Why Conservatives Win Elections and Lose the War

Occupy Wall Street supporters march callOn April 1, 2014, President Barack Obama triumphantly announced that 7.1 million Americans had selected a health insurance plan through Obamacare. In doing so, he nastily labeled his political opposition uncaring and unfeeling. “Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?” Obama asked. “Why are they so mad about the idea of people having health insurance?”

That night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert sat behind his desk at “The Colbert Report,” playing his version of a conservative: vicious, mean and cruel. “I wish I could come to you with some good news, but the worst imaginable thing has happened: Millions of Americans are going to get health care.”

This is why conservatives lose. They lose because while they proclaim that Obama’s signature legislation fails on the merits, raising costs and lowering access to vital services, the left surges forth with a different message: Conservatives are rotten to the core.

This message doesn’t just emanate from politicians in Washington. Entertainers like Colbert parrot back White House talking points in the guise of mockery. For many young people who get their news from Colbert, the only conservatism they see comes out of the mouth of a hard-core leftist playing a conservative who doesn’t exist. There is no conservative sitting up nights wondering how to deprive Americans of health insurance. But many young people don’t know that. They simply assume that the person Colbert is parodying must exist — otherwise, his satire isn’t satire at all, but a political smear job, an ugly and stereotypical blackfacing of conservatives.

For Colbert, to be funny, one of two alternatives must be true: Either his repulsive character must be based on a core reality — conservatives are evil — or his audience must believe in that core unreality.

With the help of Obama and an entertainment industry dedicated full time to the defacing of conservatives’ character, the latter has certainly become the case. Too many Americans now perceive conservatives as morally deficient. All it has cost is hundreds of millions of dollars and several decades of consistent attacks springing from Hollywood and the political world.

That’s why so many Americans now seem comfortable giving the government power to violate freedom of conscience for conservatives: Evil people don’t deserve freedom and therefore, can be deprived of it. People who consider themselves civil libertarians suddenly find their inner totalitarian when it comes to Christian-owned bakeries. That can only happen when those people become convinced that Christian-owned bakeries are fronts of hatred and darkness. And that can only happen when they are falsely maligned as such, over and over again.

Conservatives can win short-term political fights and lose the war for hearts and minds. And that’s precisely what has happened, thanks to the lack of moral clarity on the right. It’s not enough to be good on policy. Americans must think of you as good. By neglecting that deeper battle, conservatives sow the seeds of their own destruction — and the destruction of American freedoms, as well.

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  • Robert Johnson

    Yes! The NAZIS demonized their opponents in the EXACT SAME WAY as the American liberal / marxists now demonize their opposition. No one can deny it. Look all around at the growing hatred and division, deliberately cultivated by the leftists. Beware Liberals, cultivating the flames of hatred and division will ultimately consume you and your “enlightened” society as well as those you think are your enemies.

    • Joe

      The NSDAP was riven from top to bottom by bufu’ing hoe moes.

      Check out THE PINK SWASTIKA, 4th edition

      defendthefamily com

  • truebearing

    One could choke on the irony here. The ruthless, deviant Left, that openly mocks Judeo-Christian morality, succeeds in painting those who do respect morality as the immoral ones. Political Correctness supplanted true morality, and the adherents to the same beliefs that led to 100,000,000 people being killed by leftist regimes in the 20th Century are now the arbiters of right and wrong, good and evil. They have achieved a Moveable Morality that is designed to keep conservatives constantly off balance and apologizing…like someone who is guilty of something, but isn’t sure exactly what it is.

    Antonio Gramsci maintained that the key to a successful revolution in the West was to destroy and replace Judeo-Christian morality. Alinsky taught the Left how to demonize an opponent. The Left learned to create false morality plays where conservatives heartlessly throw granny off a cliff, deny women equal pay, or purposely impede progress on the great global warming scam. The Right needs to learn to lampoon the Left, expose the absurdity of its lies, but most of all, translate the benefits of the conservative beliefs in a personal way. I believe the abortion issue is being won by conservatives because they translated their beliefs into a message of compassion, backed up with scientific fact. That should be the template for reversing the demonization conducted by the Left.

    What the Right needs to stop doing is apologizing for any violation of Political Correctness. Every time a conservative is singled out for such an infraction, it should be identified as politically correct persecution and accompanied with an example of the corruption, stupidity, and absurdity of the contradictory pseudo-morality known as political correctness. As a warping of meaning, political correctness needs its true meaning exposed and rendered inoperable.

