Saving Islam from Its Victims

shariaLila Abu-Lughod received her Ph.D. from Harvard, has taught at Williams, Princeton, and NYU, and now boasts the title of Joseph L. Buttenwieser Professor of Social Science at Columbia University, where she teaches anthropology and Women’s Studies and is considered an expert on the Arab world. Born and raised in the United States, she’s the daughter of Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, whose buddy Edward Said once described him as “Palestine’s foremost academic and intellectual.” She’s also the author of a book, Do Muslim Women Need Saving?, which was published last year by Harvard University Press, and which I first became aware of via an excerpt in the Daily Beast and a piece by Abu-Lughod, also entitled “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?”, that appeared in Time Magazine.

The thrust of both these articles is that we in the West who think Muslim women are oppressed have been misinformed. Yes, Abu-Lughod acknowledges, Islamic culture has its demerits – but hey, so does every culture. Also, she argues, women in the Islamic world are a varied crew, ranging from prime ministers to peasants, so there are plenty who don’t fit the West’s stereotypes. What to say about these rhetorical ploys except that they could be used to challenge any criticism of just about anything or anyone? (You could defend Nazi Germany against charges of anti-Semitism in precisely the same way that Abu-Lughod defends Islam against charges of oppressing women: “Admittedly, Hitler was horrible, but which national leader has ever been beyond criticism? True, some Jews suffered under Hitler, but anti-Semitism has been a very serious problem in many societies.”)

Then there’s this, from Abu-Lughod’s Time piece:

A language of rights cannot really capture the complications of lives actually lived. If we were to consider the quandaries of a young woman in rural Egypt as she tries to make choices about who to marry or how she will make a good life for her children in trying circumstances, perhaps we would realize that we all work within constraints. It does not do justice to anyone to view her life only in terms of rights or that loaded term, freedom. These are not the terms in which we understand our own lives, born into families we did not choose, finding our way into what might fulfill us in life, constrained by failing economies, subject to the consumer capitalism, and making moral mistakes we must live with.

To rescue Islam, in short, Abu-Lughod is prepared to jettison the very concepts of “rights” and “freedom.” (Yet while she’s uncomfortable with these supposedly overgeneralizing and “loaded” terms, she has no trouble invoking “consumer capitalism.”) Then there’s this: “Representing Muslim women as abused makes us forget the violence and oppression in our own midst.” Um, no, it doesn’t. (Note that this argument is kind of a twist on Matthew 7:3: “Why art thou paying any attention whatsoever to the beam in the Muslim world’s eye, when thou shouldst instead be entirely preoccupied with the mote in the eye of the West?”) And this: “Ultimately, saving Muslim women allows us to ignore the complex entanglements in which we are all implicated and creates a polarization that places feminism only on the side of the West.” In other words, she’s more interested in rescuing multiculturalism than in rescuing women.

In both her Daily Beast and Time articles, Abu-Lughod foregrounds her credentials: she’s an anthropologist who’s been intimately acquainted with the Arab world, and especially the lives of Arab women, for twenty years. This being the case, she surely knows very well about the systematic inequality of women under Islam, about Muslim patriarchy, and about forced marriage. She knows how common domestic violence is in Muslim homes. She knows, in short, that every day millions of Muslim women endure suffering rooted in the Koran and in Muslim tradition. But instead of using her knowledge to try to help improve those women’s lives, she uses her rhetorical skills to dance around the truth – dodging, deflecting, doing whatever it takes to uphold the stunningly callous and patently dishonest proposition that Muslim women don’t need saving.

I was curious to see how Abu-Lughod managed to keep this dance going at book length, and so I secured a copy of Do Muslim Women Need Saving? It proved to be a masterpiece of sheer disingenuousness. Are innumerable girls in the Muslim world denied education altogether, while countless others attend windowless, prison-like madrasses where they learn about nothing but the Koran? Never mind: Abu-Lughod is here to tell us that “education for girls and Islam are not at odds.” Do men across the Muslim world exercise unconditional power over the women in their lives, forcing their daughters to marry and ordering the execution of their wives? Never mind: Abu-Lughod is here to assure us that “it is not so easy to talk about ‘patriarchy’ or to put one’s finger on how power works.”

