The Names of the Victims

F140617ZEL03Originally published by the Jerusalem Post

Three families in Israel are in agony. On June 12, when their sons Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gil-Ad Shaer were kidnapped by Islamic savages, the Fraenkels, Yifrahs and Shaers entered a new world where every breath they take is filled with devastating guilt – that they breathe free while their sons suffer unknown miseries.

Every moment that passes is filled with crushed hope that they will get word that their sons are free, and then the word doesn’t come. And it doesn’t come the next moment, or the next.

And so they will live, in agony, until this ordeal has ended.

Our hearts go out to these families. Our prayers are continuously directed towards them. And in a profound sense that is uniquely Israeli, the people of Israel share their pain. And with this pain comes a sincere and overpowering desire to do something to bring the captive teenagers home.

What can be done? There are only two ways for Israel to free hostages.

The government can devote all necessary resources to gathering actionable intelligence that will lead IDF troops to the boys.

Or the government can surrender to the terrorists by freeing thousands of Palestinian terrorist murderers from Israeli prisons.

So far, the government is concentrating on Option 1.

But Option 2 is lurking around the corner. And we need to confront it now – head on – before it takes center stage.

Over the past 30 years, Israel has released thousands of terrorists from its prisons in exchange for hostages. Thousands more have been freed as so-called “confidence building measures,” to appease our supposedly moderate Palestinian negotiating partners into sharing a table with their Israeli counterparts.

In every instance, these terrorist releases have led to the murder and abduction of other Israelis.

The clock started ticking down to Naftali, Gil-Ad and Eyal’s abduction on October 19, 2011 when Israel released 1,027 Palestinian terrorists in exchange for IDF Sgt. Gilad Schalit who had been held hostage by Hamas for more than five years.

The countdown also began that day for the murder of Baruch Mizrahi, the police officer who was killed in a roadside shooting in April as he drove to a Passover Seder with his wife and children. Mizrahi’s killer was one of the terrorists released for Schalit.

Some politicians are trying to take steps to prevent these swaps in the future. Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman told the media he will prohibit all members of his Yisrael Beytenu party from voting in favor of a hostages-for-terrorists swap if one is on offer in the future.

The day before Fraenkel, Shaer and Yifrah were kidnapped, the Knesset passed a preliminary reading of a bill sponsored by MK Ayelet Shaked from Bayit Yehudi to constrain the president’s power to commute the sentences of some convicted murderers. The idea is that by passing the law, the Knesset will make it impossible for the government to agree to swap murderers for hostages. But then, to avoid the law, all governments will have to do is release prisoners who weren’t sentenced to life without possibility of parole.

The problem with statements like Liberman’s and bills like Shaked’s is that they miss the point. The problem isn’t the law. The problem isn’t that in past swaps MKs were given the freedom to vote as they pleased.

The problem is our media-compliant leadership refuses to act responsibly.

The only way to prevent more Israelis from being abducted in the future is to deter the Palestinians from abducting them.

Deterrence cannot be achieved by cheap political pronouncements or insufficient legislation.

Deterrence can only be built up over time, by behaving consistently in a manner that convinces the other side that it is not in its interest to do something that you don’t want it to do.

Since May 1985, when then-prime minister Shimon Peres freed 1,150 terrorists for three IDF soldiers held hostage by Palestinian terror master Ahmed Jibril, Israel’s behavior has consistently encouraged our enemies to take hostages.

Through their willingness to release murderers for hostages – and even for hostage bodies – our leaders have told our enemies that they should feel free to steal our children. Their payoff is guaranteed.

Through their willingness to free murderers, our leaders have shown our enemies that they should feel free to murder as many Israelis as they can. They know that once their comrades take another Israeli hostage, (or three), they will go free.

And of course, our politicians are not the only ones at fault. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his colleagues and predecessors swim in an acrid stream, where this sort of behavior is required.

To their disgrace, our media consistently behave as advocates and lobbyists for hostage-takers and imprisoned murderers against Israeli society.

