Iran’s Bomb in the Basement

Iranian-nuclear-weaponOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

It is happening in slow motion, to be sure.

But we are witnessing how a nuclear armed Iran is changing the face of the Middle East.

For years, US leaders, including President Barack Obama, warned that a nuclear armed Iran would spark a regional arms race.

And this is happening.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens (a former Jerusalem Post editor in chief) noted this week, Turkey signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Japan that includes “a provision allowing Turkey to enrich uranium and extract polonium, a potential material for nuclear weapons.”

Saudi Arabia has long had a nuclear cooperation deal withPakistan, whose nuclear weapons program the Saudis financed.

Jordan and Egypt have both raised the prospect of developing nuclear programs.

And in 2007, Israel bombed a Syrian nuclear installation built for it by North Korea and paid for by Iran.

In his article, Stephens cited a recent report by the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board stating that the world is entering into “a new nuclear age” that, as we see is characterized by everyone, including non-state actors, seeking to develop and proliferating nuclear capabilities.

Iran’s nuclear status has opened the floodgates to this era of nuclear chaos.

Also in response to Iran’s nuclear progress, Gulf states and others are treating Iran with newfound deference. Kuwait,Qatar and Oman all seem to be breaking ranks with Saudi Arabia by expressing support and indeed obedience to Iran.

Shortly after word broke in late November that the US and its partners had reached an interim nuclear deal with Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammed Javad Zarif took a victory lap in Kuwait and Oman.

In his press conference with his Kuwaiti counterpart, Zarif said, “We believe that a new era has begun in ties between Iran and regional states which should turn into a new chapter of amicable relations through efforts by all regional countries.”

Zarif also visited Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In Beirut, he took on the role previously held by the US and France when he mediated between Hezbollah and the March 14 movement to form a new government.

The fact that Hezbollah has since reneged on its agreement to the deal doesn’t mean that Iran is weaker than it thought. Hezbollah is Iran’s proxy. Its refusal to join the government means that Iran is now demanding better terms than it previously accepted. Its new terms require total Hezbollah domination of the country.

As Michael Rubin reported in Commentary this week, the Iraqi Kurds, who have been US allies for decades, have now accepted Iranian mediation of their leadership crisis.

All of this newfound deference toward Iran owes entirely to Iran’s new nuclear status.

In Washington, the Obama administration placed the full weight and prestige of the White House on its campaign to derail a widely supported bill in Congress to install additional sanctions against Iran in six months if Iran fails to comply with its obligations in the interim Joint Plan of Action. Over the past week, due to administration pressure, the Senate buried the sanctions bill.

Far from feeling the need to protect its agreement with the mullocracy, it appears that the administration’s main goal in that campaign was to weaken and discredit AIPAC, which supported the sanctions bill.

As Lee Smith noted this week in Tablet, weakening the pro-Israel advocacy group has become one of the administration’s major second-term goals.

AIPAC was the target of the administration’s campaign rather than the sanctions themselves because the sanctions regime against Iran – painstakingly cobbled together over a decade – disintegrated last November. When word of the interim deal got out, the stampede of European businessmen to Tehranbegan.

This week’s delegation of a hundred French businessmen to Iran in search of deals that could bring as much as $20 billion into the country was just the latest demonstration that the entire debate about sanctions is an irrelevant sideshow.

Just as its leaders have always believed, Iran’s new nuclear status is its economic salvation.

Most observers are missing Iran’s rise to the stature of regional hegemon because the Iranian regime has yet to try out its new power against Israel. With Iran and its Syrian and Hezbollah proxies tied up in their jihads in Iraq and Syria, they haven’t yet been able to turn their guns on Israel. But when the fighting in those theaters abates, there can be little doubt that Israel will move to the top of their target list.

And as Jonathan Schanzer pointed out in Foreign Policy this week, the Middle East is being flooded with advanced weapons that erode Israel’s qualitative military edge over its adversaries.

Hezbollah and Hamas have 60,000 missiles in their arsenals – three times the number they possessed at the end of the 2006Second Lebanon War. And as Schanzer noted, these missiles are far more powerful and precise than the ones they fielded eight years ago. Hezbollah’s Yakhont missiles can strike naval vessels within 120 kilometers of Lebanon’s coast. Hamas has advanced anti-aircraft missiles that threaten the air force.

