Jews in Space

Professor-Richard-FalkAt the end of his 1981 movie A History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks added three funny fake “trailers” for non-existent movies, one of them being Jews in Space. The trailer showed a Star of David-shaped spacecraft, crewed by bearded guys in yarmulkes and prayer shawls, winning an interstellar holy war. In titling this piece “Jews in Space,” I’m not referring to that kind of Jew in space – I’m talking about a category of Jews who seem to be so hostile to their own people and their own heritage that they’ve entirely escaped the gravitational pull of basic common sense, decency, and fact and spun out into the orbit of rabid anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic radicalism. I’m not going to use the term “self-hating Jew.” After all, who’s to say who’s a self-hating Jew and who isn’t? I don’t know these people’s hearts. By the same token, however, I can’t help it if many other observers, after examining these individuals’ records, have decided that they are, indeed, self-hating Jews of the first water – odious wretches who’ve broken faith with everything their forefathers believed in and stood for. But hey, just to repeat, I’m not going to call them that. Anyhow, here they are:

1. Richard Falk, U.S. jurist. Falk should have been forever disqualified from holding any responsible position when, after meeting Khomeini in 1979, he mocked claims that the ayatollah was fanatical or reactionary. Later appointed UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine (his term ends this year), he’s repeatedly compared Israel to Nazi Germany, saying that it exhibits “genocidal tendencies” and warning of a forthcoming “Palestinian holocaust.” To Falk, the Boston Marathon bombings were an understandable act of “resistance” to U.S. imperialist hegemony and Americans’ outraged reactions were rooted in “Islamophobia.” In 2011, Falk blurbed a book by fellow Jew-in-space Gilad Atzmon that was so virulently anti-Semitic that even notorious Israel-bashers distanced themselves from it (“Why would anyone blurb a book like this?” Andrew Sullivan asked); last year, in retaliation for UN Watch’s assiduous reporting on his vile record, Falk vindictively urged an investigation into that valiant NGO. As if all this weren’t enough, Falk is a 9/11 Truther whose call for a study of U.S. officials’ alleged involvement in the annihilation of the Twin Towers moved even morally lethargic UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to label his charges “preposterous.” Not once, but several times apiece, the U.S., Britain, and Canada have all demanded that the UN fire Falk. But there he stays.

2. Roger Cohen, British-born New York Times columnist. A series of staggeringly fatuous columns Cohen wrote in 2009 about a two-week visit to Iran cemented his reputation as “American journalism’s most prominent Iranian apologist” (to quote the Weekly Standard ‘s Michael Goldfarb). Notwithstanding Ahmadinejad’s rants about wiping Israel off the map, Cohen praised Iran as the Middle East’s most democratic state, other than Israel, and insisted that viewing it as totalitarian was a “grotesque caricature.” Jeffrey Goldberg (Atlantic Monthly) has called him “credulous”; Michael Rubin (National Review) has described him as a “useful idiot.” When he spoke in 2009 at an L.A. synagogue, an audience of Iranian Jews responded with derisive laughter to his naivete about the true intentions of Hamas and Hezbollah. One congregant lamented: “He didn’t understand the geopolitical situation, and he doesn’t know what he is talking about.” The synagogue’s rabbi later wrote that “for someone who covered the disintegration of the Balkans into ferocious slaughter he seems oddly unaware of how tenacious and potent is ideology.”

3. Ronnie Kasrils, South African politician. After spending over a quarter-century as an anti-apartheid guerilla fighter, Kasrils, the African National Congress’s highest-ranking white leader as well as a longtime member of the South African Communist Party Politburo, joined the post-apartheid RSA government – serving for several years as Minister of Intelligence – and began advocating zealously for the Palestinian cause. Among his goals: to convince his fellow South African Jews that the suffering inflicted by Israel upon Palestinians is “far worse than anything our people faced during the most dreadful days of apartheid.” To Kasrils, Israelis are “baby killers” and “Nazis,” and Israel’s security fence is totally unjustifiable – this from a man who during the Cold War (when he was trained by the KGB and Stasi and counted both Che Guevara and Fidel Castro as chums) accepted the Kremlin line that the Berlin Wall was necessary to keep West Germany from destroying the GDR. And what does Kasrils have to say about Islamic terrorists? “We feel sorrow for those who died under rocket fire in Israel,” he has written. “But we do not blame Hizbullah or Palestinian resistance any more than we blamed South Africa liberation forces when civilians died.”

