Obama to the Rescue – of Hamas

palestinian-rockets-rain-down-on-israel-from-gazaOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Operation Protective Edge is now two weeks old. Since the ground offensive began Thursday night, we have begun to get a better picture of just how dangerous Hamas has become in the nine years since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip. And what we have learned is that the time has come to take care of this problem. It cannot be allowed to fester or grow anymore.

We have known for years that tunnels were a central component of Hamas’s logistical infrastructure.

What began as the primary means of smuggling weapons, trainers and other war material from Hamas’s sponsors abroad developed rapidly into a strategic tool of offensive warfare against Israel.

As we have seen from the heavily armed Hamas commando squads that have infiltrated into Israel from tunnels since the start of the current round of warfare, the first goal of these offensive tunnels is to deploy terrorists into Israel to massacre Israelis.

But the tunnels facilitate other terror missions as well.

Israel has found tunnels with shafts rigged with bombs located directly under Israeli kindergartens.

If the bombs had gone off, the buildings above would have been destroyed, taking the children down with them.

Other exposed shafts showed Hamas’s continued intense interest in hostage taking. In 2006 the terrorists who kidnapped Cpl. Gilad Schalit entered Israel and returned to Gaza through such a tunnel.

Today the presence of sedatives and multiple sets of handcuffs for neutralizing hostages found in tunnel after tunnel indicate that Hamas intends to abduct several Israelis at once and spirit them back to Gaza.

In an interview with Channel 2 Monday evening, Minister Naftali Bennett spoke of a mother at Kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara who told him that her children wake her in the middle of the night and tell her that they hear digging beneath their beds.

As Bennett said, this state of affairs simply cannot continue. People cannot live in fear that there are terrorists burrowing beneath their homes, digging tunnels to murder or kidnap them.

These tunnels must be found and destroyed not merely because they constitute a physical danger to thousands of Israelis. They must be located and destroyed, and Hamas’s capacity to rebuild them must be eliminated because the very idea that they exist makes a normal life impossible for those immediately threatened.

Hamas’s tunnels are also the key component of their command and control infrastructure inside Gaza.

Hamas’s political and military commanders are hiding in them. The reinforced bunkers and tunnel complexes enable Hamas’s senior leadership to move with relative freedom and continue planning and ordering attacks.

The sophistication of the tunnels and the malign intentions of Hamas are not in the least surprising.

But Hamas’s rapid advances in both tunnel and missile technology are deeply worrisome. At a minimum, they indicate that if it is allowed to end the current round of fighting as a coherent, relatively well-armed terrorist army, Hamas will be able to rapidly rebuild and expand its capabilities.

As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas is not a stand-alone terror group. It is part of a much larger web of Islamic jihadist terror groups including al-Qaida and its affiliates as well as the Shi’ite Hezbollah. Like Hamas, all of these threaten several major Sunni Arab states.

Due to their recognition of the threat Hamas and its allies pose to the survivability of their regimes, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have taken the unprecedented step of supporting Israel’s efforts to defeat Hamas.

They understand that a decisive Israeli blow against Hamas in Gaza will directly benefit them. Not only will Hamas be weakened, but its state sponsors and terrorist comrades will be weakened as well.

Presently, Hamas’s most outspoken state sponsors are Qatar and Turkey.

As Israel’s Calcalist newspaper reported earlier this week, Qatar is Hamas’s biggest and most important financier, a role it plays as well for ISIS, al Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood and various jihadist groups in Libya.

Turkey for its part is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Like Qatar, Turkey has also been a major supporter of ISIS and al Nusra, as well as Hamas. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s slander against Israel has grown so hysterical in recent weeks that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has been trying to downplay Turkey’s animosity, called him out on his open anti-Semitism.

By Tuesday morning, IDF forces in Gaza had destroyed 23 tunnels. The number of additional tunnels is still unknown.

While Israel had killed 183 terrorists, it appeared that most of the terrorists killed were in the low to middle ranks of Hamas’s leadership hierarchy.

Hamas’s senior commanders, as well as its political leadership have hunkered down in hidden tunnel complexes.