    • Steeloak

      That is what we conservatives have been screaming at the Republican leadership for years – fight back! Ridicule the left, get in their faces with the truth. Expose the hypocrisy of their beliefs. Fight on our terms, not theirs.
      Stop apologizing, stop being politically correct, stop playing nice to try and get them to like us. They don’t and never will. We need to boot the Karl Roves advising the party and find more Lee Atwaters who know how to win.

      • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

        You’re only problem is that Conservatives are always the biggest hypocrites and if you want true hypocrisy, look no further than the modern evangelical christian movement. EVERY DAY, there are stories of yet another Christian somewhere in the nation, who’s raped or molested a little boy or girl. In fact, the incidence of Christian pedophilia is higher than any other cultural or even subcultural group.

        • Steeloak

          In a sense, you are right. We conservatives hold ourselves to high standards so when one of our side is exposed for having done an immoral act it is always news – precisely because we hold to a higher moral standard. In contrast, everyone knows the other side is immoral, so they get a pass.
          In newsroom parlance – a conservative being immoral is a “Man bites dog” story. A Democrat being immoral is a “Dog bites man” story.

        • http://europa-antiqua-arca.blogspot.com/ clavdivs

          This is unsubstantiated slanderous gibberish.

    • wildjew

      I mean no disrespect truebearing, from my perspective it seems we’ve abandoned the Judeo part of Judeo-Christian and maybe even the Christian part of Judeo-Christian if by Christian we are talking about Jesus and what he would have us (conservatives) do.

      • truebearing

        I don’t disagree and I don’t see your comment as disrespectful at all. It is an excellent point. I will admit you caught me off guard, but actually I’m glad you did.

        We did abandon both and now we have people who believe that they can be “fiscal conservatives,” sans the morality component. That kind of shallow thinking helped get us where we don’t want to be. The moral/spiritual vacuum is what allowed the social cancer of the Left to grow in the first place.

        I’m glad you brought this up because I’m afraid we are all getting sucked into thinking that a political solution, in the form of a political victory, is the answer when there is so much more that is needed to truly win this fight. The irony of thinking political victory is the solution is that we are then playing the Left’s game. Politics is their religion, not ours, but the problem with continuing to lose politically is that what we believe will be attacked until it is driven underground.

        Jesus wasn’t a political person, yet his teachings brought about the greatest revolution in human history. What would he have us do now? An arresting question and one that demands some thought. I’m not arrogant enough to presume to know the mind of Jesus, but I believe he would want us to unite again as “One nation, under God” and fight to prevent the nation falling under the rule of atheist Marxism or the false religion of Islam.

        • Moa

          I’m an atheist, but what is more important is that I am a *secularist*. The latter leads me to stand with the Judeo-Christians when they are under attack by totalitarian atheists.

          The problem is not atheism, it is totalitarianism – no matter what form it comes in.

          “false religion of Islam.”
          For a start Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that happens to have some superstition sprinkled on top as a fig leaf (technically, it is derived from the Arian heresy of Christianity). If you are a Christian then Islam is against every teaching of Christ (mercy vs sharia punishment; peace vs jihad; chastity and continence vs sex slavery; truth vs taqiyya, etc etc). Islam is the religion of the anti-Christ from this point-of-view.

          Marxism is only atheist from the point of view they reject YHWH. They are totally religious when you consider they worship the collectivist State and hold that above everything else.

    • Moa

      Great post. Just one thing, you could also help by calling Politcal Correctness by its true name every time you post.

      If you call it “Cultural Marxist Political Correctness” (it’s true name) then you destroy the deceptive euphemism and highlight in the minds of the reader what it is, where it comes from, and where it is designed to take us.

      Please keep up the great work, you post was excellent.

      • Joe

        Consider this:

        AIDS (Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome) prevents the body from defending itself from opportunistic infections. With the body’s defenses down, infections grow unchecked, ultimately killing the body.

        Political Correctness is the AIDS in society. With PC you cannot defend traditional morals. You cannot defend the nations’ borders. You cannot enforce criminal and election laws. You cannot enforce immigration laws. You cannot prevent homosexuals from invading the Boy Scouts, despite the entirely foreseeable results. It is psycho-babble. It’s the lies of the serpent in the tree.

        Political Correctness is the AIDS in society.

        • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

          But your biblical traditions aren’t moral at all! In fact if you truly examine history and the bible you’ll see that it excuses and endorses some of the most depraved human behavior including slavery, rape, torture, murder and even the stoning and burning to death of one’s own children. What the sadist and psychopath do because they’re mentally ill, the Biblical ‘moralist’ does for “duty” or “justice”. Who can forget the God of the bible murdering first born babies in the streets? Christians are just taught to ignore all of their own unspeakable acts but are forever whining and pissing and moaning about the sins of everyone other than themselves.
          You also clearly know nothing even about AIDS, which is easily treatable and remember, it’s not homosexuality that causes AIDS, it’s USAFE SEX. Or you would realize that heterosexuals have way more AIDS victims worldwide than gays. And the people who have the LEAST amount of risk of getting AIDS are LESBIAN women, so you can’t even think straight.

      • Fritz

        Apparently it was Mao Tse Tung that created the term “Politically Correct” during the terror of the “Cultural Revolution”. The Left seldom refers to such speech codes as Political Correctness anyhow, they usaully employ some euphemism like “inclusive language” or refer to creating a so called “Safe environment” when they impose it on everyone.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      re: truebearing

      Sadly, the death toll is much more than 100,000,000 from socialism.

      World War 2 in Europe had two Socialist blocs, the Axis and the USSR, going at each other. 14 million Soviet troops (most were squandered by Stalin), 10 million Soviet civilians, 10 million German civilians, several million other Axis civilians, 4 million German troops, more than a million Allied troops, 6 million Jews, 6 million German Christians, Slavs, Roma, etc. No one knows how many, but 50 or 60 million perished from Axis and Soviet actions in WWII.

      The Russians estimate that Stalin killed 25-50 million civilians.

      Brezhnev several million.

      Lenin about 8 million.

      China had 30 million die each in the Chinese Civil War, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. History’s greatest human killer was Mao. Some 400 million abortions. Unknown other millions dying in the gulag, from official displeasure, starvation, lack of medical care, etc.

      100,000 directly murdered by Castro. Several million over the last 60 years from preventable diseases and malnutrition.

      3 million vietnamese. 2 million cambodians.

      Several million in africa from various socialist regimes.

      The Warsaw Pact saw millions starve, die from curable disease, and so so on.

      By the time the deaths we know of are tallied up, it’s more than 250 million. Add in abortions and it gets close to a billion people murdered by the different branches of socialism.

      • Joe

        Check out DEMOCIDE: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT, by Professor R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii. Last time I checked, his estimate of the body count of innocent victims of government genocide was 270 million, the vast majority of which from Socialist regimes.

      • Fritz

        I haven’t heard of the Chinese Civil war added into the body count under Mao Tse Tung, but by best estimates from 1948-1977, he was indeed the world’s worst mass murderer, even worse then Stalin. The number of deaths from the Great Leap Forward has been counted as high as 50 million due to the famine that followed it, the death toll from the “Cultural Revolution” AKA Mao’s great purge or 1966-68 was in the millions as well, and never mind how many were liquidated through Mao’s own version of the Gulag before and after the 1960s.
        In the Worlds longest running social and economic experiment, the former USSR, the estimates are of at least 75,000,000 between 1917 and 1993. Yet there are still hundreds of fools who think that Communism is still workable, they just didn’t implement it properly.
        Even Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to go back to the bad old days of Communism under the Soviets. He wants the power, glory, land mass, and military might, but has little interest in the social engineering and central planning aspects.
        The Chicoms have more or less abandoned Communist theories and have reverted into a crony capitalist/cleptocratic /fascist state, they kept the thuggish police state and chucked the rest.

      • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

        Yet Stalin came from a Russian Orthodox household and because of his religious upbringing ended up being a fascist. Atheism isn’t a religion, so you’ve got a huge fallacy that you’re apparently unaware of. Also, Hitler was a devout Catholic Christian and even after WWII broke out he was attended mass. This is one of the reasons why the bank of the Vatican was offering reparations to jews who suffered in the holocaust because they had blood on their hands.

        • http://europa-antiqua-arca.blogspot.com/ clavdivs

          Your comments verge on self-parody … Article criticizes blind left-wing hatred, playing loose with historical facts (in reality, for example, Hitler closed hundreds of Catholic schools), etc. and you respond with exactly the same kind of ignorant demonization. Since your profile picture looks like a zombie, I’m hoping your comments are parodic, but maybe you just did too much drugs?