4. Sarah Schulman, U.S. writer. Schulman, a lesbian novelist and playwright who teaches at the City University of New York, is the leading promoter of the insipid concept of “pinkwashing” – the claim, which in the last couple of years has gained traction in the American and European academy with alarming speed, that Israel markets its liberal gay-rights record as a way of distracting from an illiberal policy of oppressing innocent Palestinians. Schulman, who comes from a family of Holocaust survivors and whose psychopathology I’ve pondered at this site more than once, has marched with members of Hamas (no big deal, she says, pointing out that she’s also “marched in the same gay pride parade with gay Republicans for decades”) and has responded to expressions of concern about the treatment of women and gays in Muslim societies by saying: “right now, that is not my job.” Is she really as thoroughly, spectacularly ignorant about Islam as she seems to be, or is she simply in full-scale, ideologically driven denial? Given that she’s equally thick-headed, ill-educated, and utterly in thrall to hard-left orthodoxies, it’s hard to say.

5. Dror Feiler, Swedish-Israeli artist. Raised in Israel’s only Communist kibbutz, Feiler has lived in Sweden since 1973. The head of several pro-Palestinian groups and an organizer of the Gaza “Freedom Flotillas,” he’s worked alongside Hamas leaders, compared Israeli leaders to Slobodan Milosevic, and said that “people who are occupied have the right to resist,” even violently. At a 2010 rally in Turkey, Feiler stood by in silence while another speaker decried “the filth that is Israel” and the crowd shouted “death to Israel.” “Snow White and the Madness of Truth,” a 2004 art installation by Feiler and his wife, Gunilla, memorialized Hanadi Jaradat, a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed 21 people in Haifa. Israeli ambassador Zvi Mazel was so furious that he vandalized the artwork, making headlines worldwide. Feiler denied that “Snow White” glorified terrorism, but added: “Although I do not justify the suicide attackers, I can definitely understand them. They have nothing to live for, so they look for something to die for.”

6. Anna Baltzer, U.S. activist. Applauded by an ally as “the It-Girl of Anti-Zionism,” Baltzer heads the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (an International Solidarity Movement front), sits on the boards of several other such groups, and tours the U.S. telling audiences – often in churches – how evil Israel is and extolling Palestinians’ “armed struggle against illegal occupation.” Frequently accused of fabricating accounts of Israeli misdeeds and of claiming to have witnessed events that are, in fact, mere hearsay, Baltzer continued to promote the tale of the Jenin massacre long after it had been discredited; the details of another of her stories, about a pregnant Palestinian who purportedly lost twin babies because she was held up at an Israeli checkpoint, have changed repeatedly. Baltzer sells herself to audiences as the grandchild of “Polish Holocaust survivors” – a detail, notes Steven Stotsky of CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), that’s plainly intended “to establish her supposed moral authenticity.” Yet she turns out to be riotously inauthentic: her claim to have been a Fulbright scholar has been disproven; and researcher Lee Kaplan has discovered that she’s used “at least three aliases.” Her legal surname is Piller, her mother’s maiden name; her father, a German gentile, is named Lambrecht. And her grandparents? Yes, they were of Polish ethnicity, but grew up in Belgium, whence they fled when the Nazis invaded: not quite the picture conjured up by the words “Polish Holocaust survivors.” As for the name Baltzer, Anna invented it, a family friend told Siegel, so her grandmother – an ardent Zionist who died in 2011 – “would not know what Anna was really doing to harm and defame the Jewish people and Israel for Arab anti-Semites abroad.”  

