A Gay-Rights Cave-In at Sochi?

imagesOver the last few months, while well-intentioned people around the Western world were protesting antigay actions by Russia, conditions for gay people in much of Africa were going from terrible to even worse. Last month, the president of Nigeria signed a law prescribing 14 years behind bars for individuals in same-sex marriages and up to ten years for members of gay organizations, and since then dozens of people have been arrested and gay-rights activists have gone into hiding. In the northern (which is to say Muslim) city of Bauchi, a gay man was whipped 20 times in a courtroom – a disappointment to the crowd outside, which wanted him to be stoned to death in accordance with sharia law. 

Meanwhile, gays in Uganda are waiting to see if their president signs a bill that would imprison gays for life and punish gay-rights supporters with up to seven years in jail. Ivory Coast, which by African standards is relatively moderate on these issues, was nonetheless the site of antigay rallies in late January that culminated in a violent mob raid on a gay-rights group’s headquarters. On January 19, in an apparent effort to stem what seems to be a growing tide of antigay hysteria across the continent, famous Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina came out of the closet – making him, according to reports, the first high-profile black African ever to publicly identify as gay. 

Scary stuff. Yet how many gay Americans, activist or otherwise, have gotten worked up about the human-rights situation for gay people in most of Africa? How many even know about it? Damn few. Instead, in recent months, the focus has been on Russia, with more than a few prominent Western gays worrying aloud that the Sochi Olympics would end up being the same kind of PR coup for the gay-hating Putin – in whose country it’s now effectively illegal for gay-rights activists to organize or speak out publicly – that the 1936 Berlin Olympics were for the the Jew-hating Hitler. Putin, wrote actor Stephen Fry last August in an ardent open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, “is making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews.” Consequently, “an absolute ban on the Russian Winter Olympics of 2014 on Sochi is simply essential….At all costs Putin cannot be seen to have the approval of the civilised world.” Countless other Western luminaries concurred.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Putin’s antigay campaign, which has led to arrests, beatings, and murders, isn’t utterly despicable and deserving of the severest censure – it most surely is. But witnessing the massive, months-long display of Western fury over the treatment of gays in Russia, one couldn’t help noticing the contrast between this explosion of righteous anger and the almost total silence in the West about gays in Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone (where they’re subject to life imprisonment) and Mauritania, Sudan, and northern Nigeria (where they face the death penalty).

Fry, to his credit, is actually one of the few prominent gays in the West who has paid attention to gays in Africa: last October, on a BBC program about the persecution of gays worldwide, Fry talked to a Ugandan girl who’d been raped at age 14 to “cure” her of lesbianism. But Fry is the exception that proves the rule. Why do almost all other Western gay-rights activists all but ignore the savagely antigay policies of Africa’s despotic regimes? At least part of the explanation seems clear. The despots are black – and, in many cases, Muslim as well – and the activists in question are almost invariably good little multiculturalists who know the rules: first, the white-skinned man must never, ever presume to give moral lectures to the dark-skinned man; second, Islam is above criticism.

And so we had the anti-Putin protests. Which were admissible under the guidelines of political correctness, because Russia is part of the West – sort of, anyway. And which, as I say, were a thoroughly legitimate response to a very real human-rights outrage. But now that the Winter Olympics are underway, there’s another question to be asked: namely, where have all those protesters gone? Where are the rallies? Where are the rainbow banners? Where are the defiant declarations from the winners’ podium, now that it really matters?

“Leading up to the Olympics in Sochi,” recalled NPR on Monday, “a dominant storyline was Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law and what it might mean for athletes and other visitors. Would athletes protest in any way? Would Russian LGBT activists try to demonstrate against the propaganda law at the Olympics? The answers (so far, at least) are: barely, and not really.” A gay Olympics veteran told NPR that for a competitor to think about making any kind of protest at the end of his or her event “distracts you from your focus, and they don’t need to do that.” So much for what, a few short weeks ago, was being presented as the great human-rights crusade of our time.

The story was the same in the Sydney Morning Herald. “Gay athletes in Sochi have so far been content to let their results do the talking – which suits the Australian Olympic Committee fine,” it reported on Monday. “By all means speak out,” said an AOC official, “but we don’t want any protests on the medal podium or on the field of play because that will disrupt the Games.” Gay athletes, he insisted, should “put gay rights at the back of their mind” and not let “gay rights get in the way of the job they have to do.” Gay Olympians agreed. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to make protests here,” said an Austrian ski-jumper. “I know Russia will go and make the right steps in the future and we should give them time.” Didn’t Martin Luther King, Jr., say something like that?

If the SMH seemed to think that the Austrian ski-jumper had the right attitude, so, interestingly enough, did the Guardian, which observed on Sunday that the start of the games had marked a turn in “the tide of public opinion” (not just on the gay-rights front but on the lousy-security front, the disastrous-hotel-room front, and so on), resulting in “something of a backlash against the backlash.” The Guardian, apparently, was more than okay with that. While noting that gay-rights activists had been detained by cops in Red Square during the opening ceremonies, the British left’s flagship daily seemed to make a point of mentioning this incident in passing and of treating it dismissively – as if it were a minor bit of unpleasantness that certainly shouldn’t be allowed to spoil anybody’s fun. The Guardian‘s report concluded with this bemusing statement: “These Olympics may not be rainbow-coloured, but they are not all black and white either.” Huh? Meaning what? That the fearless, speaking-truth-to-power Guardian has suddenly decided it’s not a good idea, after all, to let an overweening concern about human rights blunt one’s ability to get excited about curling and luge?

