Will Detroit Be Healed by Searching for ‘Subtle Racism’?

detroit-fight-shows-why-public-pensions-are-bound-for-problemsJust off of the James C. Lodge Freeway in Detroit is Eight Mile Road. The stretch near the freeway is just east of the famed area that provided the basis for the Eminem film of the same name. To its north lie predominantly white suburbs — over 77 percent of those who live in Oakland County are white — with median family income in excess of $65,000. Married couples comprise approximately half of households, with fewer than 15 percent of households led by a single female. Since 1990, the population of Oakland County has jumped from 1.083 million to 1.202 million.

South of Eight Mile Road lies the city of Detroit, with a nearly 83 percent black population and a median household income of under $27,000. Almost 74 percent of households in Detroit are led by single parents, nearly all women. The population of the city has dropped from 1.027 million in that same period to approximately 713,000.

Eight Mile Road itself paints a bleak picture. In the middle of a weekday, the streets are sparsely populated; old, solid-structure brick houses with rotten roofs dot the side streets; beaten-up Pontiacs from the early 1990s sitting forlornly in driveways. Hair salons, liquors stores and rim stores are open for business, but they’re located between defunct hair stores, liquor stores and rim stores.

What happened in Detroit? Horrific governance destroyed the industrial infrastructure that created the growing mixed-population base of the city; it centralized employment in the government while devastating the business and tax base. Businesses fled to the suburbs, as did whites. The bulk of the black population, trapped in a cycle of poverty and government dependence, sold a bill of goods by Detroit’s politicians, stayed behind.

Those politicians covered their mismanagement with racially charged rhetoric, from former Mayor Coleman Young to jailed former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. When Detroit went bankrupt in 2013, it was the final result of decades of failed policy decisions based on central planning.

When financial analysts look at Eight Mile Road, they see the tragedy of a once-proud city separated. On one side of the road, Detroit; on the other side, Detroit without the mismanagement. To fix the situation would require good governance — slashing regulations, lowering taxes, attracting business, creating jobs.

Instead, politicians offer more of the same. This week, Attorney General Eric Holder stated that America’s racial disparities are a result of continued racism and suggested that neutral laws had reinforced an enduring “subtle racism” throughout the country. Holder cited particular disciplinary practices in schools and sentencing guidelines as repositories of racism.

None of this will heal Detroit or places like it. Economic health requires a dedicated workforce, a free entrepreneurial climate, protection against crime. Those, in turn, require solid two-parent families, a competitive educational environment and a dedication to equal application of the law rather than equal results under it.

Eight Mile Road is a blot on a once-beautiful city. It will remain a dividing line so long as America’s politicians continue to use it as one.

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  • Judahlevi

    Detroit’s problems are easily solved – you start with competency.

    Competency comes from the human mind, not the body. Politicians in Detroit need to be elected based on their competency, not their skin color. If the politicians, and other individuals running Detroit, are competent – regardless of skin color – Detroit’s problems eventually would be resolved.

    Holder is just another racial demagogue who will prolong the problems of Detroit rather than solve them.

  • karpenter

    But Blacks Vote Race(D) As Their Only Criteria
    Hence, I Leave Kansas City


    Detroit healed by subtle racism?

    Rather HARMED by subtle racism – by socialists, regressive progressives, neo-commies.

    • kasandra

      As a former Detroiter, I can assure you the racism against whites was not at all subtle. Mr. Shapiro has it exactly right when he says ” None of this will heal Detroit or places like it. Economic health
      requires a dedicated workforce, a free entrepreneurial climate,
      protection against crime. Those, in turn, require solid two-parent
      families, a competitive educational environment and a dedication to
      equal application of the law rather than equal results under it.” Since Detroit has none of those things, its outlook is bleak. (However, Eminem was from East Detroit – now East Pointe – which is far east of the Lodge expressway and 8 Mile Road and in a different county.)

      • CapitalistPig

        None of which will ever happen under Democrat economic & family policy—but I’ll bet the party is working tirelessly on other critically important issues—-like Same Sex Marriage,……..gosh, you’re so judgmental!

      • CapitalistPig

        None of which will ever happen under Democrat economic & family policy–but I’ll bet the party is toiling tirelessly on other critically important issues–like gay marriage………gosh, you’re so judgmental!

        • kasandra

          I confess. I am judgmental. That’s why I left Detroit. A kleptocratic government, unbelievable crime rates, drugs, social disintegration, rampant physical destruction of property and a 47% adult illiteracy rate, plus nearly half a century of corrupt, racist, incompetent leaders, ruined the city and, as I said in my prior post, I don’t see any reason for optimism that it will turn around anytime soon. Now, there may be places run by Democrats that are better run and don’t have some of these “issues” but I agree that Detroit is the result of Democrat policies run amok.

