The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

US President Barack Obama holds a bilateral meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoganOn Monday, three Jewish boys were found dead, murdered by the terrorist group Hamas: Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16; and Naftali Frenkel, 16. Frenkel was an American citizen. The three were kidnapped while hitchhiking some three weeks ago. In the interim, President Barack Obama said nothing about them publicly. His wife issued no hashtags. His State Department maintained that $400 million in American taxpayer cash would continue to the Palestinian unity government, which includes Hamas.

Presumably Frenkel did not look enough like Barack Obama’s imaginary son for him to give a damn. Or perhaps Frenkel hadn’t deserted his duty in the American military, and therefore his parents didn’t deserve a White House press conference. Maybe Michelle Obama was too busy worrying about children’s fat thighs to spend a moment tweeting out a selfie to raise awareness.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration didn’t care about Frenkel because he was a Jew.

Jewish blood is cheap to this administration. That seems to be true in every administration, given the American government’s stated predilection for forcing Israel into concessions to an implacable and Jew-hating enemy. But it’s particularly true for an administration that has now cut a deal with Iran that legitimizes its government, weakens sanctions, and forestalls Israeli action against its nuclear program. It’s especially true for an administration that forced the Israeli government to apologize to the Turkish government for stopping a terrorist flotilla aimed at supplying Hamas. And it’s undoubtedly true for an administration that has undercut Israeli security at every turn, deposing Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, fostering chaos in Syria and by extension destabilizing Jordan and Lebanon, and leaking Israeli national security information no less than four times.

Now the corpse of a 16-year-old Jewish American is found in Hebron.

The Obama administration’s first response: to call on the Israeli government for restraint. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on June 2, “Based on what we know now, we intend to work with this government.” Now, just a month later, that government has murdered an American kid. And now she says that the Obama administration hopes “that the Israelis and the Palestinians continue to work with one another on that, and we certainly would continue to urge that … in spite of, obviously, the tragedy and the enormous pain on the ground.”

To which the proper Israeli response should be: go perform anatomically impossible acts upon yourself.

The Obama administration had the opportunity to stand clearly against Jew-hating evil. Not only did it fail to do so but it funded that evil, encouraged that evil, militated against fighting that evil. But that’s nothing new. Jew hatred is as old as the Jewish people. It’s just found a new home in the White House.

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    • The March Hare


  • mollysdad

    In today’s White House, hatred of the Jew is wajib.

  • Anamah

    Our failed president, also failed to America and to American friends for the same basic reasons.

    Empty of any kind of sincerity, anything who inspired respect, honor, honesty and trust.

    Obama derailed all positive relationship, unable to discern greatness from enormity. He wrecked our nation and the world who was waiting for him.

    American Democrats are so tainted with extreme socialist ideas that anyone seems to understand the difference between goodness and malignancy; if we are going to survive we must kill this evil.

    Islam must lose his depraved soul, is too heavy weight to carry.

    It will sink these criminals to the bottom.

    Tyranny won’t succeed.

  • Reverend James G. Borden



    1 John 2:18
    Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

    • Lanna

      Yes, Little Antichrists and prophets as stated in Matthew 24:11. False prophets will arise and deceive many…or little antichrist, precursor to the beast. The antichrist’s right hand man, who is called the false prophet will be given the authority to do great signs and wonders, deceiving people into worshipping the beast. His great deception will be the construction of an image, or likeness, of the Antichrist that will speak. 2nd Thessalonians 2: 9 The coming of the Lawless one, according to the Working of Satan, with power signs and lying wonders. When the antichrist appears his personal name will equal 666. Those who are wise at that time will be able to point him out in advance. Revelation 13:18 Here is the wisdom, Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man: His number is six hundred and sixty six. He will appear on the world scene at the beginning of the Tribulation. He rises insignificantly in the beginning. First appears as the Little Horn. He won’t come to mighty power when he first appears. His European nationality is confirmed in Daniel 9:26. He will be the same nationality as the people who destroyed the Jewish temple in A.D. 70, these people were the Romans. The little antichrists will usher in the real one, changing the world’s landscape, times and laws by deceit!

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    La ilaha illa Allah!

  • rightrightright

    Washington will always take the side of Islam, as will Westminster.

    After Lee Rigby was beheaded and disembowelled on the streets of London, Cameron’s priority was that there should be no backlash against the Moslems. There is top down antisemitism and there is also top down anti-Europeanism. Moslems must be seen to be the victim and those who protest at the slaughter Moslems unleash must be silenced.

    • WhiteHunter

      I remember that. And I also remember, in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/2001 slaughter of 3,000 Americans by moslems acting in direct obedience to the commands of their so-called “religion,” the warnings and threats of the GWB administration and every Damnocrat–including, of course, the drunkard, Ted Kennedy–that “there had better not be any vigilante retaliation against innocent American mooslems, who are some of the best, most peaceful, most loyal citizens we have! Any attacks on mooslems will be investigated by the FBI and punished to the full extent of the law!”

      I’m sick of hearing those warnings. How about warning and threatening the mohammedans not to kill us? And then reinforcing the warning by swiftly executing a few of those who have already done so? We’ve still got a good enough inventory of them at Guantanamo–something like 147, if I’m not mistaken–to have one hanging per day, and keep going at it at least until Halloween, or maybe even Thanksgiving.

      Right now the lawyers for the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist-murderer are trying to get the murderer’s trial moved from Boston to D.C., with the sniveling objection that any jury here, where the murders and maimings were committed, would be overmuch inclined to find the “defendant” (who was caught literally red-handed!) guilty, and favor the death penalty. Well, duh!

      Ain’t that tough? The only injustice here was that this murderer was allowed to climb out of that boat where he was hiding alive. He should have come out head-first: His head held aloft by a Navy SEAL with a bloody butcher knife in his other hand, and then the headless body, separately, five minutes later.

      Instead, the “legal” charade will drag on for years, and this fecal extrusion will live a long, healthy, comfortable life as the frivolous “appeals” drag on for decades while his every whim is met, lest the case be thrown out for “violating his rights.” Let’s get on with the hanging NOW.

      • Sora Keyblade

        All those horrible events you listed were deliberate false flags and if you can’t see that you must be blinded to the truth. By the way the shadowy seal type groups you stick up for are the real culprits behind most of the evil in America.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Maybe it was a double-false flag? Every think about that?


          • poest

            The video??

        • stringman

          I’ve got a one-finger flag for you, jackass! Eat excrement and die!

    • loulai

      Its all financial. The combined oil wealth of Muslim nations is what is buying these politicians.

  • ShalomFreedman

    1) Tighter security cooperation between Israel and the United States than ever before
    2) Ordering the veto of anti- Israel resolutions at the United Nations
    3) Repeatedly declaring the U.S. ‘s unfailing obligation to the security of Israel
    4) Honoring the President of Israel with the Medal of Freedom
    5) Having a Passover Seder
    6) Repeatedly declaring that he will not allow an Iranian nuclear weapon. And working to establish a set of sanctions which truly has pressured Iran economically.
    7) Having a large number of Jewish advisors, friends, government appointees
    I list these elements not because I am not critical of President Obama’s relation to Israel, but because there is also a positive side to his relation to us. And because the characterization of him as a ‘Jew- hater’ is belied by the elements in the list above even if a few are trivial..
    If I were to write about the Obama Administration and Israel (Not about him and the Jews which is another matter) I would be strongly critical of his ‘balance’ and one-sided pressuring of us, his misreading of the whole Middle East situation, his not understanding our situation in a strong enough way, but I would by no means make use of the kind of vitriolic extreme rhetoric which characterizes this piece.
    Is the aim of the writer I wonder to make the President of the United States more hostile to Israel in the more than two years in office he has left?
    I believe it would make more sense to write in such a way as to convince President Obama that he should ’tilt’ again in stronger support of the one democratic nation and true friend the United States has in the Middle East.

    • The March Hare

      “Is the aim of the writer I wonder to make the President of the United States more hostile to Israel”

      I am at a loss to see how you would come to such a conclusion from this article. Stating what the situation is doesn’t foster more of it.

      • megapotamus

        And the odds of Obama ever hearing of this piece are absolutely zero. He doesn’t know what his own side is saying. Therein lies my defense of Obama; Is he an anti-semite and/or Islamophile? He is too vapid to be either. Valerie Jarrett, on the other hand….

    • wildjew

      I would say this president is somewhat constrained by domestic political considerations. Less so in his second term. The President of Israel who was recently honored at a White House ceremony, isn’t he largely responsible for the murderous Oslo accords.

      • WhiteHunter

        “…somewhat constrained by domestic political considerations.” You mean like FDR was when he refused to allow the 2,000 desperate Jews who arrived on the S.S. St. Louis to come ashore, and instead turned them back to Hitler’s gas chambers?

        Osama brags that if Congress doesn’t just rubber-stamp whatever destructive legislation or policy he wants, he’ll go ahead and do it anyway.

        The problem is, this destructive, America-hating liar is even more determined to destroy Israel than he is the U.S.

        Bibi should tell him to take a flying leap, and just go ahead and do whatever needs to be done. And American Jews had better wake up, and start speaking out, donating, and voting accordingly.

    • morriscat

      Shalom , you dream to much and that is the problem with the greater Jewish liberal community .
      You show weakness when it is time to defend yourself and the Jewish people by being tough on a Muslim oriented President .
      One who would sacrifice Israel when he hears the most beautiful sound in the world when he ” hears the call of the Imam to prayer “.

    • Americana

      I agree, ShalomFreedman. Pres. Obama is far more pro-Israel than not. This is where partisanship becomes a tool for political manipulation in hopes of altering the equation in ways that are not tenable for the U.S. We have committed this country to a two-state solution and all our diplomatic efforts are designed to facilitate that. From giving Israel the Iron Dome missile defense system to reduce the threat of Hama rockets to Israel’s inclusion in the United Nations, the U.S. is continuing to stand by Israel. The fact we will not abide the concept of Greater Israel despite Zionist pressure that is the wisest course for the region says nothing other than that the U.S. is being abundantly cautious in her choices. But this claim of wholesale abandonment of Israel? Dishonest and disreputable political gamesmanship. And to play w/the narrative that Pres. Obama is a Muslim is the worst canard of all.

      • Webb

        Obama was raised muslim and will always be muslim. He’s also a treasonous traitor and an outright Jew hater. But there won’t be a two-state solution, and Israel will come to dominate the whole Middle East. And the closer ISIS draws to Israel, the faster that’s going to happen because Israel won’t engage in conventional warfare with them. It’s preemption time.

        • Americana

          Pres. Obama wasn’t “raised Muslim.” He was stuck in Indonesia for a while w/his sociologist mother while she did research and he attended a Muslim school for a couple of years. Then his mother sent him to his grandparents in Hawaii where he grew up and was raised as an American.

          I think it’s very telling that you believe Israel will come to “dominate the whole Middle East.” I wondered about that map that someone posted a few weeks ago w/a black outline on it. Is that supposed to be “Greater Israel?” That’s far, far greater than what the ORIGINAL Jewish kingdoms consisted of for land mass. But, of course, if that’s what Israel wants, that’s what Israel intends to get.

    • J.B.

      Nothing you pasted means Obama supports Israel in any way. You’re just regurgitating the empty talk of serial liars.

  • JohnTwo:TwentyFour

    I dread to say this, but is this transitioning towards a greater dependence of Israel on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob than on mere man, for anyone undependable is like a broken tooth!

  • Gamal

    Jen Psaki didn’t even know the name of the American teenager that had been kidnapped. Restraint is the problem. Saying the Jews should act with restraint makes America look good to the Arab world. It makes America look like the good superior peaceful country trying to hold back the mad Israeli hound dogs but in reality Israeli restraint is the reason for the murders of Israeli children.