Exactly what’s going on here? In the last few days, reading these and other peculiarly docile pieces in various left-leaning Western media – media which, until recently, could be fairly described as having been on the warpath over Putin’s assault on gays – one wondered whether some of that good old-fashioned Soviet-era Western-progressive “understanding” of Kremlin brutality had, all these years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, finally kicked back into gear. No, Russia is no longer officially Communist – but under Putin it’s close enough, perhaps, to set off the old acceptance, among leftist journalists and gay-left activists alike, of the need to break a few eggs to make an omelet. As for the American gay activists, at least one explanation for their apparent withdrawal from the Russia issue suggested itself: they needed to get back to the important work of harassing bakers who won’t make gay wedding cakes and photographers who won’t take pictures of gay weddings. With such solemn responsibilities, who has the time to stay focused on Putin’s crackdown on freedom – let alone care about gays in Africa who are being terrorized by cops and pummeled to pieces by sharia-crazed mobs?

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  • UCSPanther

    The rule of understanding this selective outrage, is that when “minorities” attack each other, you hardly hear a peep from the demogogues.

    Cases like the institutionalized homophobic violence in Africa create unfavorable conditions for their narratives, and so they would much rather bury these issues than face them.

    • pavlos

      Well let’s say that when a country looses a majority of it’s population (youths between 14 – 26 )to the blight of AIDS, AND 95 % OF THE POSTITUTES ARE HIV POSITIVE, it’s just might be time to take a stand before this sexually transmitted social disease before it destroys the entire world……………Or ! are we just to frustrated on self gratification , ego centered stupid .? Let’s give (sexuality) a break for a while, they should criminalize the wonton spread of this communicable HIV disease “Typhoid Mary” mentality should be applied….. We hype global warming , pollution, the destruction of our indigenous species, and then we “overtly” promote aberrant sexual abnormalities(in our social media”) , and it’s ridiculously frustrated anomalies, same sex marriage, adoption, and the deified dialog (homophobic) . They are the intruders in our social order and community, our churches, our healthcare system, there the cult that’s destroying our health-care system with massive HealthCare cost so they can live a fixated life-style of sexual debauchery, try removing a live gerbil , or light bulb, a pool ball, from some-one’s orifices, or repair burns, bondage scars, electrification scar’s, sensors ring from one’s appendage, or preforming there sex-change surgery, breast implants, butt enhancement, rectal reduction and repair, or there common VIAGRA overdoses abuse ! ( Our health-care coverage-abuse ) and then tell me there’s normality in the acts homosexuality………. ( and then we have the major blight FUKUSHIMA) THE END OF OUR west COASTAL FISHERIES…..

  • Bamaguje

    May be the gay activists were intimidated by threats of Jihadi terror attacks on the Olympics.

  • George B from Maine

    What arrests and murders in Russia are you talking about? There are plenty of gay night clubs in Russia, one of them is just a few hundred yards from the Olympics arena. That law prohibits propaganda of homosexuality among minors only, and the most severe punishment the law prescribes is 5000 rubles ($170) fine. So far, 1 (one) person has been fined. All the rest is usual left’s and LBGT lies and propaganda.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Weird from people who claim to be the most honest about themselves.

    • scottrose

      What a hateful ignorant bigot you are.

      • Mo86

        Are his statements incorrect? (I do not know, so perhaps they are.)

        Or are you just one of those people who has nothing to say on issues and instead can only spew silly insults?

        • scottrose

          Some might say that if you give a hang about human rights, you have a responsibility to know when a gay-bashing bigot is lying. Don’t forget, as head of the US Olympic Committee, Avery Brundage commiserated with the Nazis by saying that he belonged to a club in Chicago that didn’t allow Jews. I have no patience for ignorant bigots or their ignorant enablers like you.

          • southwood

            Everyone is a bigot to you. Well, I think you’d like to shut people up for expressing opinions you don’t like. Come on, man up, or whatever is appropriate in your case, and admit it.

          • Boots

            Nice to see you bring up Nazis since the gay rights people in the US are the closest thing we have to Nazis. I’m not against gay marriage and could care less either way… but if anyone dares to “insult” gays by suggesting marriage is a union of one man and one woman the gay Nazis seek to destroy their ability to make a living. You don’t accept debate. The gay Nazi answer to everything that “offends” is “shut up or we’ll attack your businesses and employers”. I’m guessing we’re not going to very respectfully disagree.

          • scottrose

            You are correct; equality is undebatable.

          • Boots

            And totalitarian behavior is indefensible… “undebatable” means “if you don’t submit to our thought control we have no interest in debate… we will destroy your ability to make a living.” When will you have the police start kicking the doors in for those who disagree with Comrade Scott? We have more to fear from you Nazis who pee your panties at any disagreement and demand suspension of the First Amendment than we do from from people who simply believe there’s biologic reasons (or even religious reasons) for marriage being between a man and a woman. As a libertarian I don’t care who you marry as long as they’re of legal age and same specie and I don’t care how much dope you have to smoke to cope with your miserable life. Heck… I don’t care if you marry inanimate objects as long as you don’t get a tax break for inanimate objects. I do care if you want to destroy other people’s lives over a political or legal position.

          • scottrose

            Who cares what a stupid bigot thinks, after all? Equality; it’s undebatable AND inevitable.

