Inventing Freedom. How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World

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Daniel Hannan, Inventing Freedom. How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World.

The fundamental incoherence of multiculturalism comes from its cultural relativism that posits no one way of life is better than another, but then singles out the West as a uniquely oppressive global villain. Even more contradictory, at the same time that multiculturalists slander the West for its alleged crimes, they praise and promote political and social ideals––democracy, freedom, equality, and law-based justice–– that flourish only in the West. This cognitive dissonance is made possible by massive historical ignorance of just where such ideas originated and developed. The great value of Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom lies in its recovery of that history, and the role that the “Anglosphere,” the English-speaking countries, played in recognizing and nurturing those ideals for over 1500 years.

Hannan is a writer, blogger, and currently the Conservative representative of Southeast England in the European Parliament, where he vigorously monitors and battles the dirigiste excesses and autocratic impulses of the European Union functionaries. He is also a stalwart friend of the U.S., a throwback to the days when the “special relationship” between Britain and the U.S. was instrumental in turning back the fascist, Nazi, and communist assault on everything that comprises the liberal democratic ideals universally admired and imitated, even by those illiberal regimes who must pay lip-service to democracy and freedom even as they work to subvert them. Readers will find in Inventing Freedom an immensely readable, clearly argued survey of those ideals, the history in which they struggled to survive, and the great heroes whose sacrifice and commitment to them ensured that we enjoy them today.

First Hannan defines the core political ideals and virtues that create the bonds between England and America, the Anglosphere’s most spectacular success story. “Elected parliaments, habeas corpus, free contract, equality before the law, open markets, an unrestricted press, the right to proselytize for any religion, jury trials” all find their modern origins in England, from where they have spread not just to America, but to the whole world, along with the English language and its rich vocabulary that makes for precise, concrete expression. Protestantism is another inheritance from England that shaped the political order and mores of the United States. The notion that individuals can read scripture unmediated by a hierarchical, centralized authority reinforced the bond between religious and civic freedom, both of which are predicated on individual freedom and equality. “Free speech, free conscience, and free parliaments”––Protestantism, Hannan argues, was the guarantor of all of them. Finally, the principles of the American Revolution codified in the Declaration of Independence were seen by the Colonists as theirs by right as Englishmen, for they were grounded in the common law, Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights created by the Glorious Revolution of 1689. Hannan reminds us that the Colonists did not understand “revolution” as the destruction of the old and the creation of the new, as would happen in France and later Russia, but rather as a “turn of the wheel” to restore traditional political rights and institutions that had been violated by a tyrant.

Hannan traces the history of these political ideals and beliefs from their origins in the tribal assemblies of the Germanic tribes that settled in England, to their most dominant expression in the United States. Critical in this development is the notion of “common law,” the idea that laws come not from the needs or caprices of rulers, but exist “as a folkright of inherited freedoms that bound the King just as surely as it bound his meanest subject.” Such laws evolve organically through time and become traditions that reflect generations of human experience and collective wisdom. Trial by a jury of peers, the presumption of innocence, property rights, and free contract also are buttressed by common law, and protect individuals and communities from the depredations of the more powerful.

Next, common law holds that “anything not expressly prohibited is legal,” and so citizens do not have to solicit the permission of government agents or authorities for their actions. These and other developments all reinforce the notions of individual self-reliance, responsibility, and agency over one’s own life that have contributed to the incredible success of the Anglosphere in creating free-market economies and unprecedented prosperity. These ideals also lead to the notion that even a king rules only by the consent of the people, who retain the right to petition or question the king about his behavior, a development codified in 1215 in the Magna Carta. “For the first time,” Hannan writes, “the idea that governments were subject to the law took written, contractual form,” and the Magna Carta became “the foundational charter of Anglosphere liberty.”

The story Hannan tells with wit and verve may look in hindsight as if it was preordained to succeed, as it has so spectacularly. But over the centuries these ideals had to battle alternatives borne by alien invaders like the Normans, or arising internally from the sectarian conflicts that followed the wars of religion or the “cousins’ war” between the Colonies and England sparked by George III’s tyranny. Yet through all this disorder and conflict the core ideals, carried in the hearts and minds of the people and transmitted through their common tongue and traditions, survived. And they created the “shared values” of today’s Anglosphere: “parliamentary supremacy, the rule of law, property rights, free trade, religious toleration, open inquiry, meritocratic appointments, representative government, control of the executive by the legislature, individual liberty.”

Moreover, Hannan stresses that all these boons are not tied to race or ethnicity, but can be embraced by any people. His discussion of India and its evolution into the world’s largest democracy illustrates his point that “Anglosphere values had been developed in a multiethnic context, that they had been transmitted through intellectual exchange rather than gene flow.” Here Hannan challenges one of the great lies of multiculturalism, which traffics in the bankrupt Marxist-Leninist smear-terms “colonialism” and “imperialism” in order to tarnish the Anglospheric legacy as a racist, exploitative imposition of alien values on innocent, dark-skinned “others.” On the contrary, the freest and most prosperous places outside the West are those like India, Singapore, and Hong Kong that have been shaped by the ideals of the Anglosphere.

This legacy of freedom and autonomy, however, has been eroding over the last decades, and the forces of destruction have come mostly from within. As Hannan note, “History has become a hierarchy of victimhood.” National and cultural pride in the achievements of the Anglosphere is considered bad form mainly because of its global dominance and success.  Such pride risks “the appearance of complacency or jingoism,” or evokes “supposed cultural imperialism or colonial arrogance.” Also, virtues like tolerance or seeing other peoples’ point of view have degenerated into “if not exactly self-hatred, certainly a form of cultural relativism in which the unique achievements of Anglosphere civilization are devalued.” Trickling down from the intelligentsia into the curricula of schools, such ideas cultivate guilt rather than pride, and a refusal to judge the dysfunctions of other cultures even as we obsess over the alleged crimes of our own. “As we lose sight of what the Anglosphere has achieved,” Hannan warns, “we risk losing the institutions that have served to make it what it is.”