In other words, Israel is making good progress.

But it hasn’t completed its missions. It needs several more days of hard fighting.

Recognizing this, Israel’s newfound Muslim allies have not been pushing for a cease-fire.

In contrast, the Obama administration is insisting on concluding a cease-fire immediately.

As Israel has uncovered the scope of Hamas’s infrastructure of murder and terror, the US has acted with the UN, Turkey and Qatar to pressure Israel (and Egypt) to agree to a cease-fire and so end IDF operations against Hamas before the mission is completed.

To advance this goal, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo on Monday night with an aggressive plan to force on Israel a cease-fire Hamas and its state sponsors will accept.

As former ambassador to the US Michael Oren told the media, it is clear that neither Israel nor Egypt invited Kerry to come over. Their avoidance of Kerry signals clearly that the US’s two most important allies in the Middle East do not trust US President Barack Obama’s intentions.

And their distrust is entirely reasonable.

The State Department has openly applauded Turkey and Qatar for their involvement in attempts to achieve a cease-fire. Last week Israeli officials alleged that the US was responsible for Hamas’s rejection of the Egyptian cease-fire proposal. By attempting to coerce Egypt to accept Qatar and Turkey as its partners in mediation, Obama signaled to Hamas’s leaders that they should hold out for a better deal.

Due to Turkey’s membership in NATO and the glamour of the Qatari royal family, many Westerners find it hard to believe that they are major sponsors of terrorism. But it is true. Turkey and Qatar are playing a double game.

While sending his ambassador to Brussels for NATO meetings, Erdogan has been transforming Turkey from an open, pro-Western society allied with Israel into a closed, anti-Semitic and anti-American society that sponsors Hamas, ISIL, al Nusra and other terrorists groups.

As for Qatar, the tiny natural gas superpower presents itself to Americans as their greatest ally in the Muslim world. The emirate gives hundreds of millions of dollars to US universities to open campuses in Doha and pretends it is a progressive, open society, replete with debating societies.

Qatar hosts three major US military bases on its territory. And it is becoming one of the most important clients for US military contractors. Earlier this year Qatar signed an $11.4 billion dollar arms agreement with the US.

At the same time, according to the Calacalist report, Qatar is the major bankroller of ISIS and al Nusra in Syria and Iraq. It gives $50 million a month to jihadists in Libya. It gives Hamas $100m. in annual aid. And in the past two years Doha has provided Hamas with an additional $620m. dollars, including $250m. it transferred to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s personal bank account, and $350m. in military aid to Hamas, transferred after the Egyptian military forced the Muslim Brotherhood government from power last July.

Add to that the $100m. per year that Qatar pours into Al Jazeera’s satellite network – which has dedicated itself to undermining pro-Western Arab regimes while popularizing the likes of al-Qaida and Hamas, and Qatar is the largest financier of international jihad in the world.

Rather than notice that Qatar and Turkey are playing a double game, and treat them with suspicion, the Obama administration has embraced them.

Chances that Kerry will secure a cease-fire in the near future are small. In all likelihood, the government will be able to buy the time necessary to complete the mission in whole or large part. But the fact that the US has chosen at this juncture in the operation – with Israel enjoying unprecedented support from the most important Sunni states in the region – to side with Hamas and its state sponsors in their demand for an immediate cease-fire speaks volumes about the transformation of US foreign policy under Obama’s leadership.

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  • Alec Stuart

    I’m so sick of the Obama administration and their “Newspeak” in the Middle East. It’ll be nice to get back to a pro-Israel foreign policy for a change.

    • Cristinascar

      Why can’t we just place a puppet leader in “palestine” like we did to other parts of the world. Believe it or not there are many Arabs who secretly love Israel, train one and make him in charge with serious security, and problem solved, but the US plays both sides, since Carter and definitely Obama. Which is a cause for instability and racism in the region. We almost tried that in Iraq, then the evil section of the secret service forced us not to do that. When will we realize the Arabists and hearts and minds people have not given us a single benefit in relation to Islam?