          • Boots

            I’m for the equality Comrade… I’m just as opposed to totalitarian behavior as I am inequality. Reasonable people can disagree unless they’re talking to a Nazi.

          • Boots

            We” try again… says my response is being moderated… love your Orwellian response… like I said… within species and age constraints I don’t care who you marry or what you smoke… and both are inevitable… but you’re filled with more hate and rage than you accuse those who disagree with. You can have the last word since I really need to do some work Comrade.

          • tagalog

            If people get fined because minors somehow get mixed up in their homosexual affairs, that’s hardly analogous to Kristallnacht or the Holocaust, is it?

            Accordingly, are you meeting your own standard of ferreting out the facts to be responsible for knowing when somebody is lying?

            Involving minors in sex play in the United States is criminal for heterosexuals, and I bet it is in Russia too.

            So where is the so-called bigotry? I think you’re a little too fast on the draw in this instance.

          • Mo86


            So, you have no correction of facts to offer, and instead want to spew bigotry and hatred.

            The usual!

      • southwood

        scottrose, pot, kettle, eh ?

    • jackcb

      One way or another, at least Russia is keeping homosexuals (nothing about them is gay) from corrupting children, which is happening in many of our schools in this country.

    • JoenNYC
  • Joey

    You lost me at “Fry, to his credit, is actually one of the few prominent gays in the West who has paid attention to gays in Africa”

    Nonsense. Homosexuals in Africa, just like homosexuals in every other country, are endlessly portrayed as victims. There is no lack of media coverage of the Ugandan laws against homosexuality, for example.

    The media doesn’t care about restrictions on free speech and free exercise of religion right here in the West, however, especially when those restrictions are implemented to protect the delicate feelings of homosexuals.

    I read your book, “While the The West Sleeps”, Dr. Bawer. I know you’re a homosexual and are therefore sensitive to what you perceive as “anti-gay” prejudice. But you don’t have to go as far away as Africa to see that threats to people’s rights. Just look at Norway, your adopted country, and tell me that people have the right to believe what they want and speak it out loud.

    • southwood

      Good comment. This, and some recent articles (one by Andrew Klavan, or quoting him) show FPM up as being every bit as politically correct as the Left. And people wonder why “conservatism” in America is so weak.

      Stephen Fry, admittedly a very talented guy, is really dangerous with his outspoken support of perversion. The Africans (but certainly not the South Africans) and Russia are a refreshing counterbalance to all this despicable homosexual propaganda in the West. The African Christian nations may be a bit draconian in their response but they are reacting within their sphere of experience. As for the Muslim African states, well, who DON’T they persecute ?

  • Dyer’s Eve

    ‘The Guardian‘s report concluded with this bemusing statement: “These Olympics may not be rainbow-coloured, but they are not all black and white either.” ‘.
    It’s called having a bet each way. That’s what those in the designer hatred industry do. Anything to avoid the odd punch-up. Anything to avoid upsetting their inner-city yuppie lifestyle (if you can call it style). It is their ‘way’. The nature of the… how shall I put it… beast.

  • Michelle Therese

    Ah, well, it seems to me “The Left” only really cares about upper class Liberal Western people. They don’t seem to give much thought at all to dark-skinned third world people, except to take away their right to reproduce. (Because there are too many of “them” tainting the Earth.) My Facebook and Twitter always burst into flames of fury the moment a Western gay issue pops up. But as for the gays being tortured and executed in the non-Western countries? Nary a peep. Do I detect an elephant in the room??

    • ubuntu mcbantu

      Why should I care about Third World “dark skinned people”? All they do is reproduce and proliferate hate, violence, poverty, jihadism, etc., despite many billions in aid, and 200+ years of well-meaning missionary types trying to save them.

      Read Paul Theroux and wake up. Read Daniel Greenfield right in this blog a few weeks ago.


      Queer issues in the”third” world aren’t addressed in the west because liberals would have to face a whole lot of home truths about things that simply cannot be spoken without euphemism, or are actively censored. Like that sharia is poison.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Perhaps Russia isn’t viewed as Western after all. Perhaps they’re viewed as “an other” when it comes to religion and culture.

    Or perhaps they’re more scared of jihadi terrorists than Putin.

    • Fran800

      This tiresome article by Bruce Bawer has tainted all his other writing for me. What’s with his sarcastic remarks about gay activists going around persecuting bakers or photographers who don’t want to bake cakes or take photographs for gay weddings? Bands of malignant gays are going around smashing the lives of simple people just because apparently they have no right to object to gay weddings even in the most passive and polite way. Does Bawer think they shouldn’t be doing that? It sounds more as if he thinks this is such a natural and correct thing to do that it has become trivial. Gays need to move on; they need to smash Putin now. How about the vicious, totalitarian attacks on Duck Dynasty, Chik-Fil-A — are these prototypes for what Bawer has in mind?
      Perhaps Bawer’s most obnoxious comment is: “Russia is no longer officially Communist – but under Putin it’s close enough…” Bruce, it’s the Gay agenda that is part of the political correct, cultural Marxist movement, the modern successor to the Stalinist totalitarianism of the past.. It is part of the poison that is destroying Western civilization. Most people in the West do not want to persecute gays — but they think that peaceful bakers, photographers, bed-and-breakfast operators, etc. can express their views and act accordingly too. And they don’t want their children being indoctrinated with the LGBTQI agenda in school either. Putin is trying to rescue the soul of Russia after 70 years of Soviet devastation. Russians, as well as other people around the world, watch in horror as the once-great West stews in the homosexualist agenda, and they don’t want it.