Indeed, this process is well underway. England’s participation in the European Union has subjected it to the heavily regulated, top-down intrusive management of politics, culture, and the economy precisely the opposite of the ideals of individual autonomy and local government that have shaped the Anglosphere. And here in the U.S., the Obama administration and the progressive Democrats have tried to duplicate the E.U. model in everything from the slow-motion debacle of Obamacare, to the foreign policy of guilt, apology, and retreat masked by the magical thinking of “multilateralism” and “diplomatic engagement.” A federal Leviathan managed by a technocratic elite is a repudiation of everything that defines the Anglosphere and has made it the freest, most prosperous, and greatest force for good in history.

Hannan ends with a quote from a young Bostonian doctor named Joseph Warren as in 1775 he rallied his countrymen to defend the freedoms trampled by George III: “You are to decide the question on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions of unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.” We need to heed this advice, and Daniel Hannan’s rich history of our freedom is a good place to discover the unique worthiness of our civilization.

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  • yo neighbor

    English speaking people, greedy, self serving individualists, made it possible for my neighbor to run around on “his private property” growing crops he uses to enrich himself at the expense of hungry people. Where does he get off making profit? Isn’t food a right, right behind enslaving individuals to labor in water treatment plants to provide us with clean clear drinking water? We should be greatful that there are those who can do nothing but rule over we the people to tell us where our place is & what we need to survive. That 1percent ruling class put allot of effort. & time doing the only thing they can do, point their finger & beat the air with their breath, some people aren’t worth minimum wage so they become lawyers.

    • The March Hare

      I would imagine those “hungry” people had a skill they could use to barter since others growing the crops allowed them time to do their specialty, like hunting and other required tasks and trading the results. You grow the crops and I get the meat, George over there will make some tools and Harry some furniture. That way we can all have all these things. Just how far would we get if everyone had to produce their own food? Even hunting parties were group efforts. How about if everyone had to come up with a way to produce their own purified water? Not everyone could manage on their own. People were living in groups because it is dictated by reproduction. The nurture/provider is a natural division of labor that allows the family to function well. Even in a pride of lions. Families grouped together formed small tribes and tribes formed small clans. Division of labor made it so everyone could benefit from their group efforts and assure success for each and all. A small town of 10,000 people can’t have 10,000 gardens or go on 10,000 hunts individually. In fact, group efforts make hunting more productive and less time consuming as well as allowing the development of specialized expertise in a task which enhances the chance of success. A group of drivers rounding up game forcing them toward those with the weapons assured enough for everyone and greatly shortened the task. Today’s life is no different. Try making your own computer. We shared our skills and knowledge which causes personal growth and greater knowledge to pass on to the benefit of everyone. As the efforts grow in size, the task of managing the efforts to coordinate them was an obvious outgrowth and necessity. Money? Well it is nothing but certificates of having earned shares in the national wealth by contributing your special skill. If all you have is furniture you made and you can’t find anyone needing furniture who has food to trade, then non designated certificates allow you to trade that which can then be use to trade for that person’s need. It is nothing but another method of trading by proxy.

    • Richard Fontaine

      Hey I hate lawyers too, but was the rest of that rant “sarcasm”? If so please notate appropriately. If not you need help.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    I must admit that the
    world would be much much worse if the Arab Muslims or Asians colonize and
    conquer Canada, US, India, Hong Kong and Africa. Very very brutal races. The
    British had a refined affection for Demcracy.

    Anglospheric legacy is racist, exploitative imposition of alien values on
    innocent, dark-skinned “others” is TRUE. Yet the English did impose democracy
    and common law. They were more intellectually endowed than the Asian in this
    aspect BUT their legacy will be that of cruelty, racism and wealth suppression.
    It is impossible to avoid it.

    African Slave Trade required maybe 10,000 ships. The forced Opium, the
    suppression of gold and silver still goes on today and this is THE reason for
    poverty in most of the third world. British fomented the American Civil War.
    The South’s warships were largely built in England.

    hear of the “God Is An Englishman” literary series, depicting the British
    Empire from 1860 to the outbreak of World War I? These mercenary financiers and
    their military enforcers (definitely including American military power) have a
    godlike view of themselves in their Olympian regalia and insignia and that they
    are intended to rule others—

    there is something called the Boer war.British political and military leaders
    committed frightful war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Boers of
    South Africa — crimes for which no one was ever brought to account. General
    Kitchener, for one, was never punished for introducing measures that
    even a future prime minister called “methods of barbarism.” Kichener
    is loved in Britain, including Hannan possibly.

    elites behind FDR and Wilson 2x convinced or forced them to send their best
    American men to defend that miserable island.

    all can hate me if you must but I wish you all a long and healthy hate. I come
    in peace.

    • joe

      How dare you say you come in peace. You arrived with bellowing horns of ignorance. Your opening paragraph states what you believe, and then you obliterate it with cherry picked morsels of disconnected trivia. Get this. The world is racist. The world discriminates. The mind, assuming you have one, discriminates. You have a problem with reality. Go all of the way back to when mankind lived in caves – before they had the skills to write down what it took for them to survive, to beat the odds. Civilization comes with a price. Your little butt-hurt tirade against the very existence of humanity and your hissy fit over humans being at the top of the food chain constitutes the anti-intellectual mindset of the left. There are never any alternatives posited. There is simply the constant juvenile temper tantrum over how harsh reality is. Poor, poor hurt little mindless thing.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        I support what I say with facts. The Anglo heritage has evil inside it. Yet I admit that Democracy and fairness came to fruition because of Anglo common laws and a sense of decency (when facts could not be hidden).

        No hissy fit Sir, Lord Ding Dong of York. Facts are facts. You can call me a wog, a wanker, a juvenile, etc.. but facts are facts.

        Between 1759 to 1945, an American soldier was too often killed due to fighting against England or for England. You are willfully ignorant of your own history.

        Tyranny in the New World, failed attempt to sack Cartagena in May,1741, 1812, the Versailles Treaty to turn the Germans into monsters, the planned BP spill in 2010, the Depression thanks to lord earl of blizblaz Halifax 1 dumping silver to destroy the currencies of China and India, Opium in China, the African slave trade, Concentration camps in the Boer war ( 27,000 deaths), Cecil Rhodes racism, and so forth.

