Rand Paul’s Support for Israel

Rand-Paul-G-620x362Originally published by the Jerusalem Post

Republican Senator Rand Paul is an isolationist. This ought to make him a natural ally for appeasers like Steve Walt and John Mearshimer and the whole blame Israel first crowd.

And indeed, he has taken positions, like opposing additional sanctions on Iran that placed him in their camp.

But Paul is a mixed bag.

Last week, following the PLO’s unity deal with terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Paul introduced the Stand With Israel Act. If it had passed into law, Paul’s act would have required the US to cut off all funding to the Palestinian Authority, including its security forces. The only way the administration could have wiggled out of the aid cutoff would have been by certifying that the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad had effectively stopped being the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Paul’s conditions for maintaining aid would have required the President to certify to Congress that the PA – run jointly by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PLO –formally and publicly recognized Israel as a Jewish state; renounced terrorism; purged all individuals with terrorist ties from its security services; terminated all anti-American and anti-Israel incitement, publicly pledged not to engage in war with Israel; and honored previous agreements signed between the PLO and Israel.

Paul’s bill was good for America. Maintaining financial support for the Palestinian Authority in the aftermath of the PLO’s unity-with-terrorists deal constitutes a breach of US anti-terror law.

Financing the PA also harms US national security. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are financed by Iran. So by funding the PLO’s PA, which just united its forces with theirs, the US is subsidizing Iran’s terror network.

Ending US financing of the PA would certainly be good for Israel. Indeed, just by sponsoring the bill Paul has helped Israel in two critical ways. He offered Israel friendship, and he began a process of changing the mendacious narrative about the nature of the Palestinian conflict with Israel to one based on the truth.

By extending his hand to Israel, Paul gave Israel an opening to build relationships with political forces with which it has not traditionally had close ties. Because most of Israel’s supporters in Washington support an interventionist US foreign policy, isolationists like Paul have generally either stood on the sidelines of the debate, or in light of their desire to beat a quick retreat from the region, they have been willing, even happy to support the Arabs against Israel and blame Israel’s supporters for getting the US involved in the Middle East.

The hard truth is that while American isolationism is bad for the US, it isn’t necessarily bad for Israel. To date, under Democratic and Republican administrations alike, there has been a direct correlation between the level of US involvement in Israel’s affairs and US hostility towards Israel.

Paul’s pro-Israel detractors note that he also supports cutting off US military aid to Israel. But that doesn’t necessarily make him anti-Israel.

Despite the protestations of AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups, it is far from clear that Israel would be worse off if it stopped receiving US aid. Indeed, it is likely that Israel’s economy and military strength would both be enhanced by the strategic independence that an aid cut-off would bring about.

Yes, Paul is a complicated character. But that doesn’t make him Israel’s enemy. His bill was an act of friendship. And Israel can use more friends in Washington who actually do things that help it rather than suffice with declaring their support for Israel while standing by as its reputation is trashed.

And that’s the thing of it. The Obama administration can’t stop trash talking Israel. And more than ever before, Israel needs allies who are willing to take real action to defend it.

Israel received yet another reminder of this basic fact last Friday when Yedioth Aharonoth’s senior writer Nahum Barnea published an interview with unnamed “senior American officials” involved in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Those “officials,” it quickly became apparent, turned out to be the one and only Martin Indyk, Secretary of State John Kerry’s senior mediator.

In that interview, Indyk showed that among members of the Obama administration, Israel is friendless. Indyk’s interview, like serial anti-Israel statements made by Kerry, (most recently his anti-Semitic “Israel apartheid” remarks to the Trilateral Commission), and by President Barack Obama himself, was notable for its utter hostility to Israel and its Jewish leaders.

Not only did Indyk blame Israel for the failure of Kerry’s “peace process.” Like Obama and Kerry, Indyk insisted that Israel’s failure to bow to every PLO demand has opened it to the prospect of a renewed Palestinian terror war against it, to international isolation and to European trade embargoes.

Like Kerry, Indyk casually employed anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish cleverness and greed.