          • CapitalistPig

            That’s called “voting with your feet”. It’s why so many liberals want to do at the national level what they did at the local level–it’s much tougher to vote with your feet when there’s no where to go short of leaving the US itself. God help us all if they succeed. My wife & I recently retired, we can pull up & move on at the drop of a hat.
            I’ve long said you will know that America is beginning to heal when Washington DC & the booming corridors surrounding it begin to look like Detroit—then you’ll know the rest of the country is on the right track. .

  • CaoMoo

    Detroit will be healed with a bulldozer and people of vision nothing more nothing less. More likely though it will simply collapse.

  • Redbird25

    Detroit is a great example of how liberalism is a cancer.

    • Seek

      Detroit is a great example of how blacks are a cancer. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Pittsburgh have been run by liberals for decades and they’re some of the world’s most livable cities.

      It’s about race far more than ideology.

  • CapitalistPig

    As idiotic as it sounds I’ve already heard it—a city that is fully dominated from top to bottom with virtually every important administrative & policy position filled by blacks–& should by right, have a major voice in how the state of Michigan is run–blames its problems on racism.

    • Gee

      I do note that the leadership for the passed 50 years has been Democrats. Maybe just maybe that might be one of the problems.

      Every major city in America that has had nothing but Democrats in power for more than 30 years is a failure. Skin color having nothing to do with it

      • CapitalistPig

        Yes, I should have been a bit more “inclusive” to include Democrats or better yet, liberalism in general. But in this particular article, we are talking Detroit—a “model” city.
        If all the union protections, race policies, community organizing, tax n’ spend investments in schools, education & touchy feely liberalism really worked they’d have to put a fence up around the place to keep people out.
        But when liberalism fails as it so often does–racism is one of the first excuses trotted out regardless the merit of the charge.

        • Edward E


          “Anti-racists” SAY they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.

          What they are REALLY against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.

          They SAY they want a world without “hate”, without “racism”.

          What they REALLY want is a world without white people.

          What they REALLY want is a world without YOU.

          What they REALLY want is White geNOcide!

          Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

          • The Right Fight

            This comment by @disqus_4VsfrUtMRq:disqus is merely part of a guerrilla marketing scheme by the Bob Whitaker group.

            Flagged … as commercial spam.

  • Ban Liberals

    Of course!

    RAAACISM is responsible for the destruction of Detroit by black politicians.

    RAAACISM is responsible for Detroit’s crime rate (Chicago, too!).

    RAAACISM is responsible for the looting and ‘Devil’s Night’ arson.

    RAAACISM is responsible for the failure of Government Motors.

    RAAACISM is why homes selling for as little as $1 (yes, ONE dollar!) cannot sell in Detroit.


    Don’t believe me, just as Eric Holder or Obama.

    It’s racism.

    • Seek

      One picture is worth a thousand words.

      • tim sweeney

        and the Mayor of Detroit is fond of referring to himself as “the head mother-fucker in charge”, that you are Mister Mayor Sir, the Lord of The Flies.

  • CapitalistPig

    This in many ways mirrors New Orleans & Louisiana. A city that is predominantly black, run almost wholly by blacks, in a state dominated for decades by liberal Democrats (& more blacks at the state level)—& they can’t govern themselves effectively without racial divisions & grinding poverty in the black community.
    If liberal economic & social policy (redistribution, social justice, blah blah blah) are going to be such a raging success, these regions should the models we would emulate.
    Racism isn’t their problem—-liberalism is.

    • Seek

      Blackness is the main problem of blacks. Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain could run New Orleans for the next 30 years and nothing would change.

    • JDinSTL

      But, Detroit won’t have a hurricane that rids them of their underclass

  • bruce lorraine

    That’s hysterical, huck folder ignores the racist elephant in the room(black on white knockout game attacks) all the while searching for the subtle racism that white people display on their shirt sleeve.

    Dey white, dey racist.

  • mercury

    I just hope that one of these days black americans realize that the Democrats are their worst enemy. The Democrats – back abortion, which has killed a very high percentage of black babies. The Democrats – back teachers unions, which have utterly destroyed inner city school, blocked formation of successful charter schools, and prevent parents from moving their kids to good private schools (with vouchers). The Democrats – back open boarders and amnesty, which robs black youth of entry level jobs and career development.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      This is all true, but African Americans always choose the Democrats, don’t they?

      No, I’m afraid the worst enemy of black people is… black people themselves.