    • Habbgun

      When Sunni were tying up and gunning down Shia during the ISIS advance did the White House ask for restraint??? Of course not. They were trying to figure which side to give arms to and empower so that they could turn on Americans.

  • BMS

    Six million Jews were murdered during World War II. The world remained silent. Now ONE American Jew is murdered at the hands of Palestinian TERRORISTS, not freedom fighters my bleeding heart liberal anti-semites. Is it any surprise that our MUSLIM president remains silent. He will NEVER condemn a Muslim and he will NEVER be a friend of the Jewish State. He can’t get out of office soon enough. He is a disgrace to the Office of the Presidency and will go down in history as the true enemy of Israel.

    • Americana

      The Palestinians are terrorists, they’re also freedom fighters. They are not fundamentally all that different than the Israeli Irgun freedom fighter/terrorists other than some of their choices of en masse targets. We have no idea what the Israeli Irgun would have chosen as they upgraded their political targets, attack after attack, if the British and the United Nations hadn’t agreed to the partition plan. The Palestinians didn’t start out bombing passenger jets. That’s what the Palestinians ultimately chose for targets as their demands for a state weren’t met and they decided to ramp up the intensity of jihad. Are their actions heinous? Yes. How can we best deal w/the Palestinian Arabs? Is Israel best served by continuing to stall on statehood?

      America’s President is not pro-Muslim simply because Pres. Obama refrains from backing every single move Israel has decided upon. He’s as much a friend of the Jewish state as any other American President has been. Trying to elevate the pressure on Mr. Obama by targeting him w/cries of anti-Semitism and being a Muslim are ludicrous. In fact, Pres. Obama may be sparing the most rabid of Zionists from exercising the folly of some of their most outrageous strategic aims. Of course, those religious Zionists will fault him for this because they’re blind to the strategic disaster that awaits them if they attempt what they’ve been attempting.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        How are the Palestinians “freedom fighters,” as you call them? They won’t tolerate any citizen of Gaza(where Hamas governs), or Judea that fails to observe Islam strongly enough(or heaven forbid, criticizes Islam); the penalty for which is death by beheading or stoning. Excuse me, this isn’t freedom. The Palestinians don’t understand freedom; all they understand is what “Allah commands.” That’s hardly freedom–not where any sane person comes from. And Palestinians aren’t like the Irgun at all–the Irgun chose military targets(such as the King David Hotel–british army HQ in Jerusalem) almost exclusively. I could go on, but your moral relativist hogwash above has nauseated me. Besides, you won’t listen to reason, anyway.

        • Americana

          The Palestinians aren’t the most stringent defenders of shari’ah law among Muslims but they aren’t killing any and all marginally observant Muslims. If they wish to observe Islam as their faith, that’s their choice. Denigrate their faith if you wish. But they most certainly can qualify as freedom fighters for their people even if they’re fighting to put the region under shari’ah law. Not every man’s definition of freedom is identical. Thank god we live under our definition of freedom here in the U.S.

          As for the Irgun, they didn’t simply choose military targets. The Irgun also chose to bomb civilian markets w/car bombs and bombed movie theaters. The Irgun set the early tone for what the Palestinians first adopted for their scale and type of terrorism. The fact the Palestinians have been frustrated in their failure to achieve a Palestinian state and have ramped up their terrorism says far too much about how the world has stonewalled them.

          • reader

            Bull. The Jewish civilians had been massacred in Hebron and other places decades before Irgun would be founded. As for the tactics, PLO – as the KGB creation – employed KGB trained professional terrorists.

          • Americana

            True, there were massacres and individual murders committed by both sides as the settlement push began to gain momentum. The Palestinian Arabs were aware of the Zionist endgame of wishing to have a Jewish nation somewhere in part or all of the Palestine Mandate.

            I’m sure the Irgun would claim they were equally as well-trained as the KGB-trained Palestinians. Interesting that you’d dispute their respective expertise as if that makes the Palestinians any more vicious in their terrorism than the Israeli forces.

            Here’s an interesting paper on the founding of the Israeli nation and how the Irgun, the Haganah and the other Israeli defense forces advocated for terrorizing the Palestinian Arabs into leaving Israel after her founding. Much material is still not able to be accessed by Israeli or foreign journalists because it’s considered too “incendiary:”


            The Deir Yassin massacre took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 fighters from the Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Israel Zionist paramilitary groups attacked Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, a Palestinian Arab village of roughly 600 people. The assault occurred as Jewish militia sought to relieve the blockade of Jerusalem by Palestinian forces during the civil war that preceded the end of British rule in Palestine.[1]

            Dier Yassin massacre 1948 Egyptian commemoration stamp issued in 1965

            Around 107 villagers were killed during and after the battle for the village, including women and children—some were shot, while others died when hand grenades were thrown into their homes.[2]Several villagers were taken prisoner and may have been killed after being paraded through the streets of West Jerusalem, though accounts vary.[3] Four of the attackers died, with around 35 injured.[4] The killings were condemned by the leadership of the Haganah—the Jewish community’s main paramilitary force—and by the area’s two chief rabbis. The Jewish Agency for Israel sent Jordan’s King Abdullah a letter of apology, which he rebuffed.[1]

            The deaths became a pivotal event in the Arab–Israeli conflict for their demographic and military consequences. The narrative was embellished and used by various parties to attack each other—by the Palestinians against Israel; by the Haganah to play down their own role in the affair; and by the Israeli Left to accuse the Irgun and Lehi of violating the Jewish principle of purity of arms, thus blackening Israel’s name around the world.[5] News of the killings sparked terror within the Palestinian community, encouraging them to flee from their towns and villages in the face of Jewish troop advances, and it strengthened the resolve of Arab governments to intervene, which they did five weeks later.

          • reader

            Another bait and switch. Hebron massacre (and other similar atrocities) had been committed upon Jewish civilians – completely unprovoked. Der Yassin took place in the midst of the war, and the facts you’re citing from the Jew hate spewing propaganda site are in dispute.

          • Americana

            You consider all of those sites to be Jew-hating propaganda sites even if they’re run by Jews? There’s a reason some Jews are in there for the long haul on the issue of historical accuracy.

          • reader

            I believe, I addressed this before. Short time memory problems? The fact that you bait liars and self haters of Jewish descent does not absolve YOU.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            0’Bama is an America-hating American the way that many “Jews” hate “Jews.”

          • J.B.

            There are no settlements unless you’re referring to the Psuedostinian squatters.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “True, there were massacres and individual murders committed by both sides as the settlement push began to gain momentum. The Palestinian Arabs were aware of the Zionist endgame of wishing to have a Jewish nation somewhere in part or all of the Palestine Mandate.”

            Hey Liar,

            The “cycle of violence” began in the 1920s with violent jihad pogroms against unarmed civilians. Whatever the “end game” of “the Jews,” this reaction shows the intractable problem of absolute intolerance of anything but sharia as an endgame.

            You can’t deny the origins of the violence unless you go back to WWI or earlier to the Turks. In any case, you can’t blame “the Jews.”

          • morriscat

            Why ?

          • reader

            Because. Why what?

          • Norbert Haag

            Another “the Jews are to blame” comment.

            Your Irgun comparison is simply a hodgepodge of half truths.

            Jews where intended to live in peace with their arab neighbours, initiated the economic rise in 19th century palestine and gave jobs and a living for many arabs and Egyptians who moved to Palestine for economic reasons. The Children of these immigrants from all over the Muslim world now claim that they are the ancient inhabitants.

            In fact they are as ancient as a Ford Model T.

            Arab aggression forced the Jews, who bought the land whenever possible, to take measures to defend themselves. That was the Irgun.

          • loulai

            Palestinian leadership steals the money and impoverishes their own people. They are not freedom fighters and they misidentified the enemy which is, in fact, their own leadership. Yasser Arafat died a billionaire.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “As for the Irgun…”

            False equivalence. And the Irgun is long gone.

            The PA, HAMAS and other terrorists are still here. Active. Today. 2014. Violating Oslo Accord. Daily. Hourly.

          • Americana

            The Irgun is long gone ONLY because the Jews were given a state — Israel. If the Irgun were still attempting to gain a state at this point in time in 2014, a state somewhere, anywhere for the Jews of the world, you think the Irgun would be passive and accepting of whatever happened viz being given a protected state by the U.N. or anybody else? You think the Irgun would be patient especially w/the growing anti-Semitism in Europe and considering they knew the Holocaust cost 6 MILLION JEWISH LIVES in Europe during WW II? No, the Irgun would likely be ramping up their terrorism in order to prevent a second Holocaust in Europe by forcing statehood out of the U.N. so they had a place to which they could evacuate European Jewry. With the thinking being that even if no Holocaust was going to spring from any, particular state or particular politicians, a Holocaust certainly could spring from a particular white Supremacist group which are becoming increasingly rabid.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “The Irgun is long gone ONLY because the Jews were given a state — Israel.”

            I’ll stipulate and add, “So what?”

            Therefore Irgun is the same? That’s both insane and irrelevant. The “Palestinians” were offered a state at the same time and many times since then.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “The Palestinians aren’t the most stringent defenders of shari’ah law among Muslims but they aren’t killing any and all marginally observant Muslims.”

            They ARE the most stringent Muslims because they are foregoing any effort to build their own lives here on earth in order to fight jihad. They are not always the most outwardly observant because that would interfere with the jihad.

      • PAthena

        Calling Arabs who want to destroy Israel and Jews “Palestinians” is Soviet propaganda. The terms “Palestine” and “Palestinians” were synonymous with “land of the Jews” and “Jews” from the time that the Roman Emperor Hadrian, in 135 A,D., after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba, renamed Judea “Palestina” to eradicate all memory of Judea; he also outlawed Judaism and renamed Jerusalegrem “Aelia Capitolina “Aelius” being his gens name.
        After World War I, Great Britain was awarded the “Palestine Mandate,” to be the “homeland of the Jews.”
        In Cairo in 1964, Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, and the Soviet Union, haters of Jews and of Israel, founded the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (P.L.O.), the name showing the Soviet origin. It came to fame by it massacre of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, whence the term “Palestinians” has come to be used for these Arabs who would destroy Israel and the Jews. These Arabs are not “freedom fighters” any more than the National Socialists (Nazis) were “freedom fighters” warring against the Jews.

        • Americana
          • reader

            Judenreina, – an abhorrent Jew hating troll – let me thank you for generating traffic on this web site with your Goebbels-like esses and links to Jew hating propaganda, which nobody here, except for other huff-po trolls like you – takes seriously.

          • Americana

            You’re a failed reader then, reader, and I’d change your handle to reflect that you’re a ‘selective’ reader. who refuses to read anything that might upset your worldview. Either you’re willing to read historically correct material or you’re not. The information is not going to disappear just because you deny its existence. Scholars will continue to compile the matieral and they’ll continue to pursue the material and the records about what went on between the Israelis and the Palestinians during the founding of the Israeli state that isn’t currently being released by Israel because it’s potentially “too inflammatory.”

          • reader

            Broken record. But another hit for the site. Keep on going.