From the perspective of continued US aid to the PA, by far the most important part of Indyk’s remarks, like those that Kerry made to the Trilateral Commission, was his claim that the Palestinians will likely respond to the failure of Kerry’s peacemaking by initiating another terror war against Israel.

Indyk’s assertion – or was it a threat? – was notable because the US government is training and financing the Palestinian forces that would be directing the terror war.

Since 2007, the US has spent billions of dollars financing and training Palestinian security services and transforming them into a professional military. Trained using US doctrine, they are the strongest military force the Palestinians have ever fielded against Israel.

These forces – commanded by Abbas – share his supportive view of the terrorist mass murder of Jews. They share his position that Israel has no right to exist, that Jews have no history and are not a nation.

Since 1996, every Palestinian terror campaign has been directed by these security services. And as US Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, who served as the first commander of the US training mission has stated publicly, these US trained forces can be expected to turn their guns at Israel.

While the PLO was competing with Hamas for leadership, Abbas deployed these US trained forces against Hamas. Now that the PLO and Hamas are unified, these operations will necessarily end.

Moreover, these US trained forces are already involved in terrorism. Over the past six months, IDF commanders have repeatedly pointed fingers at PA security forces claiming that the steep rise in terrorist attacks against Israelis in Judea and Samaria is being organized and directed by them.

This is brings us to the second reason why Paul’s initiative is so important. While it is important for Israel to find new friends in Washington, it is even more important for it to change the narrative about the Palestinians and their conflict with Israel.

The false narrative, which claims that the PLO is moderate and that Mahmoud Abbas is a statesman and a man of peace, has made Israel’s old friends in Washington unable to understand reality. So unlike Paul, these friends are incapable of taking actions that actually advance Israel’s interests and strengthen its alliance with the US.

The false narrative of PLO moderation has monopolized the discourse on the Palestinians to the point where adherence to the two-state policy has more in common with a religious faith than a policy preference.

Indyk’s hysterical assault on Israel is textbook behavior of a believer lashing out at a person who exposes the utter falsity of his faith.

The believer cannot disown his phony messiah. So his only option is to present the party that unmasked the lie as the devil.

Hence, Indyk’s vulgar assault on Israelis.

But while Indyk’s faith is fanatical, many others share it in more moderate, but still devastating forms. And they too lash out at anyone who exposes their irrationality.

Case in point is the pro-Israel community’s opposition to Paul’s bill.

The day after Paul introduced his bill, AIPAC came out against it. AIPAC opposed the bill, according to the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, (who herself violently opposed it), because its leadership believes that the PA security forces play a key role in fighting Hamas.

So a week after the Israeli government formally ended negotiations because the PA supports terror, AIPAC opposed ending US aid to the PA because, AIPAC claimed, it fights terror.

For her part, Rubin railed against Paul’s initiative claiming that it was “a phony pro-Israel bill.”

Paul submitted his bill for unanimous consent in order to fast track it to a vote and into law. AIPAC convinced some senators to vote against Paul’s bill, and so killed it.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Maltzberg after the vote, Paul attacked AIPAC saying, “I think the American people, if they knew that [AIPAC opposed his bill], would be very, very upset and think, you know what, those people are no longer lobbying in favor of America and Israel if they’re not willing to put restrictions on aid to Palestine.”

In other words, Paul was saying, it is time to move on, and those who insist on acting as though nothing has changed since 1994 are not behaving as one would expect Israel’s friends to behave.

And he is right.

Paul may be a cynical opportunist. But that’s better than a messianic that prefers to believe that Israel is the devil than accept that the Peace Fairy doesn’t exist.

And yes, his refreshing embrace of the truth as the basis for US policymaking makes him a better friend to Israel today than AIPAC that refuses to accept the truth, (and like him, failed to support additional sanctions against Iran).

Rand Paul told Fox News after his bill failed to pass that he will not abandon the fight against US aid to the PA. We must hope that he is true to his word.

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    I don’t trust Rand Paul.

    Consider who his father is.