7. Max Blumenthal, U.S. writer. In the space of just a few years, Blumenthal, the son of Clinton consiglieri Sidney Blumenthal (who coined the term “permanent campaign”), has made a name for himself as an anti-Israel attack dog.  Andrew Breitbart considered him “unscrupulous”; the blogger Allahpundit has called him a “smear merchant”; Joel B. Pollak dubs him “Hezbollah’s Hanoi Jane.” Blumenthal’s 2013 book Goliath slams Israel as a nightmare tyranny awash in Islamophobia, mob violence, and Orthodox Jewish fanaticism; meanwhile, visiting Arab countries, he sings their praises – asserting on Lebanese TV, for example, that owing to U.S. media censorship of anti-Israel views, “no mainstream American television program…would allow me to speak as freely as I’m speaking to you right now.” His oeuvre is littered with disproven claims and disavowed quotes; as CAMERA puts it, he “doesn’t seem to care too much about the facts.” In August 2013, Breitbart’s William Bigelow said he “not only should be shunned, but reviled” and called him “possibly the most self-hating Jew on the planet.” Hey, he said it, not me.

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    “water” to “order”


    maxie blumenthal is a “self hating asshole”.

  • Bamaguje

    A bunch of deranged nutcases totally detached from reality, and in dire need of psychiatric help.

    • MukeNecca

      “…in dire need of psychiatric help”
      Like noose? Quite a reliable one – it helped Quisling.

    • victoryman

      A psychiatrist could spend his career analyzing these creatures. However, to equate these people with Judaism, in any manner, is wrong. Their religion is not Judaism, it is liberalism/communism.

  • Insecticide

    You left out Noam Chomsky, Mark LeVine, Mark Ellis, Neve Gordon, Shlomo Sand, Judith Butler, Ilan Pappe, Avraham Oz, and so many other tenured traitors and academic anti-Semites of Jewish origin

    • swemson

      Thanks for all these names… I’ll be sure to add them to the list….

      Come the revolution…………………………………… ;-)


    • Tradecraft46

      That does seem to be the common thread: sort of out Heroding Herod.

      • mackykam

        Herod was no Jew.

        • Tradecraft46

          Again I plumb the depth of stupidity in this fair country.

          It is a figure of speech for any over played part.

          Mackykam you are truly silly, at best.

          • mackykam

            Aren’t you the supercilious cretin. Your figure of speech has no validity if there is no truth in the subject matter. One doesn’t have to plumb the depth of stupidity in your case. It is plain for all to see. In this fair country and other countries.

    • BagLady

      How do you feel about Uri Avery?

    • Bamaguje

      Don’t forget the kapo J-street.

      • Andy_Lewis

        Little-known fact about J Street: the J in J Street stands for Jim Baker.

        • Andy_Lewis

          I guess Jim Baker stopped by to vote my comment down.

        • LouAdams

          j street is all about obama, but nice try

    • Haroldpom

      There are hundreds more. Our universities are full of Jewish professors who are anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. They are “As a Jew” Jews. Always ready to denounce Israel and Jews for anti-Semites everywhere.

      • Judahlevi

        Jews come in every size, shape, and color. Anyone can become a Jew. One should never put Jews in a group and assign a value to them as a group.

        There are some who believe that Jews are born Jewish and others who reject this and believe that one is not Jewish unless they love the Jewish people and Israel (and practice Judaism).

        In my opinion, if a professor hates Israel and is anti-Jewish they are self identifying as not Jewish (no matter what their name is or who they were born to).

        • RevnantDream

          Funny thing though is the real Jew haters make no fine distinctions. To them your born Jewish you die Jewish. From Atheist to Jewish Christian. It means nothing. Just being one, is enough for them to want you dead. These idiots just don’t get it.