          • Sorryforyou

            I have read countless of these one sided arguments. The truth is that there was arab aggression against jews since the onset of Islam, not just since Zionism. A freedom fighter targets the military, not civilians, and Israels military bases whereabouts are common knowledge, and yet no rocket gets aimed at them and no suicide bomber goes to them. If you are a Christian, i really feel for you. Like many others you are Pro Pal because you cannot believe that someone could hate you, so you pack up all that muslim hatred for anything not muslim and tie it up in a bow, label the fault with Israel…. and hope that you are right.In fact, the destruction of churches, discrimination and massacre of Christians is already happening in the name of islam across many muslim countries, including the Palestinian territories.Perhaps you might get on your soapbox about helping your fellow Christians in Egypt, Syria and the territories. And ere is another FACT for you. There has NEVER been even one Palestinian Christian suicide bomber, there are now both Christian and muslim Palestinians who live inside of Israel VOLUNTEERING for the IDF and countless more who are applying for Israeli citizenship as we speak. They understand the truth more than you will ever.They have lived both sides and have seen both sides and know that Israel is the country in the middle east they want to align themselves with.So, read what you want, but you will never have a handle on the truth until you go and live there.

            As for Obama, yes i am sorry it IS antisemitic… and in the end you will see that his tactics are also anti american and will weaken the US.

          • Americana

            In that case, if freedom fighters ALWAYS target strictly MILITARY TARGETS, why were British diplomats targeted by the Irgun? Why were civilian markets targeted by the Irgun? Why were movie theaters targeted by the Irgun? The Irgun pursued the formation of a Jewish state w/a single-mindedness that didn’t preclude mass killing, whatever target they chose.

            Don’t worry about my Christianity. It’s in good shape. I argue w/the Muslims over the same issues from their perspective. It’s unconscionable they are killing off other ethnicities within these borders of their hoped-for Caliphates. The idea they can’t live cheek by jowl w/other faiths and keep their faith together is ridiculous! If your faith is powerful, it should withstand exposure to other faiths.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “If your faith is powerful, it should withstand exposure to other faiths.”

            Win the peace by shaming jihadis. That should work.

            Hillary for president!

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Reader reads but does not take everything seriously.

            Reader apparently reads with more discernment than you do.

          • Americana

            If reader reads and presents an infallible, accurate and factual case in all his posts, there’d be no need for removal of dissenting but more accurate posts by other posters, now, would there?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Americana objectivefactsmatter • an hour ago: “If reader reads and presents an infallible, accurate and factual case in all his posts, there’d be no need for removal of dissenting but more accurate posts by other posters, now, would there?”
            If you were trustworthy as judge…

        • OrvillePratt

          The Nazis WERE freedom fighters, fighting to free their nation from Jewish domination and control.

          • J.B.

            You should become facebook friends with Anti-Americana.

        • Americana

          Palestinians are Palestinian Arabs. They have a direct and incontrovertible claim to the entire region. Israel owes them some of that land even if she’s unwilling to relinquish all of the land. As for you claiming their nationality is ‘faked’ and their provenance to their farms and olive groves is faked, let’s do some cores on the olive groves of some of these Palestinian families. I bet we’ll find that many of the oldest groves are hundreds of years old and are still within the original ownership. If nothing else, cores from ancient olives would prove a very specific kind of provenance because ancient trees don’t get there by accident.

          The U.K. was not awarded the Palestine Mandate to “be (solely) the homeland of the Jews.” The U.K. was awarded the Palestine Mandate and was in charge of FIGURING OUT HOW TO MANAGE THE DIVISION of the land between all the Arabs (as well as the Palestinian Arabs) and the Jews. The only reason the Jews ended up being ‘given’ the entire Palestine Mandate portion they were theoretically given under the Balfour Declaration is that the British were trying desperately to get out from under the JEWISH DIPLOMATIC PRESSURE from within the ranks of British Zionists and Jewish nobility like Lord Rothschild who represented Jewish interests at court and in Parliament.

          Eventually, diplomacy was supplemented by the pressure from JEWISH TERRORISM of the Irgun and other Jewish terrorist groups that were trying to secure the largest piece of the pie for the Jewish people. Reasonable, considering what they’d discovered was happening to European Jewry during WW II. The fact the Arabs broke ranks under the diplomatic pressures from the U.K. only means that the initial partitioning was less than equitable and only took into account the desires of some of the Arab ethnic groups involved. Since the Palestinian Arabs were recognized almost immediately as being overlooked in the Balfour Declaration scheme, it meant that the entire diplomatic process broke down and was basically scuttled until after WW II. At which point, post-WW II, Jewish terrorism resumed in order to secure the Palestine homeland for the Jewish people and the British left because they didn’t want to do the inhumane fighting that would have been required to hold the line against Jewish fighters who’d lost such huge numbers of family members in the Holocaust.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Americana BMS • 2 days ago: “The Palestinians are terrorists, they’re also freedom fighters.”
        No, they are anti-freedom fighters. Freedom fighters fight for freedom. Anti-freedom fighters fight because they want to enslave others.
        The Fakestinians would be free if they would stop fighting. That’s another reason your analysis is backwards.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “America’s President is not pro-Muslim simply because Pres. Obama refrains from backing every single move Israel has decided upon.”

        Partly true. He’s pro-Muslim because he supports every move of the OIC and every MB movement he can get away with supporting covertly and overtly.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “In fact, Pres. Obama may be sparing the most rabid of Zionists from exercising the folly of some of their most outrageous strategic aims. Of course, those religious Zionists will fault him for this because they’re blind to the strategic disaster that awaits them if they attempt what they’ve been attempting.”

        Whatever that nebulous speculation is supposed to mean. I’m sure it’s as valuable as all of your other strategic analysis.

      • stringman

        Well…..if he’s a Christian, he’s one of the worst. And his pastor and mentor for 20 years, the Reverend Jerimiah Wright is supposedly a convert from Islam. He pretty much sucks as a christian as well. Birds of a feather

      • M.J.

        Explain to me why every new government formed in the middle east as the result of the arab spring that Obama supports wants to kill Christians and Jews. Must be those damned religious Christians.

    • jo ma

      Can you say $BILLION$ of welfare from Obama…………

      • claudineabelson

        until I saw the paycheck which said $8694 , I didn’t
        believe that my sister was like trully erning money part time on there
        computar. . there friends cousin had bean doing this for only thirteen months
        and resantly repayed the dept on their home and bought themselves a Infiniti .
        check out the post right here F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

    • Sora Keyblade

      That’s a load of nonsense the world leaders remained silent not the people who didn’t have a clue of how evil the governments were behaving behind the scenes. Don’t blame the people for the actions of a few elitist scrooges who want to own it all for themselves.

    • loulai

      And America.

  • v

    The question is: Why in the world are American Jews aiding abetting an obvious enemy of Israel and a Jew hater.At least Hitler was not elected with the help of the Jews, this guy did. I perfectly understand the silence of a Jew hater regarding Jews’ murder, how do we explain the American Jews’ silence. That is tougher to explain and frankly to stomach.

    • republicc

      1) Not all who identify as Jews are Jews according to Jewish law. I would say that this group, which is substantial in the US, voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

      2) Not all Jews are Zionists. Most of the Jews present in the US prior to World War II were not responsive to the Jews suffering from the Holocaust and were non supportive of the Zionist cause. Many of their offspring continued in this vein.

      3) There are serious questions regarding the 69% Jewish Obama vote. As I have mentioned numerous times in many forums, the only source I could find was an exit poll. As someone who spent 25 years at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I can explicitly state that exit polls are useless. I keep asking if anyone knows of a proper survey that established the Jewish vote and nobody has ever responded. Unless someone can come up with a basis for the statement “Jews voted for Obama” I can only conclude that the statement is false.

      • fiddler

        Easy, they are Jewish Progressives. “Progressivism” is a disease of the mind. The first things to go are logic, reason and objectivity. Blind emotion and entitlement mentality rules. A progressive espouses a herd mentality when it comes to their favorite rallying cry: “social justice” (define that according to your personal grievance).

        • republicc

          I am really confused as to why you addressed me with your comment, it doesn’t seem to address anything I wrote. Could you possibly have meant to address “v” and addressed me instead?

          • fiddler

            yes sorry, my mistake.

      • MRHapla

        I know that Rahm Emanuel’s father, an Isreali, former Irgun, seems to think Obozo is ok, because of his son….

        So there is no meter for stupid or delusional.

        • republicc

          My comment addressed v’s statement “At least Hitler was not elected with the help of the Jews”, which implied that Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama. My answer addressed his bewilderment including the fact that what is accepted as fact actually has no basis. I am bewildered by your response to my comment.

          • MRHapla

            Ah, I see. I was addressing the exit poll. concept that Jews seem to work contrary to their own self-interest in whom they support, to the point of counter-intuitive absurdity.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        Fox, Roper, CBS, Gallup. How’s that for a start?

        All polls show Jewish support for Obama at close to eighty-percent.

        Fund raising for Obama? Well, a list of major donors reads like a “who’s who” of the Jewish elite.

        Spielberg and Geffen of Hollywood have contributed greatly, the underlying attitude on display in Spielberg’s recent award ceremony for Obama.

        A review of white house staff, and top political appointees, such as the infamous Lois Lerner, are Jewish as well.

        How about the seven Jewish senators, starting with the lugubrious Schumer, or the obnoxious Barbara Boxer – all Obama supporters.

        In the House, there’s Wasserman- Schultz, chair of the Democrat party, and a Obama true believer.

        You can count on one hand the number of Jewish Representatives who have even spoken out about the murder of the three teens, while it has fallen to a German Gentile, Bachman, to introduce a bill to withdraw funding to the Palestinians.

        Ben Hecht would call this Perfidy.

        I would simply add that for the Jews, Obama is, in large part, a self-inflicted wound.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          Correction: There are ten Jewish Senators, all Democrats, Including the Independent – Socialist Bernie Sanders.
          Addition: I’ve overlooked the BDS movement, which is, astonishingly, driven by Jewish supporters.

          Who thinks this is going to end well?

        • republicc

          You haven’t answered my question. Can you point to a specific survey that measured the Jewish vote for Obama in 2012? This is a very important question. Too often people on the left, like their allies in the NAZI and Communist parties use the big lie to change the dynamics of a discussion. We must not fall for these traps. We must require of ourselves and others proper scholarship.

        • J.B.

          You’re going to have to prove the four polls you cited weten’t exit polls and that they actually were conducted. Nobody rational will believe your claim otherwise. 80%? I don’t believe that for a second. After I checked for the Fox poll you cited and couldn’t find it, I decided not to look for the others because thete is no evidence they exist.

          Most Jews are working class, by the way. Far more than 20% of them are practical enough to vote in their own interests. Outside of big urban areas few peoplevote Dem and fewer still support Obama. In fact, he’s detested in Red areas, and plenty ofJews do live in the Midwest and deep South.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Why not ask me to “prove” the sun sets in the west?

            Are you seriously claiming the Jewish vote in 2008 and 2012 wasn’t Democratic by large margins.

            Do the research, and then wake-up, please.

          • republicc

            Actually you are the one making a claim that Jews voted for Obama. We are saying we have no data on how Jews voted. This is how the big lie works. Keep repeating something till everybody believes it.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            You’ve exhausted my patience.

            Enjoy your smug state of denial – whoever “we” is.

          • republicc

            And by the way nobody is talking about 2008.

          • J.B.

            That’s about what I figured. The polls you cited don’t exist and you pulled that 80% figure out of your @$$.

            For future reference in your lies, Gallup doesn’t ask voters about their ethnicity.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            OK, I get it. The problem with open forums like this is that they’re at best, a mixed bag – there are some thoughtful and interesting contributors, and then there are the perfect idiots like yourself, who are quick to hurl insults.

            I simply don’t have the time nor the inclination to submit detailed evidence of what is in fact common knowledge, however for purposes of this “discussion,” such as it is, I suggest you visit, for a start, the Jewish Virtual Library, which provides a breakdown of the Jewish vote in presidential elections.