      • Bamaguje

        “Believe it or not there are many Arabs who secretly love Israel” – Cristinascar.

        I find that very difficult to believe… except may be for Christian or Druze Arabs.
        Some Muslim Arabs may be less hostile to Israel than others, but that hardly counts as “love” for Israel.
        Jew hatred is hardwired into Islam.

      • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

        You’d have to find an Arab strongman who would rather restrain his fellow Arabs – many of whom would have to be imprisoned – than support them in their genocidal war against Israel. Good luck.

        At this point, it’s probably best for Israel to annex the territory and simply make it easy for the Arabs to sell out their homes and leave.

        • Cristinascar

          I love that answer, except. no one will take them. And they don’t have that problem 1) because the whole world especially liberals have no problem with them murdering all Jews, and say so. While the world goes crazy if we shoot 100 bombing terrorists. in shorter words they can kill and rape us we can not do it to them, none of the killings or raping in 2013 2014 were even reported. The Israeli security establishment itself does not like to admit to them either because it is bad for the Israeli security sector. 2) The Russian, Arab, American, British and European plus the UN secret service are watching this conflict with world first disproportional of obsession, with a mind boggling anti Israel bias, every single last one of them is doing their part to sabotage Israel a little.

  • truebearing

    Obama and Kerry are as hostile to Israel as they are to the US. Their policies have failed in Egypt, Libya, and Syria, but their intent to enable Islamists hasn’t faded.
    Trying to prevent Israel from completing the destruction of Hamas is the equivalent of Obama announcing that Muslim males will no longer be searched by the TSA and will be allowed to carry boxcutters and other weapons on planes.

    Once again, Obama shows a depraved indifference to the lives of those he sees as enemies. He is evil, and so is Kerry.

    I pray Israel holds course and annihilates Hamas, and leaves none of them alive. No, not one.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Obama is indifferent to Chicago.

      There are at least 70,000 gang members living in Obama’s home city of Chicago. Other estimates put that number closer to 100,000.

      It should not surprise us that at least 40 people were shot in Chicago over one recent July weekend.

      • Melinda

        And yet Jewish Americans still give Obama a 55 percent approval rating, according to Politico. Second only to your Palistinian brothers and Muslims in general who give him 59 percent. What gives, Tool?

        • MarthaGHoskinson

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          Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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        • Judahlevi

          What difference does this make?

        • catherine maneker

          This is a puzzle for me too. Is it an attempt to be invisible as a Jew in America?

        • republicc

          So the figure of 69% voting for Obama, which has no basis in fact, is again shown to be made out of whole cloth.

        • republicc

          And you lied about the Muslims. Muslims gave Obama a 72 percent approval rating.

  • Terry

    Caroline is completely right. Israel, just for once, must be left alone to finish the job. That may mean retaking gaza for long enough to destroy all of the vermin infrastructure. It should also film it to show the gullible europeans and US State Dept what its money is spent on.

    And most important of all, kill ALL the hamas leadership, military, political, everyone. No trials, no appeals, no jails, just find them and do what the US did to bin laden. A bullet in the head, preferably dipped in pig fat.

    • swemson

      Israel should retake Gaza, and keep it permanently. Why should it leave that entire area to those barbarians who will continue to use it as a platform from which to launch further attacks on Israel. The arabs there have never honored their agreement with Israel, through which they were given that territory in the first place, so why should they get to keep it?

      The arabs have been the aggressors ever since modern day Israel was formed after WWII, and the only thing they understand is superior force. There will never be peace there so long as the muslims love death more than the Jews love life… So let’s hope that the Israelis accommodate them all this time around, and hit them hard enough to end the problem once and for all.


      • Bamaguje

        “Israel should retake Gaza, and keep it permanently” -swenson.

        Totally supported!!
        Gaza should be reannexed. That’s the only way to permanently dislodge Hamas from there, and ensure the strip can never be used again as a Jihad base against Israel.

        • fiddler

          And look at all the land that the Arab world possesses. When you look at a map and see the paltry size of Israel on a map compared to Arab nations, it should be embarassing. The only real motivation about “land” is that they hate Jews. Why not just join their other Arab brothers? There is lots of land there to go around.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Caroline Glick is entirely correct, of course.

