Campus Brownshirts Rising

UM-brownshirtOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Jill Schneiderman is an unlikely warrior for Jewish rights. A professor of Earth sciences at Vassar College and a lesbian activist, Schneiderman’s political passions put her smack in the middle of the far-Left academic mainstream.

At least they did until she decided to organize a student trip to Israel to study water issues.

To get a sense of just how far to the Left Schneiderman is, when her initiative ran into trouble, she contacted fanatic anti-Israel activist Phillip Weiss to ask for his support.

Hers was not going to be a ZOA student mission to Israel.

Scheiderman needed help, because when the Vassar chapter of the anti-Semitic hate group, Students for Justice in Palestine, got wind of her initiative, their members began picketing her pre-trip seminar. They stood outside the classroom and pressured students to drop the class.

Spooked by this thuggish behavior, Schneiderman complained to the college’s administrators and sought redress for her students whose academic freedom and civil rights were being obstructed.

In response to her complaint, earlier this month the administration convened a meeting of the school’s Committee on Inclusion and Excellence.

Rather than take action against the thugs from the SJP, both the members of the committee and the audience quickly joined forces with them and doubled down on their assault against all even mildly pro-Israel voices on campus.

As Scheneiderman wrote on her blog, at the meeting she was “knocked off-center by a belligerent academic community dedicated to vilifying anyone who dares set foot in Israel.”

Weiss wrote of the meeting, “The spirit of that young progressive space was that Israel is a blot on civilization, and boycott is right and necessary.

If a student had gotten up and said, I love Israel, he or she would have been mocked and scorned into silence.”

Weiss is pleased with the air of intimidation. As he sees it, this is the whole point of the so called boycott, sanctions, and divestment movement that calls for institutions to boycott businesses that do business with Jews in Israel.

As Weiss explained, the real purpose of the BDS movement in all its component parts is to make it impossible to voice any sentiment in relation to the Middle East on college campuses that isn’t anti-Israel.

And the brownshirts at Vassar are from a unique phenomenon.

As Scheiderman and her students were being intimidated for daring to study about and plan travel to Israel, members of the University of Michigan’s student government voted to indefinitely suspend debate on a resolution submitted by an anti-Jewish campus group that called for the university to boycott and divest from companies that do business with the Jewish state.

The anti-Jewish goons behind the resolution hail from an organization that ironically refers to itself as SAFE, an acronym for Students Allied for Freedom and Equality. They responded to the student government’s decision with rage and violence.

They staged sit-ins at the student government, where they cursed Jewish members of the council, calling them “dirty Jew” and “kike.” According to The Washington Free Beacon, some students received death threats from the anti-Jewish activists.

According to the Free Beacon, rather than defend its students from these criminal assaults and protect their civil rights, university administrators forced the head of the student government to apologize to the aggressors from SAFE for voting to table the anti-Israel resolution. They also reportedly compelled the student government to hold an immediate vote on the measure.

As one Jewish leader told the Free Beacon ahead of the vote, “University administrators are allowing students to be bullied into taking an anti-Israel vote with a gun pointed to their heads.”

And he was not exaggerating. The anti-Jewish protesters are open in their embrace of violence.

In January, Yazan Kherallah, who serves as SAFE’s “divestment coordinator,” posted a photo of himself on his Facebook page. In the picture, titled, “It’s on,” Kherallah’s face is covered in a khafiyyeh and he is stabbing a pineapple.

Speaking to the Free Beacon, Kenneth Marcus, the former staff director for the US Civil Rights Commission who now heads the Louis D.

Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, explained that by not protecting its students from anti-Semitic harassment and threats of violence, the University of Michigan is exposing itself to civil litigation for civil rights violations and to federal investigation.

Marcus explained, “If the university allows a hostile environment to form without taking effective action, it could be liable for a civil lawsuit or federal investigation….If Jewish students are being called ‘kike’ and ‘dirty Jew’ and the university is not addressing it in a firm and effective way, the university may be liable under federal law.”