        Yes civilization comes with a price – all too often paid by Africans or Indians and poor British blokes to support the upper crust of British society.

        Just admit it I am not 100% wrong. I have heard too many English voices denounce Israel, from Clegg or Cameron to Chris Gunness, to any BBC host, to a professor in Cambridge, etc.. while ignoring unpleasant facts ( the Anglo way).

        I am burnt out with Londonistan, England, Britain, UK, whatever you freaks call yourselves.

        Go on make jokes and call me a wog, wanker, fool, mindless thing,etc.. I know I am right and can prove it from English sources.

        PS Francis Drake was a pirate and Vernon got his butt kicked in May 1741 by wogs such as myself. Cheers!

        • bigjulie

          Wow! And your point is…??

          • Johnny Paleswine

            To be honest, I am no longer sure. I just like the truth. I hate to see the truth hidden nor covered up.

          • Well Done


          • Johnny Paleswine

            I have thought about your question. My conclusion is that I cannot do anything about the ugly history of the British. Their time will come. By the hands of Islam. Britain is sinking in Islam.

            In the 19th Century in Britain, there was a realization that the African salve trade was wrong. But this was not because of a divine inspiration.

            Enough British realized that they are terrible out numbered. Their tribe is much much less than the African people and the Muslims and the Indians and the Asians and perhaps they should change.

            Maybe the 1807 Act was a formal realization that we best change, although slowly, because our numbers are not so big.

            Since 1945 Germany has become a great nation. Britain, Turkey, Portugual, Spain have never addressed their past. I doubt they ever will. Due to arrogance or ignorance.

            Britain is the center of all things folly and jolly because they wish to hide their abominable past.

            That island will fall into decay once the world realizes that they have no material amounts of gold nor silver and the North Sea oil is undergoing depletion.

            I do not want to be in England at that time.

      • 95Theses

        Someone needs to see Dinesh D’Souza’s and read America: Imagine a World without Her.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          I am very Pro America and I am honored to be in America when I am. But Prescott Bush was involved in financing Hitler and Wall Street financed the so called Russian revolution. talk to somebody from Vietname or Laos on what they think of America.

          God Bless the USA and her soldiers.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        No cherry picking.

        It is all bad. I contend that Britian, England, the Uk, whatever you call yourselves, your elites committed evil.

        From the tyranny in the colonies, to the War of 1812, to the backing of the South in the US Civil War, to the forcing of Opium in China, to the planning of WW1, the Depression, WW2, to the planned oil spill in 2010.


        What am I missing with my apologies to Paul McCartney and Monty Python.

        Tallyhoo by Jove. Cheers!


          You have to admit that Winston Churchill was the Greatest man of the 20th century.

          I am disappointed that Queen Elizabeth has never visited Israel. Maybe she has been told that the uppity Jews didn’t courteously perish at the hand of the British trained Arab Legion – an unforgivable slight to the British.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Yes Sir ( I assume it is a Sir). Sir Churchill has to be the most admirable politician of all time. He and JFK. At least these two desired the best for their people.

            Sir Churchill was at Gallipoli and saw the evil ways of the Muslim Turks.

            JFK was in PT109.

            Both men saw the horror of war.

            We no longer have leaders. We have wealthy lawyers in politics to make money in shady ways, insider transactions re; Pelosi and Clinton, seekers of generous allowances, and life pensions that have been groomed by Rockefeller or Rothchild for at least a decade when they take over.

            JFK was doomed. His own dad knew it. Joe the Jew hater was very close to the British elite Jew haters and knew that his son was doomed when JFK sought to end the Fed.

            JFK was surrounded by soulless ghouls only loyal to the RoRo gang (Rothchild/Rockefeller).

            Reagan had his good moments but in WW2 he was making movies and riding horses.


            When you go off on the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the British you begin to sound like a lyndon larouche cult member.

            Those guys and the JOOOZ are larouch cult targets.

            You have me scratching my head.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I just like the truth. Not only me others believe that the CIA is a pet project for the RoRo gang. Both created the CIA and KGB. Shocking yes?

            The idea was to keep down any country which was a threat to the US. What better way to ruin Cuba, Latrine America, Russia and China??

            Cuba was a great country under Battista. It was a threat to Florida and California regarding tourism and cultivation. It was necessary to destroy it. Castro was armed by the CIA with arms under orders from Rockefeller and a hapless Eisenhower.

            Rockefeller financed communism until the leaders realized that it was bad or afraid of a revolt by the people. Communism is horrible and inefficient. The US became THE power after 1936 while China and Russia were forced to suffer. Until the 1990s. Now they want their venganza!

            Rothchild has spent billions erasing their name from history. Same thing for Rockefeller.

            Obama has been groomed by the Rockefeller machine as were the Bushes for a long time.

            As is Hitlary and Jeb Bush. Ted Cruze? his wife works for Goldman which is a British controlled entity so I am not sure but he appears to be good.


            When Joe Kennedy came back the Britain, he told Roosevelt that democracy was finished – seeing how na zi Germany was rearming and marching.

            That exchange ended Joe career in US government.


            Excluding Vietnam, LBJ was a greater President than JFK.


            PT109 was a tough spot for the crew, but many soldiers and sailors went through much more than JFK.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            At least JFK saw the horror of war. Maybe not the hero as portrayed by Cliff Robertson but he saw how bad it could be. The last real US Pres. who was his own man.

          • JayTee

            Maybe she’s just busy doing other stuff. She hasn’t visited lots of places, so I wouldn’t read something into every one of those perceived “slights.”


          Check out Pat Condell on Youtube. He is GREAT and British.

          • Johnny Paleswine


            My apologies to Mr Condell and Douglas Murray.

        • Well Done


          • Johnny Paleswine


          • Johnny Paleswine

            Useful Idiot

      • Johnny Paleswine

        I should add: Christopher Gunness, British of course, the head of UNRWA, to the British aristocracy, the UNRWA building in Gaza is to refugees what Westminster Abby is to religion.

        Abbey – another word the British stole. It is abba, ” father ” from Hebrew or Arabic. Even the word British was stolen from the Greek.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        Here is some reality your British School Books did not include therein: Penned by a wet back to you and Hannan ( Who is a good man. He is the most pro Israel EU political thing after Nigel Farage).

