The Incoherent Excuses for Hating Israel

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.48.18 PMIsrael’s military operation to degrade Hamas’ ability to rain rockets down on Israeli cities has stirred up the usual noisy and nasty protests in Europe. We need not dwell on demonstrations by Muslim immigrants, whose genocidal Jew-hatred has been an Islamic tradition for 14 centuries. More revealing is the hatred of Israel by so many Europeans, ranging from leftover leftists and idealizers of the dark-skinned “other,” to far-right xenophobes and morally addled Christians. Whatever its origins, one thing their bitter hatred of Israel does not have is any foundation in coherent principle.

Take the displeasure aroused by the continually publicized disparity in deaths between Gazans and Israelis in the current ground operation to stop the rockets. Many critics seem affronted that Israel has taken great pains to protect its citizens by building bomb shelters and developing the Iron Dome anti-missile defenses, and so have suffered only 2 civilian deaths. They see the videos of dead Palestinian Arab children and blame those deaths on Israel’s “disproportionate response” instead of Hamas’ indifference to their own people’s safety. They ignore Hamas’s tactic of using their own women and children as human shields, ordering them not to flee the fighting, and storing explosives and munitions in tunnels under mosques, hospitals, apartment buildings, and schools, subterranean space that could be used to protect their people. They wink at Hamas’ conscious aim to engineer such casualties in order to create the “propaganda of the deed,” the purpose of which is to elicit precisely the uncritical condemnations of Israel that European useful idiots reflexively provide. They disregard Israel’s unprecedented efforts to warn civilians that bombs are headed their way––phoning them on cell phones and land-lines, sending text messages, scattering leaflets, and dropping warning duds on the roofs of targets. And of course, the Israel-haters don’t care that Israel’s actions are always a defensive response to terrorist aggression.

So what’s the underlying principle behind criticisms of “disproportionate” actions and casualties? That tactical and matériel advantages in war are unfair? A war is not a game like golf, where an inferior player is given a handicap when he plays a better opponent. The objective is to stop the aggression and save lives, using all the resources at your disposal. Do you think during WWII that anyone gave a damn about “disproportionate” casualties? Japanese bombs killed 74 U.S. civilians during WWII, 68 at Pearl Harbor and an Oregon family of 6 killed by a booby-trapped balloon. The U.S. bombing of Japan killed 500,000. Those are the tragic wages of aggression, what Aeschylus meant when he said, “The doer suffers.”

But the obsession with Palestinian Arab casualties, nearly all of them the consequence of Arab aggression and callous disregard for even their own families, is just another expression of the irrational hatred of Israel. If one calculated, just based on the global media’s intense coverage, how many Arabs have died because of Israel’s defense of its people, you’d think the conflict has taken the lives of millions. In fact, since WWII, 41 million people have died in violent conflicts all over the world––but about 40,000 Arabs have died at the hands of Israel, most the result of 3 wars of aggression waged against the Jewish state. Meanwhile, 11 million Muslims have died in other conflicts, 90% of them killed by fellow Muslims. Indeed, even as international critics are devoting hours of coverage to the casualties in Gaza, tens of thousands of Muslims are dying in Syria and Iraq at the hands of other Muslims. Nor is Israel the premier non-Muslim killer of Muslims. If killing Muslims is an excuse for homicidal hatred, there are much grosser offenders than Israel. Russia killed 100,000 Muslims during the 1979-89 Afghan war, and more recently slaughtered about 150,000 Chechnyans, most of them Muslims. But Russia doesn’t receive a fraction of the global hatred and opprobrium Israel suffers when it defends itself against terrorists like Hamas and Fatah.

Then there are the Israel-hater’s complaints about the “illegal occupation.” This phrase is meaningless, of course, since there has never been a modern nation in Judea and Samaria to occupy according international law, and the territory historically was the Jewish homeland for centuries. But those facts aside, how can anyone take seriously complaints about “occupation” coming from Muslims, one of history’s all-time conquerors and occupiers? Muslims occupied Christian Spain, Sicily, the Balkans, and Greece for centuries. And North Africa, Egypt, and the coast of the eastern Mediterranean are still being “occupied,” the original possessors of those lands, if they managed to survive, still subjugated by the descendants of occupiers and colonists. Nor do decriers of “occupation” say anything about Tibet, occupied by China since 1950, or northern Cyprus, illegally occupied by Turkey since 1974. If a principle exists that “occupation” of another people’s land is a legitimate reason to hound and demonize a country, then why the silence about Turkey and China?

So too with the usual harping on the “Palestinian refugees” who were allegedly ethnically cleansed by Israel in 1948, and whose “right of return” has been the perennial deal-breaker preventing peace with Israel. Forget that most willingly fled the conflict, egged on by their so-called “leaders” who promised that they could return to loot Israel once Allah’s armies had prevailed. Forget that, unlike every other refugee group, their ethnic and religious brothers have left them to rot in squalid slums, and refused to integrate them into their own countries. Forget that they are the only group of refugees out of millions to have their very own U.N. agency. If creating refugees is such a heinous crime justifying inveterate hatred, what about the 800,000 Jewish refugees kicked out of lands their ancestors had inhabited for thousands of years before Islam even existed? Or how about the ethnic cleansing of 180,000 Greek Cypriots from northern Cyprus, their land taken by 150,000 Turkish “settlers”? Does anyone even remember the 10 million Germans forcibly removed from Eastern Europe after WWII, at the cost of a million dead? What makes the Palestinian Arabs, who were turned into refugees because of the aggression of their Arab brothers, so special that they have become the permanent wards of the U.N. and international charity, their existence the pretext for international Jew-hatred and terrorist violence?

On count after count, the reasons for hating Israel collapse. In fact, even if every slander and lie about Israel were true, it would still be way down on the list of global offenders, and the hatred directed against it vastly disproportionate. Ideology, not principle or fact, explains this hatred. As a liberal democracy with an economy more capitalist than socialist, Israel is necessarily the enemy of the left, its success like America’s a humiliating reproach to a failed ideology. Those same leftists, still addled by old Leninist obsessions over “imperialism” and “colonialism,” have turned Israel into a neo-imperial outpost of the West appropriating the resources and oppressing the lives of the “indigenous” peoples. A sentimental Third-Worldism that idealizes the dark-skinned “other” victimized by the racist West also finds in the Palestinian Arabs yet another exotic mascot that signifies these Westerners’ superior sensitivity and cosmopolitan sophistication. And the juvenile romanticizing of revolutionary violence and guerilla “resistance” attracts the same people who hang Che Guevara posters over their beds, and name streets after the vicious cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Finally, there is no question that hatred of Israel reflects the continuing existence of anti-Semitism in Europe, intensified by millions of Muslim immigrants for whom hating Israel is theologically justified. As the generation responsible for the Holocaust dies off, as the current generation grows increasingly tired of guilt for atrocities they had nothing to do with, and as the Holocaust becomes just another distant historical attraction in the museum circuit, a space is created for a return of anti-Semitism, one disguised as “anti-Zionism” and “compassion” for the suffering of “Palestinians.” The “Jew of nations,” Israel is burdened with all the old slanders and bigoted stereotypes, now given a patina of leftist ideology and sentimental Third-Worldism. But it is still the same old ancient evil.

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  • Hank Rearden

    Is Israel’s reaction disproportionate? We can only hope so. The day that Israel cannot give a disproportionate response is the day of its death, since it is 6 million surrounded by 300+ million!

    Hamas is making war on Israel, shelling its territory. What country in the world would not counterattack under those circumstances? It is the Arab style to put women and children in the front lines. If they are killed it is the responsibility of the people who put them there.

    Israel has no control over that. Its actions are guided by Jewish morality, which makes its armed forces the most restrained in the world after our own.

    What is the purpose of war? Victory.

    What can the enemy do? Surrender.

    • Adam

      The US army is the most restrained in the world? You’ve got to be having a laugh…

      • Gee

        And where did you read anything about the US Army in his comment?