As for the air force, its fleet of F-15s and F-16s is already a decade old.

Syria, of course has retained more than 95 percent of its chemical weapons arsenal. And its forces are more battled hardened than ever before.

Iraq, now largely an Iranian satellite, is receiving advanced drones from the US. There is no reason to trust that those drones will not be shared with Iran and Hezbollah.

In his interview last month with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, President Hassan Rouhani stated unequivocally that contrary to claims by Obama administration officials, Iran will never “under any circumstances” destroy any of its centrifuges.

Zakaria said that means the negotiations for a final nuclear deal with Iran will end in “a train wreck,” since the sides’ conceptions of what was agreed to “look like they are miles apart.”

But Zakaria is wrong. The talks won’t end in a train wreck. Indeed, they may never end at all.

Catherine Ashton, the EU’ foreign policy chief, said Sunday that negotiations with Iran may well go on after their six-month deadline in July.

Moreover, whether the negotiations go on forever or end at a certain point, the result won’t be a train wreck. It will be Iran with a nuclear bomb or nuclear arsenal in its basement, waiting for a propitious moment to conduct a nuclear weapons test or attack.

Last spring, Rouhani gave a television interview explaining how he used his position as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator in 2003 to facilitate Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Rouhani boasted that they massively expanded uranium enrichment at Natanz, and constructed the nuclear reactor at Bushehr and the heavy water plant at Arak under the cover of the negotiations.

In testimony last month before the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that Iran has already reached the breakout point where it can assemble nuclear weapons at will. In his words, Iran’s “technical advancements strengthen our assessment that Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons.”

Obama and his advisers claim that the US has the intelligence capability to know if and when the Iranians move from breakout capacity to actual bomb making.

But as Stephens reported, the Defense Science Board report rejects that conclusion. According to the board, the US does not have the capability to know when a country moves from breakout capacity to an actual arsenal.

So given Rouhani’s previous subterfuge, there is every reason to assume that Iran is using its current negotiations to move from breakout capacity to a nuclear arsenal.

This state of affairs has grave implications for Israel.

Today it is no longer self-evident that Israel has the capacity to effectively strike Iran’s nuclear installations.

Through deed and word, the White House has made clear repeatedly that it prefers a nuclear- armed Iran to an Israeli strike to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

As it has done several times over the past six years, the Obama administration can be expected to continue to use the many means it has at its disposal to prevent Israel from launching such an attack.

Moreover, with each passing day Iran’s nuclear sites become more and more difficult to attack successfully. And Iran’s technological capabilities have vastly expanded over the past decade.

Today Iran can replace damaged or destroyed centrifuges much faster than it could in the past.

Iran’s ally North Korea has also expanded its nuclear capabilities and its arsenal. Pyongyang is ready and willing to sell Iran replacements for any nuclear components that might be destroyed in a military strike.

Finally, Iran recognizes the implications of growing European and US hostility toward the Jewish state. It knows that if Israel openly attacks Iran and sets back its nuclear weapons program, the EU and the US will punish Israel, and express sympathy with Iran, and so give the Iranians cover to rapidly rebuild any lost capabilities.

Iran’s achievement of breakout capacity and seemingly unfettered path to a bomb in the basement, and its consequent rise to the position of regional hegemony, is the greatest Israeli foreign policy failure since the 1993 Oslo Accord with the PLO.

Our leaders on the Right failed us. They were too weak to pay the diplomatic price for attacking Iran’s nuclear installations when Israel could have easily set the program back for a decade or more.

Our leaders on the Left failed us. Their messianic faith that America will protect us from Iran if we just surrender to Palestinian terrorists lulled us to sleep at the watch when we needed to be most vigilant.

Today, due to the administration’s full-bore assault on Israel’s right to defensible borders and to our historic heartland, we have devoted ourselves to a fruitless and irrelevant discussion of how much of our land and our security we need to give up to appease the Palestinians who will never, ever be appeased.

Our leaders continue to hope that a proper mix of concessions to the PLO will convince Obama to stand by his empty pledge to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Obama will do no such thing. Concessions to the Palestinians will weaken us militarily and politically. And they will give us no advantage over Iran. While it is important to deal with the administration’ hostile insistence on unreciprocated Israeli concessions to the PLO, we cannot ignore Iran.

Iran either has a bomb already or is about to get one. And, having been abandoned by the White House, we face this threat alone.