          You cannot appease the irrational. The idea that 15 million Jews run a world of almost 7 billion other groups is madness. Than when has rationality ever been in the equation of human logic?
          as a species where always looking for the Witches we invent for the mistakes we make.

      • Dennis x

        Black people have uncles toms , go figure.

    • Krista Kay

      Thousands of ‘jews’ were listed on the Website,

      Masada2000: SHIT-LIST (Self Hating + Israel Threatening) LIST

      Sadly, this website has been taken down.

  • Silver Garcia

    Sick Jews. And there are more. Noam Chomsky, Mark LeVine, Mark Ellis, Neve Gordon, Shlomo Sand, Judith Butler, Ilan Pappe, Avraham Oz and NORM FINKLESTEIN – a psychotic Jew often appearing on along with Pappe. LeVine appears on Al Jazeera often.

    And the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Jews who support the US Democrats, Canadian Liberals and UK Labor.

    • Judahlevi

      None of them are Jews in my book. They are not part of my tribe.

      It was rabbinic Judaism which started this idea of “born” Jews. Judaism evolves, like Islam needs to, and modernity tells us that you can’t assign a religion to a baby – the baby will make a choice when he/she grows up.

      None of these so-called Jews are really Jewish. If you don’t have a love for the Jewish people and Israel, you are not Jewish. Period.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Space is about the only place Jews would be safe from jihadists and other anti Semites who want to wipe them off the planet.

  • StanleyT

    What’s truly sad is the fact that, as other posters have pointed out, there are at least 10 others who could easily have made this list.

    But we will survive them all, just as we have done for our entire history.

  • iluvisrael

    So many Jew hating Jews, so little time. Actually, this is a list of LEFTISTS who are JINO’s – Jews in name only. They are pathetic.

  • Madame_deFarge

    Don’t forget Soros. Even though he disavows his roots he was born a Jew in Hungary. As for Hollywood it would be easier to point out an observant Jew. The Weinstein’s, Silverman’s, and their ilk in the so-called entertainment industry are among the worst and most shameful examples.

    • mcbee555

      Soros wasn’t “born a Jew,” his mother was a secular, Jew-hater born to a Christian family. His father, also secular was supposedly born into a Jewish family, but found it acceptable to himself to prove his Jew-hate by assisting the occupying Nazis and Hungarian fascists in identifying Hungarian Jews for arrest to be sent to concentration camps. Georgi, as he was then known, worked with his father in “their endeavor.” In other words, the entire family were collaborators to the Nazis and Arrow-Cross Hungarian fascists.
      You may be aware that Jewish family law for thousands of years, has required the mother to be Jewish for the offspring to be recognized as Jews at birth, therefore Soros disavowing those mythical roots is Soros being accurate regarding that worn-out supposition.
      Soros was never a Jew.

      • Madame_deFarge

        Yes, I am aware that it is one’s mother determining Jewish lineage. Almost everything I read about Soros identified him as a Jew. Frankly I am just as happy to learn otherwise. I am aware there were Jews who turned on their own during the war. Soros is such a despicable person, he would certainly fit the profile of a self-hating Jew. Thankfully he was *only* a filthy Nazi collaborator. Because he was following his father’s direction and was not of majority when the acts occurred it would be understandable to offer forgiveness if he wanted to be absolved. He has been quoted though that he has no regrets for his past because he did nothing wrong. Yes, I am thankful he is not a Jew. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • emptorpreempted

    Well, they were quite right to renounce the superstitions of their fathers, but that doesn’t excuse their espousal of causes abhorrent to all decent human beings. There is no necessary connection between primitive superstition and doing right.

    • mcbee555

      What is called “primitive superstition” now could have been all man had at a certain time in history in order to do right. Abhorrent causes still exist throughout this world.

      • emptorpreempted

        That’s perfectly true. Whether any particular belief amounts to “superstition,” and even moreso whether it is “primitive,” is certainly relative to the time and the stage of development of a civilization. The teachings of the Hebrew prophets weren’t primitive in 600 B.C., but they are now.