            I have no expectation that you will ever get your head out of your own @$$, to borrow your vulgarity, but for the sake of argument I have supplied the first reference that came to mind.

      • J.B.

        Good point. Exit polls are actually worse than useless, because their wildy false figures influence so many people.

    • Johnny Palestine

      This is THE issue. How can any American Jew vote for a Democrat? Is it because they detest the Repubikans? Completely comprehensible. James Baker III killed the Jewish vote with his comment in 1990 re: when you are ready for peace call me at 1-,,,.

      American Jewish votes are cheap. American Jews should try not voting. Go on strike. Both parties are full of mooches and parasites. Orrin Hatch, Joe Biden and Charles Schumer have been in Congress since 1974!!!!!.

      Both parties hate Israel -GB Jr. turned the war on terror into the war on Israel.

      Both parties are slaves to the RoRo gang since 1913. The RoRo gang was behind every one of America`s wars, either directly or indirectly, from 1913 – 1971 and Rotchild financed the British side, at least, in the war of 1812.

      Obama, Kerry, Joe Biden, Brennan, Bill Cohen, Bill Clinton, Hitlary Clinton, what a vile lot of Dems.

      James Baker III, Ron Paulestine, Chuck Haggle, Prescott Bush, GBush and GBush Jr, what a vile lot of Repukes.

      They all are responsible for the demonization of the dwellers of J&S.

      • Habbgun

        Better question. How can a non-Jew vote Democrat? You don’t have to like or even vote for Republicans? How can a non-Jew vote Democrat??

    • Clare Spark

      Assimilation results in what Bat Ye’or calls dhimmitude. But it is going too far to call POTUS a Jew-hater. POTUS wants the conflict to go away through moderation on both sides, and assimilated Jews want to fit in. There have been renegade Americans of Jewish descent who stood by themselves in defense of Hitler’s refugees. See, :Ben Hecht vs. Ben Urwand: the un-Jewish Left and assimilated Jews.”

      • morriscat

        Spark , that is the problem . Moderation on both sides . To make the terrorist Jew hating Islamist the equivelant to the Democratic little Israel is what Jew hating is .
        Putting a Hamas terrorist nation on the border of that little State is showing complete disregard for Jewish lives and that is murder by your POTUS .

        • Americana

          That’s the status quo right now, so how would nationhood (if there were certain safeguards in place) change that equation? Why would the proportion of Hamas and Fatah proponents within the Palestinian population change if a Palestinian state were declared?

          • reader

            What you’re advocating is for Israel to completely withdraw from the West Bank, which will effectively turn it into another Gaza, only even worse from strategic stand point. And if Gaza did not teach Israel how to commit suicide fast enough, that would do it. Of course, that’s what you want anyway, Judenreina.

      • Habbgun

        Don’t be so sure. His original campaign website was one of the most anti-Israel websites I ever saw. I actually took out a nickname to see if I could write something antisemitic enough to be kicked off. Couldn’t do it. I did write after that that the election was going to be lost and the Republicans were going to win because Obama campaign staff were idiots and got my nickname deleted in just a few hours. These people are the same types behind BDS etc. Leftists through and through.

    • Johnny Palestine



      All holding hands with Vanessa Redgrave

      • Lanna

        These people are sealing their doom for their anti-semetism..they will reap what they sow!

        • Sora Keyblade

          Even you must realize in your heart that its a one sided war example one million people died in Iraq mostly civilians from the American invasion and in turn only 1000 US soldiers perished in Iraq during the same time frame. That’s a thousand to one difference aka a totally one sided battle. Worse yet 911 had nothing whatsoever to do with Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter.

          • reader

            You missed the part about illuminati and Organization LLL. Please stick to the script.

          • Sora Keyblade

            I was just making a point about the war okay.

          • reader

            You’re making no sense – apart from the part that you’re a self-admiring hippi.

          • J.B.

            The terrorists in Iraq were mostly civilians. All of them were guilty and deserved what they got. Go sell your Code Pink BS to ISIS.

          • Sora Keyblade

            Funny i never heard of ISIS until America created the rotten group in the first place by funding those radical Syrian rebels in the first place. Secondly do you think Saddam would have let ISIS take over that country if he were still in power. Lastly Iraq had nothing to do with 911 which i might add was a false flag. I mean do you honestly think kerosene can smelt steel and a burning building can implode like a professional demolition?

    • mackykam

      Because non religious, non traditional American Jews are in the midst of committing peoplehood suicide, with eyes wide open. The death of these three Jewish boys only sped up the scheduled decline and death American Jewry has proscribed for itself. Bottom line: long run,no big deal. Supporting Democrats is just a case of assisted suicide.

    • Habbgun

      It is changing rapidly but let us all be honest this isn’t just a Jewish problem. It is a Western problem. If we were to include the Leftists as Christians (not unreasonable given they are of European abstraction in general) then you could wonder why Christians vote against Christian interests.

      In fact the more I see Christians in action the more proud I am of being Jewish. If they stood up for and identified with Christians in the Middle East and Africa the way Jews identify with Israel given their much greater number and resources they could make a great contribution towards ending Jihad. Instead they generally stay quiet. Name a single Christian leader that goes to trouble spots and brings attention to the problems there. None that I know of. Name a Christian leader that calls out Obama and his admin on a regular basis. There are more Christians worrying about gay rights than the right to life of those under Islamic threat.

      • Dan Knight

        Thinking about this post, Habbgun. I have to agree.

        Note that so-called Christian leadership is no more worthy of such a title than Bam Bam. Most Christian ‘leaders’ are leading the charge against governments and agencies protecting the weak and/or poor of all religious stripes.

        Though there are some alternative, marginalized leaders (e.g. Robert Spencer comes to mind); by my own definition they have no clout.

        Hate to quibble with you, given my other posts … but I would note that there is a reason many conservative leaders are Jewish. Doesn’t that make any bells ring?

        Look at the Left’s response to Ben Carson, e.g. What chance does a ‘leader’ have to ‘lead’ in this environment?

        I’ve been verbally turned into chopped liver merely for being present (to support those I don’t support) – and I don’t have to open my mouth.

        • Habbgun

          So we are basically on the same page. I understand where you are coming from but what we are also facing is a demographic problem. The ’60’s generation is in power and is enforcing ’60’s social codes. Yes it is tough but every movement has a backlash.

          I’ve know Christian missionaries and they say the Churches have changed since the boomers came of age. Hopefully this is all temporary. I really can’t see that generation leaving much behind. Its not their style.

          I know quite well how you can be shunned. I’ve experienced it myself. The truth is that leftist politics is simply a way of hiding a different kind of old boy network. You can say everything they want to hear but if you aren’t connected good luck. I’ve seen that as well.Speaking up alone is not enough. Speaking up with the intent of winning is vital. Their game is to wait you out. Their game is to shield themselves but if they think your time is coming they won’t be so aggressive. Basically what is happening to ME christians and Africans breaks my heart. I can only imagine what it must be like to be so totally vulnerable. I was lucky enough to be born in a Jewish generation that has its land.

          • Dan Knight

            Yep. I agree. And I have to. Indeed, we are fortunate.

          • Sora Keyblade

            Newsflash the hippie generation was more honorable than those wicked soldiers who killed millions of civilians over in Vietnam and Korea for no reason whatsoever. Secondly i would estimate that 90% of the people living in Israel are white Europeans and Turkish immigrants that are no more related to Abraham than Augustus Caesar. I’m sick of iluminists trying to use the bible to promote the illuminati aka a group of nobodies who serve the white brotherhood also called Organization XIII who in turn serve satan.

          • J.B.

            Take your anti-psychotics. You’re hearing the voices again.

          • Sora Keyblade

            The truth hurts but you don’t need to be a smart bojo about it. Their was no justification for that war or any other the US started since then.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “It is changing rapidly but let us all be honest this isn’t just a Jewish problem. It is a Western problem. If we were to include the Leftists as Christians (not unreasonable given they are of European abstraction in general) then you could wonder why Christians vote against Christian interests.”


    • MRHapla

      Self loathing.

    • uleaveuswithnoalternative

      Orthodox Jews in the United States (and in Israel) are
      solidly Conservative and vote Republican; unfortunately, Progressive Jews tend to vote for other Progressives.
      The tide in the U.S. is beginning to turn as Progressive Jews begin to realize that the Marxist, Muslim Obama administration is no friend to Israel or the Jewish people.

  • John Jay

    Of all the articles that have appeared on this site, this one has to be one of the most absurd yet… lol I can’t help but laugh. The Jewish author of this piece is completely disingenuous of course. The Jews created their pet goy Obama, and control nearly every move he makes but here he is outed here as a “Jew-hater”! But seriously the Jews better wake up, because very soon the world is about to give you and Israhell a huge kick in the ass, yet again! Will you ever learn??

  • wally

    G_d damn the niggerqunt and all who voted for him – – – two times!

    • megapotamus

      A reasonable sentiment….

  • Yoda Dundar

    Guess by now most readers that post comments know that Obama and his core group are all into allah snackbars and can’t get enough
    Good to see many here are in support of Israel and seeing through the smoke screen the Media and anti semites like Obama, Cameron etc try to tell us

  • nopeacenow

    President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, 33 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today. Another 28 percent pick President George W. Bush.

    • RAM500

      If American voters were so smart, Obama would be on a permanent golfing vacation.

      • BMS

        ….I thought he was

  • Ken Kelso

    Obama opposes a Kurdish state, but wants a Palestinian state.
    Kurd party leader to ‘Post’: US keeping us from independence By ARIEL BEN SOLOMON

    Arif Bawecani: I would like to thank the whole nation of Israel for supporting Kurdish rights.

    The head of a Kurdish political party told The Jerusalem Post that he thanks Israel’s leaders for their support for an independent Kurdistan and that the US is keeping the Kurds from gaining independence.

    “I would like to send my thanks, from myself and every Kurd to President Shimon Peres and [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu and the whole nation of Israel for supporting Kurdish rights and independence,” Arif Bawecani, head of the Kurdistan Independent Party (Parti Serbesti Kurdistan, PSK), told the Post on Monday, in the latest in a series of communications over the past week.

    Thousands of Kurds have placed Israel’s flag on their profiles on social media websites like Facebook, he added.

    Bawecani, a Kurd originating from land that Kurds consider to be occupied Iranian territory, was responding to Netanyahu’s statement on Sunday calling for the establishment of a Kurdish state as well as other statements by senior Israeli officials that supported them.

    Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman had said last week that an independent Kurdish state is a “foregone conclusion.”

    Bawecani heads the liberal democratic oriented PSK Party founded in February 2006, which has offices in Oslo, Norway, and in Arbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

    According to the the Party’s website, “PSK is a democratic party that represents the true wishes and aspirations of the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan in establishing a free and independent Kurdistan in the area now occupied by Iran.”

    “The Kurdish people will never forget these statements,” he said.

    The PSK leader said he hopes the Kurds will overcome their “religious and political preconceptions” regarding Israel.

    Peace will come to the region only when each nation gains the right to self-determination.

    The party has hundreds of members in various European countries as well as in Iraq and eastern Kurdistan, which is under Iranian control.

    “Our members in eastern Kurdistan work covertly because of the Iranian regime, which regards our political activities as sedition, punishable by death,” said the Independent Party head.

    The party does not affiliate itself with a specific religion, ideology, or way of life, Bawecani said. It maintains a website in Kurdish, English, Persian, and Norwegian

    The PSK is among the first Kurdish parties to seek good ties with Israel, he said, adding: “We would like to have more contact with the Israeli political parties and organizations.”