        • Habbgun

          Shhhhh…..he paid Organizing for America two hundred dollars for a cut and paste snark kit and you are ruining it for him.

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      • Habbgun

        Yeah you are too smart for everyone here except for ClareTMoe.

        She’s got an opportunity for you that the rest of us just are intelligent enough to understand.

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        Go for it Occupier. You’ll be rich!!!!!

    • victoryman

      Well stated, sir. Right on target.

    • swemson

      The real reason why the Jews are hated by so many is jealousy, pure and simple…

      The Arabs in the middle east did nothing with the territory of modern Israel except sit under their tents, pray, and beat their wives… Then, in 1948 when modern Israel was created, instead of accepting the UN partition, the Arabs all got together and attacked the new Israeli nation, and they got their sorry asses kicked by a small number of Jews, which humiliated their macho “warrior” identity. To the victors go the spoils… Every square inch of Israel today was either purchased by Jews from arabs who lived there previously, or won by right of conquest.

      There is no occupied palestinian land, & never was…

      And while we’re at it, there’s no such thing as a Palestinian… they’re all just arabs who happened to live in a region known as Palestine. They’re NOT an ethnically or nationally distinct group at all.

      Jews on the other hand, a group that’s been constantly persecuted since before Islam even existed, while representing only 2/10ths of 1% of the world’s population today, represent 22% of all Nobel Laureates….. Anyone taking an objective look at the accomplishments of the Jewish people will instantly see why so many people hate the Jews…. They’re simply jealous of them.


    • NikosLikos

      The persecuted Jews from Europe and Asia are now back home in the Middle East among 300+ million fellow Semites where they can all once again live together in peace and security as they did for 2,000 years. Say NO to the hate, racism, apartheid and division sown among God’s children by the unbelieving Zionists who are at war with God and whose goal is to complete what the Nazis failed to do, purge world of all Semites…

      • Jack Diamond

        You mean the Jews can live as dhimmis in dhimmitude (read apartheid) as they had to under the thumb of Muslim conquerors. Nice bit of Jew-hate, though, disguised as genuine concern and turning history on its head to make Jews into Nazis. Muslims truly live in an alternative universe of thinking where down is up and black is white; the oppressive, humiliating subjugation of Infidels is “peace and security” and hating and warring on them is their own fault and for their own good (according to God). Jews, victims of Nazi genocide, are now Nazis and Arab supporters of the real Nazis are now the “jews” harmless victims of terrible “Nazis.” (But.. I thought the Holocaust never really happened?) You are doing what we call “projection.” It is Islam which hates and divides, it is certainly Islam which would purge the world of all JEWS. Which it has done in much of the Middle East (and is busy now purging and persecuting its indigenous Christians) First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people…

      • Jack Diamond

        These are Islamic code words in case you don’t get the intent of this post. He just says God instead of Allah. “Fellow Semites” means Arabs with whom the Jews can all live once again in peace and security as they did for 2,000 years…no doubt he is nostalgic for when Jews were subjugated dhimmi people, conquered by Muslims. A status rejected by the Jews of Israel, in an unendurable affront to Islam. “Peace and security” is a phrase applied to the dhimmi, it comes at the price of following the rules of subjugation. Or else. In Islamic theology, it is Jews who are “at war with God” and the most “venomous enemies” of the Muslims, forever. Jews, not “Zionists”.

        “Complete what the Nazis failed to do”.. as if the Nazis had something against Arabs, whom Hitler admired and many of whom admired him (ex. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) and as if the Jews and their killers, the Nazis, were on the same team. Good Lord.

        • Lightbringer

          Well, our “fellow Semites” like us well enough when we know our place… you know, stepping into the sewage-filled gutters to allow a Muslim to pass without having to get too close to us, wearing demeaning costumes that mark us for persecution, politely putting up with “children throwing stones” and other indignities, paying huge amounts of jizya tax to support Muslims… yes, when we know our place, they don’t mind us too much. But they can’t stand us getting notions above ourselves, such as the fundamental equality of man. That’s just obnoxious.

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    • mikeh420

      The aggressor should never be allowed to dictate the level of violence.

  • liz

    Amazing how the same old regurgitated claptrap manages to re-invent itself and thrive again among a new generation of useful idiots, even though it is now less believable than ever.
    This time around, those who believe that Muslims are “victims” of the “evil” Jews have to ignore the fact that the Muslims are the ones savagely murdering, raping, and blowing people up all over the world, and who oppress all non Muslims in their own countries.

    • ClaraTMoe

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    • arishsahani

      Real muslims live only in saudi aebia .All other muslims are only local converts and can never get a piece of land to live in saudi arebia. All converts are third callas Muslims and are converted by saudi to die and destroy own nations. Most converts are made to live poor and uneducated life. Never to get real facts of life.

    • iluvisrael

      sshhhh! Don’t you know truth is the new hate speech?

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      re: liz

      seems like we have to relearn everything with each new generation, as if we have no ability to retain knowledge.

      A perfect example is the legalization of pot. In the 1970s a few states legalized it like Oregon and Colorado. 80s for Alaska.

      And it was a disaster. Not only did ~20,000 people get killed in Oregon from murder, manslaughter, stoned driving, etc. during the 1973-1997 legalization (it was over a thousand homicides in Portland alone in the mid 1990s from pot gangs slugging it out), but kid after kid was neglected because their moms were too stoned to feed them or otherwise take care of them. Didn’t help that CSD deliberately kept the kids with their druggie moms. As a result, it seems like every GenY kid has a story about how they had to learn to open food cans and boxes at absurdly young ages to avoid starving to death.

      But despite the tenfold increases in crime and addiction and the mass death that Oregon had, they want to legalize it again, thus throwing yet another generation of people down the drain.

      • mikeh420

        Wow, both off the subject and complete fantasies.

      • liz

        Yes, because of ignorance history repeats itself.

  • newbee

    Spot on, well done.

  • Larry Larkin

    You forgot the 1.5 million Greeks forced out of cities they had established nearly 3,000 years ago in the early 1920s. And it’s not like those cities and their histories aren’t well documented. Does that give Greeks the right to go back to Asia Minor and commit terrorist attacks, launch missiles from off shore islands aimed at random civilian locations, and call for the genocide of all Turks?

    • Avi

      Larry, you no doubt know that the whole of Asia Minor was Greek, Roman and then Byzantine, before the Turks, originally from the steppes of Asia, gradually conquered it, over a period of some two hundred years, Constantinople (Istanbul) falling into their hands only 550 years ago. Modern Turkey is entirely composed of stolen land – under occupation. Many modern turks are presumably descendents of christians forcibly converted to Islam.

      • Gee

        Yes the Turks are like the Arabs – an occupation horde. Israel is the only people in the entire history to be called colonists when they are in their native lands and have no other home and never had any other home

    • Drakken

      I am all for throwing the turks out of Cyprus and take Constantinople back.

  • Avi

    Excellent article. Says it all.

  • truebearing

    Excellent takedown of the thoroughly mindless obsession with blaming Israel for everything, despite the lack of facts in every false argument.

    What kind of insanity afflicts this planet? Islam and Marxism have been unmitigated disasters in every possible way. Over 100,000,000 people have died under Marxist regimes and far more than that have died from Muslim aggression, yet a tiny nation of 6 million people is seen as a bigger threat to an untold number of people worldwide…and their “reasons” don’t make a wit of sense.


      Goliath STILL hates David.

      But David is smart and has the tools for Goliath’s defeat.

      • Lanna

        David had the power of the almighty on his side and in the rock he shot at Goliath that killed him too! True power comes from the Master’s hand…not the worldly people.

        • foxoto

          All three of them myths.

    • liz

      Yes, and the asylum is now being run by the most insane of the inmates.

    • Lightbringer

      Correction: Earth is an insane asylum run by the inmates.


    This is an AMAZING article Mr. Thornton.

    It perfectly demolishes the “palestinian” body count Red Herring.