She draws our attention to a number of books with titles like A True Story of Life behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia; Sold: One Woman’s True Account of Modern Slavery; My Forbidden Face; Without Mercy; Buried Alive; and Married by Force.  They tell true stories about veiling, forced marriage, and so on. Abu-Lughod is out to bury them. Think that their authors are acting out of compassion for oppressed Muslim women? Think again: Abu-Lughod is here to explain that these authors are “self-righteous,” “smugly superior” do-gooders who, by representing Muslim women as powerless, are being condescending, treating them “as mute garbage bags,” representing them as human pawns without “agency.” Far from having noble motives, these authors are just out to make a buck, to “accrue moral capital,” and to make a name for themselves as “beacon[s] of humanitarianism.” Forget the horrific stories these books tell about women’s lives under Islam: Abu-Lughod mocks them all for following the same “script.” (Even Hirsi Ali’s own life story, as told in her memoir Infidel, she charges, is “made to follow the script.”) The stories, Abu-Lughod charges, are “sordid,” “pornographic,” “sensational.” Well, yes, because the reality they describe is sordid, pornographic, and sensational; yet what appalls Abu-Lughod isn’t the reality but these authors’ determination to expose it.

In contrast to those “sensational” authors, Abu-Lughod wants us to see her – with her appreciation for the complexities of Muslim society, and her ability to recognize the ways in which Muslim women, while perhaps looking oppressed when viewed through Western eyes, are in fact highly empowered – as the one who’s truly concerned about, and respectful for, Muslim women. She is, she assures us, too well informed “to be satisfied with sweeping generalizations about cultures, religions, or regions.” She is “more drawn to the detail and empathy of the novelist than to the bold strokes of the polemicist.”

Well, I can’t argue with that: no question about it, this woman is in the business of fiction. Make the most straightforward statement of fact about Islam’s oppression of women and she’ll point out that Islam isn’t the only religion that’s “built on the premise that people do not fully control what happens to them.” As for secularism, what’s so great about it? After all, it “has not brought women’s freedom or equality in the West.” Besides, what do words like “freedom” and “oppression” really mean, anyway? Everyday life “is rarely a case of being free or oppressed, choosing or being forced.” And while we’re at it, forget the idea of universal rights: “Can there be a liberation that is Islamic? Does the idea of liberation…capture the goals for which all women strive? Are emancipation, equality, and rights part of a universal language or just a particular dialect?” To drive the point home, Abu-Lughod tells us about her Palestinian aunt who’s oppressed not by Islam but by – guess who? – Israel, and whose love for the Koran is the only thing that keeps her going. So there! In the lives of women like her aunt, “terms like oppression, choice, and freedom” are “blunt instruments for capturing the dynamics and quality of their lives.

What about honor killing? Abu-Lughod’s criticism isn’t directed at the practice itself but at “the unsavory politics of [the Western] conception of honor crimes,” which fails to appreciate the profound “moral code” of communities that pride themselves on their “commitment to honor.” Even to use the term “honor killing,” she says, is to stigmatize such communities while embracing “a comforting phantasm that empowers the West and those who identify with it.” She’s drawn up a whole list of reasons why talking about honor crimes is a bad thing:

First, it simplifies morality and distorts the kinds of relations between men and women that exist in societies where honor is a central value. Second, defining honor crimes as a unique cultural form too neatly divides civilized from uncivilized societies, the West and the rest. Third, the obsession with honor crimes erases completely the modern state institutions and techniques of governance that are integral to both the incidence of violence and the category by which they are understood. Finally, thinking about honor crimes seems to be a sort of “antipolitics machine” that blinds us to the existence of social transformations and political conflict.