        I am not here to speculate about what “might have been,” in the Americas, from Hudson Bay to Chile; all lands where the natives lived in not so peaceful terms, in the pre-Columbus world.

        I will be the first to say that torture and sacrifice of children and leaders were common.

        Perhaps in mine too. I am Chipcha on my mother’s side but I chose Judaism from my Father’s side. I am a Jewish wetback, rejected by both cultures when they learned of my roots.

        In the sixteenth-century, the European manner of killing supposed “witches” was also human sacrifice to a jealous Christian G-d, or a G-d they were told was angry when his laws are broken. This was extended to Massachusetts, With no doubt this was present in the Jewish Bible – before the same Christians placed the “OLD” Label thereon.

        But no one ( European or Native to the Americas ) has written that a genocide against the British, Spanish, Portuguese, Holland, France, would have been a good thing for the world and would have taught them to respect different people.

        The American Jew Charles Krauthammer said that with regard to the torture and murder of the New World Native, it was horrible but “mankind is the better for it”.

        Being both Jew and Native I would like to place his feet on fire and ask him if he likes it to a ” bed of roses”.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        Therefore my British Lod of DingDong, do You allow Israel to do to the Arab Muslims of Gaza, what your British ancestors did to the natives of the New World and Australia???

        I assume they have your blessing to commence …

      • Johnny Paleswine

        When you think you can no longer detest the BRITISH, here comes this: another twisted leftist BRIT compares GAZA to The WARSAW GHETTO:

        Such a vile race of duplicit pretentious clowns.

    • Richard Fontaine

      Chortle, not hate just a brief laugh.

    • PAthena

      As for slavery, it was widely practiced all over the world from antiquity on, and still is. (Both the Germans under Nazi rule and the Russians under Communist rule had slave labor camps.) Even Plato was a slave who had to be ransomed. The slave trade across the Atlantic was ended by the U.S. Constitution and law in 1808, and Great Britain led (and still leads the battle) against slavery. The Englishman John Locke argued in his Second Treatise of Civil Government against slavery, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are the rights to life, liberty and property (Thomas Jefferson changed this to “the pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence.)

    • Joe The Gentile

      Standard critique formula from the Leftist-Islamofascist axis — gather the greatest sins of the US/UK/Israel/Anything-That-Is-Any-Bloody-Good, and regardless of how ancient those sins are (from a time when standards were much lower and so many were behaving much worse), or how exaggerated and over-simplified the story of those acts, put them forward as representative and defining acts of this Anything-That-Is-Any-Bloody-Good, thus undermining Anything-That-Is-Any-Bloody-Good and making way for its destruction out of the ashes of which Leftist (or Islamofascist) utopia can finally rise.

      Yawn. Don’t feed the troll.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        I am not leftist nor islamist. Just listing facts that the Anglos and British would prefer be kept hidden.

        The story behind British invasions is ugly

        • Joe The Gentile

          You don’t have to be Leftist or Islamist to use their vile formula.

        • JayTee

          You’ve just illustrated why ignorant people should be separated from civilized society. They can’t sort the proverbial wheat from the rat doodoo, and usually always come up with the wrong conclusions.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I read 5 languages and I am studying Chinese and Hebrew. My conclusions are correct but happily the UK is in its last days before all crumbles given their debt and lack of metals and the North Sea oil reserve is being depleted. It may take several more years but it will crumble. The pound is on a PhD standard.

            British elites are as evil as Muslims. They financed the mercenary destruction of Europe, along with Prescott Bush and Rothchild and Rockefeller

          • bigjulie

            Yeah, Johnny…and if bullcrap was rocket fuel, you’d have this entire string on the fringes of the next galaxy!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            What is big about you Julie? What areas? It is surely not your brain.

          • bigjulie

            Sorry Johnny…but as a male, given, your obvious sexual orientation, you would be hunting me down forever if I really told you what is “big ” about me!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            It is not ” you’d “. It is ” you would “.

  • Peter McDougald

    Nice idea and very Scottish Reformation concepts put into practice world wide by Scots.

    • wally

      Very true, Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex and the Bible are at the source of the (now largely a memory only) liberty.

  • Jason P

    Hannan is essentially correct. There is something special about what has happened in the Anglosphere. Consider the usual explanations.

    1) It’s Western civilization. This isn’t specific enough. Continental Europe during the 20th century saw the rise of totalitarianism, which is Western as well. There are two strains of Western thought: individualism and collectivism.

    2) It’s Judeo-Christian. This is silly. The Eastern half of Christiandom is Orthodox and this half as stagnated under the Czar. During the 20th century the major Catholic nations chose dictatorships (Italy, Spain, and most Latin American countries). Who’s more prosperous: Anglo-American or Latin America, Northern Europe or Southern Europe? Ben Franklin once wrote about the relative poverty of Catholic nations.

    There is something special about the Anglosphere. And it includes what is selected from our Western Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian history. But it is more. Some cite the fact that it is an island-nation with a natural moat that kept it from being invaded since the times of the Normans. That has helped it maintain a perspective where security never requires giving the central government too much power (Parliament held on to the purse strings.) The result is clear–a culture of liberty and individualism–the cause needs to be explore further.

    I’d also recommend the book “Property and Freedom” by Richard Pipes. He addresses this issue and has great insights.

    • jesse s. pierce

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    • Johnny Paleswine

      British Liberal Democrat MP David Ward tweeted Tuesday he would likely fire a rocket at Israel if he lived in the Gaza Strip. “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes”, he wrote and then tweeted again, “Ich bin ein #palestinian – the West must make up its mind – which side is it on?”

      The Liberal Democrats said, according to The Guardian, that the party “utterly condemns” the remarks made by their MP and that he would be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

      The hatred from that miserable island will never cease until is bombed out of the memory of Man.

      • Jason P

        That’s leftism, to Lockeanism. Everywhere there are those who are illiberal. Only the Anglosphere has sustained a liberal order on the scale and duration that is impressive.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          You say liberal, I say disguised hatred for any race that does not resemble their pink skin.