    Bruce Thornton AKBAR!

  • Terry

    A well argued summary of modern anti semitism. Most of western Jew hate is now from the left, although extreme left and extreme right are close cousins even if they don’t get on very well.

    We can’t do anything about what happens in Brussels, Paris and London. We can only support Israel’s fight against modern nazism, including those who laud it from the so called left.

    Israel will beat hamas. The modern nazis won’t beat Israel.

  • tamale

    Yes, incoherent, irrational, & defying any kind of logic. It is demonic.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Wait, some of the police officers must return to the station because the UN has declared that a disproportionate response is not appropriate. Four officers may be used to deal with the four armed bank robbers. Let’s not escalate this whole thing…

  • sonny2dap .

    I’d like to say most western coverage you see is of the left leaning variety as it involves a lot of hand wringing and “oh my it’s all terribly sad” without much journalism going on, so it’s paints a picture of the Israeli war machine moving into action against a civilian population, which is of course a complete lie, unfortunately your average outside observer isn’t interested in educating them self to the realities of the situation. I fail to see how the international diplomatic community continues to treat the situation as if both parties are at fault, Hamas start the violence, Hamas reject the ceasefire continuing the violence, Hamas actively utilize civilian areas to produce civilian casualties and try to win international public opinion. so despite Hamas showing such a callous dis-regard for life so many simple minded left wing types will happily march down a street in London calling for Israel to stop it’s aggression apparently oblivious to reality.

    • victoryman

      The moronic pimps and pimpettes in the state run media are only “Following orders.” Isn’t it amazing that they all use the same wording as the spell out the “Facts?” Historically ignorant, journalistically challenged, they are an example of how low their “Profession” has sunk. Lemmings of the highest order. Lower on the scale of professionalism than used car salesmen.

      • Lightbringer

        Don’t insult used car salesmen. There might be an honest one out there somewhere.

  • arishsahani

    Its shame to see these kind of reporting getting news . Imagine if jews were not their not many discoveries and new things you see will not be their to benefit this human race. See in other side what ISlam has contributed to this human race. They are destroying world millions years of diversity. Converting people of this world to islam and making them follow $ 1 nook of hate and killing. Destroyed 20 civilization 57 nations 1.3 billions converts now are brain dead and can’t think openly and in other direction .

  • arishsahani

    57 islamic nation where eno opposition left all others hindus, christian and jews killed or converted and UN has not made any statement against these islamic nations yet. UN shop should be closed down ,ineffective and working for muslim. Destroyer of world diversity .

  • JVictor

    Hatred of Israel and antisemitism are demonically driven. Period. There is no humanly rational argument for the seething hatred that is targeted towards Israel specifically and Jews in general. HaSatan has successfully created a humano-centric non-religious code of conduct as well as a false religion which force its adherents to worship him and hate everyone else, especially Jehovah’s chosen people and place. Billions of precious lives (yes, every life is precious in the eyes of Jehovah) have been co-opted and stolen by these ruses. Every non-Muslim has every right to defend their family, their country, they way of life and their way of worship. Additionally, we should hear the cries from Jehovah Himself as life upon life tumbles into the abyss by the wrong choices they make. This battle is more than just about a chunk of land in the Middle East. It’s a spiritual battle with the eternal destinations of every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth hanging in the balance.

    • rebaaron

      Sure there is. There is a rational explanation of the seething hatred…” Watch the short cartoon video where George Gilder summarizes his book “The Israel Test”.

  • Lanna

    Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is, for Abbas and the PLO leadership, if not the majority of Palestinians, a Declaration that Jews have historic rights as a nation and a people, not simply a religion. Such a declaration would end the conflict once and for all by mandating that a Jewish nation-state may stand alongside a Palestinian state….that would be fairness wouldn’t it! And for those reasons….it was out of the question. Israel is the only Middle East entity that is NOT an Apartheid regime, and the apartheid slander holds no water whatsoever save in the minds of the Jewish states enemies and defamers. How many are disgusted by the Hamas use of human shields, while their army is hidden in bunkers….this group truly show how despicable they are every day.

    • Jack Diamond

      and their leaders, such as Khaled Mashal, luxuriate safely in Qatar with a filched 2.6 billion fortune. Hamas can now boast 1,200 millionaires. It’s not an accident they use human shields, they can only benefit from pictures of dead civilians and it makes Israel hesitate to attack (and costs the lives of Israeli soldiers in efforts to minimize civilian casualties). Win win. At the same time, they deliberately target Israeli civilians, recognizing no international law concerning “crimes against humanity” –that is until they trumpet these same laws/norms when their own are killed, blood to be spattered all over the Media–having done everything possible to ensure their own are killed in the first place.

  • Remembering JDL

    It seems to be the anti-capitalist, welfare recipient, big gov’t supporting leftists that support those anti-Isreal protests because Isreal is productive and the Muslims are not productive just like the protestors.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The underlying reason is that Europe didn’t end the Shoah in 1945 they outsourced it.

  • Clare Spark

    Why did not the inhabitants of Gaza refuse to develop the Gaza strip? Israelis left them resources to make it a successful mini-state. The world stood ready to help them. Why not develop and lift themselves up? They have prime real estate.

    • Gee

      Arabs are destroyers and thieves – not builders

    • BagLady

      Ay, but they have no concrete.

      • Lightbringer

        As a matter of fact, they do. The Israelis have been giving them that, along with water, electricity, medical care, food, and more, in considerable amounts and at no cost to the these poor beleaguered “Palestinians”. But they use the concrete to build terror tunnels into Israel to make it easier to murder Jewish children in their beds, rather than to build more “frivolous” structures.

      • Johnnie the Jew

        That doesn’t stop the tunnelling though does it? I know, wooden props aren’t quite the same as western concrete ones. More wretched inequality. Still a good tearjerker for the dimwitted. Imagine what they could do if they got hold of high pressure, liquid concrete spray guns and hoses, hi-tech turbo charged jobbies…. phew like hamdryas baboons with nuclear weapons

  • Cucksmasher_14

    It is “immoral” to dislike the most evil known force in the universe: the architects behind Bolshevism, two world wars and the current genocidal assault on Western civilization.

    LOL – how stupid and cucky do you think people are?

    • Jack Diamond

      The genocidal assault on Western civilization (a vital part of which is its Judaic heritage) comes from Islam, arguably the source of more evil and suffering in the past 1,400 years than any ideology in history and an ideology at permanent war with Infidels. An ideology in permanent and obligatory hostility and enmity toward Infidels. A war the weakness and division in the Muslim world and dominance by the West had rendered a non-factor for 300 years but has been renewed again by the infusion of trillions in oil-money funding jihad and madrasses and da’wa everywhere and inspiring mad dreams of caliphates and the conquest of “Rome” and of an Islam dominating the 21st century. The Jihad against Israel is no different from the global jihad against the rest of us (indeed, Hamas calls itself part of the International Muslim Brotherhood).

      • Lightbringer

        Please don’t feed the troll. It only gets excited when you do.



      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Lightbringer

      Nice! You “liked” your own post, troll. How pathetic. Why don’t you go back under your bridge now?

  • Lanna

    To the Critics of Israel: So should Israel just turn the other cheek and let its people be slaughtered by barbarians and not defend itself and its people. No other nation would allow this kind of tyranny to obtain peace, it would be their doom, exactly what Israel’s enemies want in this unreasonable world of radicals. Israel accepted Egypt’s ceasefire proposal, while Hamas rejected it…more ammo against Hamas!

  • Tabs Caplan

    Brilliant article, am linking to it on various social media sites.