      • mo up in the northeast

        I understand that in British Columbia, you can be arrested for speaking as a pastor against homosexuality. Please read my letter to FLOTUS, and AZ’s links as well. The hypocrisy of the Dems is an outrage.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        The problem isn’t pushy gays … it’s pushy government. Once government is involved, individual rights are violated and individual lives can be disposed of as the government sees fit.

        Putin isn’t fighting for individual rights … far from it. The authoritarian soul of mother Russia is unchanged by this autocrat.

        • Heck

          It is pushy gays and pushy government.

          Not all gays are pushy, but more than enough of them are.

        • Fran800

          I’m afraid it is pushy gays. The pushy gays (or at least LGBQ activists) are here, endlessly demanding more from us. They are fresh from attempting unsuccessfully to close down Duck Dynasty because Phil Robertson made a few non-agressive comments mainly quoting the Bible and adding that he personally preferred vaginas to anuses. Gays went ballistic. And every local politician MUST, it seems march in the Gay Pride parade or be the object of vilification. And it seems also that St. Patrick’s Day parades must have Gay-themed marchers or else be shunned. And again it seems the LGBT activists must introduce their agenda across the board in schools, with no opt-out allowed for parents.
          Say again how this relates to individual rights? And WHO is autocratic?

  • mo up in the northeast

    February 13, 2014

    Dear First Lady Michelle Obama:

    I guess I’m curious if you knew Donald Young. He was gay. He
    was murdered. He was the choir director of the church you attended for 20

    I read that he came to Rev. Wright’s Trinity United
    Church as a 12-year old.
    He stayed, he eventually received a Master’s degree in Education, he taught 5th
    grade, and he guided soaring voices up
    to God himself.

    He had those long, long dread locks. His mother, Norma Jean,
    in the photograph, holds a 5 x 7 picture of her most beloved son. She has deep eyes, swollen from grief,
    perhaps. She had retired for the Chicago
    Police Department. In an interview she claimed that the Chicago PD had told her
    that her life, too, was in danger. She must have been scared- and I believed
    she moved several miles away from Chicago.
    Should she have gone to the George W. Bush Justice Department? (But then,
    should the family of murdered Lt. Quarles Harris have also gone to the Bush
    Justice Dept- they certainly weren’t going to go to John Brennan, passport
    breech guy, also instigator of Benghazi,
    IMHO. The driver of then Senator Obama, Michael Signator, also former Chicago,
    PD, hasn’t been heard from since Donald Young’s death. I wonder if Signator
    knew Norma Jean.

    Donald had a sister, Lorraine.
    And a possible family member named Tisa-
    according to a blog posting after Donald’s death.

    The stiffening fear. The paralyzing fear. The heart-
    palpitation fear- all pervasive in the city of Chicago, Illinois – a city run
    by a true racist, Rahm Emmanuel, who said 25 per cent of the kids don’t matter-
    causing him to get into trouble with Teacher’s union president Karen Lewis, who
    had the audacity to make homophobic slurs against Arnie Duncan. Incidentally,
    Lewis is a true genius- getting Rev. Jeremiah Wright to speak, to be
    in-your-face with would-be-ballerina Mayor Emmanuel. She should be a military
    strategist, seriously.

    So nobody believes me. Nobody cares. Nobody gives a
    damn. I am not a homophobe- I just don’t
    like the hypocrisy. Gay BASKETBALL guy,
    gay FOOTBALL guy, but no justice for gay DEAD guy. Let us pray.

    Happy Valentine’s Day,


    Cc: Oprah Winfrey

    Speaker Boehner

    Sen. Rand Paul

    Sen. Ted Cruz

    Sen. Chuck

    Washington Times





    Karen Lewis

    His Holiness, Pope

  • FlyOnTheScrtm

    In as much as I am against people taking laws into their hands I also believe that laws of lands have to be obeyed. Just as many have no right to say “Merry Christmas” now in the West and no one is challenging them from Africa were we still hold celebrating the birth of Christ in high esteem. We do not wish to also be “assaulted” by the open displays of your new moral standards in your gay pride marches. Please leave Africa out of your gay business. We do not want to join you please. Be very very civilized but please leave us alone.

  • JDinSTL

    Blacks in Africa don’t have enough money to pay off “activists”, so there’s no shakedown potential.

  • reader

    The media in this country is marxist. All of these fringe groups – like black panthers, lbgt, occupiers, tree huggers – whatever – are just shock troops used at the time and the place of the Soros machine’s choosing. Right now NBC is dead set at showing how Putin dictatorship is effective at organizing epic events, so gays can shut their yappers for the time being, as far as NBC is concerned. Their time will come again – come the elections. Gullible “masses” won’t be able to pick up on nuances. Just read uptownsteve’s posts. He is one moron on the suicide mission.

  • RMthoughts

    “I’m not suggesting that Putin’s anti gay campaign,…., isn’t utterly despicable and deserving of the severest censure – it most surely is”. It seems dear Bruce Bawer is infected with the same politically correct virus that has destroyed the ability to defend and affirm Western Christian Values. He is suffering from social AIDS in that he cannot come to denounce the homosexual component of the cultural revolution which wishes to infect and destroy any vestige of morality in our current culture.. What is despicable about making, what was once the norm in any civilized Western nation, it illegal to propagate anti-social homosexuality behavior among the youth of Russia? Nothing. Even in the name of public health it is laudatory. Putin did what every Western nation once did before being infect with Gramcian socialist ideology.

