Republicans Go On an Immigration Reform Bender

ilRather than twisting the political knife in the gaping wound that is Obamacare, House Republicans are off on a “comprehensive immigration reform” toot. The latest news has the Speaker putting off any action for now, and waiting until after the midterm elections in order not to anger the anti-amnesty base, and “to goose Latino turnout or to swing purple districts” in 2016, as political blogger Allahpundit put it. In other words, electoral timing rather than principle is determining what happens.

But principle, not to mention common sense, is what’s at stake here. Anyone proposing “comprehensive” anything after the debacle of Obamacare is delusional. Complex problems are not going to be solved with grandiose legislation that tries to politically please everybody. Nor are most sensible voters likely once again to play Charlie Brown to the Congressional Lucy jerking away the promised “enforcement triggers” and “border security” football after the de facto amnesty is already in place. We went through all that in 1986, when the same promises of employer checks of legal residency and beefed-up border security were broken, more than doubling the number of illegal immigrants from 5 million to 11 million today.

And please, let’s stop all the delusional dreams of Hispanic “natural conservatives” flocking to the GOP after the boon of amnesty is bestowed upon them. John McCain partnered with Teddy Kennedy in 2005 and 2007 to craft legislation to create a “path to citizenship,” and still got half as many Hispanic votes (31%) as Barack Obama did in 2008. By the way, McCain beat Mitt “self-deport” Romney by a whole 4 points with Hispanic voters. Voters vote their interests, and the interests of the majority of Hispanic voters are best served by the Democrats, as evidenced by the fact that 75% percent favor a “bigger government providing more services,” according to a Pew poll. That’s why the best a Republican candidate has done with Hispanics, George W. Bush in 2004, was still 18 points behind the Democrat John Kerry, one of the least likable and most incompetent candidates since Mike Dukakis. To think that being nice will trump those interests is nonsense. And any gain that might accrue is likely to be offset by losses among the base angered at such pandering.

Also ridiculous is the fear that not doing something will allow Democrats to tar Republicans with the racism or xenophobia brush. Here’s a newsflash: they are going to do that no matter what Republicans do. The “preemptive cringe” as Margaret Thatcher called it is the worst form of defense. The only way not to be labeled “racist,” or accused of waging a “war against women,” is to give the liberals everything they want. Rather than give in to such threats, go on offense with data detailing the enormous costs of illegal immigration in states like California. Take those hidden cameras into San Joaquin Valley emergency rooms on Saturday night, the jails and prisons, the Social Security Disability office, the stores and groceries accepting EBT cards, and the small towns stricken with hit-and-run drivers, drunk drivers, county roads turned into dumps, unregulated buildings and restaurants, and rampant theft.

Of course, there are numerous illegal aliens and their children who are hard-working, law-abiding, and eager to become Americans, not remain Mexican at heart while they benefit from America’s opportunity and freedom. Having lived 60 years in the San Joaquin Valley and experienced immigration legal and otherwise long before tony liberals discovered this issue, I have known many such immigrants. But in the immigration debate today, all we hear are the feel-good stories about hard-working family-values Hispanics, and nothing about the other side of the coin: the thug, the welfare leech, the thief, the law-breaker, and the gang-banger. If we are going to debate this issue honestly, then let’s talk about the whole reality rather than ignoring the side that doesn’t advance our political interest, whether this be more Democrat voters and welfare clients, or more cheap labor. Then explain how amnesty is going to change that behavior and lower those costs.

Moreover, let’s demand that the amnesty crowd explain exactly how they plan to sort out those two sets of illegal immigrants, the ones we should keep and the ones we need to kick out. Expel the felons? OK, then start with the tens of thousands already housed in American prisons. But why stop at felons? Anyone with a DUI should be gone, anyone determined to have illegally received welfare benefits or food stamps or Social Security Disability Insurance should be gone. Anyone in possession of a fraudulent Social Security Card should be gone. Anyone caught driving without a license or insurance should be gone. Anyone using hospital emergency rooms as a doctor’s office for minor ailments should be gone. And anyone who thinks I’m making up racist slanders needs to take a tour of the San Joaquin Valley and see the reality too many people pretend does not exist.

