The Fruit of Obama’s Abandonment of Iraq

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Anbar province, the region of Iraq that 1,300 American soldiers died pacifying, is at risk of being taken over by al Qaeda jihadists and their affiliate, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Fighting between Iraqi government forces and the jihadists is currently going on in Ramadi and Fallujah, the latter city the site in 2004 of the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War. If the Iraqi government fails to retake the city and push back against the jihadist “al Qaedastan” fiefdom now forming in eastern Iraq and western Syria, the American hard-fought victory in Fallujah will be the emblem of how once again an incompetent administration snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, with repercussions for the whole region.

The debacle in Iraq, of course, has many causes. The dysfunctions of tribal cultures and Islam’s theology of violence––papered over by a national identity imposed from without and indifferent to the religious, regional, ethnic, and tribal fault lines of the region––ensured that absent a ruthless strongman to keep order, violence would explode between sectarian and tribal rivals.  For the same reasons, the misguided American attempt to create liberal democracy in a country and culture with few of the preconditions for it was doomed to fail, and as a result sour the American people on any more involvement in a region of indiscriminate violence and ingratitude towards those who had liberated the Iraqi people from a psychopath like Hussein.

Yet despite all that, in 2011 Iraq still had a chance to establish some sort of ordered government, as long as enough American forces were on hand to help keep order and impose mind-concentrating violence upon those who disrupted it, and to prod Prime Minister Maliki to govern like the leader of a nation rather than as the chief of a sectarian gang. And here is where the blame lands on Obama, for failing to negotiate a status-of-forces agreement with the Iraqi government that would have left 10,000-15,000 American troops in the country, and then pulling all U.S. forces out of the country in December 2011. Eager for the political advantage that accrued to claiming he “ended” the war and “brought the boys home,” Obama did not put Maliki’s feet to the fire and get the agreement. Nor did he show leadership and explain to the American people that despite their war-weariness, the 8 years of sacrifice would be wasted if that investment in blood and resources was not protected by continued American involvement. This failure created a vacuum in which foreign jihadists and revanchist Shiites ignited a firestorm of suicide bombings, massacres, and now the full-scale operations in Anbar.

The fallout of the failure in Iraq, however, has serious consequences beyond that country. It is emblematic of the region-wide bungling and inconsistency that have plagued this administration and its criminally mediocre Secretaries of State. From his first day in office, Obama projected to the world doubt about America’s goodness, guilt over its alleged historical crimes, and eagerness to sit down with any thug and dictator who made a pretense of diplomatic engagement and help him “embrace a new era of engagement based on mutual interests and mutual respect,” as he announced at the U.N.

His actions have been equally inept, based as they have been on his calculation of political advantage, and his reflexive blame-America internationalism. Having campaigned on the claim that Iraq was a “dumb” war of choice, while Afghanistan was the “good” war, he was compelled to send a “surge” of troops to that country in 2009, only to undercut that effort by announcing a date-certain withdrawal after 2014. In 2011 he “lead from behind” as NATO forces exceeded their U.N. mandate and overthrew Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, leaving behind a failed state teeming with jihadist outfits, several of which in 2012 cooperated in murdering with impunity a U.S. ambassador and 3 other Americans in Benghazi. In 2011 he helped push out Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak, and threw U.S. support behind the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood. Once they bungled the country into another revolution, Obama continued to plump for the Brothers, his Secretary of State John Kerry hectoring the military regime about killing terrorists, and scolding them about “the need for an inclusive political process across the political spectrum,” diplo-babble designed to cover up the disaster brought about by supporting terrorists worse than the deposed Mubarak, and then seeing the Egyptian people turn on them and the U.S.

And don’t forget the vanishing “red lines” in Syria and failure to act decisively when American support had a chance to topple Bashar al Assad without arming the fanatic jihadists now running the resistance. Or the showpiece of his ineptitude, the unrequited courtship of Iran, and the farcical on-going discussions aimed at talks to set further meetings to discuss getting Iran to promise to slow down its enrichment of uranium. Meanwhile John Kerry is hiding behind the Arab-Israeli “peace process” that has evolved into a diplomatic form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, a repetition of actions that have no purpose other than their performance. This futile “peace-processing,” John Bolton points out, “incurs what economists call ‘opportunity costs”––namely, the lost opportunity to concentrate on other issues of greater importance or where there are better chances for progress.”