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      • BEN JABO

        Your alleged Uncle Aaron is a pimp ad you’re a lying freak

    • wildjew

      He campaigned with his Hamas / Hezbollah / Iran-supporting father in Iowa, 2012. I’ve not heard any kind of statement from the son explaining where he respectfully dissents from his father’s ant-Israel / pro-Islamic jihad worldview.


        You got it.

    • Danny

      I agree with you, though I can’t see cutting off US aid to Palestinian terror groups as a bad thing. I’m suspicious that Paul drafted this bill knowing full well that it would be defeated. If so, then he would appear to be Israel’s friend who tried to pass a bill that would hamper Hamas, but without actually taking the risk of being pro-Israel. As for cutting off the infinitesimally small amount of aid to Israel, it would be the best thing to happen to Israel in a long time. The sooner Israel can act 100% in its own interests, without looking to America for “direction”, the better. Take the issue of relasing Arab murderers from prison. Netanyahu does it because he’s pressured into it by Obama. Many Israelis and supporters of Israel would love to see Netanyahu tell Obama to back off. It would be the best thing for Israel if NRnaioi

      • Anukem Jihadi

        Yes, I agree. It remains to be seen if Rand Paul’s support is contingent on not getting involved.

    • Israel_Reconquista

      His father was an isolationist Libertarian, so what?


        Was? MORON Paul is an advocate for Fascist Iran.

        • Israel_Reconquista

          “Was” as in-he’s no longer a public official so he’s irrelevant, but I digress. Ron Paul was not pro-Iran. In fact, he was the only U.S. official to explicitly support Israel’s right to attack Iran without U.S. permission.


            His word is gospel to the Paulbot cult.

            MORON Paul defends Fascist Iran – Fascist Iran that has large Death to America rallies.

            See the above video of your boy MORON at the US Presidential debate.



    • wildjew

      In addition to promoting an unhealthy Israeli dependency on U.S. aid and benefaction, AIPAC also supported the forcible uprooting of thousands law-abiding Jews (only because they were Jews) from Gush Gatif , Gaza, August 2005; supports the murderous two state solution. I cannot say I entirely agree with AIPAC’s depiction as pro-Israel in light of these things.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        I agree that both decisions were dumb. In fairness to AIPAC, though, AIPAC does not try to tell Israel what policies to follow, and instead follows the lead of Israel’s democratically elected leaders – in this case Netanyahu, and Sharon in the case of Gaza. The solution is not for AIPAC to start second guessing Israel’s PM, the solution is for Israel to elect leaders who won’t adopt dumb policies.
        — Says the guy with his tuchas sitting here in golut. (If I could vote for people like Caroline Glick, I might be more likely to make aliyah. Remind me to add that to my list of excuses for staying here instead of doing the right thing.)

        • Freedom Call

          Make aliyah if you feel up to it.
          Push comes to shove after all the bickering… we are united when it counts.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            You gotta job for a 64 year old American lawyer with no technical or engineering skills and very shvach ivris –er, ivrit? You should have heard me trying to order two cafe hafuch (my wife and I have different likes in coffee) at the World Famous Angel Bakery. Fortunately the achi working the counter had more than the average savlanut.
            I supposed there’s always Ramat Bet Shemesh, but then I’d have to brush up on my English.

    • The Guardian

      Liberal Jews are not Jews. They have abandoned their faith in G-d and have embraced progressive politics as their new faith. The trade on their faux Jewish identity to attack real Jews and curry favor and acceptance of the anti-Semitetic elites on the Left. Liberal Jews don’t speak for Jews, they speak for their enemies.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        There’s a discussion in Tractate Shabbos that quotes the verse “Yisroel chet” — Yisroel has sinned — as proof that even when a Yisroel (a Jew) has sinned, he is still called Yisroel and does not forefeit his status as a Jew.

      • uleaveuswithnoalternative

        I have a number of Orthodox Jewish friends and all of them are 2nd Amendment loving, Conservative, freedom loving Constitutionalists.
        They frequently and vociferously voice their disgust towards Liberal Jews and they regard them as traitors to the U.S. and to the faith.