  • mackykam

    Hamas is Europe’s ‘ plan 2′ for eradicating the Jews, the first attempt only partially successful. They do this by funding Hamas and Fatah, supplying Iran the wherewithal to produce nuclear weaponry.
    The fact that it isn’t going well upsets Europe: all that wasted money and only a few dead Jews. Less than the amount killed in traffic accidents every month in Israel.
    Hamas and Fatah know they will never defeat Israel. But they need the money for lavish lifestyles for the crud on top. And the howling masses of arabs? They’re distraught allah is busy pleasuring himself with sheep, goats and camels, and is powerless against the Jews. Gives lie to their core religious belief and commandment of eradicating the Jews. If I found out my religion was a crock, I, too, would be howling mad! And I’m not howling. Just maybe a small complaint, or two.
    So it is time for a ceasefire, re-arm Hamas and try, try again.
    God of Israel: 592
    allah: 18

  • Habbgun

    At some point we have to blame Israel. They are more than happy to do half measures and then let Hamas force them into hard nosed action after which they have created a propaganda victory for the enemy. They allow the Jew haters a voice. Israel worries about these people and these are people who are never worried about otherwise. Who cares what a far leftist thinks? They are kooks and human refuse and pandering to them can only lead to tragedy. Yet Israel cares.

    Every nation ignores the UN. They are there either for political posturing or to be recipients of aid but Israel cares.

    Even the name is disgusting. Operation Protective Edge. It even sounds like a half measure. Why not call it Operation Finally Motivated Slacker or Operation We Nice, They Blue Meanies

    Move swift, move hard and if the warfare is hard on the economy capture land and hard assets and then let the world posture. What they do now endangers Jewish lives especially in the diaspora.

    We like to think of Israel as David and the worlds as Goliath but the story is more complicated. Among Saul’s men were great warriors who were at least a match for Goliath and maybe even the greater in arms. Yet they were cowed into inaction. Saul was no longer a proper leader for the Jewish people and it showed in Jewish indecision. They day belonged to David. David was the new rightful king. We have to see the government failure in Israel as a sign that they are not fit for leadership.

    • Digli

      At some point you might have been a reasonable person but that point has long since passed.

      • Habbgun

        I know you meant this as snark but you are right. How many times do we have to witness Islamist killing of children. Of kidnapping women into marriage slavery.

        How many 9/11’s, Madrid Subway bombings, hotel attacks in Bombay? The killing of an unarmed soldier in a London street. The Boston Marathon Massacre until we realize the rules of reason do not apply.

        You may be cold blooded, cynical and snarky but I certainly am not.

        • Digli

          I’m not reading you right.
          At 2nd glance you seem more thoughtful than I thought.
          I’m having a hard time with your articulation I guess is the issue.
          Are you of the opinion as are others that since Israel has all the high ground, moral, intellectual and monetary as well as superior intelligence that they should be able to solve this problem in a definitive way?
          Hamas should just be given some sort of win win offer that they cannot refuse?
          I’m of the opinion that Israel would welcome a solution like that but that it’s only a fantasy.
          All those baby killing, bus exploding, human shield using, suicide vest strapping, rocket launching vile inhumans should be hunted like dogs and sent to they’re own particular afterlive’s
          Am I getting close to your view at all on any of this?

          • Habbgun

            You are exactly where I am. The articulation isn’t good in my comment because what is the sense of saying All those baby killing, bus exploding, human shield using, suicide vest strapping, rocket launching vile inhumans when the Israelis won’t act upon that particular bit of truth. At some point Hamas is Hamas, Fatah is Fatah, Islam is Islam, Obama is Obama. What is Israel? An extension of European opinion or a nation representing a real people?

            The Israeli government treats European opinion as a real object and their people as a hypothetical. That is the Israeli’s fault and not their enemies. I used to give the opinions of Israelis much more weight knowing they fought the wars and they lived in the area. Not anymore. Everyone, everywhere is the target of Jihad. We all have the Arab issue now.

            Anyway glad we are together on this.

          • nood2

            Correct, violent pious head hacking Muslim terror, kills more Muslims for allah, than it kills Jews and Christians combined.
            Muslims have every right to fear these scumbags, as we do.

          • nood2

            Wouldn’t it be nice if Hamas was a Christian organization?

    • nood2

      Interesting comment

  • rebaaron

    Well you have said it all in one average length article. It’s well written and convincing. Now, how do we tell everybody?

  • Digli

    Yahoo news posted a story about Obama calling for a ceasefire and there were more than 8000 comments.
    I did a rough sampling and I’d say that 90% plus of the commenters saw the situation in the only reasonable way possible and that was with the obvious view that Hamas was rocketing Israel and targeting innocents.
    Why is that so hard for some people (including Obama and Kerry) to understand?
    Obama and Kerry should have been calling for Hamas to stop lobbing rockets all
    It seems that most reasonable people get it.
    Obama and Kerry are simply put… idiots.
    Corrupt idiots!


      Obama and the Hijacked Democrat party aren’t idiots, they are Evil SOCIALISTS.

      JFK and LBJ would not recognize what their party has morphed into.

  • scunnyman

    ‘If creating refugees is such a heinous crime justifying inveterate hatred, what about the 800,000 Jewish refugees kicked out of lands their ancestors had inhabited for thousands of years before Islam even existed?’. Ridiculous to use statements like this to justify the point. By constantly referring to old examples to justify what is happening now, is to continue the constant cycle of blame and violent retaliation.

    • Psalt

      ” Ridiculous to use statements like this to justify the point.” What are you talking about? To you history is just “statements”?

    • Jack Diamond

      Maybe because the Palestinians demand the Right of Return for all their refugees (and their descendants) as a means of swamping Israel, and that “old example” is not old to them at all. They are the ones with phrases like “1,000 years for revenge” and who model themselves after a 7th century warlord. You may notice that “what is happening now” has happened many times before for just that reason. See ISIS in Mosul. See the Hamas Charter.

    • Drakken

      It is a very simple equation, no more muslims = no more problems.

  • Ben

    Excellent summary of the typical reaction when Israel defends itself. And you pose the ultimate issue:

    “Whatever its origins, one thing their bitter hatred of Israel does not have is any foundation in coherent principle.”

    Maybe, however, it does have a foundation in principle. In general, throughout the ages, Israel and Jews, have been a sore spot when they had to exist among nations and peoples who have only known life under dictators, monarchs, and despots.

    “From Joshua to Saul the rulers were judges. . . For merit they were elected by the people. For five centuries Israel was a democracy. Sovereignty was in the people. At a time in earth’s history when all other nations were ruled by despots; beneath the shadows of empires, . . . anticipating and prophesying the divine ideal of human government-the Jewish Commonwealth, under the shield of Jehova, stood for ages, in the whole turbulent and inimical world, a solitary democracy. . . . As opposed to these hoary tyrannies the monarchy of Israel was a sovereignty of the people.” John McDowell Leavitt, 1896

    British legal historian Thomas Erskine May, in 1877, a strong advocate of democracy in Europe and among the authors of the Constitution of the United Kingdom, described ancient Israel as the birthplace of Christianity, “liberty” and “freedom:”

    “Israel is the country, above all others, which Christendom regards with respect and reverence, as the birthplace of its religion. Its sacred writings are cherished above all the works of human genius. Scholars revel in the masterpieces of Greek and Roman genius: but Christians of every creed, throughout the world, pay homage to the higher inspiration of the Hebrews. . . . That a race more entitled to our reverence than any people of antiquity should have afforded an example of popular freedom, notwithstanding their Eastern origin, and the influence of Eastern despotism, by which they were surrounded, is a conspicuous illustration of the principle that the spirit and intelligence of a people are the foundations of liberty. The Eastern race which was distinguished from its contemporaries by the purest faith, and the highest ideal of morals, afforded also a conspicuous example of freedom.”

    Suffice to say that the Homeland of the Jews is still in a very bad and collapsing neighborhood.

  • kavitha

    I hope people read such posts and have an impartial understanding about Israel. Israel is a nation and it should be recognized.
    prayers for Israel …

  • buffalocharlie

    “But the Palestinians started it! They put their own civilians in front of military targets on purpose! The Israelis warn civilians to get out of areas that are about to be bombed.” … All of which is an attempt to justify the killing of innocents. Yes, Israel has a right to defend itself….but indiscriminate bombings, just as the enemy commits? How can you possibly claim the moral “high ground” if you are no better than your enemy?