    It’s not clear, however, if the Israelis have the stomach for the kind of butal slugfest required to accomplish the objectives she defines – i.e. the destruction of the tunnels, the destruction of the means to reconstruct them, and the elimination of the higher echelons of the Hamas command and control.

    I hope they do, but I am uneasy about continuing efforts to supply food, medicine and electricity to Gaza, the consequence of which is to insure that the terrorists are as minimally inconvenienced as possible.

    I am being glib, I know, but from my perspective, which, granted, is quite distant, I don’t get the feeling that the Israelis fully appreciate that they are in fact fighting for their lives, and that the future of the state of Israel is on the line.

    • Judahlevi

      “It is my view that what we are witnessing in Gaza is the opening act of a
      difficult and decisive struggle, the outcome of which will determine the fate of Israel and the future of the entire Middle East.”

      This is hyperbole – this is just a continuation of the long-term struggle that will not end anytime soon. There is much more ahead. The “opening act” was back in 1948.

      The future of the state is not “on the line.” Hamas is not an existential threat to Israel. Israel can flatten Gaza and eliminate Hamas anytime it wishes to do so.

      What this will demonstrate, or should, is that the Palestinian Arabs do not deserve a state of their own. The two-state solution should be Israel and Jordan.

  • tickletik

    Great article except for the last part “In all,likelihood, the government will be able to buy the time…”

    This implies that Israel is not a sovereign state, and owes it’s existence to someone else. We do not. The only reason we must act with the permission of the world is because we think we must act with the permission of the world.

    Once we convince ourselves that we owe anyone an explanation for our actions we have given power to that anyone.

    The last line should have read “In all likelihood, the government will be able to keep it’s nerve in the face of vicious US pressure and finish the job”

    Because the pressure coming to us from the US is not the pressure of a friend or an ally. Right or wrong when a friend is in a fight, you support him. Many countries did not believe in the Iraq war, but they supported the US anyway, because that is how friends and allies act. No one asked the American government to implement a cease fire just before Saddamn was toppled from power.

    Here we are threatened by the worst psychotics that anyone has ever seen. Something straight out of horror movie. There is no saving grace to these animals. Yet not only must we put up with pressure to surrender from western media, we are worried that our ally will pressure us to surrender at the last minute, after all our work and sacrifices in bringing the Hamas monsters down.

    The word to describe someone who would do that to a friend is “vicious”. And we have an obligation to ignore this current US administration until the American people have a chance to get rid of it and replace it with one that works for the actual interests of its own people and has a sane concept of who it’s friends are.

    • wildjew

      “…Because the pressure coming to us from the US is not the pressure of a friend or an ally. Right or wrong when a friend is in a fight, you support him….The word to describe someone who would do that to a friend is “vicious”.

      You are so right!

      • tickletik

        Keep in mind that the American people are not the government

        And at this point I’m not so sure the electorate has any more control over the situation

        • wildjew

          Are we not a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

          • JDinSTL

            When you accept money from another, they have influence.

      • 1Indioviejo1

        I totally agree with you. I believe the American people chose national suicide when it elected this POS, and they will probably vote into office another racist Marxist after this traitor.

    • Habbgun

      The Israeli government is the worst. They treat the opinion of the international community as something real and their own people as hypothetical. Instead of doing what must be done they filter it into what must be paid in tribute. My greatest hope that this is the preparation for a David. It is simply that the so called leadership are not chosen for what must be done and who is chosen is already out there. We are a nation and not a government. Something leftists don’t understand.

      • tickletik

        They are overwhelmed and terrified. Keep in mind this is exactly the same thing that was done to Serbia and to South Africa.

        For serbia, see here:

        Should Jews support Kosovo
        independence? A short guide to what they should know.
        16 February 2007

        To see where Israel is headed, visit Kosovo
        8 July 2006

        • Habbgun

          Serbia was the heyday of the Jewish organization, Clinton connection and what the Clintons wanted the so called Jewish leadership fervently did. With a nice payoff of course. So they worried and cried and worried some more for Kosovo and they talked and talked about the more imperative “If I forget you oh Kosovo may my tongue, arm, foot, um maybe pancreas something like that. I need to check the script”.