We must now, immediately and consistently, do whatever we can still do to diminish the Iranian threat.

Caroline Glick’s new book, 
The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East, is due out on March 4.

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  • Walter Sieruk

    This Obama “deal” with Iran is nothing but a sick joke and a hoax. For example at the site of Parchin where researchers are busy at work weaponizing enriching unranium. is outside of the inspectors reach limits. Furthermore, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Rogers, stated that this deal has “rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior” by Iran. He also said that by this deal “We may have just encouraged more violence in the future than we have stopped.” Also , Rep. Peter King said this deal is a “serious strategic mistake.” Moreover, at a lecture that I attended where the guest speaker who was in past times an Iranian citizen, a Muslim and a Hezbollah member but now a Christian and an American citizen was asked near the end of the lecture, during the question and answer part, “What about this new Obama deal with Iran ?” The speaker answered “It is a disaster. It’s a disaster for Israel, it’s a disaster for the Iranian people, it’s a disaster for America, it’s a disaster for the Middle East and a disaster for the world.”
    In short, the “deal” with Iran is a sick joke, a hoax and a disaster.

    • blert

      The open press accusations are soft-pedalling the situation.

      De facto, Barry is an ally of the fanatics. His ‘thinking’ is too involved for a blog post, but the bottom line is that he sees himself as Moses — and that he needs to take America down — and through the desert — to break its arrogance and sinful ways.

      He, the Wonder Child, is a gift to our age.

      (He knows, because his mother told him so.)

      Whereas the Shi’ites believe in the 12th…

      Barry believes in himself, the 1st. ( Sort of a pagan saint, if you will. )

      At a deeper level, he doubts himself; hence his Gonnabee personna.

      Be very afraid: Gonnabees are famed for bankrupting EVERY organization they’ve ever come to command. Size does not matter.

      (Gonnabee = Reactive Dependent personality type.

      Long in mass production.)

      We suffer them everywhere.

      Read: Wareham, Basic Business Types.

  • blert

    Caroline is incorrect that Israel is next on Tehran’s punch list.

    That status must surely belong to Saudi Arabia.

    It’s for the purpose of taking down the Wahhabists that the mullahs continue to support/ fund/ enable AQ.

    It’s their deep strike asset — and ESSENTIAL to assassinate key Saudis.

    Inserting this or that Shi’ite agent is just not going to work.

    Like Adolf and Josef, the mullahs are not averse to taking on the Big Project.

    • T800

      Iran’s first use of a nuclear bomb may not be over Israel,but the US,an EMP attack. An EMP attack on the US would set us back to 19th century living conditions we are NOT prepared for,and many millions would die from starvation and disease in the first year. It could mean the end of the US. Iran has been testing SCUD launches from containerships,with HIGH altitude detonations characteristic of an EMP attack,and not usable for attacks with conventional warheads . This type of attack is not needed for Israel,Iran’s IRBMs already can reach Israel. But with the US crippled or destroyed,Iran is free to do as they please,without any other Western nation able or willing to interfere with them.

      BTW,anyone hear of the April 2013 attack on a US power substation? it was kept pretty quiet. Fiber optic communication cables were cut and then the attackers shot up a large power transformer,destroying it,over 100 rounds into it. it took nearly a month to repair. Iran has been saying they have sleeper cells here in the US ready to strike CONUS targets. this could have been a test run.

      • blert

        The particular loads involved just happened to include critical NSA assets in the area.
        This attack did not succeed because the critical assets had ALREADY been hardened/ triple protected against power loss.
        Your tally is far off. MANY transformers were shot up.
        It baffled the opfor that their objective was not met: their target went on doing business the same old way.
        Google is also run the same way: it has redundancies, plenty of them.
        T800… it wasn’t kept quiet enough for Google and Bing.
        The MSM is another matter.
        The opfor is discovering that America is spending large to make all critical nodes redundant.
        The over-arching strategy is to let the ofor take the first shot… and then retaliate.

        Sort of like Pearl Harbor, no?

        • defcon 4

          An NBC attack might entail the death of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions while you sit on your hands waiting.

          • blert

            Explain that to Barry.
            He’s on record that America can (and should?) take another 9-11.
            We shouldn’t over react.

          • defcon 4

            Hopefully the islamic NBC attack will hit the District of Corruptistan.