Indeed, America under Obama has become a minor player in the Middle East, incapable of protecting its interests. Afghanistan promises to go the way of Iraq, slipping back under the baleful influence of the Taliban after we leave. The Benghazi murders are still unpunished, or even honestly explained, tarnishing our prestige and suggesting that killing Americans has no price. Al Qaeda and its affiliated jihadists are rampaging through the region from Mali to Yemen, and taking the lead in the war against Bashar al Assad. And Iran continues to spin the centrifuges as speedily as it spins our terminally incompetent negotiator Wendy Sherman, who earned her position by negotiating North Korea’s Kim Jong Il––whom she once said “appears ready to make landmark commitments”––into a nuclear bomb.

The failure in Iraq, however, at this point is much more serious than these others blunders. The country itself is one of the largest in the Middle East, with a population of 32 million. It possesses the world’s fifth largest oil reserves. It has a majority Shiite population, making it a natural ally of neighboring Iran, and a potential supporter of that country’s regional hegemonic ambitions. Iraq is the test case of what an American commitment of lives and money can––or in this case, can’t–– achieve at a cost of $1 trillion, 4500 dead, and another 32,000 wounded.

If the U.S., after spending so much money and lives, fails to ensure that a country so geographically and economically important remains a viable state and a supporter of our foreign policy aims, then the possibility that we can influence the region and protect our own interests and security becomes more and more remote. That failure will confirm most dramatically the decline of our prestige, and the retreat of American power already evident throughout the region, as once-major allies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are pursuing strategies and alliances that do not depend or our reliability, while countries hostile to our interests, particularly Iraq and Russia, are already increasing their presence in the region. For that outcome Barack Obama will have to shoulder much of the blame.

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  • Chezwick

    THORNTON: Eager for the political advantage that accrued to claiming he “ended”
    the war and “brought the boys home,” Obama did not put Maliki’s feet to
    the fire and get the agreement.

    With all due respect to Mr Thornton, the ‘status of forces’ agreement that Iraq sought was one that refused to exempt American forces from local laws. That would have meant that Iraq could have demanded the transfer of custody to them of ANY American serviceman suspected of ANY breach of local law. It would have crippled our ability to fight and to maintain military discipline. Had Obama acceded to such an agreement, he would have been rightly excoriated by the conservative fold. The threat of withdrawal was the ace-in-the-hole for putting Maliki’s “feet to the fire”…and it didn’t work, because Shia hardliners were hell-bent on pushing us out and Maliki had no room to maneuver.

    For one of the only times in his presidency, Obama actually did the right thing. I’m not opposed to military aid for Maliki, but I’m exceedingly glad our brave young men and women in the Armed Forces are no longer being killed and maimed in Iraq in order to try and pacify a 1400-year old doctrinal schism within Islam that is etched in stone. The same holds true for Syria. Let the Sunni and Shia dissipate their energies slaughtering one another.


      Your point about the U.S. Armed Forces no longer being bled to death for no good reason….accepted. You are correct IMO. Agreed. Hell….let the muslims kill each other. Their *Death Cult* is only demanding of the killing of people. If there are no Jews or Christians around to slay….other muslims will serve the purpose quite nicely. The *Death Cult* cares not its victims’ nationality, ehtnicity, or ideology. Any blood will suit Islam.

    • Moa

      > “With all due respect to Mr Thornton, the ‘status of forces’ agreement
      that Iraq sought was one that refused to exempt American forces from
      local laws”

      The US held all the cards and all the money. The lack of exemption was merely a negotiating position to shake more money out of the US. There was also the fact the US did such a good job smashing the insurgents that the Iraqis felt they didn’t really need the US – so had a hard position. A skilled and determined negotiator would have reached a mutually agreeable position that would have:
      1) stopped Iraq falling in to chaos
      2) blocked the Iranian supply line to the Levant
      3) provided a handy base for dealing with Iran
      4) provided a buffer between Iran and Saudi Arabia
      5) demonstrated that the US was a reliable ally, instead of the fickle and rudderless policy seen now.
      6) ensured that the blood and treasure already spent was not wasted
      7) helped Iraq to reform in a less corrupt way
      8) helped prevent the chaos in Syria

      > “For one of the only times in his presidency, Obama actually did the right thing.”

      False. He sold out Iraq, its people, and the sacrifices of the US miltiary (and the families at home) for his *personal political gain*. Obama’s withdrawal did nothing for anyone except himself and the hypocritical “anti-war” movement (who are all for war if it is run by a Democrat, and/or helps jihadis from Kosovo to Khandahar).