And this is really the point. As Weiss made clear, brownshirt tactics are the new norm for anti-Semitic activists on college campuses. Indeed, he said that the movement to silence pro-Israel voices on US college campuses is where the “progressive” movement is going these days.

This is not only a Jewish problem. If the rise of brownshirt tactics and anti-Semitism on US campuses goes on at its current pace, it will destroy higher education in the United States.

Anti-Semitism is predicated and can only survive and grow in an atmosphere in which reason is rejected. Brownshirt tactics are designed to replace reasoned discussion with intimidation and violence. And when violence and unreasoning hatred reign, there is no learning. Hence the threat to the entire university system.

Unfortunately, the administrators at too many universities do not seem to care.

The only instances where university administrators have taken action against anti-Semites on their campuses have been when outside forces compelled them to do so. And in all cases where action has been taken, administrators have done as little as possible.

These instances, and the steps that led up to them must become the basis for developing a general plan for stemming the rise of anti-Semitism on US campuses.

Two recent examples illustrate the general trajectory of successful action.

Last February, Brooklyn College held a BDS event that was co-sponsored by the college and Students for Justice in Palestine. Four Jewish students who attended the event were forcibly removed by campus police acting on orders from the event organizers, who identified the four as potential sources of pointed questions that the BDS advocates could not answer well.

Rather than defend the students, Brooklyn College’s administrators attacked them and endorsed SJP’s transparently false claim that the four — who had been sitting quietly — had been “disruptive.”

Three of the students turned to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and the Brandeis Center for Human Rights for legal assistance. And as a result of legal pressure, City University of New York, of which Brooklyn College is a part, conducted an investigation that found the students had been persecuted for their viewpoints, in violation of their civil rights. On March 10, Brooklyn College’s president issued a public apology to the four Jewish students. She also promised to institute new procedures to ensure that students’ civil rights are respected.

While no serious disciplinary action appears to have been taken against the SJP, the university police, or university administrators who violated the students’ civil rights, civil litigation against Brooklyn College is still pending.

Likewise, after allowing anti-Semitic intimidation of Jewish students at Northeastern University to go unhindered for years, the university administration finally suspended SJP’s campus affiliation for a year earlier this month.

As they have done on other campuses, including University of Michigan last December, SJP at Northeastern placed mock eviction notices under the dorm room doors of pro-Israel students across campus. They affixed anti-Semitic stickers to walls, doors, windows, and other free spaces all around campus (in violation of university rules), and they interrupted Jewish events and intimidated pro-Israel students.

Last summer the ZOA sent a letter to Northeastern president Joseph Aoun detailing incident after incident of anti-Semitic agitation and intimidation inside and outside classrooms. The letter mentioned that University of California Santa Cruz is currently under investigation by the federal government for its apparent violation of the civil rights of its Jewish students by enabling an anti-Semitic atmosphere to rein on campus.

It is likely that ZOA’s letter had a significant impact in compelling Northeastern’s administrators to finally take action after years of willfully ignoring entreaties from students for help and support.

With a gun pointed at their heads, on Tuesday night University of Michigan’s student government voted on the anti-Semitic resolution. Given the administration’s role in supporting the violent hoodlums from SAFE, the council members had no one but themselves to rely on to protect them.

And so, before voting on the resolution, the council decided that the vote on the resolution would be cast by secret ballots.

The resolution failed 25-9.

The members of the student government should be applauded for their moral and intellectual courage. Although no democracy can long survive without a citizenry capable of displaying such strength of convictions and basic decency, these characteristics are becoming all too rare on campuses. Indeed it is the rarity of such devotion to truth that makes the council members’ behavior so heartening.

But it is due to the rarity of such displays of moral courage that a campaign to defeat the rising tide of anti-Semitism on college campuses cannot rely on the moral and intellectual fortitude of students and on their willingness to stand up not only to the campus brownshirts, but to their enablers in the administrations.

