Israel, Hamas and Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama-Abbas-NetanyahuOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

When US President Barack Obama phoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday night, in the middle of a security cabinet meeting, he ended any remaining doubt regarding his policy toward Israel and Hamas.

Obama called Netanyahu while the premier was conferring with his senior ministers about how to proceed in Gaza. Some ministers counseled that Israel should continue to limit our forces to specific pinpoint operations aimed at destroying the tunnels of death that Hamas has dug throughout Gaza and into Israeli territory.

Others argued that the only way to truly destroy the tunnels, and keep them destroyed, is for Israel to retake control over the Gaza Strip.

No ministers were recommending that Israel end its operations in Gaza completely. The longer our soldiers fight, the more we learn about the vast dimensions of the Hamas’s terror arsenal, and about the Muslim Brotherhood group’s plans and strategy for using it to destabilize, demoralize and ultimately destroy Israeli society.

The IDF’s discovery of Hamas’s Rosh Hashana plot was the last straw for any Israeli leftists still harboring fantasies about picking up our marbles and going home. Hamas’s plan to use its tunnels to send hundreds of terrorists into multiple Israeli border communities simultaneously and carry out a massacre of unprecedented scope, replete with the abduction of hostages to Gaza, was the rude awakening the Left had avoided since it pushed for Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza.

In other words, in their discussion Sunday night, Netanyahu and his ministers were without illusions about the gravity of the situation and the imperative of winning – however defined.

But then the telephone rang. And Obama told Netanyahu that Israel must lose. He wants an unconditional “humanitarian” cease-fire that will lead to a permanent one.

And he wants it now.

And by the way, the eventual terms of that cease-fire must include opening Hamas-controlled Gaza’s borders with Egypt and Israel and ending Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza coast. That is, the cease-fire must allow Hamas to rebuild its arsenal of death and destruction quickly, with US political and financial support.

Until Obama made the call, there was lingering doubt among some Israelis regarding his intentions. Some thought that US Secretary of State John Kerry might have been acting of his own accord last Friday night when he tried to force Israel to accept Hamas’s cease-fire terms.

But then Obama made his phone call. And all doubts were dispelled.

Kerry is just a loyal steward of Obama’s foreign policy.

Obama is siding with Hamas, and its Muslim Brotherhood patrons in Qatar and Turkey, against Israel, and its Sunni Arab supporters – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

It is Obama who demands that Hamas have open borders so it can resupply, and receive billions of dollars – starting with an immediate cash injection of $47 million from US taxpayers – so it can pay North Korea for more missiles and import building materials to reconstruct its tunnels.

The fact that the US’s current preference for genocidal, Jew-hating jihadists over the only liberal, pro-American, stable US ally in the Middle East is a White House position, rather than that of a rogue Secretary of State was actually exposed even before Obama’s phone call.

Sunday CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. She asked him what the administration thinks Israel can do to prevent civilians from being killed in Gaza beyond what it is already doing. Rhodes replied, “I think you can always do more.”

In other words, Rhodes said that no matter what precautions Israel takes to try to minimize Palestinian civilian deaths in Gaza, the administration will never be satisfied. The White House will never acknowledge that Israel is in the right, or that it is fighting a moral war against a barbaric foe. And since the administration will never be satisfied, Israel can expect to be condemned by various UN bodies, including the Security Council, because no matter what it does to try to earn the support of the administration, it will never receive such support.

The discovery that the Obama administration is entirely in Hamas’s corner hit all of Israel hard. But it hit the Left the hardest. Few on the Right, which recognized Obama’s hostility from the outset of his presidency, were surprised.

As for political leaders, the government cannot risk giving the administration justification for its anti-Israel policies, so senior ministers have all said nothing.

Consequently, the harshest criticisms of the administration’s pro-Hamas position were heard from quarters where rarely a peep of criticism for Obama has been heard.

The Israeli Left went ballistic.

Haaretz, the far-left broadsheet that has seldom taken issue with even the harshest rejections of Israel’s rights, went bananas after its reporter Barak Ravid received the details of Kerry’s cease-fire agreement. As Ravid put it, Kerry’s document, “might as well have been penned by Khaled Mashaal. It was everything Hamas could have hoped for.”

Ravid continued, “What Kerry’s draft spells for the internal Palestinian political arena is even direr: It crowns Hamas and issues Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with a death warrant.”

And that is really the crux of the issue. The crowd at Haaretz is far more wedded to the PLO and Mahmoud Abbas than it is to the government of Israel. And the administration’s support for Hamas exposed the PLO as an irrelevance.

As the paper’s Amos Harel wrote the next day, Kerry’s pro-Hamas behavior convinced the Egyptians and other actors that the administration is “continuing its secret love affairs with the Muslim Brotherhood in the region.”

The Left understands that the administration’s behavior has destroyed it.

Leftists can no longer say that Israeli territorial withdrawals will win it international support.

They can no longer say that Israel will receive US support if it places the security of Palestinian civilians above the security of its own civilians and military forces.

They can no longer say that the PLO is the answer.

The Israeli Left has been Obama’s ace in the hole since he first ran for office, fresh from the pews in Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic church. They were the grease in the wheels that legitimized the administration’s anti-Israel pressure group J Street. They were the ones who could be counted on to tell the US media and the American Jews that Netanyahu is to blame for Obama’s hostility.

Yet, rather than backtrack, and try to save the Israeli Left, the administration doubled down on Monday, releasing a series of statements condemning the Israeli media’s condemnations of Kerry’s pro-Hamas position.

By Monday afternoon, the administration went so far as to say that by criticizing Kerry, Israel’s media were endangering their country’s alliance with the US.

In other words, through his actions, Obama demonstrated that his “love affairs with the Muslim Brotherhood in the region,” are so central to his foreign policy calculations that he is willing to destroy the Israeli Left in order to strengthen the Brotherhood.

And this leads us to the larger point about Obama’s foreign policy, which his Sunday night telephone call to Netanyahu revealed. As rattled as Israelis are over Obama’s decision to support Hamas against Israel, Netanyahu made clear in his remarks Monday night that Israel has no choice but to keep fighting until we defeat this barbaric enemy.

Netanyahu didn’t mention Obama, but it was obvious that he was respectfully refusing to hand Israel’s head on a platter to Hamas’s friend in the White House.

And while it is hard for Israel to ignore Obama, it is impossible for Americans to ignore him. He runs their foreign policy.

Americans are the ones who need to be most alarmed by what Obama’s actions on behalf of Hamas reveal about the general direction of American Middle East policy under his leadership.

For the past five years, Americans from all quarters have concluded that the manifold failures of Obama’s Middle East policies – from Iraq to Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and beyond – owe to a combination of Obama’s personal disinterest in foreign affairs and his presumed preference for withdrawal and isolationism over engagement.

Obama himself has often encouraged this perception with his endless golf games and his talk about fighting “the war at home.”