        • A Z

          FDR ordered the Navy to send some junior officer on a hastily armed and commissioned schooner to see if he would get attacked by the Japanese. He had a few to several Filipino sailors and a very small deck gun ( a pea shooter).

          He was to trawl the waters between the Phillipines and Vietnam hoping to get hit.

          Our government at work

        • Drakken

          If you hit multiple sites that are supposed to be redundant, it will cause a overload. The strategy is to overload the system, so that the system basically overloads and then blows. The scary part is, it is not hard to do.

      • A Z
        • blert

          The destruction of each transformer instantly shows up back at PG&E’s switching and contrtol center. They can clock the damage to the second.
          The news was slowly rolled out because of national security concerns.
          No doubt some inspection has been done to find out how the sabotuers dialed into their target set. The first impulse is to assume it’s an inside job.
          BTW, that many rounds should’ve raised quite a racket.

          • A Z

            I figured every time equipment fails a message it sent via data cable or the quality of the output of a substation or whatever is interpreted.

          • Drakken

            They cut the com cables, hence no signal back to the main hub.

          • defcon 4

            HOw long will it be before muslimes are attacking synagogues or churches in the USA?

          • A Z

            I do not get the empty shell casing being left behind. they may not have finger prints but they may have DNA.

            Bullets on occasion fragment so much on impact that it is hard to tell their caliber. Leaving the Shell casing behind gives away information with or without DNA.

            It also allows police to ascertain where the sniper position was.

          • Drakken

            An AK round isn’t going to fragment that much if at all, as for the casings, if you wear gloves there will be no DNA nor fingerprints. To ascertain a snipers position you shoot a back azimuth and you will find it.

          • Drakken

            Not out in the middle of no where it doesn’t.

          • defcon 4

            I used to know a Soddy Barbarian who worked at PG&E.

    • A Z

      The more things change the more they remain the same

      >> Tehran as Alamut <<

      "It's their deep strike asset — and ESSENTIAL to assassinate key Saudis."

      Saudi Arabia will have a nuclear weapon around election time unless the Pakistanis stiff them, which they might because the Pakistanis and Iranians have string ties also.

    • defcon 4

      I sincerely doubt any muslime state is going to nuke the country that holds two of islam’s holeyiest sites. As far as islam’s “third” holiest site goes, I’m not so sure.

    • Drakken

      There are literally thousands of these jihadist living in our western and south American countries, they will do a lot of damage, but when everything is said and done, the folks tired of being targeted by bombs and jihadist opening fire in crowded places will give them the Serb Option.

      • defcon 4

        “Thousands”? Try tens of millions.

  • Walter Sieruk

    In any so called “negotiations” that Obama and other leaders of the West that engage in with the officials of Rouhani, Ayatollah Khamenie and the mullahs who have supreme power in Iran will result disaster , murderous action and mayhem. At best such talks will be just example of extreme futility. The is because those in power are religious fanatics and religious fanatics will not respond to reason. They will fake being interested in genuine talks. This is to get as much sanctions lifted as possible. This is not to as they claim “to make life more easy for the Iranian people” but that they in a more easy way gather the materials they need to construct W.M.D. . This is what they are really after, either by going nuclear or by any other way. For those Islamic dictators in power in Iran have their own kind of Islamic agenda about about going nuclear and they will do everything, including being disingenuous and using the skill to dissimulate to obtain their mad Islamic quest for W.M.D.. Some of the reasons that they want nuclear weapons is the in their religious delusion they have a belief in a coming Islamic messiah. Which call the Twelfth Imam or Mahdi. They have the Islamic belief that someday this Mahdi will come and then set the whole world “right” in an Islamic way. Nevertheless, first before this character comes thing in the Middle East and the world need to get worse and not better. That is where W.M.D. come in. Of course such an irrational, absurd mindset is very hard for most people of the West to understand since it’s based on Islamic religious fanaticism and not reason of logic. Yet such is the way of thinking with the Islamic fanatics who rule Iran in their blind and dangerous kind of Islamic faith as senseless and void of reason that faith may be. As Benjamin Franklin printed in POOR RICHARD’S ALMANACK “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” Furthermore, another “reason” the rulers Islamic rulers of Iran what nuclear weapons is that the hate the State of Israel, which they call the little Satan. They hate America which they call Great Satan.They also hate all the other countries of the West and all the non-Muslim people in them. Thus in any so call ‘talks of officials of theses Islamic dictators will speak the truth only when it happens to suite them. the rest of the time they will be lying and saying half- truths. To put this in another way, Thomas Jefferson had it right when he explained “An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.”