    • Randall

      ” Yes, Israel has a right to defend itself….but, ”

      Looks and smells like troll bait. Happy fishing.


        I like shooting trolls in a barrel.

        • Lightbringer

          Now, is that sporting? Really! Like shooting birds on the ground…

    • Jack Diamond

      Hamas stores and fires rockets from schools, hospitals, mosques, apartment buildings (not to mention the locations of their smuggling tunnels). They not only use civilians as human shields, they want civilian casualties for their propaganda value. They order citizens to ignore Israeli warnings to evacuate and not “collaborate.” Just as they seek civilian casualties of Israelis, launching rockets into population centers. Both are war crimes. Israel drops warning duds, makes phone calls, drops leaflets so to avoid civilian casualties. Moral high ground? I give you the Palestinian rep at the UN Human Rights Council, Ibrahim Khreisheh:

      “Each and every missile (against Israel) constitutes a crime against humanity whether it hits or misses, because it is directed against civilian targets…targeting civilians is considered a crime against humanity. Many of our people said that the Israeli army warned them to evacuate their homes before the bombardment. in such a case, if someone’s killed, the law consider it a mistake rather than an intentional killing, because (the Israelis) follow the legal procedures…we never warn anyone.” Now do you distinguish the moral high ground here?

      Palestinians cheer as rockets fly toward Israeli cities. Their jihadists targeted the Eilat resort for the same reason. To kill innocent civilians. Except their Imams tell them no one is innocent in Israel. Hamas (and the other Iranian proxies firing missiles) are the aggressor. What would you do if thousands of rockets were launched into your cities? The only reasons thousands of Israelis aren’t dead is because of their missile defense. Next time, even that may not be effective. Hamas needs to be beaten. Period. Taking out their tunnels is going to be difficult and costly, Israel has already lost 17 soldiers and Hamas is not concerned with its civilian casualties. But the blame for those deaths lies with Hamas. There is no moral equivalence at all.

    • Johnnie the Jew

      The Israelis are attempting to be far more discriminate about their bombings than HAMAS are with their missile attacks. I think that’s a ‘given’ here? The “moral high ground” debate is a facile sideshow in the face of a much greater contest. So please, lets think survival here. Simple as that Buffalo

  • El Cid

    Very good synopsis.

    Thank G-d that we Jews have friends with such clarity.

    Let’s get the word out to the ignorant and deluded.

  • Walter Sieruk

    Those who Muslims in their jihad who hate the State of Israel and also America and all toe other countries of the West cannot be reasoned with. They will not respond to reason. They are not interested in reason because of their blind faith in Islam. This Islamic faith means that they have closed the minds and hearts to to truth and reason, Even to their own hurt. As Benjamin Franklin printed in POOR RICHARDS ALMANACK “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” Also Thomas Jefferson explained “An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.”

  • Evermyrtle

    I think this hatred for Israel, is that so many people have a need to be able to look down on somebody, making them feel important. This scapegoat has always been the Jews, for many, many years, the black man joined the Jew in being hated. Finally people began to see the hatred for the black man was totally ridiculous. I don’t have a clue why they cannot see that this hate for the innocent Jew is also ridiculous.

    Of course, the some of the Jews has done things, that was destructive, but why is every person with a drop of Jewish blood to blame for what others Jews did.

    Every person that hates a Jew would hate for their children and grandchildren to be hated for mistakes they made themselves. What is the problem that they cannot understand this outrageous hate for the innocent cannot be stemmed?

    On the other hand the Jews have given a lot to the world through inventions. If you do not think this true look up on the internet the things that we enjoy that the Jew is responsible for. If you hate the Jew you should have enough self respect not to use what they are responsible for.A Jew by birth died a horrible death on the cross to save each of us from our sins, meaning we were saved from hell’s fire , IF WE ACCEPT HIM FOR WHO HE IS, THE SON OF GOD AND SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. You will not be found innocent by GOD for this unreasonable hatred for GOD’S chosen race of people.

    Deuteronomy 7:8 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD THY GOD; the LORD THY GOD hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

    Even the Jew will not be save because he was born a Jew but because what he does with that life. We should all look at this fact. We accept the KING OF THE JEWS,JESUS CHRIST, and live accordingly if we want to live forevermore with HIM and HIS FATHER, GOD.

    Romans 11:27 Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, though the number off the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved

    • TMRYAx2

      This is why Jews are hated. They brought monotheism – God – to the world.
      God sits above all as the Supreme being. His laws take precedent over man’s laws. God is the biggest impediment and threat to every would-be despot.
      It is men who want to control others – who want to create their own kingdom’s and world, who want to be worshiped and followed like a God – who must demonize the Jews as a proxy for God. Only by removing Jews and the idea of God from the world can they assert their own ‘divine’ providence in His place.

      • lyndaaquarius

        good point!. Envy also plays a huge part,too.

  • trapper

    “disproportionite” always gets me. In war you try to be disproportionate by killing more of them than they kill of us. G-d, these liberals are a stupid bunch.

  • iluvisrael

    There’s a name for those who single out the one Jewish nation for demonization and delegitimization and hold Israel up to much higher standards than the rest of the world – Jew haters.


      There’s a name for those who single out the one Jewish nation for
      demonization and delegitimization and hold Israel up to much higher
      standards than the rest of the world – SOCIALISTS.

      iluvisrael AKBAR!

  • Bert

    Articles like this offer potential ammunition for Israel to use in a public relations battle. Israel is prepared to wage war but never to go on the public relations offensive. Israel fears to hold Obama, the EU and the U.N. accountable for their treachery which in turn encourages more Arab attacks on Israel. Israel’s enemies in the west can always count on Israeli fear and cowardice to lose the battle for public relations. Israel is always on the defensive when they should be on the offensive. Deep down Israeli leaders are secular which means they always fear man but never fear G-d. But Judaism requires faith to survive and this is the perpetual dilemma of secular Jews.


    I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. I’m betting on God in the end. So if we wand peace till Jesus returns every Sq. in. of sand that belongs to the off-spring of Ishmael must be turned into glass

  • fiddler

    “They see the videos of dead Palestinian Arab children and blame those deaths on Israel’s “disproportionate response” instead of Hamas’ indifference to their own people’s safety”
    I wonder if FDR or Winston Churchill would have been sympathetic to that.

  • fiddler

    The issue with leftists is that there is no right or wrong. Instead they wring their hands at having to grapple with stating an absolute morality. it is pure cowardice and turned-up-nose narcissism which makes “disproportionate response” the stupid term that it is. Take no position; that makes you superior!!

  • mathewsjw

    BDS is just another Socialist/Muslim agitprop proven time and again. first response expose the myth of Palestine

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    “far-right xenophobes”

    Stop parroting the LEFT!

    ALL types of Socialism are by definition Left-wing. It doesn’t matter if they are communists, maoists, national socialists, etc.

    It wasn’t until about 2000 that the media started using the term “right wing” to try to slander conservatives by trying to link them to national socialism.

    Older sources usually define the right as the right thing to do, the American Way, etc. Read newspapers and magazines and books from the 1940s to the 1990s. It’s an eye-opener.

    You won’t find any reference to national socialism as “right” until the last 14 years or so.

    Then the Left decided to change the definition around 2000.

    As a conservative and a Christian who is adamantly against Socialism, I’m sick of that slander. Stop linking the right with national socialism.

    Consider, too, if “right” was also socialist like the left, where would any other government system fit in the Left-right scheme?


      na zis were SOCIALISTS.

      That’s why na zis called themselves “National SOCIALISTS” and “Workers”.

      Socialist SHlTler never barked about Socialists.

      He barked about bolsheviks.

  • nood2

    I’m still waiting for Gazans to demonstrate against their oppressors Hamas.
    Hamas, has used donkeys as bombers.
    Where is PETA and their topless demonstrations against Hamas?
    That would make for good viewing, PETA and it’s topless chicks on one side, and frothing Hamas supporters on the other side.