The developments at Northeastern and Brooklyn College make clear that the only way to defeat the anti-Semites on campus is to go after the administrations that enable them. Only the threat of civil lawsuits, federal investigations of civil rights violations, and alumni threats to withhold gifts will force university administrations to take action against the anti-Semitic thugs that are instituting a reign of terror at university after university.

The lesson from Brooklyn College and Northeastern is that the pressure should be unrelenting.

In both cases, the steps the administrations took this month were the minimal steps they think they can get away with. They need to be forced to do more.

For instance, in the case of Brooklyn College, attorneys should push forward with lawsuits for civil damages for all four students for the college’s violation of their civil rights both at the BDS event itself, and in the administration’s subsequent demonization of the students in the media.

The pressure must similarly continue until the campus police who ejected the students from the event and the administrators who attacked them in the media are fired from their positions and SJP is permanently barred from operating on campus.

Similar demands should be made to Northeastern.

Only when universities are made to pay a painful price for their support for anti-Semitism will other university administrators think twice before they give free reign to Jew haters on their campus and so doom their institutions to moral and intellectual destruction.

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  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Part of the problem is that most American colleges are loaded; and the more cash they have, the more layers of bureaucrats they hire. Caroline Glick, as usual, is correct–unrelenting pressure on college administrators is probably the only way high levels of campus anti-Semitism can be reduced. But what would be Zev Jabotinsky’s reaction? Jewish self-defense groups, on and off campus. Both must be done.

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    It will only get worse. As the Leftist leaders foment more and more hatred they will finally reach some of their own who will go over the edge and commit the violence against the Jews that the Left wants. They do the same thing to Conservatives hoping that we will be the first to get violent but it is the Left that will act out first.


      We ignore Islamofascism at our peril.

      See Fort Hood and “major hasan” whose actions warned any normal, un PC-blinded person, of what was in store.

  • wileyvet

    Well it looks like a lot of tuition and university space is being wasted by lunatics who will never learn anything. How in God’s name can you claim to seek freedom and equality when you deny that right to others. They seem to think this is some enlightened intelligent view, when in fact it is the same ideology that led to the Jewish boycotts and ultimately Kristallnacht in 1938 Germany. Yet they would be the first to hurl the epithet N*ZI, at Israel or anyone that tries to shut them up. So they have adopted the true and proven fascism of The Third Reich; Deligitimize a nation and dehumanize its people. They do not understand, or choose not to see, that they are sowing the seeds of their own demise and loss of their own freedoms and equality, when they vilify and denigrate Israel and its citizens, for such an evil cause. Of course these simpletons must not realize that one million of Israel’s citizens are Arab. How does this improve their lives? The worlds humanity is inextricably linked with the Jewish State. It cannot be otherwise.

  • garyfouse

    Thanks to Ms Glick for putting together this picture of what has been happening around the country at these BDS votes. Add to that the dangerous situation that exists at San Francisco State University and this entire issue is now a powder keg.

    These pro-Palestinian brown shirts have created a hostile environment on campus for Jewish students. Worse yet are the adults (faculty) who indoctrinate them and egg them on and the other adults(administrators) who are afraid to stand up to the brown shirts.

    The day is coming when a Jewish student is killed on campus. Then what will everyone say?

    • nicky

      Not a lot. These rampant jew haters, hate jews because they can get away with it. Imagine if it was any other group being targeted.


        SOCIALISTS let sand nazis “get away with it”.

    • Drakken

      Well fight back goddamnit! Don’t sit there and be someone’s punching bag, you fight fire with napalm.

    • Lightbringer

      That the Jews had it coming? It’s always our fault.

  • garyfouse

    The use of the term brown shirts is spot on. That is exactly what these sjp-safe types are. We should all use that term when describing them. It is a term other people can all understand.

    • Lightbringer

      Well, it’s a term that every educated person, or person over the age of, say, 60, would understand. We can assume that most of these goons are under 60, and we can probably also assume that they are utterly uneducated, only credentialed.