As consistently as she defends Islam, Abu-Lughod slams the West. Might learning about Islam help us to understand 9/11? Nonsense! Real understanding lies in a study of the history of Western colonialism and American imperialism. Also, why don’t we Westerners grasp that women throwing off their burkas in Afghanistan would be like “wear[ing] shorts to the Metropolitan Opera”? Quoth Abu-Lughod: “If we think that U.S. women live in a world of choice regarding clothing, we might also remind ourselves of the expression, ‘the tyranny of fashion.’” (Let’s not forget that tragic story about the U.S. fashion police who wouldn’t let girls flee a burning school because they weren’t wearing Vera Wang.)

One way in which Abu-Lughod trivializes the oppression of Muslim women is by accusing Westerners of “trivializ[ing] gender issues in the United States and Europe.” It was Christians, not Muslims, she reminds us, who burned women as witches in colonial Salem. She even claims that frat-house gang-rapes are considered “acceptable” in the U.S. (Huh?) Why, she asks, haven’t any of the would-be saviors of Muslim women “taken up the cause of oppressed Jewish women, or questioned proud proof of the continuity of Judaism that is pinned on genetic markers passed down from father to son among the priestly group known as Cohens?” (No, I have no idea what she’s talking about either.)

This was a tough book to get through. I had to keep putting it down. The world-class dishonesty, the willingness to deny the real suffering of women and girls in order to prop up the poisonous religion that’s responsible for that suffering – and to impugn the motives of noble people who do care – made me livid. Columbia University should be ashamed to employ this brazen propagandist; Harvard University Press should be disgusted with itself for publishing her repulsive book.

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  • elizabeth cohen

    Are you sure this “woman” does not have a penis. She is an idiot how she graduated with these degrees is way beyond me. Maybe a man should bury her half way down, without her arms to deflect the stones being thrown at her head, perhaps then she will change her mind, or she will come forward and show us her penis and say “see I am really a freaking man”

    • objectivefactsmatter

      She’s another Ed Said.

    • Myrtle Linder

      She is one of Satan’s disciples or one of his demons sent out to destroy all good in the world.

  • Dragonseye

    Excuse me but your extreme racism and ignorance is showing. If you actually knew any Muslim women from the region she is talking about you would know that she is right. Its so sad in this day and age that people are still so full of arrogance, fear, and hatred. Muslim women can save their own selves thanks. But thank you for the condescending neocolonial ranting.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Muslim women can save their own selves thanks. But thank you for the condescending neocolonial ranting.”

      Stockholm Syndrome.

      Neocolonial? Please.

    • No One

      Neocolonial? (lol) You’re a Freshmen, right? (lol) Did you just learn this nonsense from last weeks homework assignment? Social justice 101? (lol)
      I know some Moslems. Moslem women too. I listen to them. That’s why I hate them. (lol) Becasue I am familiar with them. I know them by their hearts not words. if they were TRUTHFUL people, they’d hate themselves too. the average Moslem’s claims of peaceful living and let living is a trick – a beard hiding their simian barbarity.
      I base this on rational observation. if islam wants the world to say only nice things about it, then Islam has to begin doing some nice things for the world.

      • kikorikid

        But they don’t and it is too late for them.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Open your tiny little mind long enough to read “My Life of hell in an Afghan harem,” by Phyllis Chesler. This describes her marriage to a fundamentalist Muslim from Kabul, and how she barely escaped with her life. Its at
      The you’ll understand this article.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Open your mind for a few minutes, and read Phyllis Chesler’s account of her marriage to a Muslim fundamentalist, and how she barely escaped with her life; at: Then you’ll understand that the above article has nothing to do with

      • NYgal

        Phylis Chesler wasn’t married to Muslim fundamentalist; she was married to a progressive, Western educated Muslim who quickly conformed to the traditional mores of his Muslim country, as soon as he landed there. Actually, it is much more scary.