        • Joe

          Actually, he was a paganist homosexual.

          You need to learn more about the NSDAP. A bunch of misfits if there ever was one, and far from Christian.

          But hey, lies work for you.

    • Joe


      You know that the Left (meaning the Obama regime in collusion with Soros-funded adjuncts, such as ACORN, Code Pink, Moveon, etc.. ) have made it their business to aggressively invade the discussion threads in social media to troll, divert, distract and inflame, in order to “control the narrative.” BREITBART posted a story on this subject in March 2009, entitled Online activists on the right, unite!

      Take a look at the Alinskyite POLITICALSTRATEGY ORG, with the framing project. It is essentially the play book for online trolls, as well as for disruptive strategies during real-life encounters (e.g. infiltrating and disrupting TEA Party functions, attacking traditional marriage supporters, etc.. ).

      This is not a mirror-image fight. We have Americans pitted against America-hating liars. And they are very aggressive.

      • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

        Keep saying that over and over Joe and you’ll start to believe such nonsense. You seem to be forgetting that the Christians already LOST the cultural war of the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, they lost very miserably, which is why most sane and rational people look at Christians with such disdain because they’ve seen the horrors they are capable of.

        • http://europa-antiqua-arca.blogspot.com/ clavdivs

          Did you just finish reading your first Richard Dawkins book?

        • Joe

          What’s the matter?

          You afraid folks will visit POLITICALSTRATEGY ORG and see for themselves what the hateful Left has been up to?

          The Left squeezed that steaming pile out, not patriotic Americans. I invite the Readership to visit the site and see for themselves.

  • JDinSTL


    Of course you’re right.

    What do we do?

    • adamjw2

      I think when you talk to people of the opposite political spectrum, just ask them what they think you believe. You will probably be shocked at how poorly they can explain it, OR how little they actually understand about your point of view. Then take the time to correct them about WHY you believe what you believe.

      Just my 2 cents.

      • VL123

        There’s no talking to the other side..there’s no convincing them. You aren’t gonna “convert” them to conservatism. Obviously they know little..they just parrot what they hear in the media or from celebs. Getting our ideas out there and “winning hearts and minds” is the only way to defeat them. But leftism roots from socialist Aliskyism which I think is pure evil.

  • UCSPanther

    I have noticed that leftists tend to use “Gaslighting” a lot in their tactics, where they try to get their opponents to question their own sanity.

    It goes well with the fact that they don’t debate their opponents, they heap abuse on them. It is highly dishonorable, and there is only one way to fight a dishonorable opponent.

    • A Z

      During the Lebanese Civil War, Muslims were torturing Christian Phalangists prisoners to death. After a while the Phalangists returned the favor. This is an important lesson to learn.

      But of course I am just a crackpot or so some will say. But consider this. During WW2 a bomber crew which was shot down in France were captured by the Germans. The Gestapo got a hold of them. They were sent to a Concentration camp. Fortunately for them it shared a fence with another prison. One day the airmen saw Luftwaffe personnel inspecting the camp next to theirs. They waved to them and attracted their attention.

      The Luftwaffe officers got them out of the concentration camp. The Gestapo and others were shooting German soldiers in the streets in the not too far future. there was some risk for them going up against the SS (not the Waffen SS) and the Gestapo. Among the other things the Luftwaffe officers argued that if they did not treat the airmen well their own captured airmen might not be treated well. So they courage was reinforced to face the fanatic.

      You do not have to torture, but the enemy has to respect or fear you. This is what I have learned form reading “The Prince” and from other reading and observations.

    • A Z

      Found the story or a similar story. I thought it was an American aircrew. Maybe there was more than one air crew mistreated.


      “For several weeks Lamason negotiated with the camp authorities to have the airmen transferred to a POW camp, but his requests were denied. At great risk, Lamason secretly got word to the Luftwaffe of the Allied airmen’s captivity and, seven days before their scheduled execution,156 of the 168 prisoners were transferred to Stalag Luft III. Most of the airmen credit their survival at Buchenwald to the leadership and determination of Lamason.”


      • Drakken

        General Galland and Student also had a hand in not letting the gestapo have their way.

      • Moa

        I’m a New Zealander and service in my Air Force (although much later). A few of us still remember what Lamason did (he was a New Zealander).

