What to Expect in 2014

US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on 'The Impact of Sequestration on the National Defense'2013 was a year of revelations, a year of possible turning points. For nearly two decades, since Ronald Reagan left office, America moved steadily in the direction of the left, both culturally and politically. When the Soviet Union fell, optimistic scholars believed the world had shifted inexorably in the direction of free markets and liberal democracy. Instead, the West gradually embraced bigger government and weaker social bonds, creating a fragmented society in which the only thing we all belong to, as President Barack Obama puts it, is the state.

All battles for the soul begin with culture. And while the battle against Obama’s unprecedented growth of government started with the tea party victories of 2010, the cultural battle against the left didn’t truly take until 2013. The seeds were planted for this cultural battle in earnest in 2012, when Obama and his Democratic Party allies put race, sexual orientation and abortion at the core of his reelection campaign. Americans were told by the media that Obama’s competence mattered less than the fact that half the country was mean, nasty, racist and homophobic. Todd Akin’s absurd comments on conception via rape were the issue, Americans were told, not the imminent takeover of the health care system; Obama’s sudden support for same-sex marriage was the issue, not his devastating regulatory state; George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin were the issue, not the destruction of entire swaths of the United States via leftist governance.

And it worked. Conservative Americans, bludgeoned into silence on cultural battles, decided to focus entirely on Obama’s economic buffoonery. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work; culture, as my friend Andrew Breitbart was fond of stating, is upstream of politics.

2013 marked a turning point. From Chick-fil-A to “Duck Dynasty,” conservative religious Americans found their footing: Whether you are for or against same-sex marriage, it is plainly un-American to override someone’s religious beliefs in the name of your politics. Conservative Americans seemed to realize, for the first time in a long time, that the battle over same-sex marriage came wrapped in a larger battle over religious freedom. And they fought back, and won.

Meanwhile, conservatives began to fight back against the left’s uncorroborated assertion of right-wing racism. While MSNBC focused laser-like on one Confederate flag at an anti-Obamacare rally, those same MSNBC hosts laughed at Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild (Melissa Harris-Perry), suggested that someone ought to “p***” and “s***” in Sarah Palin’s mouth (Martin Bashir), used anti-gay slurs (Alec Baldwin), shook down businesses over race (Al Sharpton) and labeled words like “black hole” and “Chicago” racist (Chris Matthews). Race, the right realized, was an obsession only for the left.

And in the aftermath of the left’s successful 2012 “war on women” meme, the right began to fight back, too. Beginning with the left’s attempted deification of amoral Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, who filibustered for 11 hours on behalf of the murder of 21-week-old fetuses, the right refused to be cowed. Abortion is a real moral issue with real lives at stake, and no amount of leftist badgering could back conservative Americans off their attempts to protect the unborn.

The cultural battles gradually made their way into the political arena, too. Freed from the burden of the beige and blundering Romney campaign, conservatives stood up against the growth of government on moral, not merely practical, grounds. Obama’s signature program began to collapse the moment Americans awakened to the deep immorality of government-controlled medical care. Sen. Ted Cruz’s government shutdown strategy, right or wrong, highlighted conservative opposition to the state as cradle-to-grave caretaker. American distrust of government, for the right reasons, soared.

This does not mean the battles are over for conservatives. They’re just beginning. The media have already geared up toward nominating Hillary Clinton in 2016 (The New York Times whitewash of Benghazi this week was only the beginning). The DC-run Republican Party has a disheartening way of crippling its own conservative base in order to cut deals. But 2013 could go down as the year that conservatives moved beyond standing athwart history shouting “stop,” and began shoving in the opposite direction, which could make 2014 historic.

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  • antisharia

    Here’s what’s going to happen in November… nothing. The GOP will retain control of the house, but see it’s majority shrink a little, and will fail to reclaim the Senate. We need 6 seats we’ll take three. We’ll win in South Dakota, West Virginia, and either Montana or Alaska.
    When it comes to culture, the ascendency of libertarianism has made most who oppose Obama only care about economics. And while being taxed and regulated to death are serious issues too many are abandoning the culture wars. Take Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” many would think of this as a win for conservatives, but it’s not. Most conservative writers who “defended” Robertson did so by qualifying their remarks by saying things like “they were insensitive” “I don’t agree with him” or they don’t think gay marriage is a big deal or they support it themselves. When conservatives are drinking the cultural kool aid it’s all over.