For instance, in the case of Schalit, the media worked hand-in-glove with the Schalit family and its public relations firm to convince the public that we should think of a soldier as a child, and not as any child, but as our child.

In more than a thousand media reports, profiles, tear-jerker interviews with Schalit’s kindergarten teachers and siblings, we were told that if we are good and moral people, we must prefer Schalit’s freedom to the continued imprisonment of terrorists who constitute a mortal threat to every other child – and parent – in the country.

Public relations agent Tami Shenkman led the campaign for the terrorists’ release. She was the one who put together the sales strategy for convincing us that capitulating to Palestinian extortion is an act of moral courage.

For her efforts the media lavished her with fawning, heroic profiles.

And for the media’s efforts, three teenagers are now hostages.

True, while our cowardly, irresponsible leaders and demented media encouraged the Palestinians to abduct the three youths, it was the Palestinians that did it.

And this also ought to teach us a thing or two about deterrence.

Our media and our politicians have effusively praised Palestinian Authority President and Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas for saying a few lines in favor of releasing Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali. But with all due respect, Abbas is responsible for their abduction.

Abbas’s statement calling for the boys to be released was the rhetorical equivalent of trying to put an already exploded bomb back in its shell. Indeed, it is even worse than that. It was Abbas pretending to put a detonated bomb back in its casing after Abbas built the bomb, prepared the fuse and gave the bombers a matchbook.

For 20 years, Abbas and his colleagues in the PA have indoctrinated the Palestinians to view Jews as human scum and seek our annihilation. This message is communicated in all venues. From nursery through the universities, in the mosques, in summer camps, on television, radio and the Internet, Palestinians of all ages are taught that Jews have no right to live. They are encouraged to murder us and view contributing to our destruction as their highest goal in life.

Hostage taking – a war crime – is presented as one of the highest achievements possible. This is why the overwhelming majority of Palestinians applauds and celebrates the kidnap of the three teens.

For 20 years, the PA has indoctrinated its society in a culture of hatred and violence against Israel and the Jewish People. And the results were as predictable as the tides. Nearly 2,000 Israelis have been murdered in Palestinian terror attacks since the PA was established.

Israel can take action to punish the Palestinians for their unlawful behavior. We can arrest their imams for soliciting murder. We can close their schools and shutter their television stations for the same reason.

But we have done none of these things.

All Israel has done in the face of this poison is complain to the Americans.

Even worse than doing nothing, we actively facilitate the PA’s wholesale indoctrination of the Palestinians in genocidal Jew hatred.

Israel funds the PA.

We support the US policy of training and organizing a Palestinian army manned by people who have been subjected to this indoctrination for two decades.

Our leaders proclaim Abbas is a moderate. And still today we say he’s a good guy. The problem, Netanyahu says, is Abbas has formed a unity government with Hamas. But if he quits that, then we will have no beef with him.

The people of Israel want the families’ agony to end.

We want the boys’ terror to end. But the only body that can responsibly accomplish that mission is the IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). We cannot find them ourselves.

What we can and must do, however, is protect society as a whole from the next kidnapping. To this end, we need to shame – name by name – the media personalities from Avi Tzvi, the CEO of Reshet, Israel’s largest television franchise, to radio hosts and pop stars like Keren Neubach and Aviv Gefen who demanded the government free 1,027 terrorists from prison.

As for our government ministers, and our prime minister, you need to fix the damage you caused.

You knew when you signed the Schalit deal that the ink was the blood of the victims to come. We didn’t know their identities then. But now we do: Baruch Mizrahi, Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Shaer.

It’s time you understand that after what you did, the only way to change the enemies’ cost-benefit analysis of abductions and other atrocities is for you to change your way of doing business.

This means you have to stop appeasing terrorists and start punishing them. And the punishment needs to be consistent, and painful. Among other things, this means no more money, no more guns and no more legitimacy, not only to Hamas, but to the PA. If you want to do it gradually, you can do it gradually.