  • Bamaguje

    “…it is
    far from clear that Israel would be worse off if it stopped receiving US
    aid. Indeed, it is likely that Israel’s economy and military strength
    would both be enhanced by the strategic independence that an aid cut-off
    would bring about” – Caroline Glick.

    Indeed Israel should wean herself off American aid, which enables U.S. to exert undue influence on the Jewish nation that has been inimical to her (Israel’s) interest.
    By virtue of U.S. aid, America was able to pressurize Israel into Camp David and Oslo accords that were not in Israel’s interest.
    Similarly, U.S. pressure on Israel dissuaded the Jewish nation from preemptive strikes that would have averted 1973 Yom Kippur when Arabs came to close to defeating Israel.

    • rsilverm

      I am inclined to agree with everything you said. I wish for her own sake that Israel would move away from US aid.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    Right, the bill was a smart move. Unfortunately, he is not treating American citizens with such sophistication and respect, qua amnesty. Oh well.

  • Texas Patriot

    CG: Republican Senator Rand Paul is an isolationist.

    It is a false dichotomy to suggest that because America no longer feels the need to intervene and micro-manage every conflict in the entire world that it is becoming “isolationist”. On the contrary, with emerging surveillance and interdiction technologies, it will soon be possible for America to monitor, analyze and catalog every conversation taking place on the planet indefinitely into the future, and to respond appropriately as and when required in order to defend the national security interests of the United States those allies whom we deem to be worthy of our support. What is different today is that America is becoming more selective in the conflicts which we feel it is in our interest to engage in. Obviously, from Rand Paul’s point of view, the security of Israel is of sufficient importance to America and the West to justify a more focused long-term commitment.

  • Lanna

    Rand Paul wants to cut off aid to PLO and Hamas, why is the US Government helping terrorists, particularly when they want to use the weapons on Israel? This may be part of the story on Benghazi too!

    • objectivefactsmatter


      Well, I’m actually pretty sure the weapons were to be used against Israel at some point. Certainly Israel is a prime target of these lunatics that 0’Bama loves to support in every way that he can.

  • Suzanne

    For a long time, I have not had a good impression of AIPAC. It just hasn’t impressed me at all and I think it’s policies (such as a discussion of a two state solution) are bad for Israel. It’s interesting about Rand Paul’s endorsement of a bill that would end American financial support to the PA -a policy that is long, long overdue. Problem is – independents can be “spoilers” in elections. Another thing – (and, sorry, this talk back is a bit dis-jointed), the fact that PA troops are being trained by Americans – we cannot even blame on Obama. This was George Bush’s idea. I remembered when it happened and was sick over it then, too. Israel has few friends besides some American politicians like Michelle Bachman, Sara Palin, John Bolton, Glenn Beck etc. plus – the American Evangelical community. Israel must fight on every level if it is to survive. BTW, are people noticing the extreme amount of anti Israel garbage put forth on Yahoo news everyday? It’s seems very calculated to me.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Suzanne, I agree with nearly everything in your post. Periodically, though, I need to remind myself that AIPAC does not set policy as to what course Israel should follow. It leaves that for Israel’s democratically elected government. When AIPAC sets policy it is policy dealing with educating the US voters and officials and how best to safeguard a strong relationship with Israel to the mutual benefit of both nations. Its focus is on the US, not on Israel.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    US has a devastatingly destructive socialist-nihilist administration in place. Obama and his cronies, including Kerry, are intellectual blood brothers of the vicious murdering tyrants in the PLO and the other groups mentioned.
    As a leader of the Democrats, dealers in socialist poison, Hillary could run, win, and continue the same policies, if the Republicans do not begin to oppose the Democrats on a moral basis, that is, by condemning the Democrats’ socialist policies as thoroughly immoral.
    As a non-Jew, I strongly support Israel as the only country in the Middle East in which there is respect for freedom and individual rights. As long as the situation in America remains unchanged, Israelis must go their own way, survive on their own.
    To do so, they should state plainly that they reject criticism leveled at them by a world wide press which is, almost without exception, virulently and prejudicially Left wing, and then take whatever steps they think necessary politically, diplomatically, and if necessary, militarily, to secure their country’s survival and prosperity.