    • Jason P

      Describing the plight of Muslim women has nothing to do with some altruistic effort to save them. It’s just facing facts. Reality is what it is. As Erdogan said “Islam is Islam.” Now go home and suffer. We’re done with you.

    • John

      Tell me what the average earnings of a Muslim woman are? What kind of jobs she can old? Don’t tell what jobs the average upper class woman can hold but describe it for the poorest through the richest. what would a bell curve of Western women look like compare to Muslim women when compared to men of their own country?

      Muslims and other women cannot save themselves. They get shot, stabbed or beheaded going to school in places like Indonesia and Pakistan.

      • defcon 4

        Don’t forget lovely Afghanistan, where muslimes poisoned the water supply of a girls’ school (can’t have them uppity females getting an education and learning anything but what their muslime man masters tell them).

    • LibertarianToo

      Yes, they save themselves by fleeing to the West. Alas that only a tiny minority are able to. And often that doesn’t suffice, particularly if they have male family members in the West as well.
      It’s so sad that in this day and age the Left have made common cause with Islam and completely abandoned any pretense of resisting the lethal misogyny it preaches.

      • Drakken

        The problem is, they bring their sub human culture here to throw it in our faces and we take it out of some misguided sense of guilt and we are told we have to respect them, I say assimilate to our way, or the goddamn highway.

        • kikorikid

          OK, I’m beginning to understand how some feel.
          If they will not leave, and they will not assimilate,
          what are our choices?

          • Drakken

            Eliminate. Think Balkans on steroids.

          • defcon 4

            It’s us or them. We’ve already seen what islam0nazis do to the recalcitrant unbeliever when they gain power — it’s happening, all over the world, in every islamic state.

    • defcon 4

      Islam isn’t a race.

    • defcon 4

      What kinda ‘tard refers to colonialism when defending islam0nazism? Islam has been the most successful, genocidal, imperialistic, totalitarian ideology ever.

    • Drakken

      Frankly speaking, we should bring back Imperialism and colonialism, it kept you ragheads in check and your jihad under our boot. Funny how us of western civilization have given you everything you enjoy today, and if it wasn’t for us westerners, you still wouldn’t have figured out how to get that oil out of the ground and would still be humping your goats out in the desert.

    • kikorikid

      But can a nine year old girl save herself when two Aunties
      show up to perform a FGM? NO! Were you able to stop
      your own FGM. Are you bitter? It is the Islamist who are
      arrogant. It is Islamist who strike fear and induce hatred by
      their indiscriminate murder. And you are ignorant to boot!
      Where is the racism? Islam is not a “race”. You are simply
      a lapdog propagandist.

    • gamaa

      A rant from an ignorant neo-progressive , full
      of selective righteous indignation .

  • desertgoldwing

    Ms. Abu-Lughead wants to wave her hand at all of us ala Alec Guinness and tell us “these aren’t the droids you seek”. How typically progressive of her.

  • No one


    “of communities that pride themselves on their “commitment to honor.”
    The tree is known by it’s fruit. The fruit of Islam is on display the world over. The fruit of Islam is ROTTEN.
    One should not cast their pearls before the swine of the world. You would be better off embracing a serpant to your breast, than taking in a Moslem as a guest in your country.

    • Ryo Zangetsu


  • oldtimer

    i would like to see a picture of her. Is she wearing that face covering burka that the women she talks about Must wear? Or is all she says just, I think it’s called, taquia(?)

    • kikorikid

      TAQIYYA. mostly.

  • Outraged 400

    The scary part is that this (use your own descriptive) is teaching her nonsense in our universities.

    • Sue

      “Lila Abu-Lughod is an American with Palestinian and Jewish ancestry
      who is professor of Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University in New York City”

      “Lila Abu-Lughod is the daughter of the prominent Palestinian academic Ibrahim Abu-Lughod and of Janet L. Abu-Lughod, née Lippman, a leading American urban sociologist of Jewish background. She graduated from Carleton College in 1974, and obtained her PhD from Harvard University in 1984″ -

      Lila never lived in the world that she is defending. Hirsi Ali lived in the world that she critiqued.