    He asserted that the PSK is against all kinds of terrorism and seeks a Kurdish state that is at peace with its neighbors. The party also maintains separate youth, women, and student organizations.

    Asked about economic support, Bawecani responded that no country is supporting them and that they depend on support from members and some wealthy Kurdish individuals.

    However, the party head seemed impatient with Kurdish politicians, saying, “Our politicians say: ‘It is not the right time to ask for independence.’ I would ask when will this time come?” Bawecani believes that once independence is established, a referendum would need to be held to determine whether there would be one Kurdistan encompassing all the regions, or a “United States of Kurdistan.”

    Since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, the Iranians have played a “negative role” by “supporting Shi’ite dominance,” he continued.

    Bawecani complimented the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, for dealing with the Kurds’ enemies while navigating the Iraqi political process.

    Though, he said, Barzani is having a difficult time gathering international support for a Kurdish state.

    Asked about Kurdish-Israel relations, Bawecani said that unfortunately some countries in the region see Israel as a threat, when in reality “Iran is the big threat to the peace and safety of the region.”

    Iran and other countries in the region that support the Palestinians have put the region at risk, he said.

    Of course, there is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but this is a problem for them to work out, not for the region to meddle in, he asserted, adding that he hopes for a peaceful negotiated solution.

    The Kurds “must have political and economic relations with influential countries, especially Israel,” he said pointing out the hypocrisy of Arab states that maintain relations with Israel yet criticize the Kurds for doing so as well.

    Bawecani concluded that he hopes for strong relations between Israel and the Kurds in the future

    • El Cid

      Incidentally, if you go to Istanbul, Turks express racist views of Kurds in private conversation similar to comments about black people by White Southern Bigots in the 1950’s US.

      If anything makes sense, it is a Kurdish state. They have their own language and culture distinct from the Arabs or the Turks.

      The Palestinian Arabs are indistinguishable from the Syrians or the Jordanians. Why so many Arab countries?

      Why is this not obvious?

      • Americana

        Why is it there are some folks who are suggesting all Arabs should be stuffed into X-number of Arab states to free up the Holy Land for the Jewish state to take over in its entirety? This is political lunacy of the highest order and the fact it comes from “on high” makes it even more crazy.

        These Palestinian Arabs are in their homeland where they’ve been for umpteen generations. They have olive groves that are hundreds of years old that have been planted by their ancestors.

        • El Cid

          I am not suggesting anything of the kind.

          There are 2 million Palestinian Arabs who are full citizens of Israel and have representatives in the Knesset. no mainstream Jewish politician has ever suggested moving them out. The only ethnic cleansing that has occurred is when the Jews were forced out of Gaza by Sharon.

          Concerning the remaining persons who are the so-called “Palestinian refugees”, that is more complicated as you may know. By your “logic” everyone who is called a “Jordanian” is a Palestinian. But, never mind. Yes, this group of people have been treated harshly by history and especially by their Arab brothers. Approximately, 500K left the area that is now Israel–check the UN stats.

          Of course, no one except other Jews is concerned about the 500k Jews who were forced during the same period to abandon Arab and Persian communities where they lived continuously for 2,500 years–Much longer than any Muslim families.

          And, if you are an American, you have chuzpah to judge Jews in Israel given the shabby way the land was expropriated in North America from the first nations. Nothing of the kind happened in the Middle East. Arab Muslims are the dominant culture of the area. Jews are the tiny minority and also the first nations.

          • Americana

            No hutzpah at all. The first American settlers didn’t have a clue what the size of the indigenous populations were or how many different Native American tribes lived in the new land. Based on what they’d seen in Massachusetts and the other first settlements on the East Coast, they knew they’d found a lightly populated land of low=tech civilizations. That is not at all the case w/the nascent Israelis, who knew exactly how many Palestinian Arabs were in the country and how many villages there were. The fact that Jews were the original settlers thousands of years ago but had been displaced by umpteen other cultures started in approx. 600-500 BCE means that they effectively had their provenance canceled.

            In the earliest days of Zionist settlement, there was much back and forth killing by Arabs and Jews. It wasn’t purely peaceful on either side. Both sides feared what the other side might do as the Zionist settlement movement began to make inroads all across Palestine. That kind of sociological teeter totter is going to increase tensions and guarantee events can explode at a moment’s notice. Does it effectively matter if there was no Irgun in those earliest attacks? No, there were atrocious attacks committed by both. But when the Irgun did form and it began to determine what its role should be, the Irgun decided that terrorism would be their method. You can’t deny those lists of Irgun attacks simply by claiming there were earlier massacres by both sides in which the Irgun played no role.

            The is a description of the Hebron Masscre of 1929 and the following account lays out a rather stark understanding of how it happened:

            The Hebron massacre refers to the killing of sixty-seven Jews (including 23 college students) on 24 August 1929 in Hebron, then part of Mandatory Palestine, by Arabs incited to violence by false rumors that Jews were massacring Arabs in Jerusalem and seizing control of Muslim holy places.[1] The event also left scores seriously wounded or maimed. Jewish homes were pillaged and synagogues were ransacked. Many of the 435 Jews who survived were hidden by local Arab families.[2][3] Soon after, all Hebron’s Jews were evacuated by the British authorities. Many returned in 1931, but almost all were evacuated at the outbreak of the 1936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine. The massacre formed part of the 1929 Palestine riots, in which a total of 133 Jews and 110 Arabs were killed, and brought the centuries-old Jewish presence in Hebron to an end.

            The massacre, together with that of Jews in Safed, sent shock waves through Jewish communities in Palestine and around the world. It led to the re-organization and development of the Jewish paramilitary organization, the Haganah, which later became the nucleus of theIsrael Defense Forces.[citation needed] In the metanarrative of Zionism, according to Michelle Campos, the event became ‘a central symbol of Jewish persecution at the hands of bloodthirsty Arabs'[4] and was ‘engraved in the national psyche of Israeli Jews’, particularly those who settled in Hebron after 1967.[5] Hillel Cohen regards the massacre as marking a point-of-no-return in Arab-Jewish relations, and forcing the Mizrahi Jews to join forces with Zionism.[6]

            The city of Hebron holds special significance in Islam and Judaism, it being the site of the Tomb of the Patriarchs. In 1929, the population numbered around 20,000, the majority of whom were Muslim Arabs. A small but significant community of around 700 Jews, a number living deep within Hebron but most renting houses from Arab proprietors on the outskirts,[7][8] also lived there. The Jewish community was divided between recent Ashkenazi immigrants and an older population of descendants of Sephardim who had inhabited the town for centuries. Ashkenazi Jews had been established in the town for at least a century.[9] The two communities, Sephardim and Ashkenazi, maintained separate schools, worshipped in separate synagogues, and did not intermarry. The Sephardim were Arab-speakers, wore Arab-dress and were well-integrated, whereas many of the Ashkenazi community were yeshiva students who maintained ‘foreign’ ways, and had difficulties and misunderstandings with the Arab population.[10] Since the Balfour Declarationof 1917, tensions had been growing between the Arab and Jewish communities in Palestine.[11] The Muslim community of Hebron had a reputation for being highly conservative in religion. Though Jews had suffered numerous vexations in the past, and this hostility was to take an anti-Zionist turn after the Balfour Declaration.[12] generally, a peaceful relationship existed between both communities.[13]

            In mid-August 1929, hundreds of Jewish nationalists marched to the Western Wall in Jerusalem shouting slogans such as The Wall is Ours and raising the Jewish national flag.[9] Rumours spread that Jewish youths had also attacked Arabs and had cursedMuhammad.[14][15] Following an inflammatory sermon the next day, hundreds of Muslims converged on the Western Wall, burning prayer books and injuring the beadle. The rioting soon spread to the Jewish commercial area of town[16][17] and the next day, a young Jew was stabbed to death.[18] The authorities failed to quell the violence. On Friday, August 23, inflamed by rumors that Jews were planning to attack al-Aqsa Mosque, Arabs started to attack Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem. The first murders of the day took place when two or three Arabs passing by the Jewish Quarter of Mea Shearim were assassinated.[19] Rumours that Jews had massacred Arabs in Jerusalem arrived in Hebron by that evening.[7]Hillel Cohen frames his recent narrative of the incident in terms of the murder of the Jaffa Awan family a Jewish police constable Simcha Hinkis.

          • J.B.

            So Jews – including the Mizrahim who stayed – lost their land rights during the diasporas but a fictional people have rights to a nation that has never existed?

            Thanks for summing up stupidity of Psuedostinian claims.

            Cretin. I think your final stage AIDS dementia is kicking in.

          • Americana

            This states unequivocally there was “ethnic cleansing” of Israel during its founding and the fact there are additional records that remain inaccessible because they are too “incendiary to be released” suggests even more that the process wasn’t quite as aboveboard as you suggest:


          • Webb

            They made homeless losers of themselves, and that’s all they’ll ever be. Get over it and move on.

          • J.B.

            Why don’t you just link to “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?”


        • aemoreira81

          The Kurds are a distinct ethnic group…Palestinians aren’t. The Kurds are talking about seceding from Iraq before 2014 is out.

        • J.B.

          Paste your idiotic lies somewhere else, trolltard. NOBODY here is dumb enough to believe such old and sleazy canards. And stop drinking that fermented camel urine. You don’t want to lose what few brain cells you have.

    • Americana

      Pres. Obama doesn’t want to see a separate Kurdish nation carved out of Turkey. That’s different than Pres. Obama facing the reality of a Kurdish nation carved out of Iraq. Two very separate national identity questions…

      From the above link:
      Obama does, however, have one potential ally with boots on the ground in Iraq. It is one of the most pro-American places on the planet and its soldiers are well disciplined, highly motivated and prepared to die for their country. That place is Kurdistan, nominally part of Iraq but with no love for that country. Kurdistan is not yet independent but may soon be.

      Kurdistan’s military, called the peshmerga, is ideally situated to combat ISIS. The Iraqi Army—or what is left of it—is hundreds of miles from Mosul; the peshmerga hold the Kurdish eastern half of the city. Although ISIS readily routed the Iraqi Army from the west bank, it chose not to tangle with far more formidable Kurds. President Obama can only order air strikes if he has good intelligence, controllers who can identify targets and troops who can follow up on the ground. Only the Kurds can do this.

      Over the past two decades, I have talked to Iraq’s Kurdish leaders about ways to maximize their autonomy, including offering advice in connection with the negotiation of the 2005 Iraqi Constitution. But, however much autonomy the Kurds enjoy, their real dream is to have an independent Kurdish state.

      Three factors have kept Kurdistan in Iraq to date: a lack of sufficient financial resources, an unresolved dispute with Baghdad over territory and international opposition to the break up of Iraq. Since 2004, Kurdistan has been developing its own oil resources (I also had a role in bringing in the first oil companies) and has now built a pipeline to Turkey through which it exports Kurdish oil, over Baghdad’s opposition. Until last week, Kurdistan’s production was not adequate to finance the operations of an independent state. But then the Iraqi Army fled the disputed city of Kirkuk and the adjacent super-giant Kirkuk oil field. The peshmerga, who had co-existed uneasily with the Iraqi Army in Kirkuk for a decade, now fully control the city and the Kurdish parts of the province. As a result, there is no longer a territorial dispute with Baghdad. For the first time, a Kurdish government controls all Kurdish territory in Iraq. And with the Kirkuk oil field, Kurdistan now has the financial resources for independence.