Obama’s open, public engagement in Hamas’s war against Israel shows that the popular assessment is wrong.

Obama is as involved in the Middle East as all of his immediate predecessors were. He is personally leading US policy on every front. Kerry is not an independent actor.

The problem is that in every war, in every conflict and in every contest of wills that has occurred in the Middle East since Obama took office, he has sided with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, against America’s allies.

Under Obama, America has switched sides.

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  • Hank Rearden

    As usual, Caroline Glick is right.

    Obama has been for the Muslim Brotherhood since the absurdly named “Arab Spring” since he helped kill Qadaffi, who was the lesser of evils, and since he helped Morsi.

    If it is bad for the United States, Obama is for it. Except that it goes beyond the US of A. It goes to Western Civilization. Dinesh D’Souza nailed it: Obama is a third-worlder. He thinks Western Civilization succeeded by theft rather than achievement because he cannot bring himself to acknowledge its superiority. If Western Civilization is superior, what does that mean for the dreams of his father? They were nightmares. So he pretends not to notice that Islam is a pagan death cult at war with the decent world in fight to the death.

    Obama thinks he will be able to change the channel when he wants to. He has always been able to do that before. That is how he got to where he is. What, me worry?

    • Armond

      so…Native Americans lost the Americas…because Western Civilization was superior…in military might…honed by 100’s of years of fighting for land and power

      and Mongolian Civilization was so superior…in military might…that they swept across all China…Russia…India…and Eastern Europe…right up to the doors of Vienna

      and the Ottoman Empire…so superior in civilized culture…took what they wanted…and crushed all resistance…through their achievements…in exercising their military power

      and when King Leopold of Belgium was awarded the Congo…as his personal property…with the mission to enlighten the savages of his superior culture and achievement…he killed 10 million…to prove his resolve…to expand his brand of western civilization…under his superior might…and to demonstrate his achievement…on how to make money for him and his investors

      so when we speak of civilization and achievement…when I take your land…and make it my own…I prove I am superior…by stomping you into the ground…and that right there…is my achievement

      the world is no longer flat…and I think most people in the world…would take a different view…when told that superior civilization and achievement…is just another word…for military conquest

      • Webb


      • Drakken

        As it has always been, as it is today, as it will always be, to the Victors go the spoils. So yes, Western Civilization is vastly superior to anything there ever has been, your welcome. Whinny little bitches like you don’t make the rules, the Victors does.

        • Armond

          so said Pol Pot…right after he killed…2 to 3 million Cambodians…to celebrate his victory

          and so said King Leopold…when told of 10 million dead in the Congo

          and so said Stalin…on the death of 20 million Russians and their neighbors…as he imposed his civilization…as the victor always does

          and so said many kings and queens and princes…as they slaughter millions across Europe…learning to be civilized

          but then again they are so vastly superior…to the victor goes the right…to kill anyone in their way…and to later say…it was their right…because they were…superior

          • Judahlevi

            The original poster said nothing about ‘might making right.’ You need to read it again.

            And if you wish to argue that all civilizations are equal or that the only quality of any civilization is military strength, go ahead and make that argument. Spare us the pity party.

          • Armond

            “as it will always be, to the Victors go the spoils. So yes, Western Civilization is vastly superior to anything there ever has been, your welcome. Whinny little bitches like you don’t make the rules, the Victors does.”
            oh my bad…he certainly didn’t say…”might making right”
            and that was exactly my point…just because you are the victor…does not make you right
            but then again I fail to read…must be because I hold a different view…pity on me…for even thinking…that freedom applies…to both you and me…and not just those who agree with you

          • Judahlevi

            You do fail to read. I said the “original poster.” Go back again and read the origin of this thread.

            And you may want to quit trying to be ‘clever.’ You are not.

          • Drakken

            The reason you are give the ability to think different and just use your feelings instead of fact, logic and common sense is because better folks that you could ever be make it so. So whine away like the little bitch you are because the real world is a cold, cruel harsh place that has no place for your sensitive feelings and it doesn’t care.

          • PAthena

            What is this all about? Western civilization, stemming from the Greeks and Romans, has been superior to all others, except perhaps the Chinese. About the United States in particular: what other country has given aid, not only to its Allies but also to defeated enemies to rebuild – the Marshall Plan.

          • Armond

            and your point is…that because they are superior…then everything they do…is ok
            because they do good things…what is a few bad things along the way
            so when you are civilized…you only can do good…and if anyone happens to suffer…well that there…is just the price of civilization

          • Drakken

            Our Civilization thrives and survives because we are willing to do whatever it takes to make it so, if little puzzys like you had their way, you would hand us off to our enemies as to not hurt their poor precious feelings.

          • Drakken

            What I do enjoy is the simple fact that weak, ineffectual, self loathing, self hating, little communists like you always end up in mass graves because you refuse to believe that there is evil in the world and you and others of your leftist ilk will be consumed by it.
            In case you didn’t notice because your being a little whinny bitch, Western Civilization has given you everything you enjoy today, from planes, trains and automobiles to electricity and the latest and greatest technology to make your life that much more easier and more pampered than ever. The problem with all these nice things is that they make us feckless and weak to folks who have no compunction about taking those things and our lives from us if given a chance, so your going to have to excuse me as I don’t give a rat’s azz about your moral equivalency to the bloody 3rd world when there isn’t any. If our harshness over the centuries gives you a case of the vapors and hurts your self esteem because it hurt your poor precious feelings, go see a self esteem councilor who will be more than happy to take your money to make you feel all better, and make sure you put a COEXIST sticker on your environmentally friendly prius, I am absolutely sure that will make things all well and good in the world, otherwise put your man pants on and man the fu** up puzzy.

  • Anamah

    David article and this one from Caroline are very good.
    But for the second time today I lost my comment…simply it disappeared.
    Thank you to both of you!

  • gerry

    S..t,who would have thought that soemine whose mentor is Jeremy Wright,could have been against Israel?Quite a surprises for the dumbasses,particularly the left strain of it.

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Houston, we have a problem – the US president sides with Hamas against Israel!

    The alternative reality out of a Robert Harris novel has become our only true reality. There is no more doubt – the US President sides with an organization whose Charter calls for the killing of Jews.

    Article 7 of the Hamas Charter:

    The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

    What now? Will Congress just sit there and do nothing and watch as the Obama administration goes against the very values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution?

    It is just too shocking. It will take time to understand the magnitude of the disaster that has struck the US and Israel. Especially when you see senators and congressmen continuing their usual everyday routine, going about their usual partisan concerns, like mesmerized, oblivious to the fact that a 8 magnitude Richter scale earthquake has just hit.

    • Armond

      on no…I think you claim you see rapture

      and we wonder why…our founding fathers thought it so important…to separate church from state

      least we think it is ok…to stone women for being raped

      and all this time…thought the beast in the book…referred to the Koch brothers

      • Drakken

        Well dumbazz, I would highly suggest you read the Bill of Rights for it is freedom of religion not from religion.
        The muslims stone women to death for adultery, not any other religions moron.
        Better talk about your hero Soro’s before you go running your suck about the Koch Brothers.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        There’s only one religion that stones women to death for being raped.