      • mercury

        You raise a good point. And this is certainly one of the great tragedies of the Obama presidency. I think about how much the black community would have benefitted from a truly intelligent and inspirational “first black president.” Imagine if we had a man like Fredrick Douglass – an individual who understood the importance of family, education, and faith in God. Unfortunately, black America sinks deeper into the mire – as our President steps on their heads.

        • hktony

          perhaps they feel safe at the bottom?

          • MarilynA

            Yeah. As long as White man works his tail off to fill their bellies. What we have today is reverse slavery. The white people are working while they live off their labors.

      • MarilynA

        A Democratic operative told me that they did not have sense enough to understand complex issues so the told them that their Republican opponents told lies. because they could understand that. In the South most blacks look to certain whites to look after their interests. If one of their family members gets into trouble this influential white man will come to their aid. When it comes time to vote they vote the way he tells them to vote. It is not unusual for the voting booths to be full of slips of paper with numbers on them where the White benefactor has instructed them how to vote. One black woman told me that a local Dem. politician kept hundreds of voter registration cards in his safe. On election day he sent trucks out to pick the voters up, gave them cards and papers with the numbers of the candidates they were supposed to vote for and then took their cards back before he took them home. In the big cities. black preachers support certain candidates in exchange for “Walking around money.”

    • tim sweeney

      I have this great sense of tragic loss, just at the time when a man like Dr. Ben Carson could have become the first black President of the greatest Democracy the world has ever seen, instead we got treated to the greatest gang banger flim-flam artist the world has ever seen. Good thing Jesus Christ will be here soon, it just was already baked into the cake that things had to end this way.

      • MarilynA

        What he is is a charismatic, jive talking, home boy who is a con artist.

  • cxt

    You can’t solve problems when you are unwilling or unable to name the issue.
    And the problem here is DECADES of Lefty/Dem control.

    Detroit is what happens when Lefties get control of nearly everything for long periods of time.
    Their theories simply do not work……they are repeatedly, demonstrably, overtly harmful.

  • DennisMets

    The bottom line is this white people have been programmed to just get along while blacks are being programmed to hate the devil whites. Many whites just want a safe place to raise their children and they limit their families to one to 4 kids that they can put in good schools. All the things most whites do is building trust and good respectful communities. On the other hand blacks are breeding like rats from the early age and the men are abandoning the kids to let the city raise them(that is why they come up with the phrase “it takes a community to raise kids” yes a community of taxpayers”. so the good people that get sick of being prayed on by the thugs keep moving their kids away from the bulling so then when whites move away from the murdering blacks the whites are called racist. And then the government decides they need to force diversity on the small communities that are not experiencing crimes and put Muslim refugees in their communities and it don’t take long for them to start robbing their homes and and bulling their white kids and the black leaders are programing the blacks to hate whites and believe the whites are privileged. This trend will never stop until blacks start taking care of their kids like whites and limiting the families to a small count and taking care of them their selves. Another problem is many good blacks are stuck behind with the thugs because many whites do not want to live around any blacks because they see what happens when blacks overpopulate an area.

    • MarilynA

      You left out the fact that high welfare payments and the Great Society programs which lured marginal blacks off their small family owned farms, where every member of the family had to work to survive, into inner city ghettos called public housing, then they were promised free rent, free food, free medical care, spending money and even money to buy wigs. (I kid you not. One woman on welfare said her case worker told her she was entitled to own a wig because women with money had them.) Add to that the child labor laws which say anyone under 16 can’t be hired and what you got was fat low IQ welfare mothers sitting in front of the TV, eating junk food while their low IQ kids roamed the streets, stealing, pilfering, forming gangs and getting into mischief. Add to this mixture that government schools starting white guilt and hatred whitey, and you get the situation we have today. Many of those who subsist on welfare in Detroit and other northern cities were from the South where their average IQ was 15 points below 100 which is considered normal for all races. An IQ of 85 is borderline retarded. I think you get the picture. They are just one step above animals. Why does it surprise you that they act like animals?