  • A Z

    “Yet how many gay Americans, activist or otherwise, have gotten worked up about the human-rights situation for gay people in most of Africa?”

    JoemyGod@blogspot.com as highlighted the plight of gays in Africa. Of the plights of gays in Iran not so much.

    They also have a nasty penchant for totaling ignoring the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by the thousands by Boko Haram. They have something better to do like calling Christians by the names of christianists, thumpers, teabaggers, etc.

    They will complain about Boko Haram persecuting gays all day but not one word about Christians except to mock them. But if Obama said he was going to war against Bokok Haram and especially for persecuting gays, they would be all over that.

    • Veracious_one

      “Yet how many gay Americans, activist or otherwise, have gotten worked up about the human-rights situation for gay people in most of Africa?”

      That’s got to be in the single digits….

      • A Z

        JoemyGod blog is popular. But I think most the do is talk and support groups like the Human Rights Campaign.

        So if the HRC did nothing then they did nothing.

  • Johnny

    The quick and easy answer is that out rage in our media is fake, always. So, of course, it comes and goes based on expediency. More narrowly, as for gays, there are two reasons for the agenda. One is the general desire to undermine the notion of normal or ordinary as something desirable. The other is pandering to rich gays that donate heavily to the Democrat party.

  • DaCoachK

    So sick and tired of the bogus homo movement. Get the heck back into the closet. You people were so much more tolerable when they kept their proclivities to themselves.

    • iluvisrael

      it’s not tolerance they want , it’s acceptance of their lifestyle

      • laura r

        why should i tolerate or accept? the most i will do is treat everyone equally. what i have in my mind is my own business. some gays i like others i dont. arrest me.

  • A Z

    “Good little multiculturalists who know the rules: first, the white-skinned man must never, ever presume to give moral lectures to the dark-skinned man; second, Islam is above criticism.”

    So true. Multi-culturalists are like good, little dogs. They bark their heads off but they stop shy of crossing the property line.

  • glpage

    The silence about the persecution of black gays in Africa might be an indication of how much the left really cares about blacks. Give them some hand outs if they’re voting for you, otherwise ignore them.

  • Joe D.

    This is not some sort of zero-sum game — “Africa is worse than Russian, nyah nyah.” Unsurprisingly, you (and your commentator-ship) don’t really keep up with gay political news or check gay news websites (it’s safe to do so, really, no fluid exchange necessary). There are myriad condemnations of Nigerian, Ugandan, Tanzanian, etc. policies, laws and practices. The US Administration and State Departments have also been quite vocal about them. Frankly, what’s happening in Kansas right now is in some sense “worse” than what’s happening in Russia, (likely passage of a law allowing discrimination against gay people regardless of the discriminator’s official religious designation) if only because it’s occurring in a country — mine and yours — where “equal protection” is enshrined in our Constitution, and in our tradition. Sadly, there’s plenty of horror to point to, protest, try to defeat…

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Good for Bawer. Some of the most oppressive regimes are also strongly oppress gays. If the gay issue opens the door to further criticism, go for it. Bawer has the credentials to expose the hypocrisy on the left. Unlike the majority of the commenters above, I’m all for joining with gays against any repressive regime.

    • Joe

      You have been busy here and on PJ Media preaching for gays.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        Gays are not the problem … leftists are. I’d welcome a dozen more like Bawer and Tammy Bruce. (Glad my effort has been noticed.)

        • Joe

          LGBT is not the half of it. Now it is LGBTQIA, who knows what is next.

          Toleration is one thing. Civil Unions is one thing. Everyone getting government civil union is one thing. But most gays want something else. They want celebration.

          They want to teach queer theory in grade school. It would be intolerable.

          Gay marriage is not the end of it. Next is gay adoption. Judges could award minor children to gay couples or gay singles when parents orphan their kids due to a car crash and are intestate. The orphans grandparents or aunts and uncles could be alive, but some liberal judge would decide. It would be intolerable.

          • laura r

            it is already legal for gays to adopt.

  • veritaseequitas

    I can’t seem to get worked up about the whole homosexual rights thing. Do I think homosexuals should be killed for their ridiculous perversion? No. But I also do not believe in homosexuals enjoying special status or even equal status (homosexual marriage for instance), B/C of their perversion. People do not deserve extra special dignity, respect or consideration b/c of a lifestyle choice, or especially, b/c of a perverse lifestyle choice.
    We, as members of the human race deserve dignity b/c we are humans. Not for any other reason.
    The homosexuals are extremely intolerant of those who do not agree with their lifestyle choice and yet they want all kinds of equal treatment b/c of their lifestlye choice.
    They are becoming really tiresome and belligerent in their attempts to force others to accept their homosexual lifestyle as normal.
    Just a heads up for them. They are starting to alienate more people than they are bringing to their cause.

    • Mo86

      Well stated!

      Equal treatment would be to not constantly hear about people’s sexual lives. No one cares what consenting adults do in their bedrooms. Stop talking about it constantly and DEMANDING that other people agree with your lifestyle choices.

  • Alan Charles Kors

    Bruce Bawer has written a morally and intellectually compelling piece about the double-standards of “activists” and “advocates.” What he accurately describes raises profoundly disturbing questions about the anti-Western and, above all, anti-American biases that channel themselves into issues of human rights only when directed against the West and US, even when sadistic cruelties of monstrous proportions are being perpetuated in the Third World and when when repressions that these advocates would decry fiercely and endlessly in the US occur elsewhere. His is one of the few morally consistent voices out there.

    • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

      Hear, hear! (From the co-founder of FIRE, that’s a meaningful complement.)

  • antioli

    The gay rights agenda in America is a Top Down act of Force with no consideration of the democratic will. Numerous referendums have been voted in by the people only to have some attorneys general refuse to defend the public will in court. The agenda is a stacked deck engineered from the top down.
    Putin represents the popular will far more than our officials represent ours and on a number of subjects.

  • tickletik

    Zero sympathy for homosexuals. The more tolerance given to that, the weaker and more corrupt society becomes on every level.

  • tagalog

    So which is it, that the gays have lost some of their legitimacy because they’re focusing on Russia during the Olympics and are therefore aiming at the high-profile while the low-key situation in Africa for gays is dismal, or that anti-gay activity by Russian authorities is OK because the gay lobby isn’t eager to be a wet blanket for the Olympics? I mean, in one instance, they’re being two-faced and in the other they’re fellow travelers. And how did African nations get into this mix?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s probably reasonable to describe Russia today as fascist, that is to say national socialism with the pretense of supporting true free market capitalism.

  • franklin peter

    Sodomites !! What is happening ??

  • Potawatomi13

    HALLELUJA! Now if the homosexual perverts would just disappear altogether the world would be a much better place. Maybe the moslem terrorists could just exterminate these sickos……..

  • Dyer’s Eve

    I can’t wait to hear Putin come out of the closet. And before anyone jumps on me, I have no quarrell with gay people.

  • herb benty

    Black radicals, raging feminists, leftist professors, angry and pushy gays….all of them- THEIR MARXISM COMES FIRST!

  • Mo86

    Why is it that homosexuals have to make EVERYTHING revolve around their particular sexual practices?

    The Olympics are about SPORTS. It’s not about sexual preferences and behaviors. Period!

  • southwood

    What an astonishing comment. I am amazed that there is no moderation on such a comment, praying for someone’s death because they disagree with you, using curse words, and other foul language. But, then, it confirms what I have suspected for a while now. FPM are in the “liberal” PC camp.

    You probably consider yourself as tolerant too ! Such irony. The utter hypocrisy of your criticism of Brundage is breathtaking !

  • preacher

    First of all, pray all you want, God will never hear your prayers.The bible says the prayers of the righteous availith much. Your disdain for all those different than you are within themselves bigoted God says that homosexuality is an abomination. Don’t kill the messenger for the message.

  • veritaseequitas

    Really FrontPage, where is the censorship of this poster’s horrendous language? He cannot seem to express himself wothout the curse words. Not helping his point at all.
    I have been censored on this website for way less than this.

  • TL2014

    You are a poor, hateful, miserable, wretched little man, Scott Rose. Life must be tough for people who are so full of hate as you are. You don’t even notice how off-putting that is.

    You will not prevail. Your hate blinds you. Ultimately you will lose this battle.

  • scottrose

    Why would a gay person be “tolerant” of a bigot?

    Of course I would rather know that you had died than that you had any further endangered the well-being of additional innocent LGBT people.

    Again, why would any gay person hope for an anti-gay bigot to live?

  • Mo86

    On the one hand, I agree that commenters like this should be removed from this site. They add nothing of substance to the discussion.

    On the other hand, it’s good to see their true (rainbow) colors on display. Let their murderous hatred be demonstrated to all the world!

  • scottrose

    I’m just an out proud man who doesn’t take bull puckey from anti-gay bigots.

    Have you ever asked yourself what in the world would motivate a self-respecting gay person to give one bit of excrement about an anti-gay bigot, except to wish the anti-gay bigot dead?

    Have you?

  • TL2014

    Well, if you were not as irrationally seething with hate, you would realize that you just answered your own question. If you don’t care about him, why do you wish him death? Why do you even respond to him?

    You are a bully. You are completely incapable of understanding the damage you are doing your own cause by your utterly uncivil, bullying, verbally violent behavior.

    You are not helping gay rights. You are sabotaging your own cause.

    Hatred makes blind. I hope you come to your sense one day, because right now you are only giving ammo to people who oppose your chosen cause.

  • Drakken

    With that little tantrum right there, you wonder why straights are having less and less sympathy for you loud mouthed “activist”, so your out ? Well goody for you, you aren’t special, so quit acting like it. I will say this though, you sure do whine and cry like a little bitch.

  • Schmitty

    Yes and you are so full of yourself if someone gave you a poke it would only be because you are gay. It would never occur to you that you got a black eye because you are a mouthy instigator.

  • TL2014

    You are right. If this is indeed Scott Rose, he is famous for this type of behavior. This is a mentally unstable man who is incapable of debate. Look him up on Google and read his articles.

  • TL2014

    Great! I’m sure the jury will love that when someone will finally sue you for incitement to violence. You are truly deranged, Scott Rose.

  • saberzedge

    scott rose:

    Somehow your rants remind me of this guy:


  • Softly Bob

    What a mentally-challenged little cretin you are. You don’t even know what the word bigot actually means.

  • Mo86

    Threats of murder now? You will be reported.

  • scottrose

    The heterosupremacist delusion is every bit as bad as the master race delusion.

  • Joe

    Chris Crocker, Scott rose, what difference does it make!

    Both have mental disorders.

  • saberzedge

    And which of those two is Chris Crocker?

  • Tim

    scott rose last seen watching chris crocker performing the tea dance.