It means that every time the Palestinian media broadcasts anti-Jewish bile, they lose something of value.

True, taking such action will likely make it more difficult for elected leaders and military commanders to vacation in Europe. But no one forced you to take your jobs. You asked for the responsibility of providing for the collective defense. And you can’t fulfill your duty by being nice to terrorists or to outsiders who side with them.

Schalit’s media flacks were right. He is a son of all of Israel.

And so are Naftali, Gil-Ad and Eyal who are now captive because of the deal we signed for Gilad.

As we pray for their speedy and safe return home, we must take action remove the targets from the backs of every citizen of Israel. Those targets were placed there by our treacherous media, and by successive governments who preferred the cheap perfume scent of appeasement over the blood, sweat and tears required to secure our freedom and security.

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  • Michael Garfinkel

    The truths of Ms. Glick’s arguments in this piece are self-evident.

    If only the Israeli government would take them to heart, finally, and act on them.

  • Bert

    The truth is even worse than what is revealed in this article. There is a deep spiritual weakness in most Jews. It is not just the corrupt Israeli media or a few MK’s. The average Jew counts cowardice as moral strength. I see it everywhere including among American Jews where we support concession to our enemies if only they will leave us alone. The more that Jews cry and suffer over the three boys, without retaliation, the more the enemy is encouraged. Note the joy among the Arabs as they celebrate their great ‘victory’ over the cowardly Jews. This Jewish sickness is also anti biblical. In the Torah we do not find this spiritual sickness.

    • Webb

      It’s so true. The shining examples of Israeli bravery like Entebbe and plenty of others are actually outliers from the Bell Curve of cowardice. I have served 7 times as a volunteer in the IDF, and the thing that makes me cringe the worst is the Israeli Shrug. So then I get back to the USA where people ask me why I serve in the IDF since Israelis are so passive, and I can only say that G-d wants me to serve his Chosen People who will always be his Chosen People. Then I’m regarded as an idiot for serving a G-d who tolerates such spiritual weakness among his Chosen People. It’s hard not to feel ashamed of myself. All I can say is that if G-d is willing to let them trample his reputation in the world, then I’m willing to keep my head down and continue to serve them. I have faith that one day soon G-d will rise up and fight for them and kill all of their enemies, and I’ll be on the winning side. When the time comes, G-d will deal extremely harshly with the cowards among his Chosen People for their detrimental effect on his brave ones.

      • Bert

        First, I salute you for following your conscience. It is always hard to stand against the mindless masses to do what is right. But this is what faith is all about. And yet despite all those Jews who are dopes and cowards and despite the Holocaust and despite impossible odds Israel is reborn after almost 2,000 years and is thriving. And slowly but surely the younger generation in Israel is becoming more religious and more determined to survive. After so many centuries of the ghetto influence it will take a while to alter that defeatist mentality. One could also note that there must be some divine help to overcome such impossible odds. And if there is divine help then we can feel empowered to stand even stronger for what we believe is right. Meanwhile Israel is the ONLY safe place for Christians in that entire region and that is no accident.

    • Americana

      Why should that be considered cowardice? The Israelis are going to have to make some concessions. Their country was founded by cowardly Brits who allowed themselves to be pushed into signing away the rights of much of the region’s populace in order to escape israeli terrorism.

      • reader

        You are going to have to bite it. You are a liar, a troll and a Jew hater. History is not kind to people like you.

        • Americana

          History is not kind to those who chant sales pitches like yours. Whether you recognize it or not, I represent the opinion on these issues of a large number of Israelis. Therefore I’m not a Jew hater nor am I anti-Israeli. But keep chanting your tune.

          • reader

            I’m not selling anything. The fact that Israelis – and the Jews in general – include liars and self-haters does not obsolve you. It’s what you claim and what you try to achieve that matters.

          • Americana

            As I wrote, I stand w/a good number of Israelis who are both Israelis and Jews and who are remarkable citizens.