        If even a little country like New Zealand can make a difference in one area, each of you can too! have courage friends and fight like your life and liberty depends on it (because it does – we are seeing the slow-motion take over of the West by totalitarians).

        • Nabukuduriuzhur

          As strange as it sounds to us today, there were a few decent people in the Wehrmacht. Rommel was a Christian, so was Paulus. They tried to reduce excesses while still doing what they considered their duty. The rank and file general was not a Christian and it showed in how they went along with socialist ideas even when they didn’t think it in their troops’ interest.

          Some repented after the war. Speer did. Von Rundstedt did. Kesselring did. It’s too bad they didn’t before war broke out.

          • Joe

            Actually, the Wehrmacht was rank and file German Middle Class. Most of the atrocities ‘Schrecklichkeit’ was committed not by combat troops, but fifth-echelon political troops like Gestapo, Totenkopf SS and other Einsatztruppen.

            Gave the entire army a bad name. One of the best kept secrets of WWII.

    • Joe

      Check out their playbook


  • WillielomanIII

    Really, this is interesting, but it is somewhat off the mark. Ronald Reagan won two national elections by wide margins at time when about 95% of the media portrayed him as a maniac that would blow up the world with nukes. Conservatives lose elections and public support now because 1.) they eschew heavy engagement in pop culture, abandoning most of the field to the left that now owns pop culture where much of the electorate gets its understanding of good vs bad, funny vs. dumb; 2.) because we have a Repub party leadership that incessantly talks about federal budget issues when more that 70% of the voters live paycheck to paycheck and really cannot relate to worries about the federal government running out of money when they may not be able to pay their bills; 3.) a focus on restrictive issues on social policies not based an strong moral case, but rather based on demonizing the other side, abortion is the key issue on this; 4.) putting up candidates without strong public persona that are likable; 5.) constantly harping on the media bias issues instead of smartly executing a good PR plan to counter the left; 6.) Senior Repub leadership being pretty much part of the whole DC culture of corruption not much different than the Dems.

    • Randy Townsend

      “Senior Repub leadership being pretty much part of the whole DC culture of corruption not much different than the Dems.” BINGO – Been saying that for years. And if the R’s and D’s aren’t fundamentally different (and they’re not), what difference does it make which party drives the bus? They both take you to the same place, it just takes R’s a little bit longer to get there. Hence, dropping voter participation percentage because people understand it is pointless to get involved. The system is rigged.

    • Paul of Alexandria

      Reagan – a professional actor as well as a consummate politician – knew how to communicate directly with the people and make his point, bypassing the news media.

      • Seek

        Reagan depended on the media to get his message out. He compromised more than you think. To some extent that’s inevitable. Power, by its nature, compromises.

        • Paul of Alexandria

          But he knew how to use the media, and how to format that message so that they would get it out. He didn’t give the news media the opportunity to change what he said. That’s not compromising as much as it is using what’s available to fullest advantage.

    • Robert Johnson

      Good points. Here’s a few more: 7) Importing tens of millions of Democrat Voters from third world countries, who are desperate and can be exploited in exchange for votes 8) Destroying the U.S. economy and then telling desperate workers they will throw them unemployment and welfare crumbs in exchange for votes, instead of real jobs. 9) Brainwashing 3 generations of Americans in schools and universities as older Americans who weren’t brainwashed die of old age each year by the millions.

  • DaCoachK

    Look to Madsen and Kirk and their plan to get homosexuality’s image changed with three steps: desensitize, jam and convert. The “jam” step is the most important, for “jamming” someone means vilifying them. If you criticize any part of homosexuality, then you are ravaged. This process is used by the Left in every single part of their agenda. They first used with abortion, where religious people and pastors were likened to Nazis. It continues with homos now. Name the issue, and the Left uses this plan to “sell” it.

    • SunsetGay

      If you seriously think people are “converted” to homosexuality, you are too insufferably stupid for your own good. Nobody is “converted” to be gay. It’s how one is born. We would sit back and mind our own business but people like you and Ben Shapiro are working hard to exterminate us off the face of the Earth. We have no choice but to fight back and stand up to your Evangelical agenda.

      If your faith says my civil rights deserve to be infringed upon or I deserve to be harmed by the power of government, than to Hell with your fascist and worthless faith.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Excellent analysis, as always, Ben. I just wish I had some decent ideas about how to counter the left’s lies. When facts and the truth aren’t enough, the problem is deeper than we initially thought.