  • DennisMets

    I have been to many countries and one thing I can tell
    you is the United States is one of the most murderous of them all. We
    have been sold on diversity but if you look around the world you
    see it does not work. Israel will forever be a blood bath with
    Muslims (Arabs) killing Jews. And despite what our president
    says he has made it clear he will stand with his Muslims and racist
    reverends to the end. The president’s reverends and heroes have made it clear
    they hate the devil whites and they will continue to program future generations
    of black youths to carry on the hate for the devil whites. If you take what
    black leaders, reverends and the panthers are saying about whites and put the
    words in a whites mouth about blacks there would be a nationwide freak show on
    about it. Now think about this hate and what they are doing to carry out the
    war on whites? Not only are they pushing to get as many Hispanics into the
    country to get them under the minority
    umbrella and to program them to hate whites they are bringing in thousands
    of Somalian Muslims and others and they are placing them in mostly small white
    communities. This is akin to promoting war because you have diverse
    cultures like black Muslims moving in on peaceful white communities and they are
    also programed to hate whites and think they are entitled. Make no mistake the
    overall plan is to push out whites and by bringing in Muslims that over
    breed everywhere they are you can see in a few generations how they
    will overwhelm the whites that are regulating their families to a smaller
    size in order to send them to good schools and live in safe
    neighborhoods. In other words whites are paying for getting these people
    here to murder and push them out. Anyone can
    see what crimes these Muslims have brought to us as
    refugees and what our congress has become, ESP. since the
    president has only appointed people that share his views of hate and
    entitlement like Sotomayor to make sure
    minorities have every advantage in the world handed to them. How could anyone
    think that refugees or illegals from another country should get
    preferential treatment over whites that have lived and
    worked for a living)? Black people have a tremendously
    powerful voice and when it speaks people shake and do crazy things, like
    the sponsors that pulled adds with the clippers. If whites had that much
    of a voice we could get a lot of racism stopped against us to. If you do not
    think there is a war on Christian Whites your naive and stupid, why else would
    you bring in thousands of Muslim refugees that make no secret their hate
    for Christians and put them in mostly small white Christian communities?
    Normally predators are outnumbered and breed by what they prey on
    otherwise they would run out of food. But in this case the Hispanics and the
    Muslim refugees are overwhelming the White Christians they prey on and that is
    by design. I guess whites will stand by and get exterminated
    while the white leaders in politics sell them out for a dollar.

    • Fritz

      Why is this white supremacist garbage continued be posted on here? I thought this sort of talk went out with David Duke and the clan? The U.S is not even close to being “one of the most murderous countries” It isn’t even close to being in the top ten for murder by guns, or anything else for that matter. Detroit was ruined by 50 years of one party rule, it has little to do with race other then the race card is played to keep the corrupt Democrat machine in power. Combine that with a large proportion of government employees, electoral fraud (just like Chicago), tax and spend policies, and you enter a long cycle of economic and social decline.

  • Bandido

    Dresden after the bombing has nothing on Detroit. The crumbling remnants of the city should be razed to the ground and converted into a cow pasture as an object lesson. The name Detroit should be scrubbed from every map.

  • Boots

    Too briefly touched upon is the problem of the destruction of the two parent family which is the goal of liberal leadership. Destroy the traditional family and you seriously damage upward mobility… thus you have fifth generation welfare families and an almost permanent Democrat voting class. The white flight from Detroit isn’t a result of racism… they are economic refugees from the failed experiment known as the People’s Republic of Detroit. No amount of other people’s money will solve the problem. If liberal leadership were interested in solving poverty they’d be designing policy to repair the family instead of policy training more people into government dependency. Detroit style poverty is what we’ve received for our $15T investment in the war on poverty.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Talk of “liberal leadership” has been anachronistic since, well, since 1965.

      • skf1999

        How do you explain Michael Bloomberg and Bill DeBlasio?

        • Michael Garfinkel

          Surely you’re not suggesting that “Red Bill” is a Liberal?

          Bloomberg, on the other hand, requires a more nuanced analysis.

          There was evidence of classic liberalism in Bloomberg’s attitude, but he retreated, unfortunately, to a position of Leftist authoritarianism.

      • Boots

        Respectfully disagree… my comment is that liberal leadership (and policy) has destroyed the City of Detroit. Mr Shapiro only touched on it briefly in the article. We can parse over which of Detroit’s past leaders were liberal, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, left leaning, progressive or whatever… doesn’t change that the policies would never have been implemented by a conservative and the leadership was self identified Democrat.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          Yes, you’re right, of course. I just object to the term “liberal” as the default description of the Left.

          • Boots

            Unfortunately it’s difficult to be precise labeling with the variety of either the left or even the right. Progressive is what seems to be taking hold as a catch all.

  • trickyblain

    Not a word about the primary cause of the decline? Detroit rose and fell with the auto industry and US manufacturing.

    • Libslayer

      Racist Democrats and greedy unions killed Detroit.

    • John

      Detroit has not had a Republican mayor since January 2, 1962. The population fell the most (300,000) from 1970 to 1980. Detroit was declining in the 1960s and early 1970s before most people had heard of Toyota or Honda.

      Where I live the region Heart of Illinois, we were hurt by outsourcing. We have since rebounded. If Caterpillar and local governments could do it, The Big 3 and Detroit could have done it. the problem is with the Dems and their politics.

      Please try to keep up. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      • trickyblain

        San Francisco hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1964. It’s one of the richest cities in the world.