          • reader

            You stand with the lunatic suicidal fringe left, because you’re bent on cleansing the land from the Jews – useful idiots included.

      • tickletik

        You have your historical facts backwards. The region was ruled by the Ottomans when the Brits came in and drove them out during WWI. Even before then, there has always been a Jewish presence and community in Israel.

        With the British rule, there was a slight increase in immigration, but that increase was mostly due to the improved transportation means of the time and less because of the British governments policy. If anything, the British made it very difficult for us to re-establish our homeland (while making it very very easy for arabs to immigrate), especially when it came to refugees from Europe both before and after the holocaust, which was why in the end we threw them out.

        • Americana

          My facts aren’t backward at all. I said the area had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire up until the breakup of the Ottoman Empire by the allies after WW I. That’s true the Ottomans were Turks but the Caliphate was ISLAMIC and that is what gives the indigenous Palestinian Arabs their claim to the region. There’s no way around the INDIGENEITY of the Palestinian Arabs. There’a always been a small minority Jewish presence in the region that lingered after the Judean United Kingdom was conquered and dispersed thousands of years ago. That doesn’t make them the RULING DEMOGRAPHIC presence in the area post-WW I or at ANY TIME IN RECENT HISTORY. Besides, our international legal recognition of national sovereignty doesn’t go back several thousands years w/RESURRECTION of nations IN SITU as its aim.

          If the British had had any common sense, they would have taken all the European Jewish refugees at the first sign of Germanic attempt at hegemony over all of Europe even if they didn’t want to place them in Palestine. To me, that is, bar none, the single most catastrophic human miscalculation of WW II. The overall single most catastrophic strategic miscalculation about WW II was that of failing to appreciate the German appetite for LEBENSRAUM. Reestablishing the Jewish nation in the region was never going to be easy but it was definitely not handled in the best manner possible by the British.

          • reader

            “That’s true the Ottomans were Turks but the Caliphate was ISLAMIC and that is what gives the indigenous Palestinian Arabs their claim to the region.”

            No, it doesn’t, unless you’re an islamonaziism supporter. Which explains everything.

            “That doesn’t make them the RULING DEMOGRAPHIC presence in the area post-WW I or at ANY TIME IN RECENT HISTORY.”

            Note bait and switch: not only there were no ruling democratic presence in the whole of the Middle East in “the recent history”, the area in question is not even defined. The British immediately allocated 80% of the Mandate to the Arabs – and that was not enough. Even the consequent partition of “the area” is not enough either. It – who calls itself Americana in a twisted Orwellian sense – wants the Jews completely out – just like the Arabs do. Judenreina should be its nick.

          • Americana

            Who said anything about a ruling DEMOCRATIC presence in the region. I wrote the word “DEMOGRAPHIC” because I was talking about the numerical aspect of which populations were largest. (Talk about bait and switch! You really take the cake on that baiting and switching score…) The Palestinian Arab DEMOGRAPHIC was the dominant demographic group by far in the Palestine Mandate. WHY? Because the Palestinians had lived there for umpteen generations and had provenance for those farm holdings going back many generations. (That doesn’t happen unless someone has lived in a place for generations.)

            The British had no right to do what they did. They did it solely to get out from under Jewish terrorism and to appease the English Zionists like Lord Rothschild who were putting serious pressure on Parliament to give the Jews a Jewish state from within the British colonial holdings. That’s why the British initially floated the Uganda land parcel as their first land grant offering.

          • reader

            “The British had no right to do what they did.”
            The British ruled the Mandate, because they defeated the Turks. That everybody knows. What I want to know is what right do you have to tell anybody exercising their jurisdiction what rights do they have?

          • reader

            By the way, speaking about DEMOGRAPHIC, – you’ve just proved that you’re a Jew hater and islamonaziism supporter. I’ve yet to see your complaint to the British that they allocated nearly 80% of the Mandate to be ruled by minority Hashemites. But since the Hashemites aren’t Jewish, you couldn’t care less – even though they massacred the so-called “Palestinians” by tens of thousands.