    • Guest

      What you say is true and knowledge of your opposition is crucial to combatting him. In that regard this may help:

    • Drakken

      What is it that folks out in the country always say? Oh yeah, if you talk to that person and they still don’t understand use a 2 by 4, then they will get it.

  • Lanna

    Taking away rights, freedoms, and Healthcare some of the people is mean and cruel…especially those who lost their healthcare insurance and doctors they depended on…Truth is Truth…..Fairness should be across the board, not for minorities or those the government thinks are special that allows them to lie and stay in office!

  • nancinger

    Yes, you are right, Ben. But in your article you offer no solution to the problem. Should conservatives take out an ad and accuse the left? What should they do? Should they start name-calling the progressives? I read tons of articles stating how stupid the Conservatives are for not being clear about what they stand for. None of them offer a concrete solution.


      My solution is that we Conservatives take over the Republican Party, displacing the Establishment. That will give us a platform from which to make our case. Right now, the Establishment would rather fight us than the Left.

      • Drakken

        This is it in a nutshell. If the repubs don’t get their sh*t together and Hildabeast gets elected, this nation is done.

    • adamjw2

      Hi Nancinger, I posted this above, but this is my suggestion:

      I think when you talk to people of the opposite political spectrum, just ask them what they think you believe. You will probably be shocked at how poorly they can explain it, OR how little they actually understand about your point of view. Then take the time to correct them about WHY you believe what you believe. Then offer to do the same for their point of view.

      I think when we show that it’s not out of evil, or selfishness, but that we have come to our conclusions with REASON, people will start to learn they have to actually listen to our perspective. As it is right now, they can simply just ignore everything we say because they believe we are just bitter traditional folks who are stuck in the past.

      Just my 2 cents.

  • LoJoFo

    Conservatives expect everyone to try to “be good” and to “recognize evil” and to “respond to reason.” What conservatives don’t often realize is that today, as in the days of Noah, “every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart (is) only evil all the time.”–Genesis 6:5.

    This is a war, and conservatives have to figure out how to fight it and then get busy.

  • Michael Sunshine

    Is there a conservative policy on health insurance that deals with the bankrupting costs of being in a hospital, the insurance companies dropping anyone who develops an expensive disease or the incentives created by the fee for service system. If there is I haven’t seen it. The same could be said for most other difficult issues such as voting rights, immigration, abortion and pay gaps. It is probably true that the liberal “solutions” are wrong or at least overly simple, but it is hard to beat something with nothing.

    • tryingtopickaname

      Per health care: insurance policy portability and tort reform, for starters. What issues are there, really, concerning voting rights? Voter ID is supported by a majority of the population. ID is a requirement across our society, from opening utility accounts, bank accounts, library cards, check cashing, welfare and SS benefits; how is uniquely a burden to present that same ID when voting? Immigration? Perhaps mass deportation is not feasible, but neither is the subsidization of tens of millions of illegal residents…people, through the lens of ‘good intentions’ tend to forget that this is mass theft from American taxpayers. It should not be wrong to point to that out. Abortion? Make it legal, between a woman and her doctor, but strip the right of taxpayer funding. The pay gap issue is far more a non-issue than an issue; the gap is far more narrow that the leftist meme screams. and of the remaining gap is largely accounted for by women’s tendency to remove themselves from the workforce after having children.

    • Gislef

      Ummm, the conservative policy is to leave abortion as a state issue, as it was pre-Roe vs. Wade.

    • Sniper’s Reasoning

      These issues had been dealt with, butt leader of Senate Reid never lets one Bill from going forward that the Right has written. Simple

  • cxt

    The media is the extra man on the field for the Left. Gives them a huge advantage.
    The Right needs a conservative/libertarian Colbert/Stewart–someone to frame the Left as they are. Inept, elitist, uncaring, racially divisive, hypocritical etc. The truth but framed as humor.
    Use mockery the same way they do.


    Well, while it’s true Ben that Conservatives haven’t always made the moral arguments they should have, the bigger problem is that Conservatives do not control either political party and thus don’t have too many opportunities to make the moral case for their policies. It’s the Republican Establishment that absolutely refuses to make a moral case and just nit-picks over costs and other technicalities.

    But apart from giving Conservatives more blame than they deserve, you certainly have a point about the necessity of making the moral case.

