Believing Obama on Iran

Obama_IranOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Uzi Eilam is an octogenarian who served as the director general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission from 1976 until 1985.

Last Friday Eilam gave a head-scratching interview to Yediot Aharonot’s Ronen Bergman in which he claimed that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is a decade from completion. He said it is far from clear that the Iranians even want a nuclear arsenal. He accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of cynically exaggerating the threat from Iran in order to strengthen himself politically.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Eilam’s interview was his absolute certainty in his judgment.

Eilam, who hasn’t had any inside knowledge of nuclear issues since 1985, would have us believe that he knows better than active duty Israeli intelligence chiefs and US intelligence directors about the status of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He even thinks he knows better than the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Israel assesses that Iran already has sufficient quantities of enriched uranium to produce five atomic bombs. As Netanyahu has said, the interim nuclear deal the US and its allies signed with Iran last November only delays Iran’s bomb making capacity by six weeks.

In January, James Clapper, the director of US national intelligence, agreed with Israel’s assessment. In testimony before the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence Clapper said that Iran is already a nuclear breakout state. In his words, “Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas – including uranium enrichment, nuclear reactors and ballistic missiles – from which it could draw if it decided to build missile- deliverable nuclear weapons.”

Clapper argued that this doesn’t matter because the US’s monitoring capabilities are so trustworthy and advanced that Iran wouldn’t be able to put nuclear weapons together without the US noticing.

Unfortunately there is no reason to believe Clapper is right. Indeed, Netanyahu said as much to US National Security Advisor Susan Rice when she repeated Clapper’s claim during her visit to Israel last week.

And the UN agrees with Netanyahu.

In two reports released in recent days, UN officials have stated that Iran has developed an advanced capacity to hide its importation of components of its nuclear program. According to a Reuters report, this includes hiding titanium tubs in steel pipes and using its petrochemical industry as a cover to obtain valves and other items for its heavy-water nuclear reactor.

According to an AP report, the IAEA is also concerned because Iran is not cooperating with the watchdog group in revealing information about possible military applications of its nuclear program, or allowing the IAEA unfettered access to all nuclear sites.

Iran’s lack of transparency puts paid to the US’s claim that it can monitor all of Iran’s activities. It is far from clear that the US is even aware of all of Iran’s nuclear sites. So even if the US is capable of perfectly monitoring the known sites, it cannot know what it doesn’t know, and so may very well be monitoring the wrong sites.

And yet, despite US’s acknowledgment that Iran already has breakout capacity, and despite the UN’s conclusion that the Iranians are cheating on their international commitments and bypassing sanctions through smuggling activities, Brig. Gen. Eilam, who left the nuclear business 28 years ago, feels comfortable accusing Netanyahu of deliberately misleading the public and the world community.

What gives? It is hard to escape the feeling that there may be a connection between Eilam’s unhinged broadside against Netanyahu and the US’s assault on the credibility of Israel’s nuclear warnings.

On Sunday Iran’s dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei visited a Revolutionary Guards Corps base. There he was shown what the IRGC claims is a reverse-engineered clone of an advanced US espionage drone that Iran captured in 2011. According to Fox News, after the RAQ-170 Sentinel drone landed in Iran in 2011, the Pentagon presented US President Barack Obama with three different plans to destroy or retrieve the drone.

Obama rejected all of them because “he didn’t want to do anything that could be perceived as an act of war.”

During the same visit, to the IRGC base on Sunday, Khamenei told the commanders to begin mass producing ballistic missiles to use against the US.

In his words, the Americans “expect us to limit our missile program while they constantly threaten Iran with military action. So this is a stupid, idiotic expectation.

The Revolutionary Guards should definitely carry out their program and not be satisfied with the present level. They should mass produce. This is a main duty of all military officials.”

In other words, on Sunday, a declared enemy of the US, that the director of national intelligence acknowledges already has the independent capability to produce nuclear weapons, humiliated and threatened the US.

At a minimum Iran’s capture of the US drone indicates that the US capacity to monitor Iran’s nuclear capabilities is vulnerable and imperfect.

As for the ballistic missiles, they should be of utmost concern to the Europeans and the Americans. Iran doesn’t need ballistic missiles to attack Israel with nuclear weapons.

It can use artillery, not to mention a human being playing the role of Enola Gay.

But rather than condemn Iranian espionage and aggression, over the past week, Obama administration officials have launched a full court press against Israel.

In back-to-back articles in Newsweek, unnamed US former intelligence officials and congressional staffers presented an utterly false and deeply malicious portrait of alleged Israeli spying on the US. The reports were presumptively targeting Israel’s attempts to end State Department discrimination against Israeli tourists in the US and allow Israel to join the US visa waiver program.