  • spyeatte

    No one says resistance is easy, but it must be done no matter what. Only cowards practice Jew hatred, and resistance to these freaks is mandatory for a free and civilized society.

    • James Mayer

      And that would be the kind of civilised society which mutilates its children’s genitals, right?

      • MixMChess

        Since when was male circumcision, which doesn’t effect any sensations in the genitals and is medically proven to reduce the risk of STDs, penile cancer, and
        infant urinary tract infection, not civilized? I’ll assume your silence on female circumcision, which is actual mutilation and practiced by much of the Islamic world, is because you’re a shill for Islamic terrorists? Why else attack Jews and practices originating in Judaism?

      • republicc

        I was circumcised when I was eight days old, just like my forefather Isaac the son of Abraham. I am thankful that my parents did that in order to commemorate the covenant between God and the children of Israel. That covenant, when my ancestors chose God, is why I am entitled to God’s land, the land of Israel. The symbolic (but not real) pain at eight days symbolize the struggles that my people have gone through and continue to go through in the service of God.

        The Arabs, the descendants of Ishmael the son of Abraham, also circumcise their boy’s at the age of 13 years for the covenant that God made with Hagar. That covenant, which has been fulfilled, was outside the boundaries of Israel.

      • chelmer

        I converted to Judaism 30 years ago, and so have spent 30 years uncircumcised and another 30 circumcised. My personal experience is that in terms of sexual enjoyment and physical health, circumcision has zero negative impact. Zero, as in nada, zip, rien. Jewish males are doing just fine. And if polls are any indication, the appetite for the more intimate aspects of married life in Israel is very high indeed. They’re happy, lovely people, despite the daily challenges they face.

      • Drakken

        Pssst, dumbazz, the only ones doing the mutilating is the muslims.

  • laura r

    lawsuits w/cash awards in the millions for jews.

    • Drakken

      Warfare beats lawfare any day.

      • UCSPanther

        If they are stupid enough to play the game of violence, they need to be taught that violence begets violence, and what they get will be more than they can handle.

      • laura r

        $ is the weapon 1st & foremost. if a college is sued for several million, they will change their tune- fast.

        • Drakken

          Break a few legs and the message gets understood and is never forgotten.

          • laura r

            i dont know about that. they would arrested & jailed.

          • Drakken

            Think outside the box, where theee is a will, there is always a way.

          • laura r

            violence in self defence is fine. only for that.

    • aemoreira81

      Eleventh Amendment…


    This same Justice needs to be applied on the University of California Irvine, Berkeley and so on.

    ZERO TOLERANCE for Fascism (socialist or islamist).

  • Drakken

    If you want to put a stop to this bloody nonsense, make the BDS movement fear you. Make them pay for their muslim collaboration, one dumbazz at a time. You are not going to win this fight with dialogue, outreach and wishful thinking.

    • kevinstroup

      Drakken is one of the few commenters who “gets it”. If you do not want people messing with you, they must KNOW, with total certainty, that if they mess with you, they will go to the hospital or the morgue. Talking and rationalization is what cowards do. The totalitarians respect a ball bat across the bridge of the nose.

      • nagesha

        I agree. Drakken rocks!

    • MixMChess

      Right! We need a modern ‘Nakam’ group to take down these idiots. BDS’ers and Islamofascists are naturally cowards, and may feign “toughness” but they’ll fall down as soon as you push back hard enough. Look no further than the 6-day war.

      • Drakken

        Smack a few of them in the mouth, the others will get the message.

    • Lightbringer

      No. You would be playing right into their hands. History shows that the left, since its inauguration during the French Revolution, revels in violence, but that it projects its violent urges onto its more civilized opponents. All their talk about the gun-loving right-wing redneck Tea Party Americans is an example of this. And you can be sure that if any of these BDS bozos got his nose bloodied by an evil, violent, homicidal, genocidal Zionist, he or she would be a martyr to The Cause. Best to try different tactics, such as Alinsky-type ridicule.

      • Drakken

        Guess what? History always goes to the strong and is very brutal to the weak. Islamic jihadist and their leftist supporters are stopped only one way, by the sword.