  • ProudGoy

    In Rand Paul’s case, the apple fell very far from the tree. I had high hopes for him, but he’s obviously caved into organized Jewish pressure and money like every other “Shabbos Goy” politician in Washington. Israel is an ENEMY of the United States, and you dual-citizen scum should be prosecuted for treason. America first…screw Israel, little warmongering scum apartheid state that it is.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Welcome back, Proud Goy. Please consider changing your name to Proud Israel Bashing and Jew Hating Troll. Thanks once again for reminding us that people who claim to be only anti-Israel don’t much like Jews no matter where those Jews live.

      • ProudGoy

        I have no love for either Israel or Jews–Israel, based on its actions and parasitical role vis-a-vis the US, organized Jewry because of its long history of anti-social, exploitative, and ethnocentric behavior. I make no apologies for it. And with all the Muslim bashing you people do here, none of you is in a position to criticize. Even if you do, I don’t care.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          It’s nice to see an honest troll now and then. But I susp[eect that your concern for Muslim bashing (an activity that I try not to engage in) has less to do with any concern for Muslims and more to do with Islamic states that oppress Jews and wage war on Israel, and Islamic terrorists who murder Jews.

        • rsilverm

          Israel is going to be here, happy and prosperous, long after you are dead and buried.
          So, let it all hang out, ProudGoy.

          • ProudGoy

            Don’t count on it, Jew-Boy. Wherever you people go, you always piss off the locals and get kicked out.

          • reader

            Yet, taking a broader perspective, the “locals,” i.e., governments and institutions that went after the Jews are mostly either gone – like the Romans and the Nazis – or repented – like Catholic Church. So, running around in a white hoods, black berets or soiled towels around your head is not a recipe for success exactly.

          • objectivefactsmatter


            Most people commenting here are not Jews.

          • iluvisrael

            May ISRAEL continue to be a thorn in your envious Jew hating side!


            ProudSocialist, Your past is failure and defeat.
            Your future is failure and defeat.

            I suggest you become an ass lifter so you’ll have lots of company when the Nakba hits the fan.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            In the words of Greg Walker, “If we offended anybody, they probably deserved it.”

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Bimhera b’yamenu, mamash!

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            The sooner, the better.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “And with all the Muslim bashing you people do here, none of you is in a position to criticize. Even if you do, I don’t care.”

          You’re afraid that Jews are trying to attack our Islamo-Christian civilization?

          • ProudGoy

            Objective facts? As opposed to subjective facts? You’re an idiot.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Is that a fact?

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            It’s as much a fact as anything we get from The Facts.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t usually like to play “name the sock.”

            But that guy is known for trying out different characters and caricatures. So it’s entirely possible that you’re right.

            OTOH there are a lot of angry idiots. So either our local “sock master” is trying out feigned anger, or this truly is another angry moron.


          ProudTurd, Please leave the US and return to your socialist Turd Reich.


          Say Hi to Moron Paul.

        • Freedom Call

          How about you go follow your patron saint’s way in life:
          Get syphillis from homosexual prostitution
          in vienna and shoot yourself in the head in a berlin bunker.

          • ProudGoy

            Oy, I’m enraging zhe Jew. Look at him, so poisecuted, he is!


            Happy Eternal Nakba you dumb sack of Socialist SHlTler!

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Judging from the quality of his posts and the lack of mental capacity, Proud Goy may already be in the dementia stages of syphilis.
            Or alread suffering from a hole in the head.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Right…cutting off funding to terrorists is warmongering.

      OK then.

      “Israel is an ENEMY of the United States, and you dual-citizen scum should be prosecuted for treason. America first…screw Israel, little warmongering scum apartheid state that it is.”

      Don’t you have a park to occupy or something? Using your iPad to lobby against Israel while you attack the “One Percent” (Jews) in the financial capitals? That’s very productive.

    • iluvisrael

      happy eternal nakba $hithead!!!

    • UCSPanther

      Another loudmouthed mental midget.