          It is funny the secular Jewish community isn’t worried about real atrocities to the Copts, shooting of prisoners or just about anything else in the news other than Israel bad. They would be but the money isn’t there for them.

          The Obama left which is the real left doesn’t need or want Jewish collaborators and to be honest they are doing fine for themselves without them.

          • Cristinascar

            Over 5000 Serbian civilians were killed, by Nato.

          • Habbgun

            Personally I would like a good historical review of those times. It will illuminate the goals of government and the organizations supposedly private that support them.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Caroline Glick, I have been waiting for your articles on this war. Good to see Oren make it clear, what he never made clear whilst ambassador, namely the US administration bears us ill will. If we don’t stand up to Kerry and Obama now, we face a disaster on a scale surpassing even the worst of Israel’s modern history, and yes I include the Yom Kippur War. In the short and medium and long-term we need to free ourselves politically from the US, our ‘ally’ that stabs us in the back continually and now even in the face. Whilst we have supporters in the US, we have to be free of their terrible govt and State Dept. We can’t pin the fate of Israel’s future on the ridiculous and vain hope that the US will never have such another extreme anti-Semite as president again. Israel is already working on closer ties to China, Japan and India. America is in decline, if you stand up to the bully Obama the way Sisi in Egypt has done, he just melts away, he has no real power, he is an unfunny joke. A kindergarten bully. Same for Kerry.

    But we need to remove our dependence on US military aid as soon as we can, and this is not being done. There is no urgency, this should have been done years ago. Investments in Israeli arms and get the local fighter jet program going again, perhaps in cooperation with China, whose technology is rapidly growing and improving.

    So much more to say, but one can only say so much… So the Left including in Israel, have been worrying about Joooos building homes whilst Hamas was burying tunnels under our kindergartens, and so much else. It tells us more about the Left than Hamas.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      I agree sir, but in all due respect , i do not think that the GOP is any better apart from a couple re; Cruze, Huckabee, Gowdy and a few others. Why should they be? A lot of stupid American Jews voted for Obama twice!!!! And Joe and Schummer and Levin and Feinstein and and and…

      James Baker III and Cheney forced Israel to enter into talks with Arafat on orders from the Saudi bosses and the RoRo Inc. gang. Bush Jr called Islam a wonderful religion.

      God Bless the American Christian.

      • steelraptor from Saturn

        I agree with you completely Johnny, I don’t care for the Republicans, look at how buddy buddy George Bush was with the Saudi royalty and they just follow the money trail, just like the Dems.

  • Cristinascar

    Caroline G, nobody writes as well you do, on this subject. To prove it your last article even had one of the Islamic conspiracies, send someone to argue with us commentors. People are beginning to notice. When they start sending their drones to make arguments like they do worldwide, you know their billion dollar funded social networks campaigns to hate the Jews, are noticing you, probably those you said, Turkey, Qatar or Pakistan, Iran, one of those spies has called up the prisoners or specials to tell us that Islam will colonize us. And censor it like always, and the world will applaud.

  • tamale

    The L-rd foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the L-rd stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Psalm‬ ‭33‬:‭10-11‬

    We have a covenant promise from the Keeper of Israel Himself, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, that Israel will stand as a nation as long as the stars cover the skies and as long as the moon lights up the night.

    Israel: be strong and get this job done!

    Caroline: keep calling a spade a spade. We appreciate your work.

  • BMS

    This is what happens when a Muslim Community organizer with anti-semetic views gets elected President of the United States. He has no idea what he’s doing. He lends his support to the extremists and his anti-Israel stance can’t be denied. When rockets start flying into the United States will he also tell Americans that we must hunker down in bunkers and show restraint? Judging from the way he is handling the Southern Border illegal immigration crisis, I’m not so sure.