  • Drakken

    Never forget bitch boy, us straights are as nature intended, your not. Yes us straights are supreme, as nature once again has intended.

  • Schmitty

    Then stop wanting to be in our group so bad if we are all bigots.

  • Potawatomi13

    There is NO innocent homosexual. These perverts have CHOSEN to live contrary to Gods creation by choosing to violate His natural law of 2 sexes. He also commanded in the old law that such should be put to death and under his new law this is listed as one of the sins that will send you to Hell. There’s no difference between this sin and murder in Gods eyes nor in mine. It can be forgiven but only if the homosexual begs forgiveness and QUITS the lifestyle. Gods Law is the law we should be worried about violating here and condoning evil behavior is as bad as the sin itself and worthy of death as well. Almighty God id NOT a bigot. HE cannot be as He made the only laws that actually matter.

  • Mo86

    Why are you such a vile, hate filled bigot that you are “praying” for someone to break their neck?

    Thank you for displaying the true face of the pro-homosexuality side. The venom and outright murderous hatred is shocking to behold, but it needs to be exposed as you have done here.

    Know that no amount of your murderous hatred will ever make me accept this lifestyle.

    Know that.

  • Drakken

    If the person who disagrees with you isn’t supposed to be tolerated, then why should the general population tolerate your intolerance? Sorry the gay lifestyle no matter how much you say so, is not normal, therefore you will always be on the fringes. The more you push, the more likely there will be a backlash.

  • Schmitty

    That makes you better than those you label bigot how?

  • Mo86

    What in the world?! I have no clue who Thomas Peters is, but to see comments wishing physical harm on someone?

    And then you have the NERVE to call other people bigots?!

    Thank you for displaying your vile hatred for the world to see!

  • scottrose

    That’s right.

    The days when anti-gay bigots could attack gay students in schools and have the administrators laughing about the attacks, as well as the days when governments could keep LGBT people living as second class citizens, are over.

    Gay people are not going to take bigot guff any longer.

    Get used to it.

  • scottrose

    It’s funny that you have this reaction to God having answered a gay person’s prayers.

  • scottrose

    Religion-Based Bigotry

    Religion-based bigotry is the foundation of anti-gay attitudes in our society and in the minds of a majority of Americans, particularly persons of faith. The term religion-based bigotry was coined because it best fits the description of the problem. The term religion-based bigotry encompasses the attitudes of prejudice, hostility or discrimination that are falsely justified by religious teachings or belief. We will never see full and equal rights unless we address the root of people’s anti-gay attitude.

    Religion-based bigotry is not synonymous with bigotry. It is a uniquely vile form of bigotry as the prejudice, hostility and discrimination behind the words are given a moral stamp of approval.

    Faith in America’s core message is that religious-based condemnation and rejection of LGBT people cause great harm to LGBT individuals and our society.

    We have learned that when we focus on the harms caused by religious hostility toward gay people – its destructive role in the lives of gay and lesbian Americans and explaining that being gay is not a lifestyle choice but is how you are born– persons of faith can understand why religion must no longer be misused to justify hostile attitudes and actions toward LGBT people. These stories, told by the people who have been the subject of or witness to religion-based bigotry serve as a powerful tool to begin changing the hearts and minds of persons of faith.

    Faith in America’s efforts—and those of many other LGBT organizations—are working. A recent Gallup poll that showed a majority of Americans no longer consider homosexuality as immoral and we believe this is in large part due to the efforts to show Americans that being gay is not a lifestyle choice. Personal stories move people.

    The following are core messages you can use when addressing those espousing religion-based bigotry.

    1. Religion-based bigotry causes enormous harm to LGBT people, especially young, vulnerable teens.

    More than a million LGBT teens are suffering debilitating depression because their families and religious institutions see them as deviants. Suicide rates amongst LGBT youth are four times higher than those of heterosexual youth.

    LGBT people are victims of discrimination and bigotry, which are often justified and promoted by religious teaching that says homosexuality is immoral, sinful or abominable. If we don’t talk about it, no one will know how much hurt and suffering it causes. It is particularly important for those in the religious movable middle to hear this, because no concept is more antithetical to the faith values of love and compassion than causing harm to others.

    In 2008, Faith in America published CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America. Traveling the country promoting CRISIS has allowed us to see firsthand the transformative power of telling stories about our youth. People don’t want to hurt children. They may not have sympathy for an adult advocacy leader talking about job discrimination or marriage, but they do sympathize with vulnerable teenagers.

    For example, Dr. David Gushee, a Christian ethicist, author and Southern Baptist minister, wrote the following about CRISIS in the June 2009 issue of Christian Century (a mainline Protestant publication going to 70,000 members, largely clergy): “As an evangelical Christian whose career has been spent in the South, I must say I find it scandalous that the most physically and psychologically dangerous place to be (or even appear to be) gay or lesbian in America is in the most religiously conservative families, congregations and regions of this country. Many of the most disturbing stories in this volume come from the Bible Belt. This marks an appalling Christian moral failure.”

    When people of faith understand they are causing harm, it creates a conflict or question – can causing such harm to others exist comfortably with the core faith principles of love and compassion? That inner conflict will be resolved in two ways: 1) Avoidance that results in unresolved inner conflict; or 2) Analysis and reconsideration of their attitude or belief.

    It is this conflict – a deeper analysis, process or journey – that our messaging guidelines can help foster in the minds and hearts of the religious middle. This process of change does not happen overnight. But by sharing the harm caused by religiously based rejection and condemnation of gay people, we can plant the seeds of change.

