A Sad Independence Day

PikiWiki_Israel_2482_independence_day_aerial_demonstration_מטס_יום_העצמאותOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israeli Independence Day, is a joyous holiday. In Israel, every year, from Eilat to Metulla, from Tel Aviv to the Jordan Valley, everyone across every spectrum – secular, religious; rich, poor; left, Right, Ashkenazi, Sephardi – is out celebrating.

The reconstitution of the Jewish state, and its growth within three generations from a third world economic and military basket case into a prosperous and powerful country, is among the most astounding success story in human history. Certainly it is the greatest story of Jewish success since Joshua led a nation of former slaves in conquering and settling the land of Israel some 3,500 years ago.

And today, three generations after the enslavement and genocide of European Jewry and the expulsion of the Jews from Islamic lands, the Jewish people in the Land of Israel have built arguably the most dynamic society in the world.

For the Jews of the Diaspora, Israel’s success should be a source of enduring pride and joy.

Independence Day should be celebrated by Jews throughout the world. But in recent years, associations of Israel with joy have become increasingly rare.

As one Jewish student activist put it, the celebration on his campus was nothing more than “a bunch of kids eating cake.”

And at the same time, he explained, many students were posting statuses on their Facebook pages talking about how the day was “bittersweet because of the Nakba.”

The situation was all too similar in campuses throughout North America. Yom Ha’atzma’ut, the celebration of the greatest act of Jewish will in modern times, was marked with a shrug, and small clumps of students eating felafel and humous, and cake.

No doubt, part of the problem is the distance.

It may be that you have to live in Israel to understand how amazing it is. But then again, thanks to programs like Birthright, far more young American Jews have visited Israel in recent years than had visited in previous generations. And previous generations of American Jews felt far greater joy in Israel’s accomplishments than young American Jews feel today.

Part of the problem is ignorance. With steadily decreasing levels of Jewish education and religious affiliation among non-Orthodox Jews in the US, young American Jews don’t know almost anything about their Jewish identity.

They are unfamiliar with their history. Their religious education – if they had any – generally came to a grinding halt immediately after their bar mitzvas. And their Zionist education, such as it may have been, was filtered through the media and then, once they arrived in college, through the rants of their anti-Israel professors.

And part of it is that they are intimidated.

Hate groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace harangue Jewish students for uttering even the mildest defenses of Israel.

When students are willing to stand up to these hate groups, they are beset by J Street U members telling them that there is nothing anti-Israel about being anti-Israel, and that being anti-Israel really means being pro-Israel.

The ignorant Jews shrug their shoulders and walk away because Israel is just too much trouble.

Or they stay and become convinced that they can be pro-Israel by being anti-Israel.

A poll of Israeli Jews published on Independence Day by Tel Aviv University found that 80 percent are optimistic about Israel’s future, and 85% are optimistic about their own future.

Eighty percent of Israelis wouldn’t want to live anywhere but Israel.

Israelis are most concerned about domestic issues. Forty-seven percent are most concerned about the divide between the wealthy and the poor. Twenty-one percent are most concerned with skyrocketing housing prices. Only 8.7% think the most urgent challenge is to make peace with the Palestinians.

For most American Jews, these Israeli priorities are incomprehensible. Over the past 20 years, and at an accelerated pace over the past five years, they have been browbeaten by the mantra that Israel is all but synonymous with the peace process, and that without it, the Jewish state will be lost.

This mantra, which denies Israel an existence independent of the Palestinian conflict, was created immediately after Israel embarked on the peace process with the PLO in 1993. It was bad enough from the outset. But it has become gravely exacerbated by the appearance of J Street on the American Jewish scene.

Before J Street, ignorant American Jews could defend Israel because it is pro-peace. But since J Street arrived at the scene, the fact that Israel has always sought peace with its neighbors is increasingly denied and replaced with lies about Israeli culpability for the pathologies of the Palestinians and the wider Islamic world.

J Street is an anti-Israel, pro-Iranian and pro-Palestinian lobby run by American Jews.

Since its founding six years ago, J Street has lobbied against US sanctions on Iran. It has lobbied for US support for anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council. It lobbied in favor of the libelous Goldstone Report and then lied about its actions when they were exposed.

J Street opposes US strategic ties with Israel. It opposes efforts to defeat the campaign to delegitimize Israel. It hosts openly anti-Semitic speakers at its conferences. It raises money to defeat pro-Israel members of Congress.

J Street supports the BDS movement. It defends BDS activists against their Jewish victims on US college campuses. It hosts them at its conferences and cosponsors events with them.

J Street’s purpose is twofold. First, as an anti-Israel lobby that acts in support of the Iranian regime and Palestinian terrorist organizations, it seeks to diminish to the point of ending the US’s alliance with Israel. To this end, as Richard Baehr noted this week in Israel Hayom, J Street is working to wrest the Democratic Party away from Israel and so make supporting Israel a partisan issue in American politics.

Second, as the recently released documentary on J Street, The J Street Challenge, demonstrates, J Street strives to make it difficult if not impossible for the American Jewish community to support Israel in any coherent fashion.