        Seattle hasn’t had one since 1969. It has one of the highest per-capita income rates in the world.

        In San Jose, California, the only Republican running for mayor this year dropped out because he didn’t have a prayer. The last Republican mayor of San Jose? I have no idea. And the city still somehow manages stay filthy rich.

        Cities in the Rust Belt (I.e., Cleveland, Cincinnati, Flint, Pittsburgh, Youngstown) have seen 40-60 percent population declines from their peaks in the early fifties. And they all began their declines shortly in the sixties. This isn’t the fault of “Democrats,” it’s the result of a vanishing economic base (manufacturing).

        In the case of Detroit, the current and recent leadership certainly didn’t help matters. But “Dem politics” weren’t the root cause. If that’s the case, how do you explain the prosperity of places like Palo Alto or Belvedere?

        And some friendly advice: If you’re going to lamely try to insult one’s “mind,” be sure to try and write grammatically sound and logical sentences (unlike: “Where I live the region Heart of Illinois, we were hurt by outsourcing.”)

        • ricpic

          All those cities you mention that are doing well? They’re overwhelmingly white.

          • trickyblain

            So is Ft. Smith Ok-Ark (69 percent white). It’s one of the poorest cities in the US. Do you think a white mayor in Ok-Ark representing a majority white city is a Dem or Republican?

            My point is that a cities prosperity has little to do with the party in power at the particular moment or race. It’s all about a solid economic base that’s not dependent on manufacturing.

          • skf1999

            Don’t confuse the racists with logic.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Exceptions do not disprove a general rule.

          • skf1999

            Disprove what? Are you saying that there are no prosperous black communities, middle class blacks, poor white communities or trailer trash?

          • Michael Garfinkel

            I’ve neither implied nor said any such thing.

            PS Judging from your later post, I suggest you calm down and avoid soap boxes and insults.

          • trickyblain

            What general rule, Mike?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            But leftists did ruin Detroit. It just took more than the politicians themselves to accomplish that destruction.

            And it has nothing to do with race. Nothing. At least not as a root cause.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “My point is that a city’s prosperity has little to do with the party in power at the particular moment or race. It’s all about a solid economic base that’s not dependent on manufacturing.”

            Basically you’re right. You can’t just line up pairs or groups of cities say this is what left versus right does. You have to run policy analysis.

        • cxt

          And you could do another list with Lefty/Dems running things into the ground……I think Frontpage did a whole article on them.

          CA–the entire State transfers wealth from the other States by/because of their population/vote base.
          The cities you mention are wealthy—and have massive taxes which keeps things afloat

          It justs taking longer because they started with more $$$$.
          But their overall income to expenditure ratios are going the wrong direction. The trend lines are not going well.

          Big gov, tax and spend, massive welfare States are doomed—they just will thrash around longer. :(

          • trickyblain


            Thanks for your polite tone.

            I will ask that you look into federal tax distribution, though. CA pays WAY more fed tax than it gets back (e.g. we are funding the states who take … meaning the entire South save Texas and Florida),. And we’ve managed to balance the budget this year — there’s even a surplus for a rainy day fund.

          • cxt

            I don’t think so…..could easily be wrong–but I don’t think your counting all the Fed programs funneling monies into the State.
            Like I said could be wrong.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “I don’t think so…..could easily be wrong–but I don’t think your counting all the Fed programs funneling monies into the State.”

            LA, SF and Oakland have substantial ports, and the entire West coast has some choice military bases and auxiliaries. It’s hard for leftists to ruin those kinds of things but they sure know how to extract their own fair share…and then some.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Both coasts have vital ports that can’t be moved merely because of politics or economic downturn, lower wages or whatever. Those are cash cows. And coasts have to be defended so you’re going to have military expenditures there.

            That gives politicians a lot more to work with and that’s why they become magnets for parasites and those that want to use the parasites to gain power.

            It’s the same with big industry, but it’s harder to keep industrial cash cows producing the proverbial milk. You can’t export ports and coastal defenses but you can export manufacturing.

        • Fritz

          You know one thing that all of those places in the rust belt had in common? Union monopolies over the workplace, particularly in the auto industry, overpaid workers with inflexible contracts . Auto manufacturing has NOT disappeared, it has moved to states with lower taxes and “Right to Work” oriented labor laws.This is why Toyota, Volkswagon, Honda, BMW, etc. have been building plants in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Carolinas, while the Detroit three have been closing plants or outsourcing to Mexico, or even worse, demanding taxpayer bailouts.

          • trickyblain

            You’re absolutely right. But keep in mind that these “inflexible contracts” included pensions, high wages and good benefits. In short, they allowed the working class to be part of the middle class, at least during the 50’s and early 60’s.

