Doublethink in Norway

norsk-flagg-islamThese people! Over and over, they mock the idea that there exist such things as stealth Islamization and the appeasement thereof, and viciously demonize as bigots, racists, and Islamophobes those who speak frankly of such matters. And over and over, they engage in that very appeasement themselves.

Case in point: Norway. Let’s start by going back to 2009, when Siv Jensen, head of the Progress Party, used the term snikislamisering – “stealth Islamization” – in a speech at her party’s annual convention. Noting that even ambulance crews, firefighters, and police officers didn’t dare to enter certain parts of the heavily Muslim neighborhood of Rosengård in Malmö, Sweden, where sharia law has largely supplanted Swedish law, Jensen warned that there were already unsettling signs of similar developments in Oslo. As examples of stealth Islamization, she cited, among other things, the aggressive clamoring for the accommodation of hijab in the public square and demands for halal food in prisons. 

The media and political establishment, of course, reacted with outrage. Pronouncing it “quite simply untrue that any kind of Islamization of Norwegian society is underway,” Per Kristian Foss, a leading Conservative politician, compared Jensen’s attitude toward Islam to pre-World War II anti-Semitism. The editors of Aftenposten agreed: in an editorial headlined “Stealth Accusations,” they accused her of “openly appeal[ing] to xenophobia and to the notion that minorities are taking power.” In the view of Aftenposten‘s editors, the very idea of stealth Islamization was manifestly absurd.

Cut to two years later. On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people – and members of the cultural elite quckly grabbed the opportunity to pile on to the Progress Party and others who’d warned against Islam, saying that they’d helped create the mass murderer. Pushed against the wall, Jensen nonetheless vowed that she would continue to use the term “stealth Islamization.”

Fast forward two more years. The September elections resulted in a Conservative-Progress Party coalition government – and worldwide scare headlines proclaiming that a bigoted, racist, Islamophobic party was about to become a partner in Norway’s government. Consequently, the Progress Party’s second-in-command, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, sought to publicly distance the party from the expression “stealth Islamization,” a term he described as “unfortunate.” When the party’s top man in Oslo, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, insisted on the term’s continuing usefulness (adding that he was opposed to every kind of Islamization, “stealth or not stealth”), he was assailed from almost every direction for using rhetoric that was “polarizing” and “anti-Muslim.” Among those who abhorred the term, it was reported, were leaders of the Christian People’s Party, the home of Norway’s religious right, who view Muslims as fellow “people of faith” deserving of their support and protection.

During all these years, while these controversies over the term “stealth Islamization” raged, stealth Islamization itself has proceeded apace. Recently, the Agriculture Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, a member of the Progress Party, expressed concern about the increasing tendency of Norwegian public institutions, such as day-care centers and hospitals, to remove pork from their menus. “We’ve been eating pork i Norway for years,” she said. “It would be totally wrong to stop because Muslims have come to Norway.”

Enter, again, the sage editors of Aftenposten. In an editorial the other day, they said that in places like prisons, pork was being given less priority “for practical reasons.” Which “practical reasons”? One might have expected that the editors would go on to acknowledge what those “reasons” were – especially given that immediately after mentioning the existence of those “practical reasons,” they asked directly: “What is this really about?”

Yet the ensuing text contained no mention whatsoever of Muslims or Islam. Rather, the editors insisted that what’s important in the face of mass immigration is not the role of pork in Norwegian culture but “universal human values” such as equal rights and freedom of speech. (Although after the Danish cartoon crisis, Aftenposten was quick to insist on the importance of limiting free speech in order to avoid offending immigrants.) Also, the editors emphasized that everyday Norwegian traditions, including eating habits, “are in constant flux,” as exemplified by twenty-first-century Norwegians’ enthusiasm for such non-Scandinavian fare as pizza and tacos. Plus, they added, health authorities say pork isn’t that good for you anyway. And why, the editors asked, is the anti-regulatory Progress Party sticking its nose into the formulation of prison and day-care-center menus, anyway?

That, then, according to the editors of Norway’s newspaper of record, is what this story is “really about”: universal values, changing tastes, health considerations, and freedom of choice. Now, surely they know that what it’s really “really about” is the Islamic teaching that pork is haram – and the Islamic compulsion to try to force infidels into living by Koranic restrictions as well. In short, stealth Islamization. And the editors of Aftenposten must know that their readers know that, too. So what to make of this editorial? Exactly what is the editors’ rationale here? How do their minds work? I mean, it’s not just that Aftenposten‘s editors avoided the Islamic elephant in the room (that’s something we’ve seen hundreds of times); the relatively fresh twist here here is that they’re declaring, in effect, that there’s an elephant in the room – and then offering a list of pretty much everything that isn’t the elephant in the room.