        • Armond

          and…that is the point…the force of religion…their beliefs…can today…seem twisted…and full of hate
          while one today appears to be…almost so extreme…as to be even godless
          remember…like only yesterday…when being black…in some beliefs…meant you were marked with sin…and deemed to be…subhuman
          when religion is used to justify…denying basic human rights…is it not the same…as stoning someone…for
          choosing…to be a victim

  • SoCalMike

    Obama and the US State Department switched sides years ago but the only one saying it is a single Israeli journalist.
    Rubio, Perry, Paul and Boehner are quiet little lap dogs too cowed to really fight.
    Like the vast majority of Republicans they are afraid they might mess up their hair.

    • Gee

      The US State Department has never switched sides. They opposed the San Remo Treaty 1920, they opposed the Mandate for Palestine 1922, they opposed the independence of Israel 1948. They insisted that the US embargo the State of Israel 1948 and keep it until 1962.

      Exactly when did that switch take place?

      • Webb

        Excellent catch. When people don’t support you in your War of Independence, that means they want you dead dead dead.

  • Gee

    I do notice a pattern that Odumba has – just like the Arabs everything that is wrong is somebody else’s fault.

    He constantly blames everybody else for the consequences of his actions. He personally destroys the relationship with Israel and then blames the Israeli media for it.

    He is just as bad as the Arabs that he protects

    • Armond

      I know that’s a shame…you tell a friend he is too drunk to drive…he turns on you…treating you like you are the devil’s seed…he takes the keys to drive anyway…crashing and killing a child along the way…now to him and his family and friends…you are at fault…for failing to look out for your dear friend
      your failure to see any truth…exposes you to be no better…than the arabs you blame…for all your problems

      • Drakken

        Your convoluted logic really is a sight to see. Need a tissue with your little whine and cry session?

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          When defending islam, obfuscation, fallacies of argumentation and mendacity are all they have.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    As Gee puts it, America has always worked against Israel’s interests, now it’s just more out in the open. So what are we going to do, we need to be PROACTIVE. And we are not, that is Israel is not. Where are the contingencies here? Closer military ties to China, our ability to manufacture our own weapons and spare parts, and the like. Oh wait we were just going along with the Russian roulette of hoping that America would never have an extreme Jew-hate president, despite having a fair number in the past, and having a culture of anti-Semitism (like all former European and British colonies). Like somebody eating cheeseburgers every day and getting fat and then outraged when his doctor tells him he is at risk of diabetes and heart disease. What to expect? So we need to put radical plans in place, re contingencies for our military and economic needs (we are already making closer ties to the East as far as Israeli business is concerned, more needs to be done and pronto). A scandal that this wasn’t done DECADES ago. Is Glick willing to acknowledge, even grudgingly, that Feiglin was right all along?

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    gerry that’s it. Exactly. OMG a radical Leftist who attended a Jew-hating church sides with Hamas. I’m shocked shocked I tell you. So this should have been foreseen six years ago, when this anti-Semite became president. The Israeli Left have no excuse, their love affair with the PLO and the jihadist Abbas is symptomatic of abnormal personality disorders at play.

    • William

      |Actually, Obama is very pro-Israel. And very close with the Jews., He hosts Seder dinner each year at the WH.
      He was also a Shabot Goy.

      • reader

        Don’t try so hard, William. Everybody got it that you’re an imbecile not long past seeing your avatar for the first time.

        • William

          Call me names if you like, Obama is still very pro-Israel.

          • reader

            I called you William, William. I also informed you that you’re an imbecile. Did you ever test your IQ?

          • William

            I have been tested yes. Let’s just say I am below 140, and above 135.

          • reader

            Not bad, if it’s true. So, you must dislike the Jews so much that you’re playing an imbecile. I don’t know if it’s any better. Get lost. Our trolls are usually more interesting.

          • William

            I have nothing against Jews, but I do have a beef with stupidity and ignorance. And what could be more ignorant than a right winged Jew?

            Just look at this article, suggesting that Obama secretly sides with Muslim terrorists. Might as well call him an illegal alien from Kenya. loL!

          • reader

            “And what could be more ignorant than a right winged Jew?”

            William, someone who writes like that cannot possibly have an IQ above 100.

          • kasandra

            Let’s see. After the kidnap-murder of 3 Israeli teens, and numerous rocket and mortar attacks on Israel, aimed at Israeli civilians, and the tunneling into Israel from Gaza only about 25 percent of Democrats think that Israel was justified in an armed response. And you wonder why a Jew would be a Republican?

          • kasandra

            This was responding to “William.” For some reason it says I was responding to “reader.” Just wanted to clear that up.

          • Brooklyn Farmer

            Nancy Pelosi labeled Hamas a humanitarian organization while being interviewed on CNN by Candy Crawley. Now Dems want to bind resupply of Iron Dome with immigration. Reform.

          • ricpic

            In Williamworld an angel just got its winged.

          • Rick

            I wouldn’t put much stock in William’s IQ, after all I read that Joe Biden’s IQ is 146 and I don’t recall him being accused of having an abundance of smarts.

          • reader

            You must have read the transcript of Biden’s rant about his IQ. He also lied about his other credentials and his employment history.

          • Rick

            Ah yes! I recall many years ago that Joe told a reporter he was second in his class at Law School. As I recall, it turned out he was technically correct, he was second from last.

          • ricpic

            Hey, a brilliant fool.

          • Drakken

            And still a communist POS.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            It that your weight or your IQ?

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            I think your rose colored glasses are too thick to be useful.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Don’t take the brown acid man. It’s no good.

      • kasandra

        He’s not pro-Israel. He likes certain left wing Jews (why, he even plays golf with Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast/NBC-Universal) and accepts loads of campaign cash from wealthy Hollywood and Seattle left wing Jews. (But that isn’t the same as liking Israel. The question is, are you looking at his words or his actions?

        • William

          Listen to what he says about Israel. Go look up his speeches before AIPAC on youtube. Obama is probably the most pro-Israel POTUS ever.

          • kasandra

            Sure he is. Sure he is. That’s why he has an approval rating in Israel in single digits. They must just be sooooooooo stupid.

          • Drakken

            I really want what your smoking, anyone who is paying attention knows that is a complete bloody lie and your a effing liar!

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            He must have gotten some of that bad LSD that was going around in the 60’s.

          • rebaaron

            What he says? Don’t you get it? He’s lying. He lies about everything. If only the US media would realize he is not one of them, a leftist. He is a Jihadist. He wants to destroy the US utterly. He wants a caliphate with nuclear weapons.

        • reader

          Don’t feed it, please.