            Ironically, those are also the years that many so-called conservatives look back longingly as our golden years.

          • Fritz

            Well what good are those contracts if the company goes bankrupt or they move production to Mexico? Such inflexible contracts included being paid for 8 hours a day of work whether the plant was shut down or not. Then you have the seniority aspect where people are not promoted based on productivity but on how long they they hang around.
            In 1972 the average auto worker was paid about $5 an hour, plus whatever benefits they had, today they are paid about $45-50 an hour plus benefits, so closer to $75 an hour. Toyota and the other Japanese companies pay between $25-30 an hour plus benefits. If inflation was taken into account the hourly wage of an assembly line worker would be closer to what the Japanese companies pay.
            Just for reference, a heavy duty mechanic, which is a skilled trade that takes about 5 years of apprenticeship, pays between $30-35 an hour. Regular auto mechanics get between about $15-25 an hour, less then half what the workers who assemble many of those cars are paid. Assembly line work is largely unskilled labor, there is some training involved but it’s largely one worker performing one task over and over again, it makes absolutely no sense that they be paid more then someone who had to apprentice for 5 years in a skilled trade?
            I see that you sidestepped that issue of why the rust belt is the rust
            belt preferring to wax poetic about the “good ol’ days” that never
            were. Now that manufacturing is moving to states where they don’t take the industry for granted, and are bringing jobs and wealth to areas that previously had little of either.

          • trickyblain

            Outstanding post.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          It’s not that politicians can reboot entire local economies or that national leaders can do the same nationally. Can they have any direct effect on economic success? Yes, but you have to look at policies to justify positions.

          The Soviets had specific theories about how the revolution would be achieved. Once they realized it would be slow going and they discovered some essential realities about “replacing capitalism” they revises a lot of those theories.

          Not only did they revise their approach in their own sovereignty but they also adjusted their approach with foreign agents. Essentially what they wanted to do was get communist sympathizers in the “commanding heights” of the economy, and they did that by targeting unions and media. They did not do that by rebooting any particular local economy. Or put another way, they were attracted to power established under the status quo. The fact that people following communist paradigms could not entirely destroy the productivity of certain regions is not compelling evidence that their policies are not destructive.

          However, if you’re simply pointing out the overly-simplistic approach of pointing to successful regions and saying “this is Republican,” I agree that it takes much more effort than that to create a worthy lesson.

          Therefore if someone says “here are areas of Republican success…” they might be able to make a case, or they might not. OTOH, I can’t think of any single economic success that can be tied to “Democratic Party” policies. At best, the DP has wisely compromised a few times and they have been able to take credit for apparently leading a few successful policies.

          The entire philosophy of the Democratic Party is demagoguery based on Marxist critiques of the status quo. If some intelligent people happen to find success in the DP, it’s almost always because they were smart enough to know when to compromise. It wasn’t ever because there is anything intelligent about their party platform or ideology.

          Therefore I agree that you are correct. There are regions dominated by Democrats that are still thriving. The question is what effect did the DP or DP policies have?

          Having spent a lot of time in those kinds of places, I know for a fact that technology and progress is never driven by political leaders. At best, they know how to get out of the way and to take credit for success. The only time political leaders can drive progress is when there is massive consensus on spending money on something useful, like highways or railroads. But even then, the government did not develop the technologies. They simply organized how to pay for massive projects. And the few projects that really were valuable and smart are never mentioned as examples.

          And by the way, the only reason I generally support the RP over the DP is that they tend to have more sense about knowing when to get out of the way of progress. And then there is foreign policy, but that’s another subject.

  • ricpic

    Whites fled blacks because blacks spell the end of order and safety. THAT is the story of Detroit…and Baltimore and Philadelphia and Newark and Camden and Atlanta and and and. Please don’t insult us with these specious rationalizations for what was and is simply the plague of blackness.

    • cxt


      “the plague of blackness”


      You want to reduce seriously complex social issue to the level of pigment, or the lack thereof in ones skin?

      Seems overly simplistic to me. ;)

      • Michael Garfinkel

        Dear CXT – Every school boy knows there is more to racial differences than skin color.
        Who’s being simplistic now?

        • skf1999

          Such as what?

          • Michael Garfinkel

            If your question is an honest inquiry, I suggest you start by introducing yourself to the disciplines of biology and anthropology.

            Or ask a schoolboy.

          • skf1999

            Obviously you can’t explain it. Must have heard it at an AMREN gathering.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Maybe so. There are lots of deluded people out there.