    • veeper

      The “Right” has forgotten how to fight an opposition. The majority don’t have the “stomach” for it…..

      Tea party base has squandered 2 years while 2 or 3 people have carried the whole movement on their shoulders.

      The “Right” will never win back anything by being constantly on the defensive.

      • cathnealon

        “2 or 3 have carried the whole movement?”

        Uh, are you talking about pols, or national spokespeople like Jennie Beth Martin? Tea parties on the county level, with regular folks meeting every week, are rallying at state legislatures meeting with their reps all the time. They are fighting for fiscal as well as social issues. We are out here–just because Fox doesn’t ask us to be one of their talking heads and defers to stupid hot chicks instead (see here-25 year old ‘news editor of townhall and Fox news babe who can’t even express a viewpoint or answer direct questions when caught without a script http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfOp7AFSJNI) doesn’t mean we have squandered anything.

        The Russian dissident Solzhenitsyn said countries go down because they ignore those who are not part of “the fashionable herd.” Where is our working class electrician like Walesa? Answer: The elites on both sides won’t give him the time of day.

        • LogicinFloriduh

          So are you guys the ‘base’ that scares moderates of being ‘primaried’? If so, thanks a lot. The fact that ‘primaried’ became a verb, is the biggest single symbol of political dysfunction in our country today,

          As long as there are people as far to the right as you guys our country will never get anywhere. Why are you guys so insistent on blocking progress.

          This whole article depresses me. The simple fact that there are people that think progress is a bad word makes me sad. One of the main things I strive for in my life is personal growth and progress. Another core value is not to let fear dictate any of my decisions. You guys are the complete opposite of anything that gives me hope for the future.

          • No RNC

            Floriduh Fail….Progressive is a noun meaning follower of Cultural Marxism the cancer of civilization, logic is something you fail in understanding, U r a TROOL, combination of troll & tool! May UR life be full of minimum wage or less.

    • Rdlake

      Too many scumbag Rinos who have been in Washington for decades & hold hands with DemoRats behind closed doors. If GOP wins the Senate & keep the house, do you think they’d repeal all this outrageous laws the horned Obama has enacted, or restructure the Socialist EPA, DOJ, close down Commerce Dept & other useless agencies. Answer is no.


      Better a “Duck Dynasty” than a “Sharia Dynasty” or a “Progressive Fascist Dynasty”.

  • veeper

    Until the various media sources and media outlets including such formats as “Frontpage Mag. and Breitbart stop stifling, blocking and censuring the anger of conservatives and those that have become fed up with being attacked, there will be no movement to protect america or it’s citizens.

    Websites like Breitbart that have become a tool and pawn of the liberal/progressives flooded with progressive trolls. Breitbart has played into the their hand and has become an ally of the same ones that Breitbart once spoke out against.

    Stop censuring the anger of the people. Allow the people to express their true opinions and feelings. Stop being controlled by the liberal/progressives “politically correct” BS.

    this war will not be won on the enemies terms.

    • adumbrate

      Veep – dude. Your New Years hangover is nauseating. Fight the enemy. Don’t be such a tool. Brietbart / Frontpage are gladiators for the truth. There are a lot of progressive enemies- go find them and preach your nonsense there.

      • veeper

        There you go….Dudette

        proved my point…..

        • The March Hare

          adumbrates’ refuting what you said doesn’t prove your point. You seem like nothing more than a troll yourself.

          • veeper


          • The March Hare

            Can you only reply in non sequiturs?

          • veeper

            OFA has a sale on new and improved bigger blinders. Much better than the ones you’re wearing now.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          I am not a troll, my politics is to the “right” of Rush Limbaugh. Veeper is right, these Conservative webpages are acting like cowards. I wouldn’t want any of them in a fox hole with me in a combat situation. One could never trust them to cover your backside.