      • Webb

        Nice talking points. Designed to appeal to old liberal Jews who might be starting to see through his empty words and gestures. You are a great prostitute William. You definitely have the face for it. The grin of an Obama towel boy.

      • Brooklyn Farmer

        1. Obama’s longtime association with the anti-Semitic Jeremiah Wright.

        2. Obama’s ties to Rashid Khalidi and the the Arab American Action Network.

        3. Candidate Obama publicly criticizes Israel’s conservative Likud Party.

        4. Candidate Obama’s reluctance to publicly refer to terrorism against Israel.

        5. President-elect Obama chooses the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group to recite a prayer during his January 2009 inauguration.

        6. Obama’s ties to the International Crisis Group, and their implications for Israel. (President Obama has long had a high regard for the political acumen of Robert Malley, Mideast Director of the International Crisis Group (ICG). Over the years, Malley has penned numerous articles and op-eds condemning Israel, exonerating Palestinians,).

        7. Obama appoints a DHS official with ties to Islamic extremists. In April 2009, President Obama appointed Los Angeles deputy mayor Arif Alikhan as assistant secretary for policy development at the Department of Homeland Security. Two weeks before he received this appointment, Alikhan (who once called the jihadist terror group Hezbollah a “liberation movement”) had participated in a fundraiser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which, like ISNA, is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        8. Obama appoints a pro-Sharia adviser. Obama appointed Dalia Mogahed — a pro-Sharia Muslim — as his chief adviser on Islamic affairs.

        9. Obama urges Jewish leaders to put “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel. President Obama hosted American Jewish leaders at the White House and informed them that he sought to put “daylight” between America and Israel.

        10. $400 Million in aid for Palestinians. In an effort to contain the political fallout from the Mavi Marmara incident (see above), in June 2010 President Obama offered to send an extra $400 million in “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (This was to be above and beyond the $600+ million in aid which the U.S. was already sending to the Palestinian Authority each year.).

        11. Obama chooses not to make public reference to terrorism directed against Israel. In early September 2011, the Obama administration issued talking points for the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In those talking points, the administration referred to terrorism’s many victims around the world, “whether in New York or Nairobi, Bali or Belfast, Mumbai or Manila, or Lahore or London.” Conspicuously absent from the President’s remarks was any mention of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Sderot, which had been hit by Islamist terrorists innumerable times.

        12. Obama is caught on live microphone, blasting Israeli PM Netanyahu.

        13. Obama excludes Israel from counterterrorism group.

        14. Obama Administration Says Palestinians Do Not Need to Commit to Recognizing Israel’s Legitimate Existence.

        15. The Obama Administration Recognizes the Palestinians’ New “Unity Government” Uniting Fatah and Hamas.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Please don’t judge the POSUS by facts.

  • kasandra

    Excellent column. Unfortunately, apparently unlike the Israeli left, the American left is divorced from objective reality and has been propagandized into believing that the PA and Hamas are the good guys. In dealing with even moderately left people here it is as if, in the scene in Star Wars at Mos Isley where Obi-wan tells the Imperial Troopers “These are not the droids you are looking for,” you come up to the troopers and say “No, these are the droids you’re looking for.
    Here are photographs and their serial numbers and they have signs on
    their backs saying “We are the droids you’re looking for.” Our even moderate leftists would simply say, “You’re just anti-droid hater, a droidist. You’re stupid. You’re insane. You’re angry. We’re better and smarter than you you are. They are too not the droids they’re looking for.” They just aren’t swayed by objective reality such as laid out in your column and so I despair of their ability to accurately assess the situation as you have so clearly presented it.

    • ricpic

      I respectfully disagree. The reason leftists (including Jewish leftists) side with the murderous thugs of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran etc. who leftists KNOW are murderous thugs is simple: Jew hatred.

      • kasandra

        Being Jewish, it’s hard for me to believe that these Jews hate me for that reason. I think they’re stupid, naive, want to feel that they’re in with the in crowd, and like the support system that tells them that, by being leftists, they’re smarter and more caring than those evil Republicans. But I just have a hard time believing they actually hate their co-religionists because they are co-religionists. But I could be wrong. I know one of the major reasons I left my synagogue was because I couldn’t stand that the rabbi and congregants were all a bunch of Democrats and equated being for the Democrat Party with being Jewish.

        • Jason_Thompson

          Politics IS religion to the left: it trumps any religious connectivity they conveniently claim to have. So it’s as easy for them to be Judaeophobic as it is for someone born in Kabul.

        • Webb

          They hate you for being proud of being a Jew. I’m not a Jew but I started serving as a volunteer in the IDF in 2003, and have served 7 times. As an outsider looking in, this is what I see. Also the young wonderful Jewish soldiers I serve with and love with all my heart, they can’t conceive of the world — even all of the other young people in the world — hating them simply for being Jews. Think about it — to accept that level of irrational hatred would crush the life out of your spirit if you did not believe that you personally were chosen by G-d as a member of his eternal people. I serve in the IDF precisely because so that when the young soldiers ask me why I’m there — and they most certainly do ask me — I can tell them what I’ve written above in the hope that they will accept their place in G-d.

  • William

    Uh, that phone call story was debunked.

    Some people will fall for anything I guess.

    • Ah’Nukem Jihadi

      Yes, I’m sure you’ll believe anything the Obama administration puts out.

  • William

    It’s interesting to see the names of people who write for this site.. Glick.. Horowitz… people obsessed with Obama. Obviously a bunch of right winger self-loathing Jews.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Mr Ayers, I think you need to examine your own motives first. After all, it’s not new or interesting for you to scream for another holocaust. There’s been millions before you and there will always be millions after you’re gone. But somehow no matter how hard you and yours root for it, we’re still here and no one worries, remembers or cares about this week’s Jew-Hate de Jour.

    • Ah’Nukem Jihadi

      Real Jews Love Obama – is that your bumper sticker? Sometimes it’s even easier to steal a flag than to wave one.

      • William

        I doubt that most American Jews even support Obama. But the Democrats have owned the Jewish vote since the 70s and that is why they voted for him in majority.

    • Drakken

      I can’t believe your still breathing, a traitor like you should have been hanged a long time ago.

  • Cornelius

    Supporting Israel simply isn’t worth it. The war on terror could have been won in a day if weould have closed the borders, imposed nation-based travel bans, and renounced our patronage of Israel who has been way more trouble than it’s worth. At least Mexico, Ghana, and all the other welfare parasite nations don’t try to control the politics of their benefactors.

    • Drakken

      Shortbus, if Israel goes, Europe and the US are next, it is a simple choice, support western civilization against islam or fall to them for hiding behind the border isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    • Webb

      CornHolie — you have groaned, farted, and died. You must revive your pitiful self and grow a spine. “Could have been if” is your motto. Any old woman in an Israeli nursing home is more of a man than you. Israel would have nuked 13 Islamic cities in October of 1973 had your government not begged them not to. That would have concluded this war on terror.