If the Republicans want to start doing something about immigration, then build a fence on the border, period. And don’t tell me it’s impossible. In the 14th Century the Ming Dynasty in China built 5,500 miles of the Great Wall using nothing but animal and human muscle power. Don’t tell me the country that between 1940 and 1944 increased military aircraft annual production from 3660 to 96,300, that in 1942 was producing 4,000 Sherman tanks a month, 70 years later can’t fence off the 1933 miles of border between Mexico and the U.S.

Do that first, and when the border is secure, then start talking about what to do with the 11 million illegal aliens. Meanwhile, reform our immigration policies by getting rid of family reunification programs, and making admission to this country conditional on what the immigrant has to offer Americans, not what Americans have to offer immigrants. Start enforcing labor laws and putting teeth into sanctions against violating them. And most important, start returning to the old model of immigration that made it work for most of American history: assimilation to American political principles and virtues, facility in speaking English, and a rejection of self-loathing multicultural nonsense about American guilt and the superiority of the countries immigrants risk their lives to leave.

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  • The Facts

    The problem that I see is that the Democrats and the Republicans alike, and also the corporate CEOs that bribe them, see Mexicans as political capital that can be hoarded and spent. The root of the immigration issue, to me is that each party thinks it can harvest the Mexicans in a different way, to a different benefit. It is in this area that our political leaders appear to be transnationalist extremists.

    • A Z

      You finally had one post where people went thumbs up instead of thumbs down.

      Obama has stopped the raids on businesses. Apparently he is not going to prosecute businesses. It was the only positive thing he did in regards to immigration. Alas, he stopped.

      I am for not allowing anymore people,immigrate to the U.S. unless they are already in line or married to an U.S. citizen.

      Companies can scour every neighborhood and restart apprentice ship programs and other programs if they need skilled labor they cannot find.

      What is so low value that companies cannot pay minimum wage or better or, where they cannot find takers, they can mechanize.

      Other countries should solve their own unemployment problems and not pawn it off on the U.S.

  • No RNC

    Don’t forget that Israel has a powerful wall to stop immi’s…and Mexico is fanatical about policing its own illegals (no jobs, no votes, no benies) right out of the country as well as into an early grave….so spare me when I say that all Elected Rep, fat Bureaucrat, cheap labor Crony Capiltalist or Hollywood billionaire w/ illegal gardeners supporting any foem of Amanety & not enforcing immi laws needs to be brought to justice!

    • nestazhe265

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  • Erudite Mavin

    While the Rebublican bashing continues on several sites, TP Paul is more in line with Obama. the same Obama who has already put in motion his 2012 Executive Order for Amnesty Dream Act.

    19, 2013

    Rand Paul’s amnesty speech before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of
    Commerce was a pastiche of establishment cliches. Permit me to select some and
    Growingup in Texas I never met a Latino who wasn’t working.

    If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a
    place for you.

    My plan will Not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing
    businesses to become policemen.

    Rand Paul Calls
    for Immigration Reform

    Conservative senator backs path to legal
    status, but is wary of ‘amnesty’ label

    19, 2013
    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., backed work visas for illegal immigrants in his immigration reform speech Tuesday.


    All good points. But the Republican “leadership” seems determined to destroy the Party it ostensibly heads with a back-door, piecemeal amnesty. I think that most ordinary Americans understand that amnesty or even continued high levels of third-world immigration as disastrous for this country.

  • Anto de Chav

    Here’s a clue.. “illegal” ,so the only way to deal with them is deport them…

    • Bamaguje

      I just don’t get this nonsense called “immigration reform.”
      There’s nothing to reform… Just enforce the law and fence the border.