      Ten years ago, the United States and Turkey opposed Kurdistan exercising even a fraction of the autonomy it has today. Bush administration plans for postwar Iraq (to the extent that there was any planning at all) envisioned Iraq as a centralized federal state of 18 governorates—where there would be Kurdish majority provinces but no Kurdistan government. Turkey had long opposed Kurdistan’s autonomy for fear of the example it might set for Turkey’s 15 million Kurds.

      Today, Kurdistan and Turkey are the closest of allies. Turkey is Kurdistan’s most important trading partner and Turkish companies are the largest investors in Kurdistan. Turkish intelligence and military officials consult regularly with their Kurdish counterparts. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a close personal relationship with KRG President Massoud Barzani and a poisonous one with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. In advance of Turkish elections, Erdogan and Barzani jointly addressed a large public rally in Diyabakir, the largest city in Turkey’s Kurdish southeast and Kurdistan is playing a constructive role in support of Erdogan’s effort to make peace with Turkish Kurdish rebels.

      Until last week, Turkey clearly preferred that Kurdistan remain part of Iraq, although in recent years the Turkish Foreign Ministry has changed its language on the subject. Ten years ago, Iraq’s unity was “a red line” for Turkey; in recent years it has been “preferable.” Today, Turkey may well see an independent, secular and pro-western Kurdistan as a far better neighbor than an Iraq comprising an ISIS-dominated Arab north at war with a sectarian Shiite regime in the south.Peter W. Galbraith, a former US Ambassador to Croatia and Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, is the author of The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without End, first published in 2006. He has been an advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government and has previously had business and financial interests in Kurdistan.Continue Reading »

      Read more:


      From the above link:
      Hurriyet Daily News, a major Turkish newspaper, reported on July 31, 2012 that a “senior US official

      visiting Turkey says Washington does not anticipate an autonomous Kurdish region in Syria and they favor the protection of Syria’s territorial integrity.” The official, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon on a visit to Istanbul, stated that they (the U.S.) did not anticipate an autonomous Kurdish region in Syria’s future, adding that they favored the protection of Syria’s territorial integrity and explained it to Turkey in a clear way. Gordon added, “Syria has a huge priority for both of us (U.S. and Turkey). We are coordinating very well on the question of Syria. I think we have very similar interests.”

      • J.B.

        Nobody bothered to read that, you loser.

  • RAM500

    Obama is OK with anyone of any nominal religion who fully accepts his own leftist/racial views.

  • Libslayer

    Obama is a Muslim.
    The Koran commands that he oppress and kill Jews.
    He is just being a faithful Muslim.

  • megapotamus

    Not addressed is the largest, public diplomatic event. Yes, Fatah is Hamas and vice versa. That has been known but not acknowledged since Abbas emerged. Only lately though has the fiction been removed. Now Abbas heads a Hamas govt… but a technocratic one, whatever that might mean. He still sez that he is separate from that other Hamas but of course he is not. Hamas is the duly elected govt of this particular sandbox and even if they were not, the next two or three competitors are worse on the issue of Jew murder. Israel, you are at war and it is as much with the muslim Arabs of your own hinterlands as it is with Iran. When there is to be shooting, it is generally wise to shoot first. It is too late by far for Israel to shoot first but it may yet be able to shoot last. Forward.

  • Truth or Consequences

    I believe the best strategy is to target Jewish politicians.
    If 100,000 Jewish Americans contacted every Jewish politician in Congress, and
    said “Stand Up For Israel to President Obama or we vote you out of office”,
    things would be very, very different. Unfortunately, for most Jewish
    politicians it is Democrat Party first… Israel last. Democrat Party first…
    Jewish self respect never. However, if they were swamped with e-mails, phone
    calls, Facebook messages, etc. with a STRONG MESSAGE from the Jewish community,that said “stand up for Israel to President Obama or we vote you out of office, not only will they be forced to change, but President Obama would be to. So Jewish America, what are you goingto do?

    • morriscat

      I am afraid your comment for Jewish America is so out of reality .
      Most of Jews are now Socialists and that predominates anything else like God , faith and Religion.
      If a Hitler would run on Democrat party he would get at least 70 percent Jewish vote .

      • CosmotKat

        Your comment seems to ring true. I have been perplexed by the Jewish embrace of socialism/Marxism. It seems the leftist Jews are the most hypocritical of Americans.

      • El Cid

        Yes, it is proved true. Obama = Hitler.

        My Mother survived Bergen Belsen as a teenager. Everyone else in the family was murdered. When she came to the US, she supported Democratic candidates her whole life.

        When Obama ran for office the first time we were watching him give a speech on TV and she turned to me and said “He reminds me of Adolf Hitler”. She did not vote for him.

        Nevertheless, many of my Jewish friends voted for him.

        Obama should have taught the current generation that liars are winners. Yes we can lie. Hopefully, when its “Hilary’s” turn, they will finally see.

  • enoughisenough

    This was a crime (kidnapping and homocide) and it should be investigated and treated as such. Why should the US get involved? Does Israel get involved or make grandiose statements on behalf of the victims every time there’s a mass shooting or homicide in the USA? I think not. Enough already, we already provide massive amounts of military and financial aid to both Israel and the Palestinian territories. I say we pull out and let them sort it out among themselves.

  • ams12345

    Hamas kidnapped and killed an American citizen. How is this not an act of war against the United States?

    • Americana

      It’s not an act of war. An act of war is an action taken against the sovereignty or well-being of a nation w/the intention to provoke war. The Palestinians don’t want war w/the U.S.

      For those who need a little more clarity, here’s an accepted American legal definition:

      An act of war is an action by one country against another with an intention to provoke a war or an action that occurs during a declared war or armed conflict between military forces of any origin. The loss or damage caused due to such conflicts are excluded from insurance coverage except for life assurances.

      Another nation’s reaction to an “act of war:”

      • ams12345

        I believe that definition changed on September 11. Al Queda is not a country, but no one disputes that was an act of war.

        • Americana

          Killing an individual American citizen isn’t an act of war. it’s STILL NOT an act of war even after 9/11. The 9/11 attacks were quite a different thing entirely because they were meant to produce mass casualties. Even so, if the 9/11 planes hadn’t successfully caused so much economic devastation, I’m not sure what the American response would have been. Would we have chosen to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein? Unlikely.

          If the interiors of the two WTC towers hadn’t successfully burned as ferociously as they did triggering their collapse and the attacks basically had killed only those American who were already working in the upper levels of those towers and those on the planes, 9/11 might never have achieved what it did in terms of economic devastation to the American economy nor triggered the Iraq War. If the attacks hadn’t been orchestrated in such a dramatic fashion w/the choices of targets — from the 2 WTC towers, the Pentagon and the White House (presumably that’s where Flight 93 was heading) — we would never have suffered the economic blows that we did. However, we were to blame as a nation for not demanding airline security precautions at our airports on the same scale as those of El Al, the Israeli airline. We still have Americans bitching and moaning about the security precautions at our airports.

    • aemoreira81

      Because he was not in service to the United States in an official capacity (i.e., military, diplomatic). A better case would have been made with Ambassador Stevens…who was in service to the USA.

      • ams12345

        I don’t believe many folks met that description that were killed on September 11, but no one argued that wasn’t an act of war.

  • truthtroll

    This Jew-Hating administration provides approximately $130.212 billion in direct aid to Israel. That’s worse than the nazis!

    • Lanna

      Israel isn’t out burning churches, beheading people, and bombing cities for no reason. They are productive creative people who help other people, even Arabs in Israel and contribute to technology, medicine, the arts, and agriculture. They don’t use their intelligence to cause holocausts like Nazis and Islamists. You need a real history lesson!

    • reader

      Falshoodtroll, Israel gets about 3 billion a year provided by the congressional statute – this administration has nothing to do with it. And don’t add hundreds of millions sent to Palestinian Authority to that number – you know full well that this amount is used to undermine Israel.

    • Americana

      I think you’re stating the overall historical total, truthtoll. The annual amount is less. Still, Israel is, bar none, the nation that receives the most direct aid from the U.S. The U.S. has also under Pres. Obama provided Iron Dome missile defense system Here’s a recent breakdown of direct aid to Israel:

      I guess everyone on FPM has forgotten that it was Pres. Obama who pushed for the Iron Dome missile defense system that has been responsible for quite a few missile intercepts since its adoption by Israel. Here’s a brief overview of the Iron Dome political story:

      The administration of Evangelical Christian George W. Bush had refused to fund the project. The Pentagon was against it, said it would not work, and wanted Israel to adapt what it felt was a better (and workable): the American Vulcan Phalanx system. The Pentagon was still against it when Obama took office but Obama pushed for, and got, Iron Dome.

      Obama was praised by Washington Jewish Week this spring, a point at which the U.S. had already put $205 million into the project and was about to inject $70 million more. The WJW editorial board correctly understood what this support signified:

      But beyond the significant economic assistance which is so essential to the Iron Dome project, there is the very clear message that the U.S. support conveys: A clear message to Iran and its co-conspirators that even while the nuclear issue is being discussed, the United States will not lose focus on the security and well being of Israel and her people. And, it’s not just words. The leader of the Western world has made clear that it is willing to put its money where its counts, under an iron dome.

      • reader

        This is the kind of nonsense you’d expect from Judenreina linking to daily kos and alike. But those who aren’t too lazy following the links would easily recognize that it’s not what she claims. Bush did not refuse to fund the project. Bush faivored American contractors over Rafael. Apparently, Obama hates American contractors so much that any foreign contractor would do. May be he thought that Rafael produces the system in Finland – just like the finnish made Fisker electric cars, which Obama paid for with the Stimulus.

        • J.B.

          “Fisker.” An apt name. In English, “fisk” means “swindle.”

  • Bernhard Rosenberg

    HILLARY = OBAM 3, and 4

    our foreign policy has turned into a complete disaster.

    Video of Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS: President Obama, You Have Some Nerve:.

    Video is on

    Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • Lanna

      There are millions of us on board with you Rabbi….We all must stand up now against the Islamic hatred that seeks to destroy all of God’s people, Christians and Jews alike!

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    Hypocritical Leftist Jews

    Hypocritical leftist Jewish leaders and Rabbis of San Francisco who support the Palestinians are now demonstrating against Palestinians who kidnapped the three teens. How do they support the kidnappers and demonstrate against it?

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    Are you aware many America Jews have betrayed Israel though their misguided support of JStreet. JStreet is a Jewish Con organization that is Anti Semite and intends to destroy Israel has connections to Hamas. Many Jews don’t know that JStreet is Anti Semite but they support it. For proof see the film JStreet.

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    JStreet is a Jewish Con organization who is Anti Semitic and intends to destroy Israel. JStreet has connections to Hamas. JStreet are Jewish Traitors for proof see the film JStreet.

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    How do Jews allow this? How does anyone allow this? Don’t you know that it is wrong?–yw

    Texas Longhorn cattle can stop much of this simply by threatening with their sharp horns. Support the Israel Longhorn Project help put a stop to it now.

    The Longhorn project is the only self-sustainable nonprofit in America, I believe.

    Robin Rosenblatt
    Director – The Longhorn Project
    Nonprofit 501(c) 3 #74-3177354
    Address: 815 Hill Street, # 5
    Belmont, CA 94002
    Tel: 650.631.9270 / 03.722.6108

    I need the funds for this project in the next two months. I am being evicted with no place to go. It will make it impossible to help Israel with this emergency.

    For International Transfer of Funds
    Wells Fargo Bank
    420 Montgomery St.
    San Francisco California 94104
    Bank routing # 121000248
    Account # 2526430067

    For Domestic Transfer of Funds
    Wells Fargo Bank
    420 Montgomery St.
    San Francisco California 94104
    Bank Routing # 121000248
    Account # 2526430067

  • Lanna

    This administration is silent on the treachery of Hamas whom they know are being sent US taxpayer dollars…..paid Assasins!