    • wildjew

      I agree with everything you’ve written with the exception that he has no idea what he’s doing

    • Saul of Marsus

      believe me, he has a very good idea about what he is doing, and americans better wake the hell up, because honestly it’s getting to where it’s too late. What we’re experiencing is nothing short of treason.

  • CaoMoo

    Just quote wolverine to kerry and obama “Go F*** yourself bub.”

  • RAM500

    Obama and his people are playing a single game: hurt America and its allies in any way feasible.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    The United States has a habit of never quite finishing a necessary military operation (WWII being a prime example … that war shouldn’t have been ended until US and British troops occupied the Kremlin, and brought down the USSR). Now, we want Israel to do the same.

    But Israel should do whatever is necessary for her own survival. To he!! with what the “international community” thinks. This is war, and war means the destruction of the enemy’s capability of making war against you. This is in the existential national security interests of Israel.

    If they don’t mind taking strategic advice from a man who never got higher than E-4 (that’s Sergeant, for the uninitiated in the Army, they shouldn’t halt their offensive until they’ve cleared the Gaza, and found countries willing to take the survivors. Then, open Gaza for Jewish settlement, and turn that he!!hole what could have been … a paradise on the SE Mediterranean.

    The “international community”, as usual, will fuss and fume. The Muslim world will threaten the direst of consequences. But it means little. Israeli security is what matters.

    • Drakken

      Huh Wolfy, E-4 is a corporal and E-5 is a sergeant. Or is the Marine in me getting it wrong?
      As for Israel, time to give Gaza the Carthage treatment and kick the savages out of the west bank into Syria and pour a bourbon and watch the show, what is the world really going to at this point? Nothing but send a strongly worded letter that they are concerned.

      • David

        You are correct about the rank

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Even I get some things wrong, at times!

      • Judahlevi

        E-4 is corporal, not sergeant, but it is not that important.

        But we will take advice from Dr. Wolf anytime.

        He is right that Gaza could be a Med paradise if the billions poured into it were used for improving life there instead of being used for weapons to murder Jews.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Of course, you are right about the rank. I was only given the rank of Sergeant upon discharge, after my wounds made that inevitable. I spent all of my time in Vietnam as an E-4.

        As for the Carthage treatment, I’m in favor!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Obama will need guards for the rest of his life and will never be able to live a normal life, to go anywhere he pleases as so many ex-presidents did. There are more Americans who wish him dead than there were for any president in American history.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I up voted you because I think you’re right. Whether he’s in office or out, I don’t want an act of violence taken against him. No matter who does it, you know who would be blamed, and Obama then gets to be a martyr.

      His security, given his age, will cost the taxpayer an enormous sum, over the next 35-45 years. Interestingly enough, the last US President to give up his security detail was Richard Nixon.

      • Cristinascar

        I too thumbed up not in a call to violence, just that I did not vote for him, and don’t like his agenda.

    • retired22

      With any luck he will contract a terminal case of aids during his next trip to the bath house

  • Carla Mathis

    We’re all in with Israel!!

    • Judahlevi

      Thank you. Am Yisrael Chai!

  • http://www.apollospeaks.com/ ApolloSpeaks

    $1000 REWARD

    to anyone who can disprove that Israel is the greatest peacemekmer in the modern Middle East.

    Click http://www.apollospeaks.com and make your case.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Only a fool believed Obama’s fundamental transformation of America was meant to be benign. Obama is a Jihadist in the WH and every action taken in the past 6 years prove it. Israel must do what is necessary to survive and thrive. The world should know that the Arab terrorist called Hamas uses women and children to shield their missiles, and their fighting terrorist do not wear uniforms. Naturally, they claim that all the dead are civilian.

  • Lanna

    Most of us knew the true intentions of this administration and how they wanted to destroy Israel! Its as clear as a bell…their tactics and their policies of destruction. They have failed the world in every thought and deed they committed against Humanity!

  • quillerm

    Obama and the Democrat Party will be delighted to help HAMS build new tunnels and rearm, how about 43 million to start the process? Remember, Muslims in the US are encouraged to Vote for democrats in November to return the favor.