        • Lightbringer

          When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, my father was still living in the little Appalachian coal town where he had been born. Even there, though, he knew that Jews were being killed in Europe, so he applied for a commission in the Navy because, he told me, “I figured I would die anyway, but at least this way I can take a few of those sons of bitches with me.” He survived to tell me the story years later, but I feel the same way as he did. For now, let’s try to discredit the useful idiots as best we can and save our ammunition — and our lives — for the Muzzies. I plan to take a few of those sons of bitches with me, too, should it be necessary.

  • G. Tod Slone

    Great article, Caroline! I especially liked this and will quote it because of the general possibility RE the heckler’s veto:

    “Brownshirt tactics are designed to replace reasoned discussion with intimidation and violence. And when violence and unreasoning hatred reign, there is no learning. Hence the threat to the entire university system. Unfortunately, the administrators at too many universities do not seem to care.”

    G. Tod Slone, PhD (universite de Nantes, FR),

    Editor (1998)

    American Dissident, a 501c3 Nonprofit Journal of Literature, Democracy, and Dissidence

    217 Commerce Rd.

    MA 02630

  • Josh Randall

    I LOVE ISRAEL! Screw the left and muslims.

    • BS77

      Yes…Israel is NOT the problem in the middle East….far from it. Israel is the most diverse, pluralistic and modern nation in the region. Screw the left. Most are brainwashed morons anyway.

  • SoCalMike

    BDS, the intersection of Marx and Mohammed, the newest front in the Red/Green alliance against Western Civ.


      SoCalMike AKBAR!

  • camlann

    Once again, proof that the Left does not reject hate, intolerance, racism, extremism, and so on; they reject white hate, intolerance, racism . . .

  • Marsha

    More fascism from the insane leftbots infesting the halls of academia:

  • M2000

    The Left and “Palestinian” groups should be banned from college campuses altogether. They create an environment of hate and bigotry.

    • PAthena

      The quotes around “Palestinian” are correct. The Arabs now called “Palestinians” are so because of the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda of the Soviet Union and Gamal Nasser, ruler of Egypt, who. in 1964 in Cairo, founded the “Palestine Liberation Organization” (P.L.O.) whose name shows its Soviet origin. This organization came to fame by the massacre of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, since when “Palestinian” has come to mean “enemies of the Jews and of Israel.”
      This is a perversion of the names “Palestina” and “Palestinian.” The name “Palestina” was given to Judea by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 A.D. after he had defeated the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. He wanted to eradicate all memory of Judea, and he outlawed Judaism, and renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina,” “Aelius” being his gens name.
      From then on “Palestine” was synonymous with “land of the Jews” and “Palestinian” with “Jew.” That is why Great Britain after World War I was awarded the “Palestine Mandate” to be “the homeland of the Jews.”

      • Lightbringer

        And that’s why the Palestinian Brigade of the British Army in World War II were every man jack of them Jews.

    • laura r

      you cant. the SA’s give millions to the colleges.

  • Zombee

    The leftist fascists administrators that are running higher academia, turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior on their campuses , because they too are Israel haters and Palestinian sympathizers. Why would you continue to pay tuition to attend an Institution like that?

  • The Facts

    Ms. Glick is really in no position to dictate what should take place at US universities. She already sold out to ethnic nationalism and became an Israeli.

    • Drakken

      If you side with the BDS movement and folks like this Weis azzhole, you are an enemy period, the day is coming where you on the left, who openly side with Islamic savages will pay the price for it.

      • The Facts

        What day, exactly?

        • Drakken

          Soon leftard, real soon.

          • The Facts

            That sounds like never. When were you referring to?

          • Drakken

            Look around you, do you honestly think that events can continue without bloodshed? All it will take to set the whole thing ablaze is one event and one person and the rest will be history.

          • The Facts

            I see. So you are backing off your threat then? Making it more generalized, more philosophical? Cha cha cha? It’s not you now, now it’s “events?” “One person?” Is this one person supposed to think out of the box and break people’s legs like you advised another commenter to do?