  • Dan Knight

    Hate to quibble with Ben, but this is the reason why otherwise good people are annoyed by Jews.

    … To complain that the murder of an American-Israeli citizen can be chalked up to Anti-Jew hatred dismisses the fact that the Bam Bam Administration would do nothing for the same citizen if he were Christian, or any other non-PC demographic.

    While I’m sure Bam-Bam is no friend of Jewish believers, I’m also quite certain he would not lift a finger for any law-abiding citizen in any demographic outside his political base. If the victims were black, Christian women, he would not care less. If the victims were Muslims who supported us against the terrorists, he would be paying their murderers. If the victims were Buddhist bystanders, or 13 year-old Hindi’s, or even Libtard propagandists masquerading as journalists, he would not lift a finger – save to warn whitey against a backlash that has not come in nearly a thousand years.

    Yet, Ben claims it’s gotta be Jew-hatred. Are you kidding?

    This self-centered viewpoint annoys the rest of us on Bam-Bam’s target list. Our list of friends and allies is already thin.

    Good to know, I’m not on Ben’s list. No wonder I’ve got no resources to support you. (It’s a wonder I’m not in a camp myself … actually I’m on no one’s list. If I disappeared tomorrow, I could count those concerned on one hand.)

    So, it’s no wonder you’re losing. To win, you need allies.

    • Habbgun

      Oh c’mon. Instead of whining…which you do quite well you could support Christians in the Middle East like the Copts or Christians in Africa. They could use some support by the overwhelming majority of Americans who are themselves Christians.

      As an American and a Jew I realize that you are generalizing about good people being annoyed by Jews. That sounds more like the Brits who come here than anyone else. I’ve got plenty of friends, useful allies and I doubt for a moment you would be good for either. I am less than impressed. You would do more good standing up for Christians and letting Jews stand up for Jews. I seriously, seriously doubt you are good for either one.

      • Dan Knight

        Look who is whining. I think my comment spoke the truth and hit a nerve, which is the source for your ire.

        You’d rather criticize me than to support unity amongst those of us aligned against the Left. And never mind that Jews against the Left are a small minority of Jews.

        My post was directed towards Ben Shapiro’s column. Ben is a lawyer who writes a widely read column – not just a showpiece for a limited Jewish audience. He should know full well the meaning of his words and the impact of his column.

        Read the column – Ben narrows the scope of Bam Bam’s motives in this event to Jew-hating. And while I agree that that is One motive, it does nothing to address other motives or the larger motive of the Leftist agenda.

        You go on to support the point I was making. You accuse me of not supporting others without any evidence whatsoever, and go further and promote division between us. Why would you suggest Jews for Jews and Christians for Christians – I’d like to see you explain that to my Grandfather!

        Given your comments on not supporting Christians: How do you think that works? On more than one occasion, I’ve had Jewish friends cross the line for me, and I would do the same for them. Unfortunately, in real time, I’ve met all too many Jews who think as you do – us or them – Rather than “We’re all in the boat together.” Do you?

        As for my own whining – I support everyone as much as possible. Do you?

        It would be great if more Jews joined my Jewish friends and supported our allies rather than sniping at them with snarky comments.

        How about this for an idea: Do not draw lines of division and spew negativity rather than respond to the criticism with excuses supporting my thesis.

        • Habbgun

          ” this is the reason why otherwise good people are annoyed by Jews” . Oh yeah that’s not divisive at all. Now you act hurt. That is called cheat and retreat.

          And who is your grandfather?

          And if you are too dense to get my point. If Christians stood up for ME and African Christians the way they could their numbers would be overwhelming. You don’t need some “alliance” for that.

        • Gislef

          If your comment is “truth” because it struck a nerve with one reader, but didn’t with a hundred other readers, that doesn’t seem to be a very effective measure of “truth.”

        • J.B.

          You claim that Jews overwhelmingly belong to Obama’s voting base, but you also claim that Jew hatred had nothing to do with his decision to ignore the murdered teen because he hates everybody outside his voter base. That is a contradictory argument.

    • reader

      Dan, just because Ben is addressing to the Jews in this particular piece, does not mean that he disses the rest of us. I think we have more than enough grievances to go around to make issues out of nothing.

      • Dan Knight

        I agree you are right.

        My comment was about the column, not Ben. Given Shapiro’s writing I’m sure he had no intention of dissing anyone.

        On the other hand, I struck a nerve – as intended – which gave me the opportunity to clarify.

        See my response to Habbgun.

        I’m sure Habbgun is an okay dude in real-time, since he’s on Frontpage, but he struck the very Us/Them cord which I find such a problem.

        And let me add – as with so many ‘minorities’ – this problem is very serious for non-PC in the protected class. I’ve run into Politically Incorrect Jews (an Israeli engineer, a Russian Jewish programmer, and a couple of conservative Jews in law and physics) all of whom are treated as outcasts by their fellow Jews for being in the wrong field or holding the wrong political beliefs.

        I agree – in the macroscopic, Big Picture view – it is a quibble. Who
        cares if Bam Bam ignores an issue because he Only hates Jews or because
        he Also hates Jews?

        But when an Israeli engineer (e.g.) can’t get a job through the ‘Jew-net’ because he’s a Synagogue going Republican – tell him it’s nothing. When the doors slam in the face of a Jewish programmer, because he’s not touching all the right Liberal codes, tell him it’s nothing. When a Jewish lawyer is fired after the wrong person learns of his Torah-based beliefs, tell him it’s nothing. And I know that lawyer voted for Bam Bam by the way.

        So my ‘Us’ includes all of Their victims – even Their own. But their ‘us’ doesn’t even run to their own. Habbgun should put that in his pipe and smoke it.

        Anyway, my point is just a quibble, but it’s P.D. important to those Jews.

        • reader

          “(an Israeli engineer, a Russian Jewish programmer, and a couple of conservative Jews in law and physics) all of whom are treated as outcasts by their fellow Jews for being in the wrong field or holding the wrong political beliefs”

          I believe that this is precisely why Ben is writing the column in the first place. The American Jews who vote Democrat must be called out directly.

    • J.B.

      Because Obama wouldn’t help anybody outside his voter base, that means he doesn’t hate Jews with a particular bias? If that’s your argument, it’s a lousy one. Besides, Jews are in his voter base, and he hates Israeli Jews just as much as American ones. His self loathing Jewish political allies are not his friends.

  • Ronald Thomas West

    “Jewish blood is cheap to this administration” … No, actually anyone’s blood is cheap to this administration.

    ^ And Israel certainly is not innocent in this sort of matter. The shill Right is just as nuts as the shill Left; sanity lacking all around-

  • doindoubleduty

    I wonder how Ben REALLY feels. Sad but true.

  • Lanna

    Israel should stand with their God and he will stand with them! Obama is the Dark One who will usher in the New world order under the antichrist. The antichrist wants to stop the Jewish settlements from being built, and more Jews from being born, his plot is just as it was in the days of Haman the agagite to destroy Jewish civilizations, just as Hitler and the Romans did.

  • Robin Rosenblatt

    He is a black racist

  • thirdarmy

    I wrote to my rep. Jackie Speier, asking her why she keeps approving sending tax payer money to the PA. Of course, she won’t answer me. Boxer and Feinstein both condemn the killings, but aren’t willing to cut off the gravy train. They are all hypocrites.

  • givemesometruth

    Forgive me for playing devils advocate here, but where is the evidence this was done by any terror group? As a jewish American (grandparents were Austiran/Jews, survivors of the Shoa) , I take specific offense to the quote “Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration didn’t care about Frenkel because he was a Jew.” There is no evidence (that I have seen) to support this and it is tantamount to “playing the race card” and causing further divide. It is
    writings such as this that denigrate our collective voice. These murders are a
    tragedy, yes. I just don’t see the”jew-hating” connection. I just see this “Ben
    Shapiro” as trying to hijack a tragedy and through very lose associations and
    inflammatory words push his own agenda.

    • morriscat

      Givemenotruth , you certainly are an American Jew. Surely lefties take offense when BHO is criticized
      As a Jew living in a dominant population of Jews I know you never see Jew haters but you love to cry about the Holocaust . Makes you feel so righteous doesn’t it ?
      But those terrorists ! No Jew hating not like Zimmerman who defended himself from HBO lookalike thug .

    • Daniel Rubio

      You are right. Three young Jewish boys were killed because of “Jewish-love”, not because of “Jew-hatred”.
      As a Jew whose mother survived the Nazi invasion in the Balkans, I do NOT (repeat NOT) take offense to the quote “Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama administration didn’t care about Frenkel because he was a Jew”. As a Jew, I’m well aware that this is precisely the main reason why 0bama couldn’t care less about these murders. Not wanting to see a reality doesn’t make that reality go away.

    • J.B.

      If you cant see that Obama is a raging anti-Semite and Israel hater, it’s because you don’t want to see it. I doubt that’s the case, though. I think you see it full well and are just trying to excuse the Jihadist in Chief.

  • wildjew

    Finally something incites Obama to react forcefully to murder….


    July 02, 201412:43 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is condemning the killing of a Palestinian teenager as a “heinous murder” (National Security Adviser Susan Rice said) and is calling on the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

    In a statement, Secretary of State John Kerry called the killing “sickening” and said “there are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.”

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Come now, Ben, what else did you expect from a Muslim member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

  • morriscat

    You have always hated Jews haven’t you ? You don’t know those lovely Muslims hate you as much as they hate Jews .
    You will never learn .

    • reader

      Don’t feed it. Flag and move on. You don’t poke every pile of sh*t, do you?

  • jo ma

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Can you say $$$$Billions and Billions of welfare to combate all the regional enemies of the jew.
    Yes under Obama! all jews should be kissing the feet of Obama and place him on the mantel

    • Andy_Lewis

      Seek help.

    • aemoreira81

      Israel is one of the few countries that the USA needs more than it needs the USA. Now, that said, this incident didn’t happen domestically, and as such, my expectation is only for Obama to not run interference on Bibi and the Israeli government. This is not a case where the American government failed…evidence suggests that the teens were killed very soon after being abducted.

    • Webb

      And you suckle his dirt peckle.

  • Bandido

    America elected Hell to the Presidency.

  • johnnywoods

    Obummer is a communist so he hates America and he is a Muslim so he hates Jews. Any questions?

  • jo ma

    blame it on Obama and hamas. Very uncritical thinking and analysis of what is happening.

    • Webb

      The homeless arabs are dirt people who go out of their way to be filthy. Rubbing their holes with their fingers and dirty water. Your beeple, Achmed! They have no history and no future. They are done!

    • liz

      Arabs fare better living in Israel than any backwards Muslim country.
      The #1 fact contributing to the killing – Muslims are barbaric morons.

    • J.B.

      1) Complete BS.

      2) All Jews have roots in Israel from where they originated. The Arabs, Circassians, Druze and assorted other riff raff that comprise the fictional “Palestinian” identity are all recent immigrants.

      3) The Paleostinian parasitess recieve all their utilities free from Israel, and Gaza is part if Israel even though it has been set aside as a wild animal park.

      4) Only a complete scumbag could support the Psuedostinians or any other islamopithecines in any way.