      • Cornelius

        Sorry webby, but it’s not our fight. If old ladies in Israeli nursing homes want to fight the world’s 1.5 billion muslims then that’s their business, not mine or any other Americans.

        • rebaaron

          Fool. They are coming for America. Israel is frustrating their effort. Without Israel, they would be in Greece right now.

          • Cornelius

            So what if they’re coming for America, the only reason they ever get in because of the PC-multicultural bullsh!t that keeps our borders, harbors, and airports open to semites of every variety. A closed society is the answer, not endless wars on behalf of other nations and abstract ideals like freedom that mean nothing to BOTH our enemies and most idiots in Western society.

          • Webb

            Ah, Holie, your pie in the sky must be particularly delicious in order for you to keep eating of it and letting the crumbs drivel out the sides of your ignorant mouth. You are lucky — cowardice is ‘in’ now and you have many friends to wring wrists with. But like all cowards, you will eventually cry for someone else to save you. Who will that be?

        • Webb

          Holie, old boy, WWI, WWII, Korea — those weren’t our fights either — but guess what? Sad thing is that your skin is already in the game and you don’t even know it. “You should admit your situation. There would be more dignity in it.” ~Anton Chigurh
          I can only hope that no one is relying on you to have a spine, because when the time to fight comes, you will be useless to them.

  • camp7

    This phone call should be a “red flag” warning to all the citizens of Israel and the United States. Not so much in content, most informed people realize Obama is an anomaly of a national leader. But more in context, the conditions and the environment of conveyance.

    Obama’s demand for a cease fire and open borders via a (phone call) which totally jeopardizes the security and survival of Israel not only questions his judgement but more his mental stability. It’s the kind of behavior one might expect from Kim Jong-un, a political tantrum demonstrated by someone obsessed with their authority.

    This guy is dangerous, very dangerous. He’s getting more desperate by the day to reshape society at the expense of displaying any tolerance for anyone or thing that challenges his psychosis. It’s going to get worse in America. Israel, stay prepared.

    • truebearing

      I have been saying the same thing. Obama is in a perpetual rage over his falling popularity, which to a malignant narcissist like him, is cause to get revenge in a sadistic, destructive way.

      He is also the point man for the Soros controlled coup. The Soros funded Open Society Institute is where the idea for overwhelming America with illiterate illegal aliens came from. Obama and Soros want to weaken the US to the point it cedes sovereignty to the UN. The coup is reaching a critical point, which is stressing Obama to the maximum.

      My suspicion is that Obama is trying to force enough turmoil to justify declaring martial law. Doing so puts patriotic Americans outside the law, making us the enemies of the state. That is how he sees whites, Jews, Christians, capitalists, conservatives, vets, and anyone who is patriotic. That is how he has always seen us. He wants to declare us outlaws, inverting the truth that it is the Left and his fellow co-conspirators who are the outlaws. This is exactly what he has done with foreign policy. Israel was our friend and ally. Now he is casting them as the enemy of HIS friend, Hamas. Remember, a malignant narcissist believes he is entitled to everything. He identifies with Islam, therefore all Muslims are his friends. They are part of his identity. Israel is the enemy to his friends, therefore an enemy of his. Israel’s refusal to let him make their decisions is seen through Obama’s warped mind as a grave and eminently punishable insult. Obama is evil.

      You are absolutely correct about him being dangerous, and becoming more dangerous every day.

      • camp7

        I totally agree with your assessment. Soros, who turned against his own people during WWII lives with the same resentment that Obama developed for America due to his twisted upbringing and chosen lifestyle as an adult. What better candidate for Soros than a Marxist homosexual stoner, antagonistic toward traditional American values that he never really owned other than the dysmorphic circumstance of entitlement. The perfect candidate for the destruction of a culture based on Constitutional philosophy and sovereign principle.

        Resentment leads to hate, hate to destruction, and destruction being the consequential karma (what you sow shall you reap) indication, not only for the nefarious such as Soros and Obama, but the dysfunctional generation that tolerated their evil. Despots will become more desperate when they realize they can’t control independent human will and reason. People that exercise these traits will be targeted for not following the planned bourgeois global agenda. Israel is experiencing this at an international level.

        The Islam card is a paradox the feckless community organizer is playing to somehow further his cause when in fact it is self-destructive due to its own inherent evil and suicidal tendencies. The invasion of illegal immigrants as a schemed democratic voting block further eccentrics the problem and will ultimately result in collateral damage to our society.

        Humans possess the knowledge and capacity to live so much better.

        As for now, it will be a matter of survival for those strong enough to meet the storm with fortitude and determination.

        “Storm clouds form to dim the light
        that shines from fire high.
        Roll of thunder follows,
        what part of this am I?

        The darken mass grows overcast,
        shades ground of freedom’s toil.
        Wind grows strong with right that’s wronged,
        bend trees in justice soil.

        Lightening strikes, spark caused flight,
        from founding woods of wisdom.
        Burst of rain falls hard to pain,
        flows country’s pride to chasm.

        Battles fought by those in path
        of smoke and heat it cast.
        Wash to follow fire’s bath
        blown to new the past.

        Alas, the light does show,
        on damaged ground we know.
        What fire, wind and rain have done,
        and what of truth will grow?”

        • Armond

          and in the bible…saw his picture…he is the anti-Christ
          oh my bad…it could have been…the angel Gabriel

          which will make my point…which will get me what I want…my deepest desire…which will work for me…should I call him…anti-Christ or the angel Gabriel

          witch…heretic…demon…other…yes we rally to the cause…of you against me…the winner always right…the loser always wrong..
          and like a witch…your feet bound and weighted…we simply see if you can swim…and when you fail…guilty as sin

          just the way…God so intended

          • camp7

            We develop meanings and beliefs based on our reasoning skills and judgement all through life. Is finite existence on this rock simply the accumulation of relative concepts or are there pre-existing universal absolutes? Or perhaps the evolution of relativity is the ultimate manifestation of the absolute.

            So what is your reasoning to belief anything? Science, objectivism, humanitarianism, populism, spiritual faith or just plain instinct?

            As humans we make judgement calls to persevere. I don’t think it would be presumptuous to say (most) people worldwide believe we’re all in this together and need to accept a fundamental measure of tolerance for each other’s freedoms. Do you think jihadism, the premise of Islam, will ever be tolerant of infidels that don’t submit to their beliefs? If you do, then my judgement tells me you are very naive.

            Israel is fighting a real war against jihad, not territorial boundaries per say. We have a president that supports Islam at the expense of US and Israel security. Yes, I am harsh with my criticisms toward him and his proglodyte policies because he is dangerous. And I don’t believe God intended that, it’s more a malfunction of free will.