    • BS77

      Facts? You live in a fantasy land. Ms. Glick is one of the best writers and thinkers around. You make becoming an Israeli sound like a bad thing. You are an idiot.

    • Lennon’s on sale again

      Ethnic nationalism is what makes the world a beautiful, diverse and dynamic place, you utter nincompoop!!!! Your universal beige commie caliphate is not going to happen.

    • Habbgun

      Awww……factsie wactsie… still upset mommy threw out your Occupier bucket. Start a left white trash website with Mayer up above. You’ll be happier…..

  • herb benty

    Yazan Kherallah……ya, sure. Fanatical Muslim activists meeting the fertile ground of rich, white revolutionary wanabes. I’ve seen this same template in California universities. With the disgusting Weiss types and “administration” in between cheerleading. Israel is a very good country, with a lot of good people trying to survive, that’s all.

  • braddockgold

    The Federal Student Loan Program is designed specifically to nurture and support Left Wing ideology. The behavior of the administration like this one at Michigan shows it is working quite well.

  • andrewwhitehead

    Funny thing…Jews are less than 1% of the world’s population, but have contributed far, far more to the betterment of mankind (think math, medicine, cell phones, Windows software, etc.) than all Islamic countries on the planet combined.

    I can understand the Islamists being envious, but their outright, foaming at the mouth green-faced jealously is getting people killed. I can understand foreign students, raised on “hate the Jew” European/Middle Eastern rhetoric being anti-Semitic, but I always felt American kids were just a little smarter than their Jew hating brethren in Europe and the Middle East.

    Guess I was wrong…and how sad for us that we’ve raised a bunch of kids that are completely incapable of thinking for themselves.

    • Carlos_Perera

      The phenomenon of rising college campus anti-Semitism has very little to do with the “book smarts” of the college students–some of whom, grotesquely enough, are Jews–who practice it. It’s a psychological mass phenomenon, of the sort so effectively encapsulated by Orwell in _Animal Farm_ (the bleating sheep) and Ionesco in _Rhinoceros_ (where even the intelligent and aware narrator wants to be one at the end). The young, who so very much want to conform to their peer group, are especially susceptible. The failure of our side to mount a zealous, in-your-face opposition to the takeover of college campuses and other culture-molding institutions by the Left has encouraged the growth and spread of anti-Western animus (of which anti-Zionism is a subset) in these institutions.

  • Christopher Riddle

    What is happening ABSOLUTELY”MIRRORS”what Adolph and Ernst(Roehm)did in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s!Whoever is playing the part of Ernst Roehm had better”Watch His Back”!!Rermember “The Night Of The Long-Knives”?????

  • garyfouse

    Here is one thing we can do. Get online with the campus newspapers where these things are happening. Find the news or opinion write ups on them. Add your comments to the reader thread. Emphasize the brown shirt tactics. Keep in mind, however, that we are appealing to the non-committed college student who is reading it. Save the insults and inflammatory rhetoric. These students are looking for reasoned discourse and will react positively if we appeal to human rights and rejection of anti-semitism and brown shirt tactics.

  • CrossWinds

    Christians, Israel and Jews, will be hated more and more in these last days…….

    Revelation 12:17……..17 And the dragon (Satan) was angry at the woman (Israel) and declared war against the rest of her children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

  • Bill Pearlman

    Phil Weiss is only sorry that Hitler didn’t finish the job

  • Fred

    Watch the “Death Wish” series starring Charles Bronson and get some ideas on how to fight the brown shirts. Paul Kersey was a great character who got things done.

    • GinoMachiavelli

      We missed Paul , even when Death Wish 5 sucked a little…

    • laura r

      based upon the great bernie geotz.

  • GinoMachiavelli

    Liberal Jews sleeping in the bed their Liberal idiot parents made for them since 1965.

    And we were told that Liberal American Jews are “smart”… Another myth shattered. /s