In a speech at the New America Foundation, J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami explained that the organization’s goal is to destroy the power and influence of the American Jewish community.

In his words, “I think we’re taking on much more than AIPAC. I think that it is the Conference of Presidents. It’s the American Jewish Committee. It’s the lobbying structures of the Federations. It’s the network of JCRCs, the Jewish Community Relations Councils.”

He then employed classical anti-Semitic imagery to explain the magnitude of the challenge and of the danger allegedly posed by these groups.

“It’s a really multi-layered, multi-headed hydra. This monopoly, this many-headed monopoly, has been trying to squash us.”

The most effective means that J Street has employed to date to accomplish its destructive task has been joining the big communal tents.

In these efforts it has been most successful on college campuses.

After decades of living with the perception of Israel as inextricably linked to the “peace process,” most American Jews are extremely supportive of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

J Street exploits this popular position to undermine Israel. Falsely presenting itself as a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization, the anti-Israel lobby has entered into the big tent of Jewish communal life at campus Hillels to both undermine support for Israel, and render it all but impossible for Jews on campuses and in larger communities to voice a coherent Zionist message. They accomplish this by falsely arguing that strong pro-Israel positions undermine prospects for peace and that Israel itself undermines peace.

To be clear, J Street is to Zionism what Jews for Jesus are to Judaism.

Jews for Jesus call themselves Messianic Jews.

They dress like observant Jews and prey on the religious ignorance of young American Jews to convince them to convert to Christianity.

In J Street’s case, its members present themselves as pro-Israel and pro-peace, or simply as pro-peace, to exploit the ignorance of American Jews and subvert their capacity and willingness to support Israel.

Last week, J Street’s strategy of penetrating mainstream Jewish organizations hit a brick wall. The Conference of Presidents, one of the “heads” of the Jewish “hydra” that Ben-Ami declared J Street seeks to destroy, rejected J Street’s application for membership.

Partly due to the strong support J Street receives from the leftist media in the US, partly due to the rise of radicals to leadership positions in many major American Jewish organizations, J Street’s application for membership was a cause for concern. Many activists were convinced that it would be accepted.

So the fact that J Street failed to muster not only the two-thirds majority necessary to become a member, it failed to win even a simple majority of the votes, is a major triumph for the community and a cause for hope that the battle for Zionism in America has been joined.

And it must be joined, and won. As far as J Street is concerned, its bid to join the Conference of Presidents was merely one battle in its war against American Zionism.

Immediately after the votes were counted, J Street moved to Plan B. It mobilized its supporters in the Reform and Conservative movements to bludgeon the Conference of Presidents for daring to reject the membership application of an anti-Israel group whose leader publicly pledged to destroy the Conference of Presidents.

J Street exists to fight. Its goal is to destroy.

The tools it employs are demoralization and deceit. That is why the reticence American Jews feel about celebrating Yom Ha’atzma’ut is not merely sad. It is dangerous.

Israel is the most extraordinary collective achievement of the Jewish people in thousands of years. It is the embodiment of the dreams, faith, blood, sweat and tears of the Jewish people today and throughout time in both spiritual and physical terms.

Israel is something that every Jew should celebrate and be thankful not only on Yom Ha’atzma’ut, but every day of the year.

Israelis know this and that is why we are so content and optimistic.

It is J Street’s purpose to hide this truth from the American Jewish community. So it is the task of the American Jews to build on the decision of the Conference of Presidents and ensure through education, travel to Israel and aliya that J Street goes down in time as the great failure it deserves to be. Doing so will ensure that next year, instead of being reduced to the sad spectacle of “a bunch of kids eating cake,” Yom Ha’atzma’ut celebrations worldwide will be the unbridled expressions of joy that they are in Israel.

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  • Anukem Jihadi

    “an equitable knife must be used”

  • Judahlevi

    J Street will never diminish my celebration of Israel’s independence – they are the latest useful idiots for the left.

    Israel’s accomplishments are due to the unleashing of individual talent in an open society which allows for rewarding creativity and hard work. Western values, such as respect for each individual, are the values of Israel.

    The rest of the Arab countries around Israel are stifled and restricted by the distorted values of a desert marauder who thought he could create his own religion – and did so. Until they break the obsolescence of Islam – or modify it – they will forever be a backward people. All cultures are not created equal.

    • BagLady

      Israel’s accomplishments are due to the unleashing of individual talent
      in an open society which allows for rewarding creativity and hard work”

      Maybe so, but we must not forget that investment in research and development pays off. Israel is living proof of this.However, do give credit where it’s due. This investment came from outside and made all things possible.

      The ‘crumbs’ from this table do much good around the world. Given a natural disaster and you’ll find the Israeli team in there first. I have seen deserts transformed to greenery by Israeli farming technology, but let’s not take 100% credit.

      • Bamaguje

        “…we must not forget that investment in research and development pays off… This investment came from outside and made all things possible” – Baglady.

        Try “investing” in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, and see if you’ll get the same phenomenal technological advancement as in Israel.