  • The March Hare

    “the enemies’ cost-benefit analysis of abductions and other atrocities”

    This is the most important statement in the entire article. It applies universally to the world in dealing with the problem of Islamists. Just the threat of those “other atrocities” out there color our dealings with them and continue causing our surrendering of human rights and our security. Terrorism is carried out to cause constant fear and it has wildly succeeded in changing the attitude of most of the entire world. There are many Neville Chamberlains, but only rarely do you find a Winston Churchill or Ronald Reagan. Then, the chances of the rare Churchill or Reagan rising to influence is not very high.

  • Texas Patriot

    It’s absurd for the Israeli government to tolerate the presence of Islamist radicals who think Israel has no right to exist and should be destroyed. ISIS has declared war on all the existing states in the lands now occupied by Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. Moving to an all-out war footing is long overdue. The West Bank and the Golan Heights need to be made secure. The war is on. The time has come to stand and fight or lay down and die.

    • Webb

      You’re right. The clock is ticking, the days are slipping away, and the Jihadis get closer every day. The time to start the final battle was long ago.

    • pekin

      And America needs to stand for Israel and push back this EVIL, the Crusades were never finished…IT IS TIME TO END THIS!!

      • Texas Patriot

        America, and particularly Christian Americans, will always stand up for Israel whenever possible. But first Israel must stand up for herself. If Israel continues to permit the presence of Islamic radicals within her midst, Israel will have already declared defeat, and no one can help her.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Israel funds the PA>> or is it that the Bank of Israel is funding the PA? Who owns the Bank of Israel?

    We support the US policy of training and organizing a Palestinian army manned by people who have been subjected to this indoctrination for two decades.

    Who owns Bibi? Those who own the Bank of Israel. Israelis are going to have to revolt, as will have to the Americans and the West against the owners of their Central Bankers who have taken charge of the West in their bloodlust to finance wars and conflicts that never end.

    In the meantime, Israel will release new murderers but it will have to contemplate deporting ALL Arab Muslims to Syria, Egypt, Iraq, etc.

    It must have space to at least protect its people and visitors from being kidnapped. The libs want to Israel to be 1/3 Warsaw ghetto, 1/3 think tank and 1/3 gaybar.

  • Hank Rearden

    Kidnapping the three boys is an attack on normalcy, on Israeli society. There must be activities or projects in which Israel is involved that can be stopped. And stopped WITH PUBLICITY. For some reason, Israel seems not to want to make its case in public, and yet in public is where the war for its survival is being fought.

    There are no easy answers. If there were, they would have been found long ago. Israel wants to live on its own land and Jewish morality prevents it from evicting the Palis from that land. So that is a problem which will probably be measured in centuries.

    So, when/if Kerry visits again, whoever he visits with comes into the room with some assistants carrying pictures of the three boys. “I am so sorry. We cannot discuss anything until the boys are returned. What can you do to get them back?” And do that while the cameras are running!

    That sort of thing. MAKE THE CASE!

  • Bandido

    Caroline, will you marry me?

    • itaintmojo

      Get in line
      I got dibs

      • Bandido

        Aw, heck. I din’t know. OK. Then I’m going after Ann Coulter.

        • itaintmojo

          Good Choice!
          Caroline, Ann, Sarah Palin, Jeanine Pirro, and Pam Geller! So lovable. Great looking gals with beautiful brains. I dream of Jeannie DeAngelis too, lol.

          • Bandido

            In honor of our Muslim brethren, I would start a harem with them. I could play the Sheikh and they my slave girls.

  • Rustymetalchick

    So one Israeli equals 1027 palestinians. And one American deserter equals 5 top jihadists in Obama’s unilateral opinion (but one American soldier who is true is worth 5000). I think the thinking world already knew that. We (Israel and America) treat life as precious and a gift from God. I think we can discern what extremist’s in muslim countries think of their people’s lives. I pray God blesses everyone who is trying to talk, instead of killing people who disagree.