  • T800

    first the pro-Iran folk assert that Iran is only pursuing “peaceful nuclear power” and is in compliance with the NPT.
    Then they go from that disproven position to claiming the “negotiations” are going to insure that Iran can’t develop nuclear weapons.[lol]
    After that fails,they then claim that Iran has a “right” to enrichment and nuclear weapons,and that Iran only needs them for “self-defense” against the US-Israel.[more lol]
    Then they claim that Iran would never(and has never) attack the US.
    After that fails,they return to claim #1. then repeat the cycle over and over.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Question 5 of the Kerry Middle East Competency quiz:
    What do Twelver Shi’a belonging to the Hujetieh group believe in?


    Bernard Lewis about Hujetieh:
    There is one other point, which I think I will mention if you would allow me, and that is what I would call the apocalyptic aspect. In Islam, as in Judaism , as in Christianity, there is a scenario for the End of Time. When the final battle takes place between the forces of good and the forces of evil, of which for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike means between us and them, the us being differently defined and them being more or less the same. In the Muslim view, no, let me correct that, in the view of a certain section within the Iranian leadership, it is not by any means unanimous, that time is NOW. For a group called the Hujtieh whose main leader is Ahmadinejad, the apocalyptic time has come. The Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah is already here. The final battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil has already begun

    That is extremely important for another, not immediately related reason. That is the question of Iran’s nuclear weapon. The Soviet Union had nuclear weapons right through the Cold War, but neither side used them because both sides were aware that if either one did the other would do the same and this would lead to mutual destruction – MAD as it was known at the time. Mutual assured destruction was the main deterrent preventing the use of nuclear weapons by the Soviets For most of the Iranian leadership MAD would work as a deterrent, but for Ahmadinejad and his group with their apocalyptic mindset mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent, it’s an inducement and they believe that the End of Time has come, the final battles are already beginning and the sooner the better, so that the good can go and enjoy the delights of paradise and the divine brothel in the sky and the wicked, that means all of us here, will go to eternal damnation..

  • qp

    its all about OBAMA.
    can’t wait till there is NOBAMAMA.

    • defcon 4

      If he steps down in 2016. I smell the Reichstag smoldering, in the District of Corruptistan.

  • The Facts

    Ms. Glick writes: “Today, due to the administration’s full-bore assault on Israel’s right to defensible borders and to our historic heartland”

    Translation: I live in two countries and I hate the US President. He is my enemy because he opposes Israeli expansion and lobbying in the US. I am Jewish before I am American.

    • SoCalMike

      Change your name to Delusional Fiction.
      Caroline always gets it right.

      • The Facts

        You’re just talking from a perspective of job security.

        • reader

          And you are talking from a perspective of an anti-american marxist, which is exactly what the president is. He proclaimed his anti-americanism on national tv, no less.

          • The Facts

            Ms. Glick would have written the article like this no matter who the President was.

          • reader

            But since you are an anti-american president supporter, why should your opinion about Ms. Glick matter? In fact, your hostility to her is a sign of Ms Glick being good for the United States.

          • The Facts

            What are we even talking about? Some Stalinist at FPM deleted the original comment.

        • defcon 4

          I find it strange that “Israeli expansion” gets your knickers in a twist but islam0nazi imperialism doesn’t even cause you mild dyspepsia.

    • Hass

      Not even sh*t for brains mate.

    • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

      Oh look! Another slave of Obama.

      As for dual-loyalty, you seem to forget you yanks have a presence in Haifa & Dimona, surely you wouldn’t want to lose that over Russian and Chinese candidates?

      • The Facts

        Do your best. Good luck with that. Go get yourself a bunch of Chinese help. Enjoy the quality of the parts they give you.

        • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

          And your effeminate US troops can relocate in Latakia & Tartus, oh wait…Russia’s there already. Fat chance. Maybe cesspools like Egypt or Lebanon will be more suiting to your needs?

        • defcon 4

          Yes, because the Communists are just as much enemies of a SOA as anyone else.