      Lila is just another latte liberal

      • KyraNelson

        If Lippman’s mother was Jewish then so is Abu-Lughod. Irony of ironies.

      • defcon 4

        I’ll bet her mother converted to islam0nazism.

  • Jason P

    At least she confirms the worst about Islamic cultures even as she defends these dastardly practices. Of course she has to exaggerate the faults of the West, play down our virtues, and minimize the evil within Islam. Bawer exposes that nonsense and little more needs to be said.

    One thing I always enjoy when talking to a Muslim apologist is the silliness. “You don’t really care about us” is a ploy to toss aside criticism of their faults. One doesn’t have to want to help Muslims to note their backwardness. Indeed, I oppose Bush’s nations-building in Iraq. Islam is vicious and backwards. No need to apologize for our superiority. We are better–perfect? No, but far better.

  • A Z

    “Also, she argues, women in the Islamic world are a varied crew, ranging from prime ministers to peasant,”

    Lila Abu-Lughod is making an argument about the range of psotions women achieve in their society.

    But what good statisticians other people, who use statistics, base their conclusion on range. Range is a measure of variability. In the most misogynistic societies there will be a few women of great power if due to know other reason than who their spouses or sons are. There is a huge difference between Megawati (PM of Indonesia) and Benazir Bhutto (PM of Pakistan) obtaining high office and people from poor or middle class backgrounds gaining high office like Margaret thatcher and Angela Merkel. The former come powerful families so their power is dynastic and their attaining office is not solely based on merit. not so with thatcher and Merkel.

    It is not a measure if how likely women are to achieve any sort of position.

    It does not begin the characterize/describe women’s state in the Islamic world.

    To that you would need to look at the mean, the mode, the average (all measure of central tendency)

    In statistics you characterize population of people or anything else by the measures of central tendency, variability and the shape of the distribution.
    When are going to see Dr Lila Abu-Lughod do so? You are not. Whether or not her doctorate was given to her because she is down with the struggle or she earned it at this point she is shooting from the hip and not using honest scholarship.

    • defcon 4

      Bhutto ended up being murdered by her fellow muslimes.

      • A Z

        Yes, I know.

        When I argue with Leftists they argue that Islamic countries can be as progressive as Western countries in respect to women’s rights. They have pointed out Megawati and Benazir as heads of state.

        I think the people allowed to vote were voting more for a a political dynasty than for a person who happened to be a woman with good ideals.

        Megawati was President until 2004. When will the next woman emerge as the president or prime minister of one of the the 57 Muslim countries? I don’t think there is a very deep bench f potential heads of state for Muslim countries.

        Both of the previous cases happened in non Arab Muslim countries. I cannot see it happening in an Arab country. Megawai iwas not elected President she was appointed. The election of Benazir was a ‘one-off’.

        “On 23 July 2001, in a Special Session, the MPR impeached Wahid and replaced him with Megawati as President. ”

    • defcon 4

      Indonesia is still an islam0fascist hellhole — regardless of who their current leader is. Christians, Amadiyya “muslims”, are all persecuted as a matter of course. Indonesia is engaged in ethnic cleansing of the najjis kaffir in Papua New Guinea right now.

      • A Z

        I have not disagreed with a thing you said.

        I simply stated that Megawati, a woman, was appointed president from 2100 thru 2004 for Indonesia and that to a Leftist that proves that Indonesia is an okay country/

        It does not prove it to me.

      • A Z

        I have not disagreed with a thing you said.

        I simply stated that Megawati, a woman, was appointed president from 2100 thru 2004 for Indonesia and that to a Leftist that proves that Indonesia is an okay country/

        It does not prove it to me.

  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    How the hell did a woman with such a lack of sense and objectivity receive a degree? Oh… It’s from Harvard. Such a shame what time and the socialist mantra has done to a once formidable institution of higher learning.