      > ” to try and pacify a 1400-year old doctrinal schism within Islam that is etched in stone”

      Yeah, much better to let the jihadis grow in strength and then come in fight in your streets, right? You forget that Sunni and Shia always put aside their differences to fight muskrikun (Polytheists – which they consider Christians to be, and hindus) and Kufr (infidels, Westerners, athesists, Buddhist etc). The 1400 war against non-Muslims trumps the Suni-Shia split when push comes to shove.

      > “Let the Sunni and Shia dissipate their energies slaughtering one another.”
      This part is true.

      • Chezwick

        1) For how long was America to expend its blood and treasure to prevent Iraq from “falling into chaos”?

        2) Iran had commercial access to Iraqi airspace long before we pulled out, and would be re-supplying Syria that way AND via Lebanese ports

        3) we have MASSIVE air and naval facilities in Qatar and Bahrain. We hardly need Iraq to stage an attack on Iran.

        4) Why should we want to mitigate Iranian-Saudi enmity?

        5) valid point

        6) How much new blood and treasure do we continue to squander in order to justify the previous squandering of blood and treasure?

        7) Nation-building, eh? I thought we conservatives we’re alerted to the folly of such an enterprise, particularly in THAT region of the world.

        8) The “chaos in Syria” is not necessarily inimical to western/Israeli interests.

        MOA: “Obama’s withdrawal did nothing for anyone except himself and the hypocritical “anti-war” movement”

        Bullsh*t. No Americans are being killed or maimed in Iraq…and American tax dollars are no longer being squandred.

        MOA: “You forget that Sunni and Shia always put aside their differences to fight muskrikun”

        Certainly not at the moment…not in Iraq, not in Syria, not in Lebanon, not in Yemen.

        • A Z

          If Russian had one in Afghanistan in 1986, Islam would have been at a nadir if not gone. Before the stingers and the weight of the varied arms that America, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, China and Pakistan provided, the Pashtun were beat. They were turning to the refugee camps instead of the battlefield in greater numbers. They fought hard, but they are still men. They can only take so much. They can take more than others but they were still men. Check out “Charlie Wilson’s War” to see what the situation was like. About the same time Russian was reaching its’ break point, the mujaheddin was reaching theres.

          Getting Sunni and Shia working together in peace in an open and civil society would have done something similar. Islam might have changed.

          By signaling that he was a surrender monkey, Obama, told Maliki that the U.S. would negotiate half heartedly. Thus the SOFA demands for jurisdiction and more money.

          OBAMA DID THIS.

          We are going to have to fight for the same ground a 3rd time. It was important in WW2. If we had not had it in WW2 we would have lost.

          • Chezwick


            If you really believe that the Russians could have won in Afghanistan, then you need to learn more about that country’s history, about the perpetual nature of Jihad, and about the ‘prolonged, popular war’ strategy of the Mujaheddin. Granted, without American help to the resistance, their job would have been much, much harder, but ideologically, it would have changed nothing, and they surely would have fought on indefinitely…and eventually triumphed.

            As for Shia-Sunni relations in Iraq and the prospects for “changing Islam”, I don’t happen to believe that America could wave a magic wand and eliminate 1400 years of confessional enmity. Furthermore, I don’t see why fostering the unity of the Islamic world necessarily serves the interests of the non-Islamic world.

            I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          • Drakken

            The Russians were winning until we gave those effing savages stinger missles and truckloads of cash. I hope that we don’t get involved when the Russians go into Chechyna and Dagestan to finish the muzaloids off there.

          • defcon 4

            “Islam might have changed.” Yeah, the last 1400 years of unending bloodshed, terrorism and persecution of the unbeliever just wasn’t enough time for islam to change.

          • A Z

            I used the word might.

            Certainly, the shock of the black death changed Islam for a time.

            If the Muslims had lost at Ayn Julat, it would have been their death knell.

            Heck the conduct of the principals who survived Ayn Julat should be the Death knell of Islam, if Muslims had any honor.

        • defcon 4

          WRT your last sentence, please tell that to the Iraqi Christians and Syrian Christians, please tell them they’re not being slaughtered and persecuted by muslimes of any stripe, whenever convenient.

        • MommyK1

          But what of here? IT was done once; and attempted several other times….are you suggesting; the same funding and funnel; will be impossible in future? Because cutting and running; does; make the chase, more intriguing…..proven well, after B 41 and Clinton’s paltry offensive in 98

      • A Z


        Very good post.