But it is hard to ignore the timing of the unbridled, untrue and hysterical allegations of “rampant” Israeli spying.

The stories were released in the lead-up to this week’s newest round of nuclear talks between the US, the other permanent members of the Security Council and Germany, and Iran. Those talks were billed as a diplomatic means of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal. Indeed, after Rice’s meeting with Netanyahu last week the White House released a statement claiming that “the US delegation reaffirmed our commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.”

But the terms of the deal that is being negotiated with Iran advance the opposite of its stated goal. The deal on the table will enable Iran to develop nuclear weapons, virtually unopposed, and allow Iran to develop delivery systems for its nuclear arsenal entirely unopposed.

Israeli officials have been outspoken in their opposition to the agreement and the terms the US and its partners are offering Iran. Over and over, Netanyahu and his colleagues warn that the terms will not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The White House knows what it is doing, and it wants to continue on course. Consequently, for the administration to sell a deal that enables Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, it needs to discredit Israel among sufficient swaths of the general public to enable Obama to move forward with Iran against Israel.

In this context, the administration’s willingness to turn a blind eye to Iran’s brazen threats and acts of contempt while sending out anonymous sources to castigate Israel as a US enemy whose actions are hostile and antithetical to the US makes sense.

The malevolent slander of Israel’s actions and intentions is of course only the opening act in this new administration campaign to discredit Israel ahead of a nuclear deal with Iran. Speaking to The Washington Free Beacon, former Bush administration deputy national security advisor Elliott Abrams said he believes the administration will frame the issue “saying that it’s this deal or war.”

He’s doubtlessly correct. After all that what the administration did in November when it signed the interim deal and when it forced the Senate to mothball its sanctions bill against Iran.

The truth is that the choice isn’t between war and an agreement. It is between doing something to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, or doing nothing to prevent that from happening. The administration has opted to do nothing. Unfortunately for the world, the price for doing nothing to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is exponentially higher – in the cost of lives that would otherwise be saved – than the price of doing something.

But hey, at least an 80-year-old who led Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission nearly 40 years ago is willing to take Obama at his word.

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  • tickletik

    Good. I know these kinds of people, all their lives they harbors bitterness, hatred and contempt for others. Backstabbing and causing harm when they knew they could get away with it, but hiding who they really were. Then when they get old and can no longer control themselves properly they let out the real contemptible person that they were so careful to keep hidden.

    Eilam has successfully discredited himself. The job he originally did was a good one, but could have been done by plenty others. The betrayal and backstabbing he has done to the entire nation was something only he could have done. Out of three choices

    1. Warn us to save our own lives from being incinerated,
    2. Say nothing,
    3. Betray every last one of us so that we end up with our skin being melted off our bodies,

    the bitter smug old fool chose option #3. So now we all know exactly who and what kind of whore Eilam has always been.

    Thank you general.

    • Marty

      I was in Israel several weeks ago. The many Israelis I spoke with, including a lot of Arabs, wouldn’t trust the Obama regime for the time of day.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        The use the “N-word” with liberty!!

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          Nobody from Nowhere?
          kNow Nothing?
          eNabler of geNocide?
          Nasrallah tool?

      • kasandra

        Nor should they.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    I find it mystifying that anyone would take Obama’s assurances about anything seriously, let alone assurances regarding matters of life and death.

    Make no mistake about it – the Iranian nuclear weapons program represents an existential threat for Israel.

    Here is the self-evident, difficult truth: Israel is alone, and her survival will require that she take decisive military action against Iran.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      He is a complete and utter FRAUD – let it sink in please! He is an illegal President, a USURPER.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For the practical purposes of discussing ‘what would they do with it’ Iran has been a nuclear armed state since last year when they quietly reached a detente with Obama not to announce it so as to upset his re election. All they are arguing about now is how much of a ‘last turn of the last screw’ capability they should advertise. And this is purely a political decision not a technical one. Should Iran be 30 days from ‘completion’? 60? 90? and so forth. But in any case. Iran is essentially a nuclear armed state today. Moreover the agreement they’re haggling over in P5+1 talks allows Iran to do anything and everything they want up to 19 years from now, and, with no restrictions on related military research, plutonium and missile R+D.

    So Iran is and will remain ‘poised’ to stuff atomic weapons on their missiles with 30,60,90 days advance warning, BY TREATY, assuming they don’t lie because lord knows, they never do that. Therefore any time Iran needs the West to jump through some hoops, give them money, close a few military bases, give them weapons, stop their own fracking and so forth, all they will do is point to their missiles, start a countdown clock and wait for the west to cave, like they always do.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Folks here at Frontpage act like this mutt is a legitimate President. The man is a complete and utter FRAUD and no seems to give a crap.

