvenile writing here has undoubtedly harmed you to an extent. This is a shame because you have a lot of useful stuff to say.

    • http://makingsense.proboards.com/ Rob W. Case

      GuestWriter, Shapiro is hitting on a nerve that often gets either overlooked or unnoticed, and that is the POLITICAL FACTOR here. If the Democrats win, it will only be because they effectively executed their political strategy based on manufactured images and agitating prejudices. I live in a very liberal state, and people who I personally know who voted for Obama in 2008 were very unsatisfied with his performance by 2012. But then, the fear machine came out, and in the midst of it at work, Romney (even though he may have been right) made that 47% comment, and the left defined him as the “typical, white millionaire rich guy,” which fell right into the common stereotype leveled against all Republicans, and those people who were dissatisfied with Obama, were more fearful of Romney getting in that they voted for Obama a second time.

      There are so many people out there who carry the perception that Republicans hate Obama and that is why they are “after him” and “obstructing” his agenda. Neither is the case, but it is too commonly perceived. Impeachment talk strongly suggests nothing more than that Republicans are out to put the final “nail in the coffin” of the guy they “hate.”

      If the Democrats gain, it will only be because they were more successful at executing their POLITICAL STRATEGY of sounding the alarm on the strategy I stated above than the Republicans would be if they discussed the substance of the matter at hand. That’s what we have to consider here.

      • GuestWriter

        Fair enough. I find what you say convincing. It may well be right that impeachment is a very bad idea.

        Notice you didn’t resort to describing contrary ideas as ‘idiotic’ or ‘unprincipled’ unlike Shapiro. All I’m asking for here are intelligent arguments like the ones you made, not the juvenile put-downs that Shapiro indulged in.

        • http://makingsense.proboards.com/ Rob W. Case

          I appreciate your contemplating the concerns brought forth.

          The Obama machine is very crafty and extremely deceptive. That said, under the scrutiny of the rule of law (as being the higher standard), he is in big trouble. That is why he is trying tactics like these. He wants to be made a martyr of.

          • http://geoffreybritain.wordpress.com/ Geoffrey_Britain

            Martyrdom brings sainthood, ala Jack Kennedy. Racial martyrdom brings messianic fervor, ala Martin Luthor King. What more could a narcissist want?

            Crucify Obama (I know that’s obscene but that is how the media will characterize it to the LIV) and you probably hand the democrats the WH in 2016.

            The result of that will be comprehensive amnesty for 11-33 million “undocumented democrats” and permanent one party rule.

            The result of that will be the fundamental transformation of America into a Marxist/Socialist State.

            Then to maintain control, entitlements will skyrocket (permanent ‘living’ stipend anyone?) with fiscal collapse finally arriving… followed by dictatorship.

            It’s as predictable as a Japanese Kabuki play.

    • SoCalMike

      Republicans are prone and conditioned to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory and more or less stand at the ready to line up in a circular firing squad.
      Shapiro may not be the best conservative fighter in the world (he’s still very young) but he’s absolutely correct with the trolling analogy.
      Obama is throwing out bait just waiting for Repubes to take it.

  • runsinquicksand

    His little CyberTrolls are pretty good at too.

  • fiddler

    Amen! I especially like ignoring Obama but talking about his lack of care. What he is doing is reckless and will explode our debt while trying to come off as morally “superior”. Keep a low profile and act like a governing body. Don’t use inflamatory speech, be principled and mature. Let the nation show by contrast that this is a rogue president who is spending his capital on revenge. Show them how unprecedented this is and how lawless it is. Remind them of his oath of office which he is blatantly violating for personal gain.

  • doruss03

    The Gaza strip should be annexed to Israel that would solve a lot.

  • Gamal

    Obama’s goal is to transform America into a country that will always elect Democrats. Illegal immigration of large numbers of immigrants who will vote Democrat is key to that transformation.

  • zoomie

    Hey Ben,

    Another fine essay. I saw you on C Span a couple of days ago. You were very good, although I’d say perhaps a little too edgy yet for mainstream. Perhaps you could review Dr. Ben Carson, his demeanor on camera. You could do well to relax a bit.

    Many of us vehemently agree with you ! The one thing I consider you foolish though, is thinking you should not run for office. You stated you would have to do too much work studying legislation. FWIW me thinks you’re copping out. There would not be a larger platform to awaken people than the dscipline of running for elective office.

    But you have to move from the Golden State. Very difficult to do when one’s spouse has kalfornia blinders on. Ask me how I know.

    Keep Up The Great Work,

  • Dan Knight

    Brilliant observation. An important piece to the puzzle.

  • CapitalistPig

    Saw Ben Shapiro on C-Span this AM–nice segment.
    He’s right, the GOP can do just about nothing on impeachment so why talk about it? You don’t pull that weapon unless you have the ability & willingness to use it.