      • michaelnola

        So Obama signed the name George W. Bush on the SOFA agreement in 2008.

        What was George doing, playing golf or snorting coke?

        • Moa


          Under International Law the US was an “Occupying Power” in Iraq. President Bush enacted a law that ended this.

          The problem is, Obama did not negotiate a new SoFA between two sovereign states, despite him holding nearly all the cards. He said he would withdraw (despite the numerous warnings) and was elected on that basis by people like you.

          Rather than negotiate a SoFA and work towards a result like the US presence in Germany, Japan and Korea (which took three decades before they turned into a real democracy) the Democrats and its supporters (you) cut and run – resulting in the predicted rise of Al Qaeda Iraq (now rebranded as the Islamic State) and a bloodbath.

          YOU enabled IS to do this, and worse, you still make excuses for Obama’s disgusting and cowardly behavior (as well as supplying them with $ 11.5 Billion of heavy weaponry through Qatar). YOU are part of the problem and enabled hundreds of thousands to be killed and millions to be displaced because your neo-Marxist indoctrination overrides common-sense and reason.


    Barry S….oh, wait. I mean Barack Obama-Wan is a pig. A pig. Gosh….I do hope the NSA is watching and/or reading this. Once more, just for them, in all caps this time!! OBAMA-WAN IS A FREAKING PIG. This article’s point, that his pull out from Iraq made things worse is a sign of that fact. There are umpteen gazillion others. He is a useful tool for his puppet masters.

  • Hass

    No matter what Muslime country the US tries to help, the end result is it’ll bite you back, no matter what.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    What’s truly irritating is that, just like in Vietnam, after Democrats manage to turn a victory into an utter defeat that defeat will be used as an argument against the war itself.

    • Hiding in Plain Sight

      What victory? If there was ANYTHING even remotely close to a victory in Iraq, we’d ALL Be driving around in Chevy Suburbans or Ford 250 Super Dutys with the emergency brake on. You know, we’d be getting the spoils of our “victory”. Well, where’s that oil??????
      So quit the blame game. The Iraqis WANTED us out of there. Use all euphamisms you like, fact is they told US to get lost. Now they have to live with their decision.
      Fine, as far I’m concerned, and I DON’T think I’m alone.

      • chuckie2u

        You are right on. Let the Muslims decide their internal conflicts.
        Hey I bet the Politicians miss having Saddam around to do their dirty work. He could have been sold all sorts of toys to finish off Iran when he had the opportunity.

        • Hiding in Plain Sight



          “Hey I bet the Politicians miss having Saddam around to do their dirty work.”


          Well, I FOR ONE do, and I don’t think we’re alone on THAT one either.
          Saddam was a much SORELY needed iron fisted warden in an asylum of barbaric fanatical lunatics.

          • Drakken

            I told Bremmer when he was in charge to quit hunting Saddams Generals and put them in charge, and we can leave the next day. They had a nice way of dealing with uprisings, especially from the Shiites. Now I am just laughing at watching haji slaughter each other.

          • Jake-a-runi

            When I was reading Tom Rick’s Fiasco I was stunned by the decision-making, which parlayed a misadventure into a catastrophe.
            If stupidity were an Olympic event, we would have swept gold in all subcategories.

          • Drakken

            The people in the thinking making process were utterly effing clueless, and bunch of REMF’s if I ever seen. This bloody fiasco could have so easily been avoided.

          • defcon 4

            Didn’t Saddam fire Scuds into Israel without any cause or provocation whatsoever?

          • Hass

            Yes mate that he did, over 40 SCUDS.

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    Oh, quit the blame game, will you guys? What’s done is done, and what’s ABOUT to happen between those cretins in the Middle East (the Sunnis and Shias) will be something of such gigantic porportions that not even ten MILLION (never mind ten thousand) American troops will be able to stop. This is a REGIONAL SECTARIAN conflict between the two warring tribes that was destined to happen since a bunch of French and British dingbats carved out the “countries” of the Middle East a century ago and thought it would be a swell idea to put all these sticks of dynamite in a tinderbox together by forcing these tribes to live together.

    • James Foard

      You would have had an “A” for format, content, expression and sentence structure, however “tough tiddy” was misspelled and should have been in the plural form, so your getting an “A-“. Well researched.