  • stephencarter

    I’m beginning to think the problem isn’t Obama. Yes he’s an idiot and buffoon. The problems won’t go away if someone else becomes President. The problem, sadly, is America itself. It has become habituated to perfidy, lies, betrayals as a routine matter. Canada has been one of the few countries consistently to support Israel, in the teeth of US opposition. Canada should quietly come to a decision, that if Iran attacks Israel, then Canadian nuclear warheads should be launched against a US city as retaliation for America’s aiding & abetting a psychotic Islamist state in its bid to butcher Jews. Of course the US doesn’t give a damn. So Canadians should just decide to make the US’s collaboration with Iran something they’ll regret. I see absolutely nothing wrong or inconsistent in this. The US should be made to suffer for its betrayal. In recent years almost every Western nation has been betrayed by the US. It’s time the US pays for its lies and betrayals. And don’t dismiss as delusional the notion that Canada has any such capability. Like most Western nations, it has the ability to go nuclear in a matter of months, like Japan and much of Europe.


      G-D Bless Canada and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

      SCREW Quebequois.

    • RickMacDonald

      Canada has Nuclear capacity? Don’t be so silly. It costs money and we do not spend money on defense if it can be avoided. We have old air plains for our Air wing, Old ships, (and damn few of them). and an army that can not defend our far north.
      Your information is sadly lacking StephenCarter.

    • Filimena

      No, the problem is that the American government has been heavily infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood and Communists. The country’s borders been thrown open to every wingnut from Islamic, fascist and Communist regimes who ever wanted to come in and start trouble. Our constitution has been eroded to the point that it’s hardly recognizable and there are too few people who recognize that they need to have some skin in the game if they ever want to see anything close to a democratic republic again. Impeaching the idiot ghoul Obama would be a nice start, though.

    • T800

      Comrade Obama is the muslim Manchurian Candidate.
      There’s a reason why,post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan,of all places. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

      “The Obama Doctrine can be described in just nine words: Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country.” Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

  • Bert

    It is the cowardice and corruption of Jewish leadership in Israel and in the U.S. that play into the hands of our enemies. Even before Obama the U.S. State Department was making outrageous demands for Israel to appease its enemies and ignoring threats to Israel. Israeli diplomacy and public relations are a disaster because of deep spiritual rot. If Israel were truly a “Jewish State” they would draw inspiration from the bible and boldly demand their rights instead of groveling in fear. All through history our enemies have tricked Jews into cooperating in their own destruction.

    • currawong

      “All through history our enemies have tricked Jews into cooperating in their own destruction”.
      According to Bible End Time prophecy it will happen again .. They will fall for a false ‘peace treaty’ leading to a final ‘purification’ before Israel gets help from above.

  • jewdog

    Obama probably told the Mullahs: “If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes.”. I just hope he was scamming them too.

  • Walter Sieruk

    Why shoud an rational person believe that Obama will come to any future worthwhile good deal with Iran about the subject of nuclear weapons. Foe even the “deal” the Obama reached with Iran last year was a farce and a hoax. For example , last October at a lecture that I attended where the guest speaker , who was in times past an Iranian citizen, a Muslim and a Hezbollah member but now a Christian and an Armerican. he was asked near the end of his lecture , during the question and answer part, The speaker was asked “What about this new Obama deal with Iran ?” The speaker answered “It is a disaster. it’s a disaster for Israel, it’s a disaster for the Iranian people, it’s a disaster for the Middle East and a diasater for the world.”

  • Manaphy

    Why can’t you cowardly Jews fight your own wars?

    • Filimena

      Why can’t the cowardly Muslims fight their own wars? Why do they need so much U.S. Money, weapons and propaganda to do it? Last I checked the “Palestinians” (otherwise known primarily as the Jordanians) absorbed far more U.S. aid than the entire country of Israel. And it seems to me that Israel holds it’s own just fine.

    • Notalibfool

      Why can’t you cowardly Jew haters come to terms with what’s really bothering you? Do you think making antisemitic remarks will make up for whatever is wrong with you?

    • Atikva

      Must you really clown around on a day like this? It’s a blessing ridicule doesn’t kill anymore, otherwise you would have dropped dead.


      You are a friggin a$$ h0le. Tough talk concerning “Jews”. Hey tough guy, burn a Quran! Nah, your a coward. Punk

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Cowardly Jews? Why can’t you let Israel defend itself from people who not only want to kill Jews and destroyIsrael, but also kill Americans and destroy the US?