  • Mike from Brooklyn

    I agree with everything that Ben Shapiro says. In fact for some time I felt that Obama Admin. moves in ME were based on surrounding Israel either by Sunnis or Shiites, whoever proved stronger.
    One big question keeps occurring to me however, why does Obama keep up the level of spending to Israel? Ans. that keeps occurring to me is because Congress (& lots of some Americans) would be upset if he pulled back much, and that that wuld hurt fundraising for other Dems from some big money Jewish backers.
    So to David Horowitz, please have one of your top Israel experts put out an article on this. I think it is vital if one is to defend Israel in conversations with those who defame Israel. Thanks, Mike from Brooklyn

  • Andy_Lewis

    David Duke, is that you?

  • MRHapla

    No kidding. I find it telling that David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel worked so hard to get this filth in office, then I realized, Obozo isn’t the only traitor/infiltrator..

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    The Obama administration doesn´t hate Jews.
    The Obama administration hates Jews from Judea and Samaria. The Obama
    administration hates them because they are struggling to prevent the
    destruction of Israel.

  • Randy Townsend

    Israel understands whom and what Obama is quite well. Which is why when they send the Israeli military to kill Arabs (long overdue), they aren’t likely to even let Hussein know they’re going… Which is as it should be.

  • unionville

    Just once in my lifetime I would like to hear an American president say to Israel, “Do what you need to do. We’ve got your back”, after one of these barbaric atrocities occurs.

    • Webb

      I would recommend doing it before the barbaric atrocity could occur.

  • charlestonvoice

    Jews, maybe, but the “O” is a big supporter of the Zionists.

    • objectivefactsmatter


      • charlestonvoice
        • objectivefactsmatter

          Mach·i·a·vel·li·an [mak-ee-uh-vel-ee-uhn]

          1. of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.

          2. being or acting in accordance with the principles of government analyzed in Machiavelli’s The Prince, in which political expediency is placed above morality and the use of craft and deceit to maintain the authority and carry out the policies of a ruler is described.

          3. characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty: He resorted to Machiavellian tactics in order to get ahead.

          4. a follower of the principles analyzed or described in The Prince, especially with reference to techniques of political manipulation.

          Also, Mach·i·a·vel·i·an.

          • charlestonvoice

            “Marx and Engels never tried to refute their opponents with argument.
            They insulted, ridiculed, derided, slandered, and traduced them, and in
            the use of these methods their followers are not less expert. Their
            polemic is directed never against the argument of the opponent, but
            always against his person.”


          • objectivefactsmatter

            Your “argument” is that 0’Bama is “pro-Zionist” because he panders for Jewish votes. There’s no need to argue with you or insult you.

          • charlestonvoice

            It’s not an argument really, but a philosophy clash. Obama panders to Zionists because of their MONEY, Jews are a different matter.

            Judaism and Zionism – What’s the Difference?


          • objectivefactsmatter

            charlestonvoice • 2 days ago: “Jews, maybe, but the “O” is a big supporter of the Zionists.”
            Taking money and stabbing people in the back is usually not cause to consider someone a “big supporter.”

          • Americana

            Why would you post an obviously Photoshopped image that isn’t an actual YouTube video even though it’s got all the right superficial markings to make it appear an official YouTube video? This is a faked image. You do know that, right?

  • Berceuse

    Both Obama and Kerry did, in fact, strongly and publicly condemn the kidnapping and the murder of the Israeli youth. Why would you falsely claim otherwise, Mr. Shapiro?

    • Gislef

      Define “strongly.”

      • Berceuse

        Obama and Kerry both described it as “despicable” and a “terrorist act.” They made these statements several days before this article appeared by Mr. Shapiro claiming that Obama “said nothing about them publicly” — a claim based either on ignorance or outright disingenuousness. I oppose this administration’s Israel policy and believe critics like Mr. Shapiro generally have right on their side. But falsehoods such as these destroy credibility.

      • Americana

        FYI, Bercause, Gislef won’t consider the President’s statement against Hamas “strongly enough worded” until Pres. Obama says “go ahead and use air power against Hamas.” That’s what these folks want is for the U.S. to throw all neutrality out the window and tell Israel to “go ahead and use whatever you’ve got and, oh, hey, by the way, take over the rest of the Palestinian territory while you’re at it.”

  • OneWorld

    One person is murdered every 60 seconds and one person dies in armed conflict every 100 seconds (the World Health Organization.) So what makes these kids more important the the rest of the murders that go on every minute? Does that make him a hater of all people because he did not cover all the deaths? The world spins around the sun not Jewish people…


      The world spins around the Sun, not Muhammed, Mecca, Muslims or Marxists.

      • SecludedCompound

        Makes perrrrfect sense.

    • Ed Gruberman

      Too bad he was not a gay Jew or maybe Transgendered. Then it would be a “hate crime” and he would matter more than the rest. Obama and Michelle would fly into action then…

  • Ed Gruberman

    People get killed hitchhiking in this country too. Well at least they did in the 70’s. Maybe Israel should just out law hitchhiking…

  • Cappy1437

    This is the poorest excuse of an administration ever. The loser president and long jaw Kerry will go down in history as the very worst people in U.S. government ever. American people want them ousted.

  • Abu Nudnik

    Ben? I’d like to hear your opinion on whether or not the Obama administration is kidnapping children. Now those children are dying. I don’t get the lack of a response to this. If a kid came to my door I’d look behind her. Where is your mom? I’d walk out into the hall. Are you ok? I’d get my keys and cellphone and walk around with her, trying to find them. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

  • Stick

    No fan of Obama, but why is a teenage murder in Israel something that needs commenting on by a US President? If the teenager were a Christian do you think you would have written this piece? For an example, when is the last time you’ve read anything about those Christian girls sold into slavery in Africa? I’m sure if you push some cash towards Obama his wife can be persuaded to pose with a #hashtag and sorry face.

  • Zippy
  • Zippy
  • SecludedCompound

    Wow, this author has serious problems with logic. Frontpage probably shouldn’t use him anymore.

    • Filthy Liar

      Frontpage has serious problems with logic, not just Shapiro.

  • Paul J

    Oh my. “Or maybe…The Obama administration did not care about Frenkel because he was a Jew…Jew hatred…just found a new home in the White House.”
    Oh dear. Oh my. That is a whole sack full of crazy right there boys and girls.

  • garyfouse

    What do you expect? Obama learned his Christianity from Jeremiah Wright.

  • heinleiners

    Must be in league with that ‘Friends of Hamas’ Terror group.

  • mark g.

    These comments are bizarre. This site is a hotbed of total Jewish extremism. Don’t you realize that Israel gets (virtually) everything it wants from Washington? It’s been that way for decades. Count the money. Inventory the missiles and Jets.

    Even Pres. Obama was ready to take out Syria to please the Lobby. OK, so we didn’t bomb Iran (yet). Oh you poor suffering Jews!

    As for these three teens. Tragic. But what are they doing hitch hiking in the Occupied Territories? It’s a war zone. They were seen (correctly) as Jewish colonizers. Very foolhardy. Hopefully, the perpetrator(s) will be caught. In the meantime, Jews must stop with the collective punishment of innocent civilians in the Occupied Territories. Show restraint. Justice for all!

    • TimJ

      Sorry Mark, you are wrong on one point: FrontPage commenters love Jews – as long as they are in Israel. And then only when they can use Jews as a club to beat Obama with.

    • Berceuse

      Thanks for showing us the face of ethnic bigotry, Mark. What size jackboot do you wear? Just curious.

  • labman57

    Life is not a comic book, and it benefits no one to oversimplify a complex situation such as the one present in the Middle East. There is a long history of contempt and mistrust (much of it justifiable) on both sides.

    Not everyone who supports Israel’s existence is a “Zionist extremist who hates all Palestinians” as some might phrase it. And not all who support the cause of the Palestinians are “anti-semitic Jew-haters”. It’s simply not that black and white.

    Furthermore, one is not an anti-Semite simply for questioning the decisions and actions of the Israeli government, nor for suggesting that the U.S. State Department has at times taken an excessively dogmatic, non-pragmatic approach to Middle East diplomatic endeavors.

    If this were the case, then a significant proportion of the Israeli Jewish population would need to be labeled as “anti-Semitic”, as they too have questioned the policies of their own government in its dealings with the Palestinians and the nation’s arab neighbors.

    There are extremist elements in both camps, just as there are in all societies throughout the world. The key is to prevent the more extreme factions from controlling the policy-making in the society.
    Hopefully … eventually … the more moderate and rationally-thinking members of the Israeli and Palestinian governmental bodies will do some soul-searching and find the courage to reach a middle ground that will work in the best interests of both entities. The extremists will not be pleased, but that is unavoidable.

  • Alleged Comment

    The negro was taught to be a radical. Radicals especially hate Jews. As the Bible says teach a kid a way and when he grows up he will not depart from it and if he be negro no one will notice.

    Thus slipped in the first negro usurper hating Jew right into the White House. And you know he would make John Skerry his Secretary of State. You know, the moron and Vietnamese coward to sell tapioca mines to Israel.

  • Mathilda Zubnik

    Note to Obummer: The Jews win. Read the Book.

  • Chon Thais

    wow..check out what our No.1 ally is getting with again. Another
    death with no charges of a 14 year old arab boy. When is America going
    to wake up to these racist wanna be nazis?
    Israeli Army Closes Case on March Death of 14 Year Old Palestinian teen

    Fatally shot in the hip after passing through a breach in the
    separation fence by Hebron, military concludes soldier was aiming at his

    The Israel Defense Forces closed its investigation looking
    into the circumstances of the death of Yusef Abu Aker Shawamreh, 14, who
    was killed by live fire in March. No Charges to be filed against the
    soldier! Big Surprise!

  • SantosGarcia

    It will continue to go wrong in America until we have conservative leadership…

  • chagrined

    Stunning irony! The world applauded Germany yesterday while the world condemns Israel’s inhumane, vile, evil murder and abuse of Palestinians.

    Hitler offered six million Jews to any country that would take them – none obliged. Europeans killed Jews and were responsible for the Holocaust, not the Palestinians! European Jewish refugees went to Palestine, took homes and land that belong to the Palestinians making the Palestinians refugees. So Jews are to the Palestinians what Hitler was to them? Are Jews any less evil? Jews owned 7% of Palestine at this time. The oppressed are now the oppressors! Netanyahu makes Hitler look like a choir boy!

    Where is the outrage over the brutal murder of two Palestinian teens by the IDF two weeks before the murder of three Jewish teens. Near 200 more Palestinians killed in Netanyahu time of madness? The terrorist/welfare state of Israel murders Palestinian and Americans with impunity. Americans don’t want to be complicit in Israel’s pernicious, vile, evil abuse of the Palestinians. No one with U.S. citizenship should be living on occupied land. The U.S. should revoke citizenship from all Jews who behave in a manner that is inimical to our values and our credibility. Jews are a constant source of embarrassment to America and as “support for Israel” is a stated reason for the 9-11 attack, they place our security in peril.

    So perhaps you can understand why Americans become very anxious when Israeli leaders come to America. Will their presence provoke another terrorist attack on America? Will Israelis with America citizenship living on occupied land provoke another terrorist attack on America? America and the Palestinians deserve better.

    Of course there are similarities of Israel apartheid and white South Africa apartheid, both vulgar repressions of the most basic human rights of the oppressed. It is time for the world to stand up to this oppression and do to Israel what the world did to South Africa – divestment, boycott and sanctions. We should restore dignity to the Palestinians, return their homes and land stolen by Israeli thugs. END THE OCCUPATION!

  • Yada Emeth

    Yada, Yada, Yada tell the truth……

  • Richie G

    There are many “Jew hating Jews” that support Obama….nothing will sway them…the same way Jews in Hollywood in the 1930’s supported Hitler.

  • danonawing

    Obama and everything about him is disgusting. I pray this country can recover from a cancer such as him.