    • A Z

      1618 hit the Islamic World. Will it only last 30 years and will they learn the right lessons?

  • poetcomic1

    2014 and you still don’t get it? In Iraw we were ‘fighting for’ a nation (Iran) that has been at war with us since 1979 and refers to us as the Great Satan. Muslim infighting is our ONE chance to defeat the Global onslaught of Islamic terror.

  • chuckie2u

    One has to remember all the money collected by the Military Industrial Complex,Oil Cartels,the Political PAC monies the politicians from both parties received while the Politicians beat their chest over an undeclared war fought by Reservist without a large body count. It can’t get any better for the bottom line.

    • blert

      You must still be in Mom’s basement.
      The Congress signed off on the campaign, war WAS declared. Duh.

      Bush even jumped through UN hoops. That delayed the campaign a full year.

      It turned out that Paris, Ottowa and Moscow were ALL on Saddam’s ‘pad.’ The Canadian angle shocked everyone. (Oil-as-Graft)

      The campaign used US Army used Reservists for technical support — NOT the main campaign. Consequently, their casualties were strikingly low.

      The MIC MUCH prefers peace. During hot wars, the vast bulk of the money does NOT go to the MIC. It goes to POL, medical care, veterans benefits, generally, and the State Department.

      MIC favorites: new toys receive tightened budgets… particularly the high tech stuff. Bread and butter military repairs have zero appeal to the MIC. Absolutely no-one can build a career with them.

    • Rob Hobart

      Drivel and nonsense.

  • A Z

    I am not so sure Al Qaeda will take over Anbar if the Sunni tribes and the Iraqi government cooperate. The tribes are split. It is not apparent that Al Qaeda is in full control of Fallujah or even 1/2 of it.

    Still a steady drip drip of fighting (thru weakening of the existing power structures) might result in a conflagaration of a larger war later on along the Euphrates between Shia and Sunni Powers.

    • blert

      The HQ for the 7th Division has to be rebuilt. It was destroyed by a ruse and a suicide assassin. This demoralized the formation and permitted AQ to surge into the Euphrates valley.

      See: Long War Journal for details.

      AQ simply does NOT have any local support anymore. They blew up too many bridges. This play is probably a strategic error on AQ’s part.

      Cities are supposed to be occupied by ‘the revolution’ only during the end game. You’d think everyone would know that.

      • Drakken

        Muslims slaughtering muslims, what is not to like ? Sit back with a cocktail and make bets on who will live long enough to rule for a day or two until another haji takes him out.

        • A Z

          When Blert speaks (posts), I listen (read).

          Since he posts as a guest a person has to be careful, but he was one my initial I got to read his posts at LWJ

      • A Z

        What like sending in the cataphracts because you assume the horse archers have completed their job of making the enemy losing cohesion and have been attrited enough?

  • Walter Sieruk

    Yes, the fruits of folly and foolishness of the Obama policies in Iraq need to and have been made rather clear in the above article.Furthermore, there are other kind of fruits, such as the fruits of al Qaeda and other likeminded jihadist groups such as Hezbollah , Hamas, PIJ. and Boko, al Shabaab , Ansar al- Islam and other such Islamic terror entites. These bloodly and mudrerous jihadist groups base their violence and killing of the Quran. Sura 9:111,112. 47:4 are just two examples of many of this found in the Quran. With this stated it may be illustrated that if Islam is represented as a tree then the fruit of this tree are the many different Islamic terror groups just mentioned. With this in mind the Wisdom of the Words of Jesus very much apply here. For Jesus taught “Ye do know them from their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thisles ? Even so every good tree bringth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringth foerth evil fruit.”
    After saying this Jesus told them what he told them when he stated “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:16,17,18,20. [KJV]
    In conclusion, Islam is a corrupt tree and also a false religion, Proverbs 14:12. John 14:6.

  • veeper

    obama says….

    if I stop doing something then everybody has to stop…..

    I stopped …so problem solved…..

  • Jake-a-runi

    So, the source of all failures of our society, of our civilization, the cause(s) of our frustrations and difficulties has been accurately determined: it is all the fault of Liberals!! We know this because great visionaries have wrested control of the midday a.m. air waves into their enlightened mitts. Now, these cultural heroes wield the Sword of Electronic Truth, smiting the craven Liberals, as only those astute enough to syndicate in direct competition with Oprah can.