I suggest that the answer may be this: that every editorial and op-ed like this in Aftenposten is yet another effort in a long-term campaign not just to encourage the appeasement of Islamization but, beyond that, to create a society in which pretty much everybody appeases Islamization all the while denying, to others and even to themselves, that they’re doing anything of the kind. A society, in other words, that has reached a stage of pure Orwellianism by fully internalizing the process of doublethink, which, just to remind you, was described as follows in the third chapter of 1984:

To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself. That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word “doublethink” involved the use of doublethink.

Is there a single word of this passage that does not apply perfectly to what is going on in the Aftenposten editorial? In the minds of that paper’s editors, the impulse to appease would seem to have become utterly reflexive – along with the ability to deny effectively, even to themselves, in precisely the way Orwell outlines, that they’re acting on such an impulse.

No question about it: Orwell was the prophet of our times. But did he ever imagine that Orwellianism would begin to take serious root in the West not as an outgrowth of European fascism and Communism but as a cowardly response to the religion of Muhammed? 

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  • Hassan

    I think that will be the future flag for Norway. It looks beautiful.

    • Infidel

      Beautiful? it looks disgusting. Go back to the Middle East where you came from.

      • itay

        pleas don’t send him back here.
        we have enough psychotic muslims as it is.

    • ricoC

      About as beautiful as that hideous pedophile Mohammed.

    • defcon 4

      And it compliments the hag bags muslimahs wear perfectly.

    • JoJoJams

      Do you know why the crescent moon is the symbol of islam? Because mad mo took his families “moon god” idol, then took judeo-christian theology, and made up your vile cult around that. You worship an idol, and the tenets of mad mo and your “allah” are completely “of man”. Twisted doctrines and luciferian doctrines. I’m accepting of all religions and people, with the exception of you sick perverse muslims and the cult you follow.

      • ebonystone

        “Do you know why the crescent moon is the symbol of islam? ”

        Probably for the same reason that is was the symbol on outhouse doors. In each case, it means: “This place is full of sh!t.”

        • blert

          It’s universal meaning: you’re about to be mooned.

      • Paul

        The crescent moon is not, actually, an Islamic symbol. Islam never used to have a symbol. The crescent moon is actually an Ottoman / Turkish symbol, not an Islamic one.

    • GopherNo83

      When Norway is Islamic, where will all the Muslims flee to next? And when the whole world is Islamic, where will the Muslim flee to? Seems “Muslims fleeing” is a wide-spread phenomenon…

      • defcon 4

        Muslimes are not “fleeing” they’re conquering. It’s conquest by demographics.

        • achantus

          Yes, but what will they do once the whole world has become muslim? They will turn on each other, no doubt.

    • Martin Knutsen

      oooh, a false flag troll. How original.

      • defcon 4

        I’ve wondered that myself. Then again, how can you tell? It’s not like there aren’t muslimes who actually think that way.


      We will see McDonadls Golden Arches flag fly over mecca.

      Soon. INSHALLAH!

  • Silver Gonzales

    Norway home the Norske, have a date with karma. They have shamefully avoided to have a national discussion about their history of tacit Jew hate which became not so tacit in the 1930’s. Denmark was very brave in this time, especially courageous given that they border Germany. Sweden was less so but Norway, home to Vidkun Quisling, was as bad as Portugal or France.

    In Europe, the conservatives are at best the RINOs in the Republican party. They are all “progressives” or snik-commies.

    The patriots of Norway and Scandinavia and Europe and the West still have a choice: squeal like a pig or do the right thing for their descendants and fight against the ” 3 p’s”: politicians, press and professors, the 3 enemies of the West.

    But fighting will be a terrible uphill battle. We saw what the government and media have done to the EDL and Tommy Robinson as one example. Orianna Fallaci had to flee Italy for saying the truth.

    • A Z

      Silver, thx for mentioning Orianna Fallaci. I had not heard of her

      Orianna Fallaci was some lady. She fought against Mussolini and that was just for starters

      “Fallaci accused the judge of having disregarded the fact that Smith had called for her murder and defamed Christianity.”

      ” I’m going to immediately rid myself of this stupid medieval rag. There !”
      – OF

      Adel Smith onthe other hand is a submitting coward.

    • Davros11

      Well said, I especially like the 3p’s reference, there may come a time where we have to put those people “against the wall” as pink floyd once sang about……

      • defcon 4

        The alternative is that they and their islam0nazi masters will be putting the rest of us recalcitrant kaffir in prison, or worse.

    • Martin Knutsen

      Since my former reply got deleted it seems, the short version: Most Norwegians have little problem with small accomodations like halal-options in communal canteens, etc. We see it as adjustments. With all the swedes working here, Norway first adapted the ritual of hot lunch in the cities as well. Bawer sees it as a war. Most norwegians have muslim if not friends, then aquaintances. We are not at war.

      • Hassan

        “We are not at war.”

        Correct. The conversion to Islam will be peaceful.

        • GopherNo83

          Hmmm. As peaceful as Shias converting Sunnis and vice-versa?

        • Martin Knutsen

          Never. They are 3% of the population. Most of them are secular. Its just Bruce bawer hyperventilating. At some point one of them will possibly go crazy like ABB, but OK, thats the risk we have in modern society.

          • Hassan

            A brother in Norway told me that Norwegian women dress like prostitutes, drink like camels, and can be used at will by our brothers in Norway. If you can’t protect your own women, how will you protect that scrap of paper you call your constitution?

            And there is no such thing as a secular Muslim. Either you are a Muslim or not. Do you know how we deal with ‘Muslims’ like that?

            You eunuchs will do whatever we tell you.

          • Martin Knutsen

            Yea, yea, troll.

          • Hassan

            Nanat sag suk mizaneh.

          • Drakken


          • iluvisrael

            buz meg!


            nanat sag suk mizaneh khomeni.

          • UCSPanther

            You can have the progressive eloi, but you will be bowing before us fighters, you imperialist scum.

          • GopherNo83

            “Do you know how we deal with ‘Muslims’ like that?”

            Peacefully, I’m sure – through the love, compassion and tolerance Islam is known for… Right Hassan?

          • Drakken

            Soon muslim real soon, us infidels are going to give you and yours what you so richly deserve, a Balkans on steroids that will make a Serb blush with envy. If you haven’t noticed, the Europeans are going increasingly nationalistic and it scares the allah out of you muslims and your leftist allies. The day of reckoning is coming, the walls and lamp posts all over Europe will be working overtime and the funeral pyres will be seen for miles. Keep up the great work in provoking our wrath, it will be the stuff of legend.

          • nightowl_8936

            People like Drakken will save Europe. Compared to Nazism and Communism, muzzies are not much more than a viral infection that happens to spread quickly. But once a concerted effort is made, it will be trimmed back like any weed or invasive species.

          • iluvisrael

            yes – you murder them – so much for muslim tolerance

          • kadodder

            thank you for posting this Hassan. Maybe it will open the eyes of our leftist correct parties and end multiculturalism

          • Softly Bob

            You’ve clearly never heard of taqiyya

          • mohdanga

            Take a look at the rape stats in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and who commits them….yup, just more ‘hyperventilating’. Why do you hate your own culture so much?

        • UCSPanther

          For such an “anti-imperialist” you aren’t very good at hiding your imperialist rhetoric.

        • defcon 4

          Yes islamic head choppings and amputations are always extremely peaceful — especially after the victims die.

        • mohdanga

          Eventually the sleeping giant will awake and the Muslims will get their due. It will be like Britain at the end of the 30s, unfortunately, there will be much shedding of blood no matter how much is appeased.

        • kikorikid

          And if not, then right thru the looking glass and “Off
          with their head”.

      • Drakken

        But, whether you like it or not, islam is at war with you.


          1.5 billion savages will never defeat 6 billion Infidels.

          • defcon 4

            Divide and conquer. Never underestimate your enemies, especially when they’re well funded.

          • Drakken

            Sooner or later this is going to come to a very bloody end.

          • jlevyellow

            It may be a bloody end for Norway, but it also may be very quiet. At base here is Norwegian cowardice. The inability to talk about mere irritants preordains a severely delayed response to real threat.

      • ebonystone

        Maybe you Norwegians aren’t, but a lot of your Moslem immigrants are.

      • KhidonNOR

        Are you talking on behalf of all Norwegians as some kind of PC King?

        Do you have any documented data to back up your multicultural fantasy land?

        Why did we never have a national referendum regarding our immigration out of control? According to you, the majority of Norwegians support it, so what’s the problem?

        Small adjustments, you say? Care to give me all the examples of gang rape and death threats against political opponents/critics of religion, before we got Muslim immigration out of control?

        Please use documented facts, this time, and not your own rosy inner world, detached from reality.

      • Gerald

        You are not at war but Islam is at war with the whole world including you. “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that
        forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge
        the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they
        pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Quran 9:29
        There is more at

      • achantus

        “Most norwegians have muslim if not friends, then aquaintances.” Really? I doubt that very much. What part of Norway do you live in? War has come to you, like it or not.

      • 1AmericanThinker

        How often do your female friends walk thru muslim neighborhoods? I DARE you to find out what happens- just follow a young woman you care about one night as she strolls down one of those streets where your muslim friends live. Let us know how it goes.

      • Ei Saa Peittää

        You confuse facts with your own wishful thinking.

  • Martin Knutsen

    Most norwegians dont see it as appeasment, because we dont have any problems with muslims to begin with and are more than happy to exchange turkey for ham in communal meals in kindergarden, etc. Thats the point you are not getting, mr. Bawer, even though you have lived here for many years now. What to you is appeasment is to us a practical adjustment. Would be the same if we had a 100 000 jews here, kosher alternatives in public canteens.

    • Martin Knutsen

      To add to that, most of us are so solid in our own national identity with our national draft, we really dont fear islam as a force within Norway. Some crazies who are islamists may do war here at some point but that doesnt reflect norwegian muslims en masse. So far its been the far right who has done the killings in this country..

      • Hassan

        “So far its been the far right who has done the killings in this country..”

        And a close ally of the Zionists, I might add. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t insult our religion, you are safe.

        • GopherNo83

          Insulting other religions is the bread and butter of Islam Hassan. But you know that…

        • Martin Knutsen


          (Sorry for thinking it deleted, FPM.)

          • Hassan

            Says the atheist dog.

          • Drakken

            Says the devil worshipper.

          • Islamsalammer

            I like dogs…. and atheists

          • GopherNo83

            Why the insult Hassan? If you’re going to take over the world peacefully, as you claim, you must avoid insults. Right Hassan?

          • defcon 4

            We all know what muhammad thought of dogs, much less atheist dogs.

        • UCSPanther

          I’ll take that as a threat.
          Down with your power-mad prophet!

        • Drakken

          Let me guess, your a white western convert to the devils religion, no matter, we will be dealing with your kind in the same manner as your 3rd world counter parts. Deo Volente

        • iluvisrael

          jealous because Israel is the apple of G-d’s eye haji?

        • Softly Bob

          I will insult your filthy religion as much as I like, Ali Baba and I will especially insult that disgusting fraudulent kiddy-fiddling non-prophet that you worship.

      • Drakken

        I almost feel sorry for you Martin, but, when you import the 3rd world into your 1st world western countries, you become the 3rd world. Sooner or later this will come to a breaking point.

        • defcon 4

          He’s an idiot. A typical brain dead, amoral piece of Eurotrash. He deserves to be ruled by islam0nazis.

      • therealpm

        “So far its been the far right who has done the killings in this country”

        Who’s been doing all the raping though? Even the dhimmified Norwegian police say that all the rapes in Oslo are perpetrated by immigrants, which is just a euphemism for Muslims.

        • achantus

          A friends teenage daughter was raped by a gang of turkish youths some years back. I’m not so sure the experience made her feel culturally enriched, though. The women of Norway just have to “adjust” to a higher risk of being raped, it seems. We will “adjust” ourselves out of existence some day. But Knutsen is right about one thing: there is no war. How can there be war when there is no recistance? The country is taken piecemeal, one “adjustment” at a time. No decleration of war necessary.

      • Keith Robertson

        And to the slaughter you shall proceed, peacefully, willingly…

        • Torden

          Can you imagine what it’s like living in a country filled with brainwashedl and spineless people in total denial like mr. Knutsen?
          He’s simply a result of 40 years of relentless lies and propaganda from our leftist mass media and ditto politicians in an unholy alliance with the state church aiming at deconstructing the Norwegian people.
          I have to deal with these naive ignorants every day.,,
          They are immune to reality and would not be able to recognize the real facts about islam even if you shoved them up their nose.
          But then Norway has a long history of extreme naivism. In 1939 Norway still insisted in persuing their policy of “the broken gun” faced with the threats of war, and didn’t wake up to reality before German soldiers marched through the streets of Oslo April 9th 1940.
          Thanks to peolpe like Mr. Knutsen, history is bound to repeat itself. It will be well deserved.

          • defcon 4

            He’s a craven coward and collaborator.

      • kenai

        Sure, and your women will just have to get used to a little bit of rape from the Muslims. After all, according to Sharia, Norwegian women are just whores anyway so to you, it’s just a practical adjustment.