  • liz

    “…Israel released 1,027 terrorists in exchange for” – ONE Israeli???
    Why so many? I thought five terrorists for one American deserter was bad enough, but this is ridiculous.
    And if they have THAT many terrorists on hand to release for every hostage exchange, their prisons must take up half the country. Then releasing them to kill again…be captured again…it seems they are bailing out a leaky ship that is filling back up faster than they are bailing.
    Terrorists should be shot on sight, not captured. This would solve the problem.

  • andrewsc

    This article refers to “terrorists” as if there would be any other kind of organised society among moslems. Surely there are plenty of decent individuals among them, but moslem groupthink invariably leads to violence and intolerance. If so, then it doesn’t matter much if a 1000 of these creatures are released, or another 1000 are brought in for a nice cup of tea.

  • donqpublic

    Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When they request a thousand prisoners for a hostage trade select a thousand prisoners in reverse significance (in other words start with the low level scum bags first) and released them with a bullet in the back of their heads. When the three hostages are executed, release three more dead scum bags, starting with the most significant and work down. Repeat as necessary.

  • Samuel Lee

    The Nazis killed hundreds of prisoners for every one killed during escape etc. It was an effective deterrent. I suggest a similar measure. Execute few hundred, then demand release or face few hundred dead every day until safe release. It is harsh, but these terrorists only understand strength and ruthlessness.

  • tickletik

    Both options are nonsense. Option 2 for obvious reasons, option 1 is also nonsense because with the kidnapping of a single person the apparatus of the entire state can be hijacked to focus on one task alone.

    The end result of option 1 is that for a low cost, our enemies force us to expend high levels of energy.

    The end result of option 2 is that for the same low cost, our enemies force us to add thousands of trained and dedicated soldiers to their ranks

    Both options make the action of kidnapping not just effective but obligatory on our enemies to take.

    The only proper option in this response is to CAUSE A GREAT DEAL OF PAIN AND COST TO THOSE WHO BENEFIT FROM THE KIDNAPPING

    For example, one good response is to invade and forcefully annex territory as a default response. e.g. we say something to the effect of “As of this moment, these three villages here, here and here are now considered Israeli territory, and the current residents are considered foreigners and will be treated as such.”

    Now of course, what I am saying will never be done. And that is precisely the failure of will and nerve which encourages our enemies to provoke and assault us in this manner.

    • Americana

      I hope you’re equally enthusiastic about getting prepared for what this other policy of abrasive aggrandizement is libel to garner Israel and, by extrapolation, the United States. It must be your short term memory and laziness that has you thinking that the Arab world will simply sit back and accept this because it’s being dished out by their ‘betters.’

      • reader

        Nonsense again. Israel
        was savagely attacked every time its leadership acquiesced under the so-called
        “peace process” pressure – notably after the Oslo Agreement
        implementation. The bombs and intifadas started to pop up weekly. Same with
        Gaza withdrawal. Most people are not blind, Judenreina.

  • Jhonnie Walker

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  • Barry Meridian

    Abbas is funding Arab mass murders of Israeli civilians.
    The U.S needs to stop funding this terrorist funder Abbas.
    This is a must read.
    PA Funding of Terrorists – This is How it’s Done
    “Did you murder Jews? Have you abducted children? Get up to 12,000 shekels a month from Abu Mazen!” – the salaries paid out to Palestinian terrorists are actually enshrined in PA law.
    By Aryeh Savir
    June 26th, 2014

  • Barry Meridian

    Great article Caroline Glick

  • EmilieGeorgeulf

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    • UCSPanther

      We aren’t your mugus. Stop wasting your time here.

  • Americana

    These three boys were likely found dead today. Three bodies were found buried in the West Bank and are awaiting forensic identification. What a shame those Palestinians chose this fate for them… Sick to take captives only to kill them.

  • Long Ben

    If the death sentence were in force for terrorist that murder, no or little possibility for swaps could exist.