    So stop groveling before those whose credentials (like that GED with Highest Honors decorating the wall of their cubicle) have intimidated you in the past! You hold the power known to those whose crystal sets reveal the truth, the truth as exposed to the edification of the afternoon listenership!!

    That’s right! We are here to humble and humiliate the running cur Left! And not a strawman is safe from our importunities!! All Hail the Ditto!!

    Which reminds me: in an hour I have to tune in and find out what I think today.

    • Rob Hobart

      Rote troll is rote. Also wholly unimaginative.

  • has a clue

    since refugees are fleeing Fallujah that would leave al queda, hmm what a nice place for the MOAB. No announcements just let one fly.

  • Gee

    My eldest daughter was wounded at Sadr City when she was with the 101st Airborne – all for nothing

    • Drakken

      I almost bought it there myself, the little effing savages set off their EFP 1 second too early and missed me by that much. Who said God doesn’t look after fools and Marines?

      • Annie Oakley

        God also looks after soldiers, too, LOL! That’s the only way I can explain my co-driver & I surviving an IED involving a hand grenade, a block of C4 and a very large artillery shell that detonated 35 feet away from me….while I was hauling 7500 gallons of fuel along MSR Tampa one night.

        • Drakken

          Well sister, God bless ya made it !

    • defcon 4

      Was she with the 101st Airborne when a muslime trooper fragged members of his own platoon?

  • James Foard

    It was Bush and Obama’s fault, and the fault of the state department, and liberal think-tanks and neoconservatives who thought “Gee, if they just have an election, everything will be just fine!” Well, trying to teach democracy to a bunch of barbarians living in a 9nth century culture who have been killing each other for centuries and killing and enslaving anyone else they could find was like trying to teach a rattle snake to sit up and heel. It was a mistake, a disastrous mistake initiated by Bush and continued by Obama that cost us billions of wasted dollars and thousands of lives of our men and women who bravely went over there, having no idea what they were doing or why we were there in the first place.
    We had a clear cut mission in WWII and we knew who the enemy was. Bush never defined who the enemy was except to tell us they were “terrorists” (it always sounded like he was saying “tourists”, he not only couldn’t identify the enemy, he couldn’t pronounce the name he gave to them).
    The enemy was and is Islam. Bush gave aid and comfort to the enemy after 9/11 here in the stated, declaring Islam a peaceful religion while appearing with mufti’s and mullah’s here in the states, and spending billions of dollars and wasting thousands of lives to set up TWO SHARIAH BASED GOVERNMENTS in Iraq and in Afghanistan. So what was the result of Bush’s nation building?
    Chaos, bloodshed, they hate us in both countries, thousands of American lives and billions of dollars wasted for NOTHING!
    Bush and Obama both need to be in handcuffs for betraying our country, and don’t get me started on Obama.

    • blert

      Actually, their rules set dates from the Neolithic… really.

      Try 12,000 ybp.

      The Pashtun call it Pashtunwali: the way of the Pashtun.

      The Arabs (Iraqis) are but one-step away from Pashtunwali: they can irrigate crops along the two rivers. Other than that, nothing much differs.
      (The Afghans irrigate along their own water-drainage sequence of wells. This is well seen from Google Earth. The highway/ settlements track the water supply perfectly — think underground river.)

      The Saudis are stuck back with herding and goats. All the rest is a social facade. Without Britons and Americans they couldn’t run a single thing.

      It’s a sand box for idiots.

      • James Foard

        “It’s a sand box for idiots”, never heard it put that way. Quite accurate; it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.
        The idiots are the western leaders who got us into this mess.
        The real sponsors of terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are getting off scot free, while we’re doing back room deals with them for the oil and banking conglomerates.

        • defcon 4

          I’ll bet all the islam0fascist gulf states have their hand in financing islam0fascist terrorism.

    • defcon 4

      All muslime states implement aspects of sharia law. Every, last one of them.

  • Guest

    “And here is where the blame lands on Obama, for failing to negotiate a
    status-of-forces agreement with the Iraqi government that would have
    left 10,000-15,000 American troops in the country”

    It is difficult to negotiate a status-of-forces-agreement with Iraq when in September 2008, Bush already signed a status-of-forces-agreement with Iraq.

    • blert

      It expired.

      The ‘negotiation’ that Barry blew up was to be an extension… with even fewer American troops involved.

      The ORIGINAL SOFA was NEVER run past the Iraqi legislature — since grandstanding locals would never permit infidels to avoid local kangaroo courts.
      Maliki was entirely open to signing on the dotted line — in the same manner as SOFA number one. It was Barry who INSISTED that the deal route through the Iraqi legislature. All involved knew that to do so was to kill the deal.