        • mcbee555

          Every religion known today is taken for the gospel truth to its devotees. I think that is what “belief” is all about. If the teachings of the Hebrew prophets are primitive, then it would follow that the New Testament being inspired by the Old Testament (Hebrews), it too, would have its roots in primitivism. Are you making a blanket inference regarding all Judeo-Christian religions which originated from the Hebrews, or is it the Hebrews you condemn for their efforts to adhere to the “teachings of Hebrew prophets?”

          • emptorpreempted

            Of course not. The idea that your personal salvation depends on your assenting to such a groundless proposition as that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, the Incarnation, etc. — *even if it were true* — is thoroughly primitive, would strike any serious thinker today as morally objectionable. Thank god for that, because all moral improvement is propelled by criticism of established doctrines. Even the famous “golden rule” is superseded by the modern understanding that different creatures have different needs and wants. This doesn’t mean that nothing in the Bible is true; what it means is that the truths of the Bible have served their purpose in the development of Western civilization and long since been refined or replaced by higher truths, nourished in the light of science and modern philosophy. Those who cling to the discredited dogmas, believing them to be the final and infallible statement of the truth, are a superstitious and harmful lot.

          • Soundhealth

            To be sure, emptorpreempted, your views in this instance are not new at all but as old as Judaism and Christianity.

            Among a few of the more well-known sharers of modern times: A. Hitler, M. Borrman, J. Goebbels, H. Himmler and, of course, Nietzsche.

            I take no joy in pointing out something that you probably weren’t aware of. I of course have no idea who you have in mind for the Superman (the latest) who will bring us the profound understanding of “higher truths, nourished in the light of science and modern philosohy.”

          • dabney_c

            “Even the famous “golden rule” is superseded by the modern understanding that different creatures have different needs and wants.”

            Care to expand on this supposed “higher truth”? The Jewish version of the Golden Rule is: “what is displeasing to you, do not do unto others”. Please explain how the “light of science and modern philosophy” has “long since refined or replaced” this.

  • Flashbang

    Satan is a secular Jew.

    • mcbee555

      Satan is Satan, secular may be the present popular definition due to the rise of secularism in our country but “evil” has always been the case. No further definition is necessary.
      At a time in history where humans were considering Almighty God as the sole diety,, those who may not have believed in worship of man-made idols could have been called “secular.” At that time, idol-worship was considered “religion.”

  • Paul Austin Murphy

    …. and Sylvain Cypel.

    Almost all of these people were outright communists/Maoists/Trotskyists in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    There is obviously this hatred for the Jews because Leftists associate Jewishness with capitalism (Marx certainly did!). No wonder Israel gets such a rough deal from Leftist Jews.

    And, of course, it would be racist to think that Leftist Jews couldn’t be racist. In fact, since these people have effectively cleansed themselves of all their Jewish culture and history, and, of course, any support of Israel, their Jew-hatred is not in the least bit a surprise. Apart from DNA, they are not really Jews at all.

    Leftists Jews can be as racist as anyone else – and often are. Marxist theory will not help these people disguise their old-fashioned racism.

    See more on Sylvain Cypel:

    • Judahlevi

      First, Jews are not a race. There are Jews of every race and ethnicity.

      There are some who believe that there are born Jews and others who believe that they must adhere to the religion of Judaism to be considered Jews. In the latter case, leftists are generally not Jews.

      People who put other people in groups and assign value to them (leftists/collectivists) are racists, sexist, and other group identifiers. People who are conservative believe that each person is an individual, not a group. We are individualists, not collectivists. An individualist cannot be a racist.

      • Paul Austin Murphy

        My point wasn’t that I myself see Jews as constituting a single race; but that those Leftists I criticise do. Indeed if Leftist Jews like Finkelstein and Chomsky didn’t have their Jewish DNA, as it were, then they wouldn’t have the kudos they have when criticising Israel and fellow Jews.

        And yet these very same Leftists tell us that race accounts for NOTHING. Yet it seems it does when they are criticising Israel.