      Do you lollygag around in an Elmo suit too?


      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

  • USARetired

    It is about time someone comes forward, as Israel is the ONLY ally we have in the Middle East! We have far tp many US Politians who are ‘Dean Water Jerks’ who make better enemies than allies!

  • SoCalMike

    The Americans who came up with the idea and those who approved the idea of financing and training the PLO in MIL OPS should be hung in public.
    What malignant poison.
    Question for the next presidential debates “Will you as president put a stop to the State Department insanity that is militarily funding and training the PLO?”

    The Repubes need to demand at least an EVEN number of moderators from ourside to counterbalance the left wing moderators like Candy Crowley and Jim Lehrer. Give me a brake.

  • Israel_Reconquista

    Rand Paul is a great American, and his position on Israel is best for everyone. No, Israel should not be the U.S.’ welfare child, and of course neither should the terrorist PLO. No, Israel should not be tied to the U.S. on foreign policy issues, because it compromises the interests of both parties. Rand Paul knows this, and not just in regards to Israel. A semi-isolationist approach is sorely needed in America (full isolationism isn’t possible in the 21st century) and Rand Paul has the right ideas. As an ardent Zionist, I support Rand Paul 100%.


      MORON Paul is a jackass.

      Here’s proof.


      • Israel_Reconquista

        Let’s examine what Paul is saying. (1) According to the CIA, Iran isn’t building nukes, (2) If they are, its understandable, (3) The U.S. should stay out of it.

        I only disagree with point #1, but its not even his opinion, he is quoting the overtly anti-Israel CIA, big surprise that the CIA is countering Israel’s narrative. Points #2 & #3 I have no issue with at all. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is understandable, they are a backwards dark regime and nuclear weapons will ensure their long term survival, and yes, the U.S. should stay out of it — meaning don’t bomb Iran but also don’t dictate whether Israel can bomb Iran and don’t sanction Israel if they do bomb Iran.

        • Israel_Reconquista

          Agree or disagree that the U.S. should stay out of it, don’t tell me its an illegitimate opinion. Paul is an isolationist, and he has every right to his opinions.


            MORON Paul has a right to his opinions – and his opinions on important matters reveal MORON Paul to be a person UNFIT to be a President or anything else that weighty.


          What are the 50,000 centrifuges for?

          Are they making Cotton Candy?

          MORON Paul makes Libertardianism look downright stupid.

          The World is a safer place with a STRONG AMERICA – not a weak America. You don’t get respect from thugs by being weak – see Arab/Muslim or Socialist culture.

          Why are you so stupid?

          • Israel_Reconquista

            Like I said, he was quoting the CIA. It’s not stupidity, its anti-Israel misinformation.

            Stupid is believing that any country can control the entire planet. And if you’re pro-Israel you should pray that I’m right. American global hegemony spells doom for Israel.


            The CIA missed 9/11, missed the overthrow of the Shah, missed osama bin laden.

            The CIA may have some successes, but their failures are EPIC.

            Do you or your fellow Paulbots explain the 50,000 centrifuges, buried deep undergroud?

            Hardly the act of a nukes for peace program.

            MORON Paul should move to Iran, drop the crusader necktie that the ayatollahs despise, slip on an ayatollah turban and get a show on PressTV or MSNBC – the perfect platform for anti-American loons.

          • Israel_Reconquista

            The CIA either missed those events, or couldn’t stop them, regardless their failure was indeed epic.

            Like I already said, I believe Iran is building nukes in order to alter the balance of power in the Middle East, and I believe Israel has the right to stop them. If the U.S. doesn’t consider Iran a threat, that’s fine with me, so long as they don’t stand in Israel’s way.

            Supporting Ron Paul doesn’t make me a radical, as the moniker “Paulbot” suggests. He’s just the one solitary voice for Libertarians, so they/we rally behind him.


            Fascist Iran threatens the US with death, and the patron saint of Libertardianism is OK with Fascist Iran getting nukes.

            MORON Paul should work for the CIA – the division which is responsible for its EPIC mistakes, underestimations.