      We see this replicated in Afghanistan. Barry wants out. (Read:Gates) So he’s creating a dust-up with Karzai (whom he despises) so that the onus will fall on Kabul… to great publicity.

      In this way, Barry can go to the Pentagon and commiserate about the ‘frustrations of war and diplomacy’ — and that he did all that could be done — but :”We have to go, and spend no more” or some such.

      See how it’s done?

      • aemoreira81

        Except for one problem—which should have been a dealbreaker for any President that claims to be an American citizen—any SOFA would have been predicated on eliminating immunity for American soldiers in Iraq. Unlike Japan, South Korea, and Germany, whose citizens at least share a common values system with the USA, Iraq does not, and agreeing to a SOFA would have subjected American soldiers to Shari’a law.

        As for a SOFA with immunity, Maliki wasn’t even willing to consider one. That left America with only one choice: withdraw and let Maliki see the error of his way.

        Maliki was entirely open to signing on the dotted line — in the same manner as SOFA number one. It was Barry who INSISTED that the deal route through the Iraqi legislature. All involved knew that to do so was to kill the deal.

        Maliki was willing to sign on his terms—but not on America’s terms. Backwards societies don’t get to dictate the language. Americans who cannot think critically blame Obama; those who can think critically blame Maliki.

  • tanstaafl

    The only way to achieve peace is to eliminate Islam.

    • defcon 4

      All you have is 1400 years of unending persecution, genocide and ethnic cleansing of the najjis kaffir to back up your position — that’s hardly substantive…

      • tanstaafl

        Plus there’s always that “Religion of Peace” thing………

        • John E Coleman

          The Religion of { Piss on you } is more like it !

    • michaelnola

      You’re right. The only violence in the history of planet Earth involved Muslims.

      • tanstaafl

        270 million infidels killed so far…..

        • michaelnola

          Got a country by country break down on that? I’m assuming you’re not including Crusaders who invaded the ME, killing Jews and Christians along the way?

          Any research on the nonviolent history of the rest of the world?

          • tanstaafl

            Name another “religion” that has killed that many of their “opponents”.

          • michaelnola

            Like I said, state the basis of your claim, as some of us need more proof than just a number someone else posts.

            I have no time for any of the three Semitic fairy tales, each of which, like their political cousins, has led people to march off to fight in some cause that stood to benefit them not at all.

          • tanstaafl

            That was revealing.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Republicans are blinded by PC multiculturalism just as bad Dhimmicrats. The truth is there never was any victory possible in Iraq, as all objectives were based on fantasy-based notions and assumptions about Islam and Muslims. Hence, defeat in not only Iraq but also in Afghanistan as well was preordained from the very get-go.

    Indeed, the fantasy-based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history and they are the product of a Republican administration. Sure the Obama administration is incredibly incompetent in its own right, but the failures of both fantasy-based nation-building missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, nonetheless, were preordained even before the first shots was fired. I hate to rain on the clueless writer’s parade this way, but the reality is he doesn’t have the first fricking clue what he is talking about, as he is just as blind and ignorant as GWB and his ilk.

    As a matter of fact, when GWB told us that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are peace loving and moderate people, while at the same time he was allowing members of the Saudi Royal Family to secretly flee the country, it was the perpetration of a fraud on the American people just as appalling and damaging as the fraud Obama perpetrated on the American people with respect to his imposition of Obamacare. Indeed, in Iraq and Afghanistan, not only did we waste over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money with absolutely nothing whatsoever to show for it, but also those soldiers killed or maimed for life were either killed or maimed for life for absolutely nothing. In any event, if my analogy is somehow wrong and, of course, it’s not, then by all means someone please point out exactly what we won in Iraq and Afghanistan as a direct result.

  • defcon 4

    Saudi Barbaria an “ally”? Of whom? Saudi Barbaria is either the number one or number two largest financier of worldwide islam0nazis terrorism.

  • Dajjal

    The American era is over.