  • Bert

    In the bible we read of some Jewish leaders who wanted to get rid of Moses and of others who also were among 10 of the 12 ‘spies’ who gave a defeatist report after visiting the promised land. Mass murderer Stalin had no problem finding secular Jewish volunteers to help him stamp out Judaism in Russia. Incredibly Hitler too had his German Jewish elites who opposed an economic boycott that could have brought down the Nazi regime in 1933. They acted for personal benefit while abandoning their Jewish brethren. Ultimately the struggle is spiritual between a renegade, G-d hating, fringe element and the bulk of the Jewish people.

  • Suzanness

    I hesitate to get all esoteric and everything but these people remind me of the “erev rav”. The “erev rav” were Egyptian magicians and sorcerers whom Moses took out of Egypt along with the Hebrews during the exodus. Moses did this against G_d’s warning. The “erev rav” have clung to the Jewish people ever since, are evil and forever a thorn in Israel’s side.

    • dabney_c

      Apparently, according to some commentaries, only 20% of the Israelite slaves left Egypt with Moses during the Exodus. The rest opted to stay behind in the land that enslaved them.

      That’s how I see these anti-Jewish Jews today – as opting to stay behind in the Pre-1948, Pre-Israel world, when the Jewish People were an easy target. They’re still stuck in that era while the Jewish People march forward into the future.

  • Saxon Warrior

    The irony is that they may shaken off all traces of their Jewishness, their culture, their identity and their beliefs, but Hitler would have still sniffed them out a mile away. According to Nazi philosophy – once a Jew, always a Jew!
    They would have been thrown into the camps just like their fellow Jews that they despise so much, and once inside, their fellow Jews would have beaten them to death!

  • Joe

    Gilad Atzmon as well!!!

  • dansama

    @Insecticide I am not aware of Mark Levin being an anti-Semite. Any documentation on that?

  • Drakken

    The question I have for your Jews is? Just when in the hell are you folks going to say enough is enough and start punching these kapo jews in the mouth before they haul you out to be butchered by these Islamic savages? Or are you going to go quietly into the night like you did during the war, not quite believing the funny guy with the mustache, when he said he was going to kill you all?

  • antioli

    The Jews as described,for lack of a better ,word might be called Mosers. There is probably a better word. But almost every group in existence has such people in their midst . Obama’s white mother was one such. She claimed to hate all the people in her community and left to join the non white resistance.

    What causes such hatred of ones own relatives is not difficult to understand. It is usually based on a feeling of exclusion. Homosexuals who have had bad experiences in their adolescence were the ones I ran into the most in college.
    All most all seemed to have the same rant or theory of how society worked.
    What causes some Jews to seem to almost want the Arabs to exterminate the Jews is unknown to me.

  • herb benty

    The Holy Scriptures mention those pretending to be Jews, who are not.

  • Ken Kelso

    The list is good.

    I would have just added Gideon Levy and Amira Hass.
    Frimet Roth who lost her daughter in the Sbarros massacre in 2001.

    Read what she wrote about Gideon and Amira.
    She hits it right on the head

    Gideon Levy, who writes for Israel`s pre-eminent daily, Haaretz, fancies himself a champion of the weak and vulnerable. The day after my child`s cold-blooded murder by a Hamas bomber, Levy wrote the following in his weekly piece detailing Palestinian suffering:

    “These children, every child in the world should have protection as though he were a VIP. Every child in the world is a VIP”

    Levy did not mention the seven Jewish children whose graves were dug that day because he did not mean those children. He never does.

    Levy`s colleague, Amira Hass, the only Israeli journalist who lives in a Palestinian town, Ramallah, was equally indifferent to my child`s murder. The first piece she published in Haaretz after the Sbarro massacre made no mention of the fifteen victims. Instead, it was an emotive tirade about the Palestinian right of return, reminding her readers of two major Jewish settlements close to Jerusalem that she fears “won`t be evacuated”: the city of Maaleh Adumim and the Jerusalem satellite community of Givat Ze`ev.