      • KhidonNOR

        Your own personal and wacky opinions are not facts.

        Care to document your crazy claims?

    • KhidonNOR

      Martin Knutsen belongs to the violent psychopaths of the hard left. He is part of the fascist antifa, Norwegian blitz (criminal psychos and leftist enemies of free speech).

      • Drakken

        Ahhhh the plot thickens. Sorry Breveik missed him.

  • wileyvet

    We must not forget the NewSpeak that goes with the Double Think. George Orwell never lived to see the success of 1984. He undoubtedly would be shocked that his book, would in fact become standard operating procedure in the post war world. It was to be a warning, not a blueprint. As far as Islam goes, there is no accommodation. Period. These are people who are offended by a ham sandwich or a piggy bank. Mr. Bawer makes it quite clear that it is the Norwegians doing all the submitting. Martin Knutsen calls it cultural adjustments. Why should Norway have to? Indeed why should any country? I see no adjusting from the followers of Mohammad. Do you not see that Islam is antithetical to all of your cherished beliefs? There will be no freedom of speech, or thought, and your sacred tolerance will be a thing of the past. I have Mr. Bawer’s While Europe Slept, and read Orriana Fallaci. I suggest you do too, Mr. Knutsen, for you are deceiving yourself, like the Muslim in your midst.

    • 1AmericanThinker

      My friends liberal boyfriend remarked that Americans don’t belong in the ME. I asked him if muslims belong in the west and he freaked out and started calling me ignorant. It was pretty funny.

  • blert

    The power elite in Oslo see themselves as ECONOMIC allies of OPEC.

    Norway was absolutely hammered when KSA lowered the boom on oil prices — when the USSR was in their crosshairs.

    So, you’re actually looking at a LOT of log-rolling.

    Norway wants Britain and America to handle the confrontation with the Ummah.

    Otherwise, she sees herself sitting this war out — sort of like WWII.

    If you recall, Norway was izaN run clean on through the end of the
    war. ALL of the heavy fighting was sustained elsewhere in Europe. (That
    nasty Narvik fiasco and a few commando raids, notwithstanding.)

    Thus, we have Norway handing out Nobels to Arafat… and playing host
    to the worst of the worst Islamic fanatics — in downtown Oslo. Iraq,
    Britain and America can’t get Oslo to act on their international
    warrants. Instead, they’re treated to double speak and double talk.

  • ebonystone

    So, pizza is fine, but eating pork isn’t good for you? Sorry, but a pizza without pork (either sausage or pepperoni, or better yet both) isn’t much of a pizza.

    • defcon 4

      I’ve had some really good barbequed chicken pizza.

      • ebonystone

        Well, I like both bbq chicken and pizza, but not combined. Still, to each his own.

        • defcon 4

          You should try it at least once. It was a specialty at some pizza place i used to go to. I’m sure CPK has it by now.


    Well Said Silver– AI also just want to ad that this is a Classic Case of “ENABLING”, thE SOUL THIEF. When we begin to understand how cultures came to love too much or love irresponsibly we will finally evolve spiritually. ENABLERS/CONTROLLERS truly believe that they can give to get control of others. JUst like the sick loving mother who gives more money to her teenager on drugs who has just trashed her home and wrecker her can and tried to kill her-because she says-it’s my job as a mother to take care of my son-no matter what-she then neglects the son by not teaching him responsibility and doing the hard thing–calling the police. Then the son just gets worse and worse and worse!!!! THe son could have been given a chance to take responsibility and he could have had a chance to grow in to an honest human being by setting limits -he could have had a chance to find his soul. These cultures just contribute to those radicals of all kinds just making them worse because they really think they ARE IN CONTROL . It doesn’t take a genious to see where the world is headed . Help Islam grow up. Set limits people. Tell them to go build something constructive the way all of the western countries did instead of going around causing trouble— and THEN give us a call and invite us to the 1/3 of the world that you have now taken over.

    • Sherrades

      I typed wrong. Meant wrecked her car.

    • knowshistory

      if islam “grew up” it would not be islam. better to do to islam what islam is sworn to do to the infidel.

  • Bamaguje

    But for the seriousness of the dangerous Islamist threat to Western civilization, It would be hilariously laughable how Norway’s dhimmi establishment contorts its servile capitulation to Islam while pretending otherwise.

  • It Came from the Desert

    I am a norwegian, and your article is spot on.

    Things are slowly changing though. People are fed up with the “racist” here and there, and a lot of people are slowly realizing that this is not unique for Norway, but the entire Europe.