          • trickyblain

            I’d be willing to bet good money that you’ve never made a dime off “biology” or “anthropology” scholarly endeavors (no, ad money on stormfront posts do not count — peer reviewed work in the “discipline” does). What expertise/degrees in the subjects can you show us to support your pompous post?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            He already told us that he heard it from schoolboys.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Sorry gang, but these posts, which amount to nothing more than self-righteous chest thumping, don’t merit a reply which would further a discussion.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “If your question is an honest inquiry, I suggest you start by introducing yourself to the disciplines of biology and anthropology.”

            Or a pseudo-scientific racist will do.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Dear CXT – Every school boy knows there is more to racial differences than skin color.”

          Political and social or cultural identity.

        • cxt

          Michael Garfinkel
          Don’t get it—I was responding to the statements of ricpic.
          I have no idea what you mean by your post.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Sorry, this was misdirected fire.

            It’s quite frustrating to instantly be accused of being a Nazi (as in references to “Storm Front”) as soon as one attempts to interject simple and self-evident truths into a discussion that is ostensibly, or even peripherally about race. Of course, this is a reflex of the doctrinaire Left, as we all know.

            To paraphrase David Stove, racism is defined as the belief that “some human races are inferior to others in certain respects, and it is sometimes proper to make such differences the basis of our behavior towards people.” Although this proposition is constantly declared to be false, “everyone knows it is true, just as everyone knows it is true, just as everyone knows it is true that people differ in age, sex, heath, etc. and that it is sometimes proper to make THESE differences the basis of our behavior towards them.

            The fact that certain traits are statistically associated with race well enough to make race a rational guide to recruitment

          • Michael Garfinkel

            A case of misdirected fire. Sorry.

      • MarilynA

        If being black is a plague, someone needs to explain how Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Charles Payne, Col West and other successful blacks got to the top of the heap. Each and every one of them realized he was responsible for his own success. Just like white people know they are responsible for their own success or failure.

    • skf1999

      No racism here, huh?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It might be. It’s not PC to express oneself that way, for sure. But if it is racism. it’s no different than what we hear from you.

        You are the left’s equivalent of the fringe element on the right. Is that what you want to explain to us?

        • skf1999

          I challenge you to produce one racist statement from me. You righties equate the fight against racism as racist.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            skf1999 objectivefactsmatter • 5 hours ago: “I challenge you to produce one racist statement from me. You righties equate the fight against racism as racist.”

            It’s already been done. You proudly announced that you don’t use any professional services run by “non-black” professionals. That’s racism.

            And by the way, not everyone that fights racism is a racist. But the particular way that people fight racism very often is. In your case it is.

            You’re a collectivist. You fight racism against collectives or other groups. That means you accept the fundamental idea of distinct races, and you simply find narratives that make you look like the “good racist” because you’re the alleged victim as demonstrated by your class membership.

            You’re theories are based on racism that is blessed by your particular group. It’s different than other racist beliefs. but it’s not anti-racist. It’s trying to win the race war rather than trying to unwind it.

            In fact I would say certainly that in the past 5 decades that the anti-racist racists have caused a lot more violence than the original racists where they derive their justifications.

            There is no question that you are a racist. You simply hide that fact with justifications and word games. Perhaps you’ve even convinced yourself that there is a difference between your racism and other collectivists that use political identity to fight other contending groups. You “other” people. That’s essentially what racism boils down to. But you’ve got the Critical Race Theory jargon down pat.

            I think on some level that you’re sincere. But your lack of awareness of views that lie outside of the bubble of your political identity group makes you very easy to exploit.

  • skf1999

    When did conservatives run the big cities? And if they are such holes, why are white yuppies rushing back into them? Every city is not Detroit.

  • skf1999

    Don’t white Republicans vote race? Where are the black Republican elected officials?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It seems like a lot of them are discouraged by perceived racism.

      But there are lots of diverse candidates percolating upwards. Some of them might even have skin color that makes you refer to them as “Uncle Toms.”

  • Johnny

    So long as blacks are unwilling to admit to black dysfunction
    nothing will get fixed because black dysfunction is the core problem. Also, so
    long as blacks are unwilling to admit to black dysfunction, the political support needed to deal with black dysfunction will not exist. Which is to
    say, in our current social environment nothing is going to get fixed.

    • skf1999

      Spoken like a truly functional racist.

      • MrUniteUs1


      • objectivefactsmatter

        Maybe, maybe not. Why are you not willing to engage in debate?

        From past conversations it seems like so many are dependent on the “disparate outcomes” arguments and even the suggestion that people have some control over their destiny sort of blows that question wide open and makes “black victimhood” a lot more difficult to prove.

  • De Doc

    Detroit needs a couple of Robocops!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Will Detroit Be Healed by Searching for ‘Subtle Racism’?”