    Murdered Jewish children do not move Hass either.

  • Ken Kelso

    Ronnie Kasrils is a staunch supporter of Syria’s murderous dictator Assad.
    Just google, Ronnie Kasrils Assad.

    Even with Assad slaughtering over 80,000 Syrian civilians and starving to death Syrians.
    Kasrils supports this butcher Assad.

    Read these 2 articles which details the war criminal Assad is.
    Then think this radical nub job Ronnie Kasrils supports this monster Assad.
    Assad bombed hospitals: UN
    Andy Soltis and Geoff Earle
    September 13, 2013
    He even targeted hospitals.,7340,L-4431940,00.html
    Syrian general: Assad ordered me to gas people
    Former chemical weapons chief in Assad’s army tells The Telegraph orders to use WMDs against civilians came from the top; claims Syrian dictator transferring some chemical weapon stocks to Hezbollah, Iran

    • Drakken

      I am disappointed that Kasrils didn’t get himself offed by the SA military or intelligence, to me, he would have been a priority target, he still should be.

  • Ken Kelso

    Killing Jews is no longer a sport for the Jew haters.
    Now that Jews and Israel can defend themselves, Kasrils, Max Blumenthal and the Anna Baltzers of the world are outraged Israel defends itself against Islamo fascists.

  • Ken Kelso

    The Palestinian leaders rob their children of their souls and turn them into monsters.

    And Pal-sympathisers like Falk, Ronnie Kasrils,and Blumenthal collude with this abuse of children by pretending it’s not happening, and that everything is the fault of the Israelis.

    The Palestinians have allied themselves with world wide terrorists.

    The Palestinians represent a people who support a leadership who are responsible for building a culture of death. This is taught in their schools and throughout their society. This Palestinian society glorifies blowing apart the bodies of other humans. Danced in the streets on 9/11 and allied themselves with Saddam Hussein.

    • dabney_c

      They have roused Me to jealousy with a non-god; they have provoked Me with their vanities; and I will rouse them to jealousy with a non-people; I will provoke them with a vile nation.
      Deuteronomy 32:21.

  • Ken Kelso

    Lee Kaplan has over the last 2 years exposed Jihadist wannabe Anna Baltzer as a fraud.
    Anti-Israel activist Anna Baltzer exposed as a fraud
    Lee Kaplan
    January 29, 2013

    Here is the same article in Algemeiner, but in the posts section Lee Kaplan responds to alot of the lies of Baltzer and leftists about Israel. Read the posts by Kaplan after the article.
    They are so right on the money.
    Did Head of Anti-Israel Organization Anna Baltzer Fabricate Background to Gain Legitimacy?
    January 30, 2013.
    The truth about Anna Baltzer: Defaming her grandmother’s legacy
    Lee Kaplan
    February 23, 2013:
    A case of “Catch me if you Can?”
    Does Anna Baltzer legally exist?
    Lee Kaplan
    February 9 2013:

  • Ken Kelso

    Here’s more detail how ann Baltzer lies then refuses to retract her Pallywood lies.

    5 years ago Anna Baltzer spread a false atrocity story and refused to apologize when it was proven that the story was false.

    Another anti-Israeli Jew, Barbara Lubin concocted a story about meeting a Palestinian woman who told her that Israeli soldiers demanding that she (the woman) pick five of her ten children to be killed (plagiarizing Sophie’s Choice).
    Baltzer uncritically repeated the story.

    Then when Lubin admitted to having lied about it, (Pallywood caught lying again) Baltzer didn’t have the common decency to apologize for spreading a false atrocity story. If she has no compunctions about spreading a false atrocity story that makes Jews look like monsters, and lies about everything else, why are Musicians falling prey to this Islamo Fascist Baltzer.

  • nick

    Goodness me

  • nick

    What a collection of human garbage. Hitler would have been proud.