        Most Western countries have the same access to investment funds as Israel, in fact they mostly have better access, as they are not hampered by BDS threats. Yet Israel beats all of them in the number of high tech start-up companies per capita.

        You glibly talk about giving “credit where it is due” but are unwilling to acknowledge the Jewish exceptionalism that has made Israel the prosperous technology powerhouse it is today.
        Was it “investment from outside” that made it possible for Jews to grab a disproportionately large number of Nobel science prizes?

      • reader

        So, what’s your share of credit? Give us your best shot – honestly. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat.

        • Habbgun


    • ND52

      Let’s not forget the billions of dollars given to you yearly by the U.S.

      • tickletik

        Yeah, that’s a good idea ND52, while we’re at it let’s not forget the trillions the US has earned with the help of our people. Let’s not forget all the cultural and scientific advancements we’ve helped you make. Let’s not forget that we bankrolled the revolutionary war and never got a penny back for it. Let’s not forget we are an ally that gives you a foothold into three major continents and a doorstop at the end of the Mediterranean.

        But you feel free to go on pretending it’s all one way.

        • ND52

          Lol! So we’d still be sitting around campfires if it weren’t for you? Wow!

          You convert jews think you’ve got everyone fooled. God’s chosen people to boot. Lmao!

          • tickletik

            No jackass, the revolution would have been put down, you’d be singing God save the queen and the Constitution would never have had a chance to have been written.

            If you spent 5 minutes looking at the history you’d have known it was won by a hairbreadth.

          • ND52


            World history according to AIPAC with a little Ad Hominem thrown in for good measure…………gotta love it.

          • UCSPanther

            Stone tablets, man, stone tablets.

          • Johnny Palestine

            We are at theearly stages of the oncoming Jew hate. I cannot deny these images. But to blame a country for this is insane.


            ND52 – Thanks for your family pictures.

            Are you as ugly in person too?

          • ND52

            Oh my…………another angry AIPAC troll shows up. Colour me shocked :-O

          • A Z

            SCREW SOCIALISM gas been here for years. He didn’t just show up, but you did.



            British Muslims are proud of their terrorist pals.


            Happy Eternal Nakba!

          • Anamah

            Worms have digested this rotten crap meat already!

          • Drakken

            This never happened and I am calling you a goddamn liar! Let me enlighten you raghead lover. Muslims flew 2 planes into the world trade center, a plane into the Pentagon and a failed attempt crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. These are the bloody cold harsh facts. If you love these goddamn inbred muslim savages so much, move to the Islamic paradise of your choice.

          • ND52

            Funny that there are NO Israelis in Guantanamo – but lots of your ass lifting pals.

            Quelle surprise!



          • Habbgun

            Ahhhhh……geez……always ….. always ….when the word Israel is said the trash comes out of hiding. Nothing like a sad, nasty, deracinated inbred slob to ruin everyone’s day.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Always glad when a Jew-hating troll outs himself after hiding under the “I’m just concerned about Israel’s policies/actions” rock.


            ND52 – Chosen by Satan and Muhammed.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Correct. Israel should stop taking your worthless currency. Toilet paper is more useful.

        • BagLady

          The Yuan is looking very promising


        Billions given to OPEC by the entire world for overpriced $100 per barrel oil.

    • ND52


      • tickletik

        Were we also responsible for the gulf of Tonkin incident that happened under the same president? I’m just asking because if we were that would indicate we were the ones trying to get the US into a war against its will.

        Because you know that would be a pattern that a country engages in to start wars.

        You know, like the US Maine, the Lusitania, and the USS Madox. Three ships that were all set up to be sunk or blown up or shot at that conveniently started wars with countries that absolutely did not want a fight with the US.

        Just saying. You know, since we are all friends here and you seem so self righteously outraged.

      • reader

        Well, the poster is false from the get go. USS Liberty cannot possibly be a false flag operations because Israelis never denied attacking it. There’re two versions of the event:

        1. official version is that IDF misidentified USS Liberty

        2. version described by John Loftus here:


        • ND52

          “The Secret War against the Jews”? Smh…………..

          Truth right here.


          • reader

            Truth is not coming from you – that’s for sure. You’re liar. Shouldn’t have posted the poster, troll. Pretty shabby move.

          • ND52

            Truth hurts doesn’t it little man?

          • reader

            No, it doesn’t, actually. I wish you could indulge my littleness face to face with me, troll. I would make you an honest Abe in 5 minutes – guaranteed. Your dad would finally be proud of you – barring some cosmetic defects.

          • ND52


          • reader

            Ditto – and don’t push your luck. Even herr fuhrer himself did not fare too well at the end. Your MS friends are not any better.

          • reader

            MB friends rather – sorry for the typo.

          • ND52

            Lol! You can’t even make an online profile and now you wanna fight. Too GD funny.

          • reader

            Really? Profile? Why don’t you send me your address? Like a REAL one. I’m only a little man, after all. LOL!

          • ND52


          • reader

            Oh, so you live with chipmunks – down by the river? Now it all starting to fall into place.