          • lyndaaquarius

            but,glad that you are a big supporter of Senator Cruz.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            Like the way the Huffington Post has begun to handle the comments section? I agree though that sites I consider conservative are still dancing on eggshells. Look how they capitulated on the “Knockout Game”. The story suddenly shifted to leftists saying it wasn’t true. Why? Because it was the only thing they could do. It’s not like they can even consider an error on their part. So they were just being natural.

            Conservative news and sites went after the denial story instead of discounting it quickly (like, with the facts) and going after the actual problem. Taking it directly to the leftists who are avoiding the issue. It’s time for the violence, the racist BLACK violence to be addressed.

            Why wait for it to play out in the street?

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Those that now run Brietbart are cowards. They have refused to even discuss the fraudulent Selective Service registration of Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama). That by itself would be enough to force this Mutt in Chief to resign. The penalty is a $250,000 fine and a 5 year prison sentence. They refuse to discuss the 28 month legitimate criminal investigation of Barry Soetoro which has proven beyond ANY doubt that the April 27th, 2011 computer generated birth document is a forgery. They refuse to discuss the E-Verified flagged fraudulent Social Security # (042-68-4425) of Barry Soetoro. There is only one explanation for this refusal to discuss, cowards. Frontpage has also refused to discuss these crimes. Hell, they refuse to even interview those who conducted the investigation, why is that? Cowards!!

  • adumbrate

    The article ignores amnesty. Immigration has turned 2 power brokers of the conservative movement (Ryan and Rubio), into a couple of little girls.

    Instead of making the argument that immigration is an imparative issue , but Obama has made it impossible to broker a deal because of mistrust and illegally changing law (Obamacare) – they pander to the “movement”.

    Conservatives are toast if conservatives give Obama amnesty.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Can they actually be bought to political death? Watching republicans cave has turned me into a spelunker. If they legalize 30 million interlopers who should be deported the parallels to the deal Reagan cut won’t be of much use. Unless the voter happens to be someone who may have been affected by toxic job loss. But that’s unlikely since republicans are all wealthy and live in gated communities. Oh the irony.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I hope folks realize that Cruz is NOT a “natural born Citizen.” He is a dual citizen as is Barry Soetoro, both are ineligible to be POTUS. Someday conservatives will wake up to this fact. Mark Steyn, the Rush Limbaugh guest host just raked Cruz over the coals proving that the dual citizenship will make Cruz ineligible, period. Charles Krauthammer also made that observation. It is a damn shame that neither of these brilliant men can make that same connection to Barry Soetoro. It will happen someday. Perhaps Ben Shapiro will figure that out someday.

    • Hal Jordan

      Ted Cruz’s mother was an American citizen. He’s as much a natural born citizen as Barry Soetoro, or John McCain.


    I predict that all predictions will be wrong.

    • Ohbama Binlyin


  • keyster

    The “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush’s thought Reagan was too harsh and sensed the GOP losing popular appeal to Democrats. And then there was Dole and Perot leading to more of Clinton, who at least was pragmatic.
    Who is our next Reagan?
    I see Cruz trending.

  • American1969

    2014: Throw All Establishment Bums Out.

  • Habbgun

    Conservatives will do what conservatives do best. Make universal ideas into something that appeals only to older voters. The young should be looking at those within their ranks who exploited them, who created a false “cool” and a right way to think because they were doing the bidding of their politically connected parents. The young should be realizing they were sold out and who they should be angry at. We could be reaching that demographic instead we’ll be congratulating ourselves for the success of Fox which is to politics what professional wrestling is to sport.

  • LogicinFloriduh

    Uhh cowards or real journalists? Just because they don’t write about or broadcast your radical conspiracy theories doesn’t make them cowards. It just makes them somewhat responsible journalists. Do you think you know something that any journalist would be salivating to get their hands on, regardless of political beliefs, if a journalist broke a story like that it would make their career!

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I got it right the first time COWARDS! A true to the heart journalist would have been all over this fraud and criminal activity just like Woodward and Bernstein were during the Watergate mess. These crimes are much, much worse than Watergate and folks like yourself will soon have much poop on their faces. What a day that will be while at the same time the most pathetic day in American history. Folks like yourself is the reason this Fraud in Chief is still able to be sitting next to the Nuclear Football.


    Truth or Fiction?http://youtu.be/5wu8fjNr61Q