  • laura r

    the retired or older mexicans are generally decent people. the younger ones are not.

    • BagLady

      Sadly true of all walks of life.

  • gkwlong beach

    Does anyone think its really 11 million? Do you get in the back of manufacturers, my feel is its over 3 times that but what do I know….I do agree with writer.

  • LostIn Time

    What most people do not get is when they talk about 11 million illegals it is not 11 million raping robing border jumping thieves its made up of hundreds of thousands of people that have been here years many have businesses employ people pay taxes HAVE AMERICAN PARENTS here and AMERICAN CHILDREN here the real problem is the illegal boiler room operation called the INS that is the real guilty party.

    The immigration system bilks robs cons and steals millions of dollars a year of applicants who file the right way and in return they give the applicant the run around for anywhere up to 30+ years before finding the weakest of excuses to DELETE the file and tell the applicant they have to start over with a new file and get to the back of the line…. Off course the applicant has no voice who do they complain to write a letter that goes no where get passed from one person to the next and end up with a dead phone line or the greatest trick bag of them all be told to write an email of complaint to a particular email address at the INS addressed to Supervisor ‘BEN’ whom I later found out later by an ex ins employee was the email address they give out when they delete a file for no reason; the idea is the fictional character Supervisor Ben is code for the trash can and an hysterical funny joke in the INS offices when the applicant has had his file deleted tell him to write everything he has been through in detail and email it to Supervisor Ben…. HAHAHA f-ing ha; so the poor exhausted applicant who has been through hell for 20 odd years sits there for days writing everything out emails it then is told to wait for the Supervisor Ben to call him…. It is disgusting an in f-ing humane to put a hopeful soul through this kind of torment..And it goes on every single day.

    Off course you guys do not hear about this because you have never tried to get processed through the system; this is why you have so many people saying F it I will just stay anyway.

  • GSR

    So called “immigration reform” really comes down to culture, ethnicity, language and yes boys and girls, race. Amnesty for 20 million or so illegal aliens is the small part. The large part is hugely increases in legal immigration. Almost all of it from the Third World. Do you want the USA to remain a Caucasian, English speaking majority country or not? I bet we won’t remain that because the pols want more and more poor people to create social programs for (and to vote for big government) and business wants more and more cheap labor. Deportation is the only solution but it won’t happen so……..

    Buh-bye USA.

    • Melissa

      Bingo. Thread winner.

      • GSR

        Thank you….

  • Lanna

    The People want Obama care gone first and formost…immigration is self explanatory, take care of your own constituents, enforce the laws, and control the borders, before you go and add millions of illegal voters to your list.

  • BagLady

    The rule of the New World Order was to open the floodgates for cheap labour. They did not do their homework and made no allowances for the downside or, sinisterly, ignored it. I expect they will work on it, in their own good time, once they have lowered everyone’s expectations of what their tax dollar should return.

    I say sinister because the same porous borders are all over Europe with the same devastating effect.

    The newspapers are full of stories from MPs arguing that their local labour pool is filled with uneducated, lazy people, and foreigners work so much harder, for so much less. Great for the economy. Who’s economy?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “The rule of the New World Order was to open the floodgates for cheap labour. They did not do their homework…”

      They who?

      • BagLady

        In Britain, it began with Margaret Thatcher, was exacerbated by Blair and is now in the capable hands of Cameron. The trend across advanced countries is undeniable.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          My point is that you speak about a “NWO” as if some group has global dominance in planning all of these things. It’s not quite that way. Lots of factions still fight each other politically.

          There is no “new world order” unless you’re talking generally about modernism. And if that’s the case you need to identity the actual faction you’re referring to. There are increasing global dependencies and winners and losers from the politics of managing change and the increasingly irrational social demands. Because stupid radicals are now able to coordinate their activities much better than ever before. Thanks to globalism / modernism.