          • reader

            You’re running out of pictures to type over. Creativity beyond supernatural. I wonder why you’re trolling here instead of living high. Oh – I got it – the Jews stole the billions that you’d’ve made by posting the picture of Gene Wilder’s picture otherwise. Ahahah

          • Johnny Palestine

            USS Liberty proves that war is not a spectator sport. When Jews go to war Jews go to war. Should have stayed home. And spying for whom the BRITISH perhaps? what a fraid of a people. Using a Greek word to describe themselves.


            USS Liberty – during the 6 Day Arab/Israeli War.

            The following are the work of your islamofascist / socialist heroes.

            USS Cole – Al Qada
            9/11 – Al Qada
            London’s 7/7/05 transport bombings
            1968 assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
            Socialist filth declare War on the US four days after the Pearl Harbor attack
            1993 truck bombing of the WTC
            Oklahoma City truck bombing – work of your kkk boys
            Beheading of Lee Rigby in London
            Fort Hood massacre
            Nairobi Kenya massacre
            Mumbai India massacre

          • Drakken

            Please by all means, show us your mettle, go join an islamist group and fight those mean Jews.


            Truth hurts you dumb sack of SHlTler?

          • Lanna

            The Left will do anything to incite and create wars…their goals are not peace, but total chaos!


        Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945


    Islamofascists mourn the fact that 5 Arab armies were not successful in destroying Israel in 1948, continuing their mufti SHlTlers work and murder Jews.

    Happy Eternal Nakba Pal-e-SWINE!

  • wileyvet

    Well for what it’s worth, I am not a Jew but I have dozens of books on Judaism, Jewish History, The Holocaust, Zionism and the creation and sustaining of The State of Israel. It is a tremendous story; of triumph and tragedy, and a spirit that is irrepressible. I love Israel and the Jewish people. I am awaiting my shipment of Israeli goods that I ordered last week. I will proudly wear my “I Support Israel” and “I Stand With Israel” T-shirts when they arrive. I will continue to buy what I can, so in my small way I can contribute to Israel’s economy. Now if anyone knows of a reputable charity organization there, perhaps one that helps orphans or needy families that one has had experience with, I would be most grateful for a suggestion. Thank you. Also, a belated Happy 66th Birthday to Israel.

    • kieraeastedi321

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    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Three reputable Israeli organizations are:
      One Family Fund, which helps victims of terrorism, including people who were orphaned by terror attacks.
      Meir Panim, which feeds the hungry.
      Yad Sarah, a wonderful organization that lends or gives medical supplies (wheel chairs, feeding tubes, you name it) to people who cannot afford them.
      There are many others.

      • wileyvet

        Thanks for your reply. I will look into them. Israel has 30,000 charities so it is a little bewildering as to where to donate. Whenever I have looked at the ones for little kids and orphans, I just well up and get so worked up in my anger at the “Palestinians” that I just don’t think very clearly about how I can help. So thanks again.

    • Manaphy

      The Holohoax isn’t a triumph story, it is a blatant lie made up by Jewish supremacists to gain money, power, and influence. Zionism isn’t a triumph story, it is a story of genocide against white and Arab people. So go ahead, wear your “I support Israel” shirt. I love when my targets openly show themselves.

      • Habbgun

        What a skank….I always love when the deracinated types show themselves. White this. White that. The whites I’ve always known have strong identities. Italian, Irish, Catholic, Protestant. The deracinated types come from meth addicted homes and don’t know who their real daddies are. I love when the lower orders reveal themselves to the public. Hi skanker!!! How ya doin’.

      • Anamah

        Media Matters has your check…

  • JohnPalestine

    J Street is an example how the elites ( taught by British Elites ) work. They create organizations with names that suggest one thing and act in contrary to what the group purports to be. Another group even grosser is “Friends of the Middle East”, another American rabid anti Israel group.

    Israel must realize that the belief that the USA is their friend is a point of discussion at this time. Democrats are becoming poison to Israel and Bush Sr. and James Baker III, lawyer to the Houses of Dubai and Riyadh, are responsible for driving Jews away from the GOP, never to return.

    Certainly Europe is an enemy. Countries act in their best interests; when not plundering they are groveling or plotting.

    Israel should slowly dis itself from the US govt, request that all the US military in the Negev exit, arrest all US spies in Israel, especially the Ashkenazi ones with pale skins, take back the Sinai, deport all young Arab Muslim males from Judea and Gaza to Gibraltar and Turkey ( Erdogan cares so about their welfare, than he will gladly pay for their welfare ) OR pay young Muslimas to leave, invest in feeding and housing the 2million Syrian refugees, continue with high tech ventures with South Korea,China, Japan and India et al.

    • Frank

      Let Israel go its own way and we will do the same. Not supporting Israel anymore. I’ll take the que from Glick and be concerned only for my own people.


        Your people in Al Qada or the kkk?

    • Lightbringer

      Israel does not now need and has never needed the United States or any other country. If we Jews — both in Israel and in the Diaspora — live according to the commandments that G-d laid down for us, no earthly force can take the Land of Israel from us. And if we do not, no earthly force can help us keep it.