    • Lightbringer

      Actually, when the PLO under the late unlamented Yasser Arafat once detonated an explosive-laden donkey, Ingrid Newkirk, the profoundly stupid founder of PETA, wrote Arafat a respectful letter saying that she understood his struggle but please, would he leave the innocent beasts out of human conflicts?

      • nood2

        Ah, that letter was the cause of Arafat’s hernia that he got from laughing at PETA’s letter.
        All this time, the Pals were saying that the Jews did it.

  • Anne Droid

    A few simple truths …

    – Saul Alinsky, Obama’s primary ideological influence, was a Russian Jew.
    – David Axelrod, the media mind behind Obama, is a Russian Jew
    – Jews like Maurice Samuel openly admit their hatred for Christian civilization
    – As Derzhavin noted, the Jews are nothing but a band of clever robbers.
    – Lev Bronstein and the Bolsheviks committed the greatest holocaust of all time
    – San Juan La Laguna, a town in Guatemala, is asking all Jews to leave
    – Lois Lerner, Gyorgy Schwartz, Cass Sunstein, Ezekiel Emanuel – all Jews.
    – There are too many Jews on the Supreme Court

    • Unqualified?

      Wow, I’m no Obama fan, but I didn’t know it was a Jewish conspiracy? I guess the hatred is in America as well!!!

      • Anne Droid

        As the Russian correspondent for the London Times noted in “The Last Days of the Romanovs”, the 62 members of the 1918 Bolshevik Central Committee were composed of 5 Russians, 1 Ukrainian, 6 Latvians, 2 Germans, 1 Czech, 2 Armenians, 3 Georgians, and 42 Jews.

        • Unqualified?

          Where are all those Jewish American Presidents? Thank you for enlightening us today.


          SCREW the czar.

          Why would an “american” care about the czar?

          You want a king or a czar? Go back to Eurabia.

    • Jared Arrevois

      I’ll bet your mother was a jew too.


      Jesus and his parents were Jews.

      Are you still upset that your side lost WW2?

      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

    • liz

      So you can name a bunch of Jewish leftists- so what? That makes all Jews leftists? I could name even more NON Jewish leftists, and a long list of Jews who made great contributions to civilization.
      Justifying a blanket hatred for all Jews with such lame reasoning makes you no better than the racist genocidal Muslims you put yourself in company with.

  • mike c.

    the world hates the one true God and the nation that introduced us to Him.satan lives in the hearts of all that deny God, so their thoughts are his desire to destroy Gods plan, and it is never so obvious than in the worlds strange and bewildering blind hatred for the jew

  • mikeh420

    There’s an old story of a Jew who was put into a Roman coliseum to battle a lion. The Jew sees a club which he picks up to fight the lion with. From the crowd, someone yells, “Jew! Fight Fair!”

  • GSWSyndicate

    Your explanation is nice, but your facts are way off base. I consider myself left of center. So do a lot of people (who love and support Israel). It is the extremists on the left (and often on the right) that hate Israel (though their not sure why). Jews probably, but no; they don’t know any Jews and never met any, or if they did they said hello and moved on.

    Remember, the far and centrist right “stole” the idea of loving Israel from the left. Harry Truman (quite left/center) was the first American President to recognize Israel.

    JFK and LBJ were probably Israel’s strongest supporters (in my lifetime). Left of center.

    Bobby Kennedy was the first American to be killed on U.S. soil by a Palestinian terrorist. Why? Sirhan decided he was way too pro-Israel for his taste.

    I grew up in the very right wing virulently hateful civil rights era in rural Mississippi. I was and am Jewish. The far right (extremists) or Dixiecrats (were all Democrats). The Klan of course hated me and Israel.

    According to last week’s Gallup Poll, 64% of Americans feel favorable toward Israel. 14% prefer Palestinian. There are not 64% far right extremists in America. Hell there’s hardly 6.4%.

    My family has lived in America since 1694. We supported Jews in the Palestinian Territory since that time.

    Mark Twain, fascinated and enamored with “the Jews” visited Israel in 1899. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was when you have to go by freight ship, camel, train, etc etc etc He met many Palestinians there….they had names like Cohen, Rosen, Goldberg etc.

    He wrote a beautiful story about “the Jews” in the Sat Evening Post (Google it) when he returned. Mark Twain was hardly far right.

    Please note that the only single thing in which the U.S. Congress agrees…is Israel. Nothing else. If there was no Israel, nothing would get done.

    So this “blaming the Jewish Left” for Israel hatred is a bit dubious at best.

    Another leftie, Johnny Cash, was one of the biggest American supporters of Israel (in the history of American entertainment).

    I could name hundreds if not thousands more but I won’t bore you. We are all praying for Israel, sending money, and doing all we can, and we’ll never be far extreme right.

    Being right/centrist (like Eisenhower, Colin Powell, etc is much much different than being extreme right. John Birch Society is extreme right as is the KKK.

    Extreme left include Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Meg Ryan, etc etc. We left centrist identify with them about as closely as we identify with the KKK.

    The world is not as b/w as you think. Many many shades of gray. Most of us learn that in 9th grade. Sorry for those who did not.

  • LibertyWriter

    Satan hates Israel. There. I explained it.


      Satan loves Islam.

      Islam and socialism make the world a bloody mess.

  • casaler

    As I read about how upset the UN and Europeans are about Israel moving in to Gaza and killing innocent civilians, I am reminded of the sage advice that there can be no peace without victory … by one side or the other. Are civilians who
    willingly stay in their homes and businesses to hide rocket stockpiles and
    launchers innocent? I think not. If they were truly innocent, why wouldn’t
    they attempt to save themselves and their innocent children by seeking safety
    elsewhere are in the Gaza or in Lebanon or anywhere safe? This war to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel has been ongoing since 1948 and it will never end until Israel defeats Hamas. That’s right, conquer them with
    military might so devastating that they will finally agree to leave Israel in
    peace once and for all. The international community against Israel cries when Palestinians in Gaza are killed or wounded because the Israelis have more fire power than the Palestinians. Was there such an outcry in Europe during WW II when we bombed hundreds of thousands of innocent Germans? Was there overwhelming cries for the millions of innocent Japanese when we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We are in a life and death struggle today against Islam and it has been gaining momentum over the past thirty years. It will never end unless the West decides that peace will only come to the world when these animals are eliminated once and for all.

    • American Patriot

      Was there an outcry when the Japanese militarists bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? To this day, many on the left keep trying to justify the attack that got the United States to enter World War II.

  • Unqualified?

    What kills me is the lack of leadership in the world. Where are the people speaking out against the international community for supporting terrorists(that’s what are) who sabotage their own people for political gain. Very few people speak out against this warped morality where it’s okay to bomb innocent people on a daily basis, but it is an outrage to protect yourself. Never a word spoken about the rampant incest that goes on in the Muslim world. Where are our moral leaders today? Are they on the Republican side? Democrats? NO….It is truly a shame the world we are leaving to our kids…

  • Lanna

    It is pure Jealousy on the part of Islam, for Israel’s productivity and inventions, medical technology, and ways to improve living. Compare the songs they sing.
    The Jews sing “Lo Yisa Goy”
    And every man neath his vine and fig tree
    shall live in peace and unafraid.
    And every man beneath his vine and fig tree shall live in peace and unafraid. And into plowshares beat their swords, nations shall learn war no more.
    Compare to Hamas and Islamic groups:
    “Sharpen my bones into swords, for I am a bomb.
    I shall eat the flesh of my Israeli occupier, O killers, your blood is Halal for us, (meaning kosher) or all right for us to spill)
    What does anyone say about a race that continually lives in hatred of other men, and is never able to live a productive life!

  • Doc

    That makes obama one of the crew he’s a Jew hater too

  • Douglas Frank

    Progressivism = Oikophobia, pure and undiluted.