          • Armond

            Camp…Israel is fighting both…while believing they are only fighting one
            Palestinians are fighting for one at the deepest fundamental level…but have been coopted by others with a far uglier agenda…and they have grown to embrace the other
            so if we are ever able…to satisfy the issues of boundaries
            then human hatred expressed to simply being Jewish…will be exposed for all the world to see…as the man behind the curtain of hate…won’t have boundaries to hide behind…and his words will then mean…exactly what he says

          • truebearing

            Nonsense. Boundaries have never meant anything to Muslims. They don’t recognize their evil as evil. If every time muslims want to destroy a country, we first capitulate to their demands for part of someone’s territory so that we can identify their hate, there won’t be anyone left to stop them.

            We already know of their hate. Your suggestion accomplishes nothing but wasting time.

          • Armond

            the boundary changes in Israel/Palestine…since 1948…have added territory to Israel…and not to Palestine

          • camp7

            So you say, Palestinians need a homeland. If peaceful residents of the existing Palestinian state separate themselves from the “other with a far uglier agenda” they invite the probability of survival.

            Israel is resolute despite the propensity of current opinion. They will destroy their enemies to protect their country. The growth and acceptance of a Palestinian state would more advance under Israel governance as compared to the tyrannical violence of primitive jihad. Make your choice.

            The “man behind the curtain” is the proverbial fear and ignorance of human nature. Words already mean what they say. History tells us that assimilation and generational dynamics exceed the outcome of annihilation. What will Palestine become, lost borders or found ideas?

          • Armond

            claims have been made…that the notion of expelling the Palestinians…was an early component of Zionism

            citing Herzl’s diary from 1895 which states “we shall endeavour to expel the poor population across the border unnoticed — the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”

            In 1938, Mahatma Gandhi rejected Zionism, saying that the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine is a religious act and therefore must not be performed by force.
            He wrote, “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French.
            It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs … Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home …
            They can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill of the Arabs. They should seek to convert the Arab heart.”

          • truebearing

            “the loser always wrong..”

            That would be you.

          • Armond

            thank you for the truth…we now live in a world without crime

            because now when your wallet is stolen…you are the loser

            and as you so stated…always wrong

      • Armond

        so aren’t you glad that we have the right to guns…if we don’t like our government…we can declare war…before they can even stoop to consider…declaring martial law
        but given that in world poll after world poll…the US is the ONLY country…that gives Israel a positive rating…might give you pause to consider
        why in polls of the 4 most poorly viewed countries in the world…the losers are:
        Iran…negative 59%
        Pakistan…negative 56%
        North Korea…negative 55%
        Israel…negative 54%
        so lets see…the puts Obama in agreement with over 90% of the world
        but since it is all Arabs…the English…the French…the Germans…the Italians…the Chinese…the Japanese…the Australians…the Brazilians…the Canadians…must be also hiding their true identities…just like their fellow traveler…Barrack Hussein Obama

        • American Patriot

          You mean the British, unless you’re willing to assume that the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish have separate countries when they are not. Remind me where is the English embassy in Cardiff or the Welsh embassy in Edinburgh? There aren’t any because they are all part of the country called the United Kingdom (or Britain).

          • Armond

            and America…is everything…from Canada to Argentina

            unless you stylize to mean only North America…then Canada, the USA and Mexico

            so why are you so patriotic…over Venezuela and Cuba

        • truebearing

          No other country, or people, gets the combined negative propaganda that Israel and the Jews are deluged with. There are many countries with terrible human rights records, but no one cares because they are inconsequential. Shouldn’t Syria poll worse than Israel, or China, or South Akrica, or Zimbabwe, or Mexico, or or or?

          Cite the polls. I’d like to see your sources.

          Obama isn’t the president of the world, but his antagonism to this country has made him popular with our enemies, and the enemies of Israel. Take a good look at the rest of the world and witness the mess that itis and has been forever. The United States has always had a more moral world view…until the curse of Obama.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I hope you’re wrong on this, but considering Benghazi, the IRS persecutions…

    • Armond

      I know…Ronald Reagan displayed the same issues…when he made his call to Begin in August 1982 to say…”Stop this bombing”

  • Walter Sieruk

    First,as for Israel and Hamas. The Islamic terror group Hamas is not only guilty of murdering Israeli citizens Hamas is also responsible for the death of many Arabs. Furthermore, Hamas has in its history of have murdered seventeen Americans and also wounding over Hundred Americans.[1] Second, Hamas is guilty of starting this was this is now going in with Israel .What sane nation would not seek to protect its citizens from deadly rockets attacks and other murderous actions done by an enemy. Even though Hamas is guilty of starting this war, Obama has some blood guilt on his hands for supporting Hamas in different ways. For example. in 2011 Obama sent twenty three million in funds of support to Hamas from the American taxpayers pockets.[2] Shame on him !

    [1]Source-ACTFORAMERICA.ORG information from the National Conference 2010, disc
    [2] Source- Liberty Counsel Action/ its disc

    • Armond

      according to Haaretz…America has given Israel $235 Billion in aid since 1948

      but you worry about $23 million in humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza…which is about the size of the annual budget for my small town of 35,000…which doesn’t count the additional support we receive…from our county, state and federal governments

      seems…you are worried about pennies…as billions in gold…leave out the backdoor…without your single notice

      • Brooklyn Farmer

        As soon as a Palestinian terrorist commits an act of terrorism against an innocent civilian in Israel — whether that’s cutting the throat of a child or stabbing a man standing at a bus or blowing up a building that man does that, he goes on a special salary from the Palestinian Authority, under Palestinian law — a law known as the Law of the Prisoner. The more Israelis killed, the bigger the financial reward. He gets a graduated salary depending on how heinous the crime is. If he kills five people and gets five years, he gets one salary. If he kills double that number and gets double the sentence, he gets double the salary. And so this actually incentivies the misery, mayhem, and carnage that the terrorists commit. There’s an entire ministry, called the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, that actually oversees the distribution of this money and there is its counterpart in the civilian sector known as the Prisoner’s Club,” Black explained. Now this money constitutes some of the best salaries in the Palestinian Authority. You can literally go from poverty to wealth in the Palestinian Authority by committing an act of terrorism.

      • Webb

        Does it not occur to you that America has given so much aid to Israel precisely because it also gives aid to those who can live on pennies per month while aspiring to be suicide bombers? America has a reason for helping Israel and regarding it as a good bargain, and I advise that you acquaint yourself with that reason. It would behoove you to bone up.

        • Armond

          and America is right to give aid to Israel…but with that aid will also come advise

          and like Reagan…Obama has suggested there might be a different way…than the way used…since 1948

          seems the old ways are not working…or do we have to say…Northern Ireland…or Sri Lanka

          where both sides…have something right to say…and both are wrong…in all their righteously earned…harden hate

          • fst1

            There you go again with your infantile comparison to justify Obama’s anti Israel stance. And no leftist comparison would be complete with out throwing in the word hate.