    2. Sexual orientation is a natural part of a human’s being whether it be heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual.

    Studies have shown that if a person believes sexual orientation is a choice, they are 70% more likely to be against LGBT equal rights (2007 Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs Survey). Conversely, if a person believes sexual orientation is part of how you are created, they are 70% more likely to be in favor of LGBT equal rights.

    We’ve learned there is something much deeper here that we need to address. The religious teachings that many people of faith embrace play an important role in whether people see being gay as a choice. Many people of faith believe:

    Heterosexuality is for all people the normal and natural expression of sexuality. Homosexuality is a conscious choice to deviate from this norm.

    Gay people, according to religious teachings, are committing a sin and are an abomination.

    Gay people are making a conscious choice to go against God’s will or order.

    If it is a conscious choice, children who are exposed to gay teachers or gay married couples might CHOOSE to be gay.

    We must educate Americans on the scientific facts about sexual orientation. Homosexuality is not a deliberate choice. It is innate to some people. One’s sexual orientation is not a deliberate decision to act against God’s will.

    Just as religion-based bigotry underlies most anti-gay attitudes, the belief that homosexuality is a sinful choice is the cornerstone of religion-based prejudice against gay people. We cannot ignore it and hope to change the attitude of someone who has been taught that homosexuality is sinful. But when we offer someone a better understanding of sexual orientation, we can affect their mindset without getting mired in a never-ending theological discussion.

    Rebutting the argument that being gay is a choice is important for another reason as well. Most persons of faith, conservatives in particular, are familiar with how church teaching in the past has justified treating women and African Americans as inferior. They know that religious communities have, for the most part, rejected such prejudices as harmful and misguided. By emphasizing that being gay is an innate condition, we can get them to understand that it is equally wrong to treat others unfairly based solely on their sexual orientation.

  • scottrose

    3. Religion-based bigotry against LGBT people is wrong…just as it was wrong to use religious teachings to justify discrimination against Native Americans, African Americans, minority religious groups, woman and interracial couples.

    Connecting the dots between historical bigotry against other groups and the attitudes of some people today toward homosexuality is one of the most effective ways to educate people about the denial of equal rights to the LGBT community.

    Most people know that, historically, religion has been used to justify discrimination against women, religious minorities and people of color. Putting anti-gay religious beliefs in this historical context can be a powerful tool in connecting discrimination that most Americans today accept as morally wrong and the discrimination faced by LGBT people. By citing historical instances of religion-based bigotry and prejudice, you allow people to be more comfortable with attitudinal change – they realize they are not stepping out alone against a commonly accepted viewpoint but rather following historical progress toward justice and equality.

    When talking about the misuse of religion to justify discrimination in the past, it is important not to say that the LGBT community’s struggle with discrimination is exactly the same as the Civil Rights Movement. Rather, the point is that religion-based bigotry has been a common denominator of injustice toward many groups in American society’s past. When given a chance, many people will see the underlying historical pattern of using religious teachings and beliefs to justify harmful discrimination.

    There is another benefit to citing other times in the past when religious teachings have been used to justify discrimination. Many times, when people of faith are challenged about their anti-gay views, they cite biblical verses or other religious texts as a safe haven when they are unable to articulate why they hold prejudiced attitudes toward LGBT people. Instead of telling people that their interpretation is wrong, you can remind them that other religious texts have been used in the past to justify attitudes and laws that are recognized today as morally wrong and unjust – such as discrimination against women, people of color and religious minorities.

    History provides the moral judgment, and we do not have to be theologians engaged in scriptural debates to point people to the judgment rendered by history.

  • scottrose

    Equality is undebatable. And, look at the countries that have it, compared to those that do not. Canada does, Saudi Arabia does not. Holland does, Yemen does not. Do you see the pattern?

  • Drakken

    I complete disagree with your assessment, free speech, no matter how vile, is still free speech, that is why we gotten to the point we are today. I say let him run his suck, and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Drakken

    This little bitch will scream and shout at the wrong straight and get what is coming to it. A nice attitude adjustment.

  • scottrose

    Actually, you’re as dead wrong as George Wallace was when he said “Segregation forever,” even though there were bigots cheering him on when he said that.

  • Drakken

    No boy, I am not wrong, and frankly you trying to tell straights it is normal isn’t going to endear you to straights, come at us militantly, you will get it right back in spades. What you do in your bedroom is your business, don’t throw it in our face and expect sympathy.

  • scottrose

    Nationwide equality for LGBTers is coming, fast, to the United States, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

  • Schmitty

    Yes that happened so often. The gay movement makes up these sensational tales of victimization yet where is it happening?

  • Schmitty

    How are they not equal? If being in a union means so much make up your own term for it. Why you need to be part of a hetero tradition baffles me. You whine and cry how we are bigots and are hate filled. Why do you want to be part of our tradition then? Why not start your own thing and not allow heteros in?


    Usually they have been abused. Over 80% have suffered sexual abuse from someone they should have been able to trust. This happens when they are but children, usually early puberty 8-12/13 but sometimes younger, sometimes older. Then, never having been helped to get their brains and feelings sorted out and set right again, they lead these wounded lives. I cannot be too judgmental now that I know how it all happens. We need more compassion in my book.

  • Schmitty

    Yes the only thing that is vital is equality for gays. I think Canada’s prosperity has to do with natural resources not gay marriage. How naive or stupid you are.