  • knowshistory

    Israel needs to learn history’s lessons about fighting for survival against islam in a world determined to submit to islam. 1. never go to war against muslims unless you are willing to kill them all. the haters of the world are going to accuse Israel of genocide if they kill even one bloodthirsty muslim maniac, so they might as well kill them all. before Israel sent even one soldier or fired one shot across the gaza border, they should have resolved to kill everyone in gaza. if not, they should stay on their side of the border until they are so willing. there is no point in getting the poisonous hatred of the world’s muslim lovers and not get the benefit of eradicating islam from gaza.

    • Franklin25

      The public has also become numb to the body count figures over the last few years coming from surrounding imploding Islamic countries. The media has itself been dumbed down to simply reporting death counts for headlines, as if it’s reporting game scores. Israel should simply keep the press out of the area and keep figures private. All the press is interested in is sensationalism and selling ads. If it bleeds, it leads. Israel and the West should also totally discredit up front any so-called “official” reports coming from Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. No matter how fair Israel fights, the press will find weaknesses. Keep them out of this conflict.

  • lyndaaquarius

    you’re so right. See
    the Israel test” on Prager University. 5 minute cartoon says it all.

  • TheSunDidIt

    “Palestinian civilian casualty” is an oxymoron.


      An 18yo with a beard and an AK47 and a bandana with scribblings from the koran – is a “child”.

  • Lightbringer

    It’s not only jealousy, Swemson. That great 20th century moralist himself, Adolph Hitler, wrote that he could forgive the Jews anything except for two things: Conscience and circumcision. Now, the latter does not apply to non-Jews, so I have no idea why any non-Jew would care one way or another about it. But the first… well, the Jew’s job is to teach the world that all men are created in God’s image, that all men are subject to the same moral laws, and that all men will be judged in the next world for their actions. These are among the most revolutionary and destabilizing ideas in history. And the world will never, ever forgive us for trying to teach them.

  • Jane Hamber

    Not a peep from these European Muslim and radical left protesters in the face of the crimes of radical Muslims. If its not about destroying Israel, they have no interest in the murder and mayhem spread in the name of Allah and the Prophet:

    2014.07.22 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – A Taliban suicide bomber murders four people outiside an airport.

    2014.07.21 (Baqubah, Iraq) – Islamic State send mortar shells into a
    family home, killing three members.

    2014.07.21 (Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan) – A Shahid suicide bomber takes out two

    2014.07.20 (Mahmoudiya, Iraq) – Eleven are killed when Sunnis rain down
    mortar shells on a Shiite religious procession.

    2014.07.19 (Gwoza, Nigeria) – Radicals tie the hands of six villagers and
    then slit their throats while shouting praises to Allah.

    2014.07.19 (al-Farafrah, Egypt) – Twenty-two local soldiers are incinerated by
    an RPG attack blamed on fundamentalists.

    2014.07.19 (al-Farafrah, Egypt) – Twenty-one local soldiers are incinerated by an RPG attack blamed on fundamentalists.

    2014.07.19 (Damboa, Nigeria) – Boko Harma return to the site of an
    earlier massacre and machine-gun over one-hundred more villagers before
    raising their black flag of Islam.

    2014.07.19 (Abu Dashir, Iraq) – Nine people lose their lives to a vicious Shahid suicide bombing in a Shia neighborhood.

    2014.07.18 (Damboa, Nigeria) – Boko Haram massacre over twenty villagers with automatic weapons and explosives.

    2014.07.18 (Witu, Kenya) – Seven people on a bus are machine-gunned by al-Shabaab Islamists.

    2014.07.17 (Homs, Syria) – Islamic State militants attack an oil field and execute nearly three hundred civilians and guards.

    014.07.17 Iraq Taji – A half-dozen Iraqis are pulled into pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber along a crowded street.

    2014.07.17 Iraq Baghdad – An Islamic State suicide bomber takes out four people near a Shia mosque.

    2014.07.16 Tunisia Chaambi – Ansar al-Sharia militants slaughter fifteen local soldiers as they are sitting down to eat.t.

    2014.07.15 Nigeria Dille – Pro-caliphate militants slaughter over
    three dozen residents and burn churches in a raid on a Christian farming

    2014.07.15 Iraq Tikrit – Two suicide car bombers murder a dozen Iraqis.

    2014.07.15 Pakistan Mir Ali – Five local soldiers are cut down by armed religious radicals.

    2014.07.15 Nigeria Sabon Gari Boko Haram massacre twenty villagers.

    2014.07.15 Pakistan Hangu – A 40-year-old Shia teacher is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.

    2014.07.15 Afghanistan Urgun – A Shahid suicide bomber at a market
    sends eighty-nine souls to Allah. YES 89 INNOCENTS SLAUGHTERED

    2014.07.15 Nigeria Huyim – Nine Christians are slain by Boko Haram.

    2014.07.14 Iraq Baghdad – Sunnis set off a bomb in a #$%$ district, killing four.

    2014.07.14 Iraq Saadiya – Twelve tribesmen are detained and summarily executed by Islamic State.

    2014.07.14 Libya Benghazi Islamic milita fire a rocket into an airport, killing a guard.

    2014.07.14 Nigeria Zamadede – A mother and her two children are among eleven hacked to death by Fulani terrorists.

    2014.07.14 Iraq Baqubah – Seven people are kidnapped, tied up and executed by sectarian rivals.

    2014.07.14 Iraq Muqdadiya Eight young men are executed by Islamic State members.

    2014.07.14 Mali Moustarat – A suicide bomber kills a French peacekeeper.

    2014.07.14 India Lalmonirhat – Jamaat-e-Islami attack a Hindu family in their home.

    2014.07.14 Iraq Baghdad – A Jihad bomb blast near a car dealership ends the lives of three innocents.

    2014.07.13 Afghanistan Herat – A suicide attack is among several that leave eleven Afghans dead.

    2014.07.13 Thailand Narathiwat – A 62-year-old Buddhist woman is picked off by Muslim gunmen.

    2014.07.13 Iraq Duluiya – A dozen Iraqis lose their lives to an ISIS assault.

    2014.07.13 Iraq Mosul – Ten Shabak religious minorities are reported kidnapped and executed.

    2014.07.13 Iraq Mosul – IS bombers take out two women.

    2014.07.13 Iraq Ishaqi – Four members of a family are disassembled by Mujahid bombers.

    2014.07.13 Iraq Baghdad – Two bombs, one near a crowded market, leave six dead.

    2014.07.13 Egypt al-Arish – Two children are among eight innocents taken out by an Islamist rocket.

    2014.07.13 Syria al-Qaim 4 0 Four locals are publicly executed by pro-Sharia militants.

  • Jane Hamber

    In the light of the transparency of Hamas and its allies, it’s even more astonishing that people who call themselves progressive can support the radical Islamist eliminationist position vis-a-vis Middle Eastern Jews.

    ++”Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish
    population, defies Islam and the Muslims.” -HAMAS CHARTER

    ++”Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will
    obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”-HAMAS CHARTER

    .++”The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine
    is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement
    Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it,
    should not be given up. “- HAMAS CHARTER.

    ++”There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through
    Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time
    and vain endeavors” -HAMAS CHARTER.

    ++“Oh, Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters” and “the Americans and
    their supporters,” Oh, Allah, count them one by one, and kill them all, without

    ++”We will never recognize the usurper Zionist government and will
    continue our jihad-like movement until the liberation of

    ++“‘The Hour [Resurrection] will not take place until the Muslims fight the.
    Jews and the Muslims kill them, and the rock and the tree will say: ‘Oh,
    Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, kill him!’- HAMAS VIP

    ++”.. I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very

    ++“Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews. They are no challenge for you,” he continued. “Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Shake the ground beneath their feet. Make them suffer terribly. Deflect their bullets. Disperse them. They behave tyranically all over the world and spread corruption.” SHEIK ABU BILAL ISMAIL, BERLIN, GERMANY.