  • Brooklyn Farmer

    The Rev. Wright’s star pupil is sitting in the oval office and we’re supposed to be surprised by his support of a terrorist organization and his castration of American power.

  • fiddler

    I trust that Israel realizes that as Americans we are subject to the unfortunate whims of this administration whether we agree with them or not. As an American and God-fearing, please understand that I support Israel’s right to protect itself. Leftists such as those within this administration do not have a category for evil and for them “good” or “right” is nothing more than whatever works for YOUR culture. There is no intrinsic “good”. This gives rise to the “disproportionate response” argument. We as Americans (not as neo-marxists) understand that if our nation was being attacked wantonly by a neighboring nation, we too could only have our patience stretched so far — THEN, it is time to decisively DEFEAT the enemy. Using children and women as shields as Hamas does reveals their death-cult orientation. The left should call THEM the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, but no, they are too conflicted about basic morality to do that.

    Forge on Israel! And may God give you success.

  • David

    So, Basically Hamas turned Gaza into Iwo Jima. I want to point out something, the US midterm elections are in four months. There is no way that the leader of the Democratic party can openly side with Hamas against Israel. If he did the rest of the Democratic party would have to distance themselves or end up getting creamed in the elections. So, there really is no reason to give into US diplomatic pressure.

    “As we have seen from the heavily armed Hamas commando squads that have infiltrated into Israel from tunnels since the start of the current round of warfare, the first goal of these offensive tunnels is to deploy terrorists into Israel to massacre Israelis.”

    I don’t get Hamas’ strategy. If they had that capability why hadn’t they used it already? Why did they wait until the start of the Ground operation to start using those tunnels to attack Israeli towns? I feel like I’m missing something here.

    • Cristinascar

      From the reporting I read, on the first 3 days they had tried 2 commando sea incursions, through the Med.. Also they had tried a few prior to the ground invasion. I think this is actually not hard to understand if you watch Hamas and its war strategies. They have better advisors than Israel does even the CIA is advising them. They knew it was not time to show the tunnels, those tunnels were meant for a full scale blitz geocide destruction of Israel on many fronts. They are very very well armed and well funded, I’m talking combined over 20 billion. Their own anger worked against them, they are not back at square one, they are now at about 5% of what they were.

      This is actually a miraculous war. If this were to have happened wih 3 other fronts, and full on Iranian and secret )not admitted) Turkish forces and the Shia army of Lebanon at the same time. Israel would have had more casualties than the Yom Kippur war, if not a near complete destruction. But now the Israeli public has been made aware (I hope) that anti-aircraft launchers, armored tank destroyers, drones, Iran’s most advanced missiles capable of carrying germs and nukes, a 6 billion dollar a year aid package from the US, EU, Qatar and Iran, as I have known for years the stone throwing is a show, for the antisemites. All of the Muslim areas of Israel are weapons stockpiles just like the whole city of Ben Ghazi Libya is.

  • http://twitter.com/WinstonCDN WinstonCDN

    Obama protects his Muslim buddies

  • joshuasweet

    in that Obama is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood world wide, protecting Hamas is just part of his agenda. His allegiances are not for our Nation but the Muslim advancements that he is flaunting at our expense and that of our allies, of the civilized world

  • USARetired

    Someone must tell the ‘ugly illegal one,Obozo’ what happens now in Gaza is none of his business and he must butt out!

  • USARetired

    Obama is America’s own worst enemy, he is a non-citizen, illegal immigrant, who can care less what happens to America or our Military, and he especially hates Egypt

  • El Cid

    “Rather than notice that Qatar and Turkey
    are playing a double game, and treat them with suspicion, the Obama
    administration has embraced them.”

    Yes, Kerry seems to be on a mission for Qatar or Turkey. What back room deal has been made? Or, is Obama getting a payoff after his term ends? Whatever it is, it’s a small game and not in the interest of the US.