  • Reuven

    Let’s not forget Adam Shapiro, founder of the International Solidarity Movement.

  • Andy_Lewis

    How about Philip Weiss, founder of the infamous Mondoweiss site?

  • ysusan

    You also forgot Naomi Klein. In his brilliant book “Hear, O Israel”, David Soloway details many if not most of the Jewish Jew Bashers. They are a psychological phenomenon if nothing else, to advocate for people who want to exterminate you and your people. Mind boggling.

  • WalterBannon

    You missed George Soros – Nazi collaborator and quisling. He should be number one on the list.

  • Andy_Lewis

    And a brand new suspect makes the list: Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who said this Wednesday, according to the San Diego Jewish World:

    The interim agreement with Iran is strong, it is tough, and it is realistic. It represents the first significant opportunity to change a three-decade course in Iran and an opening to improve one of our most poisonous bilateral relationships. It could open the door to a new future which not only considers Israel’s national security, but protects our own.

  • Arthur Skok

    This was forwarded to me via email so I thought I would respond to it via facebook. First and formost , I was raised in a Jewish home and am proud to be a Jew even though some may say that I am no longer a Jew because of my unapologetic stand for being a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) . I attend a Messianic congregation in Toronto ,(City of David ) a body of Jewish believers like myself who are VERY involved in supporting Israel both spiritually and secularly and also finacially . So , that being stated , a Jewish believer , or if you will the re-born Christian belief , is that anti semitsm is a” Super Natural hatred ” Some people don’t even know why they hate the Jew. They just do. In some instances , this hatred is passed down from generation to genration,without even knowing why ? The only time it will stop is when the messiah returns. The Bible is right on track . It speaks of Israel being restored to our people in Ezekiel 37:4 (old testiment or Tenach) In 1948 this became a fact. Do not be discouraged by hatred, even if the hatred comes from one of our own . If G-d is with us , who can be against us? There are many miracles that have taken place in Israel in recent times . Genesis 12:3 G-d told Abraham ” I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee ” I take G-d at his word Do You ?

    • dabney_c

      Although you are (and always will be) a Jew halachically, your beliefs are incompatible with Judaism. Have you studied your heritage before succumbing to missionaries? Have you inspected the brilliance of Judaism – your inheritance – before concluding that it was replaced by a foreign ideology? Have you given as much thought, time, and energy to your Jewish birthright as you have to your adopted Christian one? Please see:

  • TheSkepticalCynic

    These are the few exceptions that prove the rule that jews being jewish are limbic system-limited, criminal sociopaths devoid of any traits or characteristics one associates with humanity and manifesting the only those similar to the Komodo dragon, i.e., sot of a species Ziosauroanus Terribilis Nimis

  • Lee

    “I’m not going to use the term “self-hating Jew.” After all, who’s to say who’s a self-hating Jew and who isn’t?”

    Well said Mr.Bawer. I’m a leftist, and although I’ve met many vicious psychopaths among my leftist colleagues and work-mates, I’ve never met *any* who are “self-hating”. The notion of the self-hating Jew, self-hating Leftist, or self-hating white person makes as much sense as calling the Kims of North Korea “self-hating Koreans”, or Pol Pot a “self-hating Cambodian”, Mao a “self-hating Chinese”, Stalin “a self-hating Russian” etc.

    Psychopaths don’t care about superficial similarities between them and their victims. They simply like to see others suffer, and like to feel they’re part of the power that inflicts that suffering. Orwell explains the lefto-fascist mindset through O’Brien in ‘1984’:

    ‘The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.’
    …’How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?’
    Winston thought. ‘By making him suffer,’ he said.
    ‘Exactly, By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing…’

  • Samir Halabi

    When times get really tough for all Jewish people living in the Galut, the doors of Israel should be firmly shut for all those Jews who profess a hatred toward Israel. let them stew in the melting pots of their beloved Gentile brothers who hate all Jews and Israel. These traitors to the Jewish people should all burn in hell.