          • BagLady

            globalism/modernism. Oy, yet another – ism for me to look up.

            If the New World Order is a state of monopoly by 1% of the world population then this fits your global modernist view.

            We know that the Bilderbergs meet every year but never discover anything of their talks. Never any leaks nor spies. No footage of members captured by a long-lens. Weird.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “If the New World Order is a state of monopoly by 1% of the world population then this fits your global modernist view.”

            Oh, that monopoly club of 1%ers that run the global government? Of course.

            “We know that the Bilderbergs meet every year but never discover anything of their talks. Never any leaks nor spies. No footage of members captured by a long-lens. Weird.”

            You’ve just confirmed every major conspiracy theory. Don’t forget that the Skull and Bones club meet regularly, plus all of those other posh clubs where we have no idea what their agenda is. Globalism! They own us.

          • BagLady

            Skull & Bones and other “posh” clubs do not have the clout to influence our direction.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            That depends on who’s telling the story.

            Which stories are we to believe?

  • BagLady

    We are lucky, are we not? Our white skin and passport take us anywhere we wish to go in the world. We are free to settle with little proof of financial assets anywhere we please. The only problems arise when Western governments penalize the Third World and the Third World reciprocates by making life very difficult for ex-pats.

    • A Z

      Privilege? People have lost their land in Costa Rica because of squatters. What privilege.

      You can live in a lot of countries, but would you want to live there? Abu Dhabi is great if you make 6 figures. If you make made 20k to 50k like many middle class Americans would you like living there with or without the economic considerations?

      Anywhere? Would you live in Zimbabwe? You have a British/commonwealth passport and your so called white skin privilege.

      Can you own land in Japan? Some guys i know married Japanese. but any land had to be in their spouse’s name because that white skin privilege did not go that far.

      • BagLady

        Of course, doors are slamming. ‘Visas’ are becoming more restrictive and the ‘free’ world is shrinking. However, white people are still more advantaged in this area than our black brothers and business travel is no problem.

        • A Z

          You said you were unemployed. How would yo u know about business travel?

  • Donald J DaCosta

    Of course this won’t fly. Common sense is just too too common, simplistic, not taking into account all of the subtle nuances the left likes to pretend they know all about. And don’t look for those videos Mr Thornton suggests be produced and widely displayed. The left owns the ability, intention, ambition, wealth and technology necessary to influence public opinion and, if absolutely nothing else, obfuscation and the manipulation of public opinion is their stock in trade. Most, after all, are alumni of that bastion of progressive, liberal philosophy, academia. How can the rest of us schlubs hold our own in a debate with those pompous, self obsessed, egotistical air heads? Common sense? Puleezze!

    The bowels of academia, the legacy media and the federal government need a purge. What are the odds of success? But, how to begin? Here’s a man, Andrew Klavan, who has some ideas he’s expressed in another 2/7 article entitled, “Crisis in the Arts.”

  • Burkasrugly

    Muslim immigration is going to destroy us…especially the women….and the children.

  • Hass

    Wow, 11 million economic parasites. That’s half the population of Oz.

    • GSR

      11 million is the official number. The real number is likely around 20 million.

  • A Z

    It cost too much to fence 1933 miles of border.

    I argued this over at with a woman from Ohio. From her posts I suspect her fiance or someone else close in her family was an illegal.

    She also argued that illegals do not get into DUI accidents or other accidents at a higher rate so what is the difference of a few more road deaths?

    She was in deep.

  • Drakken

    Import the 3rd world, we will become the 3rd world and frankly I am sick and bloody tired of these pols on both sides of the aisle telling us a complete lie that it is good for us, complete utter BS! This country and our western civilization is worth keeping and worth defending, and if enough Americans find that they are being ignored, it won’t be the ballot box that politicians should fear, but the bullet box. A friend of mine on the Tex/Mex border says that they don’t even bother to call the Border Patrol anymore, they take care of it themselves.