          I will forever detest this island; the source for so much pain and suffering in the world. The creation of a powerful force, continued by the USA, to hid the fact that the UK is not a producer of any real tangible wealth.

          From 1190, the expulsion of the Jews, to 1936, blocking Jews to escape the ovens, to 1946, still blocking the surviving Jews, to the planned BP oil spill in 2010, to the animators ( and bloggers ) on RT and AlJazeera, comparing Warsaw Ghetto to Gaza, I promise to the spirits of all those who died because of Britanic agression, to forever advocate, supported by details, to hate this island and be extremely wary of those with a British accent.

          • Jason P

            I see you have much hate. Of course rights-repsect liberals (or Whigs) haven’t always prevailed. You’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Hate for the UK, England, Britain, whatever those feaks call themselves.

            A British blogger at RT writes that Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto despite the fact that there are 22 Arab countries and 59 Arab Muslim refugee camps. To be a good leftist one must be ignorant and a good liar. British leftists are the most aggressive of all leftists.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    I agree but the Africa slave trade would have been impossible without the British. Which navy was the best equipped in the world at that time and which country was the most experienced on constructing ships at that time???


      Muslims captured Africans and sold them to the slave ships bound for the Western Hemisphere.

      Slavery is still practiced in Sudan and Mauritania and Saudi Arabia.

      • Johnny Paleswine


        Abd can mean both slave and black in Arabic

        • bigjulie

          Must be difficult to tell given context alone…give it up, Johnny…your a fraud and not a very good one, for a troll.

    • Softly Bob

      I think the Portuguese managed very well on their own in the African slave trade. They had a great navy too. Thousands of Black slaves were taken to Brazil and guess what? Not a British ship in sight.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        I am not sure but I will do research. I read Portuguese. But I agree that the Portuguese was another brutal grotesque example of refined Europe.

        But the British impacted much more people in negative ways

        • bigjulie

          It’s “many more” Johnny…not “much more”…sloppy schooling is showing all over the place, Johnny…you’re a fraud!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I would lie to see your ability to post in a second language.

            As the Spanish slowly take control of parts of South West Florida, Texas, California, your bloodline is in trouble to find jobs.

            Employers will desire that employees will be able to speak Spanish, even in other parts of the USA.

            This will soon be reality. This blue eyed wetback is not in support of the Spanish invasion, but it is reality.

            42,000,000 people and it is growing.


      • Johnny Paleswine

        Correct. The Portuguese destroyed more families in Africa than the was accomplished by the British.

        • bigjulie

          Careful, Johnny…your lack of skills with English syntax and grammar is beginning to expose your troll school training in Syria.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            English is my second language. I read five languages. Being an Anglo you can only speak one.

          • bigjulie

            …and you obviously don’t do well in any of them!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            It is ” do not ” not ” don’t “. Using such hand grammar displays your poor instruction of English which is evident when you open your big mouth to match your large chest in proportion

          • bigjulie

            Only one small problem with your “analysis” Johnny…I was born and raised in America, where “don’t” was much, much more commonly used than “do not”. “Do not” is stilted and uncommon, except among foreign-trained “Syrian” trolls who would not know the common contraction of “do not”. What a laughable fool you are, Johnny, if that is your real name…

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I am not Syrian. Posting don’t is a display of your poor erudition of English. Your text shows me that I would never want you as a mate despite your oversize chest.

            What have I said that makes you angry??

            The history of the Anglo invasions, the Spanish invasions, the Portuguese invasions are bloody, ugly and must be exposed along with the discussion of the spread of democracy by the British.

          • Well Done

            LOL now we know you’re trolling.
            Maybe you don’t.

          • Well Done

            Now THAT is a truly insane comment.
            you’re a trolling bozo

          • Johnny Paleswine

            and you can write in 0 languages

    • Well Done

      Blaming the British for slavery is completely insane.

      • Johnny Paleswine

        I criticize them for refusing to admit their horrible crimes and their relentless suppression of metals. They did not create slavery but they made tremendous profits from it and turned it into an enormous commercial enterprise competing with the Portuguese


    Let us not forget Spanish Imperialism which invaded and imposed their
    language and culture onto the indigenous people of Central and South
    America (Portugal in Brazil).

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Si senor.

      A part of me, the wetback part, is a product of their invasion. Rapes were very common. One noble Spanish guerrero was father to 50 ”chicos” and ”chicas”.

      RT/Spanish I read and counter the Jew haters. All of Latrine America is an illegal occupation, based on current international law.

      Although my skin is beige in summer and white in winter and I have blue eyes, I am both Jewish and ” Chipcha”, although you would never know. I have no Indian features.

      I know some but very little muisca. I speak or read at least 5 European languages and slow Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese

      Latinos call me gringo and Gringos call me Spic.

      So I support Israel with $$ when I can and hate Democrats, especially the ethnic ones.

      The Spanish and Portuguese were brutal and cruel. They erased the native languages and used them as they desired. Both Spanish and Portuguese were enamorous with slaves from Africa.

      Nothing good will ever come from Latrine America. As long as Rockefeller and the CIA give their full support of Casto, Maduro,Morales and Ortega ( all of them hate Israel), no good will come from Latrine America.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Correct. I am a product of their invasion and spread of their seed.

      I am part Jewish and part Chibcha, interior Colombia but I have beige skin in summer and light skin in winter with blue eyes and brown hair at 50!

      So the Gringos call me Wetback or worse and the Wetbacks call me Gringo or worse!!. So I relate to Israelis in the Middle East.

      The Spanish and Portuguese were so cruel to the people of Africa and the natives. Millions were killed, displaced and raped. One Spanish noble was father to 50 chicas and chicos.

      No good will come from Latrine America. As long as Rockefeller and the CIA support Castro, Nortega, Morales and Maduro, no good will come from there and they will kill to come to America.

      I pray for America and Israel every day.

      • Drakken

        No wonder why you hate us gringos and the Brits. I think your FARC buddies need your help.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          I only hate the Brits and Scum like you. You are just a nother bully who will fight the Jew as soon as your brain is full of liquor shoved down your throat. I want to meet you. I will bit your face off

          • Johnny Paleswine

            if I knew where you live I will contact the FARC and make a deal

          • Softly Bob

            I’m British dude, and I hate Islam, love the Jews, love America and I am proud to be British.