      This must be troll day.

  • Filimena

    We have a Muslim Brotherhood president and all the fallout that comes along with it.

  • Atikva

    Excuse me, believing whom? You must be joking!

  • lostlegends

    The Jews here fund Obama, elect Obama and run the media to protect Obama. He’s their boy. Just like in the Roman Wars, the Jews hate themselves and attack each other more than the enemy. And so history will repeat.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      “The Jews” are responsible for all of this? Bye, bye, troll. Don’t let the virtual door hit you in the virtual tuches.

  • Angelo Merkel

    I am German and I love Israel. Germany is one of the best friends of Israel. We both share a common history as we suffered much because of the senseless war and the Nazis. 12 million innocent Germans were displaced, raped and shouted at after the war. They lost their homeland. Our cities were bombed (by the British and the Americans), there’s no excuse for these atrocities. And then the world strangeled our economy with all the reparations. Nobody helped us!
    The german people are a very peaceful and open-minded people. Recall the soccer world games in Germany in 2006! Everybody loved us.
    Remember that it was an AUSTRIAN (NOT GERMAN!) Herr Hitler who forced his fascist ideology upon us Germans. The German people didn’t want war, but they had no choice, as Poland (very aggressive then) attacked Germany (broadcast station Gleiwitz).
    I think first and formost, it was the German people who suffered most.
    But nevertheless we learned from it: War is never the answer!

    The Israeli people shouldn’t do to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to us Germans (and the Jewish people, too, who have always been our best friends). They should talk to the Palestinians and try to understand them. The narrative is very important. They should never question the Palestinian narrative, because it’s part of their identity. It would simply be racist and not correct to question it!

    I don’t believe the Iranian government is developing a nuclear bomb. President Rouhani, a dove (!), said so. Like Pres. Obama I think we should trust them. Iran never attack anyone in its history.

    Iran is simply frightened by the constant stream of threats by the belligerent Netanyahu regime. A nuclear attack on the people of Iran would kill MILLIONS of innocent Muslims. Just think about that before triggering WWIII. War is never the answer, and certainly not in the 21th century. Trust President Obama! He is a master negotiator and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. I think most of you secretly comply to the Obama strategy, because Dems and Reps want the same thing. But out of racist motives you don’t like him. Simple as that!
    Try to learn from our German history! We know what suffer is.

    • Atikva

      Another troll of the “Ayatolloh Khameni” kind. The post starts with a lie and continues with more ridiculous, sometimes hilarious, lies. Don’t you think we can recognize takya when we see it?

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      What ridiculous and transparent historic revisionism.
      The German people enthusiastically supported Hitler, including his volks nationalism and his obscene hatred of Jews — a hatred that was centuries old in Germany when the Germans elected him chancellor.
      In the words of Mad Mazagine, we learned after WWII was over that the German people did not like the foolish things their leaders had done, like losing the war.
      And it is nothing short of obscent even to suggest that Israel’s attempt to protect itself from the Arabs’ genocidal goals. It would be no trick to give you a long list of particulars why, but it would also be a waste of time.

    • mrbarry

      You are an imposter. No real German would ever state he or she is a real friend of Israel. Jews, no matter where they live are the Enemy to mankind and every goddamn good thing about humanity. The best thing that could ever happen is for the Jews of the world to move to Israel and then Nuke the shxit hole out of existence

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “The Israeli people shouldn’t do to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to us Germans (and the Jewish people, too, who have always been our best friends). They should talk to the Palestinians and try to understand them. The narrative is very important. They should never question the Palestinian narrative, because it’s part of their identity. It would simply be racist and not correct to question it!”

      Oh sure.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Is there anything substantial he hasn’t lied about?

  • T800

    Iran’s primary mode of nuclear attack on Israel remains IRBMs. it’s the method that has the least risks of being intercepted. Plus the shortest delivery time where the nuke would be at risk of destruction or capture,once out of Iran’s hands. Any airplane,boat,or vehicle has far greater chances of Israel intercepting it,and then Iran loses their costly,rare,and precious nuke. If Iran fired a barrage of IRBMs at Israel,with one of them containing a nuclear warhead,it’s likely to get through the missile defenses. I’m not sure if Israel can discriminate between nuke-tipped IRBMs and conventionally armed missiles,and they have only so many interceptor SAMs. In this scenario,Israel can also count on missiles fired from Lebanon’s Hezbollah and from Gaza.

  • USARetired

    The explanation is very simple, Obama is a ‘freak’n’ Muslim, now do you understand?!