  • Annie Oakley

    I’m an Iraq veteran and am proud of my service. I was there in the wilder times and have lasting combat injuries to remind me of that. I have no use for Obama, either, but this is one of the rare times he got something right (proving that random stomping does occasionally manage to squish a bug)! A big sticking point in allowing US troops to remain in Iraq was whether we would have been subject to trial in Iraqi courts if (when) the Iraqis accused us of crimes, or whether we would have remained under US military/civilian court jurisdiction. According to islamic law and beliefs, an Infidel is automatically guilty of any crime a muslim accuses us of. In a muslim court, we are guilty simply because we are not muslims. The actual facts surrounding the accusation would never have any bearing on the verdict. Keeping US troops in Iraq under that sort of agreement would have opened a whole new type of asymmetrical warfare against our soldiers, and it would have provided a whole new way for Iraqis to milk the US taxpayer for money in schemes that would have made our own ambulance-chasing attorneys looked like paragons of respectable society.

    • defcon 4

      Thank you for your service. Thanks for informing us of the reality on the ground in Iraq for the najjis kaffir as well. I used
      to know an Eritrean Christian. He told me some muslime where interested in his Christian uncle’s business and offered to buy him out at far below market value. When he refused he was murdered in broad daylight by muslimes with witnesses yet no investigation was performed by the all muslime police force.

    • MommyK1

      Thanks for your service. I do suggest that GWB SOFA in 2008 was not agreed for the same reason…..It must be heartbreaking though, to see the demise there today…..

  • charles simmonds

    before Bush Junior, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz & Co. invaded Iraq under false pretenses there was no Al Qaeda presence in that country

    • MommyK1

      The “false pretenses” were parroted by Pres Bill Clinton; as evidenced by his little bombing campaign in 98 as well as a majority of our legislature and 16 other nations. Dealing with devils; is dirty work…..

  • Shootist

    Stability in Iraq will never come from a western style liberal democracy.

  • Marvin E. Fox

    It seems to me that the growing Obama legacy is the useless speeches he makes attempting to overpower his do nothing actions.
    I hope to find an area of his Presidency I can give some praise to, but it is getting late in his time, and things seem to be going from worst to horrible.
    Marvin Fox

  • Marvin E. Fox

    The abandonment of Iraq will have to be reversed by someone competent enough to understand the internal war problems for the Iraqi people, and the global implications of a growing caliphate movement to the world. Obama has no understanding of our own Republic; it isn’t reasonable for him to have an administration that has a better understanding of global affairs than himself. The Democratic Party, that has supported his every wish from the beginning of his campaign to right now, needs to be pushed out of office with him.
    Marvin Fox

  • Marvin E. Fox

    Let the Muslim countries form their Caliphate under a terrorist organization, or Sharia law, and their bite will probably be a very dirty world war.
    An incompetent President with a shaky hand on his next speech won’t make a difference in any case.
    Marvin Fox

  • Judy

    Great article, however, as a Christian, I do take issue
    with his statement about liberal democracy, here, which issue divides those whose outlook and view through the eyes of faith, hope and trust in the Almighty, knowing that with God, nothing is impossible, ie as one who sees the realm of possibilities and hope for every individual and country that with the help of God Almighty can be transformed and not writing anyone or anything off, that is I see the glass as half full vs
    half empty, that separates those who have a positive view regarding the possibility of a government, as did our Founders that is of, by and for the people that our Founders realized with the help of God though many scoffed, they too saw the desire of all men to be free and realized, based upon Biblical principles and went forward in faith, looking up, as they plowed past the nay-sayers and scoffers, pressing forward with what they viewed as a biblical mandate for religious freedom that is a yearning in the heart of
    every man, be free to pursue their God-given freedoms that
    every man is born with. This is why people have come to America for centuries, from all over the
    world. They are seeking their dream of freedom and prosperity. It is, indeed, in the heart of
    every man and is, indeed a noble goal to inspire and encourage Democracy
    throughout the world. I would not write of anyone or any country so quickly, because, with God all things are possible.

  • bob

    Obama is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces for the country, however he uses political strategy as a substitute for military strategy that would benefit the Nation into the future. Obama is a man of no vision with all the prescient ability of a crack head. For him, to look good now, is senior to any other course of action which may affect in a profound sense events positively over time, so called long term strategy.
    He is not that fellow that was spoken about when written, cometh the hour cometh the man. He is overmatched by events and personalities at each turn, pretending ignorance and otherwise blaming any and all for his lack of competence and nerve. To say he is gutless would be to say the sky is blue, one wonders what else he can screw up before his term ends.

  • Jan LaBouve Remling

    “The Benghazi murders are still unexplained? Really? After Republicans going over and over this ad nauseam. Maybe there isn’t anything further to explain.