  • adamjw2

    If you want to make some headway in clearing up the misconception of what we believe, try this. Instead of arguing, the next time you are talking to that liberal friend of yours, ask them to explain YOUR conservative views to you. He will likely end with some snarky comment like the above column mentions. But take the time to explain WHY we are opposed to government healthcare, and WHY we want to see a socialist program like Obamacare fail.

    Then do the same for him. Explain to him his liberal views. And if he doesn’t agree with your assessment, then have him correct you. Only then can you have an honest debate.

    BTW, this is not my original idea. I gathered from David Mamet’s book, Secret Knowledge.

    • ng

      Sounds like Steven Covey’s the 3rd Alternative

  • Josh Randall

    Two things:
    1) Colbert isn’t funny
    2) I wish the Dear Leader would stop using the word “folks”. He could care less about the average American.

  • winstons

    But isn’t this the advantage of the State-run media?

  • nimbii

    The mind vs. the heart…..

  • Infidel4Ever

    What Mr. Shapiro has stated so well is simply the consequences of conservatives losing the culture war. Or perhaps more accurately, ignoring the culture war. I myself am as guilty of that as anyone, dismissing so much of it as simply crap. But that “crap” is what forms the views and opinions of many across the land. Throw in the Democrat lapdog media and here we are.

  • http://americansforpetraeus2012.org johnnyangel10

    Bags and bags of communist dupes live in Hollywood and Washington and until this is put in front of the public consciousness, the general populace will not be aware of THIS FACT of American life. Unless people don’t care if communism is happening on a massive scale in government and the enternewsment field, at the very least they should be made aware of it by concerned representatives. Sure there will be more mockery from the Left, but those that choose conservative values and governing will at least have a voice in this most important debate and make THE COMMUNIST CONNECTION known.

  • Guest

    “A simple lie is more readily comprehended than a complex truth.” Thus deceit, demagoguery and disingenuousness along with hypocrisy are the Left’s core values.” simple lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes on.”

    • Guest

      Should read “A simple lie . . . ‘

    • Dingoguy

      A little help from the lapdog media doesn’t hurt either.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    In Feb 2012 I predicted conservatives will blow it for precisely the reasons given above: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/02/conservatives_lose_on_health_care_mandate.html

    Conservatives played right into Obama’s hands and gave the impression that opposition to Obamacare was based on objects to birth control. I’ve lost patience with conservatives. They just don’t know what liberty is and how to sell it. Libertarians haven’t done much better.

    If today’s right-wing leadership was around in 1776 we still have the Queen on our currency. There’s is no leadership!

  • ricpic

    It takes a backbone to fight back against the Left’s bile. The Republican Establishment (1) does’t have a backbone and (2) even worse, doesn’t consider the Left to be spewing bile. Until one comes to understand that the Republican Establishment doesn’t have a passion for liberty, let alone a passion for simple decency, nothing is clear. Clarity comes only with the realization that the Republican Party is statist too. Only not as blatantly so as the Democrats.

  • Habbgun

    Conservatives lose because we don’t attack the Democratic machine. We don’t show the low corruption of the urban democrat and ask the country if that is what they want. We don’t show the Occupy movement and ask Americans if a junkie with a rap sheet spouting “social justice” should have more of a say in government than a middle American, a black businessman, hispanic engineer or asian restaurant owner or the millions of possible combinations which makes individualism so interesting and collectivism so vicious.

    We don’t ask Americans if they really believe that they are intellectual and cultural inferiors to Europe and that just because Europe says to do something one way the world should follow.

    We don’t reach out to populations in countries (and the surrounding countries) living under Communism and ask if that is what they want. We don’t ally ourselves to other people the way leftists do.

    There is a reason we don’t do these things. We are giving people real equality and that means competition and that is scary. The leftist knows he’s out to screw everyone and cement his place in the hierarchy. We need to get over and fears because that is how we will have economic strength again. Do we really need Venezualans to be Republicans (it’s a hard sell. Who wants John Boehner and John McCain lecturing us that the club knows best). We do need them to be ardent anti-Communists and Communism does the best job of creating ardent anti-Communists. Its about time we take advantage of those opportunities.

  • Drakken

    It is not the Christians that will kill you, the worst they will do is give you a headache and be a pain in your azz(pardon the pun). Now what I would enjoy to see, is you gay folks to go screaming at the muslims like you do the Christians, you know damn well you won’t because you know damn well those effing savages will kill you. So enjoy your drama and outrage against those mean Christians, what is coming after them is far worse than any nightmare you could ever dream up or imagine.