    Well no, but when blame-shifting is the best (or only?) tool you have, it gets used quite a bit.

  • http://tinyurl.com/pw69arn senatormark4

    Any city that is filled with recipients of ‘income, redistributed’ is going to have fairness problems. Wage slaves get a W2 and independent contractors get the 1099-MISC. People that used to work and are now collecting unemployment might get a 1099-G. Credit card fraud on your bank account? The bank noting the fraud and returning that balance back to you will probably get you a 1099-C.

    Anybody that works or builds themselves up has to deal with reporting their income to government yearly, under penalty of law, subject to audit at a whim (especially under Obama), and their signature on the report is actionable under the law.

    Those that don’t work do NOT get a 1099-GOV for all their welfare, section 8 housing, Medicaid, Pell grants, free bus tokens, free heat in winter/AC in summer,income and are not subject to yearly filings.

    Who is running the city? Who is voting them in?

  • MrUniteUs1

    Yet another right wing Jew playing the race card. It’s constant thing with these people why?

    • skf1999

      It’s downright shameful. Jews should know better.

      • unionville

        Two more leftwing anti-Semitic bigots. It’s practically a cliché.

        • MrUniteUs1

          Yep playing the anti-semitic card is practically a cliche anytime anyone Jewish is criticized.

          Rabbis are still allowed to give circumcised males herpes
          in this country. Some actually insist on using their mouths to suck away the blood. But they can’t be criticized for fear of being called anti-semitic.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Rabbis are still allowed to give circumcised males herpes in this country. Some actually insist on using their mouths to suck away the blood. But they can’t be criticized for fear of being called anti-semitic.”

            You’re here to object to obscure hygienic practices. OK, try another venue because that’s slightly off topic.

            You are allowed to criticize anyone that you want. If you start with mendacious lies, you can expect pushback from people of integrity.

          • MrUniteUs1

            No mendacious lies.

            “Two children are dead, more are injured — yet a group of
            ultra-Orthodox rabbis say they plan to defy a health order in the name
            of religious freedom.

            Less than a year after a Brooklyn tot died following an ancient
            circumcision ritual, the rabbis say they will ignore a proposed law that
            would mandate parental-consent forms before performing the dangerous

            Over the past decade, at least one other newborn died after
            contracting herpes from the rite, in which the rabbi draws blood from
            the penis with his mouth.


          • objectivefactsmatter

            I didn’t say that was an example of mendacious lying. I’m saying mendacious lies will inspire reactions from people that are fed up.

            You are allowed to criticize anyone that you want. If you start with mendacious lies, you can expect pushback from people of integrity.

    • American Patriot

      Yet another left-wing Muslim playing the race card. It’s a constant thing with these people why?

  • MrUniteUs1

    The truth is the Bush administration and the Republican controlled
    congress instituted tax polices that rewarded companies that sent
    American jobs. The result millions of American jobs were sent overseas, including manufacturing jobs. Republicans block attempt to reverse the policy. Cities
    dependent on car manufacturing took a huge hit. Republicans were willing
    to let the American car industry go under. But they insisted on a $700 billion
    dollar bailout for wall street. Eventually U.S. car companies did get some help. But the City of Detroit got nothing. In fact the governor of Michigan held back funds that were supposed to go Detroit that would have helped the economy. Meanwhile the governor supported using tax dollars for a new sports venue. The best thing Detroit residents can do is support businesses that hire people that live in Detroit.
    Also bring back vocational training to the high schools.

    • unionville

      The truth is the Bush administration did no such thing. Allowing tax breaks or deductions for business expenses has been in place for decades. Both Republicans and Democrats have supported and reviled them all the way back to the JFK administration.

      There are a variety of reasons why some businesses choose to move overseas. High taxes, excessive regulation/mandates and production and labor costs being major ones. Hello leftwing. This is what you all excel at. So it would be more apt to say “progressives” are responsible for companies fleeing offshore.

      As to GM. What do you think Chapter 11 is for? They and the taxpayers would have been much better off if GM had used it.

      I agree with you about vocational training. I took a vocational class in high school and although I did not go into that particular field, I still developed valuable skills that I still use today. School systems that have opted out of it should rethink that move.

  • Ralph

    Well; as we see it those on Welfare, subsidies, and letting the Government furnish everything has caused the demise of Detroit and any other city that follows their path will fall into the same trap… That goes to show you what the Democrat Party and Socialism will do for people.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “When did conservatives run the big cities? And if they are such holes, why are white yuppies rushing back into them? Every city is not Detroit.”

    Most big cities are successful (and big) because of proximity to ports and other transportation. They would be even more successful under better management. But as it is they become targets of the left and cash cows for parasites.