    • Larry Larkin

      That’s not a British trick, that’s a Soviet trick, one they repeated over and over and over, and is still being trotted out today.
      Organisations like the Southern Poverty Law Centre are classic examples.

  • Ban Liberals

    It’s not just J Street, you must also include in this gaggle of dimwitted sheep the “Boca Jews.”

    They are the Reform and liberal Jews of, for instance, southeastern Florida — from Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach… The self-righteous, sanctimonious, bleeding hearts segment of our People who have thrown history into the wind.

    They are indeed traitors to their people in every sense of the word.

    • Lightbringer

      Anyone who thinks that Jews are more intelligent than other peoples has never met my liberal Reform relatives. Or “Boca Jews” or the J Street trash. But like you and me, some of us get it and love America and Israel.

  • BagLady

    “……It may be that you have to live in Israel to understand how amazing it is”

    You probably have to live in India to ‘enjoy’ the Hindu celebration of Colours and the water celebrations of Thailand are a source of great joy to the locals and visiting tourists only. Every country has its excuses for merriment and Israel is no exception.

    “Birthright, far more young American Jews have visited Israel in recent years than had visited in previous generations.”

    As a BagLady, I’d be interested in the deals available on airlines from the US to Israel for Jews. (Just asking since I know Bibi is desperate to get bums on seats).

    If I was a third generation New York Jew who just happened to disagree with Netanyahu’s policies, I’d tell you to piss off .

    “….the fact that Israel has always sought peace with its neighbors….”

    There is absolutely no evidence to support this sweeping statement.


      There is absolutely no evidence that Israels neighbor seek peace.

      Israels neighbors seek to kill Infidels ALL OVER THE WORLD.

      British born Muslims have killed in the UK and continue to plot.

      See 7/7/05 London transport bombings
      Murder of Lee Rigby.
      Andy Choudary.

    • Bamaguje

      “….the fact that Israel has always sought peace with its neighbors….” “There is absolutely no evidence to support this sweeping statement” – Baglady.

      Your willful ignorance is breathtaking.
      In 1947, UN General Assembly passed resolution 181 partitioning the Jewish portion of Palestine between Jews and Arabs for the 2nd Palestinian state (the first being Jordan). Jews accepted but Arabs refused.

      After the 1967 war, Israel offered to return West bank and Gaza in exchange for Arab recognition and peace with Israel. Arab league leaders meeting in Khartoum, Sudan rejected Israel’s offer with infamous 3 No’s:

      “no peace, no negotiation, no recognition. We (Arabs) have lost round 3
      (1967 war) and can lose 40 rounds but ISRAEL CAN ONLY LOSE ONE.”

      Then there was the Oslo accord in which Israel hand over West bank and Gaza to Palestinian authority. Palestinians responded with intifada, and didn’t keep their end of the deal to stop incitement and terror attacks against Israel.

      In 2000 Israeli Prime minister Ehud Barak offered PLO virtually everything Palestinians have been demanding for – Gaza, West bank and even concessions on east Jerusalem, which houses Jewish holiest mount, Temple mount.
      Palestinians would have had 97% of West bank, with land swaps with Israel for the remaining 3%.. consistent with UN resolution 242. Arafat walked away.
      Both Clinton and even the then Saudi king berated Arafat for turning down that historic offer.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        Put that Troll back into her bag, and tie a knot in the top.

        • Drakken

          And dump it in the river.

    • Habbgun

      You mean giving back Sinai wasn’t a sign of good faith? Coming from you who comes from a country that never gave back an inch of land unless there was an uprising by the inhabitants? The great empire with land that was never theirs by right but only gained through planting flags and maintaining imperial forces? That is pretty funny

      Do you think your inanities sound better in an English accent and we’re missing the full effect? If so don’t bother recording them. You sound like a chav.

      • BagLady

        HongKong, Antigua, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Lesotho, Botswana, Brunei, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Dominica, Jamaica….. the list goes on and on …. Zanzibar. They didn’t have to rise up. Britain was broke and couldn’t afford to take care of everyone.


          And the UK/Britain needs to pay REPARATIONS for its Imperialist past and Imperialist present.

          • BagLady

            They gave everyone a British Passport. What greater reparation could there be?

          • BagLady

            (Hm, where is my earlier riposte?)

            I suggested that the offering of British Passporst to all former colonies has been worth its weight in gold.

            Surely you can’t disagree with that fact.

        • Habbgun

          Didn’t have to take care of everyone…..oh the poor Britisher……an unapologetic imperialist for yourself but left the Jews have any land and you try every vocal trick you have to destroy it. Typical chav.



      You reinforce my low opinion of the british.