  • SamZebra

    the victories are illusory–based on gerrymandering and stealing votes…

  • antioli

    With Paul Ryan, McCain,Jeb Bush, and the Rest of the ‘Tax the Poor,Bail
    out the Banksters’ team informing the public just what they think of
    them as Romney did in his 45% speech it’s a wonder that the Republicans
    get any votes at all.

    Melman with his list carried the day for
    George Bush in 2004. The List got out the vote formerly Republican
    voters. They were voters who got tired of Republicans betraying their
    trust. They message on the list was basically ‘this time we really mean
    The Republicans have lost the Reagan Democrats, single white mothers, employees, and the unemployed and others .

    only Republican who said something real was Scott Walker. It was that
    “when we restore jobs then there will be fewer people on public support.”

  • johnnywoods

    Democraps are demon possessed liars and Republicats are simply stupid.

  • Joe

    Sexual deviancy deserves mental treatment, and where it negatively impacts others, criminal prosecution. It certainly does NOT deserve the governmental stamp of approval.

    So no, it’s not a ‘civil right.’

    There is a close correlation between being molested as a child and becoming homosexual as an adult.

    “Proportionality: The Key”

    “Study after nationwide study (3) has yielded estimates of male homosexuality that range between 1% and 3%. The proportion of lesbians in these studies is almost always lower, usually about half that of gays. So, overall, perhaps 2% of adults regularly indulge in homosexuality. Yet they account for between 20% to 40% of all molestations of children.

    “Child molestation is not to be taken lightly. Officials at a facility
    which serves about 1,500 runaway youngsters each year estimate that about half of the boys have been homosexually abused and 90% of the girls heterosexually assaulted. (27) Investigation of those suffering severe chronic mental illness implicates child molestation as a primary cause (45% of Bigras et al’s (28) patients were homosexually abused). If 2% of the population is responsible for 20% to 40% of something as socially and personally troubling as child molestation, something must be desperately wrong with that 2%. Not every homosexual is a child molester. But enough gays do molest children so that the risk of a homosexual molesting a child is 10 to 20 times greater than that of a heterosexual.”

    — Child Molestation and Homosexuality”

  • Fritz

    Here is an question, submitted for you to ponder, with regard to the mantra of the left displayed on that placard “Healthcare is a right”. Aside from the debate over whether healthcare is a legitimate or a counterfeit right, assuming that it is indeed a right how can a “right” be rationed? I’m a resident of Canada, not only is the publicly funded healthcare system rationed it’s a state run monopoly. Canadian citizens are forbidden, by law, from paying for health services out of their own pocket that also happen to be paid for by the state run system. So if justice delayed is justice denied, what would you call healthcare delayed because you are forced into taking a number on a waiting list? So if healthcare is a right, and I must join a waiting list to get healthcare through the government system, meaning the care is delayed, then by the left’s own definition of health care being a right am I being denied my rights?

  • Fritz

    With regard to Colbert, he and Barry can spout as many taking points about the rolling disaster that is the ACA as they like, but every time someone gets that letter in the mail stating that their insurance is cancelled because their plan no longer complies with the ACA, that is the reality people face. They can tell someone that things are going good for the hypothetical other guy, but when things go wrong in their own life, (lose their job, lose their health insurance, the house burns down) the “other guy” doesn’t enter into their thinking.

  • http://churchofeuthanasia.org/ HypGnotist

    LOL. Conservatives ‘win elections’?? Don’t make me laugh. That’s almost as ridiculous as saying that the bible is some kid of authority on morality. Conservatives can really sound foolish sometimes.

  • http://europa-antiqua-arca.blogspot.com/ clavdivs

    So you’re born homosexual and can never, ever be converted. But if you’re born a man, you can “identify” as a female, right? (And if you think otherwise, you’re “transphobic.”) So why is sexual preference set in stone from birth, but “gender identity” is fluid? Is it because that’s what’s politically expedient for the Left?

  • Joe

    I started to agree with you, but you went completely insane right after “But your biblical traditions….”

    Better go to the clinic and get yourself checked. The CDC reports that one in five hoe moes has HIV and half of them don’t know.

    It’s to be expected when you play in the body’s sewer system.