            We should meet and we’ll see whose face gets bitten off!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            The Brits are scum. I would love to see it ruined by Islam. It will survive but Islam will do so much damage it will NEVER recover.

            We should meet. Not know but I want to. I will pay for your plane ticket

          • Softly Bob

            You’re full of crap. I don’t know why you hate the Brits so much.
            Maybe you were giving a good kicking by a British kid when you were a kid. You ran to your Mommy and you’ve had a chip on your shoulder ever since.
            I love the way you try to make us Brits look like scum but you fail miserably every time. Everything you accuse us Brits of doing, others than have also done at some point in history, but you don’t see that, because you’re blinded by your own hatred.
            What’s wrong did Mommy not protect you when you needed her the most?
            Still sore are we?

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I despise the British more than the Germans – at least they have admitted their crimes.

            The Brits, Spanish, Portuguese – will all pay with a collapsing currency and the invasion of Islam.

            The colonizers are to be colonized.

            I wish you all a long and healthy hate of me

          • kertitor

            I hope you speak Spanish too. So , pene del caballo ento culo.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Si amigo. Hablo espanol y portuguesa. Cuanto esclavos Africanos fueron matado por tu familia?

          • bigjulie

            We might hate, but right now we’re too busy laughing at your English syntax mistakes! Punishment enough!!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Keep laughing.

            When the 42,000,000 becomes 80,000,000, good luck to your kids to get jobs at Disney World. Latinos whose English is non-existent make the majority of visitors on a daily basis.

          • rogerinflorida

            It is amazing to read some of the stupidity put out by such as Johnny. Their societies and cultures have absolutely nothing to offer humanity so they wallow in hatred of those who have brought civilization, dignity and human rights (i.e.; the British) to the world.
            Just a small point: If a slave ship anchored today off Freeport, Sierra Leone, offering free passage to the US, there would be 500 million Africans trying to get on it.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Re: Africa of today you are correct. One reason is due to the suppression of gold and silver by the British and the support of the evil African leaders by the British. Many of these gangsters form part of the Commonwealth.

            Call me stupid,a wog, a wetback, etcc. I speak the truth, from British sources.

            The tyranny of King George, the forced opium, the War of 1812, the support of the south by England, the demonization of silver in 1873, the African slave trade by Britain, WW1, Versailles Treaty to lead to WW2,,,

            I stand by what I say with facts.

            Roger, do you speak Spanish amigo. Best to learn!!

          • rogerinflorida

            si, pendejo.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Bueno. Because you will need to speak Spanish due to the immigration from Latrino America, donde viene mi familia.

          • bigjulie

            Johnny…you are creating lots of humor in your posts, but I suspect not on purpose…it’s “LATIN” America, not “Latrino” America. “Latrine” is military speech for a pit toilet…are you characterizing all Latin Americans as coming from a pit toilet…amateur troll??

          • Johnny Paleswine

            LatRino is correct.

            Latino America is one big corrupt toilet from both a political and a stewardship point of view. Maduro, Castro, Nortega, Chavez, all left wing waste ( financed by Rockefeller and supported by the CIA).

          • rogerinflorida


            For your viewing pleasure I ask you to watch an independent, fair and accurate description of the facts of the British Empire:



          • Johnny Paleswine

            I thank You sir. I will watch this at my office tomorrow.

          • rogerinflorida

            Don’t bother, it is complete, total and utter bullshit.
            I was just pulling your leg a bit.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I never have any romantic notions of my secret side of my families roots. They accomplished a fraction of a fraction of a fraction,,,, of the Euro/American/Canadian/Australian societies. I doubt they would have discovered antibiotics or viagra or the cuckoo clock, maybe the long bow in time but the best they could do is tortillas with mustard plants.

            But they could not achieve a Dachau.

            A movie with a real ugly portrayal of Africans is a film by Cornell Wilde;The Naked Prey,with scenes lifted by Mel Gibson in Apacalypto.

            Yes they were raw and the best, Jim Thorpe was not a twin of the great Burt Lancaster! He is my favourite American actor.

          • bigjulie

            OK Johnny…You’re stupid, a wog, a wetback…happy now?

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I am stupid, a wog, a wetback, that and more.

            But you are ignorant and good for one thing. If that. Because what comes out of your mouth is less interesting than what goes into your mouth.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            Not all Brits are garbage although there was today a 15,000 demo in Londontown in support of Gaza. France bans it but the UK encourages it. When there is a demo in support of sharia, the USA will not come to save you.

          • bigjulie

            Johnny, you are REALLY blowing it! It’s not “know” but “now” in this context. You are failing basic troll school!!
            Better give it up and begin all over again!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            What about the contents?? Are you in disagreement with the list of fatal accomplishments of your bloodline?

            I am pro USA but facts are facts. Again, what is the part of you that is big? It is certainly not your charm.

          • Johnny Paleswine
          • bigjulie

            Johnny, I am telling you…watch your syntax (if you know what “syntax” means)…you are really blowing your cover!
            it’s probably too late for you anyway…amateur troll! Back to basic troll school for you!!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            With no doubt, blowing something is your best talent.

            I am married to a Latina. She agrees with everything I say. America is a blessed country.

            I have lighter skin than her with Euro features. You would never think I am Latino.

            More and more white woman have tattoos on their arms and legs and ankles and chest and face …

            You post like your body is full of tattoos of past female lovers

          • bigjulie

            Sorry Johnny, that must be some sort of esoteric Syrian insult that gets lost in translation. I’m unmoved!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I want to see the faces of your kids or grand kids when they are refused jobs in Walt Disney World because they do not speak Spanish. Too bad but it will happen.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          There is one British gentleman I admire. Col. Richard Kemp. He knows that Arab Muslims in Gaza hide behind females. He deserves all of our respect.

      • JayTee

        You seriously need therapy, but before writing anything else, you may want to wait until you’re sober and fully awake. That might help, until you can get the other help that you need.

      • bigjulie

        Surrrre you do…TROLL!