      • BagLady

        I presume your ancestors hail from further north.. with fairer skin

  • Kathy

    I am not Jewish. I am a Christian who would love to see all Israel turn to the only Messiah that has ever graced this earth – a Jew named Yeshua. Having said that, I love and support Israel very much. There is no question that it is a remarkable nation. My thing has been to defend Israel in letters to the editor of local newspapers. It is important that we all know Israel’s history, both modern and ancient; otherwise we will be fooled. The propaganda and slander against Israel is absolutely mind-boggling. And Caroline, you might be surprised to know that some of the best citizens of Israel are Jews who believe in Jewish Jesus…so do us the honor of not painting with a broad brush, whereby, an otherwise astute observer might also fall into making slanderous statements. Thanks.

    • Nightowl

      Everything she said, including the comment about Jews for Jesus.

    • Cindy

      I couldn’t agree more with you. Although I’ve tried to overlook such things in the past, I must admit there are many Jewish Christ haters. I count Caroline as one. This isn’t the first time she has slapped Christians in the face.

      • Marsha

        In Caroline’s way of thinking, any Jew that becomes a Christian is a traitor to Jews. She is a Christ-hating bigot. Not all Jews share her opinion. Benjamin Netanyahu made a wonderful video thanking Christians for their support of Israel a few years ago at Christmas. I admire him for that.


          Jesus was a Jew.
          Mary was a Jew.
          Joseph was a Jew.

          Romans were not Jews.

          • Lanna

            That’s right! Remember, Satan is disguised as an angel of light, who lies and…he wants to deceive the Jews into disregarding their own Christ….some of the Jews rejected Jesus as well as the Pharisees, the legalistic leaders, they were all about the law and not about true faith, they did not have circumsized hearts or minds, that’s why Christianity was given to the Gentiles, the Church by Paul..(A Jew)…it was all part of the divine plan that Jesus would be crucified to save all from sin and death. Love is giving your only son to save the World…True Love! Israel will come to truth, knowledge and faith….it is predicted and it is coming with world shaking events.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            You are not going to convert many Jews by calling our Rabbis and Sages — the Pharisees — legalistic hypocrites who were not about true faith.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Would that be the same Paul who admitted to being a shameless liar in order to spread the new faith?

        • Habbgun

          Then count me in as a bigot. What the messiah is, is well defined in Jewish law and whether you believe it or no according to Judaism it is clear the messiah has not come yet. For a Jew to state that he has come is to turn your back on the Jewish religion.
          It is not Christ hate as you so put it. It is Christ non-acceptance. If you want to play your little game remember that rejection of Mohammed is Islamophobia. That’s how the Moslems think and they believe if you can believe one thing you can believe the other just as easily.
          I don’t hate Christians but I will never accept the belief. Jews who accept Jesus are either too ignorant to really know the difference in the conception of the Messiah (which is why Jews for Jesus is so insidious). Or they do know and they simply reject and turn their back on the Jews. The latter kind are extremely rare.
          Here’s a question. Are you a Noah hater because you don’t practice the Noahide laws?

          • Lanna

            You are wrong….The Day of the Lord is coming…The Blood moons that are going to appear in the heavens point to a world shaking event…and that is the 2nd coming of Christ! There has already been one of them on April 15, 2014 seem by many people, and there will be 3 more…October 8, 2014, 4/14/ 2015, and 9/28/2015 There have only been 3 blood moons in the last 500 years. The bible predicts them, and Nasa predicts them. The moon will turn to blood and the sun will not give its light. This is a signal that something big is coming our way very soon, that will change world history forever! Only the true creator could line up the sun, moon, and earth at the same time! Four Blood red total lunar eclipses will fall on Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015, the same back to back occurrences as in the years 1492, 1948, and 1967. In April 1492 the edict of Expulsion took place in Spain. Israel became a state in 1948, and was reborn, the Jewish people were gathered through Diaspora in one of the greatest miracles in human history. In 1967 Jerusalem was reunited with Israel for the first time in 2000 years. Jerusalem is where Jesus was crucified. All these blood moons focus on Israel and the Jewish people, and whether her enemies like it or not Israel is Still the Apple of God’s Eye.

          • Habbgun

            The messiah is not based on blood moons. He will bring the Jews back to Judaism under Hashem. So sorry. Please keep the Noahide laws in the meantime. All mankind must keep the Noahide laws if they are not Jewish. The Jews have laws they keep in partnership with the nations and with Hashem. All have been assigned a place under Hashem. The Day of the Lord?? Every day if we do the right thing.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            If thinking that Christians are wrong is the same as hating Christians, why isn’t thinking that Judaism is the same as hating Jews? Just as the latter isn’t, neither is the former.

        • Lightbringer

          Sorry, ladies, but there is a word for Jews who accept Jesus as the messiah. The word is “Christian”. I respect practicing Christians and have a number of Evangelical Christian family members whom I love very much, so please don’t call me a bigot. I think that Christians and Jews should live in harmony and work together to make the world a better place. But people can’t have it both ways: You are a Jew if you were born to a Jewish mother (even if you are completely ignorant of and do not live according to Torah) or if you are a halachic convert, and you are a Christian if you accept Jesus as the messiah, no matter who your mother was.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            ‘The word is “Christian”. ‘
            Also mumar.
            Also meshumad.