          • Armond

            I know…you throw so many insults…starting to think…that you just might be arab

          • fst1

            Lol Starting to think ? You don’t know how to think ! You are a joke.A parity of every obfuscating liberal I have ever debated .

          • Armond

            there is no debate…as that would take you having a valid position…to defend…and that my fst1…is no joke

            but then…I liberally bewilder you…by not agreeing to your position

          • fst1

            Hey Armond How much is the DNC paying you to bring up Reagan’s name in every post

          • Armond

            do I have to be a democratic first…because I could use a nice cushy gig in my retirement

            but think maybe I might be better as a republican…since you have said…I live in the land of delusion

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Do you get paid…to troll…by…the…character?

          • Armond

            never knew what trolling was…let alone to get paid…so as a thoughtful person…googled to see…if something had changed in the world since 1948…

            “Trolling is a art. From full-fledged flame wars to intentional spelling and grammatical errors.”

            “Trolling has become a part of everyday life designed to invoke a scathing emotional response from someone half the word away.”

            “Trolling is all about deliberately, cleverly and secretly pissing people off using dialogue.”

            “That doesn’t mean making rude remarks…shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling…but it is about subtly confusing a person and pushing them past their breaking point…by playing on emotions with perfectly timed insults…and off-beat comments.”

            But I know I am not a troll…because FST1 says…clearly I am not funny

            Maybe if I ever do…might do better…getting paid by the…………………………………………………..period

          • tickletik

            advice … is not … the same thing … as orders … and America … gives … far more … collectively … to our … enemies .. than she does … to us … it is not … about … right .. or wrong … it is about … what … is in … her practical … interests …. mostly ….

            Reagan … Obama … I … don’t … really … care … I … and … the rest … of … the Jews … who feel … like breathing … will do … what we … have to … to make sure … that we … can continue … breathing … without … being … interrupted …

            where both sides … have somethign … to say …. does not mean … that talk … is worth … anything … while they … are lobbing … missiles … at us … also … most … of what … they have to … say … involves .. this:


            For the … record … I dont … hate … arabs … neither .. do … any … of my friends … in … Israel … I just hate .. delusional … lying … creeps … who convince us … to do … things .. that will cause … us … to be … in … perpetual … war… like … you

          • Webb

            Excellent job of sticking it right back up his dumbass.

          • Armond

            maybe I am gay…and swing that way
            or maybe I am black…and use to arrogant bullies trying to screw me…all the while telling me…it is because I am a savage subhuman
            or I might be a chicken…from the Autobiography of A Sun Chief…with sharp teeth…right where you think…you can stick and dominate me
            but then we know from medical research…that rape is just another way…of a man in rage…expressing his need for power
            and as every rapist knows…it is the victim who made him do it…it is the victim…who is the criminal

          • Armond

            and you are right…but being right is not always enough

            being right will not end this as a continual issue…with major impact on the Israeli and Palestinian people…and an annoyance to the rest of the world

            what will always remain at the core…is the original British plan to divide Palestine…which the overwhelming population of the area did not support…even if they where Arab…they still had the right to express their opinion…which was then dismissed and ignored

            until that fact is addressed to the acceptance of all…there is no likely peaceful way of going forward

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            LOL. Hilarious.

      • tickletik

        23 … million … in humanitarian … aid … given … to a … homicidal … regime … whose express … goal … is to murder … every .. jew … on the … planet …. will probably … end up … purchasing … lots of … concrete … for bunkers … medical supplies … for fighters … and bullets … for murder…

        seems … you are … full of … crap .. please … consider … using … a knife … to slash … your wrists … lengthwise … thus ending … your irritating … existance….

        thank … you ….

        • Armond

          is that what is at your core…my thoughts not like yours…in reply you wish me nothing but death…and you don’t see that…as being remotely off-kilter

          you don’t see that hardened mentality as being in issue that hinders any thought of peace and acceptance…on both sides

          should I put on blinders…and see it only the way you choose…or climb over the wall…into the Gaza Ghetto…and see it only the way they chose to see the world

          or should I see the deep anger…that both Israelis and Palestinians share…much which has little to do with each other…but which still intrudes as part of the pained emotions…that hinder all chance of peaceful solution

          • Drakken

            The only peace there is peace through Victory, sorry Sparky but debating with the muslims like asking them which weapon they will use to kill you with.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        How do you know the “humanitarian aid” to Gaza isn’t going to buy more rockets and mortar rounds to fire into Israel? Let’s face it killing Jews or ranting and raving about killing Jews is practically their national pastime.

        • Armond

          we know it is going to primarily to buy more rockets to fire at Israel…but complaining is not going to solve the problem

          and Israel has every right to address this threat…and in the way of their choosing…even if this means the deaths of some on both sides…who are innocent

          but this formula will be never ending…until the total inhalation of one or the other

          so how do we get to a more humane solution…were the rights of both are equally respected

          and if you say they have no rights…that right there is the first problem…and the only obstacle for the world to deal with

          and if they say the same…they must be addressed the same

          that each sides right…only comes…hand-and-hand…with the others

          • Drakken

            Your utter stupidity on how the real world works is amazing in it’s complete naivety.

        • Armond

          American humanitarian aide…is most always tied with strings…aide for wheat…is paid in wheat…aide for medical supplies…paid in medical supplies…all purchased in America…and manufactured by American companies…delivered on American flagged transport ships…creating financial benefit to the American peole
          now does that mean they can then use their own money now…for weapons…absolutely
          but the same goes for Israel
          but if I believe one is pure…the other evil
          then I have the history of religion…in all its’ destructive glory

          • Drakken

            There is no moral equivalence between Western Civilization and the savages of the arab world. Your either with the muslims or you are with the west, there is no longer room for the middle ground, one way or another it comes down to them or us.

  • sydchaden

    The only surprise is that anyone is surprised at this. Obama has clearly been a Muslim Brotherhood advocate, as has Hillary Clinton. And so, Obama’s position concerning Israel is the Muslim Brotherhood position. When Obama assured Israel that “he has Israel’s back”, he really was referring to the knife in his hand.

    • Armond

      are you in a state that just legalized marijuana

      Obama is just attempting to take a more realistic view…on how to end this problem…that he did not create

      but then again the same old same old…seems to have been working great since 1948

      but maybe you will find a way to blame Obama for that fact also

      • Drakken

        Let Israel finally wipe them out and call it a day,then you will have peace, for without Victory there cannot be peace.

      • fst1

        No he’s not He is taking a leftist view and that view always sees weak vs strong and never right vs wrong, On top of that he and Kerry are negotiating in public.They are not only making Israels position untenable they look like complete fools while they are doing it.

        • Armond

          it is called…transparency…something that has been missing in this discussion…all along
          dating to 1917…when the Zionist(as they were called)…the Arabs….and Palestinians…were all lied to by the European powers…trying to subdivide the Ottoman Empire…while maintaining control of the areas natural resources
          and not weak vs. strong…but rather right/wrong vs. right/wrong…and why is it…that some people are afraid…of speaking and considering all issues
          maybe because…not anyone will get it…100% their way

          • Drakken

            Yup, Israel right the muslim arabs wrong, there, all better for you to understand now.