  • SoCalMike

    Obama, Hillary and the American Left are Jew hating dirt bags.
    Far too many American Jews actually loathe themselves as well as the Jewish state. With allies and friends like these, who needs enemies and traitors??

    • defcon 4

      I used to know an Israeli commando, he once told me: “American Jews are incredibly naive”.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Caroline’s analysis is excellent, as usual.

    I would add something which is implicit in her remarks, but which should, I think, be made explicit – not that it will do any good…

    We are well past the march into the Rhineland.

    We are past the so-called “Munich” sell-out.

    It is mid – August, 1939, the die is cast, and the outline of coming events is more pronounced every day.

    It is already too late to stop this next, terrible conflict, which will set the Middle East, Europe, and perhaps America herself on fire.

  • One man

    We are likely drifting toward a multifront war. The two major theaters being the far east and the Mideast. Do you think that North Korea and Iran are not somehow coordinating their efforts? This in conjunction with our porous borders and lax immigration system, and continuing leftist degradation of our culture and national self esteem leads to grave danger for the continuation of the United States as the traditional beacon of reason, economic freedom, and moral clarity.

    • defcon 4

      If the regime of N. Korea were to do anything to upset China’s apple cart that regime would be finished in a hot minute. China pulls the strings in Pyongyang. China’s military would roll up N. Korea like a dirty, musty old carpet, at which point N. Korea’s military would surrender or turn on their government in Pyongyang.

  • dougjmiller

    Caroline, thank you for ringing the alarm bell. However, nobody seems to be listening. Hopefully this extremely dangerous story will have a happy ending. But it won’t be because to the UN, the EU or the Obama regime who refuse to help. It almost seems like the UN, the EU and the Obama regime are helping the mullahs controlling Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

  • BagLady

    Like you say, businesses are keen to get into Iran and ‘deal’. Does this not sound like a much better solution to the animosity that exists between our nations?

    • Americanish


      Step 1 We trade

      Step 2 People like you ensure that the military is starved of funds while people like Herr H-tler continue to ramp up military production, testing prototypes and wargaming. Would you have defunded the Chain Home? Some of the allied victory came about due to the pre-War Air Races. They led to the development of faster, more reliable aircraft. That is more survivable during war time as well.

      Step 3 Then when it is too late propose re-armament.

      There are more than a few generals and other people who could have won the war for the N-A-Z-Is. So I consider wining WW2 a near run thing.

      Now we are at the repeat stage of rinse and repeat. The kids at Hezbollah have armbands that look remarkably similar to N-A-Z-I armbands. Yet you see nothing.

      You do a lot of reading. How is your military science/ Military history bookshelf?

    • defcon 4

      If you have so much love and respect for the islamic “republic” of iranistan why don’t you move there?

      • BagLady

        Silly answer

      • Notalibfool

        Because she is a hypocrite.

    • Drakken

      You really are into the wishful thinking that kill millions more than necessary aren’t you?

      • reader

        I found a perfect impression of this genius of a “chick” – she is easily recognizable here:

      • BagLady

        Sorry but Iran has never been responsible for killing millions. In fact, looking at their history over the last century, they seem to have been constantly targeted simply because of their geographic position.

        • reader

          Yes, yes, the mullahs are victims here, as well as cop killers, IRS officials, Eric Holder, Obama, Arafat, Osama Bin Laden, etc, etc. Let me know if I miss any of them that lack recognition as constantly – and unfairly you might add – targeted.

          • BagLady

            You still haven’t given any hard evidence of the millions they have killed. Only requesting facts and if you can’t provide them then you are whatsernaming into the wind.

            The mullahs talk the talk but it’s all bluster. When did they ever walk the walk? Would they have the backing of the people if they tried?

            Would you have me listen to Netanyahu? My dear, the man insults my intelligence.

      • BagLady

        Not understanding.. Please name the millions.

  • A Z

    Catherine Ashton, Baroness Ashton/ B.S. in sociology, is the EU chief negotiator?

    The EU Bureaucracy is eff’d.

  • apophis

    Of one thing I am sure, Obama with his all star team of Kerry, McCain, Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, and leared Boehner, they have a plan that will keep us strong and secure. Obama is the greatest president to ever rule America and he will be strong in the face of terror. Love him, worship him, adore him as he deserves.

  • The Facts
  • The Facts

    Does he let you in on the animal sacrifices?,7340,L-3869671,00.html