  • Cristinascar

    Thursday, July 24, the 17th day of the IDF’s Gaza operation, Israeli ministers were discussing a possible “humanitarian ceasefire” in IDF-Hamas hostilities, which could last up to five days. According to DEBKAfile’s military sources, but behind the scenes it is Hamas which, behind its tough stance, is keen on a pause – and not out of sudden concern for Gaza’s civilians. Its tacticians are desperate to find a chink in the Chariot-4 tank’s Armored Shield Protection-Active Trophy missile defense system, known as the Windbreaker. The 401st armored brigade is the only IDF unit with this armor.

    Hamas has tried to stop these tanks with four kinds of advanced guided anti-tank missiles, including the Russian Kornet-E, and the 9M113 Konkurs. But Windbreaker repels them and blows them all up.
    Wednesday July 23 the IDF deliberately placed brigade commander Col. Sa’ar Tzur, one of the outstanding commanders in Operation Protective Edge, before TV cameras, while standing in front of a Chariot-4 tank.

    He spoke at length about the brigade’s unstoppable performance under anti-tank missile fire. Those missiles are blown up without penetrating the tanks’ armor, he said, and are powerless to slow their advance.

    Hamas has found no answer for the Active Trophy defense system, any more than it has for the Iron Dome anti-missile defense batteries, which keep Israeli civilian populations safe from its rockets. Both systems are home-made, developed by Rafael advanced armed systems industries.
    Hamas is not giving up, which is why it is holding out against a long ceasefire, but aiming for just enough time to come up with new stratagems, DEBKAfile’s military sources say.
    This was the message conveyed in the statement Hamas leader Khaled Meshal made Wednesday July 23 in Qatar: He rejected a long-term ceasefire, but left the door open for a “humanitarian” pause.
    While its forces have taken serious punishment, most of Hamas’ underground command and military infrastructure is still far from hurt. But if the Israeli military decides to go for a decisive coup against those core facilities – defined by the Israeli security cabinet’s euphemism of “expanding the operation” – Hamas chiefs expect it to be spearheaded by a fleet of Chariot-4 tanks hurtling towards them behind the protection of their impenetrable “Windbreakers.”

    To maintain any kind of draw with the IDF, Hamas stands in urgent need of two resources: 1) Technology for neutralizing the Windbreaker; and 2) Missiles able to pierce it.
    While Khaled Meshal haggles with ceasefire brokers in Qatar, his agents are known to have appealed urgently to Tehran to find the weapons they need and deliver them at top speed to the Gaza Strip – possibly from Libya by the Iranian-terrorists’ arms smuggling route through Egypt.
    A reference to this appeal was made in a comment by a senior military intelligence official Wednesday, when he disclosed that Iran had promised to rebuild Hamas’ military machine, including its rocket production and launch systems. Hamas and Tehran also broached the problem of the Chariot-4 armor. Both fully understood that unless it can be solved, Hamas may have no way of defending its high command and arsenal in their elaborately furnished underground bunkers.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry has all these facts to hand, fed by a steady stream of intelligence from US informants in and over the battlefield. His efforts for a ceasefire are based on his perception that Israel has so far not managed to inflict a clear defeat on Hamas and needs to expand its operation to tip the scales.

    He calculates that if Israel launches its final thrust, which has not yet been approved, it will not accept a ceasefire before achieving its goal, and this may take at least a week to ten days.

    But if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon hold off on Israel’s decisive attack, then negotiations can start for a truce of some kind, while both sides size up their respective situations and decide whether or not it is to their advantage.

  • 12345M

    All Jews should go back home where they originate from where they were kicked out their real land, Germany ,Poland and GIVE PALESTINIANS THEIR LAND BACK!!!

  • Cristinascar

    You’ll notice if you want to the first one of the anitsemite conspiracy to comment is a week after the article, I notice this a lot, they do this so that their comment is the first one you read. Also they never read the articles that they comment on. They are just stalking people who are in favor of justice in the Middle East, aka the Jews against the colonialist Arabs and their regimes. There is a social media plan and conspiracy they have to harass any pro Israel commenter or public display, they are even paid to riot and get violent by Qatar.

  • Holocaust

    #Israeli #terrorist #aggression on the #Gaza_Strip #Holocaust. Every inch of it is brutally bombed by #Israel


  • Holocaust


  • Holocaust

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