    Thornton: great article about an even greater book

  • jaimelmanzano

    Good article. The problem is it appears to have stimulated racial and cultural bigots to denigrate the practical values of “English” common law, which has roots in its evolution through trial and errors of its history, as well as that of other societies. Most appealing to me is the distillate common law fosters, namely, individual rights, and the limitations imposed on governmental power.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      I will respect Hannan if he has the guts to discuss the following:


      The exact number of British shipsthat took part in the Slave Trade will probably never be known but, in the 245 years between Hawkins first voyage and the abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807, merchants in Britain despatched about 10,000 voyages to Africa for slaves, with merchants in other parts of the British Empire perhaps fitting out a further 1,150 voyages.

      Historian, Professor David Richardson (BRITISH), has calculated that British ships carried 3.4 million or more enslaved Africans to the Americas.

      The first record of enslaved Africans being landed in the British colony of Virginia was in 1619. Barbados became the first British settlement in the Caribbean in 1625 and the British took control of Jamaica in 1655.


      • Sussex Girl

        The African slave trade was run by Arab slave traders starting around A.D.800. And it was William Wilburforce, a devout, born-again Christian, who led the charge to get slavery abolished in England, just as fiery preachers such as Henry Ward Beecher all across the north spoke out against slavery here and purchased slaves to give them their freedom.

        No nation or people is perfect, but over time, the Brits have gotten things right more times than they haven’t, which is more than most nations can say.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          The Brits have got a lot of things verrrrrrrrrrrrrry rong little girl.

          The list is long and bloody. British power was abused and ruined too many peoples. To this day with the continuing suppression of gold and silver in support of the Pound.

          • Buck Disqus

            Self loathing, multi culti turd licker, slippertarian, get the f*ck out of here of here with your crybaby rants about God and Gold, whats next, you going to lecture us on the Rothschilds?


          • Johnny Paleswine

            You are an example of Eurodirt. I will never tell you to buy gold because I do not want you to survive what is slowly approaching.

          • Marsha

            For a small sampling of the utter barbarity of those you seem to speak for, start here, dumbass:


          • Johnny Paleswine

            I am very glad you posted this.

            I should state that I am a fan of Will Rogers, the great American humorist.

            I have no romantic notions of a part of my roots. Half of me ( I am not sure which; no doubt a poster will soon tell me) is from Colombia Chibcha. I chose Judaism from my father`s side.

            But you want to say that the extermination of the natives was justified due to their barbarism. If I say that what was done to them. should have been done to the Europeans because of their barbarism, will that please you

            I cannot support the genocide of the Europeans because of their barbarity but I wish that the natives of the Western Hemisphere had long bows ( an English modification to the arch) with them when they saw the Plymouth.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            A good example of a Brit that just came out of his hole and does not wish that his past be exposed.

            I have not even discussed how the Brits treated the Australian aboriginals:

            Settlers poisoned 50
            Aboriginal people to death in the Brisbane valley in 1842[63]

            On the outskirts of Kilcoy Station owned by MacKenzie, 30-60 people of the Kabi
            Kabi died from eating flour laced with strychnine or arsenic.[64]

            1842 Evans Head massacre – the 1842 massacre of 100 Bundjalung Nation
            tribes-people at Evans Head by Europeans, was variously said to have been in
            retaliation for the killing of ‘a few sheep’, or the killing of ‘five European
            men’ from the 1842 ‘Pelican Creek tragedy’. It is also referred to as the
            ‘Goanna Headland massacre’.

            1843 Warrigal Creek massacre, amounting to 100-150 Aboriginal people.

            1846 George Smythe’s surveying party shot in cold blood from 7 to 9 Aboriginal
            people, all but one women and children, at Cape Otway.

          • kevinstroup

            Got to disagree, Johnny. I have an Indian friend who thanks the British for giving India a universal language, English, and a democratically elected, parliamentary form of government. He states that has helped India a lot.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            British Field Marshal Lord Earl Roberts of Kandahar (1832-1914), who fought the enemies of the British Empire (people defending their homeland against cruel British imperial exploitation) in South Africa, India, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Roberts put down the Indian Rebellion (which the British call a “mutiny”) of 1857 and the siege and capture of Delhi, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross medal. In the British Boer War (1899-1902) Roberts and his successor, Lord Kitchener committed frightful war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Boers of South Africa.

          • CosmotKat

            Why do you neglect the role of France in the new world who were involved with slaves and plantations. Do you forget Haiti?

          • Marsha

            She forgets, rather ignores, the unbelievable barbarity of various indigenous peoples around the globe and instead focuses on the acts of Britain which are TAME in comparison. What a dolt!!

          • Johnny Paleswine

            The barbarity is a folk dance compared to the crimes committed by the English. At least the Spanish and Portuguese realized that the natives could be used for slave labour. For this reason there are natives still alive in Mundo Latrino. To work, cook, make babies, etc.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            In 1493, when Columbus returned to the Hispaniola, he quickly implemented policies of slavery and mass extermination of the Taino population of the Caribbean. Within three years, five million were dead. Las Casas, the primary historian of the Columbian era, writes of many accounts of the horrors that the Spanish colonists inflicted upon the indigenous population: hanging them en mass, hacking their children into pieces to be used as dog feed

            TAME ??????

          • Johnny Paleswine

            The French will far less barbaric than the English, based on my research.

            Napoleon massacred thousands of Muslims in one afternoon. I am good with that.

            But I will read about Haiti. I will do my research in 3 languages to get the true story.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          The British invasion into the New World, India and Australia and China and especially Africa was the blueprint for the German Nazis. The British killed, poisoned, displaced and raped millions and millions.

          Until they got it right, about 200 years later.

      • Marsha

        lol, WHO CARES dumbass. You always bring that up while ignoring things such as Native Americans roasting a baby alive and eating it in front of its mother. You are such an ignorant hack that it borders on hilarity!

        • Johnny Paleswine

          My Lady Marsha,

          I can imagine the words you utter after your 3rd beer and 6th cig.

          The British and Spanish were as barbaric. The Portuguese enjoyed carving out the breasts from their black slaves as a gift to a friend.

          Therefore, if the barbarity of the natives justified their extermination, what of the barbarity of the English, Spanish and Portuguese??

          Would their extermination from a visitor from Space be justified???

  • Texas Patriot

    What is often left out of the equation is the linkage between freedom and truth, and it may well be the case that Jesus Christ was the first to make that connection:

    If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

    John 8:31-32

    The very obvious and very clear point here is that in the absence of truth, authentic freedom may not be possible.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      That was written 400 years after the death of Jesus

      • Softly Bob

        First Century AD – numbnut.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          So what is the point Soft Pene? It was based on stories and rumours more than anything else

          • cacslewisfan

            Incorrect. Credible historians, from Christian to Atheist, affirm that Jesus was a real man and that the New Testament Gospels are a true account of his actions by eyewitnesses. The earliest copy of the Gospels dates to 125 AD, but there are letters between early Christian churches, some that date to 95 AD, which quote the New Testament so much that you can almost reconstruct the New Testament from the quotes. This means that multiple people in multiple places had copies of the NT. In addition, none of the books in the New Testament mention the destruction of the Jewish temple and the Jews being driven from Jerusalem, although it is prophesied. This catastrophic event would have been included in the Gospels as proof of Jesus prophecy about Israel if the NT was an evolving set of books that was constantly being revised over centuries. Instead we see the same content, copied repeatedly, and accurately. When people talk about inconsistencies, it mostly refers to spelling errors, a certain type of Greek letter called a “movable nu,” or transcription errors which are not repeated in other texts. The New Testament is the most abundant manuscript from ancient history with 24,000 copies spread over Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, and they all say the same thing.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            I find the repetitive terms “New Testament” that the Jewish Bible is dirty. When I read the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew it is NEW to me. But for 100 years at least the stories of one man was all verbal. A long time

          • Softly Bob

            So what is the point of your assumption that it dates to 400 years after Christ? That theory was based on rumours more than anything else.

      • Sussex Girl

        Source? John did his writing in exile on the island of Patmos, c. A.D. 85-90. Notice the preauthentication by the Lord Jesus of the New Testament scriptures in John 16:12-13: “I have many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Nevertheless, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself, but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak; and he will show you things to come.”

        Christ spoke these words when Judas had left the table after the Passover meal had finished that final Thursday. He was speaking to the eleven disciples who remained with him and made it abundantly clear that they would write the scriptures that still needed to be written down. After the last apostle died (an apostle, by Biblical definition, had to have witnessed Christ’s ministry, to have seen the risen Lord, and to have been chosen by Christ Himself–see Acts 1:21-24), there was no further revelation. After the Holy Spirit gave the last revelation to the last apostle, John, as it happened to be, the Bible was finished and complete.

        • Johnny Paleswine

          Thank You I will read it. I know that John or Iannou was Greek. But very jealous of the Jewish Bible, what Christians call “old”. New to me when I first read it.

  • JayTee

    Oh, you mean the ultimate key to all happiness and harmony isn’t the constantly touted “diversity?” What? You mean that “multiculturalism” won’t just cure all our ills and make us all happy and satisfied? Hey, maybe you just need to renew your understanding of the full impact of “diversity.” Yeah, next time you have ice cream, just mix in a little raw sewage, and then you’ll get a real first-hand taste of just how remarkable diversity can actually be.

    • bigjulie

      Excellent reply, JayTee!

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Too much diversity is perversity. We all agree.

      Every country should take care of its people. But the reality is that wealth is so concentrated in so few hands ( and often those hands are there because of Anglo powers that placed him or her therein), Latrino America wants to come to the USA or Canada or Europe. They will come. Best prepare your communities.

      Not too bad for a wet back!

  • wisntons

    Reality Check: Euro-Americans better formally organize to try to survive the coming Progressive Storm. The open southern border with the orchestrated invasion of America by third world peasants was impossible to conceive of a decade or two ago.

    • Buck Disqus

      Wasn’t impossible to conceive of by those of us who read “The Camp of The Saints”.

      Not too late to read it.

  • bettyjwidner

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  • pneville

    Read “Freedom” by Orlando Patterson for an earlier treatment of this theme. It was not mentioned in the review but surely the book deals with the triumph of the Anglo sphere-the abolition of world slavery.

  • montana83

    Too bad Mr. Hannan has nothing but good things to say about his country’s Muslim population. As a politician I guess he needs their votes.

  • patrickhamilton

    The writer of this article apparently does not know that the country he refers to as “England” is actually not England but Britain or the UK. Amazing ignorance from a supposedly educated person.

  • Juan Pablo

    A number of troubling items in a short span:

    “The notion that individuals can read scripture unmediated by a hierarchical, centralized authority reinforced the bond between religious and civic freedom, both of which are predicated on individual freedom and equality.”

    This, of course, had nothing to do with the protestantism from England that began with Henry VIII. The established church took the Catholic hierarchy and relaced it with the “Church of England” hierarchy. But you had to belong to the established church, and religious minorities were persecuted by this new hierarchy (puritans after all came to the US from the Protestant and allegedly “free” Engand did they not?). You also could not read scripture unmediated, since you couldn’t come to catholic or puritan conclusions from it.

    “Free speech, free conscience, and free parliaments”––Protestantism, Hannan argues, was the guarantor of all of them.” Again this is all nonsense. There was no free parliament pre or post reformation England/UK. There was a massive persecution of the catholic church in every institution of anglo society (hardly free), suppression of the free practice of that religion, a persecution that extended to baptists and puritans in later years. The Glorious Revolution was revolting not against despotism that was new under their Catholic James II, they were revolting against his different religion. The civil wars and uprisings that took place under all this anglo freedom are too many to mention, as are the oppression of Scott, Welsh, Irish, Catholic and Puritan populations/cultures/religious practices.

    It took until the 19th century to even legally emancipate Catholics (the few that remained).

    It’s a bit fanciful to engage these fantasies about the freedoms we enjoy now having anything to do with either Protestantism or the “anglosphere”. In many respects, our freedoms were won fighting against the oppression of the “anglosphere”, and many of the rights we think they gave us were always there (though highly disrespected throughout history).