          • truebearing

            If the Arabs were lied to, it wasn’t by the Jews, so why are the Arab Muslims obsessed with detroying Israel? Is it because they think in non sequiturs, or is it driven by envy and a religion rooted in hate and evil? Hint: it is all of the above.

          • Armond

            History clearly shows…both groups were lied to by the English

            Palestinian interest…were undersold by other Arabs…who were focused on the creation of their own nations at the time (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Transjordan, Lebanon and Egypt)

            And maybe Arab Muslims and Palestinians are obsessed with Israel…as Israel was imposed on them…by a Europe trying to address…their own anti-Semitism

            And as to that slippery slope red herring fallacy…it is more likely to be…a religion rooted in hate and evil…who again crucified who…oh my bad…this isn’t about religion

            for if it is…that is the core problem…since day one…no matter who the British lied to…in their non seguiturist ways

      • truebearing

        No, he didn’t create the problem, muslims did, but he is supporting the Muslims so he is now part of the problem. He is also a traitor to the United States since Muslims plan to destroy this country, too.

        • Armond

          if you can’t see both sides…that is what will destroy America…our failure to see the real truth…because we close one eye…and see only left or right…rather than the bigger picture of reality

          • Drakken

            There is only one side and that is western Civilization which Israel is part of, your little pali muslim savages are not and have no equivalency to us of the west.

          • Armond

            if Israel is part of western civilization…and Gaza is closer to Italy…and Turkey and Lebanon are closer to Greece…and Egypt is ancient…but after Alexander’s conquest…part of Western Civilization

            fact all the Middle East…including Afghanistan and Pakistan…under Alexander’s western civilizations rule
            and then there where the Romans…all over the Middle East and North Africa…but then maybe Western Civilization…just does not travels so well

            and of course we know the exchange culture…was all a one way street

            but then genetic science…shows that Greeks…Southern Italians…and Macedonians…are all more closely related to Turks…Middle Eastern people…including Jews…than they are to the rest of Europe

            so maybe Western Civilization…includes far more than you wish to know

            but if truly Israel is in the center of the mix…why not Palestine and Lebanon…the Jewish genetic brothers

            or does that…make western civilization…too dark for you

          • truebearing

            I see both sides and one is lying…the one Obama is always on.

            I noticed you think history only goes back to 1948. Typical Muslim, trying to ignore thousands of years of relevant history.

          • Armond

            what relevant history pray tell…would like to know if you mean…all things including the big bang

            or are we talking…back to the date of God’s first promise…to the Jewish people

            for if we are…should we not be concerned…about the
            natives of the Americas…demanding that all illegal immigrants…pack up and go home

            and what of Black Americans…does that open the door…for criminal and civil suits for damages…against the Federal and State governments…for the sanctioned infringement and denial of their civil rights…from 1867 to at least 1964…following the passage of the 14th amendment…

            or as most Americans today agree…Black Americans should just get over it…and take the blame…for their current lot in life

            so when do we start our correction of history…seems the people of the Congo…might have a strong case to address with Belgium….for the destruction brought on the Congolese people…by Belgium’s ownership of their country

      • tickletik

        Marijuana … does not … impair … someones ability … to reason. Speaking … garbage … and nonsense … without regard … to history … and cause … and effect … and lying to people … is what … causes .. people … to think … poorly…

        Your … “realistic” view … is just as … insane … as the nonsense … that got us … into …. this mess…. 20 years ago … with the … lunatic … peace process … that we all … predicted … would lead … to war.

        So … if you are … unahppy … with how we are dealing … with this problem … that you leftists … created …. please … pretty please … go to the nearest … balcony … and jump off.

        thank … you ….

        • Armond

          no…in 1917…it was predicted there would be a war
          but then I created this mess…and all this time…was thinking it was Barrack Hussein Obama
          but then I don’t agree with you…so certainly…and clearly…I must be insane
          so given I am the cause…let’s reset the clock…to 1914…and see if anyone in the world…will agree to the creation of the State of Israel…today
          when you have your answer…let’s see…who will jump off that balcony

          • tickletik

            Lol. Whatever man. Have a great week.

          • Drakken

            Well please by all means go join your little pali friends, I am sure you can be of use there holding a sign expressing your displeasure.

    • Brooklyn Farmer

      Even the Egyptians are pissed tat him for backing the Muslim Brotherhood. After 20 years in Rev Wright’s church he has taken to heart Wright’s sermons, anyone who says they are surprised at both his anti-American and ant-Israel policy is either an idiot or doing a bad imitation of Captain Renault.

  • Ah’Nukem Jihadi

    The termites burrow deep and not just in Gaza. These tunnels should have been discovered long before now.

  • Rondo

    Brillant speech at Capital Hill. The one issue I have is your lack of interest or being PC regarding Islam you ducked the last question.

    Please read Mark Durie’s book “The Third Choice”

    The problem with “radical Islam” is the problem with Islam.

    Many are afraid that if Islam is the problem there can be no solution. That terrifies them. So they do all they can to avoid engaging with the evidence that Islam is the problem.

    • Drakken

      No more islam, no more problem.

      • Armond

        no more people…then no more greed and envy

        but then it will be no different than today…when animals are free to express their base instincts…of dog eats dog…and the alpha male rules as king

        or do you claim…that Islam has been the cause…of all human misery

        • Drakken

          Islam is islam no matter the stripe and where ever islam goes the blood always flows, without exception and it has been that way since that murdering bastard mohamed crawled out of the desert and screwed his first 9 year old and buggered his first male child. If you want to roll over let these savages take over, you go right ahead, Darwin always loves useful idiots like you and so do I .

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          But a string of disjointed…non-sequiturs…does not….a….rebuttal…..make.

          • Armond

            so says…you

  • Brooklyn Farmer

    Its not just Obama the stupidity has infected the entire left wing dingbats.
    On CNN
    Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s rambling comments on CNN about Hamas that seemed to take Candy Crowley by surprise.

    “And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Maybe they could use their influence to–”

    • truebearing

      Pelosi is one IQ point from the nursing home. She sounds like she has completely lost what little mind she had.

  • tpcowberry

    You just make half of this stuff up, don’t you?

  • Richard

    “Martyrdom for Palestine is a dream of every noble Muslim and freedom-seeker.”
    Maj.-Gen. Qassem Suleimani
    The chief of Iran’s elite Quds Force

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”
    General George S. Patton, Jr.

    SO BE IT.
    Stay strong IDF.

  • Geppetto

    “Under Obama, America has switched sides.” Unofficially, politically, in the hallowed halls of Obama’s hand picked flunkies, no doubt. But America? I don’t think so and, most certainly, not this American. Not now! Not ever!