  • guest

    “the category by which they are understood. Finally, thinking about honor crimes seems to be a sort of “antipolitics machine” … ”

    I think Dr Abu-Lughod is too clever by half.

  • Tradecraft46

    I would pay more attention to the views of those subject to honor killings and male discipline. She obvious has not experience the brunt of the culture.

  • Ken W

    Quit reading after— Matthew 7:3: “Why art thou paying any attention whatsoever to the beam in the Muslim world’s eye, when thou shouldst instead be entirely preoccupied with the mote in the eye of the West?”–nowhere in the Bible is there a reference to mulims, because islam didn’t come around til the 1400’s.

    • SimonNorwich

      He did say it was “kind of a twist” on Matthew. He was adapting the Matthew quote to fit her argument.

    • LibertarianToo

      Maybe you should find a remedial reading comprehension class.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Islam descended upon the world, sword in hand, in the 7th Century.

      • defcon 4

        It was born in bloodshed and hasn’t stopped shedding blood.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Islam will not stop shedding blood until it doesn’t exist, anymore.

    • Tabitha Bliss

      “Nowhere in the Bible is there a reference to Muslims”..

      Actually this is false. Islam did come along later, yes, but it is prophesied in great detail in Biblical scripture.

      All the evidence anyone needs to clearly see this can be located at;

      This area outlines how prophetical events were even foretold to their exact year.

  • cacslewisfan

    Parachute drop her somewhere over the Middle East. She’ll be just fine. Muslim women don’t need saving.

  • defcon 4

    Sarcastically speaking, Lila Abu-Lughod can’t help but be stupid, after all, as allah has revealed, women are defective in intelligence.

  • defcon 4

    “It was Christians, not Muslims, she reminds us, who burned women as witches in colonial Salem.” Boy was she stupid to bring up that anachronistic tu quoque fallacy of argumentation: two years ago, in Soddy Barbaria, a man and a woman were executed for practicing “sorcery” and “witchcraft” respectively.

    • laura r

      salem was when?? 400 yrs ago?

      • Simon

        And from memory it was 19 people burned.

        While that is awful and wrong, how many Muslim workplace shooting victims have there been in the last 5 years?


        • laura r

          this was proberly before the revolution. it is absurd to compare to US to islam.

          • defcon 4

            The Salem Witch Trials happened before there even was a United States of America.

          • elizabeth cohen

            So, then defcon what you are saying is that America was not America when the Pilgrims burned witches?? Is that correct? Well then you just contradicted yourself. Because once we became a Nation, the first amendment was created. You see, it is better to keep your mouth shut and look like a fool then open it and remove all doubt.

          • defcon 4

            The Salem Witch Trials happened over a hundred years before the US Revolution as Laura 2 pointed out. Thus, there was no United States of America. The Native Americans controlled the vast majority of the N. American continent when the Salem Witch Trials occurred.

    • Buddy B

      There were NO people burned for witchcraft at Salem, they were hanged. There were 21 of them, and fully one third were men.

    • elizabeth cohen

      The difference is that “Christians” have learned over the last 300 years that burning was not the answer, that Jesus was. These b*stards are still going strong and learning nothing even after 3000+ years. And, as to your “Sorcery and “Witchcraft” comment, it was the muslims, not the Christians. What gets me is that folks like you want to reach into your grab bag of times gone by and say “Ya see what Christians did” in some cases it was 1000+ years ago. So, spare me your it’s the Christians fault and stay the he$$ out of that grab bag you look stupid.

      • defcon 4

        I wasn’t slamming Christians in any way. I quoted from the article, which in turn quoted from the lying muslime woman.

  • defcon 4

    It looks like she ignored the FGM issue so commonplace in the muslime world today, I guess she couldn’t find any erudite lies to sidestep that issue.

  • defcon 4

    The zero’s alma mater.