  • Johnnie the Jew

    Great writing Bruce. You hit all the spots and put the acid on the issue brilliantly. Should be compulsory reading in all homes, schools and higher learning institutes.

  • Lightbringer

    Bless you, sir. We might not see eye to eye politically, but we both are Jews and we both love America and Israel.

  • Maynard

    Most Jew hatred is because of jealousy. You are more intelligent, resourceful, and hard working, Then there is the fact that most people don’t want to know about the things you wrote. Ignorance is bliss. Finally, thanks to the liberal media this phrase comes into play “don’t bother with the facts, my mind is made up”

  • Jeffrey Rosen retired NYPD SGT

    Hatred of Israel boils down to one thing: anti Semitism. And as for the self hating Jews that reject Israel, I feel they’re psychologically rebelling against their parents.

  • Cristinascar

    I’m willing to bet anything that the 800,000 figure for the Jews on the Ottoman Caliphate is low, it was at least 2 million. Some of the finds you see scattered and not put together by anyone, Hebrew texts in Iraq dating back only a century not ancient, door posts all over Libya both often in today’s richest neighborhoods, whole cities in Morocco with grandparent mentioning how the entire city was run by Jews a hundred years ago, famous authors and singers, Algerian witnesses to riots killing hundreds of thousands of Jews. Except Iran there are no Jews in the Middle East, and of course the Egyptian and Syrian Jews of which only a tiny remnant remain all of them in Israel and the US.

    Compare that to the non-propoganda images of southern Ottoman Syria from the 1920s, their numbers are an exxageration like all Muslim history and demographics. Constantinople didn’t even pay to have the giant holes in the roof of the Dome of the Rock fixed, or fix the fact that it had more malaria than the rest of sparsely inhabited areas of Ottoman Syria. Let me make it clear, on the list of capitals for Constantinople for Ottoman Syria Jerusalem was not even 10th first was Damascus, where the Pasha was headquarterd, then was Beirut (the Paris of the East) in the Mount Lebaonon section of Ottoman Syria, then was Alleppo, then Acre (proof Ali Pasha when he massacred the Ottoman Arabs in 1830, for a successful colonialist Jihad made his conquered headquarters in acre not even Haifa, let alone Gaza which was already Egyptian or Judea), then was Sidon, then was Tel Aviv then finally and I probably missed a few finally Jerusalem, to Jews is it always was number one. There were no cars except for political figures, in “palestine” until the late British period and even then, also people forget that there were great Christian Muslim wars in the 19 Century as all things which relate to Islam,never blamed on the Turks or Arabs but always without exception blamed on one minority or another. In that case the Arabs and Turks named their mass murder after the Druze and Maronite minorities, or the Druze Maronite wars of 1840 to 1860, which according to books I have read had more deaths than the entire Arab antisemite conflict combined in less than 20 years, befare major weapons were invented.

  • Franklin25

    “American public opinion is warmest towards Judaism,Catholicism and Evangelicalism” (7/21/14)

    Pew Forum: “The top three groups – Jews, Catholics and Evangelicals – exceeded 60%. Jews came top (63%), followed by Catholics (62%) and evangelical Christians (61%).”

  • Ben Franken

    Overhere it is much less complicated,the very moment people imagine I am Jewish and after my confirmation it will not take that long ,and not to overhear:The Jews are the cause of all the troubles in the world.That’s what they think to be honest should be.
    I am living in a frontier-area :Netherlands-Germany

  • Prof. L. Wessell

    Years ago W. F. Buckley came up with an excellent observation, namely “SELECTIVE indignation”. The meaning is obvious, i.e., a “selective indignator”,(SI’) offers a universal principle supposedly typifying a class (xyz), but applies iindignation only to the select group A of class (xyz), yet not to the group B of class (xyz). This hypocracy on the part of our “selective indignator” (SI’) does enable an insight into the “real” general principle of preference of SI’, namely, a bias for the omitted class, in this case B. We all know the principle of “anti-discrimination” which is applied discrimitatively in favor of a group, viz., minority.

    The article notes the problematic of war and offers some macro-statistics on those dying in conflicts since WW II. But, let us return to WW II.for one micro-statistic. I have seen on German tv many times a rambling news reel combining differing reports by the US Army as it marched into Germany during WW II. (The film was forgotten and never got into the news.) Well, at one point as the US Army was advancing down the Rhine it was reported that the Wehrmacht was held up in the small city of Pforzheim, a city to be taken. That would mean deadly house to house fighting. In order to avoid AMERICAN casualties, the Army called in a 3 hour airstrike leaving 19,000 dead soliders and (many more) dead civilians. No resistance was evident as the city was taken. Indeed, The DISproportion between American and Germanloss of life could not be greater, i.e., 0 to 19,000. Indeed,German civlians of small and not so small towns began asking the Wehrmacht NOT to defend them in the town as that meant destruction by the Americans. The citizens knew that resistance meant destruction of their homes — and the war was lost anyway. In the long run one can argue that the fewer German citizens were killed.

    What does this show about the “selective non-indignation” of the time? The reporters were in favor of the American war machine. Hurrah!, and whatelse should one expect from Army reporters. The “selective non-indignation” of the reporters was a reflection of their bias as to whom they wanted to win. I suggest that the “selective indignation” against Israel in favor of the “Palestinian People” enables one to ascertain that the “Selective indignator” (SI²) is NOT against kiling civilians per se (= general principle), but only against killing DISproportiantely (sic) Palestinians and this means, behind it all, favoring Hamas in the conflict.I am suggesting that there is not only an anti-Israel bias,at work, but also a PRO-Hamas bias preference >>> hence the selective indignation.

    • knowshistory

      nice analysis, but I do question your statistics. 19 thousand dead soldiers (two full strength divisions), and even more civilian casualties, in a small town?

      • Prof. L. Wessell

        The statistics are correct, the (mis)use of English to express them was false. The Wehrmacht was basically a field army, not a city one as the Wehrmacht ran into re Russians in Stalingrad. I doubt that much more than 500 German soldiers were in Pforzheim, at the time a small town in the direction of Stuttgart. There a house-to-house battle would have been costly for the Americans. The deaths due to the bombing were mostly civilian!! My use of this example is to show that the Allies, being possessed –and rightly so– of “selective NON-indignation”, had no problem with inflicting massive civilian casualities in order to destroy armed resistance by Nazi military. The cheap shots at Israel are “cheap”, i.e., if one uses the Allied doctrine as a point of reference for value judgments. I hold it plausible that many who critize the DISproportionality of Israeli vs Gazaian casualties do so because they have selective indignation and that this indicates a clear preference for the Hamas-led-Palestinians. I apologize for my use of English and thank you for your scepticism. I do hope that I have clarified the matter.

        Unfortunately the documentary did not begin with the taking of the first large German city, Aachen. The German general at first wanted to surrender, but decided to defend. Between air raids and artillery the American Army reduced Aachen to total rubble. An ex-German Jew, a soldier in the Amrican Army and a native of Aachen, tried to find his old neighborhood. He could not orient himself as not enough was still standing to know where he was. THAT is destruction of a resisting city, a type of destruction that Israel is not inflicting upon Gaza cities. But the German general had the choice, surrender or fight in a city to its destruction. Alas, he chose destruction.

  • Ben Franken

    It is impossible to explain or understand hate,especially Hating Jews.
    If there was,such outbursts of hate in Europe should be reasonable.
    Facts and hate are not compatible!(historical )

  • Lanna

    Hamas showed its true colors by claiming a victory when Ben Gurion was shut down to prevent tourists from traveling to Israel. There wasn’t even a ban on air travel over Ukraine after the Malaysian airliner, and 2 fighter jets were shot down…People smell a rat with the US government and the lengths they will got to to harm Israel and support Hamas, especially when the heat is on, and Israel is destroying terrorist infrastructure.

  • Dr. Jim

    Secretary Kerry does not understand how the world works: If someone shoots at you, then you shoot back. If they do it a second time, you kill them. Dr. Jim