        • Lanna

          Frankly, non belief in the true Messiah with so much scripture, archeological and tomb sites, biblical sites, dead sea scrolls, and other artififacts is denying the obvious. That is why the Jews have always had such strife in their lives….Its not the religion that matters its the actual faith in what we cannot see, but know through the Holy spirit sent to us that all that is written has come to pass and will be fulfilled just as the scriptures tell us! Everything that was written and predicted in the Bible has come to pass 100%! One has to be blind to not see these things! Remember understanding and knowledge is a gift, we are chosen to be given the knowledge of truth, according to our hearts and minds!

          • Habbgun

            The truth of the Noahide laws are in black and white. Please keep them. The Day of the Lord is every day if we do what is assigned to us rather than seeking “a greater truth”. Man always wants the candy he can’t reach rather than the nourishment he needs. You are clearly failing in that regard.

          • liz

            Actually, the things you cite as “evidence” that one would have to be blind to deny is simply evidence that a religion existed, just as every religion existed, and has its scriptures, holy sites, and artifacts, etc…
            The existence of any religion the world has known does not prove that it is the only “true” religion inspired by God.
            That exists only in the mind of the believer.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          It’s a lot more than that. I have met J’s for J. They claim to be teaching people Judaism, but what they are teaching is Christianity, and they receive most of their funding from Christian churches. That makes the analogy to J Street very relevant. Neither group has the honesty to proclaim its own goals to the people they are recruiting, and both receive most of their funding from people who are adverse to the audience they are trying to reach.

        • BagLady

          Not much religious freedom in Carolina, then?

    • Judahlevi

      Most conservative Jews are respectful of Christians – and they should be. I can’t say the same about liberal Jews – they tend to disrespect anyone who disagrees with them – especially Christians.

      I don’t believe that Caroline hates Christians. She knows the support and love Christians provide to Israel. She may not like Jews being converted out of their faith, but most religious people feel the same way about their own religion.

      We all should respect the sincerely held peaceful beliefs that each individual chooses for their religion.

    • Lanna

      Well said….I know many messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua and what he did to save mankind, their numbers are increasing too!

      • Habbgun

        Let me guess. You are a “messianic Jew”. Christians I know (real ones) know that Jews for Jesus are a cult. They bring people in under false understanding just to make money. Anyone who calls some other belief bigotry does so because they don’t have an argument. They just declare all beliefs equal.

  • Walter Sieruk

    All these groups that are very much against the Jewish State of Israel must not want to understand that the Jewish people have every right to that area of land in the Middle East which is the State of Israel because God had declared so in His Word, the Bible. As in ,for example, Genesis28:13-15. 35:10-12. Deuteronomy 32:48,49. Pslam 105:7-11. 135:4. In other words the Jews should have this land that is now the State of Israel be Divine Right. The Jewish people also should have this land by the rights of history, As shown in First Kings 4;20,21,24,25. 8:55,56. In all fairness there is one way that the members of all these anti-Israel groups can convince God to change His Mind about Israel and then thurn His Back on Israel and thus have that nation br no more. That way God had stated in the Bible book of Jeremiah 31:35,36. Which reads “Thus saith the Lord, which gives the sun for a light by day and the ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night…The of host is His name. If those ordinances depart from before Me saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

  • tickletik

    You are striking a nerve Caroline, the Jew haters are frothing in the comments.


  • garyfouse

    J Street and JVP are despicable organizations. Not far below that list is Hillel and the Jewish Federation-at least in Orange County. Yet again at UC Irvine they have bullied Jewish students who want to stand up against the anti-Semitism of the anti-Israel machine into standing down with the forced cancellation of Nonie Darwish’s speech.

    • BagLady

      You mean ‘left’ versus ‘right’, right?

  • antioli

    J Street is a big question mark. I would like to see an investigation of especially who the bosses are and where the money comes from..

    • Lightbringer

      Glenn Beck has written (“Cowards”, hardbound edition of 2012, page 61) that George Soros is one of the shadow figures behind J Street. It figures.

  • Cindy

    Gee, Caroline, thanks for equating Jews for Jesus with J Street. The horror. As a Christian, your article now has me rethinking my support for Israel.

    • liz

      So your “support” for Israel is conditional – they must submit to having your religion pushed on them (for their own good I suppose, since they don’t know what’s best for themselves), and if they find that offensive they become “Christ haters”(‘re your comment below).
      With friends like that, who needs enemies?

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        Add to that — what happens to Christians, let along Christian missonaries, in the PA or any other Arab state? In Israel, the worst that happens is people pointing out — “Hey, what you’re trying to pass off as Judaism is actually Christianity.”


      Cindy, Get thee to Pal-e-SWINE.

    • Habbgun

      Real Christians I know, know Jews for Jesus is a cult. Liars who rename and rebrand everything just to get followers as they can.You can not really believe in anything if you are just ignorant. Money is always green but what does the Lord need with your money. Especially your money. Go away. No loss to Jews, no loss to Christians. No loss.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        Like J Street, J for J :
        1. Lies about its goals. J for J by telling vulnerable Jews that it is teaching them true Judaism, when its real goal is to make Jews into Christians.
        2. Conceals that its funding comes from people who are adverse to its phony goal and endorse the secret goal.
        3. Is looked upon with contempt by those who want to advance the supposed goal — in the case of J for J, teaching Jews about Judaism.

  • PAthena

    I think that JStreet is an organization funded by George Soros.

  • Adam Auach

    I agree Cindy, until that part I loved the article. Also it should be mentioned that in Jewish lore, when the Jews left Egypt, 2/3rds stayed behind forever lost to the Jewish people.

    • Lightbringer

      Hate to quibble, but it was 4/5. They died during the Plague of Darkness.

      • Adam Auach

        The plagues were magic to make the story interesting, the part about most Jews and all rich ones not being loyal to anything other than Egypt is the kernel of truth the scribe was trying to convey.

        • Lightbringer

          Story? Scribe? Some of us believe that the Torah is revealed truth. It was given directly by God, to all of Israel.

          • Adam Auach

            Rashi didn’t always agree with youm should I show you where Rashi says some of the stories are analogies? other scholars have also said that God works only naturally. But I am not religious, so the argumanet to me is agree to disagree you know. And thank god (sic) you crazies havn’t taken over our homeland yet. We are still miracoulously (sic) secular and libertarian (with unfortunately a lot of curruption, but what do you expect from a country of very persocuted refugees?)

  • Mike Wilson

    Caroline, I’m disappointed in you. Neither Jews for Jesus nor Messianic Jews are your enemy. That was not a valid comparison.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      She did not say J for J is her enemy. But they are deceptive and dishonest. They pretend to be teaching Judaism when in fact they are teaching Christianity to vulnerable Jews who know little of Judaism. If someone wants to convert Jews to Christianity, let them have the honesty, decency and integrity to admit what they are out to do, instead of engaging in an unethicl bait and switch.

    • Habbgun

      Sorry but both J Street and J for J use phony inclusiveness as a means of entry into the Jewish community to preach things totally against the Jews. In some ways J for J is worse since it says something that is not true. You can believe in a messiah that does not meet the Jewish criterion as a Jewish messiah. People who lie, who subvert and who use opportunism as a means for any goal are no ones friend.

      How this is disturbing or a big surprise I do not know. If you are Protestant I’m sure you’d love Protestants for the Pope and if you were Catholic you’d just love Catholics for Luther. How about Reverend Wright’s “church” which is just a Farakhan front? Should that be considered inclusiveness as well?

      • Habbgun

        J Street is honest in the sense that when the chance comes to totally destroy Israel they’ll be on board. They will only have a problem if Hamas denounces the Moslem Brotherhood and the Moslem Brotherhood denounces Hamas. The insiders in J Street will just have to kill each other.

  • vnamvet1969

    Without Israel, we have nothing.


      Without Pal-e-SWINE, Jihad, CAIR, Al Qada, Hamass, Muslim Brotherhood we have Peace.

  • Fredsky

    The Jewish success story – very nice indeed but – as it was posted before – let’s not forget the couple of hundred billion dollars courtesy of the US taxpayer.


    You’re welcome.

    • Adam Auach

      Couple of hundred billion are you sure? Are you referring to the 1 to 3 billion a year America gives from its 750 billion (if you included the FBI and other violent federal organizations it would be almost 2.2 trillion a year, and if you included the prison system it would be almost 3 trillion a year) annual defense budget since 1983? America had not given Israel a single grant prior to that. If so there are 100 countries when you combine all forms of aid who actually receive more. 35 billion just to create the deserting Iraqi army from the same budget more than Israel’s total, 1.5 billion to antiAmerican Islamist Egypt a year, 11 billion a year from the same defense budget to the terrorist ISI, missiles for free in Poland, missiles for free in Turkey which has no freedom of speech, etc.

  • Lanna

    Those who don’t have the knowledge of history are doomed to repeat its past mistakes. So true, the younger generations don’t have the historic knowledge as their ancestors…just what Socialist dictators thrive on!

  • Patrick778

    There can’t be a real discussion until the right stops conflating criticisms of Likud policies with criticisms of Israel.

  • Jimbini

    J Street – the Jewish arm of Hamas!

  • Kiflaam

    It’s my understanding Israel forcefully took the land they live in from an innocent Palestine, using religion and the help of the British to do this. I don’t see why their independence would mean much, they were given their independence unfairly, and I don’t recall any having to fight for it. A true happy day would be when the Palestinians are given their land back, that they so rightly deserve. I am tired of being told Israel is the good guy in Israel v. Palestine. There are many reports supporting what I’m saying. Just look at the areas inside Palestine near the Israeli border, it’s speckled with Israeli military, clogging Palestinian intersections.

    • Adam Auach

      You have been severely brainwashed, Britain boycotted Jewish goods, and even convinced America to do it for a while. right after the Holocaust, “palestine” was Transordan between 1947 and 1967, and you had no brainwashing at that point on the subject from the media. Before Britain it was a small part of Ottoman Syria, and was not a peaceful place.

  • Adam Auach

    Every word last word baby below wrote is a lie.