  • catherine maneker

    ……..and genital mutilation and breast ironing? Oh, that’s right. We are just as bad……….

  • pennant8

    Bruce, thank you for translating this English language book into English.

    • defcon 4

      I also want to thank Bruce. He deflated the lying islam0fascist apologist’s bag of lies quickly and efficiently.

  • charles simmonds

    incisive article, Bruce!

  • PhillipGaley

    If every Moslem accepts that, when he dies, at that moment he must beg a lifetime of forgiveness of the allah persona—never knowing beforehand what sin or caprice might be controlling for Allah—by what appearance of logic is Islam a faith-based religion?
    Upon the fact that, Islam is not composed of beliefs which yield to inquiry and can be individually applied, but exists in a system of enforced patterns of behavior, or, for Moslems’ senseless violence against even their own women, for acceptation of the throwing of acid on the faces of women, or for their children, pushing them into suicide vests, or, as with the Moslem ideal of the 72 virgins and the silly reasons given for Moslem women to go about in coverings from a degrading and institutionalized sensuality—and much more of weak thought and motive—I would marvel to know the name for the logic in which our learned author relies on the inferential predicate that, Islam is not a criminal ideology, invented by bad men, and for the utility of bad men, but is to be reasoned about as though it were a religion, . . .

    • defcon 4

      The fast track into islamic heaven? Dying in the cause of killing for allah. It’s the non-stop flight to allah’s heavenly whorehouse.

  • Dave L

    Bruce Bawer, thanks for another important article! You lay bare the dishonesty of this woman’s arguments as well as the idiocy of Harvard University Press and Culumbia University. What a sad state the academy is in.

  • Geoffrey Britain

    Lila Abu-Lughod is a practitioner of stealth jihad, a master of taquiyya. The author shouldn’t be surprised at her lying. She advances Satan’s cause and he has a special place in his chest (no heart) for her.

  • Habbgun

    A language of rights cannot really capture the complications of lives actually lived. Funny but when that correct statement is used to say that every loud scream of racism may not be racism but a more complicated outcome of life. Instead the left accepts it just fine when someone says kick freedom out the door if I’m willing to attack capitalism in the most general way and screw the rest. Now we know. It’s the Totalitarianism Stupid and they’re for it.

  • Bob Almighty

    Awesome evisceration of the woman!

  • Wes

    Orthodox Jewish women are forced to shave their head and pump out babies like machines.

    • laura r

      only one small sect shaves. most dont. no one is forced. they can tuck their hair into a scarf. i know those people, plus several other othodox sects very well. the baby stuff is part of their culture. women are quite aggressive in those groups, hardly what you assume.

    • defcon 4

      “Forced” eh? Do you have any proof for that little gem of knowledge Usman?

  • observer

    In fact what lila wrote needs a psychological study to determine how Islam can veiled and mislead even those who carry the highest scientific degrees.
    Most prominent Muslimprofessors whom I know think they have been chosen by God not to change the misery condition in which their fellow Muslim live , but to defend the god who created this misery?

  • laura r

    college is no longer for smart people. that was 100 yrs ago. every year the standards drop.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Islam is not the victim here, it is the predictor! It is preying on Christians all over the world, ridiculing and persecuting,and murdering, using every tool possible to destroy. What it does not know, is that GOD is the CREATOR and HE cannot be done away with. In the end all evil will be destroyed and we will have a new heaven and a new earth with only HE and HIS people on it. To get these facts read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 2 Peter 3:1-18 and Revelation. These facts are found in other parts on HIS WORD, as well.

  • jude newman

    Sickening, How about she is dropped into mecca by helicopter stark naked and watch what happens, will they be gentlemen and have sympathy for her plight and cover her up, or rip her apart with their bare hands. It would be interesting to watch

    • defcon 4

      She better be muslime if she’s going to Mecca. The mandatory punishment for anyone not-muslim found in Mecca is death.

  • Schott

